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06 Inspiring transformation that started from within

14 Nez Erok: From silent to star

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10 Kelly Sayers: From Author to Self Publishing House Entrepreneur

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12 Self Discovery TV Interviews with Inspirational Authors and Kelly Sayers

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24 The 7 secrets to personal, business and financial freedom 26 Five top tips to increase your wealth through Feng Shui 28 The art of networking: 7 essential truths 30 Build you brand with online video 32 Developing you leadership qualities


34 The essential element creativity

36 The power of a vision board


37 Testimonial to Spiritual Life Coaching Certification Program by Susana Lopez 40 Raw energy balls recipe

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41 Chocolate and strawberry smoothie recipe



LETTER from the editor Welcome to the Self Discovery Magazine! This is our very first issue and we have been excited about launching this project for a very long time. It all began about a year and a half ago with our Self Discovery Network Breakfasts held once a month at the Boatshed Restaurant, South Perth, Western Australia. It is our mission to bring together empowered women such as coaches, authors, teachers, healers, leaders and small business professionals who have a ‘calling’ to fulfill their life’s purpose and empower themselves and the world. It was my calling many years ago to publish my book ‘Discovering Your Life’s Purpose with the 5Ps to Prosperity’ with Balboa Press, division of Hayhouse USA. Ever since publishing my book I have toured around the USA at the I CAN DO IT Conferences with inspirational authors such as Louise Hay, Dr Doreen Virtue and Wayne Dyer. I have been inspired to launch the Self Discovery Network and Magazine, and now online Self Discovery TV, as I believe we all have a divine life’s purpose to fulfill. It is up to each individual to discover what that is to find true happiness and a deep connection to who we really are. I am very honored to be surrounded by so many empowered women who seek to inspire, educate and support one another in business. We look forward to growing the membership internationally so that everyone can feel ‘at home’ making new friends, growing your businesses globally, to see women financially wealthy, healthy, happy, empowering women to believe in themselves and feel supported on their spiritual journey.

Kelly Sayers

Founder, Director 1300 797 275 Publisher of Self Discovery Magazine © 2015

Some of our members also have a strong calling to help the animal kingdom and mother earth and so we encourage you to fulfill your mission and be supported in your efforts by other likeminded members. If you feel like you’re ready to step up and be empowered and want to share the journey with other empowered women in business, please join us! Start with our Facebook group, Self Discovery Network, perhaps an online membership or even better, come along to our monthly breakfast. Infinite Love and Gratitude


Self Discovery Publisher/Executive Editor Kelly Sayers

Magazine TEAM Thank you…

Managing Editor Rhianna Manda Contributing Editor Loreta Cilfone For article and advertising queries phone 1300 797 275. Self Discovery Magazine is published by BetterLife Bookstore (2015). The copyright © is vested in the Proprietors of BetterLife Bookstore and Self Discovery Magazine. All rights are reserved. Neither whole nor any part of this issue may be reproduced without permission of the copyright owner. Disclaimer: The views expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of BetterLife Bookstore and Self Discovery Magazine, but are those of the respective authors who accept sole responsibility and liability for them. Every endeavour is made to ensure information contained is correct at time of being published. The publisher and editors reserve their rights to edit or refuse any contributing material. The publisher and staff/contractors will not be held responsible for any lost, stolen, damaged or misused information. All advertisers take their own responsibility of accuracy in accordance with The Trade Practices Act 1974.

A big thank you to Lina Scott who has helped me immensely during the past year with bookkeeping and administration duties servicing BetterLife Bookstore. Lina is also a certified Reiki and BodyTalk Practitioner and her business is called Apollo Wellbeing. BodyTalk is a safe and noninvasive therapy that seeks to treat the core causes of illness of the body, mind and spirit. Lina’s passion is to help people take charge of their health and wellbeing. To book a session with Lina call 0400 139 411 or email Kelly Sayers

CONTRIBUTORS Rhianna Manda is a Digital and Public Relations Specialist. She embraces her love of Social Media in her work delivering detailed statistics to her clients and ensures they receive optimum results from the campaigns she creates for them. She has worked with many industries and assisted them with building their online presence. These industries include film, industrial, non-government organisations, and in general small businesses of all kind. She has also assisted many personalities build their profiles through her specialist services.

Rhianna Manda Nez Erok: From silent to star - pg. 14

In this issue of Self Discovery Magazine Rhianna interviews Nez Erok who is the ‘Special Feature’ focus. She talks to Nez about her career as a singer/songwriter and delves in to Nez’s story of what her song writing is about and what it means to her. Rhianna combines her love of public relations, writing, and being a new mum with her role as Managing Editor of Self Discovery Magazine.

Carolyn Verhoef has been a Professional Organiser and Organising Coach to hundreds of people; clearing the physical, mental and emotional clutter from their lives. Since the creation of Outside the Box Organisation Solutions more than seven years ago, Carolyn has developed unique techniques and become a certified 5Ps Life Purpose Spiritual Life Coach to assist her clients in a truly holistic way. Her services include: Organisation coaching programme, life purpose coaching, digital organising, virtual organising, professional organiser services and decluttering, and empowerment through dance workshops.


A life purpose and organising coach can help you break free from the ‘STUFF’ that is paralysing you. Turn chaos into purpose and get past the feeling of being stuck though clear and proven techniques that you will use in all areas of your life. You will gain new levels of confidence, creativity, and greater sense of self, happiness, effectiveness and productivity.

Carolyn Verhoef The essential element creativity - pg. 34




transformation that started from within

Michelle Nazaroff, champion natural body builder worked her way out of a hospital bed and into a perfect state of health in only 18 months. Michelle’s inspirational story of deciding to undertake natural bodybuilding, nutrition and fitness, helped her achieve her goals by getting fit from within whilst winning the INBA Olympia World Natural Bodybuilding title. Michelle was born with an abnormal narrowing of the aortic valve, mild aortic stenosis. Regular surgery didn’t allow her to do any form of exercise or be able to have children. Michelle explains, “This was devastating for me as I was three years into my goal of winning that elusive world natural bodybuilding title within five years and I would definitely

Self Discovery Magazine

want to start a family in the future.” Leaving her without finishing her dreams, she decided to undergo a new radical surgery known as ‘ROSS.’ The surgery was a success and so her journey began to return her body into peak condition.


It was during her study and recovery phase when

Michelle says.

Michelle discovered the huge benefits in whole food and

and become a CHEK Holistic Nutrition and lifestyle coach, Master personal trainer, IPAC Physique conditioning coach and whole live food nutrition expert.

revitalising exercise. In 18 months Michelle went from being unable to open a bottle of water to winning the INBA Olympia World Natural Bodybuilding Title. These new discoveries lead her to opening Nazafit Online Fitness in 2007. Nazafit is dedicated to empowering people with key tools and strategies to help get them in optimal health and fitness. ‘Get fit from within’ is the Nazafit key message to all clients, which helps them understand to get fit you need to start from inside.

Beyond Bodybuilding Michelle is co-author of ‘You Can Live the Life of your Dreams’,which has a ten-week inspirational program that helps you turn your dreams into reality. This book gives you key tools about wealth, health, building relationship and developing a winner’s mindset that will increase your self-confidence. Michelle now has a beautiful daughter, Sierra Skye.

Self Discovery Magazine

During the recovery phase Michelle decided to study


“The road back was a tough one but I never gave up,”



Having a daughter has inspired her to help other children eat healthy foods. Michelle is currently developing a specifically dedicated nutritional program dedicated for school health education.

About Nazafit Online Fitness and Nutrition Nazafit Online Health and Nutrition’s mission is to empower, motivate and educate. Nazafit helps bridge the gap between a person’s knowledge of what is ‘good’ and ‘bad’ with food and nutrition, along with the power or restorative and revitalising exercise for the body. The Nazafit team delivers the ‘get fit from within’ message through seminars, tailored health and nutrition programs, education in schools, the community and more. Nazafit provides each and every client a tailored solution that delivers results and achievements, no generic program or diet can. All in a healthy, nutritional and natural way to be

Self Discovery Magazine

the best you can be.


WELCOME TO BetterLife Bookstore ‘World Class Self Publishing House with Virtual Education Centre for Personal, Professional and Spiritual Development including Ebook Publishing, Online Bookstore, Spiritual Life Coaching, Courses and Certification, Events, Self Discovery Network, Self Discovery Magazine and Self Discovery TV…


SHARE YOUR STORY AS AN AUTHOR ON SELF DISCOVERY TV * Is your story inspiring enough to make a difference? * Are you a new Author overcoming challenges to empower others? * Does your book encourage readers to become a writer? * Do you want to empower people in business? * Do you want to inspire others with a new product launch? For more details, visit: 9

WOMEN ON PURPOSE Self Discovery Magazine


Kelly Sayers

From Author to Self Publishing House Entrepreneur When you believe in yourself and take inspired action towards your dreams and aspirations, anything is possible. Imagine flunking English at school and believing your whole life you’re not good enough to become a writer. Then twenty years later, you find yourself becoming a self published author at the I CAN DO IT Conference in Toronto, sitting amongst some of the greatest spiritual teachers and mentors on the planet such as Louise Hay, Dr Wayne Dyer and Dr Doreen Virtue to name but a few, in a queue a mile long waiting to receive your autograph! The buzz, the excitement and energy flowing through my body was amazing and a moment in time I will always value and appreciate. When you are guided to take one step in the direction of your dreams and you start to convince yourself that it won’t work or you’re not good enough for great things to happen, STOP and do it anyway, you never know, lightening could strike!

