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escriptive Paragraph

he worst person in all the universe


he was a bad queen, she was a strong and

evil person and her dark feelings makes her egoist. She was a witch too and used the black magic to scared the other people, and had the power. She was an intelligent woman because she killed and used her seduction to had everything she wanted. She never cared about the feelings of the other persons and the only thing that she wanted in all the world was to be the most beautiful, so she stilled the beauty of the young women. This woman was the worst in all the universe with no feelings and with no heart.

pinion Paragraph

ullying Bullying is a form of agression

where the victim sufferes violence. Bullying causes phychologicall problems. The pain that the victim sufferes with the bullying is big and strong. Sometimes the agression is too big that the victim doesn’t want to live because they had suffered a lot. In bullying the victim suffered blackmails and jeers too. The victims of the bullying can be nerds, person with no friends and in sometimes normal ones like richpeople. Bullying can affect everybody and can be in social networks, at the schools and at the houses.

xample Paragraph


ou can visited many places in my

country for example if you want a tropical place you can go to “Playa Dorada” in Izabal, there you can eat fish, coconuts and something like that. If you don’t want that place and you want nice hoteles you can go to “Rio Dulce” in Izabal, the people there are very nice, I recommend that place. Some people don’t like tropical places, they can go to “Tikal” in Peten there you can see the beautiful nature, that place is wonderful, there are animals and beautiful plants. “Flores” in Peten it’s amazing place to visit too, you can find there a beautiful lake. Many people like “Retahuleu” because there are too fun places like “Xocomil” and “Xetulul”, there you can spent a great time with your family and friends. Guatemala it’s an interesting place with a lot of fun places.

arrative Paragraph


ou never know when things will change, one day

you are laughing with your loved one and the next day you are crying for him. That’s why this movie is the best example of how the world can change in a minute. The film begins with two people that are in love and are just married, they were very happy, but one day everything changed with a car accident. They were driving home but a truck didn’t see them and the truck collided with them. That day everything got worst because the lady lost her memory, so she forgot her husband Leo. She thought that him was her doctor. Leo was very sad because her wife didn’t remember him and now he had to regan the love of her wife if he wanted to keep married with her. Leo had a problem now she is another person and she only remembers her old life, her old friends, her old boyfriend but not her real life. That problem was too difficult to them, at the end of the movie we expect that she remembers everything but she didn’t. The best is that she was in loved again with Leo and they got married again an they had children but she never recovered her memory. We never know when everything is going to change, so we have to live the present and sometimes the changes can be for a better future with the true love.

rocess Paragraph


life is not so difficult if we have the best tips to be happy. In

opinion the best thing but is not a thing is a person and is the most ecial person in all the Universe and i think that you already know him, yes God. God is the only one that can make your life beautiful, for example in case God is not only a friend, is my brother, and i know that i can count th him all the time because he always help me. The best thing of God is at he can forgive you and he doesn’t think in the things that you made in e past. The second thing that can make your life happy and more easy are e friends but the secret here is that you have to choose good friends, ends that want the good for you. For example in my life I had twelve new ends and they are so special, they help the people all the time. Friends like at make your life more beautiful but in other cases people that want to nk alcohol or something like that they’re not good friends and can give u problems. The third thing is that you have to be nice and friendly with erybody. That can help you too. So to be happy you don’t need money you ed special things, such as having God by your side.

Types of paragraphs  

Types of paragraphs

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