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Despite its relatively small area, Colombia is the ­second-­most biologically diverse country in the world. It has more than 1,800 species of birds, including the Yariguies ­brush-­finch, which was discovered in the Andes in ­2006.

Like clockwork, a squadron of feathery travelers arrives from that continent to spend their winters in Colombia or to stop there temporarily on their way to destinations farther south. The annual migration includes several species of songbirds and ­raptors, such as the ­rose-­breasted grosbeak, ­broad-­winged hawk, Swainson’s hawk, summer tanager, and others. Because of the dramatic infusion of migratory birds, Colombia is home to roughly 30 percent of the world’s known bird species, at least for part of the ­year. If you were to visit the Caribbean shoreline and lowlands, you would find a bewildering menagerie of wildlife that depend


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