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Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum Trust, Inc.

2016 Annual Report (Submitted Fall 2017)

from the president’s desk Thank you for taking a few moments to review our 2016 Annual Report. We hope you find our yearly report card full of accomplishments and progress. We are extremely grateful for and thank the community, our guests and especially our supporters. Whether you volunteered your time, visited the museum, attended an event, or provided a monetary donation – we could not continue to grow and prosper as a nonprofit corporation without you. On behalf of our Board of Directors and our staff, thank you for honoring them with your presence.

here’s what our visitors and friends are saying about us:

“Too much to see in just a few hrs, but very impressive.”


MISSION STATEMENT Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum is the largest memorial in the United States dedicated solely to America’s military personnel, representing all branches of service and honoring both the career and citizen service member. Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum Trust, Inc.’s mission is to preserve a lasting tribute to those men and women of Pennsylvania who unselfishly gave of themselves in serving their country during the American Wars. Through educational outreach programs, museum exhibits, and veteran service programs, we share and promote the significance of the facility to the community as a living memorial, an educational asset, and a cultural treasure.

"Great place to visit and remember."


accomplishments & highlights Yet another year of sound fiscal management balanced with progressive improvements, Soldiers & Sailors’ once again ended the year with positive revenue numbers and a list of accomplishments, both large and small. From museum and artifact management to new programs and community events, 2016 was filled with “never a dull moment” happenings. Here are some of the boxes we checked off: + Began planning for museum exhibit improvements, including the initial evaluation by Heritage Museum Services to identify display case design strengths and weakness in order to become more technologically interactive; + Developed improved artifact storage and management tools for better research and educational access, including preservation and archiving processes; + Developed an art restoration program through funding, including the Hillman Family Foundation, to address preservation issues for several pieces of historic artwork; + Enhanced tours and visitor experiences with docents available for questions and answers; + Added more LED energy efficient bulbs and fixtures to the interior and exterior property; + Upgraded 80% of our restrooms with water conservative fixtures and features; + Hosted our first Family Night at the Museum – a free event focused on educational fun for the children with a scavenger hunt, re-enactors, hands on artifact exhibits, personalized dog tags, and much more; + Hosted three evening adult cocktail hours attracting nearly 800 guests for a unique and fun museum and memorial historical experience; Over 21 Night: Cocktails & Camaraderie

“Wonderful facility. Will spread the word to my friends!” 3

self-sufficiency In the year 2000, Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum Trust, Inc. began its journey of restoring our great memorial and its identity. The intent of our nonprofit organization’s mission was to become and remain relevant in our nation’s efforts to remember, honor and recognize our military veterans - - past, present, and future. Our specific efforts focus on our local veterans as well as those throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Since 2000, we have become a solvent, solid, and strong business, with each year seeing more success within our infrastructure. We continue to follow the basic principles and standards set forth by our board of directors and executives when we first began operating as an independent entity. With that focus, along with feasible visions and execution, our self-sufficiency remains one of our primary goals. In 2016, we progressed closer to that goal with increases in our facility rentals and programming revenues and decreases in our expenses. With that said, we must also recognize the impact of our annual funding supporters who help booster our operations and ability to drive on year after year. Thank you to the Allegheny Regional Asset District, The County of Allegheny, Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, the Hunt Foundation, the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation, the Hillman Foundation-Mary Hillman Jennings, the Patterson Charitable Trust, Grant Shipley, and the City of Pittsburgh. Our journey continues….

“Very impressed. Speechless. Will definitely return. T.Y." 2016 Memorial Day Celebration


other events, programs & happenings of interest Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald's Inauguration

