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Kick off 2020 by getting outdoors and enjoying state parks For many people, modern life means spending more time indoors. In fact, Americans spend roughly 90% of their time indoors, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency. This has had numerous direct and indirect health impacts, from respiratory issues due to poor indoor air quality to reduced physical activity due to an indoor sedentary lifestyle. People of all ages are starting to make a change, embracing the outdoors for all the benefits it can provide to their mental and physical health. Since there are opportunities for getting outdoors nearby wherever you live or travel, there's no better time to commit to getting outside than in 2020. First Day Hikes A new year offers 365 days of opportunity, and what better way to start your outdoor goals than with First Day Hikes on New Year's Day at a state park near you? State parks in all 50 states are offering free, guided First Day Hikes run by outdoor experts who want to help you explore the best the park has to offer. Visit to find a local participating park and enjoy New Year's Day making memories outdoors while exercising and connecting with nature. The distance and rigor vary depending on the park and the program, but all hikes have one goal: to create a fun experience for the whole family while fostering an appreciation for the outdoors. Explore local treasures year-round It's easy to take for granted what's in your own backyard, and state parks are a reminder of the beauty of the different seasons while offering ample amenities that make exploration easy any time of year. Once you visit, you'll want to return again and again to cherish the scenery and create many more memories with your family. Whether it's a family picnic, a guided group hike, bird watching, rock climbing or simply a calm walk listening to the sounds of nature, there are

many activities to explore at state parks. Check out the month's park programs run by knowledgeable state park staff and volunteers to see what may be of interest to you and your family. Discover different parks throughout the U.S. In the United States there are 6,792 state park areas comprising 18,694,570 acres. These parks offer 14,672 trails over 52,603 miles total length that's more than twice around the Earth at the equator! Whether you're exploring your local park or looking for a way to enjoy the outdoors while traveling, there's a state park nearby that is sure to bring the wonder of nature to your family. Every state park has different opportunities, from hiking, biking, and equestrian trails to swimming, marinas and ski slopes. The best way to get acquainted with a state park is to visit it and see for yourself. Wear comfortable shoes and consider packing a water bottle and protein bar for your hike and you'll be ready to enjoy nature to the fullest. Start 2020 with a First Day Hike and let this be the year you commit to getting outdoors and enjoying state parks. You'll feel a deeper connection with nature and your loved ones, all while making lifelong memories.

HAPP H APP Y N EW YEAR! YEA R! How exciting to have 2020 arrive. I predict this will be a great year for all of us. Let’s hope it comes to pass. Now that you have made it to the new year and 2020 to boot, we hope you will dedicate yourself to improving how you conduct your life. Make sure your neighbors know you’re there. Bring happiness into view. Help where you can. No longer shut yourself off from he world, your neighbors, your friends and especially your family members. Everyone can be a better person. Make it your goal to do just that. You will be so much better off for it. So lets look at what’s happening this month. January 1st goes without explantation. The Golden Globe awards are on the 5th. Any favorites? Winnie The Pooh Day was created to honor the designer of the character, A. A. Milne. Milne first wrote about Winnie the Pooh in 1926. The observance occurs every year on January 18th. Martin Luther King day falls on Monday January 20th. This is a national holiday and a time of celebration for his life. At whatever you do this month we hope you enjoy yourselves.

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January 2020

Who Are You Wearing? Short Suit circa 1940

Already itching to invest in a new suit for spring? The latest iterations swap your standard trousers for shorts instead, offering a sophisticated, yet temperature-friendly alternative heading into next summer. Whether your take leans more toward the Bermuda lengths of Givenchy or short shorts spotted at Michael Kors, one thing is for sure: You'll have ample room to show off your shoes.

Brandon Maxwell Spring

Outdoor Voices Florals for spring are a given, and while this year ushered in 3-D daisies, and painterly roses, it also embraced an outdoorsy alternative. Rainforest prints appeared throughout each city, at Marni and Versace in Milan, and complete with forest creatures at Burberry and Bottega Veneta. For those still committed to florals, Christopher Kane's field print is studded with poppies, but has greenery too. When you set out to shop, consider embracing a wilder side of nature this spring.

