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Times Issue 32

It’s 2011 and I am sure many of us will have made New Year’s resolutions to do something better. Here at Synseal we have resolved to do lots of things better! Resolution 1 - Help our customers sell more • • • • • •

Bi-fold door kits New lead free Legend suite New Part M door thresholds Trade counter ‘makeovers’ for silicones and accessory sales New portal frame service Artisan from stock

Resolution 2 – Help our customers make products more economically

Resolution 3 – Help our customers enter new markets • • • •

Portal frame team New commercial team Support for architects on NBS and wind loading calculations New recycled products

Resolution 4 – Develop our people and premises so we are better able to support you in the future • NVQ’s in customer care • Management development • Recruitment • New showroom/gatehouse/canteen/reception • Customer development workshops

Resolution 5 – Help each other to make more money together in 2011! Bring it on!

• • • •

New plastic reinforcings are cheaper than steel and improve window performance Envirosill is cheaper, great value and environmentally sound Reduce your admin costs with online ordering Multi-chambered outer frames save money on expensive glass

David Leng, Chief Executive

Common Road, Huthwaite, Nottinghamshire NG17 6AD Tel: 01623 443200 Fax: 01623 550243

Make no sacrifice Don’t sacrifice efficiency for compliance! Are you concerned that companies who sell windows based on U-values have a competitive advantage to those who have invested in WERs? You needn’t be, says David Leng, Chief Executive of Synseal. Using WER’s to sell windows is the right thing to do. Much has been discussed about Fensa’s decision to unveil its U-value calculator at the ‘eleventh hour’, with many fabricators in particular concerned that they had been coerced into investing unnecessary funds into the Window Energy Ratings scheme. They feel that those fabricators that had sat idly by and shown little concern over whether or not they will comply with the revised building regulations have been handed a commercial advantage because their systems will be cheaper for retail companies, who are choosing to prove compliance via the U-value route, to buy. I can well understand that some people will feel aggrieved at the way WERs have appeared to have been undermined by Fensa’s surprise U-value calculator launch, but as the dust started to settle, I did a few calculations and it quickly transpired that following the WER route is far more cost effective than following the U-value route, when using our recently developed, more energy-efficient framing systems for 3 reasons: 1 Fabricators can produce a building regs compliant window using WERs for £5-£6 per window less than the U-value route (cash that cheque however you wish)


Retailers will sell more windows on a like for like price basis using WER’s instead of U-values (ask your non-industry partner what a U-value is to clarify this point!)


Fitters can install a good quality 60mm (intermediate) outer framed window quicker and cheaper than a 50mm frame + add ons because of plaster line issues (and at the end of the day fitters are a key decision maker in our industry!)

Let me explain. The U-value calculation is a very crude method of determining the energy performance of a window. It puts too much emphasis on the glass element, and not enough on the frame, which leads to a gross over-specification of glass.


Visit for further information

Synseal has developed a new outer frame and thermal inserts (that can be used in sashes and mullions up to 1.4m) which perform exceedingly well, and have a real impact on window energy ratings. A fabricator producing 100 frames per week, who wants to prove building regulation compliance via the WER route, can save around £32,000 per year, compared to making frames that comply via the U-value route. This is assuming they were using a Synerjy profile with thermal inserts, which would negate the need for either low-iron glass, warm edge spacer, or argon gas filling. The saving is often around £5-£6 per square metre for lower specification glass units. On top of this, you really mustn’t forget about the marketing advantage that WERs offer. Just because some retail companies aren’t supplying their salespeople with the right tools to go out into the marketplace to effectively sell energy rated products to homeowners, doesn’t mean that you can’t.

In fact, it gives you a better reason for doing so. The homeowner is already primed to understand that ‘A’ is better than a ‘B’ – the door is already part opened. The main excuse, I hear, that window companies give for not enthusiastically pushing WERs is: “homeowners aren’t asking for them”. Whereas, those companies that I know are actively promoting the familiar rainbow label are reporting a brisk trade. Despite the general push to get companies to ‘sell’ energy efficiency, and to use WERs as a valuable marketing tool, many are still resorting to selling on price, and undercutting competitors. Which is a shame, but at least if companies prefer to sell windows on price, they’d find it easier if they did it with energy rated products, preferably using Synseal of course, for which we know that the formula works.

Thermal reinforcements & 5 chambered outerframes How to produce cost effective energy efficient windows Synseal’s range of thermal reinforcements and thermally chambered frames for: • A+ rating on the BFRC Energy Index • 1.6 W/m2K U-value or C rated to achieve new Build Regulations The British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) introduced the Window Energy Rating (WER) labelling scheme to assist consumers to make an informed decision regarding the energy performance of a window. The energy ratings label is in a traffic light style and gives a rating based on the performance of the whole window (frame and glass) and therefore allows your customers to compare one window from another and make an informed choice. Not only can it save an enormous amount of money on energy bills, (which today seems to be the most expensive payout for many homeowners), but as well it contributes to saving the environment. Every time your customers listen to the television or radio, or read a newspaper it is reported that energy prices are going to keep rising, so reducing their energy usage is more important than ever.

