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Now available cost-effective 3D information systems for backhoe dredgers, cutter dredgers, hopper dredgers, and more...

Technology: It’s Our Lifeblood Seven companies spearheading the latest dredging innovations Faster, harder, deeper, stronger – where dredging’s concerned, innovation never stops. With the number and variety of dredging projects worldwide increasing exponentially, contractors are faced with a constant struggle to improve the efficiency and productivity of their equipment,

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whilst aiming to cut costs and avoid negative environmental impacts. The results can be impressive: cutterheads capable of dredging the hardest materials on the planet, hi-tech bridge systems with all the navigation and dredging systems operated by just one man and advanced software capable of

calculating and displaying the entire dredging process in real time. Here, seven of the industry’s top equipment suppliers aim to convince you that their hard work and ‘cutting edge’ equipment has not only helped make dredging what it is today, but that their future innovations will transform it in years to come.

STEMA SURVEY The silt measurement systems specialist’s new density probe helps ‘optimise maintenance dredging and guarantee safe access to ports’


VOSTA LMG One of the few companies able to design custombuilt and standard dredgers and also offer a complete in-house range of dredging components


RESON Increasing dredger accuracy and efficiency ‘through guidance systems, echosounders hydrographic software and more’


DAMEN DREDGING ...offers ‘a large range of state-of-the-art dredging tools suitable for any task, be it specialised or routine’


KONGSBERG ...whose new EA 400 single beam echosounder represents the company’s ‘mastery of sound in water’


QPS QPS claim that ‘QINSy is the world’s leading hydrographic data acquisition and navigation package’ – find out why on page…


STRAINSTALL Suppliers of Prolec’s pcX-3D real time machine control system that’s been deployed on a variety of dredging projects worldwide


cutting edge: Stema Survey

Stema S urvey Poppenb ouwing 5 2 4191NZ G eldermals en, The Neth erlands Tel: +31-3 45-58039 5 Fax: +31-3 45-57064 9 Web: ww w.stema-s Email: ste ma@stem m

Tune Your Dredging The RheoTune can help you optimise maintenance dredging and guarantee safe port access



Newly-developed RheoTune is the state-of-the-art successor to Stema Survey’s DensiTune silt density probe, a device with a proven track-record in nautical depth assessment. Ongoing research into tuning fork response (shearwave propagation theory) in fluid and semi-solid muds has led to the development of an in-situ measurement system that can directly assess rheological characteristics. A specialist in silt measurement systems, Stema has succeeded in turning advanced theory into a handson measuring device providing fast, accurate vertical rheological profiles of both yieldstrength and viscosity – information directly relevant to nautical depth assessment. RheoTune is fully backward

compatible with DensiTune and can simultaneously provide vertical mud density profiles. Although mud density is not the only criterion

determining the effect on a ship’s manoeuvrability – and the mythical 1.2 ton/m3 criterion may not be correct in all circumstances – it’s essential information when budgeting maintenance dredging quantities. New TDS (tons dry solids) calculation functionality will further enhance this process. RheoTune can be supplied with an intelligent electrical winch system. External sensor input like sounding depth and speed over ground enable fully-automated operation. Variable winch speed combines fast hoisting with accurate measurement to ensure the highest productivity. What’s more, full integration with the Silas acoustic profiling system converts an echosounder system into a real-time density mapper. Rapid tracing of critical locations that require in-situ probing or immediate dredging are all easily integrated in your regular survey procedures. Integration with multibeam sonar data can provide real-time nautical depth maps. Please feel free to contact us and discuss the possibilities for optimising your dredging efforts. You will be in good company – our systems serve leading harbour authorities, dredging contractors and research institutes worldwide, including the US Corps of Engineers, Port of Rotterdam, WSA Germany, Bristol Port, Shanghai Dredging, Van Oord and the University of Rio de Janeiro.

RheoTune Simultaneous yield, density and viscosity Calibration-free yield strength Supports fully automated winch operation Highspeed Ethernet data transmission Fast update rate

cutting edge: VOSTA


LMG B.V . Klaproze nweg 75E 1033 NN Amsterda m P.O. Box 3 7194 1030 AD Amsterda m The Neth erlands Phone: + 31 20 493 6666 Fax: +31 20 49366 70 E-mail: in fo@vosta lmg Web: ww w.vostalm .com

It makes changing teeth a much easier, quicker and above all a far safer job.

Pump master

VOSTA LMG – all your dredging needs Supported by a wealth of experience, our priority is to supply the most cost-effective dredging equipment that delivers the best results Dredger engineering and contracting company VOSTA LMG is one of the few firms in the industry capable of designing custom-built and standard dredgers, whilst also providing a complete, in-house range of dredging components. We combine unrivalled product know-how, R&D, extensive experience and outstanding engineering capabilities to meet all your dredging requirements. VOSTA LMG delivers a wide range of standard products for any type of hydraulic dredger, whether it be a newbuild, a refit or an upgrade. And components are made ready for easy onboard installation and integration with the rest of the vessel. VOSTA LMG designs and manufactures tooth systems for use

on dredger cutterheads, dragheads and cutting wheels. Our globallypatented T-Cutter System fully meets modern demands for economy, safety and ergonomics.

