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FOLLO 2013

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Experience Follo

Follo is a region full of diversity. The landscape is beautiful and varied, offering plenty of recreational oppurtunities for both residents and visitors. An extensive road and public transport system minimises the distances between the coastal, agricultural and village areas. This is the region for those who want to enjoy what life has to offer, play golf, go out on the fjord, enjoy the landscape from the seat of a bicycle, try full-speed adventures at TusenFryd or dive out into the sea from the invitingly smooth rocks. And it’s not far between the good places to visit. Here you will find a spectrum of activities all year round – you’re sure to find something to interest you.

Tourist information in Follo

Tourist information in Akershus

Drøbak Tourist Information Information about Drøbak and the Follo district.

Sandvika Shopping Center (Storsenter) Open all year. Mon-Fri 10.00-21.00, Sat. 10-18. Brodtkorbsgate 7, N-1338 Sandvika. Tel +47 67 52 23 00. E-mail:

For opening hours see Sjøtorget, Havnegt 4, 1440 Drøbak. Tel +47 64 93 50 87. E-mail: Ski Shopping Centre (Storsenter) Open all year. Mon-Fri 10.00-21.00, Sat. 10-18. Jernbanesvingen 6, 1400 Ski. Tel +47 64 85 90 00. Fax +47 64 85 90 20. E-mail:

Bjørkelangen Tourist Information Tel +47l 90 93 13 56. E-mail: See for more information.

Tourist Information in Oslo Tourist Information Office by the City Hall Fridtjof Nansens plass 5, N-0160 Oslo Tel 815 30 555. E-mail: See for opening hours.

Front page photos: TusenFryd og on the Oslo fjord.

Visit Follo Visit Follo is part of Akershus Tourist Board, a membership organization for the tourism industry and municipalities in the county.

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A REGION WITH TRADITIONS Follo' is thought to derive from 'Foldin', the old name for the wider reaches of the Oslo Fjord. Follo and Oslo have always had a close relationship with each other. Husvik near Drøbak was the natural market-place up until the twelfth century, when Oslo took its place. Drøbak later became the winter and transshipment harbour for Oslo. Hølen, Son, Hvitsten and Drøbak are all small coastal towns whose history as important trading ports is still very evident. The many discoveries of prehistoric hill forts, burial mounds and rock carvings in the areas cultivated during the Stone and Bronze Ages indicate that the Follo region has always been an attractive place to live in. Norway's largest collection of Stone Age dwellings and implements was discovered next to the Bunnefjord. These finds led to the identification of the Nøstvet culture, one of the three prehistoric cultures in Norway.

Facts about Follo Follo comprises 7 municipalities and represents the region just to the south of Oslo. With its proximity to the capital, it is a relatively well populated region with over 132,000 inhabitants, great variations of nature with the coast towards the Oslo fjord, lakes and large forest areas, in addition to towns and villages. The region has a well developed infrastructure with both the railway and the European highways E6 and E18 running through the heart of Follo. Land area: 819 km2.

Enebakk municipality Follo’s largest municipality, the forest municipality of Enebakk, stretches over 232 km2 and, with just over 10,000 inhabitants, is a municipality with room to spare. Enebakk is rich in both nature and culture. The splendid Enebakk church is from the Middle Ages. There are permanent exhibitions in the old town hall in Enebakk and several galleries that display works of art by local artists. With its many large lakes, the

municipality offers great opportunities for nature experiences and outdoor life.

Oppegård municipality With Kolbotn Torg shopping centre and the Kolben cultural centre, Oppegård’s 25,000 inhabitants have received a new impetus to the cultural life of the municipality. In Oppegård municipality you will find architectural pearls such as the Ingierstrand outdoor baths or historical places like Uranienborg, Roald Amundsen’s home. Oppegård offers activities ranging from downhill skiing in Ingierkollen, to golf at the Oppegård Golf Club. You will find culture and activities for young and old. The municipality covers an area of 37 km2.

Ski municipality Ski is Follo’s regional and commercial centre, offering Ski Storsenter (shopping centre) and various shops in the town centre. The municipality stretches over 166 km2 and has around 29,000 inhabitants, which makes Ski the most populated municipality. The municipality can offer a rich cultural life that ranges from local amateurs and a multiplex cinema in Ski, to nationally renowned artists who perform at the Rådhusteateret (town hall theatre). Ski is a municipality with its own cultural monitoring body.

Ås municipality The university town of Ås offers its visitors great cultural diversity. The municipality has more than 17,000 inhabitants who, in the main, can be found in the communities of Ås, Vinterbro and Nordby. UMB (Norwegian University of Life Sciences) plays a central role in Ås with its beautiful buildings, the neo-classical park facility and the Nordskogen botanical gardens. In Ås municipality you will also find the amusement park Tusenfryd, the Vinterbro shopping centre and Nøstvedtkulturen, which is one of Norway’s most important collections of Stone Age dwellings.


Nesodden municipality Nesodden, with its nearly 18,000 inhabitants and an area of 61 km2, is situated on a peninsula with water on three sides. About 7,000 years ago, the first people settled at Nesodden. Nesodden church is from the Middle Ages, the oldest part being constructed in the 10th and 11th centuries. For several hundred years it was the only church in the diocese, which, at the time, also included Oppegård. There is a very active cultural life in Nesodden and there are many established, professional artists in the municipality. Many of these will be found at the NesoddPARKEN centre of art and culture. Frogn municipality With the old timber buildings in Drøbak, Oscarsborg and Santa’s post office, the town receives visitors from far and wide. You will also find Oslo fjord’s only saltwater aquarium. The municipality has over 15,000 inhabitants and covers an area of 85 km2. Drøbak is the place in Follo where you can browse among pleasant galleries and shops close to the fjord, or maybe take a round of golf. Regarding museums, Frogn can offer the Follo regional museum, AvisTegnernes Hus (Illustrator’s House), the worlds only lutefisk (dried codfish) Museum in addition to several galleries. Vestby municipality With the coastal towns of Son, Hølen and Hvitsten, Vestby, with its 15,000 inhabitants, has proud seafaring traditions in addition to extensive agriculture. Around the turn of the last century,

Vestby’s coastline was popular among artists such as Edvard Munch, Theodor Kittelsen and the Christiania Bohemians Hans Jæger and Oda Krogh. Norway’s first and only Outlet Village you will find on the main approach to Vestby. You also find one of Scandinavia’s largest spa centres in Son. Vestby is currently in a phase of expansive industrial and business development.

Artistic activity along the Oslofjord Riviera Son, Drøbak and Hvitsten first became known as artists' colonies in the midnineteenth century. Wellknown Norwegian painters and writers were attracted to the Follo coast by the beautiful scenery, the fjord and the light. Edward Munch found inspiration for several of his paintings in this coastal landscape. Munch had from 1910 and until his death a summer residence and studio in the small town of Hvitsten. Sigrid Undset spent many of her summers in Vestby. Well-known artists still give Follo its distinctive character, but its towns are now more familiar as popular seaside resorts.




