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Hiring a CakePHP developer- Things you should know about it first

CakePHP is one of the most used open source MVC frameworks nowadays. A major proportion of website development services never fails to showcase their proficiency with this trending web development framework to their clients. It is a fact that website development, website deployment, and website maintenance becomes much easier with it as compared to other PHP frameworks and Core PHP itself. Let’s get to know something interesting about this Open Source MVC framework. So that next time when your website development company mentions CakePHP, you don’t just nod your head in agreement but also have some clear information of what they are going to do actually. How CakePHP makes website development smoother? CakePHP in-house a number of libraries that reduce the burden from most of the tasks in any PHP based website development services. Here are some benefits of using the CakePHP: Open Source: CakePHP is an Open source framework. You can download it from GitHub. MVC Framework Templating Engine Caching Operations

Search Engine Friendly URLs Easy CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) Database Interactions. Libraries and Helpers Built-in Validation Localization Email, Cookie, Security, Session, and Request Handling Components View Helpers for AJAX, JavaScript, HTML Forms and More Understanding in detailsThe MVC pattern of CakePHPThe MVC pattern enables the support of data handling and model class can help in inserting, updating, deleting or reading the data from the database. With view, the website development services using CakePHP render the data on the screen, while the controller acts as the processor that responds to the events. It can also modify data before interacting with the database model. With this abilities, it becomes very easy for the website development company to separate the logic from the presentation and develop large-scale websites and applications with CakePHP. Built-in ValidationWith CakePHP the built-in validations are very fundamental. However, you can include multiple advanced validations rules to a single field and it’s a useful feature that makes the work very easy. Ajax is something very important hereThe CakePHP includes the Ajax helper class in its core library which can be used in multiple ways. Website developers can utilize it in submitting the forms through Ajax, Event observer and build in autocomplete. It makes the task of validation even easier. Easy CRUD Database InteractionsCRUD means Create, Read, Update, and Delete- the basic requirement in any website development framework. This is a useful feature which is utilized by the developers to see the preliminary view of the application with a single line of code.

Hire a CakePHP developer for your website development project

Hiring a CakePHP developer is not a tough task if you look for certain standards. These are typical standards that every website development company follows. Company Back GroundCompany’s portfolio will tell you a lot about their efficiency in completing your project at right time with right resources. The credentials of the developers they recruit for Web development projects and their expertise in the field can tell you a lot. Any developer working on your CakePHP project should have at least an experience of 2 years. It’s not a necessary condition, but it is also making sure that the developers are capable of handling the ups and down of the project and know your application from upside down. Coding standardsThe CakePHP framework follows certain coding standards and syntax that are well known by every CakePHP developer who has an experience with such projects. The familiarity of the developer with these coding standards will make sure that the project does not end in a dead end and gets completed on time. Knowledge of all the assisting technologiesCakePHP is not a stand-alone technology to develop your whole website. It is a framework based on several other technologies. The skills that you should look for in the CakePHP development company should necessarily consist a panel of experts from Core PHP, Ajax, Jquery, Bootstrap, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

Hiring the correct developer for your CakePHP development will ensure the best output in design and development. Velocity could be a door for you if you are thinking about a CakePHP project. It in-house the experienced CakePHP developers who have already worked on several projects and has the experience in delivering the projects on time.

Hiring a CakePHP developer- Things you should know about it first  

A website development project with CakePHP is a big thing. You should know about CakePHP first if you want to hire a perfect CakePHP develop...

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