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-Wyatt Little 2010 Portfolio-

‘Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.’ -Pablo Picasso-

Products & Furniture I love to create things. The following projects are all things I have created in and out of school over the past 4 years.

Jesus Saves Piggy Bank I designed this piece for Televangelists like Peter Popoff who make millions of dollars every year by exploiting the religious. “Right now, I am asking you to get out your largest bill. God sees your sacrifice, and it will be a sacrifice. God sees. It may be a $50.00 bill or $25.00. It may be a check. But step out in faith and give it to the work Jesus Christ as a seed.” -An actual excerpt from one of Peter Popoff’s ‘personalized’ letters

Jesus Saves The final idea is a piggy bank design, based upon the popular slogan “Jesus Saves�.

Jesus Saves

I kept many of the same classic piggy bank traits in the design like the deep pink color and as a final touch, I added a little corkscrew piggy tail on the back.

-Photography by Wyatt Little-

Dropping Chandelier

I can remember being in the second grade standing under, what must have been a 150 year old oak tree. I stood their marveling at the sheer size of the thing when my attention was caught by a girl I had a huge crush on. As she walked closer and closer my heart began pounding and I was unsure of what to do with myself. Just as she began to say, “I like your….” I felt a splat on top of my head. I stood there looking at her completely bewildered wondering if it had begun to rain. As I rubbed my head she began laughing. I then realized what had just happened when I felt a slimy puddle dripping off the side of my head. It was bird poop.

Dropping Chandelier

Although the act of a bird letting loose on you is a bit disgusting, when you make the act into a crystal ornament its actually very beautiful.

Final Idea

In the final idea I wanted to keep the structure the birds were on very industrial. As though it was just another power line or metal pole. Since, all of the birds are a blue crystal, the light refracts in a very beautiful display of lightheartedness.

Line Light

I wanted to create something based upon total randomness. So, I drew six different lines and extruded the negative shapes.

Final Idea

The final idea is a pendent light that provides direct light while projecting infinite ambient lines of light throughout the room. *This project was featured on


Nihilist Vase

The basic idea of Nihilism is that life is essentially without meaning, purpose, or intrinsic value. When I first learned of this rather pessimistic way of thinking, I started to wonder if I could design something for a person with these beliefs. Obviously with a hole in a vase no flower can live longer than a couple of days. That is the main idea behind this design, that life is essentially pointless if you see holes in it. Just in case they start feeling optimistic, there is also a cork so they can plug it full of meaningfulness.

2x4 Lounge

For this project we were asked to design a piece of furniture using only one 2�x4�. The final design had to utilize all materials efficiently and be fit for the human body.

Process Sketching I first did a lot of sketching in order to figure out what type of furniture I wanted to make from the 2”x4”. After a while, I couldnt decide whether to do a chair or a bench, so I decided to do both by making a lounge chair. Digital model In order to figure out the most efficient means for fabricating my final idea, I first created a 3D model of the chair starting with a solid block measuring 2”x4”x8’. Once I had this virtual version, I isolated and identified the dimensions of every part and essentially had a perfect cutting list for the entire chair. Physical model Once all the pieces were cut and the holes were drilled, I placed the support dowels and glued everything together using wood glue and large C-clamps.


Cradle table

For this project we were asked to design under two constraints. The first, was to pick a designer and reference their style of designing. The second, was to design for a social paradigm. I chose Mies van der Rohe and house parties.


Throughout the entire process of developing this design, I studied the details of Mies’ work and I considered the ideas that were taught at Bauhaus. The final design was inspired by the simple shapes and pragmatic ideas, used in accordance with their way of thinking.

Final Idea

The final idea is a table for holding all of the things that fell off your last table during a party.

In this picture

This picture was taken in the midst of house party I hosted. When I took the picture it was truly a sweet moment to see my idea being used exactly how I had imagined it.

3 cutting board What happened It was a little over 2 years ago that I burned my lower abdomen while frying chicken with my shirt off. Unfortunately for me, when I finally decided to cook dinner I had been without sleep for nearly 36 hours, due to finishing up on a big project, and I failed to realize that frozen chicken explodes when it is dropped into 315Ëš grease.

*Just as a warning...the next images are fairly graphic.

Process So, I was left with this huge rather interesting splattery burn on my body. The only thing I wanted to do was make something positive out of this negative incident. Once it was healed enough, I laid on my scanner, brought the image into Adobe Illustrator, and traced every little splattery burn mark and composed a radial pattern.