SHOPPING IN FOLLO The Vinterbro and Ski shopping centres are situated just 5 minutes from each other and are visited annually by over 10 million shoppers. Together, the centres can offer 230 shops with many different types of products, so you will be bound to find something to suit every taste. Or how about a shopping trip to the tourist town of Drøbak? Here you will find galleries, small shops and, not least, Tregaardens Julehus (Tregaarden’s Christmas house). As a tourist town, Drøbak’s shops are permitted to open on Sundays. So why not enjoy a quiet stroll in Drøbak with some shopping and a tasteful lunch at one of the many cafes. In 2010 Norway’s first Outlet Village opened outside Vestby, with over 40 famous brand stores.

GUIDE SERVICE Do you wish to get to know the history and the cultural attractions in the region? Autorised guides, able to speak several different languages can be hired through We can customize a programme to suite your wishes.

A TASTE OF FOLLO Follo’s landscape consists of miles of sandy beaches and smooth rocks, open agricultural panoramas, deep forests and lakes teeming with fish. A mild, stable climate and good soilmake this region one of the country’s biggest kitchen gardens, producing first class ingredients. Regional Food Culture in the counties of Østfold and Akershus have launched a food initiative in collaboration with local restaurants, farm shops and producers. Read more at Beyond this, Follo offers many high class restaurants with their own distinctive character so that both families with children and gourmets can find something that appeals to them.


Follo for children Follo provides children with excitement, games and adventure. However, it also offers walks in the forest and countryside, and swimming or fishing along the fjord or in a forest lake. The museums in Follo also offer entertaining and educational activities relating to Norwegian culture, including separate activities for children. With its attractive, childfriendly location, Follo Museum is perfect for a family outing. The children can romp about as they like or feed the museum rabbits. At Ramme Farm, the children can try tightrope walking on a rope bridge and the climbing poles on the water or visit the small animals living on the farm.

Follo Museum

Tusenfryd is a paradise for children of all ages. The Balloon Voyage, Grandfather’s Car, the Frog Jump and the playground equipment are sure winners among the youngest while those who are a bit older can try out the Spin Spider, the Thunder Coaster and the Speed Monster. TUSENFRYD WATERPARK is open in June with a children’s pool, triple slide, bathing river and beautiful sunbathing area – and water at 25 degrees! At the aquarium in Drøbak there is a separate pool where children can handle the fish. Oscarsborg Fortress offers canons, bathing beaches, candle making and good opportunities for crab fishing. Under the fortress is a maze of passages and secret rooms, dating from the time Oscarsborg was part of the country’s defences. Here is tunnel safari arranged during summer.

Drøbak Akvarium





W H AT T O S E E & D O

RAMME – art, culture, experiences RAMME lies on the outskirts of idyllic Hvitsten, only a 40 minutes drive from the centre of Oslo. RAMME is built on a foundation of healthy values regarding ecological farming, characterised by the owner’s sense of adventure, aesthetics and creativity. Throughout Munch Year 2013, the groundwork will be laid for the further development of RAMME as an experience centre with a renewed focus on history, art and culture. Munch’s house at Nedre Ramme In 1910 Edvard Munch bought the property of Nedre Ramme in Hvitsten, on the east side of Oslofjord. The property is now being renovated, and visitors are for the first time being given the opportunity to visit the property owned by Munch until his death in 1944. Visitors are invited to explore Munch’s former home, beautifully situation between the forest and the sea. There are plans to reconstruct Munch’s open-air atelier on the grounds. It is clear from many of his paintings that the light and landscape of the area inspired Munch. Examples include the monumental Aula decorations and a number of bathing paintings. Guided tours only. For more information, see Edvard Munch returns to Ramme The exhibition “Edvard Munch Returns to Ramme – 100 years after victory in Berlin”, inaugurates the new gallery at Ramme Gaard. The selection consists of Munch’s monumental drafts for the Aula decorations, with focus on at the pictures he painted at Nedre Ramme. The short distance between the new gallery and Munch’s property will offer visitors a completely unique experience. Munch bought Nedre Ramme in order to continue his work with the drafts for the decorations in the University of Oslo’s assembly hall, the Aula. Several of the motifs are based on the local landscape, easily recognisable in such works as the draft for Forskerne (Alma Mater). This draft is among the exhibition’s high points and is being shown to the public for the first time since 1911. Curator of the exhibition is Petra Pettersen from the Munch Museum.

The Sun by E.Munch. ©Munch-museet / Munch-Ellingsen Gruppen / BONO 2012. Foto: ©Munch-museet.

Ramme Gaard, Rammeveien 1, 1545 Hvitsten. Tel 64 98 32 00. E-mail:

W H AT T O S E E & D O

For more information see RAMME farm café and shop The farm café at RAMME is being rebuilt and will re-open in the summer of 2013. In the meantime visitors can relax in the farmyard with a picnic lunch. Organic eggs and other seasonal products can be purchased at the self-service farm shop. RAMME Havlystpark Havlystparken is unique in Norway and is worth a visit for its own sake. The owner, Petter Olsen, has created a garden that only Shakespeare could have dreamed of. A home worthy of the Midsummer Night’s elves, as if created for Baroque festivities. Havlyst – once a fertile orchard, today a playful and seductive paradise. Guided tours for groups. For updated opening hours, see



W H AT T O S E E & D O

Welcome to Oscarsborg Fortress! Experiences In the summer, Oscarsborg offers many experiences for families and those interested in history and culture. The Oscarsborg Museum is open, and guided tours are arranged. Central to the tour are the dramatic history that surrounds the sinking of the German cruiser, the Blücher, the Coastal Artillery Museum, and the development of Oscarsborg into the fortification as we know it today. For children there is the Historic Tunnel Safari, with helmets and uniforms, where we disappear into the exciting tunnels.

the annual “Mosestafetten” (Relay Race) is being arranged this year too, as an open day on May 1st. More information and an updated programme can be found on the website “The Coastal Goat Commando” Goats and chickens grazing here in the summer help to keep the terrain under control, and also like to be petted, as do the “hen brigade”! Other activities for children include a climbing castle in the forest and crab fishing. Children can play and learn at Oscarsborg, and for adults there is beautiful nature and recreation for the soul. Ferry connections There are ferry connections to Drøbak every day, almost every hour. For all ferry times, the program and more images, visit the website If you visit by private boat, we have a good guest harbour.

