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Pure emotion

“We want our works to have elegance, to be expressive, to exude life, to have feelings. We want them to reflect the good side of life, the positive values of a human being, all that which dignifies life.”

Juan, José and Vicente, founders of Lladró

THE ART OF EMOTION AROUSING emotions is an art that Lladró knows how to render in porcelain. All the joy and excitement leading up to Christmas, the tension of the best derbies, the pleasure of dance, the warmth of family life, the majesty of the animal kingdom or spiritual fulfillment… all these feelings that stir our innermost emotions are on view in Lladró's new Issues for fall. And, as always, they are expressed in the wide variety of decorative techniques the artists at The City of Porcelain deploy so well. The pieces in Metropolis, the new collection from Lladró Atelier, are both expressive as well as functional. Metropolis is a city in porcelain comprising vases, mirrors, lamps and boxes in architectural shapes and with textures that raise the value of the handcrafted to new heights. With seven pieces, each available in eight different shades of color, one can create infinite possible compositions. A new collection that reflects Lladró Atelier's experimental vision. The creativity of the High Porcelain workshop continues focusing all its potential on exuberant pieces like Bacchante on a Panther or Arion on a Sea Horse, two impressive sculptures inspired by the work of the French painter William Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905) which demonstrate that the workshop artists never stop experimenting in their search for excellence. And to share the new creations with you, Lladró is, as usual, traveling the world to present the events that can be seen in the Lladró Universe section and in which, as ever, revolve around emotion.

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Hopes and Dreams THE HOLIDAY season is a time for dreaming once again. Homes are decorated to celebrate Christmas with our loved ones. Candles glow inside new lithophanes and the time-honored balls and bells

are combined with original new ornaments. These little creations, full of detail, transform our home into a warm, welcoming place. And, of course, we have the Nativity scene. Its shapes and

white coloration bring to mind the very essence of Christmas. Meanwhile, just like every year, Santa Claus, recently arrived down the chimney, brings with him a sack full of hopes and dreams.

SANTA, I'VE BEEN GOOD! [52 x 29 cm, 20 ¾" x 11 ½"] Ref. 01001960 Limited edition of 2,000 units

LITHOPHANE VOTIVE LIGHT NUTCRACKER [9 x 10 cm, 3 ½" x 4"] Ref. 01017321

2011 CHRISTMAS BeLL [9 x 8 cm, 3 ½" x 3 ¼"] Ref. 01018348

2011 CHRISTMAS BALL (RE-DECO) [10 x 8 cm, 4" x 3 ¼"] Ref. 01018347

2011 CHRISTMAS BALL [10 x 8 cm, 4" x 3 ¼"] Ref. 01018346

2011 CHRISTMAS BeLL (RE-DECO) [9 x 8 cm, 3 ½" x 3 ¼"] Ref. 01018349


Traditional themes and contemporary forms capture the essence of the Holiday season

BLESSED MOTHER WITH JESUS [16 x 12 cm, 6 ½" x 4 ¾"] Ref. 01008587

BLESSED FATHER [33 x 11 cm, 13 ¼" x 4 ½"] Ref. 01008588

LITHOPHANE VOTIVE LIGHT NATIVITY [12 x 9 cm, 4 ¾" x 3 ½"] Ref. 01017323


BALLERINA (ORNAMENT) [17 x 5 cm, 6 ¾" x 2"] Ref. 01018355

NUTCRACKER (ORNAMENT) [16 x 4 cm, 6 ½" x 1 ½"] Ref. 01018354

LLADRÓ · STEIFF ORNAMENT BEAR [15 x 12 cm, 6" x 4 ¾"] Ref. 01040095 Limited edition of 1,000 units

LLADRÓ · STEIFF ACCORDION PLAYER [26 x 16 cm, 10 ½" x 6 ½"] Ref. 01040094 Limited edition of 1,000 units

These charming creations with all the value of the handmade are the result of a collaboration with the renowned brand Steiff. EXPRESSIONS 5

Eternal Lladró Speed, power, precision… The horses in At the Derby seem to be suspended in mid-air. Juan Lladró lets us in on the secret: it is the art of the Lladró sculptors, their ability to combine the thrill of the race with the perfect anatomy of the purebred. Juan Lladró

