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Teesside University has been short-listed for the prestigious award of Entrepreneurial University of the Year. The Times Higher Education (THE) Awards has chosen Teesside to be one of six finalists. The award recognises universities who have created an entrepreneurial culture and environment. Karen Race, Deputy Director of Academic Enterprise at the university said: “Teesside does a lot of work with both students and staff who are interested in becoming entrepreneurs. “Our mission is to support the university and businesses which are set up by staff and students. “If the university wins this award it would be great for both staff and student morale. It will also help to promote the university and get

recognition for the entrepreneurial element of Teesside.” Teesside won Employer Engagement Initiative and University of the Year in 2009 and was the first and only modern university to win the award. Student-led society Teesside Entrepreneurs has 15 regular members and they play a big role in boosting the university’s entrepreneurial status. Vice Chairman of Teesside Entrepreneurs, Jordan Atkinson, said: “We are here to try and give members the chance to learn new skills and put them to practice. “These are skills which students wouldn’t normally gain on their degree route and is something that can help them in any work place. “We’re hoping as a society to get as many people involved in entrepreneurship as we can and to try and make people realise it’s actually

fun and enjoyable.” The team have their own business, Tees-Shirts, which they design and merchandise themselves. Last year Teesside Entrepreneurs also won £3000 from the NACUE (National Association for College and University Entrepreneurs) Innovation fund which the university matched, giving a total of £6,000 to spend on developing the t-shirt business. Andy Price, Head of Enterprise Development and Principle Lecturer for Entrepreneurial Journalism, said: “If the university was to win the award it would be a great testament to the work done here. “Entrepreneurship happens in every part of the university and it would be great if we could get some recognition.” The winner will be announced at the Times Higher Education (THE) Awards ceremony in November.

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Lewis Smith: last month’s winner with his prize


Dare to bare With men becoming increasingly more feminine, crying at sad movies and the growing obsession with showing their sensitive side, is manscaping a step too far?

Would you dare to bare? A new survey carried out by Braun shows that over 70% of men admit to trimming their body hair. With stars such as Daniel Craig and David Beckham parading their handiwork, is there a newly found emphasis to ditch the fuzz, or is there more to the story than just personal vanity? Sterotypes of the typical man are eating steak, drinking beer, watching sports and drooling over women. Where does manscaping fit in? Does a smooth chest have the ultimate “swoon effect” on women? This survey found that almost a third of manscapers take over 20 minutes to groom their torsos, time which could be spent doing more manly chores; chopping wood, punching bears, building castles etc. Remember when the highlight of your year was when you got your first chest hair, and you loved nothing more than showing everyone. How times have changed. And with so many options, another problem arises; do you opt for “The Tree” or try a more subtle approach and go for “The Top Heavy”? It’s really up to personal preference,

David’s Diary ...

After: David McCracken sporting the ‘surfboard’ effect


Before: David McCracken, a male in his hairy prime

By Ray Mullan, David McCracken & Rebekah Brown

but if you’re asking us whether or not manscaping shaves away male masculinity, we’re going to have to be completely honest and say does it matter? The manscaping culture is based on intentions. Some guys manscape out of vanity and model themselves on popular male celebrities that girls worship. We DON’T agree with this! However, if you’re doing it just to feel more comfortable in your own skin, then we certainly see this as the wiser choice. In the real world, our opinion doesn’t matter. You’re going to do what you want with your body, regardless of others’ thoughts on the matter. Just don’t expect others not to judge you over it.

Daniel Craig: A perfect example?

A Variety of styles to choose from ...

From left, the top heavy, the tree and the rug

The Manscaping Chronicles

Manscaping – (VERB) The art of fashioning one’s body hair, either by totally eradicating the area or by intelligent design. DEAR Diary, I thought about it, talked about it… but actually doing it? Not as of yet. My chest hair which I have controversially nicknamed “the love rug” due to it not seeing much love lately. As a man with traditional values, I was greatly plagued by the thought of shedding something that had been with me through my teenage years. But hey, if David Beckham can pull it off why can’t I? Maybe because unlike me the man christened “Goldenballs” has chiselled abs, magical feet, a bulging trophy cabinet most men would kill for and an adoring fanbase. I’m hoping that with my future actions I to will reap the benefits both Becks and Bond have enjoyed. Then again, this entire endeavour might backfire, and I’ll face ridicule for the rest of my life. But like they say, there’s no reward without risk, so here’s hoping. Anyway down to business. My imagination was running wild with the thought of the pain and suffering I was about to encounter. In retrospect, I really could not have pre-

pared myself for the reality that awaited. So, armed with wax strips and a glint in her eye, the devil began her work. With a noise like a Velcro strap it zipped down my chest! Instant regret clouded my mind as searing pain erupted. The next one was locked and ready to go, whack another one bites the dust! I instantly began to doubt myself. Could I do what many had did before me? Will my hairless physique complement my already ridiculous good looks? We’d find out soon enough. Many screams and strips later, it was over. My chest lay red raw and naked. Did I feel more confident? No. Would I do it for a female? Certainly not! Manscaping left me with more than a smooth chest, it left me mentally scarred and it’s an experience that I wouldn’t want to repeat. The experience also changed my opinion on the subject. Any man who waxes their chest on a regular basis deserves a gold medal in my eyes. If you voluntarily endure pain to that degree more than once, you’re either a sadist or very committed to the manscaping cause. To the females that encourage their men to wax, know this: it isn’t as smooth as it looks. And to the men that are thinking of following in my foot steps...Don’t!

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Spooky movie treats

Ich liebe Teesside Once described as a ‘marching band raging the war on pop’, Young Rebel Set are currently halfway through a 34 date European tour. culture & showbiz editor Graham Corking caught up with drummer, Luke Evans. AFTER rising from the ashes of two former bands, Young Rebel Set have flown the flag for the Teesside music scene for the past five years. The flag will be flown all-over Europe as the band take their gritty folkrock to Germany, Switzerland, Austria and then back to Blighty, for a four month-long tour to coincide with the release of their second album, Crocodile. The bands drummer, Luke Evans, 23, from Stockton said: “It’s overwhelming how well it is going for us out here. The shows are great and we’re playing really well too.”

Since releasing their début LP, ‘Curse Our Love’ on the same label that Oasis were signed to, the band have been no strangers to Germany, paying regular visits and even appearing live on German morning TV. Now their eagerly anticipated second album is looking set to only fortify the bands popularity, not only in the region but across Europe and beyond. There looks to be no second album nerves, as Evans was very enthusiastic about it all saying: “It feels great to be releasing our second album, there are

Resident film critic Dan Bennett gives you the lowdown on how to get some frights this Halloween. Since watching these films Dan has undergone therapy and is hopefully on the road to recovery. The bed-wetting is still somewhat of a problem though...

Nightmare on Elm Street

Credit-Mike Seymour

Credit-Mike Seymour not many bands nowadays that get to be in this position so it means a lot to us. “The new album is a lot more experimental and a lot more mature. We recorded most of it live so I think the album has much more love and soul.” The roots of Young Rebel Set’s success can be traced to a popular night-club in Stockton. Ku Bar, run by promoter, Jimmy Beck, has been something of a shrine for the group over the past few years. Beck said: “I’ve known and worked with the lads for a while now we have

all become close friends. They’ve played some packed sweaty nights in KU. Recently, when they haven’t been touring, some of the band are working for me behind the bar.” “I think its brilliant that a local act are doing so well abroad. I’ve been lucky enough to catch a show in Germany and they are crazy about them over there,selling out over 1000 capacity venues every time.” “A band like YRS doing well helps promote the area and its music scene..” Go to to see our review of Crocodile.

Coffee House session hits SU


Based on Max Brooks’ novel of the same name, World War Z is not your typical zombie flick. The film dives into the action very early, which keeps you interested. The film manages to be a violent, gut wrenching thrill-ride without being just a mindless blood fest. There’s a solid performance from Brad Pitt as our protagonist Gerry, who is trying to save his family as well as civilization from the ongoing apocalypse. The tension is racked up, especially in the apartment sequences along with some spectacular set pieces set in Jerusalem with slick sounding music scored by Marco Beltrami and Muse front man Matthew Bellamy. The fact that the zombies run as fast as Olympic champions makes the film more horrifying. World War Z is far from perfect but it gets the job done, a fun and exhilarating ride that would make an ideal, just remember not to get hungry for brains...mmm...Brains..

tsiderating: across the UK, delivering two acoustic shows a day. Mason performed a three-song set, which included her award winning “Sirens”; which won a national award for original song writing. The Australia born singer, described by Q magazine as “a gifted performer in the making”, spoke to us about her latest tour, and her upcoming second EP. The self-proclaimed “alternativepop” artist put on a stellar performance to a full house on her 17th stop in two weeks.


