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Date Published April 29, 2014

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Otis School District holds “topping out” ceremony

The Otis School District took part in a “topping Out” ceremony on Tuesday, April 22 at the construction site of the new school project. Adolfson & Peterson Construction gave these little construction ducks out, along with lanyards or zip drives as souvenirs to commemorate the event. See Story on page 2. Courtesy Photo

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Otis Telegraph

Otis School District holds “topping out” ceremony April 29, 2014 Page 2

By Alicia Barry A crowd of excited Otis School District students and staff gathered last Tuesday morning for a “topping out” ceremony and to sign the final piece of structural steel that was put in place that day. A “topping out” ceremony is a time-honored tradition in commercial steel construction to have an official observance celebrating the completion of the building’s frame. In this case, the building is that of the brand new Otis school, which is to be completed by January 2015. After everyone had signed the steel beam, it was raised in place at the highest point of the

building and a small evergreen tree was attached to the beam. School officials congratulated all the workers for doing a great job and reiterated the benefit of the new school to the community. The exact origin of the “topping out” ceremony is unclear, but it is know that immigrant to the United States brought the tradition with them from Europe and Scandinavia. One version credits Viking chieftains with erecting houses called mead halls, which were topped by an evergreen to celebrate completion. Other stories estimate that as early as 700 A.D. Scandinavians were topping out their

Tues Apr. 29 WDY/Fw Shws 48/31 30% Wed Apr. 30 Mstly Cldy WDY 54/33 10% Thur May 1 CLDY/WDY 61/39 0% Fri May 2 Mstly Sunny 70/42 10% Sat. May 3 Sunny 79/50 0% Sun May 4 PrtlyCldy 76/49 10% Mon May 5 Mstly Sunny 82/48 10%

Above workers apease the forest spirits with the ever green tree. Courtesy photo

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Otis kids signing the beam. courtesy photo structure with a fir tree to signal evergreen to appease the forest those nearby that it was time for spirits. The ceremony signified the the celebration to start. Other tales attribute “topping out” to safe completion of the framing American Indians who believed of the school, and wishes for that no structure should be taller continued good luck for the futhan a tree, so Native American ture of the school, and its evenIndians construction workers tual Bulldogs. topped any tall building with an

Post Office changes to go into effect May 17 The District Post Plan Coordinator for the United States Postal Service issued a statement April 9. The Postal Service has concluded the Post Plan Review process for the Otis Post Office. Customer survey responses, input from the community meeting and the operational needs of the Postal Service were considered in reaching the implementation decision. It has been determined that effective May 17, 2014, the Otis Post Office will provide four hours of window service each weekday. The facility re-

tail hours will be from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. on Saturday. Current Saturday window service hours will not be reduced and access to delivery receptacles will not change as a result of the Post Plan realignment of weekday window service hours. Customers will have access to their mail receptacles 24 hours a day and Post Office Box mail will be available daily for pick-up by 10:30 a.m. Monday through Friday and at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday.

The Yuma Clinic will be opened until 7:00 P.M. on Monday through Thursday evening. America once issued a 5-cent bill. In 1776 a man who made $4,000 a year was considered wealthy. As of 1976 there were approximately 375 ten-thousand-dollar bills in circulation in the United States.

Thurs. May 1st Sweet & Sour Meat Loaf Baked Veggie Medley Fruit Dilly Bread Tuesday, May 6 Potato Bar w/ Toppings Chili/Cheesy Broccoli Tomato Rhubarb Bran Muffins

Good Day Good Townspeople!

Just a couple of notes from your Trustees: The first full week of every month the streets will be graded. Please make arrangements to have vehicles moved off the streets and trim your trees. Also it has come to our attention there is a large number of stray animals in town. If you knowingly permit an animal to remain on or about your property for 7 days you have taken possession of said animal (per ordinance 154). Please take control of any strays you have around your homes. If you have a problem and do not wish to take care of them contact town hall (970-246-2325). The Summer Recreation activities are beginning to swing into action, pick up registration forms at town hall. Also the town-wide clean-up is scheduled for Saturday May 3, so take advantage of the free dumpsters that will be located at the fire hall. As always feel free to contact Babette at town hall ((970)246-3235) with any questions or for clarification. Thank you and have a safe fun spring!


Akron Senior Meals Tues. April 29 Yum-A-Setta Salad Green beans Rhubarb Crunch

Otis Telegraph

Part 1 of a 2 part series. I have enjoyed writing these articles for the Otis Telegraph, sharing thoughts and events from a pastoral perspective. But this time, the theme is far different. Today I write about something that affects each and every one of us. I write not as a pastor, but from the perspective of a citizen of these United States. The subject matter is something that each and every American should be concerned about. Republican or Democrat. Parent or

child, man or woman, young or old, Christian or Atheist. Who’s in charge here, anyway? U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, has repeatedly lied to and stonewalled congress, refusing to answer any questions regarding the “Fast & Furious” scandal, in which our own FBI supplied weapons to drug cartels in Mexico. A U.S. Border Patrol agent and over two hundred Mexican Nationals were killed as the result of this mismanagement. The NSA (National Security Agency) has been caught stealing and compiling information on its law-abiding citizens by e-mail and wire-taps, in direct violation of privacy laws and the U.S. Constitution. Lois Lerner, former director of the IRS, when asked by congressional investigators who authorized the targeting for harassment of conservative political

Farm Bill Update

Presentation by: John Deering Sponsored by:

April 29, 2014 Page 3 Please bring a friend and join us for coffee, donuts and an update on what to expect from the new Farm Bill. Discussion items will include upcoming decisions and new program details.


 Price Loss Coverage (PLC)  Ag Risk Coverage (ARC)  Base Acreage Reallocation Opportunity  Yield Update Option Contacts: John Deering Phone: 970-848-3838 Email:

Date: 5/8/2014 Time: 9:00 - 11:00 a.m.

Washington County Events Center 551 West 2nd Street Akron, CO 80720

Mitch Kendrick Phone: 970-246-3456 Email: Craig Lambley Phone: 970-345-2026 Email:

groups by her agency, pleaded nally, Executive. Today, through fifties, and North Korea today. the 5th amendment (the right for “Executive Order”, there is only “We the People” are no longer protection against self-incrim- one branch of government. No in charge. The government is. ination) rather than answer any oversight, no accountability, no When this country was foundPlease bring a friend and join us for cofquestions or cooperate with in- “Checks and balances”. ed,anand the constitution fee, donuts and update on what towritten, exvestigators. When the federal government the government was created pect from the new Farm Bill. Discussion Presentation by: John Deering The attack on the US Consulate starts “acquiring” corporations to serve, protect and insure items will include upcoming decisions and the Sponsored by: in Ben-Ghazi, Libya, resulted in and businesses, controlling new program in- details. freedoms of the people. the deaths of four Americans, formation and access to infor- Today we serve the federal govamong them a US Ambassador mation, providing healthcare, ernment, because it rules over Highlights (which hasn’t happened since and restricting free enterprise us. The government is in control  Price Loss Coverage (PLC) 1979). Then Secretary of State while insuring through its poli- of just about every facet of our  Ag Risk Coverage (ARC) Hillary Clinton, when asked by cies more people are dependent lives.  Base Acreage Reallocation Opportunity congress to divulge her part in on the federal government for How do we change this, you  Yield Update Option the attack (and the lack of re- their food, income and needs, ask? I don’t have the answers. sponse by US Forces), retorted, something is taking place we Only the question-“Who’s in Contacts: “What difference does it make?” are not aware of-or we just don’t charge here?” We will look John Deering The dismantling and destruc- care. deeper into that next week. Phone: 970-848-3838 Email:will tion of the U.S. health-care Students of world history Until then, may your system (at one point, the best in observe that this countryMitch is startdays be blessed, Kendrick Date: 5/8/2014 Phone: 970-246-3456 the world) has been engineered ing to resemble the Soviet Union PrScott Email: Time: 9:00 - 11:00 a.m. by our federal government in the late twenties, Germany in St. Paul Lutheran Church in with the grand goal of governthe late thirties, Cuba inCraig theLambley late Otis Washington County Events Center Phone: 970-345-2026 ment-based and 2nd provided 551 West Streethealth Email: CO 80720 care. Akron, “Obamacare” has been a disaster from the beginning, with taxes being increased up to 300% on the average tax-payer, and health care insurance being stripped or cancelled altogether (remember the now-famous,”If you want to keep your plan, you can”) . Now I studied Political Science in College, and one thing becomes very apparent to me: At best, we are moving in the direction of socialism (and eventually communism), or at worst, a dictatorship. Examine if you will, the three branches of government-at least the way they were created by the Founding Fathers : Judiciary; Legislative; and fi-

Farm Bill Update

Otis Telegraph

April 29, 2014 Page 4

Patterson awarded Outstanding Media Coverage by CADA

Perry Brothers Seed Co. Back row: Collin Patterson, Jerry Weber, Jamie Weber and Jerry Patterson. Front: Shae Smith, Michael Clough and Cheryl Patterson. Jerry Patterson was the recip- Trade Show and Honors Awards the Otis Telegraph. In 2004, he pany, Patterson wears many ient of 2014 Colorado Athletics Lunch Monday, April 28 at the started which hats such as reporter, writer, Directors Association (CADA) Omni Interlocken Resort in covers all of the leagues in the photographer, page designer Outstanding Media Coverage Broomfield. During the ceremo- northeast Colorado and its ath- and co-publisher. Bonnie Walny, a slide show featuring each letes. In 2007, OTsportschek be- lin-Kuntz says that Patterson award. Patterson was honored at the of the recipients was shown came the official website for the is an outstanding writer and al41st Annual Convention and and plaques were awarded after unsanctioned Class 1A Track ways views the kids and sports Meet. After the 1A meet became teams in a very positive way. lunch. Patterson graduated from Otis sanctioned, they continued to He attends numerous sporting High School in 1973, and from serve as the official website for events weekly and takes qualthat time until 1980, he found the Class 1A Invitational track ity pictures to place his newsTuesday, April 29, 2014 work in the oilfield. From 1980- meet in Limon, which is still papers and on OTsportschek’s Yuma Shuttle 2006, he worked in the lumber the largest gathering of Class 1A Facebook page. He works hard Delivery Cash and insurance business. Most athletes in one place at one time to cover all the schools and their Corn 2013 4.95 recently, from 1991-2006, he in the state. There are over 30 entire sports programs, whether Corn 2014 4.81 worked in outside sales for Sito participating schools the meet. it is high school or junior high In 2013, they began publishing school teams. The time that PatInc. Wheat 2013 7.34 In 2001, Patterson started OTsportschek's weekly maga- terson spends at area sporting Wheat 2014 7.22 activities is simply astounding. zine. Otis Delivery Cash Continued on next page While on the job for his comCorn 2013 4.94

Corn 2014 4.81 Wheat 2013 7.34 Wheat 2014 7.22 Akron Delivery Cash Corn 2013 4.99 Corn 2014 4.86 Wheat 2013 7.34 Wheat 2014 7.22 Hyde Delivery Cash Corn 2013 4.94 Corn 2014 4.81 Wheat 2013 7.34 Wheat 2014 7.22

www.m& or 970-848-5432


1. European city would you visit to stroll on the Via Veneto? 2. How many years was Paul Bryan given to live on Run for Your Life? 3. What’s the name of Ronald Reagan’s 688-acre California spread? 4. What soda fountain do Archie and his friends hang out at? 5. What color is the inside of a pistachio nut? 6. What do you chase a whisky with in a boilermaker? Answers on page 19