WOMEN ON PURPOSE Begin your spiritual journey of awakening your heart’s desires and discover more of who you are. Perhaps, start writing your book, or ebook, regardless of what you may or may not think will happen because if your intentions are pure to serve one other person, miracles will happen and your book/ Ebook will end up taking you on a journey of a lifetime! Create a ‘divine appointment’ in your diary with yourself and your book, and just show up with the intention of getting published as soon as possible. If you get stuck or need a little guidance or coaching along the way, please email at or, visit

Self Discovery Magazine

It may take you a life time to realise that you even have a life purpose, something you are here to do, fulfil a dream, a soul purpose, and only YOU can achieve that reality. The soul purpose you are is for joy, freedom, and growth, so reach for the thoughts that feel good. ASK your higher self and Angels for divine guidance, opportunities, ideas, people that a will help you awaken to that higher purpose. The minute you set forth your intention to seek what your life purpose is and be of higher service to others, is when the Universe will knock itself out to accommodate your asking. Ask these 3 questions; 1) What is my heart and soul’s purpose that will allow me to be, do and have everything my heart desires? 2) How can I make my highest contribution to others? 3) What is the next logical step that will keep me aligned to my highest path? The answers are already there, but you have to open your eyes and shift your perception to seeing the miracles and flow that is already guiding YOU.

Kelly Sayers



Self Discovery TV


Self Discovery Magazine

with Inspirational Authors Kelly Sayers


Gail Thackray INTERVIEW Acclaimed for her psychic talent, Gail Thackray lectures worldwide, and does live appearances as a healer and medium. After leading a normal life everything changed at the age of 40 when she discovered she was a medium and able to talk to spirits.

Comedian Louise Towler speaks about her journey of selfdiscovery as hostage negotiator of self-esteem, and as Author of Big Purple Undies! Her mission is to heal people from their limiting beliefs and help them raise their self-awareness to believe they are ‘good enough’ to achieve their dreams. Enjoy this inspiring interview.


Louise Towler INTERVIEW

Trisha McCagh INTERVIEW Trisha McCagh is an internationally acclaimed Animal Communicator, Teacher and Author. She can translate the silent language of all animals. Let Trisha take you on a personal journey of self-discovery that will enable you to better communicate with the natural world, and form wonderful bonds and understanding, with not only the animals that share your lives, but all animals on this planet.


Click here to view interviews

Self Discovery Magazine

Meet Author Pip Easton, as she shares her passion of horses and her exciting vision and higher calling with her ‘Happiness Retreat’ in Broome, WA.



Nez Erok :

From Silent to Star

Nez Erok is a singer/ songwriter who rose to fame when writing a heart wrenching song about her troubles growing up in an abusive environment. At a young age she turned to music to help express her feelings. “Music was like my little saviour.”

Self Discovery Magazine

By Rhianna Manda


It was in 2010 when Nez rose to fame with her song ‘Beautiful.’ Originally made as a dance track, it quickly gained a place in the top 20 underground music charts as a House track. Beautiful was the hardest song Nez has written. “Beautiful was the song that means the most, the song that’s the rawest, the song that was the hardest to write and finish. I would cry every time I went to the microphone,” she says.

She choose to write Beautiful because it was her life story and she wanted people to know that they didn’t have to feel like they were wrong, not good enough or not important. Upon writing Beautiful, it took her six months until she felt the time was right to release it. The lyrics to Beautiful are strong, emotional and powerful about being brought up in an environment surrounded by abuse. Nez wanted to expose herself, show her real and

raw side whilst not holding anything back. She wanted to raise issues that many people face on a daily basis but are too afraid of speaking out. Beautiful is all about the message, spreading the message and creating that awareness. “Beautiful has healed my wounds in so many ways,” she says. Nez explains, “It was a dance track that became so popular, but I was talking about domestic violence..


but I guess that’s why it was so interesting.” In 2012 she decided to turn it into an acoustic version, which boosted her and really gained her recognition, winning nine awards. She says the way beautiful has helped people is so important, the message is bigger than herself. “That is why I wrote it, to help people. I didn’t know I was really helping myself as well as others.”

‘Beautiful’ made Nez more aware of her passion and purpose in life, helping others transcend their fears. “I don’t feel like I own the song, I feel like it was meant to be shared,” she says.

Beyond Beautiful Growing up in a cultural suppressive and abusive environment, Nez decided to help woman and children who have faced or dealt with the same issues, letting them know they have a voice. “Music gave me a voice which allowed me to give others a voice, which is why my music is generally for causes,” she says. She now performs for many major events and meets incredible people who share the same mission and

values of empowering woman and children. “I think a lot of people go through a sort of oppression when growing up, even when not done by an exterior force. It’s what they could have done to themselves, their own inner dialogue,” she says. “It’s nice to help people realise that they are worthy of more.”

Laid to Rest Nez has written a new song ‘Laid to Rest’ which is dedicated to children in war torn places around the world. She couldn’t just sit back and watch the news each day seeing children being affected by such wars across the world. These children deal with hunger, disease, poverty, death and extreme terror on a daily basis.Whilst reading this article a child has already

died from a physical form of violence. Nez explains that people have become numb to the news, they see tragedy everyday and accept it. She wrote ‘Laid to Rest’ to remind people that they can do something, anything from donating to signing partitions, to somehow getting involved and make others aware of the situation. Her daughter, Talia, is the main character in ‘Laid to Rest’ who sees all this unrest on television and keeps asking questions about why no one is helping these children. The concept of her new video is to add a shock value to this situation, get people’s attention and hopefully urge them to do something about it. Watch ‘Laid to Rest’ here. More information


ACS Awards for Cinematography, WA, Australia


ACS Awards for Cinematography, SA, Australia


Urban Mediamakers Film Festival, Atlanta, USA


Silent River Film Festival, California, USA

2014 WINNER:

Global Music Awards, California, USA


Peachtree Village International Film Festival, Atlanta, USA

2014 SONG OF SUBSTANCE: Music Malt Online, Karnataka, India 2014 BEST MUSIC VIDEO:

Oregon International Film Awards, Oregan, USA


The Akademia Music Awards,California, USA

Self Discovery Magazine

Nez has gained so much praise for the song with many people saying it has changed their lives. Allowing her audience to know they are not alone, giving them the courage to realise that they are beautiful and can do what they want to do in life.


Nurturing your Soul, Ocean View Retreat, Mandurah 3pm Friday 18th September – 10am Monday 21st September 2015 “Love is found in the most unexpected places.”

Your retreat includes

This retreat offers a safe space to:

3 nights’ accommodation with beautiful Ocean views, only 200 metres to the beach.

Daily group meditations and sound healingto set intentions, balance chakras, uplift and provide a feeling of deep inner peace.

Individual session with Amanda, your choice of a Reiki or BodyTalk for energetic and emotional healing.

o Nurture your mind, body and soul. o Enjoy some time to relax, unwind, and go with the flow. o Identify and release inner struggles allowing deep inner peace. o Reconnect and remember the true essence within o Gain deep insights and leave feeling refreshed

Fully catered with delicious nourishing meals.

Huna massage with Danica, melt away your tension. Optional extra $120

Gift pack including a journal and pen plus more.....

Your Nurturing Ocean View Retreat $979 per person. The Retreat is for a small group of 3 to 5 people only – spaces are limited.

Contact Amanda on 0405344149 or to reserve your place or to find out more. 16


Date: Tuesday 17th November, 2015 Time: 6.00pm – 7.30pm. Location: Modesty Blaise, 481 Fitzgerald Street, North Perth WA 6006 Cost: $25.00 per person. Small group of women only

“Stress Less One Step at a Time”. Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed and wired? Are you exhausted and looking for a boost in energy? Do you need better balance in your life? If you’re answering yes to one or more of the above, book yourself into this exclusive workshop today! Amanda has designed the Stress Less One Step at a Time to help you; •

Identify your personal stressors and become aware of how they impact your body

Discover some simple and effective ways to reduce stress and nourish yourself.

Experience a relaxing guided meditation in a safe and healing environment.

Remember the aim of the workshop is to have fun, relax and connect with like-minded women. You’re encouraged to bring along a friend or family member to share the experience with. Light refreshments and drinks provided.

To enquire or book call

Amanda on

0405 344 149 or






1. Physical foundations Give your body the nutritionit needs to maximise your natural ability to heal and rejuvenate. For added support some people may require herbs to optimise the body’s organs and systems. Eat a colourful rainbow of organic plant foods full of phytonutrients for vitality. Red – Strawberries, raspberries, cranberries, cherries, capsicum, tomatoes, apples, cabbage, beans, kidney beans and salmon. Orange – Carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, rock melon, turmeric, cinnamon, mangoes, peaches, apricots and oranges. Yellow – Whole grains, nuts, legumes, fermented soy products, sesame seeds, oats, lentils, barley, olive oil, pineapple, yellow capsicum, leeks, garlic, cauliflower and corn. Green - Collard greens, beet greens, broccoli, brussel sprouts, kale, watercress, Swiss chard, bok choy, spinach, avocado, basil, parsley, peas, lettuce, leafy greens and kiwi fruit. Purple/Blue – Blueberries, blackberries, grapes, black currants, elderberry, prunes, raisins, plums, beetroot, potatoes, carrots and corn.