AT THE DERBY [35 x 100 cm, 14" x 40"] Ref. 01001967 Limited edition of 1,500 units Includes base


“A piece to admire and to enjoy” is how Juan Lladró defines At the Derby, a new limited edition inspired by an older piece, which is destined to become a legendary piece of Lladró. This sculpture, measuring over three feet long, transports us to the Epsom or Kentucky derbies, to all the excitement, thrills and color of the best horse races. It is amazing to see these horses literally “running”, a visual effect that Juan Lladró attributes to the scrupulous technical conception of the artists at The City of Porcelain. As the elder of the three founding brothers recalls,

“technically speaking, this creation is highly complex, and they have managed to capture the mobility and balance so well that, more than running, the horses actually seem to be suspended in mid-air”. This sensation of speed even further accentuates the perfect anatomy of these majestic animals. It comes as no surprise to find out, as Juan Lladró tells us, that “the sculptor is well conversant with racehorses, and has put all the love and attention into this piece that one would expect from a true horse lover”. The tension of the scene is enhanced by

the jockeys, with their realistic postures and their bright colors. Featuring reds, blues and yellows with an intensity unusual in the Lladró palette, they match the chromatic wealth of the hedge, achieved thanks to the combination of different colored glazes. At the Derby is, in Juan Lladró’s words, “a work of such exquisite beauty and perfect finish that the person who chooses it deserves our congratulations”. And he is sure of one thing: it will join his own personal collection because, as he says, “one never tires of admiring it.”



THE ART OF EXUBERANCE The white of porcelain and the wealth of glazes in a play of contrasts that only the most expert artists are capable of achieving.


Sensuality and strength, purity and decorative abundance… Bacchante on a Panther is one of those creations that awakens the senses. Inspired by the bacchantes of Ancient Greece, the women who served the god Bacchus, the unique personality and decorative wealth of this sculpture bring to mind the painting Bacchante on a Panther (1855) by the French artist William Adolphe Bouguereau. The blend of sensuality and mystical power, which was also depicted by Renaissance and Baroque painters like Titian, Michelangelo and Rubens, can be seen now in this work created with all the splendor of Lladró High Porcelain. The bacchante irradiates light and clarity, while the feline is pure energy, power and strength. The pale, half-naked body of the bacchante contrasts with the dark colors of her skirt and, more especially, with the panther. The harmonious combination of matte white porcelain with the painstaking technique of glazes creates a profusion of finishes. These are joined by very dense glazes, hand painted like all Lladró works, to give them a range of textures that project from the surface of the piece. Bacchante on a Panther is, in short, one of the best examples of the decorative exuberance the expert artists at the Lladró High Porcelain workshop are capable of achieving.

BACCHANTE ON A PANTHER [56 x 78 cm, 22 ½" x 31 ¼"] Ref. 01001949 Limited edition of 500 units Includes base



THE POWER OF A MYTH The wealth of color and dynamic energy are the keys to Arion on a Sea Horse

Combining Greek mythology and ancient history, this Arion rides forth from the Lladró High Porcelain workshop. The legendary performer of the cithara, who was kidnapped by pirates and then rescued by a magical sea creature, is the hero of one of the collection’s most dynamic and colorful pieces. The Lladró artists have depicted him as seen by the French artist William Adolphe Bouguereau, in his 1855 painting, Arion on a Sea Horse. The strength of the modeling lends a sense of tension to the impressive galloping sea horse, highly complex to fire in the kiln, which contrasts sharply with the calm appearance of the rider. This juxtaposition of peace and energy is further heightened by the contrast between the whiteness of Arion's skin and the wealth of color of the creature and its armor. A true display of Lladró’s wide palette which ranges from infinite blues to fine gold, with a special mention for the evocative new violet color created expressly for this work. Because the Lladró High Porcelain workshop never stops experimenting in its quest for excellence, the results are works as stunning as this Arion on a Sea Horse.


