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Improved rodent control The new highly-attractive Talon Track monitoring paste from Syngenta will help early detection of rodent pest populations, and ensure a smooth transition to the highly-effective Talon Soft for rapid pest control. The fully integrated approach to rodent control now involves initial tracking with Talon Track, to identify pest activity; treating with Talon Soft to quickly control populations; and then monitoring for future reinfestation with Talon Track. Talon Track has the same high palatability, texture and ‘look and feel’ to the complementary Talon Soft rodenticide. The only difference is that it is non-toxic and an off-white colour, to aid differentiation for operators when swapping from Track to the blue Talon Soft. Talon Track is supplied in 300g cartridges, for quick and clean application using a caulking gun. It is liner or tray to initially place the Talon Track, which can extremely stable and should remain highly palatable for be simply and cleanly lifted and replaced with the active weeks after application. Operators can use a bait box Talon Soft when required. Harrowden_Landscaper_Jun16_Layout 1 14/06/2016 11:33 Page 1

Local service Nationwide reach Harrowden Turf brings together the country’s finest turf growers. So wherever you are, you won’t be far from one of our excellent farms. Our range is suitable for all grass surface requirements from the finest greens turf to the toughest sports and general amenity turf. We also supply Enviromat sedum green roof matting and Meadowmat wildflower turf. Call us today for a quote or brochure.

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