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Foreword As we announced earlier this year, we hope to offer several special monographic issue content with special character. In this occasion we hope you enjoy our visit to the last edition of the Nuremberg Toy Fair, traditional showcase where internationally leading manufacturers display their models and bets for the future. While it is impossible to condense into a single number seen and heard everything there, try to bring them the main news or our view the most interesting thing we could see in this edition. As always, we have tried to reflect only the real news and not merely reproduce endless listings references. Have a nice trip with us.! Enrique Dopico Director magazine TREN

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Summary Nuremberg 2013

March 2013






True to our appointment with the toy industry, one more year we come to the fair in Nuremberg, international showcase where disclosed major projects come to our layouts throughout the year. 6



64th edition of the Nuremberg Toy Fair ended with the visit of 73,500 people from 113 countries. The number of exhibitors at this edition was 2747, from 60 different countries. These figures represent a further decline, continuing the trend of previous years. The pavilion for the railroad, was the previous years ago, the 4A, now located at the main entrance is set for the exhibition, called East Entrance, right next to our flag and comfortable modern press center, where for a few days moved our workplace. The tendency of manufacturers, from last year is maintained, with little real news announcements, many intentions and few investment bets. No doubt the current crisis holds investments in such products have a market increasingly smaller and you start to sell almost exclusively in short series format, regardless of the type of material, which makes it even more complicated power for amateur schedule their purchases throughout the year. As usual in our articles about the exhibition, we will focus on , in our view, we found most interesting, not to mention the major developments.


NUREMBERG 2013 ACME - H0 expands its catalog and it shows in their catalog outsourcing, once limited to Italian models and increasingly more foreign models. This is the case of German locomotives series 120, DB that announces the Italian brand for 2013. These locomotives are available in original version in period IV, decorated in red and cream, as well as the current version time in red traffic and period VI. These locomotives will be accompanied by interesting cars “Quick-Pick” in red- cream and turquoise-cream. Absolutely excellent model will be a high level of finish that will provide these excellent pieces most demanding modelers. Other models announced by ACME are the locomotive of the FS E 444 and E double electric locomotive of FS 646 with four different decorations or RFI E.402.101. The diesel hydraulic locomotive D.442.401 nice and D442.4001 is another interesting development, since it is a limited edition reproduction of both decorations. Another interesting development is the electric automotive SBB ETR 610, formed by a train of seven cars, which will also be available in its original version “Cisalpino”. Locomotive E.402.101

Locomotive D.442.401


NUREMBERG 2013 ADE - H0 showed the prototype of the locomotive Gravita 10 BB, as announced in 2012, along with some perfect cars to transport trucks and trailers made ​​in metal. The locomotive Voith Gravita receive the decoration and the 260 series corresponding to the DB. Its retail price is of 218 € for continuous analog version and 248 € for Märklin systems. It remains for this year the coaches’ ​​Silberlinge “versions that will have 1st class, 1st + 2nd class car and a pilot version. As usual in this brand, the cars will have a very high detailed with numerous additional parts. Locomotive GRavita BR 260 - Foto Voith


NUREMBERG 2013 Arnold - N surprises us with many new features, the most anticipated for the modeller Spanish is definitely the diesel motor 592, which is offered in two versions of decoration, both analog and digital sound. As we saw first hand, the model tends perfect finish with a high degree of detail and perfect reproduction of all elements It is expected that from the month of May will be on sale. Also for fans RENFE models, we could see various decorations of 8000 cars and MU cars for decoration Renfe and Renfe Operator, which is planned to market shortly. We also highlight the diesel-hydraulic locomotive 354-006, Virgin AranzazĂş in original decoration of these machines.



The 592 vehicles will be available in original decoration, blue / yellow and regional decoration in IV and V period.

The 8000 car will be available in time decorations IV and two second class, one with Roman numerals. The MU sleepers receive the decoration operator Renfe for period V and VI, and blue decoration, vintage Renfe IV period.


