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Home bartending: Your guide to the perfect drink for the holidays When Stacie Grissom of Garden Cocktails has 3. Garnish your drinks: Incorporating herbs, folks over to her apartment, she makes sure to edible flowers and fresh produce into your drinks offer guests presents the something to opportunity to drink before incorporate Home for the Holidays they can even personality get through the and additional door. She built smells into the her brand on whole the notion that experience. anyone can Think about make gorgeous using and tasty lavender, alcoholic and basil, colorful non-alcoholic flowers and drinks right at more to top off home, whether your drink. it's while entertaining or 4. Master just relaxing. your syrup Below, you'll game: Many find some tips classic and tricks she has curated to help make anyone's cocktails and mocktails call for every mixologist's home bartending experience a little more seamsecret weapon, simple syrup. Rather than go down less. the store-bought route, consider crafting your own! With a simple mix of water, sugar and a lit1. Educate yourself: Consider a beginner's tle elbow grease on the stove, you can crank out course in bartending, read articles online or even your own syrups with ease. One way to up your watch some YouTube videos. These materials are game even more is to add seasonal herbs, spices, intended to give you the basic knowledge of veggies or fruits to your syrup. To take the guessvarious tools, lingo and more to help you find your ing out of measuring, LG's InstaView Refrigerator way around your home bar, as well as equip you features an automatic water with the confidence to serve! dispenser that serves the exact desired amount (4, 8, 15 or 32 ounces) of fresh, filtered water. 2. Ice really does make a difference: One of the simplest ways to elevate a drink is to use the 5. Presentation is key: Certain types of drinks right ice. Not only do the large, clear ice spheres are meant to be enjoyed from specific forms of look beautiful, they melt slowly to help keep glassware. Consider expanding your collection to drinks chilled longer without diluting - whether ensure you're serving in proper form. For it's iced coffee or scotch. LG's InstaView is the example, a Moscow Mule must be served in a only refrigerator that automatically makes large copper mug or a spritzer in a Collins glass. "My faslow-melting spherical Craft Ice, measuring two vorite drinking vessels are the collection of eclectic inches in diameter, and can store 25 at a time in tiki mugs that I've made in the pottery studio over the freezer drawer, helping you eliminate the the years," Grissom said. hassle of manually filling and freezing ice molds. Plus, it still has crushed and cubed ice in the door for the ultimate in convenience.

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Welcome to the December “Holiday� edition of Village News Magazine. December is a wonderful month including the holidays, the last month of the year and lots of hope for the future.

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The 4th of December is National Cookie Day. The 7th is Pear Harbor Remembrance Day. Have you been to the USS Arizona in Hawaii. We visited on a trip a few years ago. It is a very emotional feeling to stand on the platform which sits on the ship.

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The 22nd is the start of Hanukkah. Chanukah is an eight day Jewish festival, also known as the festival of lights. Happy Hanukkah to all our Jewish friends.

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The 25th is Christmas. Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. For modern Christians it also starts a 12-day Christmas season that begins on December 25th and ends on January 5th.

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Whatever you do this holiday season, we hope you and your family enjoy the time of year and all it has to offer.

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December 2019

Who Are You Wearing? Ushering in a new season doesn’t call for a total wardrobe overhaul. But it is the perfect time to reassess.

ATM T-shirt, Dior skirt, Dior belt, Alexander McQueen boots, Celine sunglasses

circa 1940

We’ve come a long way!

Maybe all superheroes do wear capes. Runways from Miu Miu to Celine championed the return of the cape for winter..

Givenchy blazer, Givenchy pants, Givenchy belt, Celine bag, Fabrizio Viti boots

Miu Miu cape, Miu Miu top, Miu Miu shorts, Miu Miu boots, Victoria’s Secret bra

Somewhere between schoolgirl uniforms, classic Scottish tartans, and ’90s grunge lies the current version of the plaid trend. A good tartan benefits from a little polish mixed with some edge.