Burberry Spring


January 2020

Mud-sodden fairways, frozen greens harder than concrete, it’s small wonder that few golfers look forward to the winter golf season. But winter golf is certainly challenging, a diving thermometer doesn’t have to mean a rise in your scores. Get yourself a good pair of wet weather and winter playing gloves Keeping your hands dry and warm are crucial to enjoying your golf through the weekend. A wet weather glove is a mustbuy and will help you keep things under control when it rains. The wetter they get, the firmer they grip, helping you to keep a hold of both your clubs and the pars on your scorecard. Another must-have is a pair of winter gloves which you can wear whilst playing. Short game practice With cold air, frost-covered golf balls and wet ground, golf courses start to play a lot

longer once the winter kicks in. Par 4s that in summer needed only a fair drive and a flicked wedge now have you pulling out a 3-wood for your second shot and coming up short. With even your best strikes going nowhere, you’re likely to be scrambling a lot more for your pars. Getting your short game and wedge play on point will be the key to keep posting good scores. Invest in a good baselayer Keeping warm on the course is a must. A cold body is a stiff body and will cost you both distance and feel. Wrapping yourself up in a fat-suit of jumpers, however, is almost certain to limit your golf swing. The answer? A wafer-thin, heat-locking base layer. This game is meant to be played AND enjoyed. Be prepared for all seasons.


January 2020

The Trinidad Sour Some drinks just look strange on paper. If you’ve mixed even a single Manhattan, you’re familiar with the dark, potent powers of Angostura bitters. Most cocktails take a dash or two, but an entire ounce and a half? That’s what’s called for in this unusual—but oh-so tasty—drink from New York bartender Giuseppe Gonzalez. The orgeat and lemon balance the herbal intensity to give it a richness that carries through to the last sip. 1 1 2 oz Angostura bitters 1 oz Orgeat 3 4 oz Fresh lemon juice 1 2 oz Rye whiskey Add all the ingredients into a shaker with ice and shake for 30 seconds. Strain into a chilled glass.

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January 2020


January 2020

2020 Combo Associate Memberships ALL of 2020 for the low price of $299 or $29 per month* (Limited Combo Associate $199 year/$19 per month Includes Heron Ridge, VB National & Riverfront Golf Courses Call For Details (757)426-3800 8

January 2020

Dinner Good Enough to EAT! Not sure how to make it or what goes in it? No problem!

Ingredients Extra-virgin olive oil (for brushing) 2 lb. boneless beef chuck roast, cut into 1/4" cubes 3 small Yukon Gold potatoes, peeled, cut into 1/2" cubes 1 large onion, finely chopped 1 Tbsp. kosher salt 2 tsp. freshly ground black pepper 1 tsp. cumin seeds, lightly crushed 1 tsp. ground coriander 2 (14-oz.) packages puff pastry, preferably allbutter All-purpose flour (for dusting) 1 large egg

Remember you eat with your eyes first You should enjoy the food you eat.

Lightly brush a 12" cast-iron skillet with oil. Mix beef, potatoes, onion, salt, pepper, cumin, and coriander in a large bowl until just combined. Set aside until ready to use. Roll out 1 sheet of puff pastry on a lightly floured work surface to a 15" square. Roll dough loosely around rolling pin, then unfurl into prepared pan. Gently lift and settle dough into pan. Chill until ready to use. Flour a large piece of parchment and roll out remaining sheet of puff pastry to a 12" square. Chill until ready to use. Whisk egg and 1 Tbsp. water in a small bowl. Fill dough in pan with meat mixture. Brush edges of dough with egg wash; reserve any remaining egg wash. Place remaining dough over meat mixture, pressing edges of dough together. Trim, leaving a 1" overhang. Do not throw away any trimmed dough; you can use it to make leaf, polka dot, or stripe decorations on top of the pie. Fold dough about 1/2" over itself and crimp decoratively. Using the tip of a knife, cut 10–12 round vents about 1" in diameter on top of pie. If you cut out any shapes from your leftover trimmings, place them on top as well. Chill pie at least 1 hour and up to 2.

Here, Village News Shows you how.

Place a sheet tray on oven rack, then place rack on bottom third of oven; preheat to 375°F. Brush entire pie with reserved egg wash and place onto preheated sheet tray. Bake pie, turning halfway through, until meat is cooked through and crust is well browned, 70–80 minutes. Let cool 30–40 minutes before slicing.