ARION ON A SEA HORSE [62 x 77 cm, 24 他" x 30 他"] Ref. 01001948 Limited edition of 500 units Includes base


new iss ues 20 11


THE SPIRIT OF DANCE (BLUE) [61 x 42 cm, 24 ½" x 16 ¾"] Ref. 01008610 Limited edition of 500 units

SOME CREATIONS are made not only to be contemplated, but also to be experienced. This is something we can readily see in the Lladró new issues for this fall. One can sense the harmony of The Spirit of Dance, the compassion of The Essence of Life, the energy of Horses Group or the inner peace of the Buddhas. In these new issues, Lladró artists, true experts in transmitting the deepest emotions, address Lladró’s core themes with their exquisite sensibility, implementing many different styles and variety of decorative techniques, from the purity of matte porcelain to the intensity of black gres, not forgetting the wealth of combinations of glazes and the luminosity of luster. As always, in Lladró works, they are all entirely handcrafted: the textures are recreated in great detail and the colors are applied with the steady hand of artisans. It is precisely this savoir-faire of the brand that makes us feel all the emotion of porcelain.


THE SPIRIT OF DANCE (BLACK) [61 x 42 cm, 24 ½" x 16 ¾"] Ref. 01008609 Limited edition of 500 units


THE ESSENCE OF LIFE [23 x 29 cm, 9 ¼" x 11 ½"] Ref. 01008589


SHY BALLERINA [47 x 22 cm, 18 他" x 8 他"] Ref. 01008594 Includes base EXPRESSIONS 15

PURE BEAUTY [42 x 23 cm, 16 ¾" x 9 ¼"] Ref. 01001945 Limited edition of 1,500 units Includes base 16 EXPRESSIONS

In its new issues Lladró presents a wide range of decorative techniques that transmit the emotion of porcelain.

A MOMENT'S PAUSE (RE-DECO) [57 x 31 cm, 22 ¾" x 12 ½"] Ref. 01007213 Limited edition of 1,000 units Includes base


THE WHITE HORSE OF HOPE [31 x 30 cm, 12 陆" x 12"] Ref. 01008577 Limited edition of 3,500 units Includes base


Majestic or dynamic, the forms and colors of Lladr贸 works capture the intensity of the scene they represent.

HORSES' GROUP (BLACK) [45 x 52 cm,18" x 20 他"] Ref. 01008618 Limited edition of 1,000 units EXPRESSIONS 19

BUDDHA I (GOLDEN AND BLUE) [34 x 19 cm, 13 ½" x 7 ½"] Ref. 01008434 Limited edition of 750 units Includes base

the dragon [14 x 18 cm, 5 ½" x 7 ¼"] Ref. 01008613 Limited edition of 1,888 units Includes base

WINTER FAN [19 x 31 cm, 7 ½" x 12 ½"] Ref. 01008542


BUDDHA II (GOLDEN AND BLUE) [35 x 19 cm, 14" x 7 ½"] Ref. 01008435 Limited edition of 750 units Includes base


MY PLAYFUL KITTY [14 x 11 cm, 5 ½" x 4 ½"] Ref. 01008586

BUNNY HUGS [14 x 10 cm, 5 ½" x 4"] Ref. 01008538

MY PLAYFUL PUPPY [13 x 12 cm, 5 ¼" x 4 ½"] Ref. 01008598

FAWN IN THE FOREST [14 x 11 cm, 5 ½" x 4 ½"] Ref. 01008600




[30 x 21 cm, 12" x 8 ½"] Ref. 01008608

[30 x 23 cm, 12" x 9 ¼"] Ref. 01008607

ATTENTIVE GREYHOUND (BLACK) [30 x 23 cm, 12" x 9 ¼"] Ref. 01008605

PENSIVE GREYHOUND (BLACK) [30 x 21 cm, 12" x 8 ½"] Ref. 01008606



FORESTA WALL LAMP [44 x 22 cm, 17 ½" x 8 ¾"] Ref. 01008615 CE/UK Ref. 01008616 USA

18-LITHOPHANE CHANDELIER [170 x 30 cm, 68" x 12"] Ref. 01017182 CE/UK Ref. 01017183 USA


Lladr贸 takes us by surprise yet again with its new lamps created with lithophanes, in which the warm light and magical effect of the etchings is multiplied in spectacular designs. Adding to the 9-and 27-lithophane chandeliers presented in the last issue of Expressions, we now have the new 18-lithophane chandelier

conceived to blend in with all kinds of interior styles. And for table top, Lladr贸 proposes Treo Lamp. With one single lithophane it creates a subtle, muted light that is just right for more intimate interiors. The collection is rounded off by Foresta Wall Lamp, the perfect solution to add atmosphere to our favorite corner.