Our Dad purchased this tractor that Dad, Bruce, and I are standing in front of Emanuel Anderson in 1959. The story was that Emanuel (Lloyd Anderson’s father) made this cab in the mid 50’s along with the help of Claude Newton who was the local blacksmith at the time. It was a unique cab and one of the first tractors with a cab in the area. GENE PERRY WINNER AARON GEBAUER

Win a piece of pie from Mom’s Kitchen. Send it to 517 Washington Otis, CO

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Sales - Service Supplies - Leasing Rentals- Notary Public Shipping Services Copies - Faxes 970-867-5740 430 Ensign St. Ft. Morgan, CO 80701

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Baker and Baker Pioneer Seeds sponsored an exciting trip to Iowa

Photo-Back row: L-R: Trent Leoffler, Kyle Leoffler, Colt Baker, Dylan Dietz, Justin McCaffrey, Joel Wagner, Carson Pachner, and Chuck Baker. Front row: L-R: Hailey Samora, Jordan McCracken, Baxter Bellefeuille, and Lori McCaffrey. Courtesy Photo

By Trent Leoffler. Baker and Baker Pioneer Seeds sponsored an exciting trip to Iowa over spring break, March 23-26th for nine Arickaree FFA Chapter members. Chuck Baker, Colt Baker and Lori McCaffrey escorted the following members 1400 miles: Joel Wagner, Carson Pachner, Baxter Bellefeuille, Hailey Samora, Jordan McCracken, Trent Leoffler, Justin McCaffrey, Dylan Dietz, and Kyle Leoffler. The four day trip included touring DuPont/Pioneer in Johnston, Iowa, a John Deere factory in Ankeny, Iowa, Case combine factory in Grand Island, NE, Pioneer packing and seed treating facilities in Doniphan, NE, and the last tour was Orthman manufacturing in Lexington, NE. The featured tour was the DuPont/Pioneer genetics lab in Iowa. This tour showed us how Pioneer modifies corn seed genetics; we also toured their greenhouses where Pioneer performs their initial tests on different corn varieties. The John Deere factory manufactures sprayers and forage equipment. We rode around in a cart looking through all the buildings. The next day we went to the Case factory where they manufacture combines and a few swathers. The Case factory was one big building that we traveled by feet for three hours. Next, we went to the Pioneer packing facilities where they were switching types of seed, so weren’t able see any packaging. Our tour guide explained how everything worked from picking corn seed to packaging it in the bag. The last day was spent at the Orthman facilities where they manufacture and develop new equipment. This was the smallest plant of the five facilities. Taking nine teenagers for four days to different states, was no easy task, but our sponsors made it happen! Thank you Baker and Baker Pioneer Seeds.

April 29, 2014 Page 5

Paul Greise retirement Open House & End-of- Year Celebration, Friday, May 9th 5:00 the Open House begins with a meal provided 7:00 is the Celebration, secondary awards and the retirement of Paul Griese. Patterson receives CADA Sheridan Schools. Past recipients of this award Award continued from include Colorado Prep’s Kevin page 4 “This award really belongs to a lot of people that have helped me over the years. The photographers who share their photos and the reporters who share their articles,” Patterson said. “And most of all, to my wife, Cheryl, and my kids for allowing me take the time to cover the events. I really appreciate Bonnie Wallin-Kuntz and the rest of the YWKC athletic directors for nominating me, and to CADA for selecting me.” Those also making the trip to watch Patterson receive his award were his wife, Cheryl; daughter, Shae Smith; daughter, Jamie Weber and her husband, Jerry; son, Collin Patterson; and brother-in-law, Mike Clough, who is the superintendent of

Schaffer in 2010-2011, nominated by the Patriot League, Tony Rayl of the Yuma Pioneer in 2008-2009 and Ken McDowell in 2005-2006, of the South Platte Centennial League. Congratulations, Jerry Patterson, on your 2014 CADA Outstanding Media Coverage award. Did you know-Grace Kelly was the first motion-picture actress to appear on a postage stamp. In April, 1956, she was featured with her husband, Prince Rainier III of Monaco, on a stamp that commemorated their wedding. Alfred Hitchcock directed the first talking film ever made in England. It was called Blackmail and was made in 1931.

Thank You

Thank you to Dawn, Alicia, Randy, Jamie, Michelle and Lee for getting the paper out for us. We really appreciate it! Thanks Again. Jerry and Cheryl

Otis Telegraph

April 29, 2014 Page 6

Get to know the Candidates Terry Hart

OFFICE SEEKING: District I Washington County Commissioner OCCUPATION: For the 20 years prior to the 2010 election, I owned and operated Hart Construction here in Washington County employing from 3 to 11 full time employees depending on the year. I have owned and still operate two sideline businesses; Elba Sign Painting and Hi Plains Sporting Goods. The sign painting has waned with the entry of the computer cut vinyl signage now available. The shooting sports are alive and well in our county and there is definitely a need for a Federal Firearms License holder. My license is one of five licenses in the county that I know of. EDUCATION: I attended K-12 in the Akron School District graduating Akron High School in 1972. I finished three years of schooling at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley (1972 - 1974) and in 1975 purchased a business in Greeley

which I named Hart Seamless Rain Gutters and owned and operated in Greeley until 1982. FAMILY: My wife Rita and I will celebrate 29 years of marriage this August. We have five children adopted from Manila, Philippines. Mark our oldest and wife Leanne. Next in line is Jon and his wife Sarahann, Ron, Charmaine and Anna is our youngest. We are blessed with four grand children as well. COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: I belong to St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Akron. I have taught High School CCD (Sunday School) since 1985. I am a 3rd Degree member of the Knights ofColumbus. I have taught Hunter Safety Class every year since 1986 and have been on the Washington County Rural Fire Board since 1987 and currently serve as Sec/Treas. I have also helped for a number of years the Golden Plains Friends of the NRA committee with planning, preparation and executions of the annual Friends of the NRA ban-

quet and auction. WHERE ARE YOU FROM? HOW LONG HAVE YOU LIVED IN WASHINGTON COUNTY? I was born in the Washington County Hospital in 1954 and have lived in Washington County all my life except for the ten years spent in Greeley for School and business. WHAT IS THE PRIMARY REASON YOU DECIDED TO RUN FOR OFFICE? The past 30 years of my adult life have been spent living in Washington County raising my family and operating our businesses. What a special place my home county has been to do both. When the office of District One Washington County Commissioner was to be vacated by Commissioner Johnson in 2010, after conferring with my wife Rita I wanted to pay it forward if the voters would so choose. IN YOUR OPINION, WHAT ARE THE TOP THREE MAJOR ISSUES FACING WASHINGTON COUNTY? WHAT CONCRETE SOLUTIONS DO YOU PROPOSE TO ADDRESS THESE ISSUES? Number one in my opinion is the marijuana issue. As far as the Colorado Department of Health is concerned, on the manufacture of marijuana infused edibles, there is no regulation. As far as the number of plants that can be grown by an individual in Colorado for medical or for recreational use, the question has such a gray area that law enforcement is at a loss as to what is legal and what is not. Denver' s Mayor Hancock recently traveled to Amsterdam to ask about their similarities to Colorado in the marijuana issues. Very few similarities were uncovered.

Y-W Electric 970-345-2291 Main St Akron, CO

The reality is that Colorado and Washington’s marijuan a laws are unprecedented in the world. Never before and nowhere else has it been legal to purchase marijuana for recreational use. Holland has had a "soft drug" policy since the 1970' s. No other country in the European Union has chosen to follow suit with Holland's approach to marijuana. My efforts to improve education on this matter will be to keep the constituency informed on all developments by means ofthe local news papers and by posting information pro and con on our county website as it happens. Number two in my opinion is healthcare in our county. From our county clinic to our county ambulance system, thus far Obamacare has not been the cure all to end all. One example of federal law passed on to CDOT to regulate and enforce are the new Commercial Driver License (CDL) requirements and regulations. These more stringent rules affect Washington County since all Road and Bridge employees are required to have a COL. The list is long for our County Healthcare changes to come if Obamacare continues on its current path. Education again is going to be my approach to finding solutions for the constituency. The commissioners meet regularly with some of the most gifted minds in Colorado. I will give you my best reports of what is being discussed by these talented people working on our behalf. Number three on my list of most important issues right now would be finding a qualified Nursing Home Director to fill the upcoming vacancy announced by our current director. Our Washington County Nursing Home has received the highest honors in all categories of operation under the leadership of our current director.

Ald Automotive & Towing 801 West Beatty Yuma, CO 80759 970-848-5285

She leaves a well oiled machine for her replacement. My solution to this need will be to advertise heavily throughout the region and the state and have the proper folks to follow up on all references given by applicants and ask lots of questions to the applicants pertaining to their ability to adapt to rural life. WHAT DO YOU THINK THE COUNTY IS CURRENTLY DOING WELL THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO HELP KEEP GOING? Our Health and Human Services is recognized around the state as an example of excellence. As mentioned earlier our county owned nursing home has been recognized with top honors in in all categories of operation. Our county fair and county owned carnival is second to none in quality family participation, family involvement and family entertainment. Folks travel from far and wide to experience the Washington County Round Up to enjoy what we offer every year. Excellence must be nurtured and preserved at every opportunity. Hard work and dedication is all it takes. FROM YOUR PERSPECTIVE, WHAT IS THE JOB DESCRIPTION OF THE OFFICE YOU SEEK? WHAT EXPERTISE WILL YOU BRING TO THE POSITION? The job description for county commissioner for me is still evolving. In my opinion a good commissioner is part accountant, part English professor, part diplomat, part engineer, part mechanic and all ears. The experience of the last 3 1/2, years of being a commissioner is the best experience available for this position. DO YOU FEEL THE AVERAGE CITIZEN IS WELL-INFORMED AND UNDERSTANDS THE WORKINGS OF OUR LOCAL GOVERNMENT? IF NOT, HOW DO YOU INTEND ON IMPROVING COMMUNICATIONS WITH

YOUR CONSTITUENCY? I do not feel the average citizen understands the workings of local government as well as they might like to. Using myself as an example, prior to the 2010 election I participated in local government pretty much exclusively at the voting booth . In the last 3 1/2 years my understanding has increased ten fold. To improve communications with the constituency I plan to use the county website, which is currently receiving a facelift, to inform and educate on the issues and on the workings and processes of local government. If possible I would like to see a monthly question and answer segment somehow integrated into the website. IS THERE SOMETHING THAT YOU ARE CURRENTLY WORKING ON TO IMPROVE AND DEVELOP WITHIN YOURSELF TO BECOME A BETTER LEADER? In today's world to be a better leader , computer skills are a must. I am constantly learning and improving (I think) on those most necessary skills. I am also constantly working on my listening skills , information retention skills, and my abilities to empathize on all subjects. ANY ADDITIONAL COMMENTS? All commissioner meetings are always open to the public. The commissioner meetings are typically every Tuesday and the meeting agenda by statute must be posted 24 hours in advance. This posting is typically on the south door of the courthouse. Public comment is typically scheduled at 4:00 PM on the Tuesday meetings unless prior arrangements havebeenmade. Thank you to all of the constituency for their patience and understanding on the county roads issues. I honestly feel that your road supervisors and their crews are making the necessary reparations that have been in need during the long flood repair.

