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The Manx Amateur Drama Federation is delighted to offer the opportunity to participate in a Theatre Technical Training Course at the Gaiety Theatre Friday 25th (evening) – Sunday 27th (afternoon) October 2013 Supported by the IOM Arts Council and MADF, and delivered by professional tutors from the National Operatic and Dramatic Association, the course is primarily designed for those with limited/little knowledge of the technical side of staging productions, who want to learn the basics of lighting, sound and stage management. It’s also suitable for those who want refresh their skills. The outline training programme is set out below. Places are strictly limited to 30, of which 10 are provisionally allocated to students (minimum age16 and in f/t education). The cost of the course, subsidised though financial support from The IOM Arts Council and MADF, is: • • •

Students £30 MADF members £50 Non-MADF members £70

Please e-mail ( to express your interest in attending the course including your name, society where relevant or indicating that you are a student. Receipt of payment will confirm your booking. Any held places not paid for by Friday 18th October will be released for re-booking. Cheques (made payable to MADF) and completed booking forms to be sent to: MADF Training c/o S Gray, Shinhene, Somerset Rd, Douglas IM 2 5AE This is not an accredited training course so there will be no formal assessment (!) or award. The main aim of the training is to provide groups using the theatre and other venues with an understanding of, and skills to use, the key technical parts of theatre – how to light a production, provide sound for effects etc, and how to stage manage. Critically it aims to make sure groups are aware of, and understand, Health and Safety and other legislation relevant to theatres. All of this to ensure groups make best use of their time in the theatre, understand what can and cannot be achieved and why things are done the way they are! Refreshments/ lunch will not be provided but there are facilities for making tea/coffee etc in theatre.

NODA DRAFT Training programme Day/Time Lighting Sound Management Friday 7pm General introductions run by MADF & Gaiety Staff inc tour. Sat 10-1 3 x 50 minute general 3 x 50 minute general 3 x 50 minute general introduction to the introduction to the basics introduction to the role& Each group gets principles of lx design & of audio: tasks of a stage manager: a basic the process of identifying understanding of equipment and set-up. Talking through the various Types of stage managers with all 3 areas. Examples of the various lantern types-

options for mics, desks & speaker cabinets-

their difference in role (the fact amateur theatre SM’s do all!)o

Completing a basic set-up of TSM, SM, DSM, ASMA walk through of the basic connecting mics to mixer to Trap door demonstration by set-up incconnecting desk to amp to speakersGaiety Staffdimmer to lanternH&S considerations for Stage positionsH&S considerations for moving large items and movement & rigging of playing continuous loud H&S – emphasizing importance equipment & flashing lights- music (licensing)for everyone to take Jargon Busting

Sat 2-5

Jargon Busting

Design – using the different Effects – using recordings lanterns to work with and creating sound effects gels, colours, shadows and live with microphones effects. Time to start Paperwork – creating programming desks audio cue lists, creating Paperwork – compiling plans to record channels rigging plots, lantern list, with groups. cue list, channel list and stage plots


Creating a book recording all of the blocking, lighting cues, prop usage, costume changes and entrances and exits of all the performers based on the script to be used tomorrow.Props table organising

Sun 10-1

Rigging to a plot & learning to focus based on design needs. Programme ready for show.

Practice for engineering the right kind of sound out of the system with having Completing a risk assessment for a showto connect it all up for different scenarios. Rig ready for show.

Developing time plans: full production schedule and getin/production week schedules.Revisiting the book to plan for afternoon.

Sun 1.30-5.30

1.30 = start tech rehearsal 2.30 = dress rehearsal 4.30 = performance in one go 5.00 = questions & evaluations

Theatre Technical Training Course at the Gaiety Theatre Friday 25th (evening) – Sunday 27th October 2013 Application to Attend

Your Name

Contact e-mail


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Name of the drama/musical theatre society group of which you are a member

Feed paid: £

[Student £30, MADF Member £50, Non-MADF £70]

If student please include your age and details of school/college currently attended Age_______ School/College attended_____________________________________

Return with payment to: MADF Training c/o S Gray, Shinhene, Somerset Rd, Douglas IM 2 5AE

Manx Amateur Drama Federation Technical Training Course  
Manx Amateur Drama Federation Technical Training Course  

From Friday 25th (evening) to Sunday 27th October 2013 at The Gaiety Theatre, Dougas, Isle of Man