NUREMBERG 2013 Another interesting development was the brand ARNOLD DR locomotive series 156, which was the last electric designed by DR., And the diesel version of Bombardier TRAXX locomotives. Locomotive series 156 on this occasion in decoration MEG operator will be also produced by ARNOLD. foto: Florian WaĂ&#x;mann

Artitec announces H0 scale steam locomotive NS6300 Denmark railway. This beautiful machine running 242t is available in eight different versions. Another beautiful series 2-3-0 locomotive is the NS3700 to receive 6 decorated. As for the motor vehicles, is announcing the DE1 model, single blue car and model of two DE2 model cars in yellow. Both the NS railways. Among other new passenger cars and vans stands the reproduction of stalen type vans, 6 and 4 doors. A very attractive model to get 10 different versions in six doors and 5 in its four-door version. Locomotive 242T NS6300 Artitec


NUREMBERG 2013 Auhagen - This year presents different buildings and accessories, including a series of work trains accessories, compatible with similar models from other brands like NOCH but not be functional in this case, only decorative, with different trucks and Jung locomotive type 105. Also available different models of tracks, turnouts and turntables for setting industrial areas, all in H0f scale. Railway mining / industrial Auhagen

Aspenmodel metal locomotive

Aspenmodel in Z scale presents a beautiful reproduction of the steam locomotive Southern Pacific type PS4. An American model very well prepared. Bachmann in H0 scale announces the diesel locomotive GE EMD SD70ACe and ES44AC, each in five different decorations of ancient American rail companies, particularly the Wabash, Erie, Jersey Central Lines, New York Central and Virginian to the SD70ACe and Central of Georgia, Southern, Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania and Nickel Plate Road for ES44AC. For fans of steam locomotive ALCO 2-6-0 offers both H0 as N, equipped with the latter scale decoder. In the scale 0 is presented as a new steam locomotive C 19 D & RGW. In his branchline range, especially for the UK market are announced a number of innovations, such as the steam locomotive type C, equipped with inner cylinders, several versions of the engine type 220 ​​ “Midland Compound” of the LMS and an enhanced version of diesel locomotive series 47 of the BR. Bachmann China offers two electric locomotives well detailed and SS3 Series SS7, along with a generator van. 13 Locomotive type C

NUREMBERG 2013 Bemo continues its new range scale 0m with a shunting tractor series Tm 2/2 of the RhB and a Shunter Tm 2/2 escale Om de Bemo boxcar Gbk type.

For H0 scale and N is republished the motor Regioshuttle RS1 in decoration Ortenau Oberpfalbahn and S-Bahn. As new models announced in H0m scale diesel locomotive Gmf 4/4 of RhB, which together with the hopper cars for transportation of ore, can play a nice train that was used in the reconstruction of reality in the stretch between Poschiavo and Klosters between 2011 and 2012. Another novelty is the inner workings vehicle Xe 4/4 Bernina 232, made ​​from the transformation of a railcar ABe 4/4. Among the reissues is electric locomotive Ge 4/4 I 605, the Ge 4/4 III and Ge 6/6 I with resistors on the roof, and the crocodile Ge 6/6 II original version. Finally Announces Steam Locomotive G 4/5107 Albula Locomotive G4/5 107 “Albula”

To commemorate the 125th anniversary of the Brünig line of CFF, is played the train museum comprises the rack motor Deh 4/4 in the state of origin and red coaches For lovers of MOB “Superpanoramic Express” cars will be made, a locomotive DeG 4/4 and coaches in decoration “Golden Pass”. For the German market is expected the automotive diesel series 624 and 634 of the DB.

Train commemorating the 125th anniversary of the Brünig line


NUREMBERG 2013 Brawa celebrates its 65 years of existence and 20 years as a manufacturer of rolling stock. In 0 gauge introduces its first model with motor. It is a curious tractor maneuvers for workshops and warehouses that will be available in three versions, which can be fitted with sound. Another model for gauge 0 is the UIC standard refrigerator car, a beautiful model that has circulated throughout Europe and will be available in various versions. Shunter and car refrigerator in 0 scale of Brawa

For fans of the scale H0 Brawa announces the release of the Gravita locomotive BB 15L with two different decorations, whose younger sister, Gravita 10 BB locomotive, also announced this year and available in different versions. Both models will have possibility to install sound decoder, finished with fine details in grids and bogies, and serial digital coupler. Before arrive in stores the automotive VT 62.9, DB and boxcars type “Dresden�. For 2014 are advertised modern cars double decker Twindexx Bombardier.

