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Joy and hope renewed

“We want our works to have elegance, to be expressive, to exude life, to have feelings. We want them to reflect the good side of life, the positive values of a human being, all that which dignifies life.”

Juan, José and Vicente, founders of Lladró.

BEAUTY TO SHARE HOME IS A PLACE of shared emotions. We enjoy being surrounded by objects that produce a sensation of well-being, that bring back memories of happy times, of past moments in the company of loved ones. Those feelings, especially during hard times, help us to regain a sense of joy and hope, to carry on with renewed energy. This is the inspirational spirit of the new introductions presented by Lladró in its latest collection, starting with Santa, I’ve Been Good!, a cute Holiday scene in which the infectious joy of a little girl on Santa’s arrival invites us to dream again, to believe that anything is possible. With this issue, our magazine reclaims its original title, Expressions, which many of you will probably remember. This was the name of our magazine for many years, chosen to mirror the expressiveness and feeling we wish to imbue into all our creations. The pieces from Lladró Atelier, a world of new experiences in porcelain conceived to showcase the creative potential of Lladró designers, are precisely that: expressive, but functional at the same time. Several pieces from The Parrot Party, the latest collection from Lladró Atelier, are featured in this issue. You will also come across the latest, imposing creation from the High Porcelain Workshop, while the Eternal Lladró section throws a spotlight on Great Dragon, a spectacular yet elegant piece decorated with blue enamels. In our Lladró Universe section you’ll find lots of interesting news and reports about our pieces and their creators. Lladró creations convey the emotions of those who create them and of those who enjoy them. And with this conviction we send you our very best wishes, and we hope you enjoy the holiday season surrounded by your loved ones. Happy Holidays!

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STAFF LLADRÓ: President: Rosa Lladró Sala Managing Director: Fernando Gallego Marketing Director: José Ramón Esparza Communications Director: Gemma Sastre Head of Design: Carlos Andreu Writer: María Rosaleny Editorial and production services: Malabar, Serveis Gràfics i Editorials SL Colour separation and Printers: LaGráfica ISG Legal deposit: V-3126-2008


DEAR SANTA IF CHRISTMAS HAD A FACE then there is no question that it would belong to this kindhearted, portly old man with a long white beard and rosy cheeks. Jolly, lovable and full of life, noone represents the true spirit of Christmas better than Santa. A spirit that conjures up the smell of home cooking wafting from the kitchen, logs crackling in the fireplace and the family sitting around the dinner table. This Santa Claus recreated by Lladró artists reminds us of the popular images by Norman Rockwell, the famous illustrator and portraitist of 20th century popular culture in the USA and creator of some of the most unforgettable depictions of this iconic character. The moving scene depicts a little girl, representing all the children of the world, in the throes of excitement at the most longed-for visit of the year, one we have all dreamt of so many times. The perfectly rendered expressions of the faces successfully convey the emotion of the two characters, the real centerpiece of this creation. Particularly noteworthy in the decoration of this large limited edition piece is the dark red of Santa’s costume, successfully accomplished thanks to the combination of different colored enamels. Santa has arrived and Christmas is finally here.


cover picture and this page. JOSEP GIL

[52 x 24 cm, 20 ¾” x 9 ½”] Ref. 01001960 Limited edition of 2,000 units.

THE LIGHT OF HOME Transform your home into a place to celebrate and share the holiday season, a place where the light of Christmas warms our hearts and fills us with hope and joy. styling. Laura Landes pictures.ENRIC PÉREZ

OBJECTS SPEAK TO US, they convey emotions and imbue our home with life, especially if these objects are Lladró creations. Our sculptures have the power to transform and decorate any space, filling it with emotion, the spirit of the Holidays, and the magic that can make us dream again. They transform any corner of our home into a celebration of the joy of life. The new Lladró issues arrive just in time for the holiday season, making our home a warm, happy and a welcoming place for family gatherings and holiday reunions.


SAINT JOSEPH (RE-DECO) [22 x 14 cm, 8 ¾” x 5 ½”] Ref. 01007085

BABY JESUS (RE-DECO) [6 x 9 cm, 2 ¼” x 3 ½”] Ref. 01007087

MARY (RE-DECO) [18 x 13 cm, 7” x 5”] Ref. 01007086

LITHOPHANES [9 x 10 cm, 2 ½” x 3 ¼”] Renaissance Ref. 01017312 Parrots Ref. 01017305 Toucans Ref. 01017317 Snowflake Ref. 01017310 Deer Ref. 01017316