Otis Telegraph

Colorado Health Foundation Grant funding used to build a Multigenerational Health Park Yuma, CO, April 4, 2014: On May 10th, 2014 the Yuma District Hospital Foundation will be celebrating the completion of the two phases of the Life Trails Health Park with a ribbon cutting. The celebration will occur at 9:00 A.M. following the completion of the second annual Return of the Turkey Vultures Fun Run and Walk. Following the ribbon cutting Yuma District Hospital staff will be available to demonstrate use of the equipment for all interested in taking advantage of this new community health re-

Page 7 April 29, 2014

Life Trails Health Park County residents encouraged to take Important Primary online survey for livestock building Ribbon Cutting Election Dates source. Last year the Yuma District Hospital Foundation received a one-year grant from the Colorado Health Foundation in the amount of $273,675 for the “Life Trails at Yuma District Hospital Multigenerational Health Park”. These funds as well as additional donations from community members and businesses gave the foundation the ability to complete the first phase of this park which consists of walking/running paths, and outdoor exercise equipment and in future phases elevated demonstration gardens. This park was developed on the open space on the campus of Yuma District Hospital between the main parking lot and

Vote for Lori Barkey for County Clerk and Recorder Experience, Knowledge, and Common Sense Paid for by Lori Barkey for Washington County Clerk and Recorder

Highway 34. This park, open to the public, will be a valuable tool for our community to achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle. The Hospital will integrate the park facilities with the Chronic Disease Self-Management programs and classes “This will be tremendous resource for the residents of the Yuma Hospital District” stated Polly Vincent, President of the Yuma District Hospital Foundation. “We hope that this park and the programs developed and integrated with it will serve as a national model”. The Colorado Health Foundation works to make Colorado the healthiest state in the nation by increasing the number of Coloradoans with health insurance, ensuring they have access to quality coordinated care and encouraging healthy living. The Foundation invests in the community through grants and initiatives to health-related nonprofits that focus on these goals, as well as operating medical education programs to increase the health care workforce. For more information, please visit For further information contact Polly Vincent at 970-8485913.


70 Main Ave

Akron CO


Hours FRIDAY AND SATURDAY 6-11PM SUNDAY- 11AM-5PM Saturdays are MoonLight Bowling! We have pop, pizza, hot dogs, brats, soft pretzels, Beer and More Call 345-2000 for more info or to book your next party!!

By Alicia Barry The Livestock Building Committee has launched the public survey for the recreational or multi-purpose facility that is proposed to be constructed on the Washington County Fairgrounds. The committee is encouraging all Washington County residents to go online and give your opinion, whether for or against, the building. The short survey consists of choosing for or against the building, some potential uses for the building and then ranking the proposed locations for the building. The sites are as follows: Proposal 1: Would be situated where the current beef building stands. The old building will be torn down and replaced.

Proposal 2: Would be placed in the exact area as Proposal 1, but flipped 180 degrees, to run north and south. Proposal 3: Would be placed in open space on west side of Fairgrounds, but may intrude on RV parking. Proposal 4: Would be placed in open space to the west of the sheep and hog barn, running north and south. Proposal 5: Is to replace existing sheep and hog barn, running east and west. Proposal 6: Take down existing bathrooms and replace with new building, running east and west. To view and take the free survey, go to www.surveymonkey. com/s/Z76B7V9. For questions or concerns, contact Chris Packer at (970) 345-2701.

Colorado State Patrol Trooper Hughes and Washington County Sergeant Thompson and Deputy Bruntz responded to a one-vehicle accident at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, April 17 on Washington County Road 21, .9 miles west of Washington County Road R. A minor was driving a 1994 Mercury Sable westbound on CR 21 from CR R. The vehicle traveled up a hill and lost control on the roadway. The vehicle rotated clockwise on the roadway and traveled off the right side of

the road broadside, traveled off the right side of the roadway to the trip point and rolled 1/2 time. The vehicle came to final rest on its top, off the roadway, facing east. The driver was not injured. A minor passenger was transported to Colorado Plains Medical with unknown injuries. The vehicle sustained extreme roof damage, moderate hood damage and minor driver’s side damage. The driver was ticketed for driving too fast for conditions.

Minors involved in one-car accident

Great landscapes available, some assembly required!

Grand Opening Saturday at the Greenhouse Come celebrate spring at our greenhouse Sat 5/3/14, 11am-2pm! Akron’s local garden center is at the intersection of Hwy 63 and County Road 42. Turn west head for the greenhouses. Hours Tue-Sun 10AM-6PM for info 970-554-2338

May 10-23, 2014 – Clerk and Recorder will mail a notice to unaffiliated active registered eligible elector stating that he or she must affiliate with a political party in order to vote in the Primary Election. May 10, 2014 Deadline for clerk and recorder to transmit a primary election ballot to military and overseas voters. May 23, 2014 Last day for voters who are affiliated with a political party to change or withdraw their affiliation if they wish to vote in a different party’s primary election. NOTE: In order to participate in the primary election, unaffiliated voters may affiliate at any time before and through the day of the primary election. June 2-6, 2014 Mail Ballots mailed to voters. June 16, 2014 Last day to submit an electronic Change of address form or for a county clerk to receive a change of address form by mail. Last day to submit an application to register to vote through the online voter registration system. June 17, 2014 Last day to file an absentee ballot application to receive the absentee ballot by mail. June 20, 2014 Last day to request an in-person absentee ballot. June 24, 2014 PRIMARY ELECTION

Arickaree Spring Concert will be held Wednesday, May 14th at Arickaree School. There will be “Pre Concert Openers” at 6:30pm; a special treat featuring solos and the Junior High Choir. The concert time has been moved to 7:15pm

Page 8 April 29, 2014

Otis Telegraph

Pink Rooster Farm greenhouse set to Akron Head Start wants to invite you Washington County celebrate Open House May 3rd to their Community Readers Event Sheriff’s Office

First customers Peggy Wright holding Ben Boedeker, Owner Amy Miller with John Wright holding Clark Boedeker opening day at the Pink Rooster Farm greenhouse.

Thank You

I would like to thank Otis AD Bonnie Wallin-Kuntz and the YW-KC AD’s for nominating me and the Colorado Athletic Directors Association for selecting me as the 2013-14 media person of the year. I would also like to thank my wife Cheryl and my kids for allowing me to take away from family time to go the games. They say it takes a village to raise a kid. I feel the same about this award. It would be impossible to do without the support of my family and the many, many photos and articles submitted for our use over the years by the areas reporters and photographers. Jerry Patterson

The Pink Rooster Farm greenhouse is now open and planning to celebrate May 3rd from 11am to 2pm with food and a tour through the greenhouse. The garden center specializes in Hardy Boy© nursery stock. A large semi delivered many beautiful plants and owners Jim and Amy Miller are planning on having additional plants delivered for the Grand Opening. There is a large variety of flowering annual plants, tomatoes, peppers, assorted vegetables and perennials. The entire inventory was chosen for the challenging conditions of Akron, CO.

The staff and children at Akron Head Start would like to invite you, your employees, friends and family to read to the children on Tuesday, May 6th, at Akron Head Start, starting at 11:00 for our Community Reader’s book event. During the event, we invite you to read to the children at Akron Head Start. The children are between the ages of three and five years old. For the event, we set up pillows, blankets, stuffed animals and chairs and then the children are read to, in small groups. Every 10 minutes or so, we will have the children rotate to a new reader. After the event we draw for door prizes, so come on down and do a little

Free Trash Day for the County

Washington County Landfill will have its Spring FREE trash day for ALL residents of Washington County on Saturday May 3, 2014. We will be open from 8:30AM3:30 PM. Appliances, tires and batteries will be charged.

reading and maybe win a prize. Please plan to read to the children for about twenty to thirty minutes. The children also enjoy hearing about what you do and how reading plays into your work and life. Community Readers is a very special event for all of us at Head Start. Many children do not have a variety of books or/ and they do not get read to on a daily basis. Akron Head Start wants to encourage all families to read to their children and to share the importance of reading to their children. Plus, you community members get to share a piece of yourself with our amazing children. With a total of 37 students in our program OUR GOAL is to have each child have their own reader. So, please come and be part of this wonderful event and help us reach our goal!!!! Also, during the week of May 5th through the 9th, our Spring Scholastic Book Fair will be going on. All purchases made through the Scholastic Book Fair helps provide funds to Akron Head Start. Through the past couple of years, we have been able to purchase new listening center sets, children’s furniture and of course more BOOKS! Please, call us and let us know if you can make it! Also, if you have any questions, please contact me 970-345-2695 ext. 25.

The Otis Drama Club Presents: Hospital

A madcap look at life at Bedside Manor Hospital where the staff is a lovable bunch of zanies

Friday May 9th Dinner starts at 6:00 Production at 7:30 Tickets are $15.00, includes dinner Call the high school for questions or reservations 246-3486 You can purchase tickets from any cast member

Needs your help

28 April 2014 Between 031714 and 031814, a residence north and east of Akron was burglarized. The Washington County Sheriff’s Office recently received information with regard to a suspicious vehicle which was observed in that area during that time frame. The night of 031714 and into the next day, there was a blizzard in this area. That vehicle was described as a 2000 vintage Chrysler mini-van, blue or grey in color, with out of state plates. Anyone having further information with regard to this vehicle is encouraged to call the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. Residents are also encouraged to notify the Washington County Sheriff’s Office or call 911 when suspicious activity or vehicles are observed, so that deputies may promptly respond and address the issue, possibly preventing a crime from occurring.

Driver detained on Easter

On Sunday, April 20, Trooper Matthew Allacher stopped William C. Davis, Jr., age 43 of Greeley, on Highway 34 near mile post 182. Davis was observed going eastbound on Highway 34 and stopped for speeding 80 miles per hour in a 65 mile per hour zone. Upon contacted, the vehicle was displaying an expired 2/14/14 permit. Davis was contacted and produced a driver’s license from Colorado that was cancelled/denied for an unpaid ticket. Davis had two misdemeanor warrants for the City of Aurora. He was placed into custody and booked into the Washington County jail.