December 2019

Winter Golf Tip #1 -Walk don't drive. Don't use a cart in winter, you will get cold and your swing will suffer. Walk to stay warm. Winter Golf Tip #2 – Warm hands Ways to keep your hands warm Velcro or otherwise attach mits to your trolly so you can put your hands straight in as you push. Become Tommy Two Gloves for the winter. US PGA Tour player Tommy Gainey always wares a glove on each hand regardless of the weather. Winter gloves have improved considerably in recent years, I use a pair of Forgan winter gloves and find I still have good feel. Carry some hand warmers in your pocket. Winter Golf Tip #3 - Warm balls Cold golf balls don't fly as far as warm balls. Warm 2 balls on a radiator before you leave for the course. Keep them in your pocket until needed. Use each ball

on alternate holes, keeping the other in your pocket to keep them as warm as possible. As long as you do not artificially heat the balls during the round you are within the rules. Winter Golf Tip #4 – Know your winter club distances. Check your club distances now in readiness for winter - go to the practice ground and use the practice feature on your golf GPS to accurately measure your distances for each club. You will find your distances are significantly less in cold winter weather and little ground run. Winter Golf Tip #5 - Use the winter green function for accurate winter green distances Until now, it was difficult to judge distances accurately to winter greens. A laser rangefinder was the only really easy and accurate method and even that failed on blind holes. Lots of the GPS devices now offer a winter green facility.

24882488 North Landing Road, Suite 107


December 2019


December 2019

Stay Healthy During the Holidays Holiday travel, endless parties and hours waiting in long shopping lines can take a toll on your health. As the season ramps up, it's a great time to take some steps to support your immune system for extra protection. These common-sense health tips can go a long way toward keeping yourself healthy this holiday season. Wash (and watch) your hands Something as simple as hand-washing is one of the most effective ways to stop the spread of germs. Hands - especially when they are used to muffle a sneeze or a cough - can spread germs to people and things. A good wash requires at least twenty seconds of vigorous rubbing, using soap and warm water. If you can't get to a sink, a backup is hand sanitizer with alcohol in it. It's also best to keep your hands away from your eyes, nose and mouth.

Add supplements to your routine For an extra level of protection year-round, supplement your diet with a personalized vitamin regimen.

Emphasize healthy habits Drink plenty of water and get your sleep and exercise. Studies show that all of these activities help prevent our bodies from getting run down. And when you're run down, you are more susceptible to illness. Make time to: * Stay hydrated by drinking six to eight glasses of fluid - preferably water - daily. * Getting enough sleep is crucial to a healthy body and immune system. For most adults, eight hours of sleep is considered the norm. You'll need all the rest you can get in between ugly sweater parties. * Exercise regularly. Pop into that new spin studio, stream a yoga workout from your living room or take a brisk walk. Research shows a link between moderate, regular exercise and a strong immune system.

"Most people don't eat right 100 percent of the time, which makes it hard to get the nutrition they need. Supplementation can help you fill those nutrient gaps," said Kerry Grann, principal research scientist, Amway Research & Development. Nutrilite developed individual MyPack supplement packets to provide the optimal blend of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. They offer a personalized, simple and convenient experience to help you fill nutrient gaps with men's and women's packs or address specific needs, such as immunity, focus and energy. The Immunity Pack is especially helpful this time of year. Use these tips to help you stay healthy this season so you can enjoy the holidays - and try making it a New Year's resolution to keep these healthy habits all year. 7V

December 2019

The Muddled Pine Cocktail Ingredients in The Muddled Pine Cocktail dash Angostura bitters 1 oz Fresh lemon juice 1 2 oz Pine syrup * 15 Fresh cranberries 1 oz Gin or vodka How to make The Muddled Pine Cocktail Add the bitters, lemon juice, pine syrup and cranberries to a shaker, and muddle the cranberries. Add the gin or vodka (optional) and ice, and shake until chilled. Strain into a rocks glass over ice, and top with the lemon-lime soda. Garnish with 3 cranberries and a sprig of pine. *Pine syrup: Bring 1 cup of water and 1 cup of sugar to a boil until dissolved. Reduce heat to low, and add a handful of chopped pine needles. Stir and remove from heat, and let sit for 2 hours. Strain and refrigerate.