• •

• • • • • •

Central Catholic High School Graduation

Over 21 Night: Cocktails & Camaraderie

Over 21 Night: The Silence of the Lambs Tribute

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Allegheny County Executive Inauguration 6th Annual African-American Heritage Celebration Tribute to African-American Soldiers* Family Evening at the Museum* Hall of Valor Induction Welcome Freshmen - Event features a, The Silence of the Lambs, movie night in partnership with the University of Pittsburgh* Fox News Interview with Donald Trump Museum Comes Alive: Cocktails and Camaraderie Over 21Night Future is Mine event - A High School student leadership conference and career exploration program Love Your Memorial beautification project Memorial Day Celebration* Yelp Swingin’ into Summer event Museum Comes Alive: The Fleet Is In Over 21 Night World War II History & Reading Summer Camp Senior Citizen Day * Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra /Salute to Vets Concert RAD Days* POW-MIA Vigil* U.S. Army Field Band Concert* Museum Comes Alive: Tribute to The Silence of the Lambs Over 21 Night Democratic Rally with Jon Bon Jovi U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Ceremony War on Terror Soldier Tribute during Penguins game features display of artifacts from War on Terror Veterans Day * Cannon Ball Celebration & Jam fundraiser 75th Anniversary Pearl Harbor Observance* Patriotic Holiday Concert* *Indicates FREE event

"Extremely beautiful artifacts. Well done. The auditorium is just amazing." 5

U.S Citizenship & Immigration Ceremony

Family Evening at the Museum

2016 Hall of Valor Induction Ceremony

2016 Love Your Memorial

S o l d i er s & Sa ilo r s is a s tunning set ting for any oc c asion. T h e c h a rt b e low ca te gorizes our paid 2016 event s.

University of Pittsburgh Design Expo

"Love that ballroom and all attractions."


Since 1910 when it first opened its doors, Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum has provided veteran organizations a place to gather. That tradition continues. In 2016, we hosted Veteran and military organizations whenever possible including the 10 listed below. • • • • • • • • • •

American Legion PA 9th Re-enactors Federation of War Veterans Operation Valor Arts VVI Veterans Advisory Council WAC WOSL WAVES Davis Star/Sons of Union Veterans

"Awesome facility – Thank you – Long line of vets including myself & now son @ academy." Soldiers & Sailors Auditorium 1915


communications, public relations & awareness Throughout 2016 the Marketing/Public Relations Department created and implemented numerous special events, marketing projects, community outreach programs and coordinated media investments to reinforce public relations and awareness. In addition to our annual major events including the Joseph A. Dugan Jr. Hall of Valor Induction Ceremony, Annual Memorial Day Celebration and Cannon Ball we held several outreach events including: • Over 21 Nights • Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra American Celebration Concert • Pittsburgh Penguins Tribute to Veterans Display at PPG Paints Arena

These efforts progress as we continue to nurture and enhance strong communitybusiness relations. Our professional internet marketing presence serves as a great resource to display useful information, news, events, create community participation, share our accomplishments, and showcase the benefits of Soldiers & Sailors' mission. We develop and implement events that appeal to a broader market and actively seek to identify ways to improve our image, increase visitor-ship and reach new customers. We continue to make an impact on our organization’s goals by leveraging the use of Constant Contact, public service announcements, organizational networking, press releases, outreach efforts, and publications as well as an increased use of social media.

This year, in partnership with KDKA Television, we began airing a series of ads titled, Military Monday's, where veterans and active duty military submit their own pictures and stories which are broadcast in 30-second spots during the KDKA Morning News. These ads have been such a success that other markets have approached KDKA about replicating the concept.

The result of all of these efforts is an increase in name recognition, volunteerism, and donors.


2015-2016 Soldiers & Sailors Guest Numbers

2016 revenues and expenses

2016 Assets

2016 Liabilities & Net Assets $185,371 $3,724,687

$62,413 $166,232 $7,363






Accounts Payable Compensated Absences Net Assets: Designated - Remembrance Park Temporarily Restricted

$36,744 $7,870 $13,843 $41,571

Rental Deposits Net Assets Unrestricted Investment in Fixed Assets

Cash & Cash Equivalents Inventory

Other Assets


Grants Receivable Equipment

Accounts Receivable

Leasehold Improvements

2015 revenues and expenses 2015 Support and Revenues $984,927



$27,052 Government Assist / Grants Contributions Auditorium / Banquet Hall Rentals

2015 Expenses $82,813





Special Events Program Service Fees Other Income

Programs: Museum / Hall / Education


Management / General


thank you for your 2016 contributions our community & supporters Over $100,000 Allegheny Regional Asset District The County of Allegheny Colcom Foundation (Remembrance Park) $10,000 Grey Global Group Mary Hillman Jennings Foundation Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation $500-$999

American Legion, Mt. Lebanon Post #156 Combined Federal Campaign, 3 Rivers #0754 Grant M. Shipley Gift Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation Cynthia Miller Christina Shukis