2. Movement that you enjoy

Self Discovery Magazine

Include some form of movement that you enjoy regularly. Some examples include: Walking, yoga, cycling, gym, swimming, tennis, or team sports. Find an activity you can build into your social life, this will help to make it more regular. Exercise relieves nervous tension, promotes energy, good feelings, motivation and relaxation.


3. Clarity and peace of mind Serenity is not freedom from the storm; it is peace amidst the storm Practise Mindfulness Meditation. It is the simple and direct practice of

By Amanda Hobley

Learn to identify your stressors, how they are impacting your body/mind and how to overcome the stress and pressures in your life. The great news is that most of the lifestyle factors that contribute to the total load are within your control. “Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.” Saint Francis of Assisi Download and read my e-book, “Women’s Secret handbook to stress relief” to discover six simple steps to stress relief at www.

5. Self–love Self-love often gets overlooked in regards to health. It is a subject that is difficult to even speak about and happily avoided. Most people learn that it is OK to love and nurture others, but not to care for themselves. I use a great analogy that helped me to be OK with loving and caring for myself. I imagined a cup which represented how I felt in that moment. If my cup was empty I would be fatigued, stressed, unappreciated, unloved, overwhelmed, irritable and not feeling motivated. If my cup was full I would feel happy, energetic, compassionate, loving and I had the ability to share that in all

Here are some examples of how you can fill up your cup with self-love and allow that love to ripple throughout your life. Taking care of your own needs and not putting yourself last. Nurturing your soul. Love yourself like you would your best friend (understanding, kindness, compassion, love, support and care). When you are going through difficult times, make mistakes or feel that you are not good enough. Be kind and gentle with yourself. Remind yourself that you are doing your very best at this moment in time. See the opportunity for a win-win solution; see experience as an opportunity for wisdom. Don’t judge yourself harshly, we are often our own worst enemy. Stop for a moment, what is your self-talk like? Are you beating yourself up about how you look? Feeling that you are not good enough......... mum, wife, friend, and daughter? Love yourself exactly as you are in this moment in time. Cherish your essence, the love and life force coursing through every cell in your body, your unique gifts, talents and abilities within. There is no need to change a single thing. We don’t have to do anything, be anything or prove anything. Just allow yourself to BE in the moment and follow your emotions and feelings, express yourself and be true to yourself.

6. Create the time and space to have fun, relax and nurture yourself Give yourself permission to create the time and space to relax and have fun. Some simple ways to creating space may include: Learning to say No, delegating jobs, prioritise and halving your list of things to do.

Create a list of fun things to do. If you find that difficult try remembering (when you were a child) what you loved to do for fun. Allowing the space for relaxing and having fun, helps to improve your wellbeing. Plan a holiday and retreat away every few months or at the very least a holiday twice a year. This allows time for rejuvenation and clarity about the big picture in your life. Listen to your intuition, you will know when the time is right for a holiday.


4. Stress less one step at a time

areas of my life to family, friends and the community.”

Start right now, take out your calendar or diary and book in two hours for yourself next week.

7. Trust in your own inner wisdom. Listen to your body and intuition. Your life is in your hands, you get to make the choices in every moment. You are 100 % responsible for your life, health and wellbeing. Our emotions and gut feelings are a beautiful guide to show us the way. Listen in and follow your inner guidance and take inspired action. Even if that means just BE, let go, allow and going with the flow. No one knows you better than yourself. Follow your bliss and remember everyone will have a very unique and different path to wellbeing. Enjoy! “When any experience of body, heart, or mind keeps repeating in consciousness, it is a signal that this visitor is asking for a deeper and fuller attention. Under all the tears, the pain, the fear, and the anger we have contacted our self around, we can find freedom, joy, and ease in the face of all life.” Jack Kornfield See a health practitioner to identify your specific needs. It is essential that you always seek advice from a Health Professional before you make any changes to your lifestyle.

Self Discovery Magazine

moment to moment observation of the mind/body process through calm and focussed awareness without judgement. Mindfulness helps us connect to our feelings, insight and wisdom. Experience greater calm and relaxation. Transforms our sense of isolation and confusion to one of connection, clarity and compassion.



Amanda Hobley Naturopath

Q&A 1. What inspired you to become a naturopath?

transformed you and your life today?

I have always loved people and travel, so I chose to become a flight attendant. After a few years I realised that I wanted to connect and assist people at a deeper level. At the time my Aunt was studying to be a Naturopath and after talking with her I started down the same path.

Becoming a Naturopath was only the first small step in my transformation. Over the years I discovered my passion for healing and greater purpose globally. I have evolved and grown at a personal level, using the many challenges I have encountered to enrich my life. This has inspired me to offer a wide variety of options to assist women to love and nurture themselves. The best way I can do that is to continue to learn and practice exactly that in my own life, so I can authentically share what has worked and what hasn’t worked for me. My latest venture is guiding women on spiritual retreats, locally and internationally. I feel blessed to have the best job in the world and honoured that so many women have allowed me to assist them through some challenging times.

2. What is the key message you would like others to know about health and living a healthy lifestyle?

Self Discovery Magazine

There is no single right way to improve your health and wellbeing. The key is to listen to your intuition and follow what feels right for your body at that time.


You may realise that you need physical nourishment and movement. At other times you may need emotional balance or mental clarity and peace. It could be as simple as enjoying some time everyday to relax and breathe. Removing the stressors you can, from your life. Allowing yourself to love, nurture and be gentle with where you are.

3. How has your journey on becoming a naturopath

4. What are the most common health issues you see in your clients? The most common issues I see with my clients are fatigue, stress, lack of motivation, anxiety and insomnia. I also see women who are menopausal, suffering PMS or digestive complaints. All of these are

easy to overcome with herbs and nutrition. However I like to take it one step further and get to the cause of the imbalance in the first place. I am lucky enough to have Bodytalk and Reiki to identify any emotional and energetic aspects that need balancing.

5. What are some easy ways to stop some of these health issues occurring? Physically – Eat a wide range of rainbow coloured vegetables and fruit, organic and grown locally if possible. Base most of your diet on things that come direct from nature and are the least processed possible. Eat more fish, drink filtered or spring water often. Practise yoga, meditation and mindfulness. Enjoy time for a massage and Reiki for deep relaxation. Create something to look forward to, increase the fun in your life.

6. You offer a fantastic retreat package in India, how have you seen this retreat change people’s lives? This was a life changing experience for me last year. It allowed me the

Within the small group of women on the retreat, I saw that each and every one of us had a story, a struggle, at some point in time and that with love and compassion from others, amazing healing took place. What a priceless gift!

7. You also do Reiki and Bodytalk, could you explain the benefits of these services? Reiki is the natural art of healing through the hands. This universal life force energy is a safe technique for activation, restoring and balancing natural energy from within. Reiki has the ability to energise your body and mind. It is pure relaxation.

I offer a Discovery session, which provides a safe healing space for new clients to unwind and spend time focusing on their wellbeing. Together we will identify their body’s specific needs and create a plan for the future. It also includes a relaxing Reiki session and guided meditation.

9. What has been your biggest achievement to date?

Bodytalk is a holistic therapy that enables the body’s energy systems to be re-synchronized and balanced so it can operate as nature intended. Through exposure to stresses of dayto-day life, the lines of communication can become compromised or disconnected, leading to a decline in physical, emotional and/or mental wellbeing.

My biggest achievement in my professional career is watching the transformation of many women over the years. I have observed them moving from struggle and stress, which was affecting their health.To seeing them regain their health and vitality. With the added benefit of learning new life long tools to reduce stress and nurture themselves.

8. What service would you offer to a new client who doesn’t know anything about this field of work and why?

If you have any questions and would like to know more about the services, retreats or workshops Amanda offers, Call 0405344149 or visit www.


space and time to stop, reflect and let go of “my story” - the fears and expectations I had of myself. I realised that I had been stuck in a life of doing, forcing and always being busy. That I had forgotten to nurture, relax and simply BE. It allowed me the freedom and joy of appreciating my essence; inspired me to share that with those who were seeking assistance. I left India lighter with a deep faith and trust that I could go with the flow, listen to my intuition and follow what felt exciting to me. I did not leave India with a list of things to do. I left with complete faith and trust that all would be well and that I could totally trust in myself to know what inspired actions I needed to take next.

Please inquire on

1300 797 275

Self Discovery Magazine





with Michelle Renton Founder of YOGAZOO, yoga for children

“It seemed like a natural progression to fall in love with yoga then wish to teach it.”

Self Discovery Magazine


“A single pose or a few minutes of mediation can lift your mood.” • “As a school teacher and lover of yoga, being a kids’ yoga teacher seemed the perfect choice.”

Michelle Renton has created a unique experience for children. She founded YOGAZOO in 2006 and has been running yoga classes, workshops and hosts parties from toddlers to teenagers. We spoke to Michelle recently where she spoke about YOGAZOO and the benefits it has for children.

Why do you like about yoga? Yoga is not only a wonderful form of exercise; it is a way of life. It has so many benefits to the body, mind and soul. I love the adventure of yoga including the never-ending journey and learning of yoga.

What inspired you to become a yoga teacher?

I have always been interested in health and fitness and helping others. It seemed like a natural progression to fall in love with yoga then wish to teach it.

