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Summer pests The ideal solution to a vast majority of garden pests is a biological and effective nematode control, which can be simply watered on, leaving no unsightly residue, and causing absolutely no side effects or harm to children, pets or non-target species such as birds or hedgehogs. Nematodes are naturally occurring microscopic animal organisms that act as natural pest controls. Nematodes attack the pest by entering natural body openings, releasing a bacteria which quickly and safely kills it. The nematodes then reproduce inside the dead pest and release a new generation of hungry nematodes, which disperse and search for further prey. Each nematode species controls a different type of pest, from slugs, to vine weevils, to leatherjackets, which means that you are certain to find the solution to most garden annoyances. BASF create a range of nematode products including

Nemaslug and Nemasys Chafer Grub Killer, Leatherjacket Killer, Vine Weevil Killer and No Ants. There is, even, a nematode product, containing a variety of different nematode species, created specifically for fruit and vegetable pests, making it perfect for gardeners who are passionate about ‘grow your own’. “British gardeners are increasingly using beneficial nematodes as one the most effective ways control slugs and other pests. Nemaslug and Nemasys products are natural, highly effective and environmentally friendly with no adverse effects to children, pets and wildlife,” says BASF’s Gavin Wood. “Treatment can continue throughout the growing season and when the pests have all been wiped out the level of nematodes in the soil will immediately drop back to the normal concentrations. When temperatures drop at the end of the season, the nematodes will naturally reduce in quantities until the soil warms up again.”

Spectacular Display Garden A special ribbon cutting event was held at Notcutts Garden Centre Wheatcroft in Nottingham to mark the opening of the new Notcutts Garden. The garden was officially opened on 2 June by Garden Centre Manager Nic Perrett alongside customers, local gardening groups and the Notcutts Wheatcroft team. The Notcutts Garden, which is split into two zones, aims to inspire visitors with creative ideas for their own outdoor spaces, featuring over 350 plants from 45 different varieties which have been carefully selected to suit different areas of the garden. Zone A includes an impressive water feature table in which culinary kitchen plants and herbs are the star of the show, whilst Zone B is inspired by a vintage country garden. The main feature of Zone B is a corner arbour seat, which is framed by large multi-stem birch trees and overlooks a sea of soft white, pink and purple blooms. The two zones are linked by a pathway which is covered by a wooden venetian pavilion. The garden was designed by Notcutts’ Head of Visual Merchandising, Marco de Jongh; Plant Buyer, Stuart Andrews; and Chairman Nicky Dulieu. Alongside the local Notcutts team of horticultural experts, the garden took just over two weeks to complete. Nic Perrett, Garden Centre Manager at Wheatcroft said, “We’re delighted with the beautiful Notcutts Garden and

we’d like to thank everyone who joined us at our official opening event. The garden celebrates the best of what we do at Notcutts – to provide expert advice and inspiration to customers with all levels of gardening experience, and with outdoor projects of all sizes. Over the years, Notcutts has won 50 Gold medals at RHS Chelsea Flower Show, so we’re pleased to bring our expert experience to Wheatcroft with a stunning garden design to inspire our customers.”

The Landscaper | Issue 218 | June 2017