2016 Memorial Day Celebration

$15,000 Roy A. Hunt Foundation

$1,000-$5,000 JB CIC Homecoming Committee W.I. Patterson Charitable Fund Harry and Janet Rowand III City of Pittsburgh Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #6490 $100-$499 9th PA Reserves Inc. American Legion, Allegheny County Committee Donald & Marjorie Antonace Bank of America Charitable Foundation Michael Bookser * Harrison Calig Combined Federal Campaign, Eastern Panhandle Daria Collins W. Douglas and Peggy Drumheller Anthony Filardi * George Knoll Massaro Construction Group, Inc. John and Caroline McCabe * Maurice and Nancy Nernberg Louis Nudi Howard Pfeifer * Paul and Ruth Platek * Elizabeth Raisig Donald Rood Nancy Rowand Jeane Stetson The Pittsburgh Foundation Thomas Trimbath Richard and Nancy Williams * William Waff 11

$99 & Below Alvin & Virginia Allison Judy Anderson * J.F. Avery Bryan Barbin Elaine Berkowitz * John & Bettie Biedrzycki Jr. * Marian Broz Al Burlikowski * Combined Federal Campaign, Hudson Valley C/O United Way of Dutchess-Orange Region Combined Federal Campaign, NCA #0990 William and Vera Crookshank * Gerald Deutsch Tom Driscoll John Dudich James Engleson Mike Flournoy * Ron and Marjorie Gancas Shelby Gracey Mary Ellen Halterlein James Herron Christopher Hill Richard Hrivnak * Bob Jensen * Anne Kamrin Michael Kraus *Board Members Barbara McCabe

Don McIlrath * Michael Murphy * Sally Novak Robert and Joyce Pacek David and Kathryn Park Robert and Karen Perris * Rebecca Piocquidio David Pogue Darnel "Jeff" Pope * Elizabeth M.Price-Buckma R.A. Scariot Ralph Ussack * Stella Vincent William Van Horn Jr. Vietnam Veterans Inc. William Whelan Steve Zeleznak Hans and Patricia Zolet

2016 Senior Citizens Day

"Truly a wonderful tribute to the people who provided us with our freedom. Wonderful museum. I will be back. Thank you." 12

curatorial During 2016, we continued an important part of our mission of sharing service members‘ stories thereby giving a unique narrative to American history. Here are some of the ways, on and off site, that we provided public access to those experiences, which span from the Civil War to current conflicts. New displays: The, Rallying Around The Flag, display features 14 rarely seen flags from the museum’s collection. Each is chosen to evoke memories of our collective national military history. These include the Civil War Brigade Flag and the 48 Star Flag WWII flown from Landing Craft Infantry 540 (LCI 540) on D-Day June 6, 1944. Soldiers & Sailors Evolves, is a collection of Soldiers & Sailors Memorial photographs depicting this Pittsburgh landmark's early days. The photos start with construction in 1908, through the opening ceremony in 1910 and continue through the first years of operation.

Pittsburgh Penguins and Soldiers & Sailors’ Veterans Day Tribute at Consol Energy Center Soldiers & Sailors partnered with The Pittsburgh Penguins and created a special Veterans Day tribute to local post 9/11 veterans. Before and during the hockey game, several thousand viewed artifacts that represented all branches of the U.S. Military. The display included uniforms, medical equipment, medals, and a photograph of each veteran who donated the items to Soldiers & Sailors. Guests also had a chance to meet some of the veterans, take pictures and hear their stories. The evening also included a moving, patriotic video created by the Penguins film crew with highlights of Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum and a performance from Soldiers & Sailors 6th Regiment United States Colored Troops.

Contribution to, Over 21 Happy Hour Nights: Specific artifacts are required and displayed to represent the theme or themes of the event. The museum team also interviews and hires reenactors to represent the particular era that is being highlighted that evening. Reference Library construction: The museum department is in the process of creating a reference library which involves cataloging thousands of donated books, designing a proper library space within Soldiers & Sailors and producing a user-friendly cataloging referring system.