The label awarded to your window shows the following information:• • • • •

The Window Rating Energy Index Thermal Transmittance (the U-value) Solar Factor Effective Air Leakage

Thermal reinforcements are approved to BS 5750, are as effective as steel in 1600 pascal tested windows and much easier to handle. They can be cut with a PVCu saw and any off cuts can be recycled with any other PVCu waste and are secured in place by normal PVCu screws. As the reinforcements are made from 100% recycled PVCu your windows can then be fully recycled at the end of their lifecycle. Lighter, easier to handle than steel and easier to drill when fixing, these products are certainly installer friendly, can assist in improving your energy ratings and offer technical, commercial and environmental advantages over steel or aluminium reinforcements. Thermal reinforcements and 5 chambered frames are available for the Legend, SynerJy and Shield window systems and 5 chambered frames are available for the Evolve window system.

reinforcements compared with steel reinforcements – so achieving an A to C rated window using cheaper glass is easily achieved.

Visit for further information.

Synseal ‘SynerJy’ PVC-U Casement

1.41 W/m2K 1.45 W/m2K 0. W/m2K

By using thermal reinforcements and 5 chambered outer frames you can significantly save on the cost of glass because of the improved thermal performance of the

Warm at heart Synseal is warm at heart Synseal’s Greg Tabberer has been accredited by the BFRC for his energy simulations, proving that the extrusions company is at the forefront of the window energy ratings market. Richard Bate, technical director of independent agency Build Check, guided Greg through a gruelling training course. Having this strength at the heart of the company

means that Synseal can offer its customers a value-added service. For example, customers can now receive bespoke WER reports absolutely free. Synseal’s Chief Executive, David Leng, was also behind his new BFRC-accredited employees. “This company is a modern vibrant organisation that is constantly adapting to the needs and requirements of our customers. In this instance, it is perfectly clear that we need to be experts in the field of energy simulations, so we have filled that gap in our knowledge. Congratulations to Greg for his accreditation, and I look forward to seeing how our customers use this new facility.” See page 10 and read how Greg Tabberer joined Synseal.

Greg Tabberer, WER Simulator – R&D Technician


EASY to make, EASY to fit, EASY to sell Synseal’s new bi-fold door system is EASY to make, EASY to fit, EASY to sell

• All components are designed to fit as a complete system to reduce fabrication time and to save money

It is a complete system for manufacturing reliable PVCu bi-fold doors with fewer components and drastically reducing assembly time.

• Uses existing door profiles reducing stock holding

Rigid aluminium tracks prevent excessive flex so the doors run smoothly even on long spans with multiple door leaf configurations. Synseal’s bi-fold doors use standard Legend, Shield and SynerJy door profiles to reduce your stock holding and utilise Siegenia and Mila gearing. We designed the system in consultation with customers who were already fabricating bi-fold doors, creating a complete system that is simpler to make and more reliable. • Lower threshold because there is no need to use add ons • Thermally broken top and bottom aluminium tracks improves thermal efficiency and reduces condensation • Available in white and brown • Improved aesthetics due to colour matched tracks

• Tracks are 4050mm or 6350mm long so wide span openings can be easily manufactured

• Special sealing weather strips complete the professional look of the door • Uses proven Siegenia and Mila gearing and hardware • Increased structural strength means the finished product is easier to transport • Open in and open out options available Synseal can provide you with all tracks, covers, weather strips, gearing and hardware necessary to assemble your bi-fold doors. The top and bottom tracks are supplied in single lengths and the gearing and hardware is in a kit specific to the door configuration being made. By selling bi-fold doors you are selling the fastest growing product in home improvements – a product that your customer will want to buy.

Contact us today for more information.

New Part M compliant low threshold to suit Legend, SynerJy and Shield profiles Synseal has launched a range of low thresholds for doors that need to comply with Part M of the building regulations. Approved Document M ensures that everyone has equal access to buildings, with a particular focus on disabled people. For example, wheelchair users should be able to enter shops and offices without confronting steps or obstructive thresholds. Therefore, Synseal has designed a series of low thresholds to complement its Shield, Synerjy, and Legend profiles. The thermally broken aluminium low profiles come in a kit which includes:


• 1m x 2m long aluminium threshold (including pre-inserted gasket) • 1m x 2m long aluminium weatherbar (seal carrier including pre-inserted gasket) • 2 sets of door jamb injection mouldings • 2 x sets of weatherbar end caps • Four foam sealing inserts The aluminium threshold is thermally broken for greater thermal efficiency and is available in silver and gold. “Synseal is a growing force to be reckoned with in the commercial sector,” Synseal CE David Leng said. “Low thresholds, to accompany our leading profiles, open the door to this lucrative market for many of our leading fabricators.” Open out version available from February 2011

Coming soon! EVi is being refurbished! The Synseal exhibition vehicle (affectionately known as EVi) is being designed entirely to present all of the Synseal product benefits to our customers. The atmosphere has been carefully considered, the exhibition unit is air conditioned, carpeted throughout, and thoughtfully lit. The whole ambience is one of comfort, whilst allowing

you or your customers the freedom to get up close and personal with the Synseal products. EVi is currently being refurbished to include not only the window systems, but bi-fold doors, conservatory roofs, vertical sliding sash windows, the Artisan range and much much more! So if you are a Synseal customer and would like a visit from EVi for an open day, product launch or sales training day simply call Lyn Hughes on 01623 443200 and she will do the rest.

Synseal’s new flagship showroom – details to follow!