January 2020

The Computer Mandate

Dear Village News Readers, Happy 2020 to you and your family. All of us hope this will be your best year ever... and it certainly could be with the right equipment. This month, I want to cover a subject we haven’t talked about for some time. Let’s say you get a box that appears on your scree and tells you that updates are needed for your 365 Outlook program. It says, “Click Here” to update. You think to yourself, this seems innocent to me. It’s coming from Microsoft. Nothing bad could come from that right? WRONG! This happened to our Editor, Peter Cousin recently. And yes said OK instead of calling me and asking the question... Hey David. Is this ok to click? I would have told him no. It’s not done that way and it’s probably a hack. Something not good for his computer. Later in the day when he went to check a name on his contact list, he noticed ALL his contacts were gone. Gone mind you. Not a single name, email or phone number. Nothing. Now in a panic, he went to his cell phone because his contacts were there. NOTHING. Not one

was left. He called me and asked what he should do. I asked if we were backing him up to Google or Outlook. Well it wasn’t Google. He told me to call GoDaddy where I was hosted. When the tech came on we discussed it and he asked me, “did you click on the update?” I told him yes. He sighed and said the person before me had done the same thing.” He said, are you missing all your contact? I said yes. He told me it was a shame but they are gone. Yes gone. It was time for a new cell phone so I went to Verizon. They were great and were able to recover about 50 names. David went through my external BACKUP and he found about 100 more. Yes I’m still missing some. Moral of the story? Don’t hit yes unless you know it’s OK. How? Call David Cando and ask him. It’s a tough thing to happen to you or anyone. I should have known better. I do now! David always say: We're always available to Village News readers for a quick analysis of your equipment. Just give us a call at 497-1620.

Remember our motto: David “Can-Do!”

Visit Your Hampton Roads Mercedes Dealership for a Test Drive TODAY! 10

January 2020


January 2020

Why not make a new year’s resolution where you get to know more about your home? It is after all one of the most, if not the most valuable asset you own. In this issue we will help you learn more about your home’s The McClung Family foundation and what may lead to its foundation problems. What Causes Foundation Problems? Foundation problems / damage can result from many different things, ranging from its original construction to mother nature. If you’ve experienced any of these causes of foundation problems / damage, make sure you call AMC911, the foundation repair expert on your side. The likely culprits of foundation issues: Snow Melt It’s winter….so snow can happen. This accumulated snow will melt resulting in wet soils around your home and yard. Thus resulting in possible water intrusion. If your f oundation has any cracks or leaks water will find its way into your home. Drought: When the moisture is removed from the soil, it shrinks pulling away from your foundation creating a gap which allows for foundation movement. If your foundation is not supported properly then it will shift into the space and cracks may appear. Type of Soil: The type of soil your home is built on makes a big difference in your foundation’s stability. Expansive soils, like clay soil, experience the most dramatic changes when there’s too much moisture. When there’s too much moisture, the clay soil expands causing the soil to push up on your foundation creating too much pressure and cracking it. Then when it dries out it will shrink then pull away and leave the foundation unsupported and cracking. Likewise, a rocky soil will also leave gaps where your foundation is unsupported as the rocks begin to settle into each other more over the years.

expand and push your foundation. Whether the leak is internal to the home or external from city lines. Water pressure is the same regardless and the soil will react leading to foundation damage. Poor Soil Preparation during Construction: Before building your home, the ground where your foundation is now located was excavated and prepared. If the soil was not properly prepared, compacted and backfilled well, then as your home weighs down on this soil, it will begin to settle causing your home’s foundation to not have proper support and suffer damage. Some settlement is expected and normal. But when you begin to see deep cracks, uneven floors, cannot close doors or windows properly, then you need to call an expert. Poor Drainage: Mother Nature, plumbing leaks, poor grading or can lead to poor drainage around your home’s foundation. This can in turn lead to hydrostatic pressure becomes that is too strong against your foundation, causing foundation damage. You can help some of this by keeping your gutters clear and pointing the downspouts away from your home. However, when that is not enough you will need more expansive solutions before the problem grows and you have more costly damage. Large Trees Next To Your Home: A large tree growing next to your home could be the source of some of your house settlement problems. If the roots extend under or next to your foundation as they grow they push on your foundation or the soil that supports your foundation. Conversely, if you cut down said tree, its roots will die and shrink causing soil gaps also leaving your foundation unsupported. Now that you know, what should you do? First and foremost, keep an eye on your home. Look for signs of foundation issues such as cracking on the brick, drywall, nail pops, uneven floors, doors or windows that stick. If you see any, call AMC911 and one of our experts on your side will be glad to perform a free inspection for you.

Call us today!