Improving storage areas: Curatorial is also redesigning and organizing our storage facilities. New shelving, laptop with printer, scanning system, and museum cataloging software have been added to our storage areas. This provides the museum team efficient access to the location, history, and more concerning every historical item housed within Soldiers & Sailors. Pittsburgh Penguins & Soldiers & Sailors’ Veterans Day Tribute

"Thank you and your group for keeping American history alive. Love what you're doing." 13


In 2016, The Education Department continued to offer quality enrichment for all museum visitors, as well as continuing to provide community outreach programs. The interactive VIP Tour continues to be our most popular program for school field trips. In 2016, some 2,000 students participated in this valuable learning experience. Other education programs included: • The Footlocker Outreach Series • Boy Scout Programs • WWII History & Reading Summer Camp • African American Heritage Celebration • Family Evening at the Museum (New in 2016) In total, we educated over 6,800 people through our programs last year.

This marked the eighth year for Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum’s 6th Regiment United States Colored Troops Re-enactment Drum Corps program. Throughout the year, six young men participated in the program which includes learning about the roles of African Americans during the Civil War and playing, period music, on reproduction drums and fife. The group performed at eight different events including: • Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Day Celebration • Veterans Day Parade • Penguins’ Veterans Day Game • Black Achievement Awards The highlights of the year were leading both the Juneteenth Parade in downtown Pittsburgh and the African American Heritage Parade in the Hill District.

WWII History & Reading Summer Camp

6th Regiment at 2016 Memorial Day Celebration

The Education Department continued to partner with organizations as both host and resource for community education events such as: • The Allegheny Unit’s, Children’s Choice Awards • The Consortium for Public Education’s Future is Mine conference Attending students interacted with exhibits and learned about the museum’s mission.

"Best Civil War museum outside of Gettysburg." 14

Family Evening at the Museum


remembering the past - addressing the present envisioning the future

Depending on how one looks at it, never being satisfied can be a bad thing. But when tempered by reality and necessity, you find dreaming big is just what we need to do more, grow and Drive On. Here’s a few of our short and long range plans and visions for 2017 and beyond include: *Remembrance Park – front lawn renovation ground breaking; *Structural repairs to existing exterior walls; *Completing restroom water conservation renovations; *First phase of museum exhibit renovation construction; *Installation of fire alarm system; *Audio and visual enhancements for meetings, conferences and events; *Continued efforts to create programs and events that not only celebrate, honor and remember our military veterans, but also educate our community about their sacrifices and stories; *Enhance our public relations and awareness avenues, tools and methods in order to achieve “all of the above”.

"Encouraging. Empowering-instructional raw truth."



John F McCabe*- President/CEO Connie Robertson - Director of Operations & Personnel Sean Sasso * - Director of PR & Development Amber Gehring - Director of Events & Rentals Tim Neff - Director of Education Mike Kraus - Curator Lisa Pettita - Historian Linda Colchagie - Senior Finance & Staff Assistant Jim Gubash* - Facility Manager Jerry Zemaitis* - Rental Facility Supervisor Jim Page* - Facility Supervisor Aly Collins - Events Consultant & Coordinator Bettie Odeal Lee - Administrative Assistant Angela Terrano - Administrative Assistant Scott Guiffre* - Front Desk

Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum Trust, Inc., Board of Directors 2016 Officers of The Trust Michael Murphy* - Chairperson Lois Shirley* - Vice Chairperson/Secretary Paul Platek* - Treasurer John F. McCabe, Esq.* - President

Judith Anderson* Peter C. Bellisario* Elaine H. Berkowitz* John Biedrzycki* Michael Bookser* Honorable James Brewster* Albert Burlikowski* Dominic Cersosimo* William Crookshank* Greg Daley* Honorable Michael Doyle Anthony Filardi*

Honorable Michael Finnerty Honorable Rich Fitzgerald Michael Flournoy* Clarence Gomberg* Honorable Richard Hrivnak Bob Jenson* Ben Keen* Don Mcllrath* Chris Moore* Edward Moore* Harry H. Negley, DDS* Richard D. Orr William B. Pentecost, Esq.*

Howard W. Pfeifer, P.E.* Bob Perris* Darnel Pope* Michael A. Romaniello* Albert Schraepfer* Alan Smith* Mary Lou Spine, LLD* Ralph Ussack* Richard Williams William White*

*Veterans who have proudly served.


"One of the most exceptional museum experiences. Everything is wonderful here, great staff and artifacts."

CFC# 16802

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Soldiers and Sailors 2016 Annual Report