Athletes compete at Dick Evans Invite

Arickaree’s Haley Dietz competes in the high jump durning the Dick Evans Invite. Haley recieved first place in this event. Photo by Kenna Dible By Alicia Barry Jaryn Dreher, Akron, 7th son, Otis, 24th place—15.66; place—3:33.12. Akron, Arickaree, Lone Star and Jordan McCracken, Arickaree, 1,600 meter run: Sarah Myers, place—7-07.00; Mauri LundOtis traveled to Wray Saturday 26th place—15.80; Taylor At- Arickaree, 1st place—6:02.22; quist, Akron, tied for 10th to take part in the Dick Evans kinson, Otis, 28th place—16.15; Cassie Chapin, Akron, 4th place—7-01.00; Liz Norell, Lone Star, 13th place—6-07.00; Nahomy Gamez, Arickaree, 29th place—6:46.00. Invitational. 3,200 meter run: Sarah Myers, Cassie Chapin, Akron, 15th place—16.20; Molly Goeglein, Arickaree, 2nd place—13:52.02; place—5-01.00. Otis, 35th place—16.41. Girls Results Lindsey Christensen, Akron, 4th Long jump: Jordan Mc200 meter dash: Ivanna Vance, Team scores are as follows: place—16:14.63. Akron, 1st place—27.14; Emilie Cracken, Arickaree, 15th Wray, 154; Akron, 111.5; Yuma, 100 meter hurdles: Beth place—12-07.25; Kelsey Guy, 92; Hi-Plains, 57; Arickaree, 51; Brent, Akron, 6th place—29.42; Caliche, 39; Sedgwick Coun- Madison Thompson, Otis, 21st Pieper, Akron, 3rd place—19.76; Akron, 16th place—12-05.50; Gamez, Arickaty, 37.5; Idalia, 32.5; Peetz, 32; place—33.78; Jasmine Priest, Haley Dietz, Arickaree, 4th Nahomy place—19.89. Arickaree, 25th place—42.04. ree, 19th place—11-10.00; Fleming, 22; Haxtun, 20; Me300 meter hurdles: Beth Pieper, Hanna Stallings, Otis, 22nd 400 meter dash: Antonya Schafrino, 20; Holyoke, 19; Weldon Akron, 5th place—54.65. place—11-00.00; Courtney Colfert, Otis, 7th place—1:11.71; Valley, 15; Otis, 14.5, and Liber4x100 meter relay: Akron, Jordan McCracken, Arickaree, lins, Otis, 24th place—10-07.75. ty/Stratton, 10. 1st place—51.77; Otis, 10th 10th place—1:13.71; NahoTriple jump: Haley Dietz, 100 meter dash: Ivanna Vance, Arickaree, 1st place—33-00.00; Akron, 1st place—13.07; my Gamez, Arickaree, 14th place—1:01.01. 4x200 meter relay: Akron, Eva Vasquez, Lone Star, 9th Haley Dietz, Arickaree, 7th place—1:21.02; Jasmine Priest, 1st place—1:51.16; Otis, 9th place—28-11.50; Jordan McArickaree, 15th place—1:27.13. place—14.11; Eva Vasquez, place—2:06.80. 800 meter run: Karli Christensen, Cracken, Arickaree, 18th Lone Star, 16th place—14.93; 4x400 meter relay: Akron, 1st place—26-06.00; Courtney ColTeresa Davis, Otis, 17th Akron, 3rd place—2:36.66; Nalins, Otis, 21st place—24-04.75. place—15.00; Madison Thomp- homy Gamez, Arickaree, 13th place—4:17.16. 4x800 meter relay: Akron, Shot put: Janessa Ramey, Ak1st place—10:17.68; Otis, 8th ron, tied for 4th place—31-03.75; place—12:18.09. Sadie Parker, Lone Star, 9th 800 meter sprint medley relay: place—29.05.00; Sydney GlosAkron, 9th place—2:14.68; Otis, son, Otis, 11th place—28-02.75; 11th place—2:20.62. Sarah Myers, Arickaree, 15th High jump: Haley Dietz, Arick- place—27-01.25; Daydra Parker, aree, 1st place—4-10.00; Kelsey Lone Star, 20th place—23-11.00; Guy, Akron, 3rd place—4-08.00. Lindsey Christensen, Akron, 24th Pole vault: Karli Christensen, place—21-04.00; Hanna StallAkron, 1st place—8-07.00; ings, Otis, 27th place—19-11.75; Antonya Schaffert, Otis, 2nd Jasmine Priest, Arickaree, 33rd place—8-01.00; Kylee Kuntz, place—15-07.25. Otis, tied for 5th place—7-07.00; Discus: Sarah Myers, Arickaree,

Page 9 April 29, 2014

Unofficial 140th 2014 Kentucky Derby Churchill Downs 1 ¼ miles Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 Futures Odds to win

BI HORSE NAME OPEN CUR 9058 BAYERN 75 75 9023 BIG BAZINGA 175 150 9011 CAIRO PRINCE 150 7 8918 CALIFORNIA CHROME 200 5/2 8919 CANDY BOY 150 20 9032 CHITU 125 20 8926 COASTLINE 175 150 9112 COMMANDING CURVE 200 75 8927 COMMISSIONER 75 150 8928 CONQUEST TITAN 150 150 9067 CONSTITUTION 100 12 8932 DANCE WITH FATE 125 40 8933 DANZA 200 25 9053 GENERAL A ROD 125 22 9105 HARRY'S HOLIDAY 150 100 9080 HOPPERTUNITY 100 15 8950 INTENSE HOLIDAY 175 12 8963 MEDAL COUNT 175 50 9037 MIDNIGHT HAWK 125 22 8971 PABLO DEL MONTE 200 100 8979 RIDE ON CURLIN 75 100 9101 RING WEEKEND 50 60 9002 SAMRAAT 130 12 9102 SOCIAL INCLUSION 80 30 8988 STRONG MANDATE 75 150 8990 TAPITURE 100 10 9056 UNCLE SIGH 100 75 9040 VICAR'S IN TROUBLE 150 14 9079 VINCEREMOS 100 30 9001 WE MISS ARTIE 100 30 8996 WICKED STRONG 200 12 9016 WILDCAT RED 150 18 Will Any Horse Win the 2014 Triple Crown? 2801 YES 600 2802 NO -900 Will California Chrome win the 2014 Triple Crown? 2803 YES 1000 2804 NO -1800 3rd place—92-06.50; Janessa Ramey, Akron, 15th place—76-06; Daydra Parker, Lone Star, 21st place—63-08; Sadie Parker, Lone Star, 24th place—60-00; Lindsey Christensen, Akron, 28th place—57-00; Hanna Stallings, Otis, 31st place—52-00.50; Jasmine Priest, Arickaree, 32nd place—48-00.50

Boys Results

Team scores are as follows: Wray, 101; Yuma, 89; Peetz, 67.5; Fleming, 66; Arickaree, 57.5; Sedgwick County, 55; HiPlains, 50; Haxtun, 42; Merino,

30; Otis, 30; Liberty/Stratton, 29; Idalia, 25; Caliche, 22; Holyoke, 19; Akron, 8, and Weldon Valley, 1. 100 meter dash: Trent Leoffler, Arickaree, 2nd place—12.00; Kelan Graton, Otis, 7th place—12.54; Tanner Patterson, Otis, 10th place—13.14; Coleton Kukus, Arickaree, 13th place—13.37; Cole Green, Arickaree, 22nd place—14.32; Wes Longshore, Arickaree, 26th place—16.13. Continued on next page

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Otis Telegraph Sports

Boys results from Dick Evans Track Meet Continued 200 meter dash: Trent Leoffler, Arickaree, 5th place—25.56; Conagher Jones, Arickaree, 7th place—26.23; Kelan Graton, Otis, 8th place—26.64; Coleton Kukus, Arickaree, 19th place—28.57; Isaiah Koolstra, Arickaree, 21st place—29.65. 400 meter dash: Trent Leoffler, Arickaree, 2nd place—55.30; Drew Palser, Otis, 7th place—56.75; Adrian Lopez, Otis, 9th place—59.75; Tanner Patterson, Otis, 10th place—1:00.40; Isaiah Koolstra, Arickaree, 12th place—1:02.50; Garrett Shaffer, Arickaree, 16th place—1:05.42; Seth May, Arickaree, 19th place—1:06.77. 800 meter run: Isaiah Koolstra, Arickaree, 12th place—2:32.23; Daniel Harman, Arickaree, 24th place—3:17.45. 1,600 meter run: Tarek Thompson, Arickaree, 12th place—6:00.70; Daniel Harman, Arickaree, 18th place—7:18.70. 3,200 meter run: Tarek Thompson, Arickaree, 7th place—13:11.38. 110 meter hurdles: Joe Jefferson, Arickaree, 3rd place—17.81; Jamie Allacher,

Otis, 5th place—19.15. 300 meter hurdles: Joe Jefferson, Arickaree, 3rd place—45.78; Cole Green, Arickaree, 7th place—57.93. 4x100 meter relay: Arickaree, 5th place—49.44. 4x200 meter relay: Otis, 4th place—1:42.08; Arickaree, 8th place—1:55.52. High jump: Garrett Shaffer, Arickaree, 5th place—5-02.00; Reid Palser, Otis, tied for 9th place—4-10.00; Tanner Patterson, Otis, three-way tie for 11th place—4-08.00. Pole vault: Jared Clarkson, Akron, 2nd place—12-01.00; Reid Palser, Otis, 5th place—10-07.00; Brynnan McCall, Otis, 9th place—9-01.00; Levi Basler, Akron, 9th place—7-01.00; Kaiden McCall, Otis, 10th place—8-07.00; Zac Lefforge, Akron, 13th place—7-01.00; Tanner Patterson, Otis, 14th place—7-01.00. Long jump: Tanner Pflager, Otis, 4th place, 18-07.25; Conagher Jones, Arickaree, 9th place—16-11.50; Isaiah Koolstra, Arickaree, 11th place—16-03.00; Brynnan Mc-

Call, Otis, 14th place—16-01.00; Seth May, Arickaree, 19th place—15-09.25; Reid Palser, Otis, 20th place—15-08.00; Coleton Kukus, Arickaree, 21st place—15-06.50; Jamie Allacher, Otis, 23rd place—15-00.50. Triple jump: Garrett Shaffer, Arickaree, 4th place—36-04.50; Dylan Dietz, Arickaree, 5th place—36-03.75; Conagher Jones, Arickaree, 9th place—35-02.50; Coleton Kukus, Arickaree, 10th place—34-08.25. Shot put: Seth May, Arickaree, 7th place—36-11.75; Zeth Schoenfeld, Otis, 9th place—36-02.25; Dylan Dietz, Arickaree, 12th place—34-01.50; Ian Halcomb, Otis, 15th place—31-10.50; Wes Longshore, Arickaree, 26th place—25-03.50. Discus: Zeth Schoenfeld, Otis, 3rd place—127-09; Ian Halcomb, Otis, 14th place—82-03; Dylan Dietz, Arickaree, 17th place—80-08; Wes Longshore, Arickaree, 25th place—68-10.50; Daniel Harman, Arickaree, 28th place—67-02.

Rams Split Double Header with the Eagles

Levi Basler with the Akron Rams Catching

By Jerry Patterson The Akron Rams spilt the double-header with Wray, at Wray last Saturday. The Rams had a tough go in the first game dropping it 15 to 4. Down 9-0 in the top of the fifth, the Rams rallied back with 4-runs in the inning. The Eagles answered the call in, the bottom of the fifth with their second 6-run inning of the game. The final score Wray 15, Akron 4. The second game of the double header turned into a 9 inning marathon. The Ram’s bats came alive and scored 6-runs in the ninth inning. The final score Akron 10, Wray 6. Jared Clarkson worked all nine

Photo by Shantil Basler

innings for the Rams allowing 0 Hits, 6 Runs, 5 Earned Runs, Walked 2 and struck out 8. Clarkson faced 40 batters in the game. Akron Battings Stats Game 1: Levi Basler 1R,1H, Jared Clarkson 1R,1H, 1RBI, Andy Mack 1H, 1 RB!, Dillon Michaelis 1R,1H,2RBI’s. Akron Batting Stats Game 2: Levi Basler 1H, Garrett Basler 1R, Trent Hill 2R’s,2H’s, 3RBI’s, Darrien Guy 2R’s, 3H’s, 1RBI, Jared Clarkson 1RBI, Andy Mack 3r’s, 4H’s, 1RBI, Tanner Watson, 1R,1H,1RBI, Dillon Michaelis 1H, Brock Benson 1R, 2H, 1 RBI

Otis Telegraph Sports

Brock Benson pitching against the Wray Eagles in their Double Header last Saturday Photo by Shantil Basler

April 29, 2014 Page 11

Otis’ Molly Geoglein in the 100 meter at the Dick Evans Track meet on April 26. Photo by Dan Stoeber.

