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in nto t yyour ourr oow ou wn ccu ust stom m into own custom mail box! Each stone cast item undergoes an intense creation process before you or I can buy it off the shelf. Each work of art begins when Steve and Marika commission an artist to create the initial design. I won’t give away their process entirely, but there are numerous stages of design, casting, and finally creating molds before the first stone piece can even be created; and no piece is presented to the customer without Steve and Marika ensuring the final product is perfect. In addition to stone items, they also boast an impressive display of laser cut metal art, and some fabulous lighting creations that had me wandering around staring at the ceilings. There is also a huge selection of posters by KRAM available, and something I have never seen, they actually make baptismals. Cool idea and something I’m sure ministers would love; no more wet clothes for the padre who buys one of these!

Remember that 1,800 pound item I mentioned earlier? Well it happens to be a part of the Nunnikhoven V-Twin

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Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa March 2015  
Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa March 2015  

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