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Wadsana’s Words October 2011

Issue 7

The Official Publication of Division 21 of the Pacific Northwest District of Key Club International

Cultivate Service

October 2011

Issue 7

Greetings………………….3 Divisional Cou.…..............4 DCON 2012.…….……......5 Helpful links…..…….….….6 KC Week/CMN…….…….7 Eliminate MNT..………..8-9 Y.O.F……………………...10 Executive Co……….…..11 Information………..…….12 ―I pledge on my honor to uphold the objects of Key Club International; to build my home, school, and community; to serve my nation and God. And to combat all forces which tend to undermine these institutions.‖

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” - J.Q. Adams 2

DIVISION TWENTY–ONE BUMBLEBEES CULTIVATE cul - ti - vate [kuhl-tuh-veyt] verb, -vat·ed, -vat·ing

to promote or improve the growth of by labor and attention. SERVICE ser - vice [sur-vis] noun, adjective, verb,-iced, -ic·ing an act of helpful activity; help; aid: to do someone a service. Hey Key Clubbers! How do you feel?! Can you believe another month has passed by? Before you know it, District Convention will be right around the corner. On top of that, a new month means a new awareness. September was Children’s Cancer Awareness month. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month! Don’t forget to educate yourself on the key facts! Any kind of cancer relates to our governor’s project KCCP. Stay proactive! On a side note, since it is still the beginning of the school year, many potential Key Clubbers have been asking me the same question. “What is Key Club?/What sets Key Club apart from any other club?/Why should I join?” Etc. Etc. Etc. If you’ve responded with, “It’s a service organization,” then good for you! However, we all know it’s much more than that. Here is my usual response: Key Club International is the longest running student-led service organization for high school students. No other high school club promises lifelong friendships. No other high school club promises to meet together in a central location all in the name of service. No other high school organization are partnered up with tons of service organizations. No other. We're not just community service. But in the name of service. We build character. Develop leadership. And ultimately, change the world. More members means more service. More service means more keys. More keys means more locks. And unlocking potential -- there are no words for that. All in all, don’t forget to cultivate service this month. Until then, take care. In love and service, Wadsana Xinavong

Find your key, unlock your potential.


Divisional Council Meeting Saturday, October 15 2:00PM – 6:00PM


Beverly Elementary School

5221 168th St SW Lynnwood, WA 98037 It's that time of the month...

It's time to "Cultivate Service!" ... Join us at Beverly Elementary School on Saturday, October 15th from 2:00PM - 6:00PM all in the name of service! Our district project director, Samuel Kim will be presenting vital information about our governor's project, Kiwanis Children's Cancer Program! New to Key Club? No problem! Learn the basics and beyond -- you'll be able to meet new people from the 13 schools in our Division! Share your service stories, and submit DCON shirt designs! You won't want to miss out! REQUESTS: Bring a blanket. Maybe even hand warmers. Gloves. Scarves. Keep warm. We will be outside! (Undercover play area). And food. We always have a potluck! For more information, don't hesitate to contact me at, or visit! P.S. THERE WILL BE COOKIES AND HOT COCOA! Photos from the KCCP Joint BBQ held @ Grass Lawn Park in Redmond on 9/25. Though the weather was “bi-polar,” it eventually cleared up to a cool breeze with sunshine! About 60 attendees were present -- together, we raised $311 EVEN for Kiwanis Children’s Cancer Program!


District CONvention 2012 When: March 30th - April 1st

Where: Double Tree Hotel in Sea-Tac Cost: $220 per person in a room of 4 Join 2,000 Key Clubbers from all over the Pacific Northwest at District Convention 2012! Meet new people, enjoy numerous forums, dance the night away, and tons more! Start saving up now!

PAYING YOUR DUES ON TIME = GOOD SEATS AT DCON 5 Missed out on an event? Didn’t get a chance to read a previous newsletter? No worries! Check out our divisional website or read a past newsletter!

Editor Newsletters and Secretary Reports are due by the 5th of every month! under the forms/report tab: _US&formkey=dEJVUkpESWM4QS1LYkhMLVVfRzBNRH c6MA#gid=0


KEY CLUB WEEK 2011 Key Club Week gives you the opportunity to show your community what Key Club is truly about: service. Each day places an emphasis on service, to promote Key Club within our homes, schools and communities and to make Key Club a household name. Do your part to make sure Key Club Week—Nov. 7-11, 2011—starts Kiwanis Family Month with a bang.

MONDAY, NOV. 7 Show your K in every way Show people what Key Club is all about! Spread the word by wearing Key Club gear and publicizing Key Club Week in local stores, your school Web site, community newspapers—even on the radio. Officially announce Key Club Week in your community with a proclamation and refer to the Key Club public relations manual to get great tips on how to publicize Key Club in your community.