You Take Pride in Your Farm We Take Pride in Our Work

See us for your next building project.

SITO INC. 409 E. 1ST IN OTIS 1-970-246-3461

Dick Evans - Akron’s Ivanna Vance, 2nd from right took 1st in the 100 meter dash with a time of 00:13.07. Photo by Dan Stoeber

Dick Evans - Otis’ Tanner Pflager on the right gets ready to hand off in the 4 x 200. Otis placed 4th. Photo by Dan Stoeber

April 29, 2014 Page 12

Otis Telegraph

Otis Elementary Students attend Science Explorers at NJC



WHEN: TUESDAY, MAY 6TH AT 2:00 P.M. WHERE: PEARSE BOARD ROOM AT YUMA DISTRICT HOSPITAL ALL ARE WELCOME! Back Row-Sponsors Rachelle Pieper and Lisa Turvey. Next row- Peighton Kendrick, Rachel Patterson, Emily Winkler, Killian Hissam, Mia Dischner. Front Row- AnnaLise Glosson, Tyler Reynolds, Brooklyn Elliott, Austin Stivers and Peyton Wells. Courtesy Photo STEM Workshop – Engineering neering and Biodesign”, the stu- to withstand the cold as well. The “pill” was then dropped into is EVERYWHERE dents determined through scien- The second component of this a cup containing lemon-lime On Wednesday, February 26, tific processes how to eradicate workshop was encasing a pill soda (“stomach acid”) to see 2014, 10 elementary students a harmful organism that had in- that could withstand the stom- how long it took to withstand the from grades 4, 5, and 6 attended vaded a factory. If the organism ach’s acidity. The pill was a tic- acidity. Students also created Science Explorers workshops at could withstand cold tempera- tac, and the ingredients used to “gummy worms” (not edible) by NJC. tures, then the helpful bacteria encase the pill were corn starch, creating a reaction between a soIn the first session, “Bioengi- that the students “designed” had water, flour, salt, sugar, and oil. dium alginate solution, calcium,

Woodlin raises over $1100 for the American Heart Association

On April 11th the Woodlin Elementary held a Jump Rope for Heart event. They raised over $1100 for the American Heart Association.

and water. The “worms” were smooth, flexible, and semi-solid. The second session was “Energy, Design and Change”. In this workshop, students were introduced to Photo Origami – manipulating plastic (similar to shrinky-dinks) under a heat lamp to see how their shapes changed. Drawing thin or thick lines on one side or both with a black marker determined how the polymers (plastic) bended and folded. A black marker was

used because black absorbs all colors of lights. “21st Century Materials” was the third workshop. The students interacted with conductive paints; circuits; shape-memory polymers and thermoplastics; and watched a 3-D printer in action. If you have a budding scientist in your home, please check out this website at:

The business meeting came to order with all board members in attendance and proceeded with approving the agenda with additions. The consent agenda was then approved. Audience included a couple elementary teachers and a visiting student from Bear Creek High School. Science and social studies online state testing started this week. It was suggested that the final half day of school (5-302014) be cancelled. Medical insurance for next year is up for renewal and because of the “Affordable Care Act,” will end up costing more. Possibilities of other insurance companies as well as pros and cons of an HSA (Health Savings Account for high deductible insurance) was discussed. Changes to the proposed budget from the previous work ses-

included increasing the base salary of staff to help with both retention as well as attraction for new staff. Also included was the potential “negative factor” buy-down by the legislature for 2014-2015 school year. A possible daily schedule for the next school year was presented as well, which will be presented to the staff and accountability committee for input as well. Discussion items included Policy JICH (Student Drug/ Alcohol Use) and JICI (Weapons in School). A brief discussion about the Open House on 5-9-2014 was discussed with the board deciding to provide a meal. This will be a combination of open house along with Awards presentations. A brief executive session was held regarding contract renew Continued on page 17

Woodlin School Board Meeting 4/15/2014 sion was also discussed which

Otis Telegraph

Mop Shop holds Grand Opening

Courtesy Photo -Ribbon cutting ceremony for the Grand Opening of The Mop Shop salon and spa in Akron – participants included (left to right): Susie Schaefer, Northeast Colorado Broadcasting Association; Abbie Brent, stylist; Monica Hunt, owner/stylist; Kortni Lewis, esthetician; Marcia Bowland, Chamber member.

2014 Otis Prom Royalty

King Brynnan McCall and Queen Tori Law. Photo by Chan

The Mop Shop was the center of attention in downtown Akron on Saturday, April 26 with the Grand Opening in the new location at 157 Main Avenue. Monica Hunt, owner of The Mop Shop, was pleased to welcome an estimated 50 guests to her newly revamped and expanded business. Akron Chamber of Commerce representatives, Marcia Bowland and Susie Schaefer, were on hand for the ribbon cutting and plaque presentation. Hunt was joined at the Grand Opening by two of the service providers of the salon, Kortni Lewis, an esthetician, and Abbie Brent, hair stylist. Shelby Dorrenbacher, Gina Harms and Jo Metoyer were not able to attend in person. Winners from the Grand Opening drawings included Sandy Lambley, who won a deep conditioning hair treatment with Abbie Brent. Becky Porteus won an ultimate pedicure with Monica Hunt. Kandy Diamond won a set of gel nails with Shelby Dorrenbacher. Pam McKay

April 29, 2014 Page 13

won a custom facial with Kortni Lewis. And, Brittani Kusel won a 60 minute massage with Jo Metoyer. “We are so appreciative of everyone who came out to see us start our new business adventure!” Hunt said. “We look forward to welcoming new customers every day.” As you enter, you will notice the expanded boutique offering quality and affordable women’s clothing and accessories. The featured hair care brands are Aquage and Moroccan Oil. The business has added a line of herbal supplements designed to aid in weight management for men and women. The larger building has allowed for an expanded boutique offering quality and affordable women’s clothing and accessories, as well as a full range of hair care products from Aquage and Moroccan Oil. There are message and waxing service rooms, and the tanning bed is one of the newest and best in northeast Colorado. New services providers are

joining the existing team. Kortni Lewis, a skin care specialist, will bring premium facial and body treatments using Image Skin Care products. Image has the highest quality, pure, and environmentally sound ingredients, using medical-grade formulas to care for and protect your skin. Lewis will be in Akron every Tuesday. Jo Metoyer, a massage therapist since 1997, specializes in CranioSacral therapy. She will be joining the team one weekend a month. This therapy is a gentle, hands-on approach that releases tensions deep in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction, and improve whole body health and performance. And, Gina Harms will be available Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings, and Saturday by appointment only for a variety of hair services. With the expanded team, The Mop Shop is open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday; and by appointment only on Saturday.

Otis Telegraph

Page 14 April 29, 2014

Norman Lee Parker Doralea Sauer Vonda “Marie” Serl Frink John A. Rennes Norman Lee Parker was born August 4, 1941 in Akron, Colorado to parents Stanley and Thelma Parker. His grandparents and great-grandparents were early homesteaders in Washington County, Colorado - a small farming community on the eastern Colorado plains. During his pre-school years his family continued farming in various places south of Akron. When Norman was old enough to start school, they moved into Akron, where he completed kindergarten and first grade. In the fall of 1948 the family relocated to Longmont, where they bought a 10 acre tract of land west of town on Hoover Road. Norman and younger sister Anetta, attended and graduated 8th grade at a small two-room county school - Nelson School. It was a red brick building with no running water, located 1 mile south, and 1 mile west of the family home. There was a large water crock with a spigot for filling small cups the children brought from home, the cups were held in individual compartments in an open cupboard on the wall. Norman attended Longmont High School, graduating in 1959. All through his high school years, he and Anetta spent many weekends at the Roll-O-Rena skating rink. It was there that he met his future bride, Rosella Lane. They were excellent skaters and enjoyed dancing on skates, much like the ice skaters do. They were married September 3, 1961 at the Presbyterian Church in Longmont, Reverend Stanley Goerner officiated. They were blessed with three sons, Clifford Allen - 7-231962, Kim Lydell - 5-6-1964, and Chet Stanley - 3-30-1968. All three were born at Longs Peak Hospital in Longmont. In June 1967, the family moved to Walden, Colorado where Norman worked for Baller Livestock. He then worked for Hines Lumber Company; Wamsley Cattle Company; Louisiana Pacific Lumber Company; summers for the Division of Wildlife; and for the Jackson County Landfill. In February 2012, he was diagnosed with cancer and had to retire.

In 1979 they purchased 40 acres east of Walden. Norman and family have made a lot of improvements over the years, Norman was very handy with tools of all sorts, and could build most anything. He was also a very good mechanic and could work on cars, trucks, and farm equipment. He loved animals and at various times raised cattle, sheep and hogs. He and Rosie taught their boys how to care for livestock. Norman was active in Boy Scouts, 4-H, and FFA with his sons. He was diagnosed with cancer and forced to retire. He passed away March 27, 2014. Norman was preceded in death by nephew Terry Steiner, father Stanley Parker, son Chet Parker, brother-in-law Ed Steiner, mother-in-law Eloise May, sister-in-law Loretta Lane, and brother-in-law Glen Lane. He is survived by wife Rosella, sons Clifford, Kim-(Judy), 2 granddaughters Willow and Misty of Canada, mother Thelma and sister Anetta Steiner of Walden, brother Rick-( Joan ) of Cheyenne, and numerous nieces, nephews, great nieces, and great nephews. A Memorial service to be held at the North Park Community Church, Walden on Saturday, April 5, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. Memorial contributions may be made to the Meredith and Jeannie Ray Cancer Center in Laramie, Wyoming in care of Bohlender Funeral Chapel, 121 W. Olive, Fort Collins, Colorado 80524.

Bowin Funeral Home

Dallas Bowin 175 West Third Street Akron, CO. 80720 P.O. Box 576 (P) 970-345-2424 (F)970-345-2525

Doralea (Jackson) Sauer was born on June 6, 1926 to Robert Franklin and Alice Cora (Gilbert) Jackson in Idalia, Colorado. She passed away, at the age of 87, on April 18, 2014 at the Devonshire Acres Care Facility in Sterling, Colorado. Doralea was a busy mother of four children, Leroy, Cindy, Lynda and Jim. She worked at Ranch Wholesale as a clerk and at the feedmill of M & M Co-op. She was a member of the Yuma VFW and Auxiliary for over forty years. She loved gardening and her hobbies included knitting and crocheting. She thoroughly enjoyed time with her children and grandchildren. At the age of 59 Doralea received her High School GED. Throughout the years there were at least seven young people, friends or family that called Doralea’s house their home from a few months to a few years however long they needed. She felt there was always room for one more kid at the Sauer Home. Doralea was preceded in death by her parents, Robert and Alice Jackson; her brothers, Frank Jackson, Jake Jackson and Jim Jackson; sisters, Violet Jackson, Geneva Jackson, Victoria Riley, Frances Williams and Rosella Kuntz. Doralea is survived by her sister, Sharlotte and Clarence Smith of Colorado Springs, Colorado; son, Leroy and wife, Diana of North Platte, Nebraska; daughter, Cindy and Steve Miles of Fleming, Colorado; daughter Lynda Koch of Fleming, Colorado; son, Jim and Elda Sauer of Yuma, Colorado; nine grandchildren, six great grandchildren; along with many niecContinued next column