Cultural arena Festningsverket is a unique cultural arena for opera and concerts throughout the summer season. This year has an exciting programme with an acoustic pop/rock festival, wandering theatre troupes and fantastic opera experiences in the courtyard throughout August – just to mention a few. Oscarsborg has an art gallery run by Avistegnerne in Drøbak. A new exhibition about the famous and beloved Moomins will be held this year. Guests are invited to join the friendly blacksmith in his smithy, where they can also buy souvenirs. “Forsvarets Hus” (“Military House”) in Kommandantboligen shows how the Norwegian military is today and

Places to eat and accommodation Oscarsborg features a hotel with 190 beds, restaurant and a café. Oscarsborg offers several places to eat, such as Havnekroen, with a view of the boats in the marina, or one of the Hotel’s unique dining rooms in the old Main fort, and the Forpleiningen restaurant. Great food is served here all year round. If you would like to book a table before you arrive at Oscarsborg, see our website for contact details.

W H AT T O S E E & D O

Courses and conferences Oscarsborg Hotel & Resort offers yearround course and conference options for businesses. The historic surroundings at Oscarsborg give events an extra dimension. We have small meeting rooms and a large conference room for 150 persons with good technical equipment. There are exciting opportunities here for activities during breaks and evenings, and we can tailor your stay to your needs. Please contact us for information and prices.

Guest harbour and charter boat The guest harbour is open from April and welcomes boaters. It is a pleasant guest harbour with electricity/water at the docks, internet access, and showers nearby. If you are a large group and do not have your own boat, the MS Kaholmen is a great charter boat for 68 people, based at Oscarsborg. The MS Kaholmen picks up and transports groups along the entire Oslofjord on booking.

Contact: Oscarsborg Hotel & Resort, 64 90 40 00 or Oscarsborg museum, 64 90 41 61 or Oscarsborg Fjordservice, 99 300 200 or Oscarsborg Gjestehavn, 95 44 12 58 or Oscarsborg Havnekro, 40 20 11 12 or Other inquiries and ferry schedule: Forsvarsbygg Nasjonale Festningsverk +47 815 70 400 or



W H AT T O S E E & D O

Drøbak Golfklubb Drøbak Golf Club is very central and easily reached, just 30 minutes drive from Oslo. The high quality, 18 hole parkland course is beautiful, open and challenging and we offer all facilities including: Well stocked Pro Shop, skilled instructors and locker rooms. Two practice areas

with putting greens, bunkers, chip and pitch area. All gathered around the course and the beautiful club house. Free parking. Drøbak Golf Club – the club with high quality and a friendly face. Open: Early May to early October.

Drøbak Golfklubb, Belsjøveien 50, N-1440 Drøbak. Booking +47 64 98 96 50. ProShop +47 64 98 96 50. Adm +47 64 98 96 50. E-mail:

Tregaardens Julehus The only Christmas shop in the Nordic region to open all year. Wide selection of Christmas decorations and other items. Greetings to friends are stamped with Father Christmas’ own postmark at Father Christmas’s Post Office.

Opening times: 1 March-31 Oct: Mon-Fri 10-17, Sat 10-15 1-30 Nov: Mon-Fri 10-19, Sat 10-15. 1-23 Dec: Mon-Fri 10-20, Sat 10-16. Christmas Eve: 9-12. 27-31 Dec: 10-15. Sunday: 1 June -23 Dec: 12-16. (not Father Christmas’ Post Office)

Tregaardens julehus, Havnebakken 6, N-1440 Drøbak. Tel +47 64 93 41 78. Fax +47 64 93 44 16.

Drøbak Aquarium Take your children to the Oslo region’s only saltwater aquarium and experience our exciting underwater world. Stand face-to-face with Hugo the catfish, a greedy halibut, or get to know a starfish in our activity pool. We offer fantastic experiences for both young and old, while you

learn about life in the fjord just outside. Our mission is to spread knowledge about life in the sea and inspire people to use the coastal areas responsibly. We are open all year round. For more information about us, and bookings for schools and other groups, see

Stiftelsen Drøbak Akvarium, Havnegt 4, N-1441 Drøbak. Tel +47 64 98 87 80. E-mail:

Oppegård Golf Club Oppegård Golf Club is located in Oppegård Municipality, only 20 minutes from Oslo city center. The course has been open for over 20 years and it shows on the manicured fairways and excellent greens. Oppegård has in recent years become

known for having very good playing conditions, while it still has all of the challenges. Oppegård Golf club offers a driving range and a putting green for training. We welcome you to Golf course! Open: Ultimo April - early October.

Oppegård Golfklubb, Kongeveien 198, 1415 Oppegård. Booking and Proshop tel +47 66 81 59 90. E-mail:

W H AT T O S E E & D O

TusenFryd We wish all of our guests a hearty welcome to a new, joyful season and an unforgettable day for both young and old at Tusenfryd Amusement Park. Try out our exciting attractions like SuperSplash, SpaceShot, ThunderCoaster, SpeedMonster and SpinSpider. This year we will offer a new exciting ride Tor's hammer. Based on Norse mythology, we take you on an exciting hunt inside the mountain! Follow us and read more on our website! And why not take a plunge on the BadeFryd waterslide where it’s always 25ºC in the water. There’s nothing like a dip in the water in between rides. Give yourself a break and enjoy the profusion of flowers or a cotton candy or two. Of course,

you also find games, shops and places to eat in the park. Keep updated at Season opening on April 27th. BadeFryd is open from early June until mid August. Visit our website at: or call us on +47 64 97 66 99 for further information about opening hours, prices and transport. Transport: 20 mins south of Oslo on the E6 / E18 highways. Bus service: 541 from Drøbak.

TusenFryd AS, N-1407 Vinterbro. Information tel +47 64 97 66 99



W H AT T O S E E & D O

University of Life Sciences

Surrounding the magnificent old buildings are some of the largest and most impressive neoclassical gardens in Norway. Guided tour of this cultural gem, exploring important periods in the history of Norwegian horticulture. The college

has its own rose garden, rhododendron gardens and perennial borders.The Nordskog arboretum features approximately 50 foreign evergreens. The gardens can be visited free of charge all year round.

Norwegian university of life sciences, postbox 5003, N-1432 Ås. E-mail:

Norwegian Museum of Agriculture The museum stands in the campus park of the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB) in Ås. It will be upgraded and rebuilt intermittently throughout 2013, paving the way for a more dynamic museum with circulating, themed exhibitions. We offer an auditorium for up to 50 people as well

as a conference room with every technical facility. Guided tours in the UMB park and Meierimuseet (The Dairy Museum) can be arranged. See or contact us to arrange tours of the park, book conference rooms or get updates on opening hours.

Norsk Landbruksmuseum, pb. 5104, 1432 Ås. Tel +47 64 96 62 80. Faks 64 96 62 81. E-mail:

AvisTegnernes Hus The place to enjoy the satire and humorous observations of this irreverent group of illustrators. There is a lot of activity and an ambitious exhibition programme. The Newspaper Illustrators House runs two galleries: Gallery Avis - tegnernes Hus in Drøbak (March-Dec) and Gallery Oscarsborg at the

Oscarsborg Fortress (midMay-Sept). See for updated exhibition info. Opening hours: Tue-Sun Drøbak 12-16, Oscarsborg Mon-Sun 12.30 -16.30. Groups outside normal business hours, by appointment. Tickets. Adult 30,-. Child 10,-.