World War Z

By Likhwa Makhonjwa AWARD winning artist Lucy Mason joined us at Teesside University to perform as part of ‘Coffee House Sessions’. The ‘Coffee House Sessions’ project was launched by Radio 1’s Huw Stephens, and is an exciting nationwide tour of Universities to try and provide excellent live music to students. It is the first project of its kind that brings live music back on to University campuses. The platform is seen as innovative in providing both breaking and established artists to reach students on their home ground and consists of 40 universities

After almost 30 years, the original tale of Freddy Krueger still haunts the silver screen. A Nightmare on Elm Street is the original and creative masterpiece from Wes Craven that combines the key elements of gore, imagination and frights to perfection. Nancy Thompson (Heather Lockencamp) and the other teenagers of Elm Street experience terrible nightmares of a man in a dirty sweater with knives for fingers, only for the nightmares to turn into reality as Krueger (Robert Englund) picks off the kids in their dreams. The film picks up on the psychological horror of ‘Halloween’ and the gory slasher ‘Friday The 13th’ to create a truly terrifying experience. Krueger makes a perfect horror villain, who strikes when and where you are most vulnerable. The film also includes one of the most famous deaths on the silver screen, with Johnny Depp being vaporized in a shower of blood. A Nightmare on Elm Street is a landmark film for the horror genre that still manages to scare years later, go and see it as it returns to cinemas this Halloween. But remember, not to go to sleep after! .

Despite a veritable who’s who of classic influences, Mason still admits her secret guilty pleasure is Disney stars such as Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. Lucy stated that the songs make her feel good, adding: “Its this cheesy pop mess, but I honestly love it! The London based Artist will be on the road again with Matt Corby on his UK Tour in November and December, before she release her yet to be named EP. The sessions are great promotional opportunities for upcoming artist

building a fan base, and other artists are expected to perform at Teesside. Go to to find the upcoming shows and to watch the interview.


For more of Dan’s top horror picks, get over to

Greg James



talks parmo, Miley Cyrus and his brand new TV show By Sasha James When I meet Greg James his pre-set nerves are masked by his signature chirpy demeanour, despite having just endured the extensive late-night train journey up north. He is, perhaps ironically, performing a scarily convincing rendition of Katy Perry’s Wide Awake, unfazed by the mass of students eagerly awaiting his DJ set downstairs in the Students’ Union. Greg is in his element as he happily embraces the university atmosphere, fusing his love for performing and radio. His good mood, however, is soon diminished as he gazes over at the glistening mound of cheese lurking in the corner, formerly known as the Middlesbrough Parmo. “It looks like a horrible nosebleed”, declares Greg, attempting to fathom the mountain of chicken in front of him which is embedded in endless tiers of grease. This isn’t Greg’s first time in Teesside, though, as he begins to relay his knowledge of North East delicacies as well as his love for his “spiritual home”. “I always love coming here. I love the people and the atmosphere and obviously I have a history here working with Capital and Galaxy radio.” Greg continues to discuss his time at North East radio and how he’s becoming a local in the region, but jokingly admits that his Hartfordshire roots make him “a bit posh for that”. “When I was working up in Newcastle I ended up going to somewhere called Powerhouse. I was young and quite naïve at

the time so I was like “Oh cool! What’s there?” and I was greeted by these seven foot drag queens. It was amazing, though.” Although eager to discuss trivial affairs, I catch Greg at possibly the most eventful phase of his career, as he begins to anticipate his new chat show project with “TV wife”, Russell Kane. “I always love working with Russell Kane and we have so many exciting things coming up for our Staying In show. It’s great working with your best friend and just knowing how to act around them and what makes them laugh is a really nice place to be.” “If it comes across as fun as it does making it then that’s great. [Laughing] I do worry that sometimes it’s more fun behind the scenes than it is on screen, though. “I mainly got into TV because I did a drama course and I just loved being a professional tit basically and making people laugh. I love having a live audience and somebody laughing at me, not even with. I don’t even care if it’s with.” Greg has a history of both professional television and being a YouTube star. The last time I recall seeing him he was wearing significantly less clothes and significantly more makeup as he dramatically imitated pop sensation Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball. “I can’t believe how many views it’s got, three million now. I have a problem, though, I don’t know what to do next.

he genuinely thought that was my own creation.” The transition from radio to TV is a topic that Greg is keen to ponder. He begins to delicately stir his cranberry vodka as he discusses the origins of his entertainment career, gradually shifting the conversation’s tone. Despite his funny-man reputation, his passion for his work emanates. “I’ve never seen doing work as an inconvenience and I think that’s key. When I was a station manager I would get calls saying “ohhh Greg, hi, sorry but I can’t do my show today”, and I would just see it as an opportunity for another two hours practice as opposed to a chore.” When sharing his craft, Greg exudes an aura of professionalism and expertise, promoting the entertainment world as a platform for amazing opportunities. “Doing Radio One I’ve had loads of opportunities to meet people I never ever thought I’d meet. “I was the most star struck just last week actually when I met James McAvoy. To me, he is one of the best actors of our generation. He was just so wicked. “I’d love to interview the Princes as well, William and Harry. I think that would be so fun. I’ve heard they listen to Radio 1 as well so it would be amazing to get them on the show.” His infamous Radio 1 reputation attracted a packed crowd to the SU as he played a variety of chart hits and earned his way into the heart of the region.

“My Dad called me as soon as he saw it and hadn’t seen the original Miley Cyrus video, like

Quickfire questions with Greg Q. What is your idea of food heaven?

A. Pizza. Any topping of pizza. I really like liquid sausage. It sounds horrible but it’s so nice.

Q. Who is your celebrity crush?

A. Katy Perry without a doubt. I love her.

Q. Who is the most famous celebrity saved in your phonebook?

A. Probably Ricky Gervais. He’s pretty worldwide famous since he broke America. I’m fairly proud of having him in my phone.

Greg’s Most Played Taio Cruz Dynamite Mumford & Sons The Cave Mumford & Sons Roll Away Your Stone Katy Perry Wide Awake



Real ale, real people Teesside University Real Ale Society, winner of the Students’ Union Society of the Year, invites new members to sign-up By Daniel Barry

Working on a story until 11pm may not seem like an ideal way to spend an evening, however when I found out I was covering a society dedicated to drinking, I knew my luck was in. It wasn’t until I was watching my first pint settling in the cosy atmosphere of Swatter’s Carr that I truly thought what a great society this is. Speaking to the new Teesside University Real Ale Society, (TURAS( Chairman, Rowan Knight, 19, a Computer and Forensic Science student at the University, I realised this society was much more than just a drinking club. Rowan spoke of his desire to raise awareness of real ales amongst students: “It would be great if more people were able to appreciate ale, I would love to see it served in the Students’ Union. “It would be great to get students passionate about ale, as a society we are supporting people who wish to brew their own ale by offering some financial help to get set up” As I observed the other members of TURAS sipping blissfully on different guest ales and chatting openly in large groups it struck me that this society resembled a family away from home for some members. Jonathan Williams, 18, Media Studies , told me that as a fresher he’s met some

great people at the society, this is in spite of knowing little about ale before he arrived. “It’s been great to be a part of, everyone is very welcoming. It doesn’t matter how little you know about ale, learning to appreciate them is part of the fun.” Unlike Jonathan, Andy Griot, 20, also a media studies student, was already keen on his ale before joining TURAS but sees the society as an excellent way to share his passion with fellow connoisseurs. “Being a fan of ale, it made complete sense to join TURAS and I have not regretted that decision.” TURAS aren’t satisfied with just having pints one night a week, they often go on pub crawls in different cities throughout the UK, sampling many different ales and enjoying new experiences. The relationship the society has with Swatter’s Carr means they are able to get various food and drink offers, with a sign up price of a mere £4 it seems like an opportunity not to be missed. My night with TURAS broadened my horizons in terms of beverages but most importantly I was able to relax, have a drink and talk to some great characters. If you call into Swatter’s Carr on a Thursday from 7pm onwards you will not be disappointed by the company or the beer so what have you got to lose?

Sampling one of the many local ales on offer

A bright future for local fashion designer By Demi Cornforth

Upcoming fashion designer Claire Barrow

AN up and coming fashion designer from Yarm – who has featured in Vogue is branching out on her own after a three year at Fashion East. Claire Barrow featured on Tside last year when we revealed she had designed for top stars including Rhianna and Jessie J. Now the 23-year-old is leaving Fashion East to branch out on her own in the fashion industry. She said: “I’ve had some really great highlights during my time at Fashion East, such as my features in Vogue and I felt honoured to have collaborated with the likes of Joseph. “I’m really just looking forward to what the future holds. “I hope I will still be enjoying my work as much as I am now in 10 years time.” Claire’s latest venture with Fashion East saw her and her colleagues create Disney inspired handbags which feature in Selfridge’s London toy store.She was voted in the Evening Standards top 1000 most influential people to watch of 2013. Claire was also voted in Marie Claire as one of the ’5 hot new designers to watch’. She added: “”I don’t really know what the future holds for me, I like the way things are going so far so I plan to just keep going. “I always want to be self-employed as well as to be a designer, but in terms of actual goals I’m just going with whatever comes my way. “I will keep going the way I am, and I hope I get more amazing opportunities in the future.” Claire showcased her final Spring/

A piece from Claire Barrow’s SS14 collection Summer 2014 collection with Fashion East at London Fashion Week in September this year.. Her personal style shone through, with a collection which teamed pretty paterned dresses and suits with her now-famous hand painted leather jackets. She said: “My last collection was a tough one but I’m really happy with the outcome of it, as well as the press and responses I’ve gotten. “I’ve recently had to go to Paris to deal with buyers after my collection was showcased in LFW, which is amazing. “Getting my name out there even more, and getting more opportunities is what I’m looking towards right now.”

features 7

Student nominated for Cosmo blogger award By Megan Fallows

ECSTATIC: Megan is delighted with her nomination

Big success for Shopping Night

(Right) A BIG HIT: Students take a look through the rails. (Below) BARGAINS: Lauren with her purchases

By Cara Sterio & Liam Day THE first ever student-only shopping event in Middlesbrough has been hailed a success. Now it is hoped that similar events will be held in the future. Hundreds of students flocked to the event called Freshers Shopping Fest 2013, which allowed them to spend two hours shopping after closing time at the Cleveland Centre. The Student Shopping Initiative was a nationwide event that had already held shopping extravaganzas in 11 other towns and cities, and Teesside was the final stop on the tour. The launch aimed to provide a unique shopping experience for students by offering a night of unmissable discounts and bargains as well as a friendly social environment. Alex Ludlam, 25, created the project in 2010 while studying at Plymouth University after experiencing the typical student finance difficulties. And the director of Student Shopping UK made no secret at his surprise over the success of his idea. He explained: “We were not even halfway through the event yet and I was very happy with the turn-out.