TREO LAMP (BLACK) [37 x 20 cm, 14 戮" x 8"] Ref. 01009008 CE Ref. 01009009 UK Ref. 01009010 USA

TREO LAMP (WHITE) [37 x 20 cm, 14 戮" x 8"] Ref. 01009000 CE Ref. 01009001 UK Ref. 01009002 USA Also available in blue EXPRESSIONS 25


A CITY IN PORCELAIN Opening the doors to Metropolis, the new Lladr贸 Atelier collection Can you imagine a fantastic city made of porcelain? The team of designers at Lladr贸 Atelier, a world of new experiences in porcelain, has made this dream come true with Metropolis. An extraordinarily evocative collection of vases, lamps, mirrors and boxes, each representing different architectural forms. When arranged together these beautiful and functional objects compose an original futuristic metropolis, more imaginary than realistic.


Textures recreated with an intricacy that raises the value of the handcrafted to new heights.


Vase I

White [59 x 14 cm, 23 ½" x 5 ½"] Ref. 01008800

Anthracite [59 x 14 cm, 23 ½" x 5 ½"] Ref. 01008804



vanity MIRROR

vase III

vase Ii

vase iV

Light gray [35 x 15 cm, 14" x 6"] Ref. 01008922 CE Ref. 01008942 UK Ref. 01008962 USA

Light yellow [20 x 17 cm, 8 x 6 ¾"] Ref. 01008907

Dark yellow [41 x 27 cm, 16 ½" x 10 ¾"] Ref. 01008888

Light gray [27 x 11 cm, 10 ¾" x 4 ½"] Ref. 01008842

Dark gray [38 x 11 cm, 15 ¼" x 4 ½"] Ref. 01008823

White [20 x 11 cm, 8 x 4 ½"] Ref. 01008860

All pieces are available in white, light gray, dark gray, anthracite, light green, dark green, light yellow and dark yellow. Discover the complete METROPOLIS collection on


lamp Anthracite [35 x 15 cm, 14" x 6"] Upper part in white translucent porcelain. Ref. 01008924 CE Ref. 01008944 UK Ref. 01008964 USA

lamp Light gray [35 x 15 cm, 14" x 6"] Upper part in white translucent porcelain. Ref. 01008922 CE Ref. 01008942 UK Ref. 01008962 USA

In this laboratory of ideas that is Lladró Atelier, directed by the renowned Spanish designer and the brand’s artistic advisor Jaime Hayon, pure design is coupled once again with the meticulous attention to detail so characteristic of Lladró works. As a result, in the Metropolis collection the linear architectural forms are perfectly combined with careful attention to the detail of the textures, decorated by hand as if they were miniature embroidery,

a sign of identity of the pieces handcrafted at Lladró. The collection includes seven works available in eight different colors. Ranging from gray to yellow, including green and white, they combine together to create original compositions. Metropolis is, in short, a prime example of the vision of Lladró Atelier: a world of new experiences in porcelain conceived to showcase the creative potential of the brand's designers.


Signing events with Rosa Lladró in Japan and Russia Rosa with a Lladró fan during the event at the Lladró Boutique in Tokyo.

The signing events with Rosa Lladró in Japan last April turned out to be truly moving occasions for lovers of the brand at a particularly difficult time for the Japanese people. Rosa’s tour had stopovers in Tokyo -at the Lladró Boutique in Ginza and at the Spanish Embassyas well as in Nagoya, Fukuoka and Oita. Rosa Lladró’s demonstrations of support and solidarity in the wake of the catastrophe on March 11 were received with gratitude by a public who have always been passionate for Lladró works and were delighted to take home with them their favorite piece signed by the company’s president.