How has yoga benefited you? The benefits of yoga are endless, however for me it has helped me get back into shape after three babies, stay in shape, increased flexibility, helps me to keep focused and overall be happy. The mental health benefits are huge. A single pose or a few minutes of mediation can lift your mood.

What inspired you to created classes for children? When I was pregnant with my first baby, I started to think about what I wanted to do in the future that would allow flexibility with time whilst starting a family. As a school teacher

Benefits of yoga for children include: • Helps relax, unwind, and calm


may come across behavioural issues or children wandering especially in the toddler/younger classes. Or you may come across a child that won’t participate or only participate with their parent by their side and that is ok. I try not to get too caught up in having a ’strictly run’ class. It is more important for me the experience is positive and happy. I allow parents to stay in the class if they wish.


• Reduces stress • Helps improve their concentration and balance

• Promotes a healthy, active lifestyle

How do you get the children excited about the classes? A good themed lesson plan, props and music can assist a kids’ yoga class. Yogazoo has gone on fun yoga adventures to the zoo, the rainforest, the beach and so on. I keep up with trends also, so recently we have created ‘Frozen’ and ‘Minecraft’ yoga adventures which have been a real hit! My current themed workshops have been based on ‘Celebrations around the World’ so we have been to China for Chinese New Year and Ireland for ’St Patrick’s Day’. This all being said, I think it is important to be an enigmatic and energetic teacher and realise that no matter how well-planned the lesson plan, there has to be flexibility as it is likely to change.

Do boys and girls attend your classes? We have a good mix of boys and girls in my classes. Yoga naturally attracts more girls but more and more parents are seeing the benefits of yoga for their boys and I always remind them also that even football and soccer players do yoga. Both my boys have been doing yoga since they were three years of age.

• Helps them sleep better • Improves their gross and fine motor skills

• Improves their digestion • Increases strength and flexibility • Develops self-expression and selfconfidence

• Increases body awareness

Do the boys differ from girls in regards to the lessons? Yes, boys (particular younger boys) need constant change. Boys are more energetic so it is important to keep them moving and interested. They also like noise so we need to allow the noise but encourage the calm too. Boys obviously prefer themes such as Superheros, Star Wars (we did a Jedi Yoga Training workshop that was very successful) and so on. It is wonderful to run all boys’ workshops and enjoy the noise and the energy but it is also a joy when boys and girls get together. There is no gender bias, no cultural bias in kids’ yoga. Anyone can do it no matter what age or sex.

What were the challenges?

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and lover of yoga, being a kids’ yoga teacher seemed the perfect choice.

In a classroom of kids sometimes you





Annette Stanton reveals the seven secret strategies you can use to turn your vision into profitable reality giving you sustainable success and freedom. What is your vision for all areas of your life? Do you have a vision?

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I believe we all have some sort of vision, goal, dream, desire or aspiration that we would like to achieve in life – and we have just lost touch with it because other things got in the way.You may already be living a major part of your vision now, without being conscious of what specifically that is.


Trusting yourself to achieve your vision and goals can be challenging. It certainly takes courage to honour your vision according to what success and freedom means to you.

TO PERSONAL, BUSINESS & FINANCIAL FREEDOM 1. CLARIFY YOUR VISION Your vision is made up of how you want to live your life today and your desired future. Most people set it up like it is a future thing alone. If you do this, life will pass you by. Identify what’s important to you today and value those things, eg, relationships, business, family, colleagues, children, health, finances, personal development, etc. Having your own vision gives you purpose and meaning to life. A vision will support you in times of doubt, especially when you face challenges and you start to question the who, what, and how you want to live your life, based on what’s most important to you. Your vision must be in alignment with your core values.

2. CREATING EXCITING GOALS Goals that are values-based seem to be reached the fastest with the least amount of effort. The trick isn’t in setting the values-based goals; it is in identifying your values. Once your values are clear, the goal will become evident to you. We all have wants, shoulds, or needs-based goals that we think are values-based, but are not.When goals are set that come from a focus on the present, not just the future and end result, they are far more effective and satisfying.

3. INSPIRATIONAL STEPPING STONES How often have you felt a gap between where you are now in life and what you truly want to be, do and have? I often hear this challenge, as people are unsure of the steps to take in achieving goals. This can be very frustrating, as you start to look for the ‘right actions’ to take. I am here to say that there is no right action. There is only the next inspired step you know you want to take to move you towards achieving your goal. You will always know what’s next if you listen to your inner voice. Get all the chit-chat out of your head, listen and take action.

4. STRENGTHEN YOUR CLARITY AND FOCUS If you form a picture in your mind of what you would like to be, do and have in your life, and you hold that picture long enough, you will become exactly as you have been thinking, feeling and believing. Creative visualisation is a natural technique you already use every day to create what you want in your life. The question I have for you is; “Are you consciously choosing what you want to attract in your life, or are you focussing on what you do not want?” Become conscious every day of your predominant thoughts about yourself and your life.

5. HOW TO DEAL WITH CHALLENGES Inside every challenge is an opportunity to learn and move forward in the direction you truly want. So the next time something happens in any area of your life, stay calm and become the observer of the situation by standing back and looking at the challenge from the outside looking in. It is too easy to get stuck inside the situation and react, which will always slow down the process of thinking clearer and taking the necessary actions to smoothly help you to move through it. Do not allow yourself to get caught up in the poor me syndrome or blame game as this wastes precious time, energy and focus.

The repeated statements you make through ‘thought’ and ‘language’ will magnetise and create your present and your future. As you move through your day you are constantly talking to yourself, whether you are aware of this or not, telling yourself what you think and feel about your experiences and interactions. Notice the limiting perceptions that you may be living your life through. Reality in life is what you continually say it is. So if you want to change your life in any way, then you must challenge your current beliefs and perceptions. Choose the ones that will support you in manifesting the life you say you want to live.

7. THE POWER OF PERSISTENCE The key to persistence is to tune into your values and stay on your path at all times. Do not get swayed by other people’s values. Stop comparing yourself to others as this can steer you further away from achieving your own vision. Just notice how the more you keep comparing, the further away from you that good fortune gets. You will not receive what you do not acknowledge within yourself. So next time you notice yourself comparing, catch yourself and acknowledge others for their good looks, qualities, possessions, good fortune, etc.




Annette is passionate about helping people live their most fulfilling life and business vision success every day. For more than 32 years, Annette has coached thousands of people worldwide on how to live life to their greatest potential. They have achieved their highest goals of wealth, health, happiness, confidence and beyond, by following the easy to use tools inside the 7 Secrets of The Power of Vision. To purchase your copy of The Power of Vision and for more information about Annette’s coaching and speaking schedule, please visit her website:

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Annette Stanton is a leading Life and Business Vision Success Coach. She is Author of the internationally acclaimed book The Power of Vision, and she is the international Speaker and Founder of International Life and Business Coaching.





Feng Shui

improving the wealth of the home; but there are a few placement rules. First of all, ensure that your water feature has flowing water – stagnant water will create stagnant finances. Water in Feng Shui represents prosperity, so ensure the water is moving and is crystal clear. Ensure you never let the water go green and murky as this will also have a negative impact on finances – and the larger the volume of water, the bigger the impact. Also ensure that the flow of water is going towards the home, or if it is an inside water feature, ensure the flow is facing into the home. This represents money coming into your home. If you have a fish pond or tank, eight or nine gold fish are the most auspicious amount to have and never have a fighting fish as this creates conflicts. One of the best places to locate a water feature is the South East section of the house, particular room, garden, or place of work as this is the wealth section. If your bathroom or toilet is located here, don’t place a water feature there. Pictures can be utilised instead with the same rules applying, but it’s important to note that they’re not as strong as the real thing. The biggest exception of where not to place any water is your bedroom. Never place a water feature (including pictures and the colours navy blue and black) in the bedroom in which you sleep in, as it represents financial losses.


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By Michele Castle


Feng Shui is the ancient art and science of placement, to bring about a balance between people and their environment. It is used worldwide to increase your health, wealth and prosperity. Feng Shui Practitioner and Master, Michele Castle, gives us her top five tips to increasing wealth through Feng Shui.

TIP 1: GET A WATER FEATURE Water features come in myriad of forms. You can have a table top or wall water feature, fish tank or bowl, an actual fish pond, and of course a swimming pool. They are great for

A simple way to help increase wealth coming in to the home, is with a Feng Shui three-legged Money Frog (also known as a Moon Frog) – it brings in money and opportunities in to the home. Place the frog by the front door of your home and ensure his face is pointing going in to the home. If you place him with his face pointing out towards the door, this represents money leaving. The Money Frog comes with a coin in his mouth and

I recommend, if possible, placing a pair of either Jade or Cumquat plants on either side of your front entrance as they represent abundance. You can have both of them, but only if you have the space for them, as you don’t want to be preventing the flow of energy from being able to get through the front door. With Jade plants, if they are over growing and touch the ground, then you will need to clip them back, but don’t chop them right back, or your finances will also suddenly be chopped back.