“It’s a Thursday night and it’s starting to get cold outside, so for us, to have this many people out deserves a pat on the back.” To gain access to the event, students were required to register online for their free wristband. During the night, people could find discounts from up to 20% off large retail store such as Topman, New Look and H&M. Free goody bags from certain shops were also available for them to collect. Student Shopping UK is the country’s largest student-focused retail and social initiative. The project’s main focus is to encourage more stores over the UK to pander to local students. Criminology student, Lauren Major, 20, couldn’t wait for the chance to get a great deal at her favourite store H&M. She said: “There’s nothing I love better than a good bargain so this event was perfect for me.” Amazing deals and bargains were not the only attraction at the event, live DJs and local bands were also on the scene to entertain the crowds as well as circus performers and stilt-walkers. For more info visit

DRESSED in a chic tartan dress and fur coat, with her hair pinned back into a perfect bow, at first glance it’s obvious that Marketing student, Megan Lillie, oozes style. The last time I spoke to the Middlesbrough blogger over 400 people followed her blog, Thumbelinalillie. com. But now her audience has more than doubled with 1000 readers checking her site daily for the latest fashion and beauty tips. Yet, it came as a huge shock when the 20-year-old was nominated for Best New Beauty Blogger in the Cosmopolitan Blogger Awards, after she was whittled down from 43,000 applicants to a mere 14. She said: “I couldn’t believe it. I was just overwhelmed with emotion, I started crying my eyes out. “I didn’t really think my blog was at that stage where it would get shortlisted.” Being shortlisted meant that Megan was able to travel to London for the award evening to mingle with other nominees. “I was nervous, especially with other fashion bloggers you have to try and look your best because you want to impress and you want to stand out. “My stomach was doing backflips but once I got there everything calmed down. “The girl who influenced me to start blogging was also nominated and I got

to meet her and we ended up spending the whole night together.” Despite not winning the award, Megan explains that she feels she has already won by being nominated. “Winning would have been a cherry on top, but not winning has made me more determined to try harder, by improving my blog and stand out next year.” Now studying at Teesside University, Megan is trying to find the ideal balance between work and keeping her blog up to date, as well as organising the first blogger meet up in Middlesbrough. “I knew there were a lot of other bloggers in Middlesbrough who couldn’t get to bigger cities. “I planned on having 10-15 people there but there was over 40 who came. “It was really good fun and a great learning experience. I would love to do another meet up.” In the next year Megan hopes to be shortlisted in the Cosmo awards again and work with more brands for her blog. To check out Megan’s full interview head to

Megan’s top 5 A/W essentials Tartan Fur coat Burgundy lips Chunky boots Tinted moisturiser


culture & showbiz

Promising future for TFM Soundworks

HARD AT WORK: Junior Massandi happily anticipates big things for the new venue By Matthew Brown MIDDLESBROUGH is home to a new live music venue which hopes to attract three major artists every month. TFM Soundworks officially launches with a Halloween ball headlined by Little Mix, Loveable Rogue, Cover Drive and Boro’s own Amelia Lily. Just weeks before its grand opening, the formerly known Middlesbrough Live Academy announced a huge partnership with TFM Radio, which led to the name change. Events Manager Junior Masandi, hopes to

Globe wins Lottery jackpot By Graham Corking A VENUE which hosted the likes of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones has taken a step closer to re-opening. The Globe theatre in Stockton, received a huge grant from the National Lottery, to help with its renovation. As tside reported back in 2012, that work had begun on the venue which had stood empty since 1997 and David Wilmore, one of the UK’s leading theatre restoration experts, had been appointed to oversee the work. The theatre will be the largest venue between Newcastle and Leeds and is set to re-open in 2016, with an expected 85,000 visitors attending over 60 live shows every year. James Wharton, MP for Stockton South, said: “The Globe is an important part of our High Street and I know many residents will welcome it being brought back to life.”

attract even bigger names to the 3,000 capacity venue on Linthorpe Road. He said: “We’re hoping to be scheduling around three huge artists each month. “It’s my job to sell the town and to attract big, well-known names to Soundworks. “Performances won’t be limited to just music, there will also be comedians and dance show. “Our books are wide open, and if it interests the people then we want it. Every box that can be ticked will be ticked.” The venue, located just minutes away from the University campus, should cater to everybody’s taste, with promises of indie and alternative rock

acts looking to be booked. But Junior, Events and Marketing manager at TFM Soundworks, also wants the venue to help unearth local talent and give them a step in the right direction. “For the launch night we have the four main headliners, but we also have 11-13 acts from Middlesbrough and the rest of the North East. “We feel like we need to give them the platform to build from and step up instead of waiting for a chance to pass them by,” he said. Junior, who is the manager of record label Masandi Management, hopes to give something back to the town which he has grew up in.

He said: “I’m aware of the town’s recent applications for city status, and I’m hoping this venue will bring something else to add on to it.” Well-known Teesside band Collectors Club and R&B artist Bre Musiq, who is under Masandi’s record label, will perform at the Halloween launch night. TFM Soundworks is the latest addition to Leisure Venues LTD, following the successful launch of the new Kalinka Eat & Drink Bar on Albert Road. Tickets for the fancy dress launch night are currently on sale and can be bought at the Town Hall box office, Kalinka Bar and

Unleash your inner geek

COLOUR: Stockton Council is bringing life to the Globe With the number of live venues in the region dwindling and touring bands deciding to by-pass Teesside and visit the bigger cities in the North; Stockton council are hoping to attract major artists and comedians to the area. Currently, there are only two major venues in Teesside, The Empire and Middlesbrough town hall. The Globe could displace the duopoly and offer everyone a lot of variety and hopefully a grander experience. You may have heard your parents or grandparents talk about their debaucherous nights out at the Globe and how The Beatles played the night of JFK’s assassination or how they twisted the night away to Chuck Berry. And now with this £4m grant, you could be telling your kids the story of how you met their mother the night Ellie Goulding or The Arctic Monkeys were playing.

THE BEATLES: Played the venue in its prime

GEEKS Unleashed Teesside is a local convention featuring traders, costumers, and even cast members from Star Wars. Taking place at the Hub, it will be encompassing all sorts of “geeky” things including Movies, Comics, TV, Anime and Video Games. Alan Flying and Pam Rose, who both appeared in the original Star Wars trilogy, will make an appearance at the convention. More than40 stalls will be spread across the hub, selling action figures, models, geeky trinkets, handmade items, and more. This is the first time the convention is coming to Middlesbrough. Previous events have been very successful, such as a recent one in Doncaster, in which over 2,000 people attended. Mark Longman, organiser of Geeks Unleashed Teesside, said: “I think the awareness will be on campus. “Other companies that I’ve done shows on student campuses with, they’ve always been successful, so I’m pretty confident Middlesbrough will be very supportive.” The event will be taking place on Saturday November 2nd, from 10:30am-4 pm. It will cost £2 to get in, but under 12s will get in for free.

culture & showbiz

The chicken wing challenge CHICKEN CRAZY: Likhwa gets tucked in to the mammoth challenge.


App reviews Samuel Howitt here, reporting on the best Android and iOS apps for you to play around with. They are free, fun, and cool to download. I’ve been having a click and a swipe at some apps this month. Here are some of the ones I think are worth having on your phone or tablet.

Spaceteam Available on: tside rating: t t t t t

Spaceteam is a very unconventional multi-player game. You get some friends together and you control a spaceship. How you control it is that each person is given their own distinct set of oddly named controls, and each player is given a command they have to shout out to the rest of the team, which must be followed. What this can lead to is mostly chaotic shouting across the room, the game gets hectic fast, and just devolves into a room of people shouting the strangest words. Probably best played at home, because you would just get strange looks if you were doing this in public.

Flipboard Available on:

tside rating: t t t t t Flipboard allows you to select from certain types of news, and arrange them into easy to read, magazine style pages. For example, I could choose to subscribe to science news, or food & dining, and it would show a news story per page, and you can easily scroll through them. What this gives you is a very simple way to read news and catch up with your own interests. A much better alternative to browsing every news site on mobile internet.


Available on: tside rating:


A simple and fun shooter that is well suited to touch screen interface. All couched in a sort of quirky fantasy world. What you play as is a turtle with a machine gun on its back, which you’ll eventually be able to upgrade to all sorts of cannons and other weapons. It’s presented in a side view where you move automati-cally, and tap the screen to shoot. Its simplicity doesn’t let it stand high as an absorbing experience, but as a neat little time-waster it can be good fun.