Synseal can now print in 3D! As part of our investment in research and development we have recently purchased a 3D printer! The new HP Designjet 3D printing solution enables design professionals to achieve faster time-to-market and cost-savings during product development. Using 3D CAD designs, we are now able to print precise durable plastic models to evaluate form, fit and function. These high quality models are true to the original design and enable our Research & Development Team to keep control of our valuable design ideas in house!

Evolve your business... ...install the ‘A’ rated Evolve Vertical Slider

performance will retain their pristine appearance year after year with minimal maintenance.

The appearance of a building is very important especially if it is a period property or in a conservation area.

So your customers have the best of both worlds; the charm and character of a traditional vertical slider and the benefits of a modern PVCu window, with their low maintenance attributes avoiding the need for costly cleaning chemical, varnishes and paints.

PVCu sliding sash windows from Synseal give your customers a window to complement their home and you more opportunities to sell.

• Available in 5 days

Our fully sculptured VS windows offer the character and charm of a traditional sash window with the long term performance of modern production materials. Excellent thermal properties will conserve heat, whilst weathering

Synseal ‘SynerJy’ PVC-U Casement

• Lead free • Available in white, ivory, Irish oak, cherrywood, white woodgrain, cream woodgrain or ‘on-white’ options • Matching trims are available for a professional finish

1.41 W/m2K 1.45 W/m2K 0. W/m2K


Synseal’s Cavseal The fast and effective solution for closing cavities in masonry walls

Made with 100% recycled PVCu, Cavseal greatly reduces its impact on the environment.

• BBA certified up to 200mm cavity widths

• Fast clip together assembly

Synseal’s Cavseal recycled PVCu cavity closer speeds up the build process and boosts productivity of window installers and bricklayers.

• Robust design

Cavseal is available in 3 widths, is fully recyclable and is easy to handle and install. Fabrication is simple with clip together corners and profile which is just square cut.

Suitable for large or small developments, Cavseal closes off cavities in masonry walls and features a universal click-fix system to securely fit the complete pre-glazed window after the wall is completed. Cavseal’s strong box construction clips together with robust corners to form a durable cavity closer unit. Once fitted the window is simply slotted into place using the secure click-fix frame snapper.

• Integral head vent option to meet building regulation requirements

• No adhesives required • Fast and accurate installation

• Factory foam filled

• System is suitable for 50, 75 and 100mm cavities • Made with 100% recycled PVCu

• Compatible with most window systems • Windows can be fitted from inside or outside the building • Helps to achieve compliance with HSE working at height guidelines

It couldn’t be simpler If you have made the sale don’t send your customer away... sell them some more!

Synseal are able to supply you with a wide range of sealants, foams, adhesives and accessories, and we are confident that you’ll find the right products for your project. All products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9002 quality system and we are committed to delivering to you high quality products at the most competitive prices. So when placing your window system or conservatory roof order…don’t forget to order your consumables. And if you have a trade counter make sure that your customers have access to the full range of product and they will keep coming back for more! One stop shop for all your accessories! One order, one delivery, one invoice it couldn’t be simpler!


50 trade counter ‘makeovers’ will be available this year. Call Lyn Hughes on 01623 443200 to book your makeover.

Take the environmental option & save some money! Envirosill is made from post consumer recycled windows with a skin of virgin PVCu applied to the seen faces to ensure aesthetics and performance is not compromised. Envirosill minimises its impact on energy and resources, supports your environmental management and gives your customers an eco-friendly option to help minimise their carbon footprint – it’s a bit cheaper too!

Synseal’s Evolve The narrower, cost effective, energy efficient 60mm profile window designed for the new build market. Evolve 60mm allows the new build contractor to reduce window sizes and therefore increase the thermal efficiency of a new build property. Smaller frames and sections ensure that heat loss is minimised through design. The focus on thermal efficiency does not compromise aesthetics though. An invisible white gasket has been incorporated into the design ensuring all sightlines are identical and an attractive double sculpture curve has been added to the profile ensuring Evolve 60mm is our most elegant system. The Evolve 60mm system has been designed with energy ratings in mind with multi-chambered sash and frame as standard.

• Lead free • Thermally chambered • Fully sculptured • Hidden gasketry • Fully suited • Range of sculptured architraves • Compatible vertical sliding sash window option • Fully suited Astragal bars available • BS12608 accredited • Certified under ISO 9001 quality systems and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems • Window sills with integral window board receptors • 24-28mm glazing options

Legend is now lead free!

Customers asking you for large structures with clear sightlines? Then call Synseal, we can design and build portal frame buildings to meet their individual needs.

From November 2010 we started to extrude new lead free Legend. The profile will be slightly whiter in colour and identifiable by a thicker protape.

These buildings are ideal for commercial, leisure, agricultural and industrial use and we can design for you any shape, size of building and even multi-storey aluminum structures – however complex.

It is our intention to move customers over to the new profile in smaller groups, working with our customers to reduce their existing stocks.

• Erected and occupied more quickly than traditional buildings

The coloured variants of Legend will not be affected as they have been lead free for some years now. The benefits of changing to the new profile is that it is lead free and will be attractive to local authorities and ‘green’ connoisseur customers. The new Legend will match existing patio doors and Global roof colour and has matching trims. If you are a Legend customer we will be contacting you soon to discuss the changeover. As part of the new product development, we have also redesigned the Legend 70 logo. You will start to see the new logo appearing on the website, marketing material and pro-tape.

