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they import American coal to power their power plants because it is the least expensive and most efficient fuel to use. At least here in America, air quality standards exist, not often the case elsewhere.

CONSPIRACY? Since we last talked by edict of our elected masters, the United States of America has decided to stop using coal as an energy source. This seems strange to me, especially considering that fact that within our borders are the largest coal reserves in the world. Because of this the hard-working folks that live in coal country are facing an unemployment rate of 20% or more. Fortunately, thanks to advances in technology (fracking), the U.S. is producing more natural gas than ever before, so conveniently natural gas is what the government bureaucracy has decided we should use to produce electricity. Like many, I use natural gas to heat my home. I was hoping that somehow this newly found resource would reduce my bill. I should have known that the government would have found a way to ‘suck up’ any extra money. OK, I get it; we want to use a cleaner fuel to help save mother earth. I’ll save the discussion about how insignificant human activity is when we consider the history of the planet. We’re just not that important. Besides, the last time I looked, China was located on the same planet as I am, and in China they burn anything. You can actually see the air there. The fact is

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I’m thinking that it might be time to not trust anything, follow the money and find out what is really going on. Has anyone noticed that it has been 2 years now since you could reliably find 22LR ammunition at the store, regardless of price? I’ve read all the theories about why, but it smells fishy. This is America, if there is money to be made someone is going to build a new factory for profit’s sake. The government has been unable to pass any new gun control legislation, but I believe that they are somehow controlling the ammunition supply. The present administration has time and time again revealed its disdain for nearly everything we all grew up believing was “American”. We have a president that doesn’t respect the Constitution and a gutless Congress that has been unwilling to do anything about it. I started my life being hopeful. Now I’ve come to realize that N to survive I need to be cynical, not really believe in anything. I believe what I see, and not much of what I’m told. I believe what I know, and one thing I know is that a new legislative session is underway in my state. Once again, someone who doesn’t know me can push a new law through that could change my life, unless I’m paying attention. We all need to get off the couch and do our job, make the calls, do the research, write a check and most importantly show up. It matters. ABATE of Iowa Lobby Day is Wednesday February 25th. Come to the State Capital Building at 7-7:30 am, meet and greet your representatives. It makes a difference. Questions or comments:


Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa February 2015  
Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa February 2015  

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