Vonda “Marie” Serl Frink was born on May 26, 1942 in Yuma, Colorado to Alvin and Vonda Watson Serl. She was the last of four children, and the only girl. She departed this life peacefully on April 21, 2014 at the age of 71 after suffering a stroke. Marie was a very strong, independent, and resilient woman that we all came to know and love. All the nieces and nephews have very fond memories of getting lifesaver books for Christmas from Aunt Marie. We all measured our height on Grandpa and Grandma’s wall to see who was taller Aunt Marie or us. It was always an accomplishment when we became taller than her, and she always got teased that she was the shorter person. She always smiled at each of us and knew we made our goal of beating her in height. She had a giggle that was more like a cackle that made each of us smile when she was up to something ornery or we had done something to her. Marie graduated with the Yuma High School class of 1960. After school she became a waitress at many local eating establishments including Keno’s, Wooden Spoon, Hearty Rancher, and Norka. She was always friendly to all her customers, teasing them with a smile and a giggle. Marie married Harold Creland Frink Sr. in Akron. Unfortunately, they did not have much es, nephews and friends. There will be a graveside service on Saturday, May 3, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. at the Yuma Cemetery in Yuma, Colorado. Baucke Funeral Home is handling the arrangements.

time together, before Harold died on December 14, 1985. They enjoyed their time together immensely and Marie inherited another loving family as Harold’s embraced her. Marie enjoyed doing embroidery on tea towels, which she sold to many friends and gave many sets to family members. She enjoyed her Sunday morning breakfast with sister-in-law Lois and many Akron friends. She enjoyed listening to the radio as she watched TV. She was always watching a cooking show or old westerns. She also liked to watch the Colorado Rockies. When Julie would take Aunt Marie to ALCO she always had to go look at the merchandise that was advertised on television to see if she would need it at home. Marie was preceded in death by her parents Alvin and Vonda, brothers Leslie, Kenneth and Bruce Serl, husband Harold Frink, nephew George Nowlin, and great nephews Lance Leslie and Dane Michael Serl. She leaves to mourn her passing sister-in-laws Shirley Serl, Marlene Serl, and Lois Serl, numerous nieces and nephews, and many members of Harold’s family. Services were held Thursday, April 24, 2014 at First Presbyterian Church in Yuma with Pastor Dave McQuisten officiating. Interment in the Akron Cemetery.

John A. Rennes was born in Akron, Colorado on Nov 20th, 1936 and passed away on April 7th, 2014 in his sleep at his home in Anaheim, California, at the age of 77. John was raised in the Otis area and attended the local schools, participating in sports (nicknamed “Pee Wee”) and graduated from Otis High School with the class of 1955. John was an elementary school teacher, mostly in the Los Angeles area for 45 years, retiring in 2002. He had many interests, including camping with the family, fishing and golfing. Those left to mourn are his wife Barbara of 48 years, daughter Brenda Schleich, husband Nick, and granddaughter Ava, of Huntington Beach, California. One sister, Jeanne Lewis and husband Frank, nephew Bill Cameron, wife Meow Yen, and two daughters, all living in San Jose, California. Nieces Mary Ann Palchikoff, husband Keith and their three children of Fairbanks, Alaska. Vicki Kelly, husband Ben and their two children of Denver. Deidre Bechwith (Dee Dee) of Sandy Hook, Connecticut. Sisters in law, Mary Esquer, of Oakland, California and Beverly Vasquez, of San Diego. Brother in law, L.K. (Buzz) Engeman, of Denver. He was preceded in death by his parents, Harry Rennes and Edna Rennes Baker, sisters Dorothy Engeman of Denver and Mary Beckwith of Wilton, Connecticut, and brother in law, Henry Beckwith of Wilton CT. He will be greatly missed by his relatives, two beloved cats, and many friends. Mailing Addresses: Barbara Rennes (wife) 976 Country Glenn Way Anaheim, CA 92808 Jeanne Lewis (sister) 10455 Observatory Drive San Jose, CA 95127

Mom’s Kitchen May 6 – 9 Tuesday: Prime Rib Sandwich Wednesday: Sauerkraut & Weenies Thursday: Shrimp Basket Santé Fe Eggroll Basket Friday: Mexican

Otis Telegraph

and Tammy Galloway from Denver were weekend guests of Ed and Linda Littleton, and Josh, Jamie & Austin Sauer. Austin Sauer spent Monday-Friday with his grandparents Steve & Venessa Sauer in Loveland. Matt and Tish Allacher went to Sterling on Friday evening to do a bit of shopping. They enjoyed dinner at Wendy's. Andrew Perry was home for the weekend. He attended prom with Haley Patterson, and had a fun time.

Tues.-Sat. 6:00am-8:00pm Sun. 6:00am-2:00pm Closed Mondays Main St. Otis 970-246-3414

Elaine Haverland, Richard Perry and Ronna Haverland, and Jacob Perry went to the high school to watch the Grand March.

Send your Out and About to Tish Allacher

On Wednesday, Cheryl Patterson picked Dillon Patterson up in Ft. Morgan and brought him home for a couple of days. Jerry and Cheryl Patterson took Dillon to DIA on Saturday evening so Dillon could return to work on Sunday. He flew to Peru on with a 36 hour layover. He returned to Dallas on Tuesday.

Mercy sakes...the wind. Grab your hat and hold on tight. Felicia, Jeff and Evan Boyer had Easter dinner at their home in LaSalle. Family members attending the dinner were Courtney Boyer and friend Steve Eash, Steve, Karen and Amy Vosburg, Adrian, Shanna and Ayla Vosburg and Richard and Patty Boyer. Jim, Barb, and Brandon Hecht from Grand Junction

Cheryl and Jerry hosted dinner on Friday evening. Guests were Dillon, Michelle, JR, Tanner, Rachel and Garret, Dan and Shae Smith, Coley, Lanie, Ty Hunt, Jerry and Jamie and Continued on next page

April 29, 2014 Page 15

Eyes and Ears of Clara Johnston The weatherman said we may get a little more winter this coming week and if it means wet snow and some rain we will all welcome it and grumble at the wind. But in the end we will take what we get and LIKE it! RIGHT? Ellen Cecil went t Vona on Tuesday to read with the first and kindergarten kids. She also did some laminating. April 24 the Plains Telephone Company had their annual meeting. This year it was held in Eckley, and I (Clara) and Hilma Madison attended. I didn’t think it was quite a big attendance as usual, but I didn’t count either. Perhaps they just sat up more tables than usual so there were more empty

chairs. The door prizes were good and seemed to please those that won. The Christian Women of the Plains hosted a Salad Luncheon on Wednesday, April 23rd at noon at the Eastern Plains Bible Fellowship in Joes. I wasn’t able to get the attendance amount, but if all went as usual they had good food and an exhalent turn out. Andre Norman came to visit Doug and Paula Norman for the weekend. He rode back to Denver with friends of the family. Wednesday Ed and Ellen Cecil were in Yuma to get Ed’s toenails trimmed. Ellen went to the library and did some shopping.

Dan and Phyllis Studebaker, from Russell, KS, spent the weekend with Eldred Sidebottom in Brush. Dan and Eldred came to Cope on Saturday, picked up David Ml-

lykangas, and they all golfed in Kirk. On Thursday Ellen Cecil went to Yuma for her doctor appointment. She and Lila Continued on next page

A View of Lindon by Lois Scott The View from Lindon was that of rain and snow on Sunday with hurricane force wind. Over all the report was that from about three-quarters of an inch of moisture to an inch or more. The amount of snow varied from little to that which was received for several hours and had the ground quite white. Word has been received of the passing of Jean Mason McGriff of Stratton on Friday after battling cancer. Her parents, Dorothy, and the late Oscar Smith, lived on the farm in the Shaw community at the time of Jean’s arrival, raising Jean and her brothers there. The farm is still owned by the family. The Smiths eventually moved to Stratton where Oscar and Dorothy continued their long careers in education, and where Dorothy, at the spry age of 101 continues to live. Jean followed in her parents

footsteps and was a teacher, having taught home economics as did her mother. A note of clarification is that although Glen and Karen Stevens do own property in the Lindon/Anton vicinity, the property where they intend to build a new home is nearby the ranch south of Byers where they currently reside and have for sale. April has been a busy month for Leonard and Cindy Dreiling and his mother, Josephine Dreiling. Early in the month Josephine’s daughter/ Leonard’s sister, Mary Kay Caputo, came from California to help with a fundraiser, ‘Beads for Courage’ held Colorado. This is a program whereby children tell their story using colorful beads as meaningful symbols of courage that commemorate milestones they have achieved along their unique treatment

path while battling cancer or other serious illness. During the time Mary Kay was to Colorado, 17 family members gathered at the Wishbone Restaurant in Denver to help Josephine once again celebrate her birthday with not being able to be present for the first occasion. More recently Cindy and Josephine had a nice visit with Jo’s sister, Lammie, in her Thornton home for a couple of days. Cindy was delighted also for a visit with a friend, Cherry Mahalic of Firestone, with the gals getting in some shopping preparatory to Cindy opening her concession trailer business. Varied were the activities that the high school students, who were guests in the Hans Manley and John Leach homes, participated in during the week long stay midmonth. The young ladies were three of approximately

thirty students in the Senior Field Studies program at Bear Creek High School in Jefferson County. This is a ‘learn by doing’ educational course one semester in length whereby students enrolled explore the communities that surround them including the urban, suburban, rural and wilderness. The activities included attending a meeting of the Cope Soil Conservation District and assisting with the distribution of trees, attending other meetings including the Woodlin Lions Club Board of Directors or Woodlin School Board, as well as visiting the Woodlin School which provided the opportunity to attend a class instructed via the fiber optic with other schools. Also they were involved with farm chores including checking on farm animals and assisting with feeding them, driving the tractor, in addition Continued on next page

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April 29, 2014 Page 16

Eyes and Ears of Clara

Simpson went to the library. Ellen took some supplies for the summer reading program. Linda Sackett met Phyllis in Sterling for lunch. Also joining the for lunch was Lori Sackett. Phyllis and Linda then did some shopping and a lot of visiting. They saw Kathy Sidebottom at JC Penney’s, so that was fun for everyone. The Arickaree High School presented “Blackboots Lost Loot” at their 2014 Spring Dinner Theater on April 25th. The students and directors did an excellent job. Pastor Jack Stout, from the Liberty Baptist Church, spoke at the Cope Community Church on Sunday. Terry and Patt Covert are visiting their daughter, Rosey. Sunday the 27th Cope Community Church had 30 attend Sunday School and 57 attend the worship service. Clara Johnston attended the Volunteer Apparition get together at Encore Life, in Wray CO. They had a three piece band ? that played some “oldies but goodies”

and some 50’s and 60’s music. Some did a little “dancing” and a little eating of the munchies! It was a nice couple hours. THANKS!

Out and about

Jaylin. Hannah Stallings stopped by with JR. Satruday, Cheryl and Dillon has lunch at Mom’s Kitchen with John and Marcelyn Patterson. Hi Lo Bridge Club Marcelyn Patterson hosted bridge, serving a delicious brownie cherry dessert. Members attending were Nadine Knudsen, Shirley Sunderman, Karen Willeke, Sally Cross, Lana Spurling, and Randy Thomas. Guest player was Elza Parker. Honors went to Nadine, Lana and Elza. Lana will host May 8th.

A View

to learning by experiencing how the weather often changes and did affect some of the scheduled projects for during their stay. The visitor in the Manley home is a member of the famed Westernaires and enjoyed being able to ride a horse to help with the func-

A Mother’s Day Delight Give Mom a special gift A Beautiful Mother’s Ring

Special orders welcome

JayÊFlaming Jewelers,ÊInc.