Synseal bring you a new portal frame department!

• Available in any RAL colour • Complex structures achievable • Structural calculations service • Installation service available

ng Comi ! o so n

Legend Ovolo available spring 2011

We use the latest structural modeling software and will support you every step of the way – from quotation to installation! Simply provide us with your exact dimensions and specifications and we’ll do the rest.

Contact: Colin Poole on 07739 327091 or Mark Carver on 07739 327092


Photography competition Enter our commercial photography competition for a chance to win a 1 day ISO 14001 consultation If you would like to showcase your commercial projects and enter our competition just send your photographs to

The 1 day inspection will give you invaluable support to help you achieve this environmental management accreditation. Synseal have achieved ISO 14001 accreditation and using our expertise will help you become environmentally legally compliant and assist your internal audit, environmental and waste management systems. Achieving ISO 14001 makes it easier to tender for commercial projects, as well as delivering cost benefits in terms of waste management fees and the reduction of energy consumption. Closing date is the 30th April 2011.

Synseal signs RIBA list deal Synseal has signed a three-year deal with the Royal Institute of British Architects The NBS system is a service open to all of RIBA’s 50,000 members, and it is used on most major construction projects.

Visit for further information

The decision to target architects in this way forms part of Synseal’s strategy to invest in the new build and commercial sector. Products listed on the NBS include Legend 70, SynerJy, and Shield – these are now available to specifiers for inclusion in contract tenders. The RIBA membership will also have access to the technical details of the Synseal Cavseal cavity closer, Envirosill, Synsil sealants, bi-fold door

systems, and the in-line Patio Door set for inclusion in tender documents. To complement this arrangement with RIBA, Synseal has also committed to the Institute’s online product selector, which gives specifiers access to Synseal’s literature and systems without having to subscribe to the NBS writing service. “Many companies put themselves at risk because they only target one sector,” said David Leng, Synseal’s Chief Executive. “Synseal has valuable experience in all sectors, and it is vital that we continue to expand and promote that experience so that we can grow and offer our customers the very best products and services. We have spent millions in the last 2 years developing products specifically for these markets and this deal is all about making those products and the knowledge of how to use them widely available”.

Wind check Designed for Architects, Synseal’s Formulus Wind Load Calculator has gone live on the Synseal website Primarily designed to be used by architects and other professional specifiers, Formulus is


available free of charge to anyone wishing to make such calculations to ensure compliance with the Building Regulations. The Formulus Calculator has been designed to be very simple to use, removing the need for complex mathematical modelling and will produce accurate results quickly, with printable results that may be included in reports, attached to drawings etc. Just choose the preferred window style from a pre-determined list, enter a maximum of three dimensions, the approximate

distance of the project from the coast, the approximate location on a map and the height/ width of the proposed building. Press the calculate button on screen and Formulus will advise the required re-enforcement for the design. David Leng, Synseal’s Chief Executive, said “This is another step by Synseal towards making it easier for our fabricators to win commercial work. Following on from our ISO 14001 accreditation and our NBS specification tool we are building up quite a package”.

New website Synseal’s new website and online ordering Synseal will be launching its new website for trade customers over the next month, which will include online ordering – a move which reflects the company’s ethos of continuing product development. Synseal’s previous trade site had been hugely beneficial to the company and its customers because it was packed with product information, technical details, and company news.

Online ordering will be a key feature of Synseal’s new website, demonstrating the company’s eagerness to harness new technologies and make life simpler for its customers. While many customers are happy with the tried and tested method of phone calls and faxes, Synseal believes that this is not a good enough reason not to explore other methods. “Computers, and the internet, are central to every office – whether large or small,” said Andy. “Most people have had some experience of ordering items through Amazon, Tesco, Ebay, or some other shopping site, so it isn’t as though we are introducing an alien concept.”

through, then phoning through to see if the order has arrived, then waiting for that person to check, then being told that someone will call them back, then repeating the process a week or so later. Instead, online ordering will be available 24 hours a day, order confirmation is immediate, and the order history is always available, so there is less risk of duplication.

However, it was felt that website design, and the expectations people had about websites, had come a long way since Synseal’s site was first launched. Therefore, a new website has been built from the ground up, and offers online ordering, greater ease of use, and a more contemporary interface.

“We had a lot of fun building the new website,” said Andy Potts, Synseal’s Digital Marketing Project Manager, “because there is so much that we can include. For example, information will be available on every product, along with instant downloads that don’t require you to log in. As you would expect, there will also technical manuals and CAD drawings, but we are taking it a step further by introducing apps and downloads such as window pressure calculators and WER programs.”

“We currently take orders by fax and telephone,” Andy said, “and by using the web customers can place orders easily when our staff are not in, ie, the weekend. They will also be able to create favourites lists so repeat orders can be processed instantly rather than writing the same fax over and over again, reducing the possibility of error. Customers will also receive quicker credit references, and will be able to track their orders at a touch of a button.” It has taken a year from conception and build time to launch, and testing has taken three months to ensure that the transition from fax ordering to online is smooth and straightforward.

Online ordering will essentially hand more control to Synseal’s customers. The traditional method is to fill out forms by hand (often repeat orders), then sit by the fax machine until it goes

Visit and take a look for yourself!


