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POLY PORTEX SL10 portable CAFS extinguisher

Description The portable CAFS extinguisher offers an optimal extinguishing system, ideal when every second counts. Due to the extremely light weight it offers the user highest efficiency and mobility during the fire attack. Compared with conventional devices, CAFS multiples the fire fighting capacity. The latest innovation „Admix“ offers for the first time the opportunity to use non premix resistant foam agents.

Benefits CAFS - Innovative fire fighting technique ▪ highest extinguishing effect with maximization of water surface (foam bubbles) ▪ best foam quality ▪ excellent re-ignition safety ▪ optimally adjusted CAFS nozzle ▪ minimization of water damage ▪ anti-frost up to -20°C (-4°F) Large action radius ▪ approx. 12 m (39.5 ft) effective throw range ▪ approx. 8 m (26.3 ft) effective throw height Applications ▪ initial attack for small and developing fires ▪ A and B fires (e.g. garbage can, plastic, petrol, alcohol, varnish fires etc.) NEW: Admix - demand-actuated admixing ▪ opportunity to use non premix resistant foam agents

Easy maintenance ▪ uncomplicated to refill by the user ▪ reliable, maintenance-friendly design Various uses ▪ Rescue/Emergency-response vehicles and Mini pumpers ▪ industry, filling stations, waste recycling, public buildings (hospital, railway stations, airports etc.) ▪ fire safety at official events (e.g. because of regulatory requirements) Very simple operation ▪ period of application: approx. 55 seconds (triple of standard period of application) ▪ ready for use: release nozzle from bracket - open valve of compressed air cylinder - engage nozzle ▪ secure distance from the fire due to large throw range/height ▪ quick change in position through light weight

POLY PORTEX SL10 portable CAFS extinguisher

option: back carrier

option: attached wheels

high throw range of approx. 12 m

Technical Data Nominal filling capacity Standard Weight of filled unit Dimensions Output Throw range/height

9 L / 10 L (2.37 US-gal / 2.64 US-gal) EN 31/ referring to EN 3 < 20 kg (< 44 lbs) / approx. 21 kg (46 lbs) LxWxH = approx. 370x250x570 mm (14.60x9.90x22.5 inch) approx. 10 L/min (2.64 US-gpm) at 7 bar (101.5 psi) approx. 12 m / approx. 8 m (39.5/26.25 ft) DN10x1,5 m / 45 mm

Hose length/bending radius Compressed air cylinder

1L/200bar (0.26 US-gal / 2,900 psi)

Expansion ratio

approx. 82

Foam compound

Class-A 1%, AFFF-1%, frost-resistant

Operating temperature

-20°C to +50°C (-4°F to 122°F)2


) version conforming to EN 3 with 9 L nominal filling capacity; approval in progress ) depending on the used foam compound


Contact Rosenbauer International AG Paschinger Straße 90 4060 Leonding, Austria Tel.: +43 732 6794-0 Fax: +43 732 6794-91 Text and illustrations are non-binging. The images and descriptions may show special designs, which are deliverable against additional cost. Rights reserved for amendments owing to technical advancements.

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Poly Portex - Portable CAFS Extinguisher  

Rosnebauer Poly Portex - Portable CAFS Extinguisher

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