220 S. Main • Yuma, CO 80759 Phone & Fax (970) 848-5925

tional aspect of a horse for work with livestock. Another activity for the three gals was joining with another host family for a day at the Livestock Exchange Sale Barn in Brush and dining at the Drovers Restaurant. The Colorado Farm Bureau Women sponsor the rural segment of the Senior Field Studies and the host families are Farm Bureau members. Last weekend Bill and Ronette DePue helped grandson, Jaden, celebrate his 5th birthday a few days early in the Wray home of his parents, James and Angela DePue.

Easter weekend John and Sue Leach enjoyed a visit from Claudia Donati of Oroville, California, a school friend of Sue’s. She was on the return trip home after visiting her son and family in Oklahoma. The trio enjoyed the Easter Sunrise Service and breakfast of the Bethel Church of the Brethren and otherwise enjoyed a relaxing time visiting. On Monday after Easter Pat Hill went to Junction City, Kansas where she met with daughter, Enola Leonard and accompanied her to Branson, Missouri where Enola attended the District Conference of the Nazarene Church. While in Branson the ladies also attended shows including ‘It’ and ‘Six’. If one is intrigued by the show titles, Pat explained that the show

Horoscope for week of April 29,2014

LEO - Jul 23/Aug 23 Expect some great news to come your way this week, Leo. This news may impact your personal or professional life, or even both. Ready yourself. VIRGO - Aug 24/Sept 22 ARIES - Mar 21/Apr 20 Virgo, be flexible with your Aries, your energy needs an schedule so you can go with the outlet. Exercise is a productive way to expend yourself, flow as much as possible this week. Try something silly that so stretch at your desk, skip will put you in a good mood. the elevator for the stairs or LIBRA - Sept 23/Oct 23 take a walk at lunchtime. Don’t sweat the small stuff, LiTAURUS - Apr 21/May 21 Untangle yourself from con- bra. Others are more focused on flicts at work, Taurus. This is the bigger picture so you don’t need to fret over everything. not the time to get involved in anything that may put your Relax and things will come together nicely. chances for a promotion in SCORPIO - Oct 24/Nov 22 jeopardy. Watch out for any impulses that GEMINI - May 22/Jun 21 are out of character for you, You are full of intellectual Scorpio. You could be feeling energy, Gemini. Answers to like abandoning your usual motrivia show questions come dus operandi in favor of taking a easily to you and you’re more risky approach. ready to solve the world’s SAGITTARIUS - Nov 23/Dec most pressing problems. 21 CANCER - Jun 22/Jul 22 You have lots of social energy Cancer, give your finances this week, Sagittarius. Others serious consideration this are relying on you, and you are week. Find a solid plan for likely to have many admirers saving and stick with it beby the week’s end. Take this cause you are going to need extra funds in a few months. opportunity to impress.

CAPRICORN - Dec 22/Jan 20 Capricorn, daily life can be tiring, but you need to find a way to muster a little more energy. Get adequate rest and eat right so you have the energy you need in the week ahead. AQUARIUS - Jan 21/Feb 18 Life gets a bit interesting this week, Aquarius. Embrace change, even if the concept of change is alien to you. It is good to get out of your shell. PISCES - Feb 19/Mar 20 Pisces, now might be a good time to reflect and take a break from the hustle and bustle. See if you can fly solo for a little while. FAMOUS BIRTHDAYS APRIL 27 Cory Booker, Politician (45) APRIL 28 Penelope Cruz, Actress (40) APRIL 29 Jerry Seinfeld, Comic (60) APRIL 30 Johnny Galecki, Actor (39) MAY 1 Emilia Clarke, Actress (27) MAY 2 Donatella Versace, Designer (59) MAY 3 Eric Church, Singer (37)

‘It’ featured singing and dance by the 35-member Hughes Family, which was most enjoyable. The show ‘Six’ was described as an intriguing performance by six individuals with all sound effects done either by mouth or the microphone including that for a car skidding, the screeching of a car, chariot races... Pat’s comment was that one would not be disappointed with either of these shows. The third show which the ladies attended was that of the ever popular ‘Sons of the Pioneers’.

Colorado she was immedi- she was among the large ately off to Karval for the crowd who attended the fuannual Plover Festival held neral service in the afternoon there over the weekend. Lar- for Lola Patton, of the well ry and Cindy Leonard were known and respected Patton the chef masters with the family at Karval and in LinDutch Oven Meal prepared coln County. and served Saturday evening with help from Pat and Ron Bruner of Denver was Homer Hill, with Homer’s a Thursday visitor with the expertise doing the baked Last Chance Quilters as he beans. Before Pat returned continues work with his home this Monday evening Continued on next page

Upon Pat’s arrival home to

ning a party for graduation, wedding or family gathering this will be useful. 2 c. sugar 2 (6oz.) cans lemonade 1 c. fresh lemon juice 2 qt. water 1 qt. 7-up for ginger ale dissolve the sugar in water, heat until clear. Cool well. Add the remaining ingredients, serve over ice. This punch can be colored with food coloring to match any occasion. Be sure to add the coloring slowly to achieve a pleasant color. Makes 1 gallon of punch (serves approx. 20 guests). Hint: always add the 7-up or ginger ale right before serving

Happy Birthday

Lordy, Lordy, Look who’s 40!

Taste of the Plains

by Luanne Shafer

Easy Punch....Mary Lou Gorman has this recipe in the Recipes from our Hearts cookbook, if you are plan-

Northeastern Colorado has so many outstanding cooks; I hope to spotlight/share each week a recipe and a helpful hint for all the cooks to use. You can send your recipe and hints to Luanne Shafer; P.O. Box 137, Otis, CO 80743

project documenting the group on film. He plans to visit again on May 15th to do more filming and hopefully to also begin interviews. For use with the documentary, he will would like to get a picture of the early days filling station that Essa Harbert and Archie Chapman had when they established Last Chance. Is there any one with such a picture willing to loan it to the gentleman? At Woodlin on Friday evening the Woodlin Lions Club held the annual Reverse Raffle event which is the major fundraiser for the organization netting the Lions about $2,500 which goes for scholarships for Woodlin students. About 100 people were in attendance with Jacob Wagers the grand prize winner and Marlys Swan the runner up. The Raffle was run by State Game Licensed personnel of the Lions Club, Tim Sharp and Jack Priest. Kevin Brown of the Mustache Enterprises prepared

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the delicious meal sponsored by the Anton Co-op, 21st Century Equipment, Cargill and Simplot. Friday evening Cindy and Josephine Dreiling were among the many who enjoyed the dinner and play at the Arickaree School reporting that the “food was wonderful and that the play was humorous and well presented.” On Saturday the two ladies were to Metro Denver with Josephine spending the day with daughter Sue Wagner where she was also an overnight guest as Cindy tended to business. On Sunday following church, Leonard and Cindy joined with friends and observed their wedding anniversary by dining out at Chili’s, Cindy’s favorite restaurant, before returning home bringing Josephine with them. Ken and Rose Cronk were to Ellicott on Saturday for the wedding reception of son, Pete Janssen and his bride, at the home of the bride’s parents. The couple were married in Aruba on April 8th. Also enjoying the occasion were Pete’s sister, Jenny Christenson and son Amron; and Rose’s aunt Vel Vassios of Flagler. The newlyweds will be making their home in Colorado Springs. Bill and Kendal Nelson were to Greeley on Saturday to the home of Jeff and Bonny Everhart and daughters. Bill helped Jeff and his brother, Matt, with some tasks while Kendal enjoyed a Norwex products party which Bonny hosted in the Everhart home. Too, the Nelsons enjoyed dining with the Everharts while with the family.

Otis Telegraph Leonard and Cindy Dreiling entertained guests at their home Saturday evening in appreciation for the assistance getting ‘Cindy’s Kitchen’ concession trailer ready for business. Opening day was to have been today, Monday April 27th; however, the wind wreaked havoc with windows which delayed opening for a day. Cindy plans to be in Akron on Mondays and Wednesdays nearby the NorthStar Bank, and in Anton on Tuesdays and Fridays at the Anton Coop. Cindy has many years of experience in food service and customers will not be disappointed with the food she serves. The Grand Opening for the ‘Middle of Somewhere Lodge’ at the former Nuttleman place, has been rescheduled for Sunday, May 25th. Originally the occasion was scheduled for April 13th but due to the snow, that did not happen. Do watch newspapers and other advertising in the coming weeks for more details regarding the event. Congratulations to Jerry Patterson for receiving the richly deserved award as the ‘Outstanding Media Person Award’ from the Colorado Athletics Directors Association this Monday evening at the awards banquet held in Broomfield. Kudos also to the WY-KC League for nominating Jerry for this accolade!

April 29, 2014 Page 17

Woodlin School After 14 years, Pattersons Board Concludes take a 8 day get-away als before coming back to regular session and proceeding with action items. Action items included approving policy JICC (Student Conduct on School Vehicles), JICDA (Student Code of Conduct), and JICDD (Violent and Aggressive Behavior). The district UIP was approved. Probationary and non-probationary certified contracts along with notices of assignment were approved. In addition, various trips for state knowledge bowl, FFA, and FBLA were approved along with the proposed school calendar. Old business included going over final board/district goals along with staff and administration focus areas for the next school year. New business included confirming the date for the regular scheduled board meeting, which will be on 5-202014 at 7:00 pm. Additionally, information regarding a CASB legislative update meeting was presented with two possible attendees.

Did you know:There are six coins currently minted by the United States Treasury: the silver dollar, the 50-cent piece, the quarter, the dime, the nickel, and the penny. The faces on all these coins look to the left with one exception: Which one? The penny. The Yap islanders in the South Pacific use 18-foot-high stone rings as money. The stones sometimes weigh as much as 15 tons, which means that when someone is paid in such currency, he goes to where the money is, not vice-versa.

Old Fashion Remedies and Recipes

Taken from the Ladies’ Embroidery Club Cook Book Published after 1919. Consult your doctor before using any of these remedies.