Graduate Gateway Through Graduate Gateway, Greg Tabberer secured a six-month placement and then a full-time job at Synseal. Greg was taken on to design new profiles and ancillary parts for Synseal and to investigate ways to make the products easier to manufacture, with the aim of saving the company time and money. Here is his story.

Greg Tabberer is BFRC accredited – see page 3 to read more

Engineering graduate Greg Tabberer thought his career was underway when he passed the initial application stages of graduate programmes with two global transport companies. But the 24-year-old from Derby had to think again when the recession took hold and both manufacturers cancelled their graduate intakes for the year. Despite registering with specialist agencies and checking the job ads in newspapers and websites on a daily basis, a good job proved difficult to find. Then Greg, who graduated from Loughborough University’s School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering in 2009, had a lucky break. “I saw an ad for Graduate Gateway in the Derby Evening Telegraph. I sent off my CV and, after a few weeks, the Graduate Gateway team at Loughborough secured me a placement at Synseal,’’ he said. Greg had just completed his degree in Product Design and Manufacture – a five-year sandwich course. At the end of Greg’s six-month placement, he was offered a full-time permanent position at the company. “I am really enjoying the work, they are a good group of people to be working with,’’ he added. He is keen to recommend Graduate Gateway to other graduates looking for work and to companies considering the scheme. “Graduate Gateway was there for me when I needed it. I have recommended it to other graduates looking for work. The current climate is making that search very difficult,’’ he said. Senior HR Manager Kevin Bush explains why they chose Graduate Gateway as the means to bring new blood into the company. “Employing a graduate brings a fresh set of eyes and a fresh approach to our organisation and we believe that is a valuable asset,’’ said Kevin. “We often recruit from within the industry but employing a graduate with no industry experience has its advantages. They bring with them the ability to question,’’ he added.


The company was very pleased with his contribution and offered him a fulltime post at the end of his project.

Greg Tabberer (L), WER Simulator – R&D Technician, Steve Musgrave (R), Manufacturing Director

Synseal’s Management Development Programme In business it is sometimes easy to focus less on management skills than the more exciting work of leadership! However, whilst leaders bring us challenges and vision, our managers must turn these into action. Managers at Synseal need an extensive set of capabilities– from planning and delegation to motivation and communication, and we believe that by investing in our management team our customers will reap the benefits long term.

From September 2010 we have introduced a new management development programme, run by Maguire Training in Mansfield. Its aim is to develop management skills across the business and to encourage teamwork.

Currently 8 managers are taking part in the first phase, but the courses will be rolled out across the business over the coming months. Kevin Bush, Senior HR Manager, comments “Managers at Synseal are responsible for making sure we deliver as a business. Effective management is an essential complement to strong leadership – vital for Synseal’s future growth and success.”

Good first impressions Synseal’s commitment to the environment is the first thing that visitors see when they enter our headquarters in Huthwaite, Nottinghamshire. The company’s upgraded gatehouse has been kitted out with new windows made from 100% recycled PVCu.

polymer, reduces the CO2 used in the extrusion of new material and diverts waste material from landfill. The frames were fabricated using Legend profile, which was extruded from 100% recycled PVCu and foiled with an Anthracite woodgrain and we manufactured our own roof from the market leading Global range.

Using recycled PVCu, rather than virgin polymer, benefits the environment in many ways, for example it reduces the consumption of the raw materials used in the manufacture of the

Synseal fleet news! The Freight Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is a unique, industryled membership scheme that aims to transform freight delivery into London. The scheme helps transport departments become even safer, more environmentally focused and better equipped to deal with the pressures of driving in the capital city. Synseal have been awarded the Bronze FORS standard as it has been recognised that we are running a safe and compliant operation covering drivers

Stylish new welcome Synseal welcomes a large number of visitors to its factory and offices. For a much more professional image and a warmer welcome to Synseal there has been a complete overhaul of the Reception area. We have added new flooring, décor, lighting, a new seating area, visitor’s toilet and 3 new meeting rooms. Our excellent Reception Team look forward to welcoming you to Synseal very soon!

Training at Synseal raises the bar Synseal’s Training Department has been a hive of activity recently. Over 25 of our Fork Lift Truck Drivers team have successfully completed the rigorous NVQ Level 2 in Plant Operations. As an added bonus, those who have successfully completed have also been awarded the coveted RTITB licence. Once completed, we will have over 40 fully qualified and licensed drivers on site.

Pictured here, receiving their awards from David Leng: Chief Executive and Mukhtar Singh of Telford College and driver management, vehicle maintenance and fleet management, transport operations and the regular assessment of our company policies. We will now be working towards a Silver standard.

To read more on the FORS scheme visit

Also well on the way is a major programme throughout the Company based on the NVQ Level 2 in Business Improvement Techniques, the leading NVQ qualification for those who are looking to introduce LEAN principles in their organisations. Ambitious plans are in place to extend the qualification throughout Synseal including our office based staff.

During 2011 Synseal will be introducing 9 new vehicles to its fleet – making a total of 39 vehicles covering the UK. The new vehicles will be more environmentally friendly and fuel efficient.

Shown are just a few of our proud recipients of the qualification certificates with David Leng and Stuart Adams of Telford College Synseal’s drivers have been back to school! Thirty four drivers have completed Driving A Goods Vehicle NVQ Level 1 and 2. NVQ in logistics are work based learning qualifications designed to recognise and enhance the skills of people from the logistics and transport sectors. Well done team!

