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Rapid EV Charging Stations


50kW, 75kW, 100kW, 125kW & 150kW DC Ultrafast Charger (UFC) The Ultrafast (UFC) DC rapid charging station has been designed to offer a future proof solution to the DC rapid charging industry in an investment friendly package. Investing in a UFC provides you with the confidence that your DC rapid charger will not only charge the EVs of today, but also has the capacity to be upgraded on site for the EVs of tomorrow. Looking and operating like a traditional fuel pump, it is simple and intuitive to use with a modular design that can be easily upgraded as and when required from the 50kW base model through to the maximum 150kW, 6-in-1 charging package.

Some Of UFC’s Unique Selling Points

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• Can be configured for up to 6 charging points including: - CHAdeMO DC charging gun - CCS Combo DC charging gun - 43kW AC charging gun - 3.6kW/7.2kW/11kW/22kW AC charging socket • Built to your individual requirements • Can dynamically charge up to 4 vehicles simultaneously • Single or dual sided charging arrangements • Wheelchair accessible control panel • Designed to cope with all British weather conditions • Installation/maintenance and SLAs available For more details contact Rolec Services.

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Rolec Product Catalogue 2018