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Wadsana’s Words June 2011

Issue 3-2

Officer Journals 2011-2012

Officers, If you went to the first officer training, your school was given a composition notebook. Many of you have still asked me, “why?” Well my friends, why not? Think of it like this: when you are taking an AP/IB class the next year, you probably search for someone that had previously taken that class, and see if you can negotiate some sort of arrangement so that you may receive the books, tools, etc. that they used.

• Goals - Short term - Long term

• Highs and lows • Advice • Be creative

In other words, fill your composition book with your guys’ individual and group goals, write down whether or not they were accomplished at the end of the year. Write about your highs and lows. Give your incoming officers some advice! Perhaps many of you know what it feels like to step into a position -- frightened and unaware, with questions running through your mind. You may ask yourself periodically, “what am I supposed to do?” My suggestion: have a space in the notebook for each officer to write down their thoughts about the individual position. Leave a few pages in the front for teamwork advice, etc. The composition notebooks are a part of communicating to your incoming officers. Yes, I realize it is quite a while until they are going to be elected, but when you document your experience, they may also learn from it and your school’s Key Club will blossom even more. If you did not receive a notebook, I recommend that you go purchase one! They’re very cheap and totally worth it! Honestly, it is up to you whether or not you fill up your notebook. Just like anything else. You don’t have to, you choose to. In love and service, Wadsana Xinavong Lieutenant Governor Division 21 (425) 770-9109

“Lead and inspire people. Don’t try to manage and manipulate people. Inventories can be managed but people must be lead.”

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June 2011 Issue 3-2