If that’s not enough, we are also launching a major initiative to improve our customer service. All of our customer facing staff will be encouraged to train and qualify under the NVQ 2 in Customer Service.


Artisan pulls in the work DDG Windows, of Ilford, Essex, has found that a large project it completed in Newbury Park, using Artisan woodgrain foil, has resulted in extra interest from other builders and developers in the area, leading to an increase in high-end projects. Synseal fabricator and installer, DDG Windows, worked alongside its parent company, DBS Ltd, on the nine-month project, which included a 75% rebuild. The homeowners had decided to modernise the semi-detached house by extending into the loft and incorporating many glass features, including glass balustrades, french doors, bi-folding doors and a porthole window. “We designed the apex roof, and installed the Artisan-foiled windows,” Raj Nanji, one of DDG’s directors, said. “The homeowners went for Woodgrain Brilliant White on the inside, and Black on the outside, to match the tiles. It’s the first project we’ve completed in this colour, and we were pleased when we made them. However, once they were in place, they looked fantastic.” In the rest of the house, DDG installed four bays, the front and rear doors, two sets of bi-folds, three sets of French doors (including one on a juliette balcony on the first floor), and a porthole window that was made using seven individual panes of glass and profile bent by DDG’s inhouse team – Discount Arches.

The Artisan colours used for the rest of the house were Woodgrain Brilliant White on the inside, and AnTeak on the outside. DDG also installed the glass balustrade on the patio, and the glass staircase. “This is the first project that we have completed using Artisan woodgrain foil,” Raj explained, “and we appear to be the only ones in the area using it. Since starting this project we’ve carried out other projects where the homeowners have mixed their foils. ” ” For example, one had black on the outside and Irish Oak on the inside, while another had windows with two types of oak. One real benefit of Artisan is that we can compete with the timber boys – we’ve got the scope of timber but the benefits of PVCu. We’ve had builders and developers taking a close look at our projects and have been surprised that they are PVCu. As a result, we’ve been asked to work on high-end jobs where we wouldn’t have traditionally been considered.” Raj also said the company’s bi-fold doors have become increasingly popular, despite the assumption by many that aluminium is better suited to bi-folds than PVCu. “We’ve been doing PVCu bi-folds for 15 years, and we have many happy customers,” Raj said. “Aluminium does have its plus points, but with the Artisan woodgrain foils and other features – such as integral blinds – our bi-folds have added a modern touch to many houses over the years.”

Selected Artisan colours now available from stock! Customers are demanding coloured windows and conservatory roofs more and more.

Colours available:

So to help you stay ahead of your competition, and to give your customers exactly what they want, we are stocking the most popular colours for each system.

Black/brown, cream, Irish oak

Don’t forget the trims are already available ex stock.

Black/brown, chartwell green

Get ahead of the competition and get more sales place your order today!


Conservatory roof kits available on 3 and 5 day lead time, colour outside, white inside Black/brown, cream, chartwell green, grey

Black/brown, cream, grey

Global UPVC creates ‘wall of glass’ Global UPVC completed an impressive 18-month contract over the summer, which saw new accommodation for medical students built in Winchester. Main contractor Cowlin Construction brought Synseal fabricator/installer Global UPVC on board at the design stage, and invited them to pitch following previous successful contracts of a similar nature. The 500-room accommodation block required the installation of 2,000 windows, and Caerphilly-based Global UPVC employed four men full-time on the project. Managing Director, Jon Dowse, explained that the installation was far from straightforward, and required careful planning and negotiation on their part. “The new block was built on the side of a hill, which threw up a challenge for everyone working on site,” he said. “Since there was no parking on site, all construction materials had to be unloaded by crane - it was vital that you adhered to your allotted time slots, otherwise there was a danger that you could miss out on a day’s work! As well as close liaison with the project management team, we also had to observe stringent health and safety rules because it was a live hospital site. However, my guys were well up to the task, and the installation was completed without any setbacks.”

The casement windows were made using Synseal’s Legend 70 profile specially foiled Grey. Unusually, 90% of the glass units were coloured black, with 10% providing clear views - ‘windows’ - to the outside. This essentially created a wall of glass. Global UPVC was recently involved in the construction of – at the time – the country’s tallest timber-framed building. The three new tower blocks - each six floors high – were built in Cardiff as accommodation for students. The 12-month contract required the installation of 900 tilt and turn windows constructed using Legend 70 in white. “This project formed part of a wider contract, which sees the construction of medical student accommodation across the country,” Jon Dowse, Global UPVC’s Managing Director explained. “Our expertise on these projects means that the design team regularly involves us at the design stage, and it is something of a compliment that we are repeatedly asked to pitch for similar projects.” Tim Armitage, Synseal’s Sales Director, said that this project was further proof that the PVCu window industry was becoming increasingly modern. “It is amazing that some still view PVCu as a cheaper option,” he said. “Companies such as Global UPVC are constantly pushing the envelope and proving that it is a modern desirable construction material.”

A Sign of quality at office refurbishment Not only did Said Construction achieve greatly improved energy efficiency when they replaced all the old aluminium framed windows during an Oxford office block refurbishment, but they also finished up with an appealing new look for the building.

high profile and large volume contracts for Sign Windows, including two other properties for the same client on the same street!