Brawa N scale announces new versions of its model Gravita 10 BB as well as locomotives BR 232 DB 229 to receiving new decorations.

Brawa Gravita 10BB Locomotive in N scale


NUREMBERG 2013 Brekina not announce any motor car for this year, but showed that announced last year and will be available in 2013. It is the automotive NE-81, available in various decorations, including the DB 626. In H0m scale presents the LT 4 automotive formed by a cabin and a semi trailer truck.

Above: motor car NE-81 below: Automotive Brekina LT 4.

Busch increases their H0f scale models by incorporating new starter set consisting of tracks and trains forestry work, firefighters or miners. To the catalog also incorporates a new diesel locomotive with side connecting rods and freight cars of various types.



Diesel locomotive side connecting rods and new freight cars of Busch

After absorption LORENZ brand, manufacturer of TT scale models, BUSCH starts a new line of products in its catalog. In this way they will gradually refined and improved models appearing as various freight cars, bogies both as tanks that are already available.

Several cars of Busch TT scale.

Ruined shed with tractor inside of Busch in TT scale.


NUREMBERG 2013 In its range of accessories for decoration proposes for this year’s growing botanical gardens, consisting of numerous plants and greenhouses, complemented with fruit and vegetable stalls walk from each farm. Another issue is that of cabaùs proposed ecological and rural retreats, ideal atmosphere for areas of lush forests and lakes. Finally another proposed theme is related to solar energy, represented by solar farms, buildings with solar roofs, parking and more.



Gardens with greenhouses, solar energy and rural retreats are those proposed by Busch in 2013.

Electrotren focused on the production of Spanish models, offer for 2013 steam locomotive 030 “Baracaldo”, to be followed by a new version of the Mikado, this time equipped with heaters. The announced pacific 231 Andaluces / Renfe catalog is removed due to logistical problems arising from the change of factory by the firm and the difficulty of modeling. Responsible diesel locomotives to give traction Talgo branches were completed with the release of the locomotive 352 - 2005 T “Virgen del Carmen” is expected later this year. Also this year will be available with front ends reformed the 594 automotive. As for electric locomotives is expected this year the exit of the engine 277 and several different versions of the locomotive decoration 7200 and 7500 locomotive Renfe, in this case is the 7507 reproduction, locomotive that is in the Museum railroad of Madrid.



The locomotive Baracaldo played little details like the spark arrester of the chimney or the whistle.

The Mikado 141F2332 locomotive with have new boiler with superheater.



This tram is another novelty announced for this year.

The Alaris 490 and the motor car 594 with the new front are other novelties for 2013



One of the most awaited by fans is certainly the Renfe 277 locomotive, of peculiar appearance and difficult to reproduce by its aerodynamic front that will be available in white or silver stripe. The locomotive 7500 is another novelty for 2013, if certainly a mighty locomotive.


NUREMBERG 2013 The 352, a locomotive loved and admired by all the fans, will be a reality in 2013 in different versions



Among the new features for 2013 presented by Electrotren find numerous wagons, some with interesting loads, such as those for military transport platforms will be available in different colors and with different vehicles.

We have found particularly interesting contrast weighing scales wagons belonging to ADIF and used in the calibration of these elements located throughout your network.


NUREMBERG 2013 Esu presented in this edition the V60 locomotive and railcar VT 69 900 boxcar, both models with many digital functions such as switching lights, and on the V60 model mount automatic couplers and a new red DB decoration. The VT69 motor built in collaboration with Liliput be available in a single version, while extending in four versions of the diesel locomotive of the DB 215.

Another interesting development is the reproduction this year of the 66 series diesel engine, available in eight different versions of decoration.