ANGELIC STARS (TREE TOPPER) [22 x 11 cm, 8 ¾” x 4 ½”] Ref. 01008534

2010 CHRISTMAS BELL (RE-DECO) [9 x 8 cm, 3 ½” x 3 ¼”] Ref. 01018341

PEACE ON EARTH [26 x 11 cm, 10 ½” x 4 ½”] Ref. 01008533

2010 CHRISTMAS BALL (RE-DECO) [9 x 9 cm, 3 ½” x 3 ½”] Ref. 01018339

2010 CHRISTMAS BALL [9 x 9 cm, 3 ½” x 3 ½”] Ref. 01018338

2010 CHRISTMAS BELL [9 x 8 cm, 3 ½” x 3 ¼”] Ref. 01018340


4 5

eternal Lladró Anyone familiar with our brand will surely notice that this impressive High Porcelain creation, already featured in previous issues, is currently available in the Lladró catalogue with red and blue finishes, both versions decorated with touches of golden luster. So the question is: Why is this blue version decorated with enamels the ideal candidate for Eternal Lladró? Juan Lladró himself has no doubts: «when conceiving this Great Dragon we imagined a very superb, elegant sculpture that would somehow be a bridge between Eastern culture and Lladró’s European roots.» The brand’s artists have long considered it an exciting challenge to tackle Eastern themes when making Lladró creations. According to Juan Lladró, this is a never-ending challenge because «we hope to get closer and closer picture. JOSEP GIL

GREAT DRAGON (BLUE ENAMELS) [74 x 70 cm, 29 ¼” x 27 ½”] Ref. 01001935 Limited edition of 150 pieces. Base included


to Eastern philosophy.» It is only possible to create expressive pieces such as this fiveclawed imperial dragon, a symbol of strength, power and prosperity, once we understand every detail of its symbolic representation. As the eldest of the founding brothers puts it, «this piece truly fires the imagination.» An in-depth study of the meaning and symbolism of this mythological creature was joined with a desire to create a sculpture to be enjoyed in any home around the world. The blue tones tie in with classical European porcelain, giving the sculpture enormous decorative potential. In addition, it is a consummate demonstration of Lladró’s command of the complex technique of enamels. Carefully painted by a steady hand, this process requires the expertise

and experience of true artists. Indeed, Juan Lladró refers to this particular version as «the most Lladró» Dragon. However, such a porcelain creation could not have been made if the Lladró techniques and quality had not been applied and taken to their highest expression at the High Porcelain workshop. As Juan Lladró explains, «it is these techniques and quality that allow us to express concepts and aesthetics so different from ours.» From the twisting coiled body of this dragon, that requires in excess of 60 segments, to the hundreds of scales covering its skin, everything has been handmade and painted by the expert hand of artists from The City of Porcelain. This is the only way to achieve the «extraordinary qualities» proudly mentioned by the brand’s founder.

Juan Lladr贸

A mythical creature with the power to ward off evil spirits and to attract good fortune. A classical, elegant creation with all the signature features of the purest Lladr贸 style, created by the High Porcelain workshop. According to Juan Lladr贸, the combination of profound symbolism and excellence makes this Great Dragon a very unusual and extraordinary creation.


HIGH PORCELAIN Lladró artists recreate the splendor of eternal India


LORD GANESHA [51 x 28 cm, 20 ½” x 11 ¼”] Ref. 01001965 Limited edition of 499 units. Base included

LORD GANESHA, the popular deity with an elephant’s head is the Hindu god of wisdom and knowledge. Widely revered as the Remover of Obstacles who opens the doors to wisdom and self-fulfillment, Lladró artists have represented him on previous occasions yet never with the splendor and majesty of this High Porcelain piece. After several years of meticulous preparation, this impressive highly ornamented creation finally sees the light of day. Particularly outstanding is the exquisite filigree work enriching every detail of the piece, including an elaborate garland of delicate flowers. The coloring is equally noteworthy as Lord Ganesha is decorated in a wide-ranging palette including special colors, for instance saffron and iridescent green, as well as a new velvety red created specifically for this piece. In this work, Lladró’s High Porcelain master sculptors have managed to transmit a sense of calm, tranquility and inner peace, obvious in the mystic expression in the eyes of the god. Lord Ganesha transcends the symbolic representation of a culture thousands of years old and is now a universal symbol of wisdom and spirituality.

Lithophane votive light Ganesha [12 x 9 cm 4 3/4" x 3 1/2"] Ref. 01017318



LIVING WITH BEAUTY styling. DANIELA CAVESTANY pictures. manuel artero

TO BE AT HOME is to take pleasure in the beauty of our most prized possessions. The latest Lladró creations were conceived as centerpieces for any room or corner of the home. Whether imposing historical figurines, delicate ladies or charming little girls, classic or innovative, familiar or exotic, they all come with the unmistakable stamp of the artists from The City of Porcelain. However varied the motifs and sources of inspiration, they all share the common emotion and feeling of works created with passion.

