SAYA | Geneva Annex: Jerusalem

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Separation and Connectivity Delineation of the Geneva Accord border in Jerusalem will not only create two independently functioning and sustainable capitals, but will also allow for dynamic connection between them.

The implementation of the Geneva Accord

To this end, a larger study of the border

border (or any other permanent status border)

in Jerusalem was held: the border has

in Jerusalem has to uphold two parallel aims:

been conceived as a seam line along which

Jerusalem’s evolution into two cities and their

infrastructure and facilities can be planned

connection to each other. The first aim is to

and developed for mutual use. Each chapter

ensure that the separation of the city forms

of the annex depicts solutions for areas along

two functioning urban units, underscoring and

the border, dealing with different elements of

proposing solutions to the crucial planning

the urban fabric (infrastructure, open spaces,

challenges raised by the Geneva Accord border.

border facilities, etc.).

The second aim is to ensure viable connectivity between the two future cities.