The ESU digital decoders are complemented the exit of the LokPilot M4 V4.0 DCC and MM, which can operate in central mfx Railcom technology. Faller presents few novelties in line with most manufacturers. Although logically had to bring something new that was narrowly. In the accessories section of their catalog find the interlocking “Neustadt�, formed in elevated disposition over three tracks. Smaller but elegant is the Bochum-Dahlhausen interlock and for workshops and warehouses offers jacks, loading coal and other accessories.


NUREMBERG 2013 Under the theme dedicated to the industry this year offers interesting buildings in industrial or commercial character.

And for the more adventurous with the theme of the decoration, the small circus Raimondi is the perfect setting to catch the eye of visitors on the model.



Both for H0 scale, and for small N scale, presents two turntables for wagons, rare elements, but certainly very successful. To end the best interest of our visit resided in the new car Faller Car System 3.0, this new version of the car system allows the use of computers, tablets or smartphones to control the movement of vehicles, thanks to a digital system formed pro three ultrasonic sensors that receive data from the vehicle and position, a system that is already used in trains and allows voice control. Quite impressive. Above: Jacks workshop that can be operated manually for up wagons and turntables in H0 scale (left) and N (right).

This Mercedes Allegro is the first vehicle fully equipped for technology-based Car System 3.0 ultrasound receivers for control.


NUREMBERG 2013 Fleischmann showed his main bet for 2013: The ICE3 407 of the DB series. A fantastic model not yet serving commercial and is emerging as an excellent model in H0 scale, which will consist of a car with cab 1st class, an intermediate car, 2nd class, a dining car and a car with cabin 2nd class. Those who can join various additional cars to form a complete branch of eight cars.

Other novelties for H0 scale are electric locomotive E60, available in period II and III, along with a couple of railcars VT 95 in digital sound and equipped with automatic couplers at the ends.


NUREMBERG 2013 For the Spanish market is offered only one model that corresponds to the particular car park Foudre labeled Felipe Marin and Brothers

In N scale the enthusiasts can have the BR 243 locomotive in vintage decoration DR IV. Another interesting locomotive is the reproducing of the BR 52 equipped with sound decoder, along with locomotives BR 55, DB and Prussian G 8.1, these last two in special series.


NUREMBERG 2013 Fulgurex announces a delay for their next novelty in escal 1, corresponding to 406 RE locomotive SBB, available in 4 decorations, along with the series Re 465 of the BLS. Until that model arriving we can enjoy the BLS locomotive Be 6/8 201-204 and BLS Ae 6/8 205-208. Models with an exceptional finish and detail, even inland beyond to the normal.

In scale 0 is advertised as the novelty of the SNCF Bugatti automotive replica of the actual model that is preserved in the French National Museum of Mulhouse. The Swiss railway enthusiasts will have the excellent reproduction of a legendary locomotive, the famous Ae 6/6, which will be available in nine versions of decoration, with different inscriptions cantons and cities, as well as equipped with sound.

For scale N, highlight the locomotive Pacific 231 “Chapelon� in four difrentes decorations.


NUREMBERG 2013 Graham Farish showed the diesel locomotive series 20 of British Rail, together with modern Freightliner 70 series, both in scale N.

Hag after passing a few months of uncertainty and sale of the company, seems to return to the production of H0 scale models and makes with the locomotive Re 420 SBB, along with decorations “Fiat Panda” and “Alp Transit” for the Re 460.

Heki presents its new product “Blätterflor” which is an ideal foam to simulate low vegetation plots, available in different colors.

Heris H0 announces a beautiful reproduction of the snowplow DR type “Meiningen” and among other wagons around two axes CP platforms loaded with containers of 20 and 40 feet. Hobby Trade showed a nice Danish steam locomotive series D, with shoot 1-3-0, together with the electric DSB 13, both in H0. Locomotive EL 13 Hobby trade


NUREMBERG 2013 Hobby-Train announces Vectron locomotives BR 193, DB-Schenker and the locomotive Ae 8/8 of the BLS, both in scale N. For lovers of the diesel locomotives are announced three decorations series 77 and two new decorations Series 66. Finally we highlight the bogie open wagon that gets nine different decorations. Jägerndorfer presents attractive new models for Austrians, like electric locomotive 1063/1064 of ÖBB in H0 scale, along with cars double decker Citty Shuttle. For scale N showed the body of the first tests of its diesel locomotive series 2043 of the ÖBB.

