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99 Counties to tour on the bike, 99 counties to tour, take one down, drive on around, 43 counties to tour on the bike. A few years back, a summer riding goal was to ride through each one of the counties of Iowa, and what was found was a wealth of interest and beauty. Each month I will revisit each county as a featured article. I will tell you about new things to see, places to ride, and give you a little spark of touring curiosity for our state of Iowa. Linn County Iowa People, people and more great people that is what I found in Linn County Iowa. It amazed me how many dedicated riders I ran into. Moms, Dads, kids, wives, husbands, grandmothers, business owners, blue collar men in uniform and about every other kind of rider you could run across. A little about Linn County to start us off, Linn County is located on the eastern side of the state about half way up from north to south. It is an older county having been settled in 1839 and named after the Missouri senator, Lewis Linn. Linn County is also a little bit bigger than a good share of our counties taking up 725 square miles of rich, black Iowa dirt! The county seat is in Cedar Rapids and there are more little towns surrounding it then you can shake a stick at, I took some time and focused in on a few of them and it was well worth the time!

mothers and grandmothers turned out to be riders! Their entire families ride! We chatted for a while and then it was time to skitter off down the road. D62 D took me m through a few other burgs b and on to Hwy13. I headed h south a bit and saw a sign s for Paris. What girl W doesn’t want d to t say they have been to h Paris? I hung P a right on D66 and off I went to the major metropolis of Paris, Iowa, there was not a lot there but there was this great little bridge with beautiful Iowa scenery, worth the little detour.

I continued wandering and headed south on W58 for a bit, back east on E16 and tooled around bringing me into Central City. Growing up my grandparents had a cabin on the Wapsipinicon River near Independence, Iowa so while traveling through Central City I happened upon a bar called the Wapsi River W Bar B and Grill. I mean, how could I not stop? c As A it turned out o the place was w closed, I entered Linn County in a cage from the northwest however h there corner on county road D62 and came to the little was w someone burg of Walker. I was drawn in by a businesses sign inside in so I went advertising groceries and a flower shop. That’s the to t the door. I thing about little towns, businesses often do double was w graciously duty. When I entered the little building I no longer let l in and the found groceries but I did find lots of flowers and two owner arrived a few moments later. As it turned out great Karen, the proprietor was a rider herself! Had been for ladies l la most of her adult life. So not only is the Wapsi River Bar talking t and Grill owned and run by women they are women about a their riders! Just for the holidays, h record, they are welcoming w open almost all of to t a the time, 6AM for strange s breakfast until 2AM lady la with most nights. the th biker magazine. m An interesting point As A luck about this county is would w have that not all the road it these two signs are on their suburban s own poles. Some are looking lo on telephone poles Thunder Roads Magazine Maagaazi zine n of ne of Io Iowa owa wa on on Facebook Face Fa c bo ce book okk www ww w th hun unde derr de 1188 - TRMI TRMI RM MI FEBRUARY FEBR FE BR RUA UARY R 22015 RY 0 5 01

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa February 2015  
Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa February 2015  

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