Rainy Weather: Rainy weather, hurricanes, and Nor’ easters can wreak havoc on your home’s foundation. Flooding and heavy rains can force soil to expand, pressing against your foundation and causing cracks. Plumbing Leaks: While a small leak may go unnoticed for a while. If that leak small or big is near your crawl space foundation, then that will cause the soil to 12

January 2020


Must present at time of estimate. Cannot be combined with any other offer, discount or financing. Expires 2/15/2020



January 2020

What's on your bucket list? A ride on the Orient Express? Rafting through the Grand Canyon? Following Marco Polo's Silk Road? How about a voyage on a legendary four-masted windjammer that is still sailed by hand, with a rich history and heritage that spans almost 90 years? If your fondest dreams are more about the journey than the destination, a trip on a historic sailing ship in the Caribbean may be just the adventure you're looking for. Finding an authentic sailing ship for your nautical adventure is not out of reach. Sea Cloud Cruises sail the traditional way - by hand. The Sea Cloud is designed for up to 64 passengers, with a crew of about 60. You can watch the ship's sailing crew climb the rigging and work the sails as you journey to smaller ports and unique destinations in a luxurious, intimate setting - and you can even volunteer to help work the ropes, if you like. A 360-foot windjammer with 29 sails and a main mast towering to 184 feet, the tall ship was built in 1931 as a private yacht for heiress and founder of General Foods Marjorie Merriweather Post and husband Edward F. Hutton. Shipboard guests included the rich and famous, such as author James Michener. The ship was restored in 2011 by a group of German businessmen seeking to retain the original opulence and beauty of the ship. Guests can enjoy collections of photos from past journeys for a peek into the ship's history, or peruse the ship's log for tales of voyagers who made vast fortunes. Every journey provides an "Open House" cocktail hour where guests can view all the staterooms, including the luxurious cabins created for the heiress and her husband. Other cabins have more modern furnishings, most with picture windows, and some with doors opening to Caribbean breezes on the Promenade Deck. Travelers enjoy impeccable personal service, with many crew members staying with the line far over 10 years, and some even more than 30 years. While the settings may be the ultimate in luxury, the onboard experience is informal, with no assigned seating at meals, a casual dress code and an intimate atmosphere. American and European guests mingle and relax while enjoying Michelin-star quality meals out on the deck or inside the gorgeous dining room, featuring 14

January 2020

fresh seafood and produce obtained during the voyage at Caribbean ports like St. Barts, the British Virgin Islands or Bequia Island in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The Caribbean has been Sea Cloud's destination since the beginning, so the long-lasting contacts between the company and local suppliers provide the best quality products for unforgettable meals. The smaller size of the ship allows her to visit lesser-known ports of call, far from typical tourist destinations. Often small Zodiac boats are used to let passengers visit quiet island beaches or indulge in a little snorkeling. The Caribbean offers ideal sailing due to the east-to-west prevailing trade winds, making it the perfect destination for the Sea Cloud yachts. On most of the 7- to 14-day Caribbean itineraries, half the day is spent sailing, allowing guests to enjoy the pure beauty of the sailing ship and revel in the journey. For those who love to sail, it's a dream come true. Passengers can visit the ship's deck any time, stopping at the bridge to speak to the captain or the officer on duty, 24/7. The engines only run when needed, such as for maneuvering, using low-sulfur diesel, so the entire trip is a great example of sustainable tourism. Travelers seeking a longer voyage can travel the crossing from Europe to the Caribbean, which is a two-and-a-half-week trip, and the adventure of a lifetime for the true sailor. The Sea Cloud spends summers sailing the Mediterranean, but winters are prime for some of the best sailing in the world - following in the wake of buccaneers throughout the islands of Lesser Antilles and other unique Caribbean destinations. The best way to truly appreciate the Caribbean is on an authentic sailing ship. A second ship, Sea Cloud II, is more modern but still sailed the traditional way, by hand, with 23 sails and a 188-foot main mast. The Sea Cloud II carries up to 94 guests, with a crew of about 65. The company will christen a third ship in summer 2020.

(The heat will be back sooner than you think)

Every summer, Virginia Beach cranks up the heat into the mid or high nineties. While a few brave souls endure the scorching heat, most of us retreat into offices and homes and the safety of our air conditioners. But what do you do when your air conditioner just can’t seem to reach the temperature you set on your thermostat? This happens every year. The heat rises. Our customers panic. We get lots of concerned phone calls and emails. Nearly every one of them wants one question answered: Why is the temperature in my house higher than the temperature on my thermostat? In short, the answer is don’t panic! Your A/C is designed to keep your house around 75 degrees on days that are 95 degrees and up. If you’re trying to get your house to 65 and it’s not working, don’t worry. You don’t need to get a repairman out right away necessarily. Despite how much these amazing machines can do, they do have limitations in extreme heat.