December 2019

Dinner & Dessert Good Enough to EAT! Prepare compound butter by bringing butter to room temperature. Mix desired amount of butter together with tarragon or basil and cracked pepper; 1 Tablespoon herbs per 1/4 cup of butter. Lay a piece of plastic wrap on a flat surface and shape mixture into a log shape. Wrap and refrigerate until ready to use. Preheat grill to medium. Split the top of the lobster shell lengthwise with kitchen scissors. With a towel in your hand, place lobster on towel and squeeze shell until it pops open. Lift the meat out of the shell, while still leaving it attached. Close the shell and let the meat rest on top of the shell. Lift meat with a knife, score the underside three times to prevent curling. Baste with melted butter and lemon juice.

Remember you eat with your eyes first You should enjoy the food you eat.

Place lobster on grill. Cook for 8-10 minutes, until a meat thermometer reaches 150° F. To serve, place the whole lobster tail on a plate with a slice of compound butter on top.

4 tablespoons butter, melted 1 generous cup raspberries, plus more for serving 3 tablespoons sugar Two 6-ounce containers raspberry yogurt One 3.4-ounce package instant vanilla pudding mix 1 cup heavy cream Whipped cream, for serving Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. To make the crust, crush the cookies in a food processor (or smash in a ziptop bag with a rolling pin). Stir in the melted butter until combined. Pour into a regular pie pan and press the crumbs all over the pan and up the sides. Bake just long enough for it to set, 3 to 4 minutes. Let cool completely. Put the raspberries on a plate or in an empty pan. Smash them with a fork, then sprinkle on the sugar. Stir together and allow to sit for 15 minutes. In the bowl of an electric mixer, combine the raspberry yogurt with the instant vanilla pudding mix (just the powder itself). Beat on low until combined, about 1 minute. Pour in the heavy cream and whip on low for 30 seconds. Stop the mixer and scrape down the bowl with a rubber spatula. Turn the mixer on medium-high speed and beat until thick, about 2 minutes. Turn off the mixer, then fold in the raspberries until just combined. Pour into the cooled crust and spread evenly. Freeze until very firm, about 2 hours. Cut into slices and top each slice with cookie crumbs, dollops of whipped cream and extra raspberries. 9

Here, Village News Shows you how.

December 2019


December 2019

By Pam Monahan

My Christmas Goose


y Christmas Goose was delivered early. One morning in November, even before Thanksgiving, I was looking out into my extended backyard. My property backs up to the Signature at West Neck golf course,

with black wingtips but has a shorter neck and stubbier bill. These gregarious waterfowl can form huge flocks on their own, and smaller numbers also join enormous flocks of Snow Geese. Both species breed in the high arctic tundra and fly thousands of miles round trip during migration. All my past experiences have been observing them with Snow Geese mixed with Canada Geese.

There was a large flock of Canada Geese grazing on the fairway. And there was a smaller, very white goose with them! I assumed the odd one was a Snow Goose. This is a species I am quite familiar with as I have seen them also on the golf course as well as various farm fields in Pungo and Creeds during Winter. They come in flocks numbering in the thousands; it is quite the spectacle! But, I went out onto the course with my camera to check it out.

A Ross’s Goose can often be picked out of a large flock of Snow Geese by its immaculate white head, lacking the yellow staining of Snow Geese that have been rooting deeply for tubers in marshes. Ross’s Geese tend to forage more on plants at the surface.

As I approached, I noticed immediately that the goose was quite small; larger than a Mallard Duck but definitely smaller than the Canada Geese it was foraging with. Oh my gosh!! It was a Ross’s Goose!