Jouef proposed for the French market an interesting steam locomotive 030 T with different finishes. You could also see the first prototypes of the diesel locomotive BB 6700 of SNCF. The remaining novelties decoration corresponded to changes in existing models in its catalog of models in H0.

Kato announced that next April is expected to market the Glacier Express train Nm scale formed by locomotive Ge 4/4 III and two panorama coaches, that can be completed with four additional cars.



Kibri under the slogan “Welcome to Spreewald” offers five types of housing to form a group around a small station, and under the theme “Zeche” announces a major mining extraction tower, equipped with engine and great detail.

KM 1 Once again we were impressed with its scale models 1 as the excellent reproduction of the steam locomotive series 42 of the DB, or the striking diesel V 300 which together with the V200, both made of brass and aluminum could see in his stand. Smaller, but no less interesting is the steam locomotive 020 “Berg” series 98.75 Bay.


NUREMBERG 2013 Lematec in H0 prepares the exit in 2013 of the French electric locomotive CC 6500 in various decorations and with a level of detail as usual in this manufacturer. Another locomotive that will be released in 2013 is the Ce 6/8II of SBB in green and brown decorations. For N scale An electric railcar SBB announces BDe 4/4 1621 to 1651, a collector’s item for sure.

Lenz gradually completes its range of rolling stock in the scale 0 a steam locomotive BR 50 of the DB, the locomotive V 160 “Lollo” and V 100, DB. Looking ahead to the next few years the firm announces the release of new models such as the steam locomotive BR 38.10 (ex KPEV P8), the T1 and T3 KPEV and steam locomotive BR 50.


NUREMBERG 2013 LGB proposes to G scale lovers excellent reproduction of a steam locomotive the mallet type 99 516, a beautiful locomotive is on active duty in the museum Bruchhausen-Vilsen. Another nice steam locomotive is 99 7818, with the number 21 of the NWE, two models proud. The Swiss railway enthusiasts are in luck because the engines may available HGE 2/2 d of FO and spectacular of RhB Ge 6/6I in decoration Alpin Classic.

Liliput in H0 scale shows the steam locomotive BR 75 in origin version, the railcar BR 640 DB versions, Hex, HLB and Vectus. As limited series provides the locomotive 45 010, DB in version museum. Also available are railcar DB VT 69 and VT 10 DR. For scale N is announced as the new E 44 electric locomotive in origin decorations of the DRG, era II, also the BR version of the DB 144 505 in period IV and electrical BR E 10 001 and 110 001.

Lokomotiv Manufaktur M端nchen announces the steam locomotive 03 194 with dual exhausts and exhaust Kylchap, accompanying the MCCI 14506 railcar steam and electric railcar ET 85.02. Different Austrian and German locomotives will delight any mortal.


NUREMBERG 2013 Mabar present as in previous years at the fair showing their latest models as platforms and FV FHV RENFE, versions gated, with balcony and without these elements. Also present the 5000 series vans recently tested in our magazine and with the announcement of new releases of the coachs BB 1600. Important announcements for 2013 are diesel locomotives 308 and 1300, both as expected by fans. For scale N announces a large number of railcar ABJ3 and ABJ1 for the French market in reproductions of his previous SNCF private companies and also the SNCF units.


NUREMBERG 2013 Makette announces numerous versions of the car carrier wagon SNCF TA52, with a wide range of decorations and loads of different types of vehicles. 50 m3 Cereal wagons received numerous private decorations. In N scale shows the coke wagon transport in numerous versions.

M채rklin presented as a new range of newness digital decoders that simulate the fuel consumption of the engines, based on their use, forcing the driver to anticipate and related services way by workshops, but want to stay lying on open track. This system comes complete with a new version of software for Central Station which has cab simulators for handling these decoders, some locomotives already equipped of its catalog. New to the motor section of material Announces a steam locomotive Pacific BR 03 of the DB with origin boiler, numerous metal parts and Mfx decoder with sound. Another novelty is the locomotive of the DB E10.12 with his particular bumpers front and fairings. We can not forget the stunning mallet Gt2 x 4/4 in origin decorations, a fantastic machine. As we have highlighted newness name DM3 locomotive SJ triple articulated as well as double body version of the DSB, both intended for long haul ore hoppers compositions.