Avistegnernes Hus, Lindtruppbakken 1, N-1440 Drøbak. Tel +47 64 93 67 85/ 901 84 966 E-mail:,

W H AT T O S E E & D O


Norwegian Outlet – Norway’s largest outlet village! Imagine a village where all the shops are full of famous brands - sports and recreational wear, shoes, underwear, accessories, domestic design and a long, long series of fashion brands. Imagine that there are always sales. Always! Then you have a good idea of what Norwegian Outlet has to offer. Norway’s onlyoutlet village is the place for bargains on your favorite brands. New products arrive monthly. And you are guaranteed 30-70% discount.

– 40 br and sh ops –

A whole new shopping experience Your shopping experience in an outlet village is unique. Free parking and walk directly into the shopping street, where shops are lined up and create a calm atmosphere. You can go straight to your favorite store or set aside a few hours to discover all what the brand stores have to offer. Some of them have one brand - others have several.

– Alwa ys ÷3070


The selection is huge, but the shops are so close. The sidewalks are covered so rain is no problem. Want a good cup of coffee or a whole pizza? No problem. Dolly Dimple's and Tapas Café is ready to serve. We have both a playroom and a "parents parking" with a big screen and entertainment.

– 12.00 0

A worldwide success has finally come to Norway!



Norwegian Outlet – the new “Hot spot”! • 25 minutes from Oslo • 50 minutes from Gardermoen • 10 minutes from Tusenfryd • 60 minutes from Tønsberg • 25 minutes from Rygge

Experience Norway's new attraction

– 850 fr ee park ing spa ces –

• 40 brand shops • Always ÷ 30-70% • 12,000 square meters • 850 free parking spaces

Nowegian Outlet. E-6, avkjøring 18, Vestby NORD, N-1540 Vestby. E-mail:


W H AT T O S E E & D O

Karl Johan - Hølen Bokcafé Opening hours in 2013: Sunday from 12.00 to 16.00. Season starts at Easter Saturday and ends in October.

See for our cultural programs. ’Holterhuset’, from 1850, is situated in the middle of idyllic Hølen. Norway’s first and only café open on Sundays with piano and loan of books to all age groups. Child-friendly Cultural Center and mini Museum. Antique and secondhand sales. Only 8 minutes from Vestby and Son.

Karl Johan-Hølen Bokcafé. Store Strandgate 9, 1550 Hølen. Tel +47 93 43 55 27.

og 1450 85 butiskkpe-r plasser grati


W H AT T O S E E & D O

RAMME Theatre “Lifeblood” is a play inspired by the art and texts of Edvard Munch. Various famous artists have been involved in the production, among them musician Lars Lillo-Stenberg. The audience can look forward to a play adapted for Hvitsten’s cultural landscape. Playwright Henrik Rafaelsen inaugurates the play’s 11 tableauxs in Edvard Munch’s former home at Nedre Ramme in Hvitsten. Munch bought Nedre Ramme in 1910 and kept the property until his death in 1944. The play is inspired by Munch’s art and texts. Lifeblood is accompanied by dance as well as harp, violin and piano music, and has been expanded to include newly composed music by Lars Lillo-Stenberg. Audience members are led from Munch’s house at Nedre Ramme to Havlystparken at Ramme Gaard, where the play is concluded in the intimate surroundings of the amphitheatre. Artistic director: Ellen Sejersted Bødtker. Accompanied by: Lars Lillo-Stenberg Henrik Rafaelsen Ella Christina Fiskum Ole Henrik Moe Ellen Sejersted Bødtker, Idé Schedule: Thursday June 13th. 7 PM. Friday June 14th. 7 PM. Saturday June 15th. 3 & 7 PM. Sunday June 16th. 3 & 7 PM. Thursday June 20th. 7 PM. Friday June 21st. 7 PM. Saturday June 22nd. 7 PM. Sunday June 23rd. 3 & 7 PM. or For more information, see:



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TusenFryd Vinterbro senter Storstua i Frogn – Folkvang Follo Museum Drøbak Golfklubb Oscarsborg Festning Oscarsborg Festningsmuseum Oscarsborg Hotel & Spa Oscarsborg Gjestehavn Oscarsborg Fjordservice Kafe Oscar Tregaardens Julehus Drøbak Akvarium AvisTegnernes Hus Kumlegaarden Restaurant & Selskapslokaler Skipperstuen Telegrafen Bar & Restaurant Galleri Cafe Teskje Drøbak Turistinformasjon Drøbak Gjestehavn Reenskaug Hotell Sjøstjernen Nocatours NaturCamp Universitet for miljø- og biovitenskap Norsk Landbruksmuseum Ås stasjon Antikklåven Karl Johan – Hølen Bokkafe Norwegian Outlet Marché Vestby Schau´s Buss Vestby Hyttepark Ramme Gaard Quality Spa & Resort Son Son Kystkultursenter Son Kro Son Gjestehavn Quality Hotel Mastemyr Rosenholm Campus Konferansesenter Uranienborg Oppegård Golfklubb Hellviktangen Grønn Gourmet Ski Storsenter Thon Hotel Ski Solåsen Pilegrimsgård


W H AT T O S E E & D O

Follo Museum Friluftsmuseet at Seiersten

O. B. Hansens Trykkerisamling

Friluftsmuseet (open-air museum) is child-friendly and surrounded by the pastoral beauty of Seiersten near Drøbak. With its farmyard, croft and country atmosphere, the open-air museum is a lovely place to visit. Annual events: Childrens’ Day, Olsok, Christmas events and more. Tours are available, as are exhibitions and presentations. Ask for a programme for meetings, courses and social experiences. The museum has its own shop. Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday 10.00-15.00 all year round, as well as Sundays in the summer season at 12.00-16.00. Good parking facilities.

Through a collaboration between the Drøbak Boating Organisation, Follo Museum and the family of O.B. Hansen, Trykkerisamling (the Print Collection) was established in the locale of the Boating Organisation’s Maritime Collection. O.B. Hansen’s Boktrykkeri (Printing House) was a family business in the truest sense of the term, offering regular printing services, selling paper and producing the local newspaper, Akershus Amtstidende. Opening hours: May – September 11.00 – 19.00 every day. Tickets: Adults – kr. 20,- Children – Free.

Belsjøveien 17, 1440 Drøbak. Tel 66 93 66 36.

Kroketønna 4, 1440 Drøbak

Son Kystkultursenter

The Oslofjord Museum

Kystkultursenteret (the coastal culture centre) is beautifully located in the middle of Son. The centre consists of a museum dock with old boats, exhibitions, a museum shop, a goldsmith and more. Jostushuset tells the story of a fisherman’s home in Son. The smithy has changing exhibitions about life in Son in the old days. Open: 18/5-12/9 Tuesday-Sunday 12.00-16.00.

