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March 2014 edition

The Transformation Programme for the Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales

Bishop Nick Baines nominated to lead new diocese Bishop Nick Baines, the Bishop of Bradford, says that he feels ‘privileged’ to have been chosen as the first bishop to lead the new Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales which will be created at Easter.

again, meeting staff at each of the three diocesan offices at Leeds, Wakefield and Kadugli House in Bradford Diocese.

in Bradford, Ripon & Leeds, and Wakefield Dioceses to join me in praying for Bishop Nick, and for Linda his wife, as

The first Bishop of Leeds is an avid supporter of Liverpool FC, a prolific online communicator and broadcaster, and is fluent in German and Russian. He has 8,000 followers on Twitter and his blog – ‘Musings of a restless bishop’ – has attracted over 1.6 million hits and is read by over 5,000 people a week. In his blog, on the day of the announcement, he wrote: “I am looking forward with confidence and curiosity to working with colleagues across the new diocese as we do something unique for the Church of England.”

Press launch The announcement of the appointment on February 4th was made by Downing Street and simultaneously at a press launch in the centre of Leeds, at Holy Trinity Church. It was followed by visits to Wakefield, Bradford and Ripon Cathedrals where Bishop Nick and his wife Linda met civic leaders, journalists and local clergy. The next day they were on the road

The Archbishop of York, who introduced Bishop Nick at the Leeds press launch, said in a statement, “I am delighted and am rejoicing in the nomination of Bishop Nicholas Baines to be elected as the first Bishop of Leeds, in West Yorkshire and the Dales.

“Well-grounded” “Bishop Nick brings a wellgrounded understanding of the area he will serve, together with the vision, energy, and experience in strategic change, which will equip him for his ministry leading the church in mission across the new diocese … I call on everyone

they prepare, with you, for this exciting new beginning.” Nick Baines, who is 56, has been Bishop of Bradford for three years, and before that was Bishop of Croydon in the Diocese of Southwark. He read German and French at Bradford University and, before ordination, worked for four years as a Russian linguist at GCHQ. After ordination and curacies, he became Vicar of Rothley in Leicester Diocese, where he served for eight years, before becoming Archdeacon of Lambeth in 2000.



Steering the changes

I am writing on the day that our new Bishop of Leeds has been announced. As someone who has worked with Bishop Nick over the last three years, I can honestly say that the heart of his leadership is about finding the best way of doing the job of making Christ known in our communities and in God's world. If that means difficult decisions, then he is prepared to make them.

As the transition into our new Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales continues, the Programme office team who help plan, co-ordinate and support the activities linked to the creation of the diocese.

Ven Paul Slater Archdeacon of Richmond & Craven

As the Richmond and Craven Archdeacon-to-be, I am excited at the prospect of the people of Ribblesdale, Airedale, Wharfedale, Wensleydale, Swaledale and Teesdale tuning in to the Chris Evans show to listen to their Bishop - we will just have to make sure that we give him lots of stories to tell! In a diocese this big, our sense of connectedness will not always come through faceto-face encounter. However, the next phase of our life as a diocese-inembryo is to begin to discern the structures for the diocese and Episcopal Areas which will best equip, resource and support our parishes for the work of mission on the ground. We will need to listen carefully to each other and to God. Bishop James and Bishop Tony are leading our listening programme through Lent. When I was doing some IV

training in mediation, the importance of listening with quality attention was impressed upon me. This means: "giving your complete attention to the other person and what they are saying..... it means allowing yourself to listen to what someone is saying with an open mind..." (Doherty and Guyler). This may mean listening a little longer than comes naturally to most of us. The result of GPs listening a little longer is significantly better outcomes: "Doctors often interrupt patients after the initial concern, apparently assuming that the first complaint is the chief one, yet the order in which patients present their problems is not related to their clinical importance" (Beckmann and Frankel). I sometimes hear the lament that "we have not been heard". What is meant is that what we want has not been implemented. But not everything can be implemented. The important thing is the quality of our listening to each other....that in itself will engender trust. Ven Paul Slater

The team consists of Programme Manager, John Tuckett, his P.A. Jane Butterfield (pictured centre) and Programme Planner Vicki Barrière (left). It is based in Leeds at the Leeds diocesan office. Contacting the team The Programme Office, Ripon and Leeds Diocesan Office, St Mary’s Street, Leeds, LS9 7DP Tel. (0113) 2000 567 John Tuckett: 07712 829 427 john.tuckett@ Jane Butterfield: 07808 041 538 Vicki Barrière: 07808 041 539

Have Your Say: Come and help shape the priorities of our new diocese together in prayer to shape things afresh here and we really want to hear the views and ideas of the people in the parishes about what things we already do well and what we can do better.”