NUREMBERG 2013 This year celebrates 40 years Märklin mini-club with interesting models in this scale. We highlight two different versions of the steam locomotive 150, series 50 of the DB. The electric locomotive E 19 newly built five-pole motor and reversible lights and a short series of Locomotive Gt 2x4 / 4 of the real Bavarian railways that came in an exclusive box with numbered certificate. Another model exclusively for members of the Club is the train “Blauer Enzian” which together with the locomotive V200.0 is offered only this year.

Modelos en escal Z de Märklin

Micro-Metakit announces many new features for 2013 models in its range of high quality made​​ entirely of metal, such as German steam locomotive BR 03 series in different versions or 07.1001 BR and the BR 97.2 with five different versions. For the French market is proposed Chapelon Pacific locomotive in numerous different versions.


NUREMBERG 2013 Noch presents its range of products, under the slogan “In Town” with many buildings and accessories to give life and personalize the cities of our models, relying on new decorations for squares or terraces as potted plants and new figures of pedestrians . Among various buildings highlights the bar “Eden”, an open space outside where you can see dancing on the bar at various scantily clad dancers. The building has a motor for girls movement and a striking play of light. To complete our stations proposes a footbridge over the tracks in great detail and perfect finish. The set of the station Tannau is completed with a new small locomotive building and the interlocks building. both made in laser cutting. Also new are the figures with light effects, as motorists or photographers, located on the platform that will make the flash of their cameras to passing trains, we did it sound?. For landscapes decorating catalog is added to a new range of trees adjusted price but excellent quality and a new compound to reproduce the effect of water.

The bar “Eden” a whole show ....

New trees and plants.


NUREMBERG 2013 Piko continues to offer interesting models for G scale, in this case presents a prototype steam locomotive BR 64, which will see before leaving the electric locomotive BR 194 and the railcar VT 11.5, previously announced.

In in H0 scale and within their Expert range presents the first prototype of the V200 diesel locomotive, a beautiful model that will be available in two versions initially. Just interesting and scheduled to start later this year is the diesel locomotive BR 130 of the DR, which plays its origin version. Other models such as the 440 series electric railcar receives NordWestBahn decoration, both in scale N, as in in H0 scale.

Pola among its novelties are a long bridge in G scale, with 150 cm long in metal costrucci贸n simulates a highly realistic, a stone tower and a water tank are other new models in its catalog.


NUREMBERG 2013 Preiser wants to take the decor indoors and it proposes to furnish various sets of bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, etc.. also having various figures that contribute to complete the scene. Another interesting proposal is a series of modular elements for decorating walls. As usual numerous thematic figures may give life to any type of model. Also announced several fire engines and decoration accessories barracks.

Ree Models showed its first tests of wagons OCEM 19 and ex-PLM in H0 scale that looked a superb finish. 030 steam locomotives were not yet present, but we could see the 231 ex-PLM. For summer is planned the exit of a large number of postal vans. In N scale are announced numerous decorations for tanks OCEM 29. In scale 0 announces Diesel Locomotive BB 67000. 41

NUREMBERG 2013 Rivarossi expands its catalog of Italian material with E.428 locomotives, E.626 with front door and decorated in brown isabela and numerous variants of decoration in several locomotives. For the German market announces electric locomotive BR 251 DR, along with the steam locomotive 61002 careened in DRG decorations. Curiously find the railcar ALn FS 668 same as the model circulated by Spain in testing as a prelude to the acquisition of our trains TER. The steam locomotives of three axes that also offers Jouef, appear in the Rivarossi catalog in version Ă–BB

Roco extends the capabilities of the Z21 Central with new features such as the ability to receive the live signal from the cab of a locomotive that rolled on its Taurus model demonstration. This image is displayed on the screen along with the cockpit controls for a realistic driving. There are also new screens and driving cabs for the version of Android tablets for the Z21, along with a photorealistic position interlocks for handling turnouts and signals. Announced a new version Z21 (lowercase z and white box) intended for inclusion in start sets and less benefits than her older sister. Another new technique is the locomotives static rolling bank Smartrail, equipped with a digital Central design and operation for situating on any locomotive, because it has a lower running system that adapts to all types of vehicles.