I was thrilled and giddy with excitement at this rare sight! I actually sat down on the golf course to watch, and take some pictures, of course. I was there for over two hours. Worth the effort to be with my Christmas Goose!

A Ross’s Goose is a diminutive version of the Snow Goose. Ross’s Goose is also white


December 2019

Living in the Hampton Roads area means living through the changing of the seasons. Having four seasons also means dealing with severe temperature swings from blazing hot to freezing cold. Humans have the ability to dress and prepare for these changes. Buildings and permanent structures do not. Your house is built with a foundation buried underground in soils that are porous, like a sponge. Different types of soils expand and contract at different rates when water is in them. In the summer, dry weather can result in soil shrinkage. In the winter, water trapped in the soil can freeze. Water expands when it freezes so the soil also expands. These constant cycles of expanding and contracting are the reason foundations fail. Freezing Ground: In this area, soil is going to retain moisture during most of the seasons. During the winter, it gets cold at night and the ground freezes. The soil around your house freezes. As the ground freezes the expanding water pushes upward, resulting in what is called frost heave. This condition is usually seen on sidewalks, driveways and patios first. As time goes on, this up and down motion can create cracks or settling. These affected areas then need to be lifted to become level again. But soil doesn’t always lift upward. If confined, it will also expand side to side, putting pressure on the foundation. This is the case weather you have a high or low crawl space, or even a basement. No home is exempt from this scenario. Foundation Issues: As you can imagine, years or decades of soil expanding into a foundation will have an impact on the structural integrity of the concrete or cinder block. In concrete walls, cracks form as the wall is pushed beyond its limits. Water then enters the home if the crack is wide enough. Now the small crack is working on becoming a larger crack. Crack repairs need to be done correctly by injecting them with polyurethane. This prevents water from entering the crack altogether.

block wall is made. Block walls are made by stacking hollow blocks on top of one another with cement or mortar in between them. While they hold up very well to pressure applied The McClung Family from the top pushing down, the weight of the house structure, they are not very strong laterally. The most common issue is tipping where the top courses start to bulge inward, or simply begin to crumble. A line is commonly seen at this joint indicating the shift. If allowed to continue it can get worse and require bracing, straightening, or worse yet new footings/foundation to be re-built. What can I do? Once your foundation has damage, it needs to be repaired. Cracks need to be properly fixed but it takes a trained eye to see the story the foundation is telling. To help keep this damage from happening, preventative steps can be made to help your foundation. Water management is key to a foundation’s health. Moving downspout water away from the foundation by using underground water extensions, French drains. Take a close look at the grade around your house. Are there areas of ponding water than can be re-graded to direct water away? Can yard drainage be installed to help move water to a better location? If you would like one of our foundation and water management experts evaluate your home, schedule an appointment online or give us a call to set up a free estimate.

Call us today!


Another common problem is when pipes are drilled through the wall to get to an addition, lamp post or garage. Freezing ground is working on these pipes, up and down, weakening them until they fail to seal at the wall or even allowing water to enter the pipe. Foundations made from cement block are actually more at risk from damage by frost. To understand why, you have to look at the way a cement, or cinder,

AMC911.COM 12

December 2019

Must present at time of estimate. Cannot be combined with any other offer, discount or financing. Expires 1/15/2020



December 2019

Happy Holidays from the staff at Village News Magazine and our Contributing Editors. We wish you and your family all the best during this & every season.

2020 Combo Associate Memberships ALL of 2020 for the low price of $299 or $29 per month* (Limited Combo Associate $199 year/$19 per month Includes Heron Ridge, VB National & Riverfront Golf Courses Call For Details (757)426-3800 14

Decemberr 2019

The Computer Mandate www.ExecTechVA.net

Dear Village News Readers,

appointment to have me come by and get you setup correctly the first time you use it.