Swype Available on: tside rating:

tside’s very own foodie Likhwa Makhonjwa has a lot on his plate in rising to the gut-busting challenge of polishing off monster portions of Boro grub. In each TEESSIDE has an array of food challenges – from the parmo at Central Park, to the burger at Pixies Diner ... and I intend to conquer them all! As a man who fancies himself quite the food connoisseur I intend on taking on all the food challenges in Middlesbrough. The battle begins, not with one of Middlesbrough’s classic challenges. However, but instead an original one thought up by our Tside journalists. One hundred chicken wings in an hour, to some a ridiculous notion; to me and achievable feat, or so I thought. It all began with great promise. Before the challenge I was adamant I would have the better of it.   As I swaggered into the Southfield pub with confidence, I had no idea of the mammoth task that awaited me. When the order was put in, the look of amazement on the barmaid’s face highlighted just what was about to come. It only began to dawn on me the magnitude of the challenge ahead when i saw two military-sized trays full of chicken were brought out to my table.

edition of tside he will be trying to work his way through another mega meal in the town. His first challenge was 100 chicken wings in an hour. However an air of confidence still remained as I was adamant I could not be beaten. Ploughing through the first 50 in 26 minutes I was cocksure of my pending success and even stopped to showboat. Unfortunately the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry, and as the day drew on my vigour diminished. As I hit the 55 wing mark on the 36th minute, the mere sight and smell of chicken was detestable. I managed to force another five wings down before I had to throw in the towel, chicken seeping from my pores. I was beaten. Defeated and dejected, all that was left to do was hang my head in shame.    Watch the video the 100 wing challenge on Tside and keep an eye out for more challenges to come as I try to redeem myself.


An alternative keyboard to the standard smartphone ones. Swype has you moving your finger in a swiping motion across letters to make a word. It can take a while to get used to, but for some it’s a much faster way of writing, and it does allow settings so that you don’t have to write with absolute precision. That said it does depend on an existing dictionary of words, so on occasion you might have to actually type out a word. While not recommended if you’ve managed to become a whiz at typing on a smartphone, it’s worth trying out. There is a free version of the app and it comes pre-installed on most Samsung phones and tablets.

Cookie clickers Available on:

tside rating: t t t t t Tap. Tap. Tap. Cookie Clickers is incredibly simple, there is a cookie on the screen, you tap it, and get more cookies. As you gain more cookies, you use them to buy objects that will automatically get you more cookies. All you do is just get more cookies, there is no goal, no endgame, it’s all about getting more. As boring and plain as that might sound, there’s something strangely hypnotic about it. Not after long you’ll be gaining millions of cookies per second. As I am writing I am also tapping to get myself some cookies. Beware. This can be a productivity killer.


App available on Apple devices

App available on android devices


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The world gets ready to Tangle


Q&A with Mauro Toffoli

Tangle creator Mauro Toffoli talks to tside about Tangle and his top tips for romance

Q: Can you describe the app in three words? M: Love, romance and nearby. Q: What are your top tips on romance? M: If I like a girl I would try and impress her. Q: Where would you take someone on a first date? M: If I met someone from Tangle then I would take them for coffee.

LOVE AT A TOUCH: Mauro shows tside how the app looks on-screen

By Megan Fallows A NEW dating app has been designed to help students find love without having to approach the person first. The app is called Tangle and allows you to find your perfect match in a location near you. Tangle displays images of people that are within one kilometre of you and all you have to do is like someone’s photo. If they like you back then you’ve been

Tangled. If you meet someone on a night out using the app but didn’t get their details then you can go back to their profile and chat with them again. The only problem is for this to work the person you like has to download the app as well. But the people who developed Tangle are confident it will take off. The Italian quartet, Mauro Toffoli, Diego Carrea, Gianluca Carroccia and Lorenzo Pietrangeli, said they created the app to help

students meet new people and find love after their own experiences at university. Mauro Toffoli, 24, said: “We were students at university from another country so we thought this would be a good idea to help meet people. “It’s different from websites like because it is difficult to meet people further away. “This is based on people near you, if you were on a train or just in the library. “Everyone uses smartphones now and Tangle

helps you to remember people you have seen in the day.” Accelerator programme, Searchcamp, helped to build the idea in three months through mentors and masterclasses. Hannah Graham, Education Officer at Teesside University said: “I think it is a great way for students to meet if they are nervous about approaching people.” Tangle is available to download for free on Google Play for android phones.

Students Say Tside asked students on campus if they would use the app and what they think of it.

Gabriel Ardron, 19, Computer Games Art Yes I would use it, for entertainment purposes. Not as a serious dating app. The way it works on proximity is interesting. It’s a feature that would

Amy Crully, 19, Accounting and Finance I would use it to meet people around. It’s a good advance in technology, but it does sound creepy. Maybe if there are restrictions you

make me want to download it.

can set up it would be less strange.

George Mott, 21, Performance and Live Recording Media No I wouldn’t use it. It’s a bit weird to think people know where I am, it invades privacy.

GETTING TANGLED: Diego shows tside how to find love on Tangle

Reviewers Ross and Pam get Tangled At the end of the day it is essentially a dating app with a degree of privacy, that way no one actually knows when you have been pied off by a girl or boy; happy days. It’s very similar to Instagram so most will be familiar to how the app works already and the colour scheme is flattering for even the

WITH extreme trepidation I put myself forward to sample and review the new Tangle app, but being in a relationship for the last four years, I thought I would be a fish out of water. Au contraire ladies and gentlemen, the interface was simple and other than signing my life away in app permissions it was easy to sign up and get going.

ugliest of mugs. Linking it with my Facebook seemed strange, especially when it is meant to be dating app driven by secrecy, but lo and behold, there is a reason for everything, the Facebook gig is so you can then contact each in the event of that glorious tangle. I may not be diving in head first for the world of app dating (due to my relationship), but for those of you who are technologically adept and looking to court this is the perfect opportunity to test the water.

HAVING previously been a complete novice to dating apps, when I saw Tangle on Google’s play store I thought ‘Hey, why not’. As soon as I opened the app I noticed how pretty the layout and colours look. Although I’m sure it wouldn’t appeal to everyone, the feminine, romantic colours made me excited to see what the app was all about.

Essentially it’s an easy way of dating, without the massive effort of having to write details upon details of your life, giving you the confidence (even if behind a phone screen) to talk to a particular person who’s caught your eye. The thought of being able to contact people you already know in private and tell them what you think of them I find is a bit creepy. Although the Instagram-style layout impressed me and I found it was a refreshing way of dating, rather than other complicated online dating methods. Overall, although I don’t think I will continue using this app, I can definitely see it stands out from the crowd and I’m sure will become increasingly popular as more people spot it!

Q: Why do you think apps are becoming so popular? M: Everyone has the internet on their mobile phone now and everyone uses the app market. Q: What would your advice be to somebody else waiting to go into this type of business? M: Start with making the app available to download on iphone! You can only download Tangle on the Google Play store for Andriod at the moment. Q: What are your hopes for Tangle in a years time? M: I hope that we will have 100,000 users and to have the app available for iphone too.


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Cool Katz paints his way to Teesside

FRAMED PERFECTION: One visitor admires the internationally renowned artwork

By Leonie Garlick BROOKLYN born figurative artist Alex Katz has just finished hosting a four month exhibition at the Mima art gallery. The exhibition, “Beneath the Surface” enjoyed its last day on Sunday; and has proved a success since its launch date in July. Although Mr Katz has been printing, painting and sculpting since his youth. His recent work has shown no signs of ageing. Judging by the works in Alex’s catalouge, which is the core influence of the show, the 86 year old is more than capable of shaming a bunch of university types with his super trendy pop art. Alex’s ambitious talk, which took place at the university on the 7th of this month, gave like-minded students the opportunity to pick his brains about the industry. According to Mima Marketer

Rosemary Stubbs, the American art pro has been creating new pieces of precious art every day since 1949that’s 64 years. Mr Katz, who studied at the Cooper Union School of Art in Manhattan told Mima: “I drew around the clock. I drew in the subways. I drew in cafeterias. I just drew. I got so much better from the time I went in to the time I got out.” Miss Stubbs explains how staying in the loop can bring great things to your career. “People are surprised at how old Alex is” She says as she points to the brightly coloured works around the room; most of which tell stories of the artist’s family, friends and favourite seascapes. “The style of his work is very modern. Even those dating back to the 40s and 50s.” Miss Stubbs, also a former Tees student, says the artist has many secrets to share; including a love for sketching.