Behind the project was Sign Windows, a wellrespected Leicester company that has been manufacturing and supplying high quality windows, doors and conservatories for more than 25 years. This was the latest in a series of

Working to a tight schedule and phasing installation around other building works happening at the same time, the Sign team had to work long hours and weekends but brought the job in on time for a highly delighted client.

The project involved the fabrication and installation of 50 very large tilt and turn windows, measuring 1.8m high x 3.5m wide. These were fabricated at Sign’s own factory, from legend profile in a perfect shade of Artisan grey, which complemented the new grey cladding which was also part of the re-fit.


Synseal opens the door to a perfect partnership Market leaders in patio door manufacture, Sliders-UK, has started production of the Synseal Patio Door, an arrangement that promises to bring further benefits to fabricators and installers of Synseal products. Sliders-UK make more than 400 patio doors a week, and supply throughout the UK on a fiveday turnaround. The company is widely regarded to be an expert in its field, and has partnered with an extrusion company to bring its expertise and exclusive market-leading hardware range to the Synseal Patio Door. It will be branded ‘Proslide’, and Synseal’s fabricator customers can benefit from this exclusive arrangement.

has come from super-fabricators all the way through to small family businesses, all of whom will benefit from Sliders-UK’s ‘product, service and value’. Steve Mines, Sliders-UK’s Sales Director, explained how the arrangement came about: “We looked at all potential patio partners and very quickly narrowed the decision down to the Synseal Patio Door. As a dedicated niche supplier we saw the association as the next stage in our growth, and we saw the opportunity of advancing the product into new markets. We have already

gained business with Proslide over other patio door systems, and have forward-thinking ideas for the advancement of the Proslide product.” Tim Armitage, Synseal’s Sales Director, said the arrangement with Sliders-UK was perfect. “Fabricators and installers of Synseal profiles are at the leading edge of this industry, and they make it their business to present to their customers the very latest the market has to offer,” he said, “and Synseal’s partnership with Sliders-UK helps them do that.”

Having commissioned a dedicated production line within its 42,000ft2 factory, and extending its fleet of 15 lorries to cover the whole of the UK in five days, Sliders-UK said that response to the Proslide has been phenomenal. Interest

Synseal and Pioneer continue historic relationship Chelmsford-based trade fabricator, Pioneer Trading Company, has signed a new three-year deal with Synseal, building on the strong 18-year relationship that the two firms have already developed. Pioneer Trading began over 20 years ago and is one of Synseal’s first customers. The company manufactures windows, doors and conservatories to the trade on two sites in Chelmsford Essex. “There’s a lot of great history between Synseal and Pioneer Trading,” Synseal’s Chief Executive, David Leng, said, “and it’s satisfying that our relationship continues apace. Pioneer is a fantastic ambassador for the double glazing industry. They champion modern methods of working, their products are first-rate and energy efficient, and the company’s owner, Danny WIlliams, has experience and knowledge of the industry that we should all share.”


Forty-six-year-old Danny Williams, Pioneer Trading’s founder, and one of the industry’s most recognisable figures, agreed that the bond between him and Synseal was strong, but not strong enough to warrant unswerving loyalty. “Pioneer and Synseal have grown up together, and we both understand how this industry operates,” he said. “I have a lot of respect for Synseal, but no supplier wins my custom on historic ties alone! “The reason why I continue to buy products from Synseal is because it is a modern, forward-thinking company that continues to innovate and listen to its customers’ needs. It’s difficult to put a price on it, but if we agree an action – whether that be a delivery date, a large complicated order, or a price – I know that Synseal will stick to it.” Pioneer employees have extensive experience and are highly trained with constant reviews of training requirements. The organisation operates a Quality Management System that has gained BS EN ISO 9001: 2000 certification, including aspects specific to the fabrication and supply of PVCu windows doors and conservatory roofs.

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David Leng (L), Synseal’s Chief Executive and Danny Williams (R), founder of Pioneer Trading

Topical tax advice Richard Farnsworth from our tax advisors, PwC, asks, ‘is your business structure tax efficient?’ Tax is a complicated thing at the best of times but it is important to check in from time to time to see if how you have things set up gives the best tax outcome. In the UK there are basically two ways in which you can be taxed on how you run a business – either through a company (in which case you have to deal with both company tax matters and then personal tax matters when you take any money out) or personally (via a sole trader, partnership or LLP) when you are taxed directly on all profits made by the business. Which of these structures is best for you will depend to a large extent on your personal circumstances as well as commercial reasons (for example a company may be more attractive to customers and the owners have only limited liability if operating via an LLP or company). However it is worth understanding the key tax differences.

Company The company will pay corporation tax on any profits it makes. The current rate is 21% for profits of up to £300,000 and then rises up to a maximum rate of 28% once profits are over £1.5m. (Rates falling to 20% and 27% from 1 April 2011)

As individuals, in order to benefit personally from the money in the company you need to then take it out - this will either be by way of salary/bonus or dividend. Any salary/bonus will require you to deduct PAYE and employees National Insurance Contributions (“NIC”) from the payments and leave the company with an Employers NIC cost as well. However they are deductible from profits in determining how much corporation tax the company has to pay. Dividends on the other hand do not suffer PAYE or any NICs but are not allowable deductions for corporation tax. However dividends are then taxable in the hands of the shareholder. This is all rather complicated but in general terms extracting money from a company by way of dividends will normally lead to a lower overall tax bill (and hence more cash in your pocket) than by salary/bonus.