How it works Previously, cutterteeth were locked to adapters on the cutterhead using sandwich pins that were mounted and dismounted using large sledgehammers. This tough and time-consuming job came with a relatively high risk of injuries, either caused by the hammers themselves or by steel splinters. The main innovation of VOSTA LMG’s revolutionary ‘third generation’ – or T-series – adapters and teeth is the inclusion of an easy-to-place locking unit that’s pre-tensioned with an airtool to lock the teeth to the adapters.

The dredging world has experienced continuous growth in recent years, and demand for construction activities in ports and elsewhere has increased demand for reliable and highly efficient dredging equipment. At the heart of every dredger lies the dredge pump, an invaluable resource that plays a key role when aiming for high production efficiency. And the reliability, utilization and performance of the dredge pump will dramatically affect a dredger’s performance. Acknowledging all of these requirements, VOSTA LMG developed the VL 500–1200 series of high efficiency single or double-walled dredge pumps designed to deliver high performance, yet at the same time reduce lifecycle costs. Our standardized suction system meets all the following requirements: Multi-purpose operation Standardization of parts Interchangeability High efficiency over the complete design life High wear resistance High operation pressure (up to 30 bar outlet pressure) Low net positive suction head (NPSH) Increased up time Reduced maintenance time Low energy consumption, and Fast delivery time.

Made to measure With our finger firmly on the pulse of state-of-the-art technology, VOSTA LMG is well equipped to deliver the dredge pump system of your choice. Alternatively, we can design a tailormade dredge pump that meets your specific requirements and integrates all our experience and know-how. To browse our complete range of cutting edge components, please visit our website at:



cutting edge: RESON

RESON’s complete dredging solution

and multibeam echosounder data: PDS2000 Singlebeam is a helmsman’s aid, showing the tracks to be sailed and the survey’s progress – data can be edited in a line-based editor PDS2000 Multibeam offers a strong data acquisition and processing tool for multibeam surveys. During data acquisition, PDS2000 shows the progress colour-coded for depth, standard deviation, minimum and maximum depth and the hit count. QC views are available to reassure operators that the data’s of the desired quality, while 3D editing modules, combined with CUBE modelling, offers operators the right tools for both small and large data sets. Survey results can be used to create charts, profiles, volumes and data can be exported in different file formats.

A world leader in dredge guidance systems, single and multibeam echosounders and hydrographic software, RESON’s products give you accurate, efficient dredging With over 25 years dredge market experience, RESON produces precision tools for any user – and this brief overview will give you a taste of their capabilities. Our clients are large and small dredging companies, hydraulic engineering and survey firms and with them in mind, all RESON products are designed to efficiently create high quality, fast results – whether it’s for revetment surveys, rock dumping, excavating, dredging, maintenance surveys, building breakwaters, windmill parks and many more. Let’s look at them in more detail. PDS2000 dredge guidance systems RESON’s in-house developed PDS2000 Dredge software – plus our ability to provide all the necessary sensors – combines GPS positioning with angle and draught data to give an accurate,

NaviSound Singlebeams Easy to operate, accurate and with a high number of depths per second, the Navisound series of singlebeam echosounders ranges from single real-time position frequency paper RESON of the dredge head, units to paper-less, Tel: +31 1 0 245 150 bucket or grab. The four-frequency 0 Fax: +31 10 245 15 software shows the systems – all with 55 www.reso actual depth of the digital output. Info@reso dredge tool and The latest Naviupdates a colSound 600 Survey our-coded depth also has integrated model in real time. And data PDS2000 software. from a pre-dredge survey can be used to calculate the volumes and show the SeaBat multibeam echosounders areas to be dredged. ‘The’ standard for accurate surveys RESON’s dredge guidance systems of dredged areas, SeaBat 8101 is the are used on hydraulic excavators, grab workhorse of the range, offering 101 cranes, underwater ploughs, both depth soundings in 150° coverage. trailing suction hopper and cutter Sister SeaBat 8125 has 240 beams suction dredgers as well as bucket over 120° and gives very accurate dredgers. In each case, the software’s depths and great detail. It’s used for tailored to the specific vessel. any type of survey, but especially for highly detailed views of breakwaters, PDS2000 for surveys quays, river beds and harbours. And it PDS2000 is also the tool for data acperforms even under the harsh condiquisition and processing of both single tions of a dredged area.

RESON – integrated dredge and survey solutions RESON is the only supplier of integrated dredge and survey solutions to the dredge market RESON’s products are used for revetment surveys, rock dumping, excavating, dredging, maintenance surveys, pre-dredge surveys, building breakwaters and windmill parks and many more



RESON products are all designed so that any user can create high quality results fast and efficiently RESON provides all the sensors for optimum dredge guidance systems

cutting edge: Damen Dredging Equipment

The Damen Approach To Dredging Equipment Hundreds of dredging systems supplied to contractors in countries throughout the world – that’s Damen Dredging Equipment’s proud record over the past 60 years

Founded in the early 1940’s, Damen Dredging Equipment (DDE) both designs and manufactures an extensive range of dredging solutions at its Nijkerk yard in the Netherlands. The dredging division of Damen Shