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SmartCard Metered Bollards, Ground Mounting Bases & Waste Trays


Classic Hook-Up Bollard SmartCard Metered Our most popular Classic service bollard range also comes populated with our most popular metering range - MID approved SmartCard meters.

PRODUCT CODES • • • • • •

LSAI0011 – mm, 1 x 16amp socket, 1 x RCBO, 1 x MID SmartCard meter LSAI0021 – mm, 2 x 16amp socket, 2 x RCBO, 2 x MID SmartCard meter LSAI0031 – mm, 3 x 16amp socket, 3 x RCBO, 3 x MID SmartCard meter LSAI0041 – mm, 4 x 16amp socket, 4 x RCBO, 4 x MID SmartCard meter ACEU0170 – Blank reusable SmartCard LSAF0180 – SmartCard meter software and reader/writer

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Classic Bollard and Quantum Bollard Ground Mounting Bases Rolec's low cost root mounting bases are manufactured from steel, with a hot dipped galvanised steel finish. They provide the ideal solution for the strong mounting of Rolec's Classic and Quantum bollards.

PRODUCT CODES Quantum • • GMCP0010 – Classic Standard Galvanised Steel Ground Mounting Base • GMQR0010 – Quantum Galvanised Steel Ground Mounting Base

Mounting Base with Waste Tray Rolec's galvanised steel ground-level mounting base water and sanitation waste trays have been designed to offer an economical and efficient compliment to bollards on caravan parks. PRODUCT CODE • LSAK0310 – 1 x ST5 Waste Tray inc. Bollard Mounting Base

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