TIP 4: KEEP BATHROOM AND TOILET DOORS CLOSED Open bathroom and toilet doors represent money and energy going down the drains. In ancient times these areas were nowhere near the main place of residence. Today, we can see homes with up to three bathrooms and toilets which are inside the home. In some of the newer, modern homes, the ensuites have no doors and the entries are getting wider and more ornate. The obvious solution for those homes with doors on these rooms, is to keep the doors closed at all times. For those that are open, I suggest installing a door of some kind – this can be a proper door, sliding door, sliding blind or screen, or perhaps a curtain. I would also suggest that you get in to the habit of putting the toilet lid down once you have finished. My daughter learnt from an early age to close the toilet lid and doors; mind you, telling her that it would be her pocket money that would be going down the drain

TIP 5: SET UP YOUR OFFICE DESK FOR SUCCESS Whether your office desk is at your place of work or in your home, ensure that it has at least one side up against a wall. Never have it sitting in the middle of the room as this is what we call a ‘floating desk’ and the result can be no support for the business or person who sits there. If possible, place the desk so that you can see doors and windows. To have your back to a door can cause a person to become tired and lethargic, as well as feel insure. I would also suggest placing your desk so that you have your back to a solid wall with only enough space to get in and out as this places you in a position of authority – the power seat if you like. When you don’t have your back to a wall, it can cause you to become vulnerable. If you’re not in a position whereby you can move your desk, then get a chair with a high back to give you the support – a bit like a throne. Also ensure your desk is clear of clutter or you will become unproductive. You can also place a Laughing Buddha on your desk for prosperity.

WANT TO LEARN MORE FENG SHUI? Locating your wealth attributes with Chinese Astrology, you will receive a personalised birth chart and learn how to increase your wealth based on your date of birth. Book now to get the early bird special price.




was probably a great incentive.

ABOUT MICHELE CASTLE This seminar will be delivered by Michele Castle, Practitioner of Feng Shui and Metaphysics Studies. Michele has more than 11 years of experience and knowledge and has conducted Feng Shui consultations for residential, business and corporate clients Australia-wide, with enormous success. Known for her down-to-earth approach and natural ability to simplify and teach Feng Shui in a step-by-step format, Michele promises you will leave ready and eager to use these new skills. Contact : 0421 116 799 or

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it’s important the side of the coin with the four Chinese characters (or it may have a stone), is facing up. This is the Yang side, which is more active and aggressive and that’s what you want when inviting money into your home or business. The Yin side, which is the passive, gentile side, has two characters on it and should always be facing down.



Networking The Art of

7 Essential Truths By Margaret Bryant

Definition of networking

all human! We may have different interests, but our fundamental needs are the same. Humankind has not changed much in the past 6,000 years. Remember, every person shares some fundamental needs. Above all, people are social animals and we depend on each other.

know you want to hear them and not take their time to pitch something. Form a question in your mind. If you are at a networking event with a group of people, remember the acronoym FORM.

People like to liaise with people that they know and trust; so when you are networking, focus only on building relationships. Networking is the art of giving. Focus on the other. Find out what problems people have and if you can help them with solving any of their problems.

Tell me about your family? What new things are your children doing these days?

2. People want to be heard


1. People haven’t changed much

This is one of the reasons why social media is so popular. It’s our way of saying to the world, “Look at me! Look at what I ate for dinner! Look at what I did today!”

Are you still running these days? Seen any good movies lately? Read any good books lately?Have you gone on any holidays recently?

People may be different ethnicities, ages, or education, but deep down everyone has the same fundamental needs. It doesn’t matter if we are Gen X, Gen Y, Baby Boomers, etc, we are

When it comes to networking, make sure you let people voice their concerns and what is on their mind. Encourage them to talk, give them the opportunity to talk and let them

Net – a visible connect of people and support. Working – the art of giving and focus on the other. Understanding people and the common traits we share is essential for connecting with others. Following the seven essential truths about humans If you keep these in mind, you will be better at developing rapport that will have the excellent side effect of increasing your business income.


Occupation What are the best parts about your current job? What are the worst parts of your job?

Motivation Where do you hope to be in five years? Do you find your job satisfying?


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Focus on connection and creating areas of common interest. Exhibit friendly body language. Wear a conversation piece, for example, a beautiful piece of jewellery.


Be in a mindset that you are the host of the event and ensure you create connections for everyone in the room. For social media, your LinkedIn presence is your professional connection. Make sure it is up-to-date as it is like a CV.


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter is for social connection. However, make sure you are consistent across all media.

4. People avoid pain first Our lizard brains that were developed during caveman days were wired to survive.That meant staying as far away from pain as possible. Only when humans are free from pain can they start thinking about what will make them happy. Extending a caring and listening ear, problem solving and reducing people’s pain is most powerful.This is the same reason why an army defending its homeland always has a higher rate of victory than the conquerors.

5. People connect emotionally Building relationships requires daily attention, it does not happen overnight. Find something in common. Be curious and ask questions. Professional networking is meeting people and letting them meet you. 1. Build confidence in you 2. Etiquette 3. Follow Up

We buy because of emotion, and afterward, we go home and back up our decision with logic. Shoppers know this very well. They see a pair of shoes they love and they go buy them because emotionally they are drawn to them. When they arrive home, they justify it with logic by saying it was a great deal, or it matches the new dress they got last week.

6. People crave strong relationships Since the caveman days, we cherish time around the campfire where we can share and bond with others. People value strong relationships. They want to be loved by others. When you are networking, exchange ideas, ask about what new books people have read or what is their favourite movie.

It is all about giver’s gain Networking tips: • • • • • •

Be present in all conversations Be positive Exercise gratitude Be confident Make people feel safe Use your influence to open up doors for others Build rapport and trust.

Where do you start? It is all about relationships and rapport for your business growth. In the words of Denis Waitley; “If you are not networking, you soon may not be working.”

It is social currency. Personal connections and strong relationships are the key to all successful enterprises. Humans are emotional creatures and we always make buying decisions based on emotion. Afterward, we justify the emotional decisions with logic. This is how our entire economy functions. It’s why people go shopping or buy a new service.

How do you introduce yourself? Hi, I’m ………, and make eye contact if trying to be included into a big group. Make sure you circulate and meet as many people as possible when at an event.

In this day and age, there is no logic

Be prepared before you go to a function. Turn off your mobile phone. Do not check it when you are talking with someone.

Rather than just answering what you do, answer why you do what you do. Ask questions such as what are you most excited about? What is your current passion? Remember to listen more than you speak. Think of others, not yourself. Focus on how

can I help you? Be authentic. How do you leave a conversation? Examples: It was great chatting with you, let’s keep in touch. Let’s catch up for a coffee to talk more, connect on Facebook, etc. Exchange business cards.

7. Follow up It is your ability to listen and your ability to stay connected that determines the depth of your relationships. Send a personal card. Meet for a coffee. Exchange photos on Facebook.Give people something. Reach out first. There may be many new opportunities of mutual benefit for you both and an additional benefit is new friendships and connections.


Kids love a good bedtime story, people also remember in stories. They will never remember the details of your company, but they will remember the lessons contained in the story you told.

to buying new clothes or gadgets or a service. What we have at home is enough to fulfil our needs, but the advertisers are able to build an emotional connection that makes us want to buy.

If you have made a great connection and know what someone’s passion and joy is, send a short video clip, or email links to them, or YouTube clips to keep people in the loop in their area of passion. Remember your ‘why’. Be a giver.

Seven essential truths Although much has changed, key elements of humanity remain the same. Here are the seven characteristics that have not changed. 1) People haven’t changed much 2) People want to be heard 3) People think in stories 4) People avoid pain first 5) People decide emotionally 6) People crave strong relationships, and 7) People want you to follow up. It is called networking. Not net eating, not net drinking, not net socialising.

EBOOK If you would like a copy of Margaret Bryant’s latest ebook, 7 Secret Ingredients to Losing Weight and Looking Younger, please email: or phone: 0404287256.

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3. People think in stories



BUILD YOUR BRAND with Online Video

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You probably already know that video for your webpages and landing page(s) is an influential tool for engaging visitors, appealing to a variety of learning preferences, growing your audience, and building your expert status… but there’s more.


According to Forrester Research, a webpage that contains video is 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google search results than a page without video. This is powerful, and valuable, information for your online marketing efforts.

By Marnie LeFevre

Let’s talk about how to leverage the power of video and put it to work for your brand.

WEALTH MASTERY If you’ve never published an online video, you might feel a bit nervous. What should you say? How long should it be? What type of content should it include? Should you memorise your lines or use cue cards? What structure should it follow? These are all valid questions, and ones that I’m often asked. Here’s my advice; • Length: The video hosting experts at Wistia have found that shorter is always better when it comes to video. Their analytics show that when a video is 30 seconds in length, 85% of viewers watch it in its entirety. When a video is 2-10 minutes long, full-length viewing drops to 50%. Does this mean that all of your videos should be 30 seconds in length? No, but it does mean that I recommend staying at or near the 2-minute mark, and that you should strive to capture attention within the first 20 seconds (so they’ll want to stay around longer than the average minimum attention span dictates). • Structure: As mentioned above, every video you produce should get to the point (capture attention by telling viewers what to expect and

why they should keep watching) right away. Then, cover 3 to 5 supporting pieces of information. Think of a newspaper article written with an inverted pyramid structure (important point first, then supporting facts in order of mostimportant-to-least-important). At the end, summarise what you’ve covered and present some sort of call-to-action (ask viewers to leave comments, to click a link, or to subscribe to something). • Speaking: What to say and how to say it depends a lot on your brand’s unique language and your own comfort level. Speak from memory or use cue cards - either method will work just fine. • Subject Matter: Most of your decisions regarding subject matter (or type of video) will depend on your audience demand; however, some common types of video include Educational (showing your product in use, demonstrating is benefits and features), Story (your brand story or a story surrounding a product or service), Informational (answer FAQs), Myth-Buster (breaking through common myths about your industry or your brand), Review (a testimonial about a product or service), Behind the Scenes (a look at the human side of your brand), Case Study

(showing the results of either using or not using your product or service), or Question Engagement (ask your audience question(s) and request that they respond or get involved in the conversation). Today’s consumer prefers (and craves) video tutorials, story lines, and interaction. And thanks to video hosting sites like YouTube, your brand’s videos can be archived indefinitely and accessed from nearly anywhere. Video is the wave of your online marketing future, and it doesn’t have to be a costly exercise. If you have spare time to invest, you can produce your own videos for next to nothing. Contact me, Marnie LeFevre, for more information on building your brand with online video. And then check out my blog for lots more about branding, marketing, and business.