“Students, and people in general, love to see how things are made.” Miss Stubbs muses, while unearthing a room of 36 half-finished drawings that have never been seen before in the UK. “If Alex is working on a piece, he has to do it all in one go. Otherwise he never goes back to finish it.” Looking around the exhibition, there is evidence that suggests Alex Katz is an impressionable man; particularly the feedback book, which is filled with scribbles and hand written poetry. What’s cooler still is that the artistic superstar “enjoys visiting small towns” which means there is a good chance of him coming back. Watch this space…

Arctic Monkeys storm sell out Newcastle gig By Matthew Brown The Arctic Monkeys successfully opened their UK Tour last night on the Tyne to a jam-packed sold out crowd at the Metro Radio Arena. The Monkeys confronted their awaiting army of beer throwing, sweat covered fans and got things moving with the ground shaking drumming opening to ‘Do I Wanna Know’. with frontman Alex Turner channelling his inner Elvis. Turner soon switched from his dapper, crooner alter-ego back to the pioneering lad from Sheffield, with Matt Helders sporting the city’s dialling code on his kick drum, when the explosion that is ‘Brianstorm’ hit the crowd. In between hits such as ‘Dancing Shoes’, ‘Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair’ and ‘Teddy Picker’, Mr Turner found some precious time to whip out his comb and fix the most famous quiff on the planet.’ Following the energetic

start, the crowd managed to compose themselves enough to acknowledge the more reserved ‘Suck it and See’ number ‘Reckless Serenade’. Several hits from the Monkeys’ latest album ‘AM’ were scattered throughout the setlist. And it was clear to see that fans had practiced the latest of Turner’s superb lyrics, as ‘Snap Out of it’, ‘Arabella’ and ‘Knee Socks’ proved to be a success with the masses. The only let down of the gig was the shortening of ‘Why Do You Only Call Me When You’re High?’, but that wasn’t enough to spoil what would prove to be one of those ‘I was there’ nights. And there wasn’t a healthy throat left in the entire arena when Turner dedicated the breakthrough hit ‘I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor’ to the ‘Geordie lasses’. During the 2005 anthem, it’s clear to see that lead guitarist Jamie Cook is the unsung hero of the four piece, as he powers through the song, hitting each note as if it would be his last. Songs featured from each of the bands five number one studio albums when ‘Cornerstone’ from ‘Humbug’ was given an immaculate acoustic performance. The band from High Green initially left the stage as confetti coated the worshiping fans at the front as Knee Socks’ backing vocals came from bassist Nick O’Malley. But chants of ‘Yorkshire’ and restless screams

for anything that moved on stage from a crowd craving for just a few more minutes of magic lead to an encore that opened with the well loved ‘Mardy Bum’. And despite there being a lacking of a Glastonbury orchestra, the 2006 hit still had the power and emotion behind it to draw in every single person inside the building. The penultimate song of the evening was the fittingly named ‘One for the Road’, and it was another ‘AM’ track that rounded off the night with a bang when ‘R U MINE?’ wrapped things up in style. Despite a number of huge hits not making the final cut for the setlist, it would be virtually impossible for a band like the Arctic Monkeys to

They hope these future plans will allow aspiring graduates to break into the animation industry. Starting in Mike’s bedroom with ‘Rocket Shark Studios’, the partnership evolved after a number of unsuccessful attempts to start up solo. The pair attended a number of animation conferences where they were given advice on how to gain funding and connections through networking. Through this, they started up and managed to receive £5000 in funding. “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” said Rob. “We were on a shoestring budget. We lived on rice for the first three months, we couldn’t afford

anything else. We used Mike’s old laptop to work on stuff, before we were able to get hold of second hand equipment.” Yellow Snow was a random name chosen from a list that were likely to stand out to customers. The duo brought in third year student Oliver Perry on placement after being told they needed a “tech guy” for the business. “He can make your pretty things function!” added Rob. The trio are currently storming their way to success, and create a number of cartoons for other websites, hoping to share their ideas with students

fit everything in to please everyone. Despite how much we would want that to happen. It was an unforgettable evening enjoyed by all who attended as we got to witness arguably the best British band in the past decade.

(Above and left) MONKEYING AROUND: The band in full tilt in front of a packed crowd.

Local animators inspire students By Jamie Crow

The owners of a local animation studio are storming with their plans to help animation graduates on Teesside. Yellow Snow Studios, based on Victoria Road, offers web design services to various companies, and is aiming to allow finishing students to contract themselves. Founded at the start of this year, graduates Mike Lawrence, 27, and Rob Skene, 23, are working on a project to allow students to pitch their design ideas for the company, before receiving a contract if successful.

in the future. They were also asked what advice they could give a young person starting their own business. Mike said: “Never give up, if you push through it.” Oliver said: “Think ahead, uni teaches you that. If its a vague idea, it’ll do. Take advantage of it.” Rob said: “Be confident. If you’re not, fake it.” Yellow Snow Studios are based in the Victoria Building near the student Union. Anyone wishing to get in touch with the studios can phone the guys on 07523 730740 or email

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Cheap Halloween ideas on a student budget How to spook up your creepy party

By Natalie Devonshire & Lucy Moody WHAT YOU WILL NEED 1. Large mixing bowl 2. Cake tin 3. Wooden spoon 4. Unsalted butter 5. Readymade Sainsburys red velvet cake mix 6. Additional ready to roll icing 7. Maynards sour patch kids sweets 8. Green food colouring 9. Egg Watch out Nigella: this cake should give you the creeps.

10. Milk

It’s that time of year again when all the ghosts and ghouls come out to play and it’s time to party. Planning on throwing your own haunting Halloween party but need to do it on a budget? Well why not give your guests a treat with our student proof Halloween cake. It’s simple, quick and guaranteed to get your tastebuds tingling. 1. Preheat oven 160c gas mark 4 2. Empty cake mixture into a large mixing bowl 3. Add 1 egg 4. Add 3 tablespoons of milk (45ml). 5. Fully mix till creamy 6. Grease cake tin 7. Pour mixture into cake tin 8. Cook for 15 minutes 9. Once cooked allow to cool for 10 mins Decorations • Empty mixture into bowl and add 120g of butter • Mix together until cream is light and fluffy. • Add green food colouring • Cut four chunks of the ready to roll icing, of equal widths • Work the chunks into the shape of gravestones and engrave ‘RIP’ into the icing RIP: treats to tickle your tastebuds

By Cara Sterio

Finding the perfect Halloween costume can be easier said than done especially on a budget. No one wants to be standing at the bar next to Freddie Krueger or a dead nurse with the same outfit as you. That’s where we come in. We figured that what better way to end all your troubles finding that unique outfit than to make your own? So we’re going to talk you through how to make a cheap and easy homemade bat costume that either guys or girls could wear. All you will need is a black umbrella, a long sleeve black t-shirt, pliers and a sewing kit. It’s as simple as that. To get started you need to open your umbrella and use your pliers to cut away the metal wires that are attaching the umbrella to the centre stick. There should be two parts that you’re cutting, first the wire that attaches the umbrella to stand up and the second wire that is connected to the stick. Your aim

Make up tricks for a Halloween treat STEP 1

• • •

Cover your face in white face paint, getting all those unattractive spots. Draw a circle around your eyes getting them scouse brows too and fill them in with the black paint. Draw a chunky line from the beginning of your eyebrows flicking them upwards.

is to make the umbrella flat on the floor with the remaining wires still intact. Now the umbrella is flat you must cut down the middle of the umbrella leaving it to look like two pairs of wings. Here comes the tricky bit. Grab your t-shirt and lay it out on the floor with the arms spread out, as this is how you’re going to attach the wings. Take one of your wings and line both corners with the bottom of your t-shirt up past the arm pit to the corner of your top and then to the wrist. Next we sew the wing to the top so that they stay intact. Once you have finished you can do the same for the other wing and you’re finished! To add extra effect you can wear tights or dark jeans. Grab yourself a black mask or face paint and even get some small bat ears from Pound land to make your outfit complete.

Like a bat out of hell: The finished outfit for Halloween this year

Once again Halloween has come round and Southfield road is the main attraction of rowdy, intoxicated zombies and deadly school girls. But here at tside we have an easy step by step guide to stand out from the crowd this Halloween. All you need is a paint brush, a sponge and black and white paint which you can buy from Dundas’ own fancy dress for only a pound.


• •

Begin by drawing a curvy line from just under your earlobe towards the bottom of your nose. You must then go downwards and carry on the line touching the edges of your mouth. Finish the line about 2cm under your earlobe And again fill it in with your

black paint.

STEP 4 Make sure your neck is covered in white

• • • •

paint. Once it’s dried off you then grab your brush and draw three medium rectangles underneath each other. Make the curve on the edges of the rectangles slightly wavy which will get that skelton effect. Then paint the rest of your neck black.

STEP 5 Now we start on your nose.

Draw two long triangles either side of your nose leaving a gap in between each one. These triangles are just going to be the shape of your nose and again fill them in with black paint.


Make a simple shadow underneath your eyes giving it a more ‘deadly’ look. Colour your lips in black leaving room on your top lip to start the teeth. You then draw 8 small squares to look like teeth leaving them white in the middle.


Add a black outline across the top of your face ending by your ears with a small triangle at the top. To finish, smudge your shadows around the eyes to make sure you get that dead effect.



BezAndWez is a fashion success By Corrie Jones

GEORDIE Shore star Holly Hagan and Aston Villa footballer Marc Albrighton are just some of the celebrity names who are fans of a Teesside University student’s fashion label. Sports Therapy student, Kieran Berry, 21, started urban clothing line BezAndWez last year with his best mate David Weston and it has quickly gained national popularity. The line – which celebrates its first anniversary this month – is stocked at Boro store Art Attic on Victoria Road. Kieran said: “BezAndWez is a unique and affordable clothing line and it’s been amazing how popular it’s become. “I came to Teesside from Birmingham for university and I can’t believe how quickly the brand has taken off in my adopted home town. “We wanted to give the customer a ‘stand out from the crowd’ image, instead of a mainstream High Street look.” The brand started when Kieran bought plain T shirts and had a logo printed on the front. Within weeks they’d sold out and now they’ve made enough money to host a first birthday party at Middlesbrough hotspot Kalinka. They are also releasing a new line of T shirts on their website this week and will be launching a swimwear collection in time for next summer. Kieran added: “The success of the brand has been overwhelming so far, but I’m level headed and time will tell whether it will last. “It’s been stressful balancing it with my studies, but I’ve a lot of support from my friends and family and I just keep working hard.” Visit or tweet @BeznWezClothing for more information or to see their latest line.