The Oslofjord Museum, which originated from the wooden ship collection built up by Follo Museum in the 1990s, is a creative new venture among Norwegian museums; a new and unique foray into educational experiences.

Storgata, 1555 Son. Tel 66 93 66 36.

Vollen, Asker

Uranienborg – the home of Roald Amundsen

Riktig Restaurering Akershus (Proper Restoration)

The polar explorer lived here from 1908 – 1928. His home has been kept just as it was when he left for his final expedition. In 2011, 100 years had passed since Amundsen and his men skied to the South Pole. A tour of the lovely Swiss chalet style villa offers an interesting look into his life. Opening hours: By appointment.

The RRA have their headquarters in bright and functional rooms at Follo Museum. Here meetings are held and courses on proper restoration are run, in order to ensure the development of old artisan traditions.

Roald Amundsensvei 192, 1420 Svartskog. Tel 66 93 66 36.

Belsjøveien 17, 1443 Drøbak

W H AT T O S E E & D O Refreshing adventures throughout the year Try a RIB tour on the Oslo fjord. Experience the most beautiful locations and let us create a great combination of speed and excitement, culture and history as a part of your company event. We collaborate with the fjord’s hotels and restaurants to

offer the best experiences. The perfect activity if you are staying at one of the hotels on the fjord. Launches, summer parties, stag nights, hen parties, etc. Our base is in Drøbak and we are very familiar with the Oslo fjord area. You can find more information on our website at:

RIB.NO. Tel +47 900 94 503. E-mail:


Folkvang Rich in tradition, Folkvang is located about 4 kilometres from Drøbak. The newly redecorated, light and pleasant premises are a popular choice for large and small events.

The kitchen offers a rich variety of home made dishes, based on first class ingredients. Capacity 250 persons. Good car parking.

Folkvang, Folkvangveien 15, N-1440 Drøbak. Tel +47 907 56 115. E-mail:

Galleri Café Teskje Here you can enjoy a delicious meal while you inspect the art displayed on the walls and the handmade items that are on sale. The listed log building, which oozes charm, dates back to 1800. The café serves homemade cakes,

hot meals and baguettes. It also has a coffee bar serving cappuccino, espresso and café au lait. Opening hours: Tuesday - Saturday 10– 17 hrs., Sunday 12–17 hrs. Monday closed.

Galleri Café Teskje, Niels Carlsensgt 7, N-1440 Drøbak. Tel +47 64 93 09 91. E-mail:

Kumlegaarden Restaurant Welcome to our distinctive and cosy premises where art and culture complement magnificent architecture.

We have function rooms for large and small events.

Our trademark is traditional home-made dishes prepared by our top-class chef.

Opening times: all year. Sunday -Monday 12-20, Tuesday-Saturday 12-22

Kumlegaarden Restaurant og selskapslokaler, Niels Carlsensgt 11, N-1440 Drøbak. Tel +47 64 93 15 04. E-mail:




Sjøstjernen - Drøbak Sjøstjernen (“The Starfish”) can be found in the new Drøbak guest harbour. Here you can enjoy everything from steamed mussels with good drinks to a cup of coffee and some ice cream. We serve good homemade food, made from first-class ingredients, accompanied by one of

the Oslofjord’s finest views. If the weather is good, you can enjoy your lunch or dinner outdoors and watch the ships sail by. Inside the new, bright and comfortable restaurant, the great view and large windows make the room light and spacious. Welcome to Sjøstjernen.

Badehusgata 27, 1440 Drøbak. Tel +47 907 56 115. E-mail:

Telegrafen Bar & Restaurant In the old telephone and telegraph office in Drøbak you will find the recently opened Telegrafen Bar & Restaurant. Here in the middle of Storgata, not far from the square, you can enjoy a superb dinner or dance the night away until

the small hours. Pleasant outdoor seating in the summer. Check our website at for an up-to-date programme.

Telegrafen Bar & Restaurant, Storgata 10, N-1440 Drøbak. Tel +47 64 90 82 00. E-mail:

Skipperstuen Good seafood is best enjoyed by the sea! You can enjoy a fine meal here at the same time as you watch what’s happening on the fjord. Since we are centrally located on the Drøbak boat harbour, seafood features prominently on our menus. Our kitchen is based upon classic tastes, but

includes new and exciting flavours. Our restaurant maintains high standards and also offers catering and cooking courses in our own cooking studio. Separate room for closed parties and “tailor-made” events. Open every day during the summer. See our website for further information.

Skipperstuen, Havnebakken 11, N-1440 Drøbak. Tel +47 64 93 07 03. E-mail:

Son Kro Son Kro is a traditional inn with a view over the boat harbour and fjord. It is a popular meeting place in Son and offers a wide choice of seasonal dishes. Function rooms for large and small events. Course

and conference facilities. We can arrange special evenings around a theme, as well as food courses etc. Opening times: every day throughout the year from 10.00 to 24.00.

Son Kro, Storgt 31. N-1550 Son. Tel +47 64 95 70 08. Fax +47 64 98 36 61. E-mail:


Marchè Vestby You’ll find us in Vestby, not far from Norwegian Outlet. Easily accessed from E6 and with plenty of parking space. Pleasant restaurant serving healthy and traditional food such as salmon, steak, salads, fresh-pressed juice and homemade cakes

and desserts. Children can choose from the same menu as the adults and get their own childrens’ platter at a reasonable childrens’ price. We offer our customers wireless internet connection in the restaurant.

Marchè Vestby. E-6, avkjøring 18, Vestby Nord, 1540 Vestby. E-mail:

Reenskaug Hotell The Reenskaug Hotel has so much to offer. The Jacobin Room (Jacobinestuen) has a cosy, homey atmosphere. In our historic section – the Madam Bolette (Fru Bolette) restaurant – you can wander through Drøbak’s history or enjoy our lush garden. We

have an ample menu – the choice is yours! If your throat is dry, we can offer you refreshments in the Madam Bolette restaurant, which boasts Drøbak’s longest bar! We hold concerts and have a night club on the weekends with a DJ. Welcome!

Reenskaug Hotell, Storgata 32, N-1440 Drøbak. Tel +47 64 98 92 00. Fax +47 64 98 92 22. E-mail:

Hellviktangen Green Gourmet The pearl of Nesodden - a magnificent Art Nouveau villa right on the waterfront, with a park, beach and its own pier. Hellviktangen has facilities to accommodate weddings and summer parties, with a large terrace facing the sea. Possible to rent for seminars and conferences. Enjoy beautiful winter Sunday’s by the fireplace with a hot drink and a nice wiev. SUNDAY CAFÉ from 12:00 to 19:00. Every Sunday from March to Christmas. Here you will find tastefull organic, homemade food. Enjoy. You can take a Sunday walk along the coastal path from the Nesodden ferry to Hellviktangen, or come by bus or car, We have some Docking places for our boat riding guests. Hellviktangen Grønn Gourmet, Hellvikalèen 60, N-1450 Nesodden Tel +47 66 96 01 70. E-mail:




The antique barn The cowshed and barn at Fagerli Gård have been restored and transformed into a treasure chest for everyone interested in farming antiquities. And keep an eye out for Grete’s gnomes.

