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NIRITI PORWAL Ar c h i t ec t u r al Por t f ol i o Ar c h i t ec t u r al Por t f ol i o M.S. Arch and Urban Design P r a t t I n s t i t u t e

As it continues to die a death of a thousand cuts, the last chunk of undeveloped ground in Miami is to be preserved through a theatrical sequence of carved out pockets.

The 21st Century Urban Park, Miami

niriti porwal

M.Arch. Spring Semester


The sequencing of 16 ‘episodes’ is following the model of theme parks and golf courses as an internal bulwark against the ever-present pressures of the encroaching city.

Investigation: components, sub assemblies, super assemblies

Each of the episodes presents itself as a self-contained world amplifying the strange conversations between the natural and the artificial in contemporary life.

Episode 12

The 21st Century Urban Park


As the Appalachian Trail against all odds preserved a continuous band of undisturbed wilderness across the eastern coast, could a chain of artificial objects leave undisturbed the last bits of wilderness left in Miami?

Formal Experiment: Wax Model Testing

Episode 3 Small Gesture helps save the coast line

Section through Episode 12

The project takes the conventional notion of ecology further, and establishes it as an ecosystem. The model seeks to create interaction within the natural ecology (water, and land) and man made ecology ( Built form). The interactions established would thus create new ecosystems, through interactions and generate a new morphology for the waterfront of Williamsburg.

Interactive Momemts:

An approach to take water through the city

Ecological Interactions Programmatic interactions Visual Interactions

An Interactive Resolve

Williamsburg Waterfront

niriti porwal

M.Arch. Summer Semester


An Interactive Resolve

Williamsburg Waterfront

02 Cultural/ Research center Solar pod (Route B) Solar pod (Route A) Commercial Intervention

Floatig Deck E V Charging station Solar Pod channels

Recretional Space

Rain Water

Rain Water Output/ Recharging Channel

Storm Water Runoff/ Sewage Water


Towards Bedford Avenue

Solar Pod (Route B)

Storm Water Runoff/ Sewage Water

Solar Pod channels Towards Lorimer Avenue

Interactive Section

Built Mass

Water Stream Solar Pod channels Towards Marcy Street

Green Envelopes Pathways/Roads

Establishing Interactions

Williamsburg Bridge

Site Plan

The studio inquires about the invention of alternatiove strategy that engage the construction of distributed event and which can emancipat the desire and actualization of the spectacle with problems of temporarility, maintenance, conversion, evelopment and region transformation or reinvention.

Pre Event Scenario- Deliberate Clogging

A Plastic Morphology for Mumbai

niriti porwal

M.Arch. Fall Semester


Pre Event The new morphology would work in the real time frame, reinforced by the incremental gesture of people putting plastic bags which creates a series of synchronized clogging, that would then delay and redirect the process of flow of water. During Event The project creates various ground and wall conditions of deliberate clogging. The cloggings are thus supported by the floating slabs, above the level of water, for people to carry on with their daily activities.

During Event- Scenario1, Floating Slab

Post Event The unfolding of the event -floods is then followed by the process of unclogging armed by the recycling industries of People of Dharavi (Mumbai’s Biggest Slum, where Mumbai’s 85% recycling is held) Therefore the entire system would thus help to resolve two problems a) Flash Floods b)Plastic Bags - which is a cause and after math of the event Scenario 2- Wall & Ground Condition

Post Event- Unfolding of Clogging


A Plastic Morphology for Mumbai

Section showing the working of Clogging and Swollen Landscape through dissipation points at regular intervals

Wall Condition

Spot Clogging

Wall Condition

Ground Condition Spot Clogging

Ground Condition Spot Clogging

Spot Clogging

Linear Clogging

Cross Section through the Railways showing the assembling of the event

Incremental Gesture of People throwing plastic bags

Wall and Ground Condiiton

Bio retention Filtration System, Swollen Landscape

To Drainage channel

Swollen Landscape

Media Center-

A Portal to Media Culture


Aerial View TOS +19.48 lvl TOS +15.45 lvl TOS +12.15 lvl TOS +07.15 lvl TOS +02.15 lvl +02.1 lvl Television Center


Television Cultural Center


Television Center

Television Cultural Center


Third Floor Second Floor

Second Floor

First Floor

First Floor

Podium Lvl

Podium Lvl

Basement Lvl Studio

Media Center

Vertical Circulation Work Space

B.Arch. Thesis



Vacant Plot oad

Pseudo Sets


l ro




nal r




12 m




niriti porwal

A Portal to Media Culture

Third Floor Plan T.C.

T.C. +T.V.C.C.

15 m wide internal road

Second Floor Plan

Television Cultural Center

Theme Park

16 m


Television Center T.V.tower

First Floor Plan T.C +T.V.C.C.

Service Entrance

Podium Level Plan T.C. +T.V.C.C.

Site Plan

Service Exit


al r intern



To Connect Ethnic and Religious activities with framework of public places. To upgrade, repair, and revitalize the tourist destination, generating job opportunities.

Section through Temple

River Edge Redevelopment

niriti porwal

Siddheshwar Mahadev

Professional Work


Bhojanshala Viewing Terrace Yogsadhna Fort Wall Jyotilinga Replica

Section through Temple Parisar

Upper Plaza Lower Plaza Temple Complex

Tarpan Ghat

River Edge Development

Section through Entrance

Cross Walk

Site Plan

Project: Saputara LAke Development, India Plaza detail Firm: Vee Design

Project: Wasser Terrace, India Firm: Freelance

Saputara Lake Development/ Freelance 06

Fact File:

Lake Area: 145000 sqm Lake Perihery: 3000 m Train Track : 1700 r mt

Shiv Temple Garden

Site Plan Children’s Park

niriti porwal

Saputara Lake Redevelopment

Professional Work


The project aims to provide broad and diverse collection of community activities and produce a waterfront which would invite residential intervention, visitors and business related people through out the year.

01. Nature Park

02. Children’s Park

03. Under Water Tunnel Aquarium

04. Musical Fountain

05. Boating Deck

06. Road Side Hatt

Golf Course

Nature’s Park

07. Shiv temple

08. Suspended Road and Bridge

09. Amusement Park

Compartmentalization of Program

10. Roller Coaster

11. Mini train

12. Lake Garden Landscaping near Boating Deck

13. Development of Lake Periphery Walkways and Horse

The Celebration Mall, for AIPL . 07 +26500 lvl +21500 lvl +18500 lvl +14500 lvl +10500 lvl +6500 lvl +2500 lvl +1500 lvl

North Side Elevation

Title: Plan Firm: Abhikram

Corridor Railing Detail

Niriti Porwal

238 Bunch Grass Terrace, Freemont, California, 94539 Ph: 408 896 5507 Email ID: niritipor


contains a brief of academic and professional work


contains a brief of academic and professional work