Richard Farnsworth, Tax Director – PwC

Sole Trader/Partnership/LLP In this case you will be subject to income tax and Class 4 NIC on the profits that the business makes. There is no concept of dividends or salary/bonuses and these are not deductible from the profits in determining the income tax and NIC charge. It is important to note that the whole profit is taxable on you personally even if you need to retain some of the profits to reinvest in the business. Once profits exceed the higher rate income tax level of £150,000 this means that any additional profits are taxed at 50% which can be expensive.

For this reason often businesses may start off as sole traders and then decide to convert to a company when they get bigger.

Conclusion It is good practice to review your business operating structure from time to time to ensure that it optimises your tax position. In a future article we will look at some of the tax aspects around ownership of companies and partnerships/LLPs.

New products coming soon Here is a sumary of some of our exciting new products coming soon:

• Recycled door reinforcements

• New customer website

• New through sash horn on VS

• Integral bi-fold ring beam

• Box gutter clad joiners

• Full aluminium roof

• Customer workshops

• Lead flashings

• Ovolo Legend

• Cut length recycled reinforcements

Visit and take a look for yourself!


Welcome to Synseal With continued growth over the past year and our commitment to bring you new products, help you enter new markets, and help you sell more, we have grown our team! As such, we are pleased to welcome 8 new members of our team.

Leigh Daveran Mergers & Acquisitions Director Leigh is responsible for developing and managing Synseal’s acquisition strategy. In addition, he also performs the role of Financial Controller and strengthens the resource and capability in the Finance department required in operating within a leveraged environment. Leigh has over ten years’ experience in MBOs, fund raising, company acquisitions and disposals across owner managed, private equity backed and PLC businesses. Leigh trained and qualified as a chartered accountant in 2000, and spent four years at Ernst & Young’s transaction advisory practice before joining the award-winning international corporate finance advisory business Catalyst Corporate Finance in 2004.

Mark Davenport National Sales Manager Mark has been involved in a business to business sales environment since 1995, starting as an office junior with Hepworth. Mark progressed through the business in various Area Sales Manager roles, culminating in a first senior Sales Manager role with the business in 2004. Mark’s most recent role with Wavin was that of Divisional Sales Manager where he was responsible for a £70m divisional turnover, managing a 10-strong field-based sales team and selling the complete Wavin portfolio to drainage and plumbing contractors via the national distribution channel of builders and plumbers merchants. “I’ve had a fantastic time working for Hepworth and Wavin, where I’ve progressed from the sales office to Divisional Manager,” Mark said. “However, the time has come for a new challenge, and I am looking forward to being part of Synseal, which is clearly a successful, market-leading business.”

Gareth Jones

Mark Carver

Head of Marketing

Technical Sales – Portal Frames

Gareth Jones joined in February as Head of Marketing, and brings significant construction industry experience to the business. Previously he has held various senior business to business marketing positions including Head of Commercial Marketing at Marshalls PLC, a leading construction products company. At Marshalls, Gareth was responsible for development and delivery of B2B sales and marketing plans, product management, public relations and marketing communications. He will be working with Synseal’s Commercial and Technical teams to develop strategies for key markets, channels, customers, and ranges. He will also be developing and implementing marketing plans for Synseal’s new and existing products whilst providing support to customers to help to grow their sales.

Mark has worked in the construction industry since the 70’s, diversifying from a carpenter and joiner to the window and conservatory industry in the mid 1980’s. For the last 15 years he has specialised in large span and portal frame design and construction, gaining experience in this field from a number of posts. Mark says “This new position at Synseal is a superb opportunity to build a new portal department and refine our product offering and services whilst utilising all of the huge support and backing from the Directorship, Management and staff of Synseal.”

Stuart Wardle Global Sales Manager Stuart has worked within the window industry for 20 years, mainly in the conservatory roof market. Stuart says, “It’s a great opportunity to work for the UK’s number one conservatory roof company. I chose to work with Synseal because they’re committed to the UK market and are proactively working to support customers. I’m looking forward to working with existing customers to expand their business and introducing some new ones to Synseal.”

Brian Walker Fabricator Development Manager For the last 22 years Brian has worked within the windows industry providing technical support to the sales force and customer base. Brian says “I am very pleased to join one of the very few system companies in the UK which is moving forward and has a plan for increasing their market share. My role is to assist some of Synseal’s current fabricators to have the ability to manufacture, supply and install frames into the commercial market.”

Colin Poole General Manager - Portal Frames Colin has been in the industry for 25 years, but for the past 8 years he has specialised in the manufacturing, design and installation of portal structures. Because of the unique nature of these structures, from a single truss right through to very bespoke designs, it takes an expert to handle such a project and Colin is certainly the person to do it! Colin says “In my brief time here I have come to fully realise the true potential of what can be achieved with the right people, customers, and a company that is as progressive as Synseal”.

Mark Smith National Sales Manager Mark has joined Synseal as Commercial Sales Manager having worked as National Business Development Manager for Forbo Flooring, Eurobond and Protektor UK. Mark has a broad range of experience in construction contract sales and will be concentrating on ensuring that Synseal products are specified by architects and main contractors for the commercial construction market. Mark says “I’m excited to join Synseal at an important and exciting phase in the development of the company and to work with our customers to grow their commercial business.”

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