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What’s 25/10/2011?

“It’s the date when I sent this portfolio. It’s an important date because maybe, in a future, when I need to sent another portfolio, could be full of the works that I have developed in your studio.”

Would be an honor. noeminiesta graphic design | 0470/595614 |

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Freelance Creativeaffairs Current

MA Visual Comunication La Cambre, Brussels. Current

Junior Designer, Creativeaffairs. Feb 11 – June 11.

BA Graphic Design. EINA (UAB), Barcelona. Oct 08 - June 11

Pau Casals, Roc21, Spain Mizzica, Architonic La Negrita,, Spain La Negrita, étapes:, France La Negrita, machodominante, Spain La Negrita, Package 04, International

Human Resources Dept., Bussiness Partner JR. Novartis Pharmaceuticals. Oct 08 – Oct 10.

BA Human Resources. Pompeu’s Fabra University, Barcelona. Sept 05- June 08.

Personnel Management, Training, Development and Communication in different areas of Pharm Operations.

Free choice subjects made for the Bachelor of Advertising and Public Relations.

Human Resources Dept. internship in personnel dept. Novartis Pharmaceuticals. May 08 - Sept 08.


About me

Hola! My name is Noemí Iniesta and I love the art of communication.

AWARDS EINA Scholarship Foundation. March 08 - June 11 LOOKING FOR I’m looking for a part time job. From my point of view the best school is the professional practice.

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Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, After Effects, and Premiere.

noeminiesta graphic design | 0470/595614 |

la negrita is a brand of chocolates that bases it’s products on wooden movable type and fonts Woodtype. For this reason, the naming is the common spanish name to the bold letter and is also used to call a black girl.

LA NEGRITA EINA, march 2010.

naming + corporate identity + packaging desigign

All the applications have been designed to print in an ink and logotype is applied with a buffer.

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EINA, march 2010.

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EINA, march 2010.

For la negrita brand of chocolates I designed 3 lines of products based in the typography’s world like the brand. This 3 products are: the upper and lower case, and the family bar LN.

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mizzica creativeaffairs, february 2011.

communication offline

Design the communication offline for Mizzica’s brand which is a commercial establishment engaged in the sale of Sicilian products.

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creativeaffairs, february 2011.

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Multidisciplinary project is a subject that simulates a professional reality based on professional teamwork from all design disciplines. In fact, the subject worked as a competition where each team had to make a concept car. This vehicle have to was useful for participate, at the end of the course, in a race.

bo EINA, february 2011.

bo come up for the psychological security necessity when you drive a car. For this reason, the basic form emerges as the simplified picture of all the things that make us feel comfortable. One of the most important things in this project was the consistency in the work process.

naming + corporate identity

bo was the winner of the race.

bo’s insipiration

aerodynamic design

bo’s basic form

prototype 3D

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EINA, february 2011.

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bo’s moadboard

Image staff



EINA, february 2011.

All of the process was documented on the web to finally make an audiovisual piece, the documentary.

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video + web identity

naming + corporate identity

EINA, february 2011.

Branding & copywriting for a furniture representative.

BAC creativeaffairs, current

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corporate identity +copywriting + communication online

creativeaffairs, current

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Crapulesque is a rock band based in Barcelona. Los anales de it’s a cd compilation of 5 years of work. Therefore, each song is given the same importance and for these the user can decide which is the most important song to the cover.

crapulesque EINA, march 2011.

art direction + photography

The images of the songs have been composed with quotidian elements that inspired the band in every song. The pictures are trated like a pieces of art. This aesthetic choice marks a small revolution because doesn’t follow the rules of communication of this kind of music.

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EINA, march 2011.

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+30º EINA, october 2009.

editorial branding

+30º o -30º i’ts a half-yearly publication about fashion. The branding is based on the color black as the always correct color to wear in summer or winter. Each page becomes a frame that will become a story, the story of the season. Finally, I used a unic typeface for titles and the basic text.

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EINA, october 2009.

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catalogue creativeaffairs, february 2011.

editorial design

Colaboration in the design of Hemostasis Product Catalogue for Grifols International.

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creativeaffairs, february 2011.

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This book collects four photography projects.

photobook EINA, february 2011.

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editorial design and photography

EINA, february 2011.

monograph EINA, march 2010.

editorial design

Monograph about the study of the grid use across the different artistic movements. In it’s 70 pages, there are a reflection about the socio-historical influence on the grid design. The formal solution of the book is a set of tryptichs.

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EINA, march 2010.

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monograph EINA, october 2011.

web design

Jacob Nielsen’s web redesign applying his precepts.

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EINA, october 2011.

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designashirt EINA, february 2011.

web design

designashirt web redesign.

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EINA, february 2011.

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gracias! noeminiesta graphic design | 0470/595614 |

Portfolio 25/10/2011  

Noemí iniesta's Portfolio. She's a young graphic designer based in Brussels. She's specialiced in branding and visual communication

Portfolio 25/10/2011  

Noemí iniesta's Portfolio. She's a young graphic designer based in Brussels. She's specialiced in branding and visual communication