We had several calls today from people whose homes were up into the high 75-80 range, but the A/C was doing the best it could. As the temperature drops below 90 you indoor temps should fall but normally I tell customers not to expect more than a one degree fall per hour. My house is now 75 upstairs and should be at 74 by 9:00 which is where I leave both. It feels good at 74 because of the 42% humidity and today it ran enough to drive humidity down to 38% which makes the home feel crisp even at 76.” To which the customer replied: “Jeff, thanks for the info. I felt much better once I read your explanation. I think there needs to be something like that on your website and other places online to explain if people are seeing their temps higher than set not to freak out but to realize this is normal. It evened out overnight when the temps went down. Good job!” We hope this helps alleviate your concerns, but if you think there may be an actual problem, please call us and we can help answer any questions you may have!

There are steps you can take make it easier for your AC to cool your house, but in general, seeing your AC “struggle” to reach your desired temperature is to be expected at these temperatures.

For more information about your heating system or to find out about the MSCO services, visit them online at www.MSCO.PRO or call them to arrange a visit to assess your system at: 757-427-0016

To give you an example, here’s a message from our General Manager of Mechanical Service Company (MSCO), Jeff Marl to a concerned customer:

Mechanical Service Company, Inc. 805 Seahawk Circle, Virginia Beach. Serving the Southside of Hampton Roads for more than 60 years!

“It was 102 on the thermometer on my shed porch earlier today. It’s 97 in my backyard right now. My house is maintaining 74 downstairs and 76 upstairs which is incredible for a day like this. Design of AC units is to maintain 75 when it’s 95 outside. The fact that you have areas maintaining 71 (instead of 65) tells me it is working perfectly. I can arrange a service call, but I believe your system is operating correctly. It just has some limitations on particularly hot days. Because it’s not this hot normally, people can forget that. I truly believe your system is working very well based on your numbers.


January 2020


January 2020

By Pam Monahan

The Tundra Swan One of the prettiest You can often find Winter visitors we have in our area is the Tundra Swan, also known as the “Whistling Swan.” Tundra Swans are very large waterfowl with heavy bodies and long necks. The adult swans are all white. The bill is mostly black and usually has a yellow spot at the base. The legs and feet are black. Immature birds are gray-tinged on the wings, head, and neck. They migrate down here from their breeding grounds in the Arctic tundra, thousands of miles. Tundra Swans form life-long pairs that remain together year round. Migrating flocks (of up to 100 or more) are made up of family groups, a scientific fact that I find very appealing. Tundra Swans can take off easily from land or water and fly with their necks extended straight out and their black legs trailing behind. I have seen these bird families many times at Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge in VA Beach and at Mackay Island National Wildlife Refuge, just over the Virginia line in Knotts Island, NC. The thrill of seeing them never gets old. It is a true sign of Winter for me.

them mainly on shallow lakes, wide slow-moving rivers, and coastal estuaries, especially those with agricultural fields nearby. They migrate as far South as South Carolina. Destruction of southern wetlands has reduced its former food sources in wintering areas, but it has adapted by shifting its habits to feeding on waste products in agricultural fields, such as corn, soybeans, and rice. They also feed on growing winter crops such as winter wheat, rye and barley. In the Chesapeake Bay Tundra Swans use their bills and feet to root up clams from the muddy bottom. When feeding on the water Tundra Swans “tip up” like dabbling ducks to reach submerged vegetation. It’s quite comical watching a bird this size do that! So, when you are out and about and you hear some “whistling,“ look up! It just might be a family unit of Tundra Swans!