SWEET VICTORIA [31 x 9 cm, 12 ½” x 4”] Ref. 01008510

BEAUTIFUL GLORIA [30 x 8 cm, 11 ¾” x 3 ¼”] Ref. 01008429 Opposite page:

ALEXANDER NEVSKI [64 x 64 cm, 25 ½” x 25 ½”] Ref. 01001950 Limited edition of 500 units



HARLEQUIN'S MELODY [43 x 15 cm, 17 ½” x 6”] Ref. 01008518

MY SWEET LITTLE PUPPY [20 x 11 cm, 8” x 4 ½”] Ref. 01008531

ESKIMO NAP (GIRL) [26 x 18 cm, 10 ½” x 7 ¼”] Ref. 01012541

ESKIMO SLUMBER (BOY) [22 x 19 cm, 8 ¾” x 7 ½”] Ref. 01012540 Opposite page:

SMALL CONVERSATION VASE [39 x 27 cm, 15 ½” x 10 ¾”] Ref. 01007597 Limited edition of 500 units

MEDIUM CONVERSATION VASE [47 x 31 cm, 18 ¾” x 12 ½”] Ref. 01007596 Limited edition of 500 units

Glazed and matte porcelain, or gres creations decorated with enamels. A wide variety of finishes for all kinds of interiors.


Porcelain is instilled with life thanks to bold designs and innovative decoration. But always with the unmistakable Lladró touch.

VANITY MIRROR (WHITE & SILVER)* [41 x 29 cm, 16 ½” x 11 ½”] Ref. 01007831

MY FAIR LADY (RE-DECO) [36 x 23 cm, 14 ½” x 11 ¼”] Ref. 01007192 Opposite page:

VENETIAN CARNIVAL (RE-DECO) [57 x 37 cm, 22 ¾” x 14 ¾”] Ref. 01007194 Limited edition of 1,000 units. Base included * Also available in white, red, green, black, blue and white&gold.


HINA DOLLS FESTIVAL [26 x 55 cm, 11 ¼” x 22”] Ref. 01008505 Limited edition of 3,500 units. Base included



Both: [21 x 18 cm, 8 ¼” x 7”] Ref. 01008454

Both: [15 x 20 cm, 6” x 7 ¾”] Ref. 01008455



[10 x 9 cm, 4 ¾” x 3 ½”] I (White) Ref. 01008528 II (Blue) Ref. 01008529 III (Pink) Ref. 01008530 Optional base Ref. 01098063 [2 x 34 cm, ¾” x 13 ½”]

[35 x 21 cm, 14” x 8 ½”] Ref. 01013042 Limited edition of 3,500 units. Base included

KOI [46 x 29 cm, 18 ½” x 11 ½”] Ref. 01001959 Limited edition of 2,000 units. Base included


The pure white of classical sculptures or the exuberant coloring of India, both West and East share the same admiration of worshipping beauty.





[33 x 15 cm, 13” x 6”] Ref. 01008551 - CE

[32 x 16 cm, 12 ½” x 6 ½”] Ref. 01008552 - CE

[29 x 22 cm, 11 ½” x 8 ¾”] Ref. 01001962 Limited edition of 2,000 units. Optional base (01098064) [6 x 25 x 25 cm, 2 ¼” x 9 ¾” x 9 ¾”]


20 21



MAGIC AND FANTASY, skill and daring are the elements at the very heart of the circus, a universal spectacle that has recently scaled new heights of sophistication and aesthetic achievement. Lladró artists have managed to instill this same timeless yet avant-garde spirit into the pieces of the New Age Circus collection. Each creation is a true marvel of balance and poise, and an expression of skill and technical prowess comparable with the artistes who have inspired them. The profound understanding of anatomy by the sculptors at The City of Porcelain, and their perfect command of composition are also visible in the modeling. The detailed decoration, combining matte and glazed finishes with touches of golden luster and tones rarely seen in the Lladró palette of colors, reflects the sheer color and life of the pure spectacle that is modern circus.

New Age Circus collection:

JUGGLER WITH CLUBS [55 x 24 cm, 22” x 9 ½”] Ref. 01008525 Limited edition of 3,000 units

BALANCER WITH PARASOL [53 x 16 cm, 21 ¼” x 6 ½”] Ref. 01008526 Limited edition of 3,000 units

ACROBAT OVER BAR [40 x 39 cm, 16” x 15 ½”] Ref. 01008527 Limited edition of 3,000 units

OBJECTS WITH SOUL The Parrot Party collection combines pure forms and birds with brightly colored plumage, recreated with highly accomplished realism. styling. Laura Landes

pictures. Remigi Miguel-El mirador

Discover the whole The Parrot Party collection at

LLADRÓ ATELIER is a laboratory of ideas conceived to provide room for the creativity of the brand’s in-house designers, as well as a space for new experiences in porcelain. Its main purpose is to showcase special projects requiring a different treatment and a great deal of experimentation. The Parrot Party is an excellent example.