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Work it, with video



Developing Your Leadership Qualities

If you feel you are a leader or an entrepreneur, but don’t know how to develop your leadership qualities, here are a few tools and techniques that I have used to inspire my clients over the years. Picture yourself as the lighthouse, connected to source, feeling good about who you are, and tuned into the essence of who you are. Which qualities do you want to develop with regard to your body, life purpose, and financial success? What feelings of significance are coming to the surface? WHY does your heart desire to become a LEADER? In what field or industry do you see yourself succeeding effortlessly?

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Looking at past successes versus past failures creates a new story that fulfils you and makes you feel proud of who you have become. Even though difficult times had you feeling self-doubt and inferior at times, leadership is about owning your power and accepting


By Kelly Sayers

Ask your higher self to help you develop the higher qualities you need to manifest your highest vision. For example, say you want to become a public speaker but you believe you don’t have the faith in yourself and confidence to speak in public. Once you ask to develop those qualities, you will be guided to many different opportunities to have this experience. When you feel stronger, believe in yourself again, and have gained the qualities you want, you will be guided to speak in public. Everything is always happening exactly as it’s meant to in perfect timing. Visualize yourself succeeding, no matter how big your dream or desire is. Keep seeing yourself in the dream as if it has already happened, and feel the positive flow of energy now. Let the how and when be divinely guided by the universe.

You can write down a sentence or two that describes you succeeding in third person, like talking about a friend (who is you) and how excited you are about her or his success. Write down everything you see and feel and hear, including the higher qualities that were expressed, like, “Mary was having fun, being her higher self, making a difference, inspiring the audience, and feeling valued, and was paid abundantly for her inspiration.” Remember, only write what feels good. Otherwise you will be creating fear and doubt in the future.


When you focus on past success, it raises your vibration. When you focus on past failures, it lowers your vibration. You have the power to choose.

Put yourself in third person. How would you market your products and services to a larger audience if anything were possible?

Remember, we all have different meanings to words and a vocabulary that we like to use, so pick the words that resonate for you. When you feel the positive feelings about succeeding as a leader, take immediate action and over-ride self doubt. Allow momentum to keep inspiring you to the next logical step. Go through open doors, trust yourself to know what to do when you get there and always stay focused on the higher purpose the WHY!! WEEKLY MANIFESTING TIP: Travel your own journey! Simply follow your divine guidance and let everyone else be responsible for themselves

Self Discovery Magazine

responsibility for who you are. Look how far you have come and what you are now choosing to be, do, and have manifested. Focus on all the soul qualities you were learning and evolving, such as clarity, wisdom, forgiveness, letting go, trust, confidence, and compassion, and congratulate yourself often for your journey and what you have already experienced.



The Essential Element

Creativity! By Carolyn Verhoef

When I think about why I love to dance and what I get out of it, creativity and the opportunity to express myself and the music is at the top of the list. But I’m increasingly aware of how the clutter in our life, the day to day challenges and stress of living in the world today is inhibiting many people’s ability to access their creativity, which has been called an essential element of the human spirit. Without creativity and imagination our world would be a very different place. There would be no electricity, no sport, no art, no architecture, and no expression in dance.

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Today, we live busier lives than ever; we achieve a great deal of tasks everyday. Even our children have not one hobby or interest, but six and they change with every sporting season.


This pressure of time and commitment is fantastic at helping us produce adrenaline, which increases our heart rate and blood flow to the brain – all great things to help us get through the multitude of tasks in a day. The down side of adrenaline is that it has the ability to interrupt our power of concentration, memory, and cause muscle tremors as anyone who has experienced nervousness before performing for an audience can confirm.


“Creativity is the process of bringing something new into being...creativity requires passion and commitment. Out of the creative act is born… symbols and myths. It brings to our awareness what was previously hidden and points to new life. The experience is one of heightened consciousness-ecstasy.” - Rollo May, The Courage to Create Creativity and expression is such an important part to being human and as a dancer, this is when we can become an artist and not someone performing a series of steps put to music.

So how do we access creativity in our busy world? It is all about the balance between what we have to do and the things we need to do to be complete people.

best spent, write it all down and use a planner. 2. Clear your mind of clutter – take a few minutes when you feel overwhelmed to clear your thoughts; use a notebook to data dump all the things in your mind. 3. Clear your space – creativity needs to have space to emerge by starting with a clear and clean area so your mind is free to explore the possibilities.

These are the top three tips to working towards better life balance and creativity: Albert Einstein said, “I think only 1. Design your time – make clear decisions about how your time is

daring speculation can lead us further and not accumulation of facts.”

Dare to speculate the possibilities, disregard negative self-talk, know you are wondrous just as you are, dance like no one is watching and decide to design your life by taking control of your time and the spaces around you.

ABOUT CAROLYN VERHOEF Carolyn Verhoef is a Belly Dancer, Life Purpose Coach and Expert Professional Organiser. She has coached hundreds of people, clearing the physical, mental and emotional clutter from their lives. For more about Dance Empowerment workshops and Life Purpose Coaching visit www.

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The outcome for most will be that the stress and pressures will close off creativity and imagination, which require freedom of thought to be ignited and to prosper.



The power of a VISION BOARD

By Rhianna Manda

Learn how to visualise your heart’s desires through a vision board. Many people have heard of a vision board, but they are not sure how it works or how to create one. A vision board helps show your heart’s desires and is a mural that displays one’s dream house, car, family, holidays and overall lifestyle. The vision board is designed in order for you to manifest and help you adhere to your goals. Every day, spend a couple of minutes looking at the board and visualise the images on the board already manifested.

Self Discovery Magazine

Many entrepreneurs and successful spiritual leaders such as Louise Hay and Anthony Robbins all mention the positive effects a vision board has on one’s life.


Brainstorm in categories such as travel, house, car, family and other lifestyle topics that are appropriate to you. Then, meditate on each item you have to see if it is truly what you desire.

2. Find the right images Once you have completed the first step can you begin to search for the images to match. Don’t rush this step; go on the internet, sort through magazines and perhaps some old photos. You need to be very specific and happy with your final choices before adding them to your vision board.

3. Organise your board

Here are five great tips on how to create a vision board that will help you visualise your dreams.

The board needs to be organised in a way that you will be able to read it quickly. This step varies from person to person; you may decide to have each category clearly stated or you could opt for a more random effect and put the images of each category evenly across the board.

1. Brainstorm

4. Add images of your family

Don’t make the most common mistake of going through magazines and finding things you think you would like and place them on the board. The vision board is going to interpret what you truly want so don’t be quick with your choices.

This is one of the most important steps. You need to add images of yourself, partner and or family, in order for you to be able to visualise this vision board coming true. By visualising yourself already next to all the items you desire, will help in the

manifestation process. Find images of where you were truly happy. We are not talking about where you look your best, but when you look at the photo it brings up beautiful memories of that day, time or place.

5. Place the board in the right spot In order for the vision board to have an effect on you, you need to place it in a spot in your office or home where you will see it on a daily basis. There is no point going through all this work in order for you to leave it in a cupboard or behind a door where you will never look at it again.

Spiritual Life Coach, USA Published Author and Fitness Trainer, Susana Lopez The Spiritual Life Coach Certification Program by Kelly Sayers is the best training course that I have ever given to myself. The personal and professional investment in Kelly Sayer certification course has exceeded my expectations as a coach and fitness trainer, the different distinctions, tools and techniques that I have learned from Kelly’s programs and spiritual guidance has provided me with emotional healing, physical strength, improved my lifestyle, professional achievements, increased my income, my knowledge and my personal power. At the beginning of my journey in Kelly’s programs I had low self believe. I did want to achieve amazing things, but the thought of how long it would take me, how difficult the task felt and not believing in my ability as a woman,


coach, writer and speaker was separating me from my own inner guidance and from fulfilling my life’s purpose. Throughout the tree levels of Kelly Sayers’ spiritual coaching certification program I achieved my wildest dreams. I became a USA Published Author, travelled to USA and Canada working as a personal angel, facilitated more than 40 seminars, courses and public speaking engagements, received a promotion as fitness team leader for the largest sport centre in Perth, created Hypnolates (a fusion of mind, body, spirit through Pilates and Meditational Hypnosis), helped women to lose weight, feel and look good, feeling at peace, worthier, happier, connected, healthier and more loved than ever. I highly recommend Kelly’s programs to anyone that needs guidance to get to the next step in life, in business and to feel empowerd and motivated to fulfil your life’s purpose. Thank you Kelly Sayers for your amazing teachings, coaching, guidance and for your beautiful and empowering certification programs. With love and light

Susana Lopez Author of “Workouts for Women: Lose weight, feel and look good with Hypnolates” Mind-Body-Spirit

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Spiritual Life Coaching Certification Program with Kelly Sayers



I don’t have time! Many women say they don’t have time to exercise; they believe they don’t have enough hours in the day to do everything they need to do and it’s true, because they believe it. One of my best friends told me; “YOU can call it how you want it, tell yourself what you want to hear and I’m sorry if you feel bad about it, it’s going to get uncomfortable so please sit down.” And she gave me the bad news….