Congratulations. We’ve made it to gift giving time once again. Are you looking for a new computer by chance? I love reading the boxes where they say plug and play. That is so far from the truth.

No new computer? That’s okay. Let me get into your current unit, clean it inside and out, check all your protections and get you off to a new year of great work.

All the information you have stored on your current computer needs to be sent either to the CLOUD or an external hard drive like we’ve been talking about for years.

If you didn’t know, we’ve kept the Editor of this magazine’s computers working at optimum performance for years. We can do the same for you and your family. All you need to do is give us a phone call.

You also need to protect the computer with virus protection. The ones they sent with your unit are weak at best. I can put the right protection on before you get started.

In the meantime, from all of us at Executive Technology, thank you for a wonderful year and happy holidays to you and yours.

Also now that you have Windows 10 and the new Microsoft office suite, you will want it to operate the way it was intended. Sometimes that can be a little tricky. So in short, if you received or bought yourself a new computer for the holidays great. Call me to setup an

David always say: We're always available to Village News readers for a quick analysis of your equipment. Just give us a call at 497-1620. Remember our motto: David “Can-Do!”

Visit Your Hampton Roads Mercedes Dealership for a Test Drive TODAY! 15

December 2019


There is Outdoor Ice Skating available on the Southside and Peninsula in Hampton Roads this winter. Here is the 2019/20 information for MacArthur on Ice in Norfolk, Liberty Ice Pavilion in Williamsburg, and NEW this year, VB Ice in Virginia Beach!!

NORFOLK: MacArthur Center on Ice When: Saturday, November 17, 2018 Monday, January 21, 2019 Where: Just outside of MacArthur Center Mall in Norfolk - at the corner of Monticello Avenue and Freemason Street What: Outdoor ice skating is now in its 14th year at MacArthur Center in Norfolk. The rink is open for skating, birthday parties, and special events. Those new to the ice or feeling a bit rusty can sign up for private lessons or get a helping hand from skate guards on-site. For the little ones there is a Kiddie Rink where they can test out their skills. Cost: Admission is $7 for skating and skate rental is $8 per person (you can also bring your own skates). There is a Military Discount of $1 off the admission price for military personnel and their family members (must show valid military ID to receive discount). A season pass is available for $199. VIRGINIA BEACH: VB Ice at the VB Farmers Market When: Saturday, November 17, 2018 through Sunday, January 6, 2019. Mondays – Thursdays: 4pm – 10pm. Fridays: 4pm - 11pm. Saturdays: 10am – 11pm. Sundays: 12pm – 8pm. School Break Weekdays 10am – 11pm. Where: The Virginia Beach Farmers Market 3640 Dam Neck Rd, Virginia Beach VA What: WELCOME WINTER with VB ICE. For the first time, Virginia Beach is ringing in the holiday season with its very own ice-skating rink made of real ice! Opening on Saturday, November 17 at 10am. All are welcome to skate on the only outdoor ice rink in Virginia Beach! Cost: $15 per person includes Skate Rental. $7 per person/with your own skates. $5 Military Admission/per person plus $8 Skate Rental. Group and private rink rentals available. WILLIAMSBURG: Liberty Ice Pavilion at Colonial Williamsburg When: Friday, November 16, 2018 - Monday, February 18, 2018 Where: Duke of Gloucester Street, Williamsburg, VA What: Join us at Liberty’s Ice Pavilion sponsored by Dominion Energy for a family-friendly activity this holiday season: ice skating! Experience the sights, sounds, and smells of the season with a few turns on our real ice rink, or sip on a cup of American Heritage Hot Chocolate or Chowning’s hot cider as you cheer on the skaters. Holiday-themed music, including some live performances from local choirs and music ensembles, make for an unforgettable experience. Cost: Admission is $12 for adults, ages 3-12 $10, and children under 3 are free with skate rental. Skate rental is $4.21. Season passes are also available for $85 youth (ages 3-12) and $100 adult.