Ways to style out your autumn wardrobe So, as the season is changing pretty rapidly and the autumn leaves are falling, changing your summer wardrobe is essential. The shops are ready for you to pick up your new coat, hat and scarf so don’t waste anymore time thinking about it and go out and do it!

By Natalie Devonshire & Lucy Moody

Topman –

Shirt £28 ‘Spray on’ jeans £30 Shoes £42 With 10% student discount

New Look–

Jumper £14.99 Trousers £14.99 Shoes £17.99

With 10% student discount

You’ve received your student loan, freshers’ is over and now you need to refresh your wardrobe. As students we are on a limited budget, but we don’t have to miss out on the latest trends. Being stylish on campus doesn’t have to be an expensive challenge. We accepted the task and took on the high street stores to find both a casual and night time outfit for male students at Teesside University. Given a tight budget we were able to suit and boot aTeesside student. Topman is known for being a hot trend setter for male students, but we all know it can be incredibly expensive. However, if you know how to do it, it can be easier than you think to kit yourself out for a night on the town at a reasonable price. If you want to make a statement this autumn, choose a tailored shirt with detailing. This season is all about patterns such as polka dot and checker print, so pair these with a simple pair of jeans. We teamed up a tailored white polka dot shirt with a pair of ‘spray on’ black jeans to give a

sophisticated night time look. Remember, a true gentleman buttons up to the collar for a classy finish, but the shirt can be worn slightly open for a more relaxed feel. For the casual outfit we searched through the rails of New Look and discovered a fresh autumn look to keep you stylish on campus. Jumpers with bold graphic designs not only keep you warm during this blustery season but can also add attitude to your look. To make sure your outfit isn’t too out there, pair the jumper with some plain chinos. Chinos are hitting the high streets again and are an essential part of any man’s wardrobe. New Look offers a range of chinos in every colour imaginable, but beige has to be our favourite because this colour can be matched with almost anything. To finish off this casual look, remember Converse are comfortable and never go out of fashion. Burgundy is particularly hot right now so make sure you grab yourself a pair in this colour. Follow these guidelines and you are guaranteed to be a trend setter on campus this autumn.

Life & Style 15

Thrifty top tips from Darlington festival

By Sasha James AVOIDING the inevitable student splurge can prove difficult around loan time. With luxurious and often pricey enticements lurking at every corner, it is becoming a common misconception that the ideal balance between stylishness and sustainability is simply unachievable. Darlington’s first ever Thrift Festival (above) proved with its impressive turnout, that a frugal lifestyle is not only a more creative and practical way to enjoy materialistic possessions, but also that it is flourishing into a top trend within the North East. From vintage swap shops to recycled furniture and ‘Extreme Couponing’ workshops, the Teesside University sponsored festival provided a feast of quirky alternatives to highstreet buys that easily cater for and inspire a student budget. With the creative drive coming from notorious fashion duo and vintage fanatics Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway, the festival also attracted many professional sellers eager to promote savvy spending and the vintage scene. Wayne Hemingway said: “I think vintage is becoming more and more popular now because it’s thrifty, fun and it is, in most cases, more affordable than high street stores. “Baker Street is a very positive addition to Middlesbrough because it’s allowing the town to have its own niche and sense of individuality. There’s also the added factor that it’s better for

the environment it’s unlikely that somebody will be wearing the same thing as you. “You can customise anything cheaply these days and I would recommend anyone to do it because you can look around the North East and see there are plenty of materials available to do so. “There are billions of people in this world and you only get one shot at life, so it’s important in my opinion to stand out and if creating your own style allows you to do that and it’s cheaper and better for the environment then that’s great.” The thrifty feel was weaved into every aspect of the festival, with a Rag ‘n’ Bone man promoting recycling with lighthearted humour as well as an array of vintage stalls selling dresses for offers such as 3 for £10! Thrift devotees also got involved by posting their top tips on the Facebook page, such as cutting up old Christmas and birthday cards to use as gift tags, using old quilt covers and fabric to decorate lampshades and cutting up old t-shirts to use as wash cloths. Emma Pinder, owner of online Duchess Emporium, said: “This is my first festival and it’s gone better than I could have ever hoped it would. Everyone has really embraced the thrift and vintage scene and made it an enjoyable and educational weekend.

“All of my items are handmade and are made with tools like wood, paint, buttons and string. It can be very easy to learn to make sentimental gifts if you have the patience and it’s more rewarding and personal, too.” The festival showcased a range of homemade treasures including food, clothes, furniture and keepsakes which inspired both thrift fanatics and newly captivated vintage lovers with a combination of new and recycled materials. Bill Smith, owner of a pallet furniture company, said: “I was never personally into the recycling and thrift scene before, but after walking around this weekend and seeing the possibilities I’ve been really inspired by it and can see how people could be converted. “People think that making and recycling materials is difficult and time consuming, but things I make can take just 20 minutes once I have an idea in mind. Personally I got into making my own furniture and decor because I owned a company and found it sad that so much wood was getting wasted, so decided to turn it into something positive that was my own creation. “It’s very rewarding and even something as simple as making a recycled cushion can save you money and allow you to add your own personal touch to your home.”

Tside top tips: Festival of Thrift observations Think outside the box: Saving money can actually be a fun and creative way of life. Look around your house for anything that can be used to customise and inject some life into your furniture, such as sticking old buttons to a lampshade or using parents’ and grandparents’ old records as bold and unusual wall decorations. Become a savvy saver: You can find ways to save on any occasion, and it doesn’t just have to be on big investments. Collecting coupons or looking for offers at the supermarket can often save a fortune and is a really simple way to save money as long as you remember to look. If you own a driving licence why not start walking journeys which you don’t really need to splash out on fuel for? If you’re pro-green, there’s also the added perk that it’s good for the environment. Don’t be afraid to thrift: Buying second hand clothes or making your own stuff can seem pretty daunting at first, but it can be very simple. Middlesbrough’s Baker Street caters for the fashion conscious with its vintage clothing as well as being much cheaper than high street shops. Customising doesn’t have to take a lot of time or effort, either. Something as simple as adding studs to a leather jacket or collecting pieces of fabric to make your own patchwork quilt.


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10 men talk... women’s

bad habits revealed

Ok girls, so maybe we do spend way too much time shopping, and I suppose we do spend too much time getting ready, and I’m pretty sure every girl has a moodswing every so often. But what does the other half think of this? tside spoke to the men on campus to find out the things that annoy them most about women. “When they pretend to be a bit ditzy to impress guys to get their attention. Also, why do girls go to the loo together? What do they do in there?” Joe, 20, Performance for Live and Recorded Media “It annoys me when women don’t tell me what they want and leave me to guess.” Johnny, 20, Psychology

“Never answering a question with an appropriate or contextual answer, then getting annoyed when you don’t understand.” Will, 19, Computer Science

“They hold grudges forever.” Adrian, 19, Games Designer

“Something that would normally take about 10 minutes would take most girls about 2 hours!” Thomas, 19, Multimedia Journalist

“High heels, what’s the point of them? They’re expensive and there’s no logic in them. I don’t even think they look sexy or anything.” Liam, 19, Multimedia Journalist

“Constantly on their phone and technology, yet no idea or interest in how to actually use it, oh and complaining for no reason.” Josh, 19, Graphic Designer

“Women just seem to moan and nag all the time. What is with that? Also I want to know why women take so long to get ready and choose an outfit. Louis, 20, Multimedia Journalist

“The fact that they think men can’t multitask because we can!” Alex, 19, Multimedia Journalist

“When they’re shopping, sometimes they find something they like, try it on, decide they want it so buy it but then when they get home, they decide they don’t like it anymore or it doesn’t fit right so then they take it back.” Paddy, 20, History

George recalls Boro’s mischief night on Wearside By Rob Munro “ALL the fans were high up in the stand. I think they were singing, ayoh-ay-oh-ay-oh. I just remember that was ringing in my ears and them all going crazy.” These are the memories of George Friend’s first North-East derby, when Boro took on Sunderland in the Capital One Cup. George has only been a Boro regular for a year, but he has already endeared himself to the Riverside faithful. So much so that he can get away without knowing ‘EIO’. He knows how special a victory against Sunderland was to the fans, “It was a big game and it was my first taste of a North- East derby. I really enjoyed it and I have got fond memories of it. “I remember thinking I played quite well. It was obviously a big scalp for us in terms of it being a derby and they were in the Premier League. “The whole team played really well and we had a good fight about us. We just felt like we were going to win that night and we managed to see it out.” Boro’s 1-0 win against Martin O’Neill’s Black Cats was somewhat revenge for the FA Cup fourth round replay earlier in the year where Sunderland won 2-1 in extra time. George believes that the Teessid-

ers’ win at the Stadium of Light was no flash in the pan. The left-back is confident that Boro wouldn’t look out of place battling with the big boys in the top flight. “The whole club doesn’t really belong in this league. “When you come into the training ground, you go to the stadium, you see – although we haven’t been filling the stadium, the fan base is one of a big club. “Every player here believes that we should be out of this league and we are trying to do our best to get us there. “I know the fans get frustrated every year we are in the Championship but we are trying our hardest to get out of it.” Ever since his switch from Yorkshire rivals Doncaster Rovers he has became a mainstay in former manager Tony Mowbray’s side. He attends supporters meetings, charity events and autograph signings. “Am I a fans favourite? I didn’t realise I was. “In terms of the way I play, I just try and give everything; not leave anything behind after a game and I feel very fortunate to play for a club of this size. “I appreciate all the fans who come and watch. I try and entertain a little bit by running forward – even though I am a defender and try and attack. “Luckily I have been rewarded