Self Discovery Magazine

In my 19 years of experiences in the Fitness Industry, I haven’t seen it all…


“But I have heard women tell me all sorts of reasons and excuses!” Tell me... Did you just think of any of the following reasons and excuses to not exercise? 1. “I just don’t have the time” 2. “I don’t have any motivation” 3. “I just cannot do it, my knees… my back…I’ve got injuries and

if they get worse I won’t be able to do my job, to look after my children, my family, my mother…” 4. “I’m too busy… and it’s really impossible to find the time to do it” 5. “I’ve got depression” 6. “Here it’s too cold, too hot, too humid to exercise” 7. “My kids are too small; I will do it when they grow up” 8. “I don’t like exercise, that isn’t for me” 9. “I have a full time job, I have to get up early, and I have so much to do” 10. “I’m tired and I don’t have the energy” 11. “I’m in my 40s, it must be the menopause and women need more body fat to get through the menopause” Have you ever experienced this?

Time, money and injuries are the most common excuses that every woman uses to not exercise! Or to not take action! They just give up! They give up on their body, they give up their femininity, and they give up on life. “Yes,” they just give up!! And for what? Because it is so much harder to do something about it than to stay the same. And only sometimes when they realize they can’t wear that special dress, or they get feed up, they have had enough of it! They can’t move very well out of their chair or sofa, that it’s difficult to go upstairs and that it’s hard to sleep. And then; they go on this magic diet, the magic exercise program the magic tablet and the magic quick fix, to get them out of the pain they pay with their money and with their pain.

You may know somebody that has done this - don’t you?

Susana Lopez will launch her new inspiring book titled – ‘Workouts For Women - Lose Weight, Feel And Look Good With Hypnolates’ in NEW The ideas and method of hypnolates that she uses also helps in improving YORK “I CAN DO IT” Hay self-confidence and reduces the House Conference.

You can get back the years you’ve lost putting exercise off - TODAY! NOW!! You can do something about it. I’d love to hear from you!!! I’m confident that you will do wherever it takes to get what you want: •

Take charge of your life NOW!!!

You choose the POWER of “Change”

The book will help readers improve the physical appearance of their body, mind’s perspective and emotional self among others. Susana has used her experience, intuition, sensitivity, compassion, creativity and thoughtfulness as well as influential strategies and methods to help others. Susana has

19 years of experience in the health and fitness industry and coaches her clients in the holistic art of body, mind and spiritual living. She has conducted more than 12,000 classes and assisted and motivated more than 180,000 participants.

feelings of depression as well as anxiety. The book helps in energy clearing and emotional healing, helping women to live better and successful lives by getting fit physically, spiritually and mentally. Contact Susana Lopez on 0424 261 303 Website:

Self Discovery Magazine

And you may also know them… very well!

Let me help you make the “Change”


You may have never done this before!





Perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up snack and full of fibre. • 1 cup dates (soak in warm water first for 15 minutes) • 1 tablespoon Chia seeds • 1-2 tablespoons of raw Cacao powder to taste • 1/4 cup almonds • 1 cup desiccated coconut plus extra to roll balls in • 2 tablespoons coconut oil Blend all together in food processor, roll into small balls, cover with coconut.

Self Discovery Magazine

Refrigerate and enjoy! Keeps in air-tight container for one week.


Great in the mornings for when you’re on-the-go!


CHOCOLATE AND STRAWBERRY SMOOTHIE • 1 cup of coconut milk • 1-2 teaspoons of raw cocoa powder to taste • Half a cup of strawberries • 1/4 cup of almonds

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Mix together in blender, serve ready to drink!



Soulful Awards Luncheon Coaches, Authors, Small Business Professionals Betterlife Bookstore (ABN 17 273 672 819) Sunday, 1 November 2015 from 12:30 PM to 3:30 PM (AWST) The Boat Shed Restaurant, South Perth

Self Discovery Magazine

The Self Discovery Network invites you to our Yearly Soulful Awards Luncheon for Professional Women in Small Business. BetterLife Bookstore, spiritual life coach, USA Published Author, Kelly Sayers invites you to join her on Sunday 1st November 2015, at The Boat Shed Restaurant, South Perth from 12.30 - 3.30pm to celebrate professional women fulfilling their soul’s passion and purpose. Enjoy networking with like-minded people, be inspired by speakers, authors, coaches, professional business people. Learn how you can celebrate your calling and path of personal and professional transformation.


This November will be a celebration for members of the network who serve humanity and never get recognised for their hard work and efforts or accomplishments. We would now like to honour those who fulfil their destiny and make a difference to others. Enjoy Fasion Parade, Speakers, Door Prizes, 2 Course Meal, Champagne on arrival, tea and coffee included, at one of Perth’s best venues, The Boat Shed in South Perth. We will be sending VOTING ballads giving you to the opportunity to vote for your favourite Author, Coach, Mentor, Small Business

In support of “Cinderella Kids” Charity. (Vegan/Gluten Free will be available). There will be plenty of opportunities to celebrate with inspirational people, meet like-minded people, and learn something new to grow your business. Self Discovery Network also offers monthly networking meetings, speakers, coaching, self-empowerment programs, Self Discovery TV and other inspirational products. We also have a wide range of inspirational books, journals, CDs available from BetterLife Bookstore. If you would like this amazing opportunity to network your products and services, be inspired, educated and feel supported by other empowered people, you’ll want to register for this amazing event or enquire with Kelly 1300 797 275.


Professional who you believe is living their dreams, believing in themselves and fulfilling their life’s purpose. There will be many categories to choose from.

Kelly Sayers has been helping people realize their full potential and make powerful changes to both their personal and professional life. Inspired to coach people worldwide such as Professional Women in Small Business, Entrepreneurs, Celebrities, Authors, Coaches, Teachers and People who want to discover their life’s purpose and make their highest contribution to the world. BetterLife Bookstore will offer members of the self discovery network the opportunity to vote for their favourite coaches, authors, healers, mentors, teachers, small business professionals in their outstanding performance. or

Kelly Sayers with Soulful Awards host, Katharina Surtees

Self Discovery Magazine

Have questions about Soulful Awards and (ABN 17 273 672 819)


Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Retreat with Amanda 24 Oct. ~ 7 Nov. 2015 Your journey includes … • • • •

• •

• • • • •

Your choice of a 10 or 14 day Rejuvenation Retreat package Accommodation in beautiful beach side cottages set in secluded tropical gardens, with a choice of 2 categories Daily consultation with your personalised Ayurvedic Practitioner to assess and monitor your wellbeing and Retreat aspirations All Ayurvedic gourmet vegetarian meals are included. Your menu will be tailored to your personal body type for maximum detox, rejuvenation and revitalising benefits Unlimited fresh juices, teas, beverages included Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Therapy treatments and body massages for 1.5 hours per day for the duration of your stay (additional therapies and treatments can be arranged) All vitamins and tonics prescribed for your program Daily Yoga and meditation classes Daily Pranayama (yogic breathing) classes, either one on one or in a small group Transfers to and from the Retreat Personally guided from Australia by Amanda Hobley

Empower and enlighten your essence with Amanda guiding you, drawing on BodyTalk, Reiki & so much more... Discover simple and effective ways to reduce stress and nourish yourself.

Your Kerala Ayurvedic Retreat from $2900 per person


As there are only limited spaces available contact Amanda on 0405 344 149 or to reserve your place or to find out more.

or Julie on 0427 766 716 Email: Website:

Cinderella Kids is a charity with two distinct objectives. The first is that we are dedicated to giving children who are very sick or disadvantaged the opportunity to have a magical moment that they will never forget. We are aware that there are some incredible charities making big dreams come true so we want to fill the niche of adding just a sprinkling of magic that keeps hope and love alive in the hearts of these children. Every child deserves some magic, especially when they are suffering. Magical moments may include receiving a Cinderella makeover followed by a five star dinner at one of Perth’s top restaurants with a WA celebrity, a race around Barbagallo raceway, high tea, attending a sporting event where you get to meet your favourite team etc. Cinderella Kids is always on the look out for “magical moment” opportunities for our beautiful kids. The second objective is to provide severely disadvantaged children the opportunity to have a “Fairy Godmother” sponsor them to receive a new set of clothes, underwear and shoes that they are in desperate need of. There are an incredible amount of children in Western Australia who are being brought up in dire circumstances. We want to help these children know that there is “Fairy Godmother” that cares about them because when a child feels that someone cares they have more of a chance to break the family cycle that many get caught up in.

M | 0403 127 029  E | W |




Design, Create, Plan and Track your EBOOKS easily, using our preferred team of consultants to make your publishing dream a reality.