Process After I completed the artwork I still wasn’t satisfied. I wanted something that would prevent me from doing such a dumb thing again...I decided the most logical thing to make was a thawing board. I then laser cut the artwork out of Maple, put a nice stain on all the splatters and glued it together.

The final product is a cutting board which is solely for reminding myself to thaw out frozen foods before they are dropped into hot grease.


When we were given this project I came to the realization that I should always cross-pollinate everything I learn about design. I decided the best way to truly answer the task of creating something sustainable was to apply my knowledge of architecture and product design in a way that could be mass produced and still be based on the user’s and environment’s needs alike.



Having spent nearly 1/4 of my life living aboard a houseboat, I naturally wanted to do something in the same realm. Living on a boat was probably one of the most important things I have experienced in my life. It brought me so much closer to nature and helped me to realize that a houseboat can be a homeboat.

In this picture My dad had bet me 5 dollars that I wouldn’t do a flip off the top deck. Unfortunately, I only made about 270˚ of rotation and landed flat on my back. I still got the 5 bucks though.

The Idea

In most large urban areas there is always some sort of body of water. Whether it is a canal, river, lake or ocean. As a way to combat commuter and residential pollution, parts of these waterways can be utilized as ‘off the grid’ marina style living spaces.

Development I started off very broad, thinking of very retrofuture scenarios, but I realized that the super streamline egg shapes would not cater to a broad group of tastes. So, I chose to go with something that combined aesthetics which mesh with its urban context.

How it Works In order to create a form of living that had no dependence on the city grid for resources, I had to utilize a number of different advanced technologies. Electricity The entire boat is powered by 3 Sch端co 180 Watt 16 Volt Solar Panels. Sewage To solve the issue of sewage, the boat is equipped with an incinolet toilet which burns waste instead of creating more. Heating & Cooling The inner temperature of the boat is regulated by a geothermal pond loop which runs from the bottom of the water source through a piling supporting the dock and into the floor of the boat. Water The water comes from 2 different sources. The grey water will be collected from the water source the vessel is located in using a Heavy Duty PAR pump at the bottom of the vessel. The drinking water is collected from rainstorms and filtered into a tank which partitions space inside of the boat. This tank will hold enough water to sustain one person for at least one year.

Water cistern

Grey water pump

Geothermal loop

Green roof Solar panel

Telescoping piling

The Exterior

Since, weather plays a huge part in the maintenance of boats, materials like treated wood decking and aluminum siding prevent and make caring for the boat much easier. I felt one of the most important things about the exterior of the boat was to have lots of living space-space for kids to freely jump off and swim with all of the ducks, and space for grandma and grandpa to sit in their lounge chair and fish all day. That is why there is a full porch all the way around the boat.

The interior

The inside space consists of 3 simple partitions dividing the living, kitchen, bath and bedroom. When I was laying this space out, it was very important that the space feel very open and roomy, considering how small it actually is. The cistern reservoir dividing the kitchen and bath is made of solid glass. This material choice was integral because it divided but also allowed light to pass through it, conveying visually that the space is more open than it really is.




Living Room

Final Idea

The final idea is a completely independent form of living that requires no energy from the city. It is designed to positively contribute as much to the user and their urban lifestyle as it does to the environment in which it is used.

*This project was featured in the July/August edition of the Austrian Newspaper “Die Presse�.

Geared towards the design and emerging entrepreneurial community, “Not Just Another Container� is a competition to re-imagine a recycled shipping container as shelter for art, commerce or agriculture.

A bandstand is an outdoor stand or platform, often roofed, for a band or orchestra to play music.

However, bands don’t play music on these things everyday. In reality, they are simply a communal spot. In fact, they are more often than not, a place for playing chess, taking in the scenery or just making out. So, we have this interesting place of community and culture.

Let’s keep the dynamic, but personalize it for topics specific to the Dekalb Market.




One of the most expensive processes in shipping container architecture is fabrication. By using a double full side opening container, it will allow us to create our design using little to no fabrication.





All venders need the ability to organize their products. As our first part of the design, we have designed a multi-use shelving system.

As a indoor/outdoor shop




4’-6’’ 5’-6’’

As a communal space

The United States puts up nearly 3 million billboards every year. After their advertising usage, they are taken down and thrown away. We propose recycling them for furniture.

Recycled vinyl furniture

As a music venue

Graphics & Illustrations

Over the past year I have gained the opportunity to complete a number of different graphics and illustrations ranging from commissions to posters for events.