FANS’ FAVOURITE FRIEND: Boro left back remembers special night against Premiership opposition

with a couple of goals, it should be a few more but I will take two at the moment.” However, Boro fans have to thank the gods that George didn’t follow in his father’s footsteps and chose football ahead of working as an agricultural specialist for the United Nations. His day job is to keep clean sheets and stop goals going in; but over the summer he’s also started scoring them and playing the ukulele, as well as training to be a sports journalist. George, who is set for a big year off the field – with his wife pregnant, carrying their first child, is expecting just as big a year on it. He believes the group of players that Middlesbrough have at their disposal is more than enough to satisfy the fans needs of Premiership football. “I was part of the Wolves squad that got promoted from the Championship and that was a strong squad. But if you go man for man, I think this squad matches that and if not betters them. “We have got some really talented players here. Obviously our form is not showing that we are up there yet, but I think on paper that we definitely can be. “Everyone is gelling. There are some big characters; wih the right mix of young and old; the manager did well to bring in certain players and keep certain players as well.”

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Student runs the ropes as pro wrestler By Thomas Robinson Teesside University students are all grappling with their studies – but one student is also grappling in the ring. Luke Gayles, 19, donned the costume of “Super Mark” to become a professional wrestler nearly two years ago. Luke, has already won a championship belt and featured on the same billing as former WWE wrestler Joe Legend and world-renowned wrestler Douglas Williams. Despite wrestling training every week alongside his studies, Luke says he enjoys balancing both. He added: “Sometimes it can be hard keeping

everything going, especially when I have a lot of university work to do. “But I am a very pro-active person and like keeping busy and doing a range of activities. “I try my best not to let wrestling and university work get in each other’s way.” Luke had been a fan of wrestling for a long time before deciding to try it out for himself. After four months of training Luke appeared in matches for the EPW promotion against a number of wrestlers. Since debuting, Luke has already accomplished a lot winning titles such as the EPW Middleweight Championship. Luke’s endured both cheers and boos from

crowds around the region, but says he loves both reactions equally. Luke said: “I think as a bad guy you have a lot more you can do to work the crowd. “However, it’s nice having the crowd on your side too, particularly in my home town Nunthorpe and at the big Coulby Newham shows.” Luke, who is studying BSc Honours in Sport and Exercise Coach Science, says he’s appreciative of the help of veteran wrestlers such as Joe Legend while he’s getting his career under way. He added: “All the big names are really helpful and supportive of the trainees like me. They look after us when we work with them.”

GRAPPLING WITH DEGREE: Luke Gayles turns pro while studying at Teesside University



Mowbray Sacked: A Tale of Tony’s Time on Teesside By Rob Munro NOW that Tony Mowbray’s marriage with his boyhood club has ended. tside looks back at his three year reign at Middlesbrogh. This time last year, he was spearheading Boro’s charge up the Championship table and lead his side to seven consecutive wins. However, a year is a long time in football. With Boro sitting 16th in the league, with only two league wins this season and five in 2013, chairman Steve Gibson pulled the trigger. Mowbray left on a sour note; attendances at a record low, points just as scarce and wins hard to come by since the turn of the year. He started with a defeat to basement team Bristol City back in October 2010 and ended with a defeat to this campaign’s bottom club Barnsley. But in between the two fixed games there were glimpses of brilliance and when expectations were raised, crushing disappointments soon followed. His mission was to get his hometown team out of the Championship and propel them up into the top flight, where Gibson believes the club belongs. Mowbray inherited a financially crippled club, due to his predecessor Gordon Strachan’s transfer dealings and was charged with working miracles on a shoe string budget. The Saltburn born, now former manager was already a legend at the club. He lead Boro back from the dead in 1986 and epitomised the spirit of Teesside. The managerial appointment was one that captured the imaginations of the fans and was hailed as “The Return of the King” at the time. Mowbray had excellent credentials for the position; he had already masterminded West Bromwich Albion’s escape from the Championship two-and-a-half years previously. He took over the club in similar circumstances to what he left in; Middlesbrough were 20th in the table and steadied the club to a 12th place finish. Despite getting Boro out of the relegation predicament they faced, he was unable to replace the players he was left with due to the astronomical transfer fees and wages that were being paid. Mowbray had initially sold Scott McDonald, Stephen McManus and Barry Robson to Middlesbrough, when he was manager of Celtic and had to use them despite being the one who sold them in the first place. This meant he had very limited room for manoeuvre in the transfer market, but Mowbray managed to beg and borrow a few additions to the squad. What became a trait of Boro under Mowbray was the team’s ability to start like a house on fire and set the early pace in the Championship.

MIDDLESBROUGH PULL THE TRIGGER: Mowbray’s three year stay at the Championship club ends The Teessiders started their 2011 campaign, with freebees Faris Haroun and Malaury Martin in their ranks and went almost two months before losing. As they headed into the new year, Boro went from comfortable play off contenders to hopefuls in a matter of a month. Despite a youthful side running a strong Sunderland very close in the FA Cup fourth round, Boro missed out on a spot in the playoffs on the final day of the season. Tony Mowbray rallied his side for another promotion challenge at the start of the 2012/13 season. Again, Boro started like a house on fire and went top in a televised game against Sheffield Wednesday in front of a bumper crowd of over 28,000, the highest since the Premier League days. Mowbray also outfoxed Martin O’Neill in the third Wear-Tees derby of the year, beating Sunderland 1-0 at the Stadium of Light in the Capital One Cup.

Boro were eventually knocked out by winners Swansea in the quarter-final but they sat very pretty in the league at the turn of the year.

JUBILANT: Boro Celebrate beating Sunderland However, Boro fans could have been excused

for thinking it was a rotten case of de ja vu. Boro could only muster three league victories against Leeds, Cardiff and Nottingham Forest. The Teessiders went from automatic promotion candidates to bottom half by the end of the season. Mowbray’s men ended up 16th and there was a lot of pressure heaped on him by the fans. The manager promised a summer rebuild and ensured it wouldn’t happen again. The summer of 2013 was the first time Gibson was able to back Tony Mowbray in the transfer market after he was juggling the bills left by Strachan. He brought in Albert Adomah for £1million, Kei Kamara for £900,000 and Jacob Butterfield for an undisclosed fee, as well as Frazer Richardson and Dean Whitehead on free transfers. But Mowbray failed to get the squad to gel quick enough for his chairman’s liking and got the axe with only 12 points, 12 games into this season. Now it is the new managers task to turn Middlesbrough’s fortunes around.

Player Profile: Women’s Football By Chris Donald In our first Player Profile of the year, tside caught up with the Teesside University Women’s Football player Hannah Broadhead who spoke to us following her side’s opening game 1-1 draw with Sheffield Hallam. The game saw Hannah open the scoring for Teesside in what was an impressive display from the team. Even though Hallam grabbed a late equaliser the girls wouldn’t let this take the shine off their strong performance. Women’s football is one of the biggest growing sports in the country in levels of participation and with the expansion of the FA Women’s Super League for next season; it is definitely a sport with a bright future. Hannah, 20, is a Sports Therapy student but on the pitch she is a midfielder and the captain of the team.

Do you see it as a career path or just a hobby? “It would have been a career path for me if I hadn’t got injured. At the age of 16 I snapped my cruciate ligament and I’ve never really come back from that.”

Who is your sporting idol? “It would probably be David Beckham. He was a quality footballer who was a great leader on the pitch.”

Do you have any pre-game superstitions? “I always put my left shin pad on before my right one. Don’t ask me why. I don’t know, it’s just something I’ve always done.”

What are your goals for this season on a personal level? “I would like to score more than one goal.” What are your team’s goal for the season? “Well, after being relegated last season our first aim would be to win a game. I was impressed with our opening performance of the season despite only gaining a draw but we would love to look at winning the league and getting promoted again.”

What is your favourite pre-match meal? “I usually just have chicken and pasta.” What is your biggest sporting achievement so far? “I used to play for a team called Tadcaster Albion and while I was there we did the treble. We won the league, the league cup and another cup in the same season. That was a great achievement.”

Why did you choose to join the Women’s Football team? “It’s something that is a big part of my life. I have played since I was six-years-old and I have always loved the sport. I am a big fan of football and I work in the sport.” Describe your first experience of the sport? “I remember the massive kit that didn’t fit. I just ran around like a headless chicken but I loved every minute of it.”

How would you describe your role in the team? “Well, I’m currently captain of the team. I’m quite loud on the pitch, sometimes quite aggressive and not afraid to put in a tackle.”