Event at Spanish Embassy in Tokyo with young Lladró fans Rosa Lladró addressing guests at one of the events in Fukuoka

The Lladró Boutique at Petrovsky Passage in Moscow was also the scene of very special moments. Rosa Lladró was the guest of honor at an event coinciding with the celebration in March of the reciprocal Spain-Russia year. Many celebrities and socialites, flocked to the boutique where they were treated to music and food from both countries. This cultural fusion was also mirrored in the Lladró porcelain on display, with a special mention for the pieces Alexander Nevski and Don Quixote.

Rosa Lladró with a guest at Petrovksy Passage in Moscow Rosa Lladró and the Russian presenter Larysa Verbitskaya

The famous Russian singer Tatyana Tereshina didn’t want to miss the Lladró event


Lladró Universe Metropolis collection in New York and Moscow What better setting than the Big Apple to present Metropolis, the new Lladró Atelier collection of vases, lamps, mirrors and boxes in architectural shapes and forms. This original series was shown off to best effect at the brand’s showroom in New York during an exclusive event held in April for editors and interior designers in collaboration with Interior Design magazine. In May, these collections were presented at the celebrated International Contemporary Furniture Fair.

The original objects in the collection were also featured at New York’s famed cuttingedge design store The Future Perfect. The pieces from this original city in porcelain also went on view at the 3rd Spanish Contemporary Design Festival in Moscow. Inma Bermúdez, a designer from the Lladró Atelier team, presented them in a master class to the large numbers of designers interested in finding out all about the details of the collection.

Metropolis collection attracted decorators and interior designers in the Big Apple. Lladró Atelier designer Inma Bermúdez during her presentation.

Lladró brings together design bloggers in Barcelona Last January Lladró invited leading design and lifestyle bloggers and journalists to Roomservice Design Gallery in Barcelona to exchange views on the influence of history, innovation and experimentation in design. During the meeting, also attended by many creatives from Barcelona, Lladró was the common point and the thread running through the experiences of all the participants. Representatives from Dwell, Coolhunting, Metropolis, Architizer and Wallpaper had a chance to acquaint themselves first hand with Lladró’s innovative vision.

Lladró’s most innovative collections were the focus of attention.

Susana Rodríguez and Inma Bermúdez, from Lladró Atelier, moderated the meeting.




Lladró Universe Charming events featuring the art of Lladró

Javier Molina with dancers from Ballet Chicago during the event in Illinois.

This Spring the sculptors Javier Molina and Javier Malavia went on various tours to give live demonstrations of how a Lladró work comes to life. In April Javier Molina traveled to the USA and Canada where he presented his creation Ready for Practice in California, Illinois, Indiana, New York, Florida, Virginia and Ontario, Canada. The setting of a workshop at The City of Porcelain was recreated at each event and guests were able to see the artist at work and hear some of his stories, like how the inspiration for this piece depicting two little ballerinas came to him when he saw his seven-year-old daughter putting on her ballet shoes. In Illinois a touch of color was added by the ballerinas from the Ballet Chicago school who performed during the sculpting event. A great admirer of ballet, Molina also sculpted Ready for Practice and My Perfect Pose, during the modeling events held in June in Taiwan. Many Lladró fans were in attendance at the events in Taipei, Kaohsiung, Taichung and Tainan, to see his art for themselves. When asked about his favorite theme, Javier spoke of the elegance and expressive strength of ballet, one of his greatest sources of artistic inspiration.

Ballet was the main theme of the events by Javier Molina in Taiwan.

Javier Malavia modeling The Mother during his tour of Italy.

Malavia with the young woman who crossed South Korea to see him sculpt.


Javier Malavia traveled to Italy in May, to the cities of Brescia and Boario Terme, in Lombardy. There he sculpted one of his signature motherhood scenes, with their pure lines and soft colors, arousing exclamations of admiration from the brand’s lovers who came to see the artist at work. Javier then traveled to South Korea, where the events in Seoul gave rise to many memorable anecdotes. One young woman traveled across the entire country, from the south to the north, to attend the event. She gave Javier a gift of a drawing of the sculptor working on the piece Bunny hugs, one of the creations he modeled during a previous visit to Seoul. Another fan brought along the piece, Young water girl, the first sculpture Javier created for Lladró when he started working with the brand in 1996. Moving moments such as these make the the sculpting events true experiences that remain forever in the memory of everyone present.

