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Landscaping – major survey British homeowners look to their neighbours for inspiration when

• Reducing the lawn: Of the more than three-fourths of

undertaking landscaping projects, according to the 2017 Houzz

homeowners who have a lawn, 81% make changes to it during

UK Landscaping Trends Survey. The survey of UK homeowners

an outdoor project. Nearly two in five replant their lawn

using Houzz who are in the midst of, are planning, or who recently

(39%), almost a fourth reduce its size (24%) and 12% remove it

completed an outdoor project, found that among those with next-

altogether. Top reasons for reducing and removing lawns are

door neighbours, one in five (23%) revealed that their new garden

to achieve new outdoor design (78%) and reducing

had been influenced by a nearby household. The study also found that British homeowners are building

maintenance (44%). • Months of planning: On average, landscape project planning

bridges with neighbours following landscaping renovations as

takes about five months, while implementation runs just over

15% of homeowners interact more with their neighbours after a

four months, on average. The majority of projects break ground

landscaping update. Top interactions range from small talk (73%),

in March (19%). Other popular months are April (17%) and

exchanging courtesy greetings (67%), helping when needed (45%) and sharing drinks with each other (32%). One in five (23%) however,

September (11%). • Professional hiring remains high: The majority of homeowners

admitted that their garden makeover was motivated by a lack of

hire professionals for their landscaping updates (66%). Stone,

privacy, demonstrating that UK homeowners value their own space,

pavers and/or concrete specialists are most commonly hired

too. Unsurprisingly, half (50%) of those updating non-structural

(19%), followed by patio and decking specialists and landscape

features, improved their fence or property border. UK homeowners spend around eight hours per week in their gardens during the warmer months, and two hours per week during

contractors (18% respectively). You can download the full UK Houzz Landscaping Trends at

the colder months. During landscape projects, British homeowners are creating comfortable outdoor spaces for entertaining and relaxing with items like outdoor dining and lounge furniture (43% and 33%, respectively), treating their gardens as an extension of the home. Nearly one in 10 is investing in outdoor kitchen equipment,

Traditional garden tools from Chillington, a British company with over 100 years experience in the forging of garden tools

such as a barbecue and either built-in cabinetry, a sink and/or a refrigerator (8%). Pizza ovens are also popular additions, with 9% prioritising one. “Our research shows that one in two renovating homeowners make upgrades to their gardens and/or outdoor structures,” said Andrew Small, managing director of Houzz UK. “Home buyers are key drivers of these renovations, motivated to extend their living spaces to the gardens and achieve a stylish yet low maintenance surroundings. Outdoor kitchens and elaborate outdoor lighting are key trends to look out for in 2017.” Along with large scale projects, UK homeowners on Houzz are making significant investments in their gardens. Half budget £3,000 or less for their landscape projects (51%), but only two-fifths spent this amount (42%). Meanwhile, more than half spend more than £3,000 (58%), with only 49% budgeting this amount, indicating that budgets do not always align with spending. Additional findings include: • L ighting goes smart: Nearly half of homeowners are updating lighting during their outdoor projects (62%). Of those making this upgrade, 15% installs “smart” lighting that can be controlled from a mobile device and 12% installs wireless lighting. Other top features are LEDs (72%), solar (46%) and low-voltage (25%).

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