Local churches are being invited to help shape the agenda for the new Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales. A series of Lenten visits have been announced by Bishop Tony Robinson, Bishop of Pontefract (pictured left) and Bishop James Bell, Bishop of Knaresborough (pictured right) – both of whom will become area bishops in the new diocese. With the season of Lent at the heart of the visits, prayer will play a key part as Bishop James and Bishop Tony hold meetings in each of the twenty seven deaneries that make up the new diocese. Bishop James said: “These Lenten visits are quite unique in the history of the Church of England. For the first time we have an unprecedented opportunity

Bishop Tony added: “Lent provides us with the space to re-focus on Jesus Christ as we prepare to celebrate his death and resurrection at Easter. As we do that this year, we also look forward to the creation of the new diocese. Bishop James and I look forward to the deanery meetings, to meeting new people, praying with them and exploring the new opportunities offered by the new diocese.” For more details of venues and times, please visit

Timetable of Deanery Meetings Bishop Tony

Bishop James





Bowling & Horton Calverly Otley Allerton Richmond Ewecross and Bowland Airedale Ripon Armley South Craven Wensley Headingley Harrogate Whitkirk

March 10th March 11th March 12th March 13th March 17th March 18th March 19th March 20th March 24th March 26th March 27th March 31st April 2nd April 3rd

Brighouse & Elland Birstall Dewsbury Pontefract Calder Valley Wakefield Huddersfield Barnsley Kirkburton Almondbury Skipton Halifax

March 6th March 10th March 11th March 13th March 24th March 26th March 27th March 31st April 1st April 2nd April 3rd April 9th


The Inauguration of the new Diocese Sunday – June 8th News......News.....News.....News.....News.....News

Pentecost celebration at York Minster The Archbishop of York (pictured right) is calling on churches across the region to come to York Minster on Pentecost Sunday, June 8th, at 4pm for a service of Inauguration and Celebration for the new diocese. Dr. Sentamu will be hosting the event and writes: “Dear Friends, I would like to invite you all to York Minster on Pentecost Sunday, June 8th. Pentecost is rightly thought of as the ‘birthday’ of the Church - the day we read about in Acts Chapter 2 when the Holy Spirit fell upon the early disciples in the Upper Room. So what more appropriate day could there be to celebrate the birth of the new diocese and to welcome your new bishop?

New Bishop will be welcomed “At this service, the Confirmation of the Election of the first Bishop of Leeds will take place when your newly elected bishop will receive my formal and legal assent as Archbishop of York. This is a day for expectant prayer and celebration for the new diocese and for thanksgiving as we look ahead and allow God’s Spirit to shape our future. I hope that church members from all corners of the new diocese will make the pilgrimage to York Minster on June 8th for this historic occasion.” VI

Praying for the new diocese “I believe the formation of the new diocese will substantially enhance the ability of the Church to respond to the challenges of mission - to individuals, to communities

and to the structures of society. But structures are not enough – we need together to seek God’s renewing and life giving Spirit, to breathe new life and energy into the dry bones! This service of Inauguration for the diocese is a time to seek God’s vision and God’s anointing for the mission and ministry to which we are called in this new diocese with its five Episcopal Areas. Please plan to bring groups by rail or by coach as we gather together on the day of Pentecost. “This is an enormously exciting time for us all in the Northern Province, as we look

to God and set out on this pioneering journey. May God direct and empower us as we look together to these new horizons. We are an Easter people and Hallelujah is our song!” +Sentamu Eboracensis

Focus on Prayer Loving God, pour upon us, we pray, your Holy Spirit and prepare us for the new Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales. We pray for our new bishop and pray you will lead and encourage us, bind us together in love and faith, and open our hearts and minds to new possibilities of welcome, witness and mission. In Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

Transformation Programme News March 2014  
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