Homemade Soap

7 1/2 Pounds of tallow or 10 pounds of cracklings, 2 cans of Lewis lye, 4 oz. of powdered borax, 17 qts water. Dissolve borax and lye separately in part of the water. After being thoroughly dissolved put together in soap kettle, then put in the grease. Add rest of water slowly. Cook about two hours- Mrs. J.A. Huston The Otis Telegraph will try to feature an old recipe or remedy each week. If you have an old recipe you would like to sharesend to

Back row- Randy Ison, Lonny Patterson and Jerry Patterson Front- Susan Ison, Bette Patterson and Cheryl Patterson Dawn Jones, Alicia Barry and By Cheryl Patterson On Wednesday, Jerry and me, Lee Thinnes. Randy started helping about Lonny and Bette Patterson and a month ago building ads, comRandy and Susan Ison set of to ing over and working for a few Mesa, AZ for a 5day golf outing. minutes each week and going Randy and Lonny loaded all through my emails. our equipment and luggage and drove, leaving early Tues- J amie was to do the out and day morning. The rest of us about. She had aready had some flew Spirit Airlines leaving on experience doing layout when Wednesday, getting the best we did the programs. Dawn was to be incharge of price of $48.00 and NO LUGthe overall paper and Alicia was GAGE FEES! to keep the copy coming. We all met up at the house we When we left, I had brought rented in Mesa. The house was everything up to date to that a beautiful four bedroom with a point, and said just go with a pool/hot tub. small paper. I would be checkWe enjoyed golfing several ing my emails on my phone and different courses and ending could let them know what was back at the house to have dinner coming in. And that’s just what and enjoy the pool and hot tub. Before we knew it, it was we did. Little did I know that Monday and time to head on they would have to put out a 20 to our destinations. Lonny and page paper! That was a big job Randy driving back, Susan and for a first timer. Randy and Dawn, along with Bette flying home and Jerry and Michelle Corman, got the paI were driving on to Las Vegas, pers in the mail. Everything a four hour drive. We arrived went well and we continued our in Las Vegas around 4:00 and trip, not having to return home played golfing for a couple of to get the paper out. more days, returning home on We would like to thank the Thursday. girls and Lee, who went and I had been planning a trip for picked them up and delivered several months. We had not our stand sales. Without your missed a print date for 14 years. help, we couldn’t have gotten I decided to bring in some help. away for a little rest and relaxI called in the recruits, sister ation. Randy Thomas, daughter Jamie Weber and part-time employees

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To Whom It May Concern: This Notice is given with regard to the following described Deed of Trust: On February 19, 2014, the undersigned Public Trustee caused the Notice of Election and Demand relating to the Deed of Trust described below to be recorded in the County of Washington records. Original Grantor(s) Ronald D Fabian and Mary A Fabian Original Beneficiary(ies) Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc., as nominee for First NLC Financial Services, LLC, DBA The Lending Center Current Holder of Evidence of Debt CitiMortgage, Inc. Date of Deed of Trust March 08, 2006 County of Recording Washington Recording Date of Deed of Trust March 27, 2006 Recording Information (Reception Number) 838264 Book: 998 Page: 425 Original Principal Amount $62,000.00 Outstanding Principal Balance $57,283.87 Pursuant to CRS §38-38-101(4)(i), you are hereby notified that the covenants of the deed of trust have been violated as follows: failure to pay principal and interest when due together with all other payments provided for in the evidence of debt secured by the deed of trust and other violations thereof. THE LIEN FORECLOSED MAY NOT BE A FIRST LIEN. The property to be foreclosed is: SEE EXHIBIT A ATTACHED HERETO AND INCORPORATED HEREIN BY REFERENCE Also known by street and number as: 110 Railroad Avenue, Otis, CO 80743. THE PROPERTY DESCRIBED HEREIN IS ALL OF THE PROPERTY CURRENTLY ENCUMBERED BY THE LIEN OF THE DEED OF TRUST. NOTICE OF SALE The current holder of the Evidence of Debt secured by the Deed of Trust, described herein, has filed Notice of Election and Demand for sale as provided by law and in said Deed of Trust. THEREFORE, Notice Is Hereby Given that I will at public auction, at 10:00 AM on Wednesday, 06/11/2014, at the old Courthouse, 150 Ash Avenue, Akron, CO 80720, 2nd floor in Commissioners meeting room, (there is an elevator available for use), sell to the highest and best bidder for cash, the said real property and all interest of the said Grantor(s), Grantor(s)' heirs and assigns therein, for the purpose of paying the indebtedness provided in said Evidence of Debt secured by the Deed of Trust, plus attorneys' fees, the expenses of sale and other items allowed by law, and will issue to the purchaser a Certificate of Purchase, all as provided by law. First Publication 4/16/2014 Last Publication 5/14/2014 Name of Publication Otis Telegraph IF THE SALE DATE IS CONTINUED TO A LATER DATE, THE DEADLINE TO FILE A NOTICE OF INTENT TO CURE BY THOSE PARTIES ENTITLED TO CURE MAY ALSO BE EXTENDED. DATE: 02/19/2014 Debra A. Cooper, Public Trustee in and for the County of Washington, State of Colorado By: Public Trustee The name, address, business telephone number and bar registration number of the attorney(s) representing the legal holder of the indebtedness is: Kimberly L. Martinez #40351 The Castle Law Group, LLC 999 18th Street, #2301, Denver, CO 80202 (303) 865-1400 Attorney File # 14-00438 The Attorney above is acting as a debt collector and is attempting to collect a debt. Any information provided may be used for that purpose. EXHIBIT A A TRACT OF LAND BEGINNING AT A POINT 150 FEET EAST OF THE SOUTHWEST CORNER OF BLOCK 2, WILTON ADDITION TO THE TOWN OF OTIS, COLORADO, ACCORDING

Woodlin Preschool Screening Day What: Developmental screening

Who: Any children birthage 5 with developmental concerns or any child coming into preschool for the first time Where: Woodlin Preschool School When: Thursday May 8th, 2014 Time: Noon- 3 Spread the Word!

Town of Otis March 2014 Proceeds March Wages &Salaries $ 4,251.56 EFTPS, Taxes $ 1,660.64 Co Dept of Revenue, Taxes $ 636.00 US Welding, Supplies $ 48.26 Family Support Registry, Sup $ 600.00 Y-W, Utilities $ 2,358.17 UNCC, Locates $1.53 Quality Farm & Ranch, Sup. $320.71 Ison Oil, Fuel $453.85 Waste Management, Trash $3,190.50 CenturyLink, Services $ 187.10 SourceGas, Utilities $ 882.15 Yuma Co Auto Supply, Sup $ 68.68 Viaero, Services $ 148.68 Colo Choice Health Plans, In $ 690.34 Babette Jamison, Insurance $509.77 OVFD, Allowance $150.00 Alco, Supplies $ 7.49 Dennis Enterprises, Supplies $ 29.70 Locks & Things, Services $ 75.00 Otis San District, Services $ 8,813.60 Brandenburg Law, Services $ 250.00 Light, Kelly PC, Attorney $ 39.00 Otis Telegraph, Publishing $ 43.00 NE Colo Health Dept, Services $ 18.00 Last Chance Ln Services, Ser $1,995.00 Washington County Sheriff, Services $ 1,250.00 TOTAL $28,678.73

Otis Telegraph

Full Time Position Available ROAD AND BRIDGE EMPLOYEE

Due to a current openings, notice is hereby given that the Board of County Commissioners will be accepting applications for a Full Time, 40 hours per week with benefits, Road & Bridge Employees in – District # 1 – Akron, Colorado; and in – District #3 – Anton, Colorado. These positions are available immediately, at a salary to be determined by the Board based upon experience and qualifications. The persons selected will serve under the general supervision of the District #1 or District #3 Road and Bridge Supervisor. Responsibilities will include general maintenance of the County Roadway system, operation of heavy equipment and either a valid Colorado Class A CDL or the ability to obtain said license.

Lone Star School District seeking an Ag instructor & FFA advisor

Lone Star School district is seeking a full time Ag Education teacher and FFA advisor for the 2014-15 school year. This position includes an extended contract. Program focus and courses include Intro to Ag, Plant Systems, Animal Science, Ag Mechanics, Ag business, Ag Leadership and a semester of hybrid college course with NJC. You can download an application online at or visit the school for an application. For further questions please contact the school at 970-848-2778. Lone Star is an EEO employer.

Experience should include a general knowledge and / or background in heavy equipment operation, including tractors/trailers, bulldozers and front end loaders. The applicant should have the ability to learn and operate all heavy equipment, have a CDL A driver’s license and have oral and written skills to provide reporting to the Board of County Commissioners. A detailed job description is available by contacting the Commissioners Office at 150 Ash Street, Akron, Colorado 80720, or online at: www. Positions will remain open until filled. Washington County is an equal opportunity employer.

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Please don’t drink and drive




Storage Space Available Call Mike @ 970-5222369 or Kay @ 345-6698

Lone Star is seeking a Language Arts Teacher

Lone Star is seeking a full time 7th-12th grade Language Arts teacher for the 2014-15 school year. We would prefer highly qualified applicants. You can download an application online at or visit the school for an application. For further questions please contact the school at 970-848-2778. Lone Star is an EEO employer. Position open until filled.

Trivia Answers

Subscribe to the Otis Telegraph In state.......$35.00 Out of State....$48.00 Send check to Otis Telegraph P.O. Box 12 Otis, CO 80743

Yuma Theater

1.Rome 2.Two 3.Rancho del Cielo 4.Pop’s Choklit Shoppe 5.Green 6. Beer


The Otis School District has k-12 special ed position and a k-12 part/fulltime music position open for the 2014-15 school year. Position opened until filled. Please send in a current resume, letter of interest, 3 letters of recommendation, and a copy of your Colorado teaching certificate. Call Joyce Davis at 970-246-3486 if you have any questions. Otis R-3 is an equal opportunity employer

Enjoy the Yuma Drama Club The Aristocats

Employment Opportunity The Early Childhood Council for Yuma, Washington and Kit Carson Counties seeks applications for PT/FT position of Quality Improvement Specialist based in Yuma. The position covers Yuma, Washington and Kit Carson Counties and provides support and quality initiatives to child care providers in our three county region. Successful candidate must be willing to travel, must have reliable vehicle, valid driver’s license, vehicle insurance, and be proficient in Microsoft Office. Applicants must have some early childhood experience/education, be willing to get trained in the tools needed for employment and be able to work with a wide range of people. Excellent communication, organization and grammar skills required. An employment application is required. A resume and cover letter must be attached to the application. Applications can be picked up in Yuma at the Rural Communities Resource Center located at 204 S. Main or at the Yuma Workforce Center located at 529 N. Albany. The application/resume/cover letter needs to be emailed to or dropped off at the Rural Communities Resource Center by May 7th, 2014.


April 29, 2014 Page 19

Business Directory Jim’s Auto Body & Glass



304 S. MAIN IN YUMA 848-3400 (F) 848-3400 CUSTOM PRINTING & MORE


Yuma Chiropractic & Massage Therapy

Jim & Step Brower - 848-2422 810 W. 8th Ave. in Yuma Shop for your office supplies & More. 970-848-5401 218 S. Main in Yuma

Gravel Sand Base

211 S. Main in Yuma 970-848-5388

H & W Fumigation Inc.

We’ll Deliver Chet Gebauer/ CLG Farms 246-3835 or (c) 554-0126

Grain Fum. & Prairie Dog Control Tim Hunt 970- 301-6457 Brad Weisensee 970- 554 -0221

Stertling Vacuum Co.

Newbanks Pump & Well Service

New & Used

Broadway Plaza Shoping Center

522-9696 (Sales & Service)

Mom’s Kitchen

Stock, Dometic, Well, Irrigation 970-630-4424 License #841

Otis Telegraph LLC

Catering 401 Weld in Otis

Large Estate Sale

Help Wanted: Need in Home Healthcare for senior in Akron. Nursing exp. And cert. Preferred. 15 hrs/ week. Call: 970-430-8658 after 5:00 pm Mon-Thurs., anytime Fri-Sun.

970-246-3241 May 2, 3 & 4th

722 Custer Akron Tools, fishing & camping supplies, household goods, furniture and nicknacks. Clean and Ready


Come Join our Team!

Washington County Nursing Home is looking for caring, compassionate people to work in our home: *RN (Registered Nurse) - Part-time *Cook – Full-time Apply in person at 465 Main in Akron or call 970-345-2211 for an application

AA Meeting every Thursday in Wray

7:00 pm Health and Human Services Building

Entrance off Cedar St.

Change of hours

The food pantry will be open the third Tuesday of the month from 5:00 to 6:30 PM. at the First Presbyterian Church in Otis. They would also take donations of non parishable foods or any money donations to help with the Pantry.

Some items not available in store. Some items pictured may not be on sale. We reserve the right to limit quanities and correct typographical and photographic errors.

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