Ice Sakating in Hampton Roads? Yeah you’re covered! 16

December 2019


December 2019


December 2019


December 2019

Why You Should Have Your Furnace Inspected Every Year Why have my heat exchanger checked? Homeowners should check their furnace every year to verify it is operating properly, that all the safeties are working, and to look for cracks in the heat exchanger that can cause serious illness or even death.

that can cause severe eye or sinus irritation, headaches, sleepiness, flu-like symptoms, disorientation, and in some cases may cause death.

Most heat exchangers are warrantied for between 10 – 20 years or longer. That does not mean you shouldn’t worry about checking them because a lot depends on proper maintenance, design, and installation. We have replaced heat exchangers in as little as two or three years in extreme conditions where there was a problem and no maintenance done. We strongly recommend that all customers have their furnaces checked and serviced at least once a year in the fall, or their complete heating and cooling system checked and serviced every six months in both heating and cooling.

There are several reasons heat exchangers fail, the most common one being improper airflow. This can be caused by dirty filters restricting airflow, too many room vents being closed, undersized ductwork, clogged air conditioning coils, or if the furnace was oversized during installation causing the furnace to constantly overheat. Another issue could be your flue piping. Clogged, blocked, dirty, inadequate, or undersized flue venting will force your furnace to run at a higher temperature than designed and can cause early failure. If a heat exchanger has developed a crack there is the potential of toxic flue gases such as sulfur dioxide or carbon monoxide being released into the home. This is a serious health issue


December 2019

427-0016 MSCO.PRO

Vintage clothing, while beautiful and unique, can be tricky to take care of. No one knows how to properly take care of these delicate items better than luxury vintage clothing retailer, What Goes Around Comes Around. Below you will find simple ways their team keeps clothing in the top condition that it deserves: 1. Wear layers: With packed schedules and hectic work days, you often end up wearing the same thing from the office to your evening plans. To ensure garments stay fresh and odorless during those long days (and nights!), try layering your vintage pieces over camis and slips. 2. Try gentle steaming: Should you need to do a quick outfit change during the day, try

this: instead of spending hours steaming your clothes or racking up the dry-cleaning bills, consider LG Styler - an at-home steam closet that reduces light wrinkles and odors, and sanitizes fabric items in 20 minutes with the gentle power of steam - no chemicals! 3. Line your pockets: An industry-insider tip is to keep dryer sheets inside the pockets of your vintage jackets, denim and pants. This will keep your clothes smelling fresh throughout your busy day. 4. Read the labels: Always pay attention to the care instructions of your clothing. Many delicates call for drycleaning or hand-wash only - especially cherished vintage denim, which should be kept chemical free, and rarely (if ever) washed. LG Styler is a great option to care for these garments that you don't want to risk drycleaning or washing on your own. This system is gentle on clothes and chemical-free to ensure your items won't tarnish. 5. Store neatly: Store handbags and shoes in dust bags, fold sweaters neatly on a shelf or in a drawer and bring lesser worn items out to refresh every few months.

Were you born

in December?

Between retrogrades, eclipses, and lots of once-in-a-lifetime cosmic motions, the past few years have been intense. And, although you should expect a healthy dose of drama in 2019, the next 12 months will also help you figure out exactly how to move forward. In fact, this year will serve as a transition between the difficult lessons that started in 2016 and the culmination that cosmic events will trigger in 2020. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should take a nap all throughout 2019: the profound cosmic events that happen this year will be sure to usher extraordinary transformation, both on a personal and societal level. 22

December 2019

Profile for Peter Cousin

Village News Magazine December Holiday Edition 2019  

Welcome to the December Holiday Edition of Village News Magazine for 2019. We hope you enjoy this month's read!

Village News Magazine December Holiday Edition 2019  

Welcome to the December Holiday Edition of Village News Magazine for 2019. We hope you enjoy this month's read!