January 2020


January 2020


s trends transition in and out of style, an understanding of what takes a space beyond temporary can help achieve a truly timeless design. Whether it's blending the past with the present for a new take on traditional, or selecting decor and furnishings with a quiet, yet self-assured air, certain elements will establish endurance and ensure an aesthetic that is - and always will remain - relevant. Enduring interiors Curate a space that will withstand the test of time by opting for clean lines and even proportions to create an unobtrusive look that will remain effortlessly in style. For a sense of depth and character, consider textured wallpaper, or an authentic rosewood coffee table that will develop a natural patina over time. To further establish staying power, select a complementary neutral palette of soft gray or sandy beige, then accent the clean canvas with quintessential jewel tones for stately elegance. Classic cues Invite the past to the present, blending influences from the Edwardian Era and sensibilities from the Machine Age for timeless appeal. Incorporate a modern revival of classic forms with the Invari Bath Collection by Brizo. Subtle design elements display intricate craftsmanship in every graceful nuance, from hand-assembled linchpin joints to finely ridged coining for an artisanal touch. Finishing details, such as black crystal knob handles, elevate the overall look, bringing adornment into a space without excess. Quiet confidence A sense of poise and purpose helps to achieve an ageless aesthetic. Select perfectly scaled furnishings that enhance the design, while also serving an intentional role. Opt for fewer, more distinguished elements that can easily transform to changing tastes. Consider a stately stone fireplace to ground the space, or tasteful, yet surprising elements, such as lacquered cherry wood walls or scalloped wainscoting. For an overall cultivated tone, add worldly accents such as a decorative sculpture to create a visually striking and self-assured focal point, then position dramatic uplighting, giving it an almost regal air. Outlasting elements Take time to curate a space without granting trends too much influence, whether it be a patient search for an antique mirror or a large-scale painting that boasts modern, yet classic styles for a transitional effect. Make design decisions that lend versatility across aesthetics, from built-in, vaulted bookshelves in the living room, to lustrous tile flooring in the bath space for a clean, polished look. Where possible, maintain a sense of forethought and incorporate decor that is easily adaptable. Elements such as elegant pendant lighting or lush linens can be updated easily to fit current trends, carrying the space seamlessly through time. 19

January 2020


January 2020

Mother Nature inspires 'new neutral' home design trends Many interior designers gravitate toward grays or whites as a starting point when building a home's look and feel, but a new trend is emerging. Homeowners are getting back to basics and finding ways to bring the outdoors in by using neutral earth tones as their blank slate. These wood tones have become the "new neutral" for those beginning their brand-new home design. No matter your style - modern, eclectic or anything in between - the toned-down hues of natural-looking wood surfaces are the perfect starting point for building a satile, relaxing and high-end look in your home. It's all natural: Finding inspiration from nature can create a more calming retreat in our hectic, constantly connected lives. Start with a neutral and natural palette in the home as the first step to designing your oasis. Incorporating colors found in nature can act as a reminder to disconnect and recharge in your home. Stay grounded: Include a variety of textures from the ground up to transform your space and make it unique. From flooring to décor, finding ways to pull in elements from Mother Nature will turn your home into your haven. Bring out your home's natural beauty with flooring like Lumber Liquidators' Claire Gardens Oak hardwood, which features an organic oak grain where no two boards look the same. The textured grains pair beautifully with greenery (faux or natural), and the neutral color complements a variety of earthy paint palettes.

deciding to bring nature into your home - whether on the floor or on the walls, as an accent or as a headboard. Featuring a variety of wood elements in the décor itself can also allow you to play with mixing different grains, colors and textures throughout the home while still maintaining a seamless overall design. Light and airy: To make small spaces feel more open, be sure to accentuate natural light by incorporating mirrors. Try and keep your space clear of clutter and add natural foliage and plants to improve air quality and mood. Installing long, wide planks of flooring will also make your room feel larger. Branch out:Starting with a neutral, earthy color palette means you have plenty of room to play with color - be it bold, muted or a reflection of the world around you. Include colorful accent pieces that remind you of the perfect fall foliage, a day at the beach or spring's first blooms. Natural inspiration provides a world of possibilities.

Woodland oasis: Wood is the perfect element when

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in January?

The Capricorn mom is the rock of her clan, the force that holds everything together through thick and thin You’re the zodiac’s provider, and you’ll do whatever it takes to ensure that your family has financial security and a roof over their heads. It was Capricorn Donna Summer who sang “She Works Hard for the Money,” and that’s certainly true for you. With your solid work ethic, you might even be the family breadwinner. Capricorn rules the zodiac’s tenth house of career and fatherhood, and you could play more of the stereotypical daddy role, setting rules and upholding structure. 22

January 2020

Profile for Peter Cousin

Village News Magazine January 2020  

Welcome to the January 2020 edition of Village News Magazine. We hope you enjoy this month's read!

Village News Magazine January 2020  

Welcome to the January 2020 edition of Village News Magazine. We hope you enjoy this month's read!