PUBLISH ME NOW Phone 1300 797 275 46


PUBLISH DESIGN Our experienced team will design your book with the latest technology that will stand out to its target audience/ market.

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Want your Ebook to stand out from the crowd? We understand what consumers look for in an Ebook, from the look of the cover to the theme, design and layout throughout the pages. We have highly experienced designers that will ensure you get a cover and layout design that suits your target audience. View our packages to see which one will help you on your way to designing the right book for you.

Black and white or full colour, whatever you desire can be published with confidence that the editing and formatting are finished professionally. We have a superior editing team that will make sure your Ebook reads well and is free from any grammatical errors. We will also format your Ebook so it looks and reads great. We have an experienced dedicated team that will ensure the highest level of service in a quick turn around time.

We will deliver high quality Ebooks at a reasonable price in a timely manner. We will also showcase your Ebook on Amazon, Kindle and BetterLife Bookstore website. Stay on track and on time with a team all working on each project together. Our team will ensure we get your books delivered to you in a timely manner, so you can start selling to your perfect customers. View our packages to see which package will help you get your book out into the world today.

View our packages to see which one will help you get your book published today.




Let’s Go Shopping Stories from the Animal Whisperer : What Your Pet is Thinking and Trying to Tell You - $24.95 By Trisha McCagh If your dog, your cat, your horse, or any pet you own could talk to you, what do you think it will say? Be prepared to be amazed, amused and moved as Animal Whisperer, Trisha McCagh, shares her fascinating experiences of communicating with animals.

Ask And It Is Given - $24.95 by Esther and Jerry Hicks The teachings of Abraham will help you learn how to manifest your desires so that you’re living the joyous and fulfilling life you deserve. As you read, you’ll come to understand how your relationships, health issues, finances, career concerns, and more are influenced by the Universal laws that govern your time/space reality - and you’ll discover powerful processes that will help you go with the positive flow of life. It’s your birthright to live a life filled with everything that is good - and this book will show you how to make it so in every way.

Discovering Your Life’s Purpose with the 5Ps to Prosperity by Kelly Sayers


Does your heart desire to discover your life’s purpose and live a life that is filled with love, joy and abundance? You can Be, Do and

Self Discovery Magazine

Have everything your heart truly


The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success DVD Deepak Chopra - $34.95

desires for you by creating your

By Deepak Chopra

and taking inspired action. If you

Leading Spiritual Author and Speaker, Deepak Chopra, leads the viewer on a quest for overall personal success. Based on his best-selling book of the same name, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success breaks down Chopra’s teachings into seven basic spiritual principles. The ideas presented bring together Eastern mysticism (such as ‘kharma’ – one’s destiny – and ‘dharma’ – the joy in being), and Western principles (such as ‘pure potentiality’ – everything is available to us – and ‘the law of least effort’ – going with the flow). By applying these principles of cosmic alignment to all aspects of personal life, the viewer may develop fulfilling relationships and find the transition to financial success along the way. (Review by Sarah Block).

life’s work, believing in yourself are ready to “let go” of everything that no longer serves your higher purpose, breaking free from limiting beliefs, shifting challenges into opportunities, and willing to choose a life that is filled with Passion, Purpose and Prosperity, you will love this book.

By Kelly Sayers Enjoy Manifesting a soul mate relationship with the help of the Romance Angels and the Archangels by your side.

Manifesting Prosperity $14.95 By Kelly Sayers - MP3

Kelly Sayers guides you on a wonderful journey to help you release any blockages that may be standing in your way of becoming your higher self and choosing to co-create with the abundant universe a romantic soul mate relationship.


Romance CD - $24.95

Kelly Sayers is an inspirational Author, Speaker and Spiritual Life Coach inspired by the Archangels. She guides you to tune into your higher self for receiving divine guidance, healing and purposeful manifestation at anytime.

A New Earth CD Set - $39.95 By Eckhart Tolle

Tolle tells us there is good news, however, there is an alternative to this potentially dire situation. Humanity now, perhaps more than in any previous time, has an opportunity to create a new, saner, more loving world. This will involve a radical inner leap from the current egoic consciousness to an entirely new one. In illuminating the nature of this shift in consciousness, Tolle describes in detail how our current ego-based state of consciousness operates. Then gently, and in very practical terms, he leads us into this new consciousness. We will come to experience who we truly are, which is something infinitely greater than anything we currently think we are, and learn to live and breathe freely.

Messages From Your Angels Cards - $24.95 By Doreen Virtue This card deck makes it even easier than ever to give an amazingly accurate angel reading for yourself or others! Each card has a gorgeous angel painting, along with a one or two-sentence message. The cards are detailed and give exact step-bystep guidance, rather than an ambiguous oneword meaning. The messages are specific and to-the-point, which makes for angel readings that have specific details and guidance. Included is a booklet and cards that are positive and uplifting.

Kelly Sayers’ Manifesting Prosperity CD is in MP3 format. Manifesting Prosperity is the first CD in the deep-clearing Meditations with the Angels Series by Kelly Sayers. This powerful healing CD is currently being used in Kelly Sayers’ Life Coaching with the Angels Seminars and has positive results for her clients. Accompanied by the wonderful Archangels this meditations offers deep-clearing exercises for releasing doubts and fears, opening your channels of receiving and awakening your spiritual gifts for manifesting anything your heart desires. Kelly is a spiritual life coach who works with the Angelic realm. She guides you to tune into the higher frequencies for receiving divine guidance and healing at anytime. Begin today to put yourself in the flow of the abundant universe for manifesting prosperity in all areas of your life. Your inner happiness is the fuel for success!

Self Discovery Magazine

Building on the astonishing success of The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle presents readers with an honest look at the current state of humanity: He implores us to see and accept that this state, which is based on an erroneous identification with the egoic mind, is one of dangerous insanity.


Becoming a Writer

Workshop for Authors, Coaches and Small Business Professionals. BetterLife Bookstore (ABN 17 273 672 819) 1st Mar 2016 to 5th April 2016 (6 Weeks Tuesdays) 10.30am - 2.30pm Vivacious Living, Applecross WA $1200.00 Bookings Online

BECOMING A WRITER WORKSHOP Feel inspired to write, to bring through new ideas, to be creative, to release blockages and to learn to become self published with great success. Kelly will help you hold the highest vision and offer tools for your success as a Published Author. She can help you draw to yourself opportunities, to make right choices, to develop higher vision and to trust in the guidance you are receiving, and take inspired action. At this workshop you will learn..... * How to choose a Book Cover and Title that Sells * Design the Chapters and Ideas - structure the book - help you find a template! * Unlocking the Story Teller, The Life Lessons, The Message to the World * You’ll FEEL like a published author before it’s even written * Get published in 3 EASY steps (extra costs will apply) * Includes EBOOK FREE template and 2 Private Book Coaching Sessions with Kelly Sayers * Includes Self Discovery TV (Authors Interview) to share with the world on Vimeo/YouTube If you have any questions please email



SELF DISCOVERY ONLINE MEMBERS The Self Discovery Network gives you all the tools you need to transform your life into the life your heart truly desires. The Self Discovery Network has a Online Network for $99 where we aim to bring like-minded people together to a place where you can be inspired, supported and educated through a wide variety of our personalized programs and virtual world. Self Discovery Network offers monthly online networking meetings, coaching, speakers, self-empowerment programs, weekly Q&As with Kelly Sayers, Self Discovery TV and other inspirational products.

WHY VIRTUAL NETWORKING? • Promote Your Business • Awaken Your Leadership Qualities • Become an Expert in your Niche • Surround yourself with people who will support YOUR Success • Raise Your Energy to a higher vibration for Attracting Your Perfect Customers • Become part of our Community for Self Empowerment • Grow Your Business with a team of Professionals

ADDITIONAL BENEFITS • Virtually meet Inspirational Authors and People • Discover a new YOU in Business • Meet amazing people with amazing stories • Receive regular E-newsletters • Seek the Opportunity to Become an Author and promote your books in our bookstore • Have access to FREE BetterLife TV Interviews Online easily downloadable onto your computer • STOP looking for perfect customers and start attracting them.

Email and enquire further information Phone 1300 797 275 51

MONTHLY NETWORKING BREAKFASTS with the Self Discovery Network

The Self Discovery Network invites you to our Monthly Networking Breakfasts for Professional Women in Small Business. BetterLife Bookstore, spiritual life coach, USA Published Author, Kelly Sayers invites you to join her on the first friday of every month at The Boat Shed in South Perth on the river from 7.30am to 10.30am. Enjoy networking with like-minded people, be inspired by speakers, authors, coaches, professional business women. Learn how you can set yourself on a path to personal and professional transformation. BetterLife Bookstore can offer you as our first time guest a

‘Visitor’s Pass’ which means you only have to pay $55 Special Offer Early Bird for your breakfast and then decide if you want to join our membership for one year.

$45 Member’s Price (for breakfast) Full year’s membership is currently $225 (no admin fee or $199 renewal)



Self Discovery Magazine (Spring edition) 2015  

Health Wealth & Happiness - Interviews with Inspirational Authors - Kelly Sayers Author to Publishing House Entrepreneur - Michelle Nazaroff...

Self Discovery Magazine (Spring edition) 2015  

Health Wealth & Happiness - Interviews with Inspirational Authors - Kelly Sayers Author to Publishing House Entrepreneur - Michelle Nazaroff...