In Seoul, a Lladró fan surprised Javier Malavia with his first sculpture, Young water girl.

Lladró Universe High Porcelain and Haute Couture in Kiev and Beijing

The monumental sculpture Queen of the Nile and the model inspired by the piece in Kiev.

Rosa Lladró poses with models and members of the Lladró team at the event in Ukraine.

Bacchante on a Panther displayed all its charm at the prestigious Museum of Arts in Kiev.

Lladró High Porcelain creations found the perfect setting at the Bogdan and Varvara Khanenko Museum of Art in Kiev, which hosted a large exhibition of pieces from the brand’s highest artistic category in March. The event was rounded off with a fashion show of models dressed in costumes created by the Spanish fashion designer Carlos Haro based on High Porcelain pieces. The opening of the exhibition was attended by over 200 people, including Rosa Lladró, the company’s president, as well as many celebrities, artists, politicians and members of the media. Bacchante on a Panther was unveiled at the museum in the capital of the Ukraine, which holds over 20,000 works of art from all over the globe. In fact, this was the world debut of the new creation. Also on display was the monumental Queen of the Nile, the largest sculpture ever made at the porcelain workshop. High Porcelain and haute couture were also coupled together again in Beijing in an exhibition with a catwalk fashion show that brought together over 200 Lladró pieces including the High Porcelain creations that served as inspiration for the costumes by Carlos Haro. This act coincided with the 12th anniversary of Lladró’s presence in continental China, which was celebrated with flamenco dancing and a performance paying tribute to the importance of dance in Lladró’s work.

Flamenco and ballet to celebrate Lladró’s 12th anniversary in continental China.




Lladró Universe Lladró Trophies at top equestrian competitions FOR THE third year running, Horse on Pirouette was one of the trophies for the Valencia Gran Prix, the Spanish leg of the Global Champions Tour, held last May. Yet again this year, the Valencian brand was involved in the organization of the world’s most important show jumping circuit, in which the 30 best jumpers in the world ranking take part. Lladró works also made the best possible trophies for the popular Radio Monte Carlo Gran Prix in Moscow. Celebrities from the worlds of sports, business, music, film and politics turned out for the annual event that takes place at the end of May. The singers Valeria and Kristina Orbakayte, the designer Alisa Tolkacheva, the athlete Svetlana Maserkova and the two-time Olympic champion Viacheslav Fetisov, among others, were some of the famous people who did not want to miss this glamorous sporting event.

The winner of the Music Gran Prix, Teresa Jauricoa, with her trophy, A Regal Steed at RACE Club in Madrid.

5th RACE Dressage Festival The fifth edition of the RACE Dressage Festival, held in Madrid in July, and widely considered to be one of the best annual equestrian events in Spain, stood out for the excitement and the participation of Spain’s best riders. As in previous years, Lladró creations were the well-deserved trophies for the dressage to music tests, where the elegance of the participants is shown off to best advantage.

The Spanish rider Diana Marsá, winner of the Valencia Gran Prix at the Global Champions Tour.

On the green with Lladró Lladró practiced its own particular swing this spring in the 10th Lladró - Fratelli Lorenzi Trophy, held in May at the renowned Villa Carolina Golf Club in Capriata d’Orba. Some of Italy’s best golfers entered this competition on the shores of the Mediterranean, in the region of Piedmont. The level of players and the excellent setting were the highlights of the event that once again featured Lladró pieces as trophies. Widely viewed as a classic on the circuit, the competition was brought to a conclusion with an enjoyable buffet.


Davide Montaldo, one of the winning golfers at the 10th Lladró - Fratelli Lorenzi Trophy.

The designer Alisa Tolkacheva.

Horse Race was one of the trophies at Radio Monte Carlo Gran Prix in Moscow.