NUREMBERG 2013 As for rolling stock can highlight the steam locomotive BR 23 with Reko boiler and Giesl ejectors, which give the engine a very elegant look. Other steam locomotives for this year are the BR 52.80 with cab variant, the new edition of the 18 201 and BR 109 of the Ă–BB. The diesel locomotive T669.0 of the CSD is the diesel locomotive with greater number of units produced in the world, reaching a total of 8200 units. This model will be reproduced by Roco in different versions. In point of diesel machines we emphasize the snowplow blade motion and rotation Xrotm 96, a very interesting piece for sure. And among electric locomotives expect out of the locomotive E80 with accumulators and pantograph, a rare and beautiful specimen.


NUREMBERG 2013 Tillig showed the only new signing for TT scale this year, which is the German electric locomotive E 10, still in prototype stage to receive numerous decorations. Moreover P8 locomotive already announced in previous editions is in the form of unfinished prototype, but a nice touch pointing and quality, also we have an excellent reproduction of DDM 916 trucks The rest of TT scale developments are numerous versions and updates of existing material decoration catalog, as V.200.0, E18 and different cars and wagons. In H0 scale we could see as well as the reproduction of the private tank car GATX and two floors of the S-Bahn Zurich network of the SBB .

Trix presented as new a steam locomotive BR 03 of the DB Pacific type, made ​​of metal and equipped with sound decoder. To celebrate the centenary of the Bavarian steam locomotive type mallet Gt 2 x 4/4, later 96 of the DRG series, be offered in a version corresponding to its first state. Reedit again the BR 01 locomotives 118, 103 and E 10 electric and modern BR 152 and BR 260 of the DB. For TRIX club members this year be offered in the locomotive BR 58 of the DB, a former G12 of KPEV, made ​​entirely of cast metal, with sound and smoke generator. For fans of the Swiss railways announcing the crocodile locomotive Ce 6/8II of CFF, accompanied by locomotive Re 4/4I version without front door and four cars Eanos of CFF. 44

NUREMBERG 2013 The electric locomotive SJ Dm3 triple body, along with the two bodies EL 12 are also new to TRIX. The range “Trix Express� system 3 rails and DC, returns to its catalog with 103.1 DB locomotive and four cars long distance. In N scale, Minitrix announced for the French market the diesel locomotive BB 67400 and the novelty unprecedented diesel locomotives BR 217 and BR 212 of the DB. For Minitrix club members will be offered a steam locomotive BR 18.06 provided sound and smoke generating equipment. The locomotive BR 120 receives a special decoration for the 120th anniversary of the signing and Damtor station with various decorative elements integrated showed in a large layout.


NUREMBERG 2013 Uhlenbrock update the Daisy control to be renamed Daisy II, with new features and wired connection or antenna, and Loconet function, with the ability to use up to 20 commands in one system. Among the decoders is presented a new small format sound decoder with 8-pin socket. Automation systems MARCO and Lissy, can now be fully integrated with the optical control system and advanced functions without a computer.

Viessmann Robel showing the crane, with extraordinary idle and exceptcional finish, which completes with the installation of a decoder DCC and Motorola equipped with RailCom and analog operation. This decoder will go on sale and surprising their small size and power output of 1.8 A. and susi connector, equipped with 8-pin connector or cable. Another even smaller decoder and power of 0.8 A. will be available for smaller locomotives.


NUREMBERG 2013 Vollmer in H0 scale model already known advantage of the its merchandise store to create a new market-shaped building, with a successful color of walls and ceilings, as well as numerous accessories that contribute to a great realism to the model. Another small but useful is building machinery factory with railway access. For scale N proposes several buildings among which a nice shop juices. Finally in the two scales are the same model proposed residential building, that we can leverage as a luxury hotel in a more conceptual layout.

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