What aspect of your game would you like to be better at? “Probably my heading ability.” If you were in charge of the game at the top level, what is the one thing you would change about the sport? “I would work to get better pay for the players.”


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North East set to rally back to the 1970s sport

By Joe Hudson

ONE of Britain’s most popular rally championships will be racing into the North East in a few weeks time to wow the estimated 50,000 fans over the three day event. The Roger Albert Clark Rally, based on the World Rally Championship route of 30 years ago, will see mre than fifty drivers showing their skill all across our region. With stages being held in Pickering showground, Dalby Forest, Croft Circuit and across the Lake District, there should be viewing opportunities for everyone. Now into the tenth year of running, the event never fails to attract star names into it’s ranks. In previous years rally champion Stig Blomqvist has won the rally as well as Ford Rally Team owner Malcolm Wilson. This year it’s the turn of the fast hobbyists and rally fanatics. Entries in this field include Cardiac surgeon turned rally driver Dr. Raj Jutley in his Mark One Ford Escort, as well as Dutch historic racing expert Armand Adriaans in his increasingly rare Datsun 240Z. Other rare cars include Ford Escort Mexico’s and Lancia Stratos’s which aim to give the crowd a slice of rally history,


Hard driving: Expect action to be just as wild as the R.A.C Rally charges through our region.

Rally Manager Colin Heppenstall said: “I’m keen to see local crews come and join us to sample the flavour and atmosphere of the Roger Albert Clark Rally. “I have tried to make the support rallies as user friendly as I can with compact routes and very attractive entry fees.” The full route starts at Pickering showground on Friday morning with all the competitors setting up their cars with cars leaving for the first stage at Dalby Forest at 18:00. Saturday, the cars will be at Duncombe park before hitting Teesside’s Croft Circuit for the only tarmac stages of the entire rally. Sunday will see the competitors making their way through the Lakes before finishing in Carlisle city centre for a prize giving ceremony. Tickets to the various areas the rally is being held are largely free with some exceptions, Croft Circuit is charging £8 for two stages and a chance to wander round the service area. For more information on the R.A.C Rally as well as a full entry list, go to

Croft adds two winter events for fans CROFT Circuit, in the Tees Valley, has announced two new events to keep motorsport fans entertained over the long winter months. The first event is a once in a lifetime anniversary special. The British Trial and Rally Drivers Association (BTRDA) has organised a rally cross spectacular to celebrate 75 years since the association was founded. With more than fifty entries so far, the 24th of

November event will see “classic” eight car grids charging around the Croft tarmac and dirt track. As categories will be mixed, there is a good potential that spectators could witness numerous giant killing as the day moves towards it’s grand finale. Tickets for the event are only £8 from www. and everything kicks off early doors so remember to wrap up warm! The second event is perfect for anyone wanting

to get out the house following a binge eating session over Christmas and Boxing Day. The Christmas Stages Rally takes place on the 28th of December, with all the action taking place on the track itself. With a field of more than 80 cars spanning modern day World Rally Championship, 1980s Group B and pre-1979 rally classics, there is something for everyone to get over those post christmas blues.

Starting at 9:15 in the morning, rally goers will not have to so much as strain their necks as cars, mechanics and drivers make full use of the North East’s only top flight motor racing circuit. With the last stage being held in the black of night, there are no excuses for anyone to complain about lack of action. For more information on the event go to www., with tickets - which are £8 available again on the Croft website.

Driven round the bend tside Reporter Natalie Arnold visited Croft Circuit for the ride of her life, here she recalls her experience in the fast lane. STANDING on the pit wall I could feel the fear and a little excitement sink in as I stood watching stunt and rally driver Paul Swift speeding around in a Ford Focus Little did I know that in a few short hours I would be racing around the Croft Circuit track as his passenger hitting speeds of around 110mph. For those who don’t know who Paul is, he is a widely known rally and stunt driver in the motoring world originally from Darlington. He has over 20 years’ experience with stunt driving and racing, starting from the young age. He has won over 40 national events and has appeared on TV shows such as; Top Gear, Top Gear Live and Fifth Gear. Picking up my helmet I was busy admiring the many different cars on the pit lane, when Paul walked over with a big smile on his face and asked if I fancied a ride. I immediately jumped at the chance, but then had second thoughts after I remembered watching him speeding around the track earlier. I was right to be worried.

All smiles, for now. Nat gets ready for the ride of her life.

I got in the car, got strapped in, set up the camera and that was it. Paul put his foot down and we flew down the pit lane onto the track. If the speed wasn’t scary enough I then saw we were approaching our first corner. With a tap on the breaks and a gear change, we were drifting around the first bend, with a tyre wall either side I was hoping that I wouldn’t get to meet them face to face. Coming out of the first bend Paul’s foot once again hit the accelerator and we were off once again at a top speed of 110mph. I now found myself laughing nervously and clutching the seat as Paul was trying to scare me more by weaving the car on the straight. I looked around to see him laughing at the terror etched on my face which seemed to encouraged him to go even faster. With another corner fast approaching Paul once again tapped the brakes and took it down a gear before successfully drifting around the bend. However this time I wasn’t concerned about my safety but that of the spectators standing watching on the corner of the track. Luckily enough they confident in Paul’s driving and didn’t move an inch but instead they stood there smiling and taking pictures. I felt relief when I saw the pit lane, happy that my tragic ordeal was nearly over, but before I could get out and celebrate that I had survived I had one last corner to endure. This was by far the worst, it was a sharp bend and it looked dangerous when approaching it with speed. With tyres on the one side I knew this one was going to be a tight one. However Paul didn’t seem to mind, he kept up his speed until the very last moment before kicking

it down in gear and flying us both safely around the corner. I finally had a chance to catch my breath as the car slowed down to enter the pit lane. As the car came to a stop I ripped off my seat belt and jumped out of the car as quickly as I could. Then someone from the pit crew shouted over asking if I needed a sick bucket. For a second I was tempted to take him up on the offer. Even though it was one of the scariest things I have ever done, I would do it again in a heat beat. The excitement as you fly around the track is unbelievable.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a fun day. To see video evidence of Natalie taking her death defying drive, scan the code below or go to YouTube!

sport tside


tside gets Friendly with George

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Willmott stop until Aimee is Rio 2016 champion TEESSIDE’S ELITE: Aimee Willmott aims for Olympic success after World Championship nightmare By Rob Munro & Chris Donald TEESSIDE Olympian Aimee Willmott has her eyes firmly set on winning a medal at the Rio Olympics in 2016, despite still only being a 20 year old university student. Aimee - who has trained at Middlesbrough Amateur Swimming Club since she was eight - has already been a part of an Olympic setup; finishing 11th in the 400m individual medley at London 2012. The Middlesbrough born swimmer finished ninth in the World Championships this year and narrowly missed out on a place in the final, but she is determined to use the disappointment to spur her on to success next time round. “I was going to the event (at the World Championships) ranked ninth in the world, but in the back of my mind I was thinking eighth. “If I finish eighth that would be the highest I had ever finished at a World or Olympic event. “I would also get the chance to swim again in the final. I finished ninth by 0.4 of a second and I did not get the chance to swim again in the final in front of the television cameras.

“Three girls swam slower than my qualifying time in the final and I knew if I had been in the final I would have swam much faster. “When I did that I didn’t want to speak to anybody, my coach was trying to speak to me because I messed up the tiniest thing which put me ninth.” Aimee is part of the Elite Athlete Scheme while in her second year of a BSc Sport and Exercise Coaching Science degree, here at Teesside University. She recognises that without the support of her mentor Matt Wright (elite performance co-ordinator at Teesside University), it would not be possible to balance her studies with her training regime. Despite making the Great Britain Olympic squad once before, Aimee is training even harder whilst studying at Teesside University to better herself next time round in Rio. “We are a group of athletes that come from a lot of different sports and from different backgrounds; we are all at a high standard in our sport. “It gives me guidance with nutrition and

strength work and Matt is really supportive with my training. “The programme can also be really helpful if I have got a lot on and I am really stressed with my lectures, it is a bit of leeway to get my work in earlier so I can have more time to do my work. Aimee is testament to hard work, and understands the value of using time to get as much out of it as possible. She has no sympathy for people who leave work to the last minute because she knows sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day to fit everything in. The Olympic swimmer is a firm believer in working hard for what you get. “When I get my assignments, I sit down and think; well they are due in at the end of the month and think I need to start them now rather than leave them until two or three days before. Which is what all my friends do. “I was training twice a day, I was doing more gym than I had ever done before. All I was doing was; eating, sleeping, swimming - just to make the Olympics. I just manage my time to

fit everything in. I try to get everything done at once, rather than just get stressed out right at the last minute.” Aimee trains for over 26 hours per week to get herself ready for the Rio Olympics, her only day off - Sunday, is spent in bed resting ready for another week of training ahead. Her parents allowed her a year off between college and university to focus solely on getting in shape for the London Olympics, she was training twice a day in the pool which totalled to 72,000m worth of swimming. She knows that if she misses out on one session, she is one training session behind all of her rivals. “If I am ill, I wont think that I can’t go to training. Last week I had a cold and I had to miss one session, because I was told to do so by the doctor. “If I do three times the amount of gym as someone else, then I will be three times stronger than them. “To be the best, I have got to train the best, it is the way I work. It means I am doing as much as I can to be the best.” Go to for more sports news

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