For groups (pre-booked) good, home made food can be served in a very special and evocative atmosphere. Capacity 20 + 32 persons. Fully licensed.

Grete Andressen, Fagerli Gård, Dylterudvn. 14, N-1430 Ås. Tel +47 64 94 18 70. Mob +47 412 95 097. E-mail:

Ås stasjon Ås station is a nice cafe located in the centre of Ås. We serve Appetizers and light meals, hot and cold beverages and freshly baked cakes. There are always new exhibitions and concerts with local artists in our cafe. Ås station has a separate meeting room

with all facilities for rent. Opening hours: Monday to Thursday: 6:00 - 22:00 Friday: 06:00 - 24:00 Saturday: 11:00 - 24:00 Sunday: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Ås stasjon, Brekkeveien 4, N-1430 Ås. Tel +47 64 94 45 00. E-mail:

A C C O M O D AT I O N Solåsen Pilegrimsgård (The Sunny Hill Pilgrim’s Farm) lies on a ridge in Son with a beautiful view of the Oslofjord, roughly 40 minutes from Oslo and just 15 minutes from Rygge Airport. We have 4 log houses containing a total of 16 rooms housing up to 23 guests. The main house can be ren-

ted out for parties, courses, conferences and retreats. You can choose whether or not you want breakfast included in the price of your stay. Enjoy nature’s grandeur with our panoramic view of the fjord, take a walk down to the beach or have a quiet moment in our chapel.

Solåsen Pilegrimsgård. Falkeveien 19, 1555 Son. E-mail:

Reenskaug Hotell Deep in the heart of Drøbak, you find the Reenskaug Hotel. Centrally located on the Oslo fjord, the hotel has been a popular holiday resort for more than 100 years. Edvard Munch himself is said to have been sent for from Åsgårdstrand to save the

famous Tulla Larsen, who lay sick in her room “pining” for him. Knut Hamsun stayed at the Reenskaug Hotel in 1904. Here, in room 213, with a view of the fjord and Drøbak’s main street – Storgate – he wrote the novel Dreamers.

Reenskaug Hotell, Storgata 32, N-1440 Drøbak. Tel +47 64 98 92 00. Fax +47 64 98 92 22. E-mail:


Vestby Hyttepark Vestby Hyttepark is centrally located in Vestby. We have large, top standard cabins for hire, as well as smaller, more simple cabins and apartments, rooms and caravan spaces all year.

The amusement park TusenFryd is only a 10 minute drive away. We are only a short distance from Son, Drøbak, Oscarsborg Fortress and the small beaches of the Oslofjord.

Inside the cottage you have a living room with kitchen corner with all you need for cooking. You also have two bedrooms, one bedroom with two beds, and one with four beds. There are also flagged bathrooms with toilet and shower. All the cottages have also an outward booth.

We can now offer newly refurbished group and conference facilities in addition to our self catering accommodation.

In summer we offer a children’s farm and a large area for play and barbecues. You will find Norway’s first Outlet Village, opening this summer, within walking distance from Vestby Hyttepark.

Hildurs Pizza Vestby Hyttepark has its own Pizzeria. Hildurs pizza has more than 20 years of experience and our pizza is well-known among park guests local residents. Hildur’s Pizza will expand its menu in 2013 to include some simple lunches and dinners.

Sørli gård - Farmen, 1540 Vestby. Tel 64 95 98 00. Faks 64 95 98 01. E-mail:




Son Marina A natural place to stop on your way in or out of the Oslofjord area. Welcome to our modern, secure and family friendly guest harbour with roughly 150 spaces (up to approximately 80 feet). Included in the harbour rent is electricity, water, wireless internet connection, access to service stations with lavatories, showers, washing machines and dryers, garbage containers, as well as a code to a septic tank disposal station. Plenty of services nearby. Shops, cafes and restaurants are open all year. The grocery store is open on

Sundays during the summer season. Express ferry between Son and Oslo during the school summer vacation (weekends). More and more people let their boat remain in Son while they take a ferry or train over to Oslo. We look forward to seeing you. Have a pleasant stay at Son Guest Harbour! For opening hours, prices, terms of service and other relevant information, see

Vestby kommune, Havnekontoret, Storgata 29 D, 1550 Son. Tel 64 95 87 38. E-mail:


Quality Hotel Mastemyr You will find us just on the outskirts of Oslo - between Oslo (approx. 10 minutes) and the Tusenfryd amusement park (approx. 8 minutes). The Quality Hotel Mastemyr lies in green surroundings, encircled by a park. It has free parking for guests and is about a 10 minute walk from Hvervenbukta beach. In recent years, the hotel has been significantly renovated and now has 155 modern guest rooms and completely new restaurant and conference facilities. Conferences During the winter, the Quality Hotel Mastemyr is a course and conference hotel. We have close to 20 meeting rooms, the largest of which can seat over 400 people. We offer facilities for parties, conferences, exhibitions and events. In addition, we strongly recommend that our guests make use of the park surrounding the hotel for both activities and recreation. Tusenfryd The hotel fills up every summer with expectant Tusenfryd guests. In cooperation with Tysenfryd, we have created favourably priced packages that include entrance ticket, accommodation and of course, a delicious breakfast. The child-friendly hotel Apart from Tusenfryd, we

have many activities at the hotel during the summer for both young and old. Outside in the park, you can play soccer or other games. Indoors, we have ping-pong, PS3, movies on the big screen TV, drawing, painting, Legos, etc. During the school holidays, we have an activity leader that spends a few hours every night with the children. Sometimes there might be a disco night, or maybe a soccer match. The children can play undisturbed here while the adults enjoy a dinner in peace and quiet. The Quality Hotel Mastemyr is the ideal point of departure for visits to both Follo and Oslo. Your car is parked for free and if you don’t want to drive in Oslo, you can take a 15 minute bus ride to the city centre. Purchase an Oslo card at the reception and gain access to both attractions and transportation, either free of charge or at sharply reduced rates. If you would like to go shopping, we strongly recommend the Kolbotn Torg shopping centre, which is just a couple of minutes away or Norwegian Outlet ( in Vestby, which is about 15 minutes away. A heart-felt welcome to the Quality Hotel Mastemyr!