PARROT PARADE [41 x 25 cm, 16 ½” x 10”] Ref. 01007850 Opposite page:

PARROT light [19 x 14 cm, 7 ½” x 5 ½”] Ref. 01007855

PARROT STAR [30 x 17 cm, 11 ¾” x 6 ¾”] Ref. 01007858 EXPRESSIONS 22 23

Nature is integrated with design to add a surprising, natural touch to any room in the home.

PARROT ONE [18 x 18 cm, 7 ¼” x 7 ¼”] Ref. 01007852

PARROT ICON [30 x 17 cm, 11 ¾” x 6 ¾”] Ref. 01007859


Candelabras, coat hangers, vases and mirrors become the branches in a fantastic wood, enlivened by the silent song of porcelain birds.

PARROT SHINE I [70 x 70 cm, 28� x 28�] Ref. 01007860


PARROT LOVE [17 x 35 cm, 6 ¾” x 14”] Ref. 01007851

PARROT NIGHT (LEFT) [25 x 19 cm, 10” x 7 ½”] Ref. 01007863 - CE

PARROT NIGHT (RIGHT) [25 x 19 cm, 10” x 7 ½”] Ref. 01007862 - CE

26 27 lladró EXPRESSIONS

LLADRÓ ATELIER takes the excellence of the handcrafted to new heights, ensuring that the practical side of The Parrot Party collection is perfectly compatible with elegant aesthetics. The inspiration for the collection came from the idea of combining the simple forms and refined design of functional objects with painstakingly decorated figurines of parrots, cockatoos, parakeets and lovebirds, recreating their natural plumage. The beauty of the silhouettes of the carefully modeled birds fits in to perfection with the pureness of geometrical elements. The result is a series of striking and amusing pieces where functionality goes hand in hand with art, and objects are imbued with life.

PARROT HANG I [17 x 15 cm, 6 ¾” x 6”] Ref. 01007853

PARROT HANG II [19 x 15 cm, 7 ½” x 6”] Ref. 01007854


© Floto+Warner Photography

Lladró Universe

Above, the Salon lounge bar at the Tribeca Grand Hotel, decorated by Dutch designer Winka Dubbeldam (top, right) with Spanish contemporary design. Below, the Lladró exhibition at ICFF in New York.

Spanish Design in NY Contemporary Spanish design has a global showcase at Salon, the new lounge bar in Tribeca Grand Hotel, New York. Opened last May, Salon features designs by 16 leading Spanish furniture, lighting and decoration brands, as part of a new permanent installation. Some of Lladró’s most innovative pieces are among the creations chosen to represent the best of cutting-edge Spanish design. In response to an initiative from Surface magazine, the project was conceived by the Dutch designer Winka Dubbeldam and supported by the Spanish Trade Commission and RED association. In designing the space, Dubbeldam drew inspiration from the works of the most celebrated modern Spanish artists, such as Picasso and Dalí.

Lladró at ICFF For the third consecutive year, Lladró took part at ICFF, the International Contemporary Furniture Fair of New York, showcasing its creations jointly with other top Spanish brands in the Spanish Pavilion. Widely recognized as the USA’s major contemporary design fair, ICFF was held from May 15th through the 18th at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center and included the world’s top brands. Among the Lladró creations on display, a special mention is deserved for The Parrot Party and the new pieces from the Rococo Mirrors Collection, which attracted a lot of attention.


SIGNATURE Rosa Lladró and Gerald Kirkconnell, Managing Director of Kirk Freeport, unveil the High Porcelain piece Great Dragon to the attending public.

Rosa between Colleen Neary, Artistic Director of Los Angeles Ballet and Julie Whittaker, Executive Director. Rosa posing with the Joffrey Ballet School dancers and Davis Robertson, the school’s Artistic Director (right). Josefina and Ricardo Charaf with Rosa, at the charity event held in the couple’s mansion in Saint Thomas.

Rosa Tours the Caribbean and USA Rosa Lladró’s tour of the Caribbean started last February in Grand Caiman with an event held in the Lladró Kirk Freeport Boutique. For the many people in attendance, the big moment of the event was when Rosa and the boutique owner, Gerald Kirkconnell, unveiled Great Dragon. The Virgin Islands was Rosa’s next stop, where she attended a High Porcelain event organized by the Crystal Shoppe Lladró Boutique in Saint Thomas. The event was held at the mansion of Ricardo and Josefina Charaf, who selflessly offered their home for this charity day to raise funds for The Family Connection Foundation. Afterwards, Rosa flew to San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico, where she attended an event at the Mónaco Lladró Boutique. Later on, and still in San Juan, she presented the Archbishop of San Juan with the Lladró piece Our Lady of Divine Providence, the patroness of the island, for the cathedral.