Lladró Universe Resounding success for touring vases exhibition Around 50,000 people visited the exhibition Form, Texture and Color: Exclusive Porcelain Vases at the González Martí National Museum of Ceramics and Sumptuary Arts in Valencia from March 10th through June 26th. Organized in conjunction with the Ministry of Culture, the collection of vases belonging to the Lladró Museum revealed one of the brand’s most surprising facets, displaying from early Rococo vases to its experimental series with crystallizations. In addition, and to round off this historical exhibition, a touring show was also organized in Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid and London in March, April and May. With the title Lladró Vases, The Evolution of Color and Form, the show gave visitors an overview of the stylistic and conceptual development of vases from more classical pieces to its most contemporary creations. Tying in with both exhibitions, live demonstrations of painting fascinated the numerous public attending the shows.

Live demonstrations of vase painting aroused a lot of interest. Rosa Lladró and Jaume Coll, director of the González Martí museum.

Juan Lladró during the opening of the exhibition Form, Texture and Color: Exclusive Porcelain Vases.

The exhibitions revealed unknown facets of Lladró’s work.

José Luis Santes during the modeling event in Madrid. The cellars at Casa Yustas were the perfect setting for Lladró High Porcelain.

High Porcelain in Casa Yustas in Madrid Lladró’s High Porcelain creations were shown off to their best effect in Casa Yustas’ recently restored 16th century gallery in Madrid. The ancient cellars of the famed hat shop and gift store hosted an exhibition of a selection of Lladró’s best works from May 12th through May 24th. The exhibition was accompanied by a week of events focused on Lladró porcelain. A large number of visitors were attracted to the Plaza Mayor store in the old quarters of Madrid to watch José Luis Santes modeling a piece or an artist creating flowers petal by petal in these old cellars steeped in history.




Lladró Universe Lladró new issues presented at major fairs Guardian Lions watch over the Lladró booth at Baselworld. The first launch of new issues for this year got off to a successful start at the world’s leading design, interiors and luxury fairs. Maison et Objet, held in Paris in January, is always a priority event for the brand. Here, alongside the rest of its new issues, Lladró presented for the first time the Metropolis and Naturofantastic collections from Lladró Atelier, which won universal applause for their original concepts and artistic innovation. Also worth highlighting was Lladró’s presence at Baselworld, The World Watch and Jewellery Show in Basel, where visitors had a chance to see for themselves the monumental Guardian Lions alongside other sculptures from the High Porcelain collection. In a new departure for the brand, Lladró took part for the first time at Euroluce, the benchmark international event for the lighting fixtures industry held concurrently with the renowned International Furniture Fair of Milan. The brand’s catalogue of lighting objects surprised the visiting public with its original lithophanes lamps and, above all, with its stunning Recyclos chandeliers. At its booth at Macef, the International Home Show in Milan, Lladró lent a special spotlight to pieces like Passionate Tango, Jazz Trio and Protective Angel together with its new motherhoods, which received an enthusiastic response from the Italian public. New issues were also the center of attention at the main UK fairs. Lladró made its debut at Top Drawer, the design fair held in London, where its selection of innovative products, lighting fixtures and designer collections were a hit with the demanding London public. This was followed by the Spring Show in Birmingham and the Derby Show, also held in London. And to bring this particular tour to a close, on the other side of the Atlantic, the Lladró new issues were also featured at ICFF, the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York, where the Metropolis collection again caused quite a sensation for its esthetic connection with the Big Apple.


Lladró lighting catalogue caused a stir at Euroluce.

Modernism and classicism go hand in hand at Maison et Objet.

Lladró new issues at the Spring Show in Birmingham. Naturofantastic was a big hit at the Lladró booth at ICFF in New York.

Lladró Universe

The King of Spain receives an exclusive edition of Champions Team.

King Juan Carlos of Spain presented with Champions Team at the final of the King’s Cup His majesty King Juan Carlos of Spain was presented with a special version of the Lladró work Champions Team during the final of the King’s Cup, held in April in Valencia. In the presence of Queen Sofía, dignitaries and leading personalities from politics and sports, the President of Valencia Football Club, Manuel Llorente, made the presentation of a unique edition of this piece featuring footballers, paying tribute to the spirit of competition in sports. Besides bearing the colors of Valencia FC, this special version is also noteworthy for the ball decorated in golden luster.