Quality Hotel Mastemyr, Oslo Syd, Lienga 11, N-1410 Kolbotn. Tel +47 66 99 78 00. Fax +47 66 99 78 01. E-mail:




Thon Hotel Ski The nearest hotel to Tusenfryd and voted “best Tusenfryd hotel of the year” for the fourth year running. It’s just 6 minutes drive from the the park. The hotel is located right opposite Ski station and bus terminal, linked to the town “multi centre”. Ski Storsenter has 145 shops, bowling, cinema, library,cafes and restaurants. If you are coming by

train from Oslo. In other words, a great holiday base on the sunny side of the Oslofjord.The hotel offers 109 well-equipped rooms, many of which are suitable for families Thon Junior During summer, it is children who are our most distinguished guests and with ‘Thon Junior’ we have prepared different activities for families with children.

air we are just 30 minutes drive from Moss Airport Rygge. The express bus to Gardermoen stops right outside the hotel and the journey is just over an hour. Staying with us, you will be just a short distance from all of Follo’s many attractions and just 20 minutes by

Meeting and conference Our conference department has 16 meeting rooms and can seat up to 386 persons in the auditorium. We can offer a range of activities for our conference guests, several of these in collaboration with other participants of Visit Follo. In addition to the occupational content, social interaction and activities are an important part of any successful course or conference. We can offer a range of exciting activities for our business customers. How about a nice seaside dinner in Drøbak, RIB tours on the Oslofjord, an exhibition at the hotel, bowling or a challenging outdoor activity?

Thon Hotel Ski, Jernbaneveien. 8, N-1400 Ski. Tel +47 64 85 35 00. Fax +47 64 85 35 01. E-mail:


Qualtiy Spa & Resort Son The Quality Spa & Resort Son is a new spa and conference hotel with a unique location right on the wharf. Only 40 minutes by car from Oslo and 20 minutes from Moss Airport Rygge. • A 2000 sq. metre spa facility • Gym and fitness studio with spinning and a selection of classes

• Sand beach • 148 rooms with a view of the sea • 15 meeting rooms with natural lighting and a view of the sea • Conference capacity of up to 180 people • Free indoor parking

• Restaurant with a select kitchen

• Free wireless internet access

• Cooking studio • Outdoor restaurant • Guest pier

Visit our website at for information on accommodation packages and rates.

For further information: Tel +47 64 98 48 00. E-mail:

Drøbak Marina Newly built Drøbak marina is centrally located in town, within walking distance to everything from supermarkets to the Christmas house, Drøbak Aquarium and AvistegnernesHus. The marina offers up to 48 places for boats from

"dinghy size" up to 50 feet. There are available power outlets, in addition to water hoses during season. There is a new service building with facilities for showers, access to washer and dryer, cafeteria and restaurant.

Drøbak gjestehavn, N-1440 Drøbak.

Oscarsborg Hotel & Spa Oscarsborg Fortress’s unique location in the Oslofjord, just five minutes by ferry from Drøbak, provides just as perfect a backdrop for conferences as for a romantic weekend with your partner. The hotel is situated just 15 minutes from TusenFryd amusement park and is a paradise

for families with children. The hotel has accommodation for 180 people, with light, pleasant rooms. In our lovely spa you can choose from over 20 different spa treatments. Our conference facilities feature modern equipment, and we have a meeting room capacity of up to 153 persons.

Oscarsborg Hotel & Spa, N-1443 Oscarsborg. Booking: +47 64 90 40 00. E-mail:




Schaus Buss We take care of all your coach travel needs and organize travel according to customers’ requirements.

Schaus can also offer our services out of Gardermoen.

Qualified drivers in thirty modern, high quality vehicles, 16-83 seats. Schaus has an international ISO accreditation which mean that we offer quality, safety and flexibility at a good standard as well as offer competitive prices.

SCHAUS BUSS/GARDERMOEN MINIBUSS & CREWTRANSPORT AS, Vestbyveien 15, N-1540 Vestby. Tel +47 90 50 63 00. E-mail:

GROUPS, MEETING AND CONFERENCE Follo offers a good selection of meeting and conference facilities less than half an hour’s drive from Oslo city centre. We have several hotels with good facilities, each with a unique character, which helps to create a good atmosphere and a successful event. Activities and experiences

are an important part of any event, and are often the basis for good participation, relations and productivity. In Follo, you will find several partners who can help you with everything from small gatherings to larger, tailor-made events.

Here is a short overview of the hotels’ meeting and conference capacities: Hotel name

No. of rooms Meeting rooms Cinema seating Classroom seating Banquet

Oscarsborg Hotel & Spa






Quality Hotel Mastemyr






Quality Spa & Resort Son






Thon Hotel Ski






Reenskaug Hotel






Read more about the hotels in the “ACCOMMODATION” section. Many of the restaurants and experience companies in Follo are well-suited to groups, courses and conferences. Contact Visit Follo, and we can provide you with tips for your next event.


Noca Tours Nature Camp Noca Tours Nature Camp offers unique experiences in our very own Nature Camp! Located in the forest at the beautiful Smebøl Gård farm in Ås, in the heart of Follo, you will find a purely magical atmosphere, a complete concept from A-Z where

we tailor-make an event for your group. In our new, expanded Gamme turf hut we have seating for over 100 people, and serve dishes from our “Wilderness menu”, which suits the interior and heightens the atmosphere. Contact us for help with your next event.

Nocatours NaturCamp AS, box 312. N-1441 Drøbak. Tel +47 97 06 41 13. E-mail:

Rosenholm Campus Conference Centre Rosenholm Campus Conference Centre is a modern conference centre with a high technical standard. The centre features two auditoriums, a separate video conferencing room and several small meeting rooms. The conference centre has common areas that are well-suited to mingling, exhibitions

and other activities in light and airy surroundings. Good food creates enjoyment and a good atmosphere – we have a first class kitchen! Rosenholm Campus Conference Centre is situated approx. 15 minutes from Oslo city centre by either car or train. We have free parking! Welcome!

Rosenholm Campus Konferansesenter, Rosenholmvn. 25, 1414 Trollåsen. Tel: 21 09 67 20. E-mail:

TusenFryd Here at TusenFryd we are experts at helping businesses and customers loosen up, forget work and have fun! You can invite your employees with their families for a Dream Day with reduced price tickets and delicious meals. Or you can take your employees for an exhilarating summer party with rollercoasters, excellent food, music and entertainment.

For large groups, you can rent a part of the park or the entire place for yourselves. We customise everything from A to Z! Relax and have fun at TusenFryd! For guests who want to visit the park on our ordinary schedule, refer to page 13.

TusenFryd Event, 1407 Vinterbro. Tel: 64 97 64 00. E-mail:



SUMMER & BEACHES Follo's long coastline and varied landscape invite you to a lively summer visit. There are countless opportunities for swimming, both along the fjord and in idyllic forest lakes, and you will also find relatively untouched areas with attractive swimming spots and open countryside. Ramblers can enjoy a varied and extensive network of paths.