Dave Wrangler

Dave Wrangler approached me to Illustrate an ‘epic Indian battle scene’ for his latest album ‘Under the Influence’. He told me he wanted me to illustrate a chief leader (which would be himself) rallying his warriors as they embark upon a battle.

Dave Wrangler

After his first album, Dave approached me a few months later for his remixes of the DJ’s ‘N.A.S.A’ and ‘Yacht’. He said he wanted something ‘totally stellar’ with rockets, explosions, and deep space.

Dave Wrangler

I first started by 3d modeling the things he wanted to include in the artwork so that I could get a photo-real feel while still being able to manipulate the components in 3d space.

Dave Wrangler

Once I got everything rendered and in place, I used Photoshop for creating the supernovas and other effects.

Dave Wrangler

The final graphic depicts all the things Dave requested in a ‘totally stellar’ way.

Vegan Print

A graphic I developed to express the frustration animals have with the industries making products out of them.

UHID Coin logo

I felt that the current logo of the University of Houstons Industrial Design department needed a bit of a make-over and a more official look. The idea, was that as Industrial designers, we always start by sketching. Since everthing starts at the lead end of our pencil, it is clear that it is the tool that ignites our inner creative fire.

Living Green

A graphic I developed for the ‘Living Green’ conference at the University of Houston’s college of Architecture. My idea was to connect the idea of technology and nature by using graphical forms that represent computer chips.

Recycle it

A graphic campaign I developed to help facilitate recycling in the greater Houston area. Houston has a meager 2.6% recycling rate...which is the worst in North America. I decided to take a more humorous approach and created a character most would deem to be ‘trashy looking’. Its the idea that if he can do it, so can you. If you look closely, you will see his tribal tattoos are in the form of a familiar recycle icon.

The Battle of Fort Pillow

While studying for a history test when I was a freshman in college, I came across this illustration for ‘The battle of fort pillow’ circa 1864. It was the bloodiest single massacre in American history. Being inspired by the name, I decided to hand draw some pillows to lighten things up a bit.

Aescher font

Over the past 3 years or so I have taken great intrest in fonts, particularlly Geometric san-serifs. My goal was to create a font which mixed the the old feel of a font like Neutraface with the flashy simplicity of a font like Avante Garde.


Over the last year I have had the good fortune of 3 very diverse internship experiences.

Rich, Brilliant, Willing | Fall of 2009 Threshold Furniture | Spring of 2010 NASA | Summer of 2010

Rich, Brilliant, Willing

My eyes opened when I worked at RBW in New York City, because I got a firsthand look into the product and furniture industry and what its really like for a small studio to operate in a huge design city.

Skills learned

-Physical rapid prototyping -3d digital and presentation

This was a produced product done for Areaware. The idea was that the slanted face of this clean numberless clock can be rotated and hung in any direction, allowing you to choose its bias. Analog, with hands in three different colors and materials. I was in charge of 3d modleing, conceptualizing, rendering and texturing this piece.

This was the very first concept for the tree light series done by RBW. The idea was to create a simple lighting system that used molded plywood to create a simplified branch system.

I was in charge of jointly 3d modleing, texturing and rendering this piece.

Seeing the piece for the first time in a furniture store.

In this picture This is a trophy RBW made me my last day as an intern.

Threshold Furniture

Threshold was an incredible experience. I was accepted for an intern as a product & furniture designer, but my role became much larger, as I helped develop architecture, interior, and sculpture projects alike.

Skills learned

-Physical rapid prototyping -3d digital and presentation

In this picture I am blowing glass for a sculpture project Threshold assigned me to design.

In this picture This is a 3d sofa I modeled and rendered for Threshold and one of their clients.

In this picture This is bed I designed for Vioski and one of Threshold’s clients.

In this picture This is a factory picture of the manufactured bed.


NASA was truly the experience of a lifetime. I worked with Astronaut Mike Gernhardt as well as a team of 3 other Industrial designers developing the second generation of the Lunar Rover.

Skills learned

-Physical rapid prototyping -3d digital and presentation -Space Architecture

In this picture I am measuring a PLIST tank. We needed to design an updated version of this for testing and usability.

In this picture The HDC team and I were in the process of constructing the full scale wooden mock-up of the second generation Lunar rover.

In this picture This is what we called the ‘woody’ or low fidelity mock-up. It took us about 4 weeks to complete. It is primarily used for ergonomics and habitability testing.

In this picture The prototype nose has been applied for ergonomic and human factor testing and validation.

Wyatt John little 2011 portfolio  

A collection of works by Wyatt Little for the year 2011.

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