Lladró with the joint Spain-Russia Year Lladró was one of the brands at the center of the celebrations for the joint Spain-Russia year, which took place in March at the Manège Pavilion in Moscow. Besides being included in the exhibition Spain Today: Living and Innovating, Rosa Lladró was chosen to present some of the awards to friends of the España trademark. Alongside the Minister of Industry of Spain, Miguel Sebastián, and the Spanish Ambassador in Moscow, Juan Antonio March, Rosa Lladró presented the Russian dancer and stage director Andris Liepa with a very special version of the Lladró piece Fraternitas in which Russia and Spain are highlighted in silver luster on the globe of the world. This famous artist is known for promoting cultural exchange between the two countries. Guests at the event were treated to a special Spanish cocktail reception in which they were able to view the most emblematic pieces from Lladró’s High Porcelain collection.

Lladró’s special tribute to the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Lladró wedding cake to celebrate the royal marriage Last June Lladró joined in the celebrations for the royal wedding between Prince William and Catherine Middleton with a wedding cake on display alongside another 17 stunning designs in Harrods’s main window display. The famed department store brought together brands such as Van Cleef & Arpels, Montblanc, Estée Lauder, Escada, Lalique and Jo Malone to create a unique homage to the special event with the help of expert designers. The result was a series of spectacular cakes, some measuring over three feet high like Lladró’s, crowned with The Love Explosion, the piece from The Fantasy collection by Jaime Hayon, and a witty design based on the textures and colors of the piece.

Andris Liepa with Fraternitas from the Humanitas collection.

Miguel Sebastián presented the award to the Russian deputy prime minister, Alexandr Zhuvov, for his contribution to promoting the España trademark.




Lladró Universe Mysterious Ballerina makes her star debut In June Lladró Gold Club launched Mysterious Ballerina, the first limited edition premiere for its members. This edition of 1,000 pieces is an original work in all aspects and worthy of opening Lladró’s most exclusive club. Lladró Gold Club is a special program for the brand’s best customers. An online club with restricted access that offers its members direct, personalized communication via e-mail and on If you are not yet a member of this exclusive club, you can find out how to join on the web and discover all the benefits of membership, including premiere access to limited editions like Mysterious Ballerina.

The exceptional qualities of Mysterious Ballerina make it a truly unique creation.

Decorate with Lladró on your iPhone Thanks to the new Lladró Catalog app, you can now check out a wide range of images of Lladró pieces on your iPhone and use them to virtually decorate any interior. Available free of charge on iTunes, the app gives iPhone,


iPad and iPod users a chance to create their own arrangements with Lladró figurines, superimposing them in real settings captured with their cameras. This way, you can see how the chosen piece would look in your living

room, in the office or in any other space you were thinking of placing it. A fun, easy way of decorating virtually with Lladró. The app is also downloadable from a link on our web


PUSS IN BOOTS THE STORY GOES that, in his will, a miller leaves his youngest son a cat that, thanks to its patience and tricks, will help the young boy win the heart of the princess of the kingdom. With his fantastic brand-new boots, the brave and clever cat in Charles Perrault’s famous story now joins the collection of Classic Children’s Tales to make us smile with its colorful costume. Especially noteworthy is the rich coloring in bright blues and reds contrasting with the golden details applied to the ornamentation of the cat’s tunic. The careful attention to detail, a signature of all Lladró works, is also on view in this figurine, the seventh piece in an original collection on view at

7th piece Classic Children’s Tales collection PUSS IN BOOTS [22 x 12 cm, 8 ¾" x 4 ¾"] Ref. 01008599



The art of riding the waves was captured with all its dynamic energy. The tension of the gestures, the balance of the composition and the strength of the most intense blues in the Lladró palette. A porcelain handcrafted in the Lladró workshops in Valencia - Spain. Valencia - Spain

Riding the big one! [33 x 44 cm, 13 ¼" x 17 ½"] Ref. 01008595 Limited edition of 2,000 units BARCELONA · BEIJING · BEVERLY HILLS · DELHI · HONG KONG · LONDON · MADRID · MOSCOW · MUMBAI · NEW YORK · SHANGHAI · SINGAPORE · TOKYO · VALENCIA


Pure nº 2 2011 And to share the new creations with you, Lladró is, as usual, traveling the world to present the events that can be seen in t...

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