TUESDAY, NOV. 8 Kudos to the Key players

Personally thank all the Key Club supporters you know—teachers, advisors and other Key players. Write thank-you notes, host an appreciation dinner or do something uniquely your own style to recognize the contributions of these special people.

WEDNESDAY, NOV. 9 Connect the Ks Key Club is the largest high school service organization in the world and is a member of the Kiwanis family. Celebrate the entire family of Kiwanis by getting the whole gang involved. Connect with local Kiwanis, Circle K International, Builders, Kiwanis Kids or Aktion clubs and team up for a joint service project.

THURSDAY, NOV. 10 Bring a friend to Key Club More members = more service. Increasing the amount of service Key Club performs increases the impact Key Club has on the world. Bring a friend, or two, or more to your next Key Club meeting. Download recruitment resources.

FRIDAY, NOV. 11 Your way This is your club’s chance to do its own thing and make its mark. Pick a project, plan a recruitment party or combine activities from the other Key Club Week days. Whatever idea you choose, take it and run with it. Children's Miracle Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving and improving the lives of children by raising funds for children's hospitals. All CMN contributions directly benefit hospitals, helping to purchase up-to-date equipment, train staff, conduct lifesaving research, implement outreach programs and provide health care for children whose parents can’t afford to pay. CMN started in 1983 as a televised fundraiser in a single studio and has grown into one of the largest organizations for the support of children in the world. The organization was founded by Marie Osmond and her family, John Schneider, Mick Shannon and Joe Lake. Key Club became a partner in 1996 and since then Kiwanis and Key Club have raised over $35 million for Children’s Miracle Network. Visit for more information!



What is MNT?

In 39 countries around the world, maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT) can quickly turn the joy of childbirth into tragedy. MNT kills one baby every nine minutes. Its effects are excruciating—tiny newborns suffer repeated, painful convulsions and extreme sensitivity to light and touch. There is little hope of survival. And tetanus kills mothers too.

Who suffers from MNT?

MNT is caused when tetanus spores, found in soil everywhere, come into contact with open cuts during childbirth. The disease strikes the poorest of the poor, the geographically hard to reach and those without health care.

Can MNT be stopped?

Yes! MNT is highly preventable. Just three doses of a 60-cent immunization protect mothers, who then pass on the immunity to their future babies. Together, Kiwanis and UNICEF can stop this disease. Why hasn’t MNT been eliminated already? UNICEF has helped to successfully eliminate MNT in many countries. But in 39 countries, it still strikes babies and mothers who have little or no access to health care—either because they are poor, live in remote areas or are caught in humanitarian emergencies. More funds and resources are needed to reach all babies and mothers at risk.

What will it take to eliminate MNT from the Earth?

129 million mothers and their future babies must be immunized. This requires vaccines, syringes, safe storage, transportation, thousands of skilled staff and more. It will take $110 million raised by 2015—and the dedicated work of UNICEF and every member of the Kiwanis family.

Why focus on this issue?

It is unacceptable that innocent newborns and their mothers suffer and die from MNT when it can be prevented so easily. This is also an amazing opportunity to reach the poorest, most neglected mothers and babies with lifesaving health care. Developing delivery systems for MNT vaccines will blaze a trail to provide additional desperately needed services to these marginalized families.

What is the ELIMINATE partnership?

Hand in hand, Kiwanis and UNICEF will eliminate MNT and change the world. Kiwanis’ commitment, vision and strength in reaching communities and leaders will help wipe out this cruel, centuries-old disease and pave the way for other interventions. UNICEF has staff working in the most isolated corners of the globe and an unbeatable supply chain.

How can You help?

Prepare. Grow your club. Ask your friends to join the cause. Educate. Educate yourself about MNT, and share what you learn with your club, your community, your family and your school. Advocate. Let the world know that the poorest, most vulnerable babies and mothers need our help. Eliminate. Over the next five years, the work you do to eliminate MNT will change the world. Together, Kiwanis and UNICEF will eliminate MNT and give the poorest mothers and babies the chance to lead the healthy lives they deserve. All information about Eliminate =



Governor Varun Awasthi Secretary Emerson Kim


Treasurer Neha Dalal Editor MaryAlice Peng Convention Chair Felicia Nguyen Project Director Samuel Kim Communications Director Marcus Frates District Administrator John Jay Assistant Administrator Suzanne Endroedy Division 21 Secretary Christina Yoon

Cole Hickman Cell: (661) 878--5027 DOB: October 13, 1994 Previous positions: Club President [Outstanding level] District: California-Nevada-Hawaii Familiar face: Endorsed to run for International Pres at ICON 2011

Cole’s Goals:

- Web Communication - Sister Clubs - Promote International Major Emphasis - Make Connections

Let’s give Cole a warm PNW - D21 welcome!


Wadsana Xinavong Lieutenant Governor, Division 21 Pacific Northwest District Key Club International 18407 12th DR SE Bothell, WA 98012 (425) 770-9109




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Cultivate Service

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