Porcelain and Ballet in USA Rosa toured the USA from April 24th through May 1st, attending a total of eight signing events in different locations. The relationship between porcelain art and ballet was the motive behind the tour, with the new limited edition Backstage Ballet as the centerpiece of the events. Rosa’s US tour started in Maryland’s Tiara Galleries with a signing event for customers, followed later that evening by a High Porcelain cocktail party attended by benefactors of the Children's National Medical Center, who received a percentage of sales during the event. Rosa also visited various stores in Chicago, as well as the Lladró Boutiques in New York, Las Vegas and Beverly Hills. Guests at the event in New York were treated to a performance by a group of five student dancers from the Joffrey Ballet School. During the event in Las Vegas, five students from the Dance Zone, a ballet school, posed in the boutique’s window display, adopting the

poses of some of the Lladró creations inspired by ballet. In Beverly Hills, where Lladró partnered with Los Angeles Ballet, one of the best dance companies on the West Coast, Rosa donated the piece Backstage Ballet plus a percentage of sales on the night to this dance institution. During the event, three ballerinas from the Los Angeles Ballet put on a short performance imitating the postures of the porcelain ballet dancers represented in Lladró’s latest piece. In attendance was the company’s Artistic Director, Colleen Neary, and its Executive Director, Julie Whittaker. Rosa’s USA tour concluded with a visit to two stores in California: Macy’s Sherman Oaks and the Macy’s at the upscale Westfield Valley Fair shopping mall in Santa Clara. At the latter event, three students from the Santa Clara Ballet School gave a performance accompanied by a violinist.



EVENTS Lladró in Shanghai

Right, a view of the show of Spanish design at the Spanish Pavilion at the World Expo in Shanghai. Top, the shop at the exhibition.

The Shanghai World Expo proved to be an excellent showcase for Spanish design. Pieces by Lladró were prominently featured in an exhibition of new creativity in Spain called DESIGÑ Spanish Accent in Design, officially opened in Shanghai last April at the Spanish Pavilion. Reminiscent of a huge wicker basket, this emblematic building designed by Benedetta Tagliabue is one of the pavilions attracting the most attention at the World Expo. The show remains open through the end of October.

Ambassadors of Spanish Design in Moscow LLADRÓ CO-SPONSORED the 2nd Contemporary Spanish Design Festival in Moscow from May 20th through the 27th. Held at the gallery DesignBoom, the show also had a second space at the gallery MARS. The opening was attended by Jaime Hayon, who presented his latest creations for Lladró in the company of Tamara Fedorova, the brand’s representative in Russia and owner of the Lladró Boutique located in Petrovsky Passage. On the following day, the Spanish designer gave a lecture and met with the local media from Moscow, who showed great interest in Spanish design. Throughout the week, the festival organized a full program of cultural activities including film screenings, seminars, master classes, exhibitions and performances of Spanish theatre.

Left, Jaime Hayon and Tamara Fedorova at the Lladró exhibition held in the gallery DesignBoom. Above, a snapshot of the opening.

Lladró Brings Spanish Haute Couture to China

The designer Carlos Haro borrowed his inspiration from the pieces Bridal Carriage (top) and Great Dragon (right) to create these spectacular dresses.

After touring a number of European and American cities, on April 17th the Haute Couture Collection by the Spanish designer Carlos Haro inspired by Lladró High Porcelain pieces, was presented at the Grand Hyatt in Hong Kong, in collaboration with the magazine MillionaireAsia. A month later, the models took to the catwalk again, this time in Beijing, cultural capital of China, in the celebrated Maison Boulud restaurant in Tiananmen Square. Once again, the Chinese public was able to view pieces from the High Porcelain collection alongside daring designs that transferred the inspiration of Lladró artists into fashion.


AVANT-GARDE The Parrot Party Makes its Debut The Parrot Party Collection, the latest project by Lladró Atelier, was the centerpiece of a series of events held worldwide. The most prestigious boutiques and design forums in major cities were chosen for the presentation of this innovative project by Lladró’s most creative artists. The collection was presented to the US media in April, coinciding with the opening of the Tabletop fair in New York. The public presentation took place in May at one of New York’s design icons, The Future Perfect’s new store in Manhattan. The chosen venue in Italy was Il Salone, the international furniture show in Milan. In May, The Parrot Party went on display at Interior Home Madrid, Spain’s largest high décor event. In March, France’s industry press attended the presentation at Fleux, Paris’s renowned design store, while in June the new collection was presented at IDM Nantes, an innovative new space dedicated to top international designer brands.

The editor and stylist Philip J. Mehaffrey, from Country Living magazine, posing with a white cockatoo like the one featured in The Parrot Party collection.