Beaches A summary of some of Follo's swimming spots is given below. See for additional information. Nordre Sauholmen An island ideal for excursions opposite Son centre. Anchorage, but no public jetty. Sandy beaches. Son beach South of Son centre. Sandy beach and smooth rock. Diving board, bathing ladders, kiosk, parking places, bus connection. Brevikbukta South of Son centre. Smooth rock. Pitch, parking places. Kjøvangen/Hulvik Between Son and Krokstrand. Sandy beaches and smooth rock. Popular for families. Krokstrand/Skjellvika Between Son and Hvitsten.Sandy beach and smooth rock. Ideal for families with children. Emmerstadbukta South of Hvitsten. Sandy beach.Open-air area, shoreline. Quay, flat grassy areas, parking places, nearby paths for walks.

Hvitstenstranda Hvitsten centre. Sandy beach and grass. Kiosk, small jetty, benches, parking, bus to the centre. Skiphellebukta South of Drøbak centre. Sandy beach and smooth rock. Kiosk, drinking water, freshwater shower, information board, grassy areas, excellent for families with children. Parking, two kilometres to the bus connection. Elleskjær South of Torkilstranda. Smooth rock. Kiosk, parking, two kilometres to the bus connection. Torkilstranda South of Drøbak centre. Sandy beach. Ramp for windsurfers, drinking water, large parking area, bus connection.

SUMMER & BEACHES Badeparken and Parrstranda Drøbak centre. Sandy beach and grassy areas. Drinking water, kiosk, swimming ramp for the disabled, sandy beach safe for children, fishing. Car park, bus connection. Norstranda Drøbak Sandy beach. Sandy beach safe for children, fishing area on the jetty, parking, bus. Oscarsborg Fortress Northern tip of Nordre Kaholmen: Bathing from beach and rocks, beach hut. A little further south: Bathing from sandy beach and rocks near the visitor quay. Access: Ferry to Oscarsborg or moor your own boat in the marina. Håøya island Northern part In the Drøbak Small coves with sand and pebbles. Drinking water, diving, sites for tents, fishing, rambling.

Breivoll At the far end of the Bunnefjord. Sandy beaches. Many small sandy beaches, large grassy areas with room for ball games etc. Ideal for families with children. Kiosk, diving board, fishing place, information board. Parking, 250 metres to the bus connection. Suitable for wheelchair users. Fresh water Follo: For those who would prefer to bathe in fresh water, you will find plenty of unspoilt small lakes as well as developed bathing places around Follo. Langen, Vågvannet, Lyseren and Øyeren are some of the larger lakes that offer the opportunity to bathe. See for additional information.

The Pilgrims’ Way through Follo The Pilgrims’ Way through Follo was marked in 2011. The route is something for those looking for a different rambling experience, whether a single day’s walk, or all the way to Trondheim. The Pilgrims’ Way through Follo goes through varied landscapes with forests, along rivers and lakes, through lush cultural landscapes, and past beautiful farms. The start is at Østfold’s border, and through Son. The route then goes up along Såna, where the old port of Labo is situated on the other side of the river. The path goes through the forest to Vestby church. From there, the gravel path winds through an open landscape with cornfields to Ås. Here, the path goes through parkland and past the old buildings at the university and up to the church. The Agriculture Museum

has the status of a pilgrim inn, so it is possible to take a break and have a cup of coffee here. After this, the route goes down to Årungen and comes up again on Kongeveien at Nordby. At Nøstvetmarka there are traces of old smallholdings. We go past the golf course at Greverud and travel towards Sofiemyr, where the route follows the old trails over Grønliåsen and into Oslo. At the top of the hill are Iron Age burial mounds. From Oslo, it is also possible to walk on to Trondheim. Here, you can choose a westerly route over Ringerike or an easterly route over Romerike. See for more information.



WINTER & CHRISTMAS IN FOLLO A unanimous executive committee resolution, passed by the Frogn municipality in 1989, determined that the Norwegian 'Julenisse' was born in Drøbak - until proved otherwise! Every year the 'Julenisse' answers about 25,000 letters that pour in from around the world.

The Christmas decorations go up in Follo on the first day of Advent. A good way to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere is to go round the museums which arrange Christmas fairs. Every year on the second Sunday in December, there are preChristmas activities for children of all ages at Follo Museum. This is the time for making Christmas presents on the carpenter's bench, decorating gingerbread biscuits, dipping candles and much more. Drøbak is the only all-year Christmas town in Norway, with Tregaarden's Christmas House and the Christmas Nisse's post office.

Drøbak's generosity is also reflected in the gift of a Christmas tree to Berlin, which has been an annual event since 1990 and the reunification of Germany. Christmas tree is also sent to Osaka in Japan every year.

USEFUL ADDRESSES Local newspapers in Follo Østlandets Blad Tel +47 64 85 50 00. Akershus Amtstidende Tel +47 64 90 54 00. Vestby Avis Tel +47 64 98 38 88. Ås Avis, Ravn. 2, 1430 Ås. Tel +47 64 95 63 33. Vestby Nytt Tel +47 64 98 52 80.

Lokal TV TV8 Follo, Verkstedsvn. 29C, 1400 Ski. Tel +47 98 28 90 10.

Public transport Ruter # Jernbanetorget 1, 0154 Oslo. Tel 177.

Ferries There are ferry connections throughout the year from the Aker Brygge pier to Nesodden, and to Drøbak and Son on summer weekends. For information see: Tel 177.or

Open air activities: The Oslofjord Council for Open-air Recreation: Oslofjordens Friluftsråd, Gamle Drammensvei 203, 1300 Sandvika. Tel +47 67 55 49 90.

Tel +47 22 92 32 00. E-mail: DNT Oslo og omegn Boks 7 Sentrum, 0101 Oslo. Tel +47 22 82 28 00.

Municipalities Frogn municipality Rådhusveien 6, 1441 Drøbak Tel +47 64 90 60 00 Vestby municipality Rådhusgt. 1, 1540 Vestby Tel +47 64 98 01 00 Ås municipality Skoleveien 1, 1430 Ås Tel +47 64 96 20 00 Nesodden municipality Tangen Sentrum, 1450 Nesodden Tel +47 66 96 43 00 Oppegård municipality Kolbotnvn. 30, 1410 Kolbotn Tel +47 66 81 90 90 Enebakk municipality Prestegårdsv. 4, 1912 Enebakk Tel +47 64 99 20 00. Fax +47 64 96 20 09 Ski municipalitye Idrettsveien 8, 1400 Ski Tel +47 64 87 87 00

The Norwegian Skiing Association (Skiforeningen). Kongeveien 5, 0787 Oslo.

EVENT Follo offers a rich cultural life with something for everyone. One of the definitive highlights is the Oscarsborg opera which arranges performances every year in August. Both the Kolben Cultural Centre and the City Hall Theatre in Ski offer exciting programmes bursting with cultural experiences. In the other Follo municipalities you can find a rich diversity of cultural events and exhibitions.



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Visit Follo 2013 - English  

Tourist Guide for Follo, Akershus, Norway in 2013.

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