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Extinguishing lance for fog gun NEPIRO

Description The extinguishing lance for the fog gun NEPIRO is the ideal tool to extinguish fire in hardly accessible places. In this way light doors, sheet walls, bodywork parts on trucks or cars or also suspended roof parts in houses can be penetrated or broken through and then the fire extinguished.

Benefits Easy use ▪ First, the extinguishing lance is used like a hammer to create an opening with the blade. Then, the lance is mounted on the NEPIRO and plugged through the hole Flexibility with fire extinguishing agents ▪ water ▪ water foam mixture non air aspirated Increasing in safety for the firemen ▪ Up to now only hardly or not accessible fires can now be reached more simply and save - without danger for the firemen

Various applications ▪ vehicle fires - intrusion in engine compartment ▪ fires in buildings - lightweight construction walls ▪ extinguishing from outside the room Optimal extinguishing effect ▪ Finest atomization through high pressure ▪ Optimally matched nozzles

Extinguishing lance for fog gun NEPIRO Use of the extinguishing lance 1. Creating a hole: the lance is used like a hammer, to create a hole with the blade 2. Twisting: the hole is extended by twisting of the lance 3. Attaching: the protection at the NEPIRO is removed and the lace similar to the foam tube attached 4.) Putting through: the NEPIRO with the lance is put through the created hole the extinguishing started.





Technical data Connection

bayonet connection


stainless steel / aluminum


approx. 88 l/min at 40 bar (23 gal/min at 580 psi)

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Nepiro- Extinguishing Lance  
Nepiro- Extinguishing Lance  

Nozzle - Extinguishing Lance