Art de la Table Lladró porcelain and Christofle table art made a perfect match at the Lladró Boutique in Barcelona. In June, the brand from Valencia held an event jointly with Christofle, internationally regarded as the high couture of Art de la Table. The event was chosen to present The Parrot Party collection to the public.

PARROT TEAM [50 x 17 cm, 20 ½” x 6 ¾”] Ref. 01007856

Lladró Atelier’s most recent creations were presented in New York’s premiere design showcase.

Christofle’s exquisite products surrounded by Lladró creations at its boutique in Barcelona.

The Parrot Party takes a place of pride in the window display at Bernasconi, one of Milan’s most famous boutiques.



PRESENTATIONS Young talents receive Lladró Awards

Tatsuomi Hamada and Riena Chida, winners of the first edition of the Lladró Awards for young hopes of cinema and music.

TALENT AND CHARM are the two attributes required by winners of the Lladró Awards, targeting young hopefuls of Japanese cinema and music. The winning children received the pieces Warrior Boy in the male category, and Hina Dolls in the female category. The recipients in this first edition were Riena Chida, a 9-year old girl, winner of the 2009 international "Steinway Piano Contest," and Tatsuomi Hamada, a boy of the same age, and one of the most famous children on Japanese television. The award ceremony took place at the Spanish Embassy in Tokyo.

Nude with Shawl, one of 2010’s most striking new issues, was presented in Barcelona (left) and Madrid (top).

Special Events Nude with Shawl BARCELONA AND MADRID hosted presentations of Nude with Shawl. On April 23rd, coinciding with the Sant Jordi festival, the Lladró boutique in Barcelona was decorated with Manila shawls, while a model reproduced the pose of the piece, one of this year’s most remarkable new issues. A month later, Nude with Shawl was presented at El Corral de la Morería, in Madrid, the world’s oldest and most famous flamenco tablao (stage). Over one hundred guests at the event were treated to a performance by the acclaimed flamenco dancer Raquela, who premiered a special choreography inspired by the piece.

María Victoria Liceras, an expert in Valencian costume, Rosa Lladró and a model dressed as a Fallera.

Fallas at the Lladró boutique COINCIDING with the Fallas Festival held every March in Valencia, the city’s Lladró boutique put on its best face to present a show of 18th century Valencian costumes. The exhibition consisted of six original models—three men’s, three women’s—from the private collection of María Victoria Liceras, a well-known expert in traditional Valencian costumes. At the opening event, attended by Rosa Lladró, Mrs. Liceras described the most interesting details about the clothes on display to the attending public. The event was rounded off with a demonstration of the painstaking ritual of preparing the Fallera’s costume and the elaborate hairdressing that goes with it.

Keio Plaza, one of Tokyo’s most exclusive hotels, was the chosen venue for this exciting show of Lladró creations.

Lladró Exhibition at the Keio Plaza Hotel in Tokyo Keio Plaza, one of the Japanese capital’s most famous hotels, hosted a major presentation of Lladró creations last May. Many large pieces such as Cinderella’s arrival, XVIIIth Century coach, and Garden party, were on display in the hotel’s main lobby along with some historical pieces from the brand’s early years. For the occasion, the various restaurants of the hotel (specializing in Chinese, Japanese and French cuisines) prepared special menus inspired by Lladró creations. The selection of more than 100 pieces was greatly admired by the guests of this exclusive hotel.

Lladró Sculptors Demonstrate their Art Last March, FRANCISCO POLOPE toured several Japanese cities. He gave demonstrations of his modeling technique in Sendai, Matsuyama, Sapporo, Fukuoka, Chiba and Tokyo, mostly at shops from the Mitsukoshi chain. In these cities, Francisco met many Lladró enthusiasts, including some serious collectors of the brand’s creations. They enjoyed discussing the details of his artistic work and took pleasure in seeing him model. JOSÉ SANTAEULALIA visited Japan in April, where he gave demonstrations to the public in Kofu, Nagoya and Tokyo. José took advantage of his trip to acquaint himself better with Japanese culture, of which he is a self-confessed admirer. Always keen to expand his sources of inspiration, this curious artist is fascinated by the aesthetics of Japanese art and its passion for detail.


SCULPTOR EVENTS Francisco Polope during a modeling demonstration for the Japanese public.

José Santaeulalia exhibited his modeling mastery in several Japanese cities.

Last May, JAVIER MOLINA began a tour of several Asian countries, performing modeling demonstrations. His first stopover was Singapore, and he went on from there to Indonesia, before ending his tour in Korea. At the various events Javier met an enthusiastic audience truly interested in his work and eager to learn about every single detail of their favorite pieces. IGNACIO ALIENA traveled in June to Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, to attend an event that included a modeling demonstration at the recently opened Lladró boutique in the city. The event was very well attended. A tasting of Spanish food and wine together with live Spanish music helped to create a special atmosphere.

Ignacio Aliena was met with great expectation during his first visit to Baku. A young Korean enthusiast watches attentively as Javier Molina works.

In June ERNEST MASSUET visited several Japanese cities. Many Lladró lovers in Kyoto, Kobe, Nagoya and Tokyo were delighted to personally meet the sculptor behind A Warm Welcome and My Loyal Friend, two of Japan’s best-selling pieces.

Ernest Massuet modeling one of his creations on a recent trip to Japan.



MEETING Lladró joins Holy Year celebrations

Rosa Lladró presenting Saint James the Pilgrim in the company of the Archbishop of Santiago de Compostela.

Lladró Flowers Live ROSA LLADRÓ presented the Archbishop of Santiago de Compostela, Monsignor Julián Barrio, with a new gres version of Saint James the Pilgrim, created to commemorate the Holy Year in 2010. During the presentation of the figurine in the Chapterhouse of the Cathedral of the Santiago de Compostela, the Archbishop thanked Lladró for “its contribution in adding to the imagery of the patron saint of Spain.” With this new sculpture, Lladró pays tribute to Saint James in a year when Galicia is a meeting point for all cultures in the world.

Last March, MARÍA JOSÉ BUSTOS, started a tour of several Russian cities, including Nizhny Novgorod, Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Yekaterinburg and Krasnodar. In all her demonstrations, María José displayed her mastery in the modeling of a large variety of flowers, petal by petal. In Moscow, the event was held concurrently with the presentation of new spring issues at the Lladró boutique in the Sfera shopping mall. In addition, María José Solera toured the UK in March, with stops in Edinburgh, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Newbury and London. Attendants at these events were thoroughly delighted at her talent at modeling porcelain flowers.

Lladró trophies for the best showjumpers LLADRÓ PRESENTED Horse on Pirouette as a trophy to the winner of one of the showjumping competitions in the Global Champion Tour, held from May 7th through May 9th at The City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia. The top 30 male and female riders in the world ranking took part at the Global Champion Tour, the most prestigious international equestrian circuit and the competition with the highest cash prizes. Meanwhile, celebrations to mark the 65th Victory anniversary took place in Russia on May 9th. A dressage competition with the country’s jumpers was held at the Novy Vek equestrian club in Moscow to commemorate the occasion. Lladró awarded the winner of the competition with the piece Gallop. Last but not least, the best Spanish riders met in Madrid in June to take part at the RACE Dressage Festival. The event, sponsored by Lladró along with other leading brands, attracted a high level of participation. Enrique Serrano won the Kür Grand Prix and was awarded as a trophy the Lladró piece Horse on Courbette.

The public enjoyed the flower events held in Russia (above) and the UK.

Philippo Bologni receiving the trophy presented by Lladró from Cristina Morató, Director General of Projects, Generalitat Valenciana.

Inessa Poturaeva, winner of the dressage competition, with her trophy piece, Gallop.

Enrique Serrano, winner of the Lladró trophy, on his horse Walker receiving the trophy from Dalia Saliamonas, Director of the competition, next to Francisco González, vice-president of RACE, and Clara Cerdans from Equippos.


EXCERPts The City of Porcelain, a meeting place JIMMY CARTER, former president of the United States, and his wife Rosalynn, visited The City of Porcelain in July. They were welcomed personally by Juan, Rosa and Juan Vicente Lladró. The veteran politician and Nobel Prize winner showed great interest in the entire process of creating Lladró pieces. During their visit, both he and his wife spoke enthusiastically with the members of the Lladró family. New Lladró space on US base in Rota Lladró recently opened a new space in Navy Exchange, a store for the exclusive use of the personnel in service at the US base in Rota. This space is the largest on an army base. On May 17th, The City of Porcelain welcomed a large group of collectors. Our guests enjoyed a full day’s program, starting with a visit to the Museum-Home of the Lladró founders followed by a tour of the workshops and then lunch that included a traditional Valencian paella. Aston Martin presents its latest model Rapide is the name of the new model the celebrated carmakers Aston Martin presented in Valencia last February. The program to present the new prototype to the international media included a visit to The City of Porcelain. Juan Lladró, President of the company, welcomed a large group of journalists from influential media all over the world before starting a tour of our workshops. The members of the press showed great enthusiasm and underscored the similarities in the artisan working method carried out at Lladró and the one used at Aston Martin to manufacture each individual car.

The former president of the United States, Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn converse with Rosa, Juan Vicente and Juan Lladró.

A group of US collectors from the Rota base posing during their visit to The City of Porcelain.

A large group of journalists from all over the world visited the Lladró workshops for the presentation of the new Aston Martin model.

A Memorial to Love in India The Revi Karuna Karan Memorial Museum displays the Karans’ excellent art collection, including over 200 Lladró creations.

BETTY KARAN is the owner of the Revi Karuna Karan Memorial Museum, located in Alleppey, a small city in Southern India. Mrs Karan founded this museum in memory of her late husband Revi, a prominent businessman. The museum displays the art collections the couple put together over the years, including more than 200 Lladró creations. A beautiful testimony of love well worth a visit.



NEWS Lladró makes its debut at Baselworld BASELWORLD, held annually in the city of Basel, Switzerland, is widely considered the most important watch and jewelry fair in the world. Lladró presented its creations for the very first time at the 38th Baselworld, held earlier this year from March 18th through the 25th. The selection of pieces on display focused above all on the brand’s high-end collections, such as High Porcelain. The overall presentation at the booth stirred quite a lot of interest among both trade professionals and the general public attending one of the world’s premier luxury shows.

A group of exclusive clients from India at the Lladró booth in Baselworld.

Don't go empty handed A PERFECT GIFT for the Thanksgiving hostess, our latest lithophane was created with this special occasion in mind. Decorated with beautiful engraving, it features the traditional motifs associated with this unique celebration. The transparency of porcelain creates a magical effect when the candle inside the lithophane is lit, making it the centerpiece of the table. If you are invited to Thanksgiving dinner, don’t show up without this lithophane.

THE rabbit [15 x 10 cm, 6” x 4”] Ref. 01008517

The Rabbit, the final piece in the Chinese Zodiac collection.

Year of the Rabbit in the Chinese Zodiac

LITHOPHANE votive light - thanksgiving [9 x 10 cm, 2 ½” x 3 ¼”] Ref. 01017319

THE STORY GOES that Buddha invited all the animals in the world to a celebration, but to his surprise only twelve turned up. As a sign of his gratitude, Buddha decided that he would dedicate one year to each animal. Furthermore, everyone on Earth would be protected by the animal of their year of birth. The Rabbit is believed to be the luckiest of all the signs in the Chinese Zodiac. Those born under its influence are thought to have extraordinary qualities: they are smart, lovable, prudent and thoughtful. If you have a friend or relative born under this sign, then this sweet rabbit, bringing Lladró’s Chinese Zodiac collection to a close, makes the perfect gift.



THE GENTLE MURMUR OF WATER, sunlight and the scent of flowers are the essence of the Andalusian patio. This cool, peaceful place, so full of sensations, is captured in a limited edition premiere piece for Privilege Gold members. An Andalusian girl is resting in the midst of an idyllic setting, surrounded by flowers: roses, incarnations, geraniums, and a wide variety of wild flowers. Each flower has been carefully modeled, petal by petal, by Lladró artists. The piece has been carefully decorated, right down to the tiniest detail, paying meticulous attention to the painstaking ornamentation of the bench and the Andalusian-Arabic style arch.

PRIVILEGE GOLD PREMIERE PIECE UNTIL December 31 2010 ANDALUSIAN SPRING [30 x 20 cm, 12” x 6”] Ref. 01001964 Limited edition of 2,000 units




Classic Children's Tales Collection 1st piece LITTLE TIN SOLDIER [26 x 13 cm, 10 ¼” x 5”] Ref. 01008321

2nd piece ALICE IN WONDERLAND [21 x 13 cm, 8 ¼” x 5”] Ref. 01008350

3rd piece THE PIED PIPER OF HAMELIN [20 x 16 cm, 7 ¾” x 6 ¼”] Ref. 01008425

4th piece LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD [19 x 12 cm, 7 ½” x 4 ¾”] Ref. 01008500


IN THE EARLY 18TH CENTURY, the French scholar Antoine Galland heard a mesmerizing folk tale from a Syrian storyteller. The story told of a poor boy in a Far Eastern country who found an old oil lamp which was going to change his life forever. Galland decided to include the story in the collection of tales he was compiling and translating. Published under the title of One Thousand and One Nights, these exotic stories from the Orient soon fired the imaginations of readers from the West. Aladdin with his magic lamp and flying carpet is the fifth creation in Lladró’s Classic Children's Tales Collection.

Fifth piece in the Classic Children's Tales Collection ALADDIN [18 x 16 cm, 7 ¼” x 6 ½”] Ref. 01008532


Tender emotions and spirituality come together in this beautiful cherub that speaks to us of love. Countless hours of painstaking modeling were required to accomplish the perfect anatomy of this imposing sculpture, also featuring a notable inclusion of flowers. A porcelain sculpture handcrafted at the Lladró workshops in Valencia – Spain.

Cherub of love 35 x 32 cm 14 1/4” x 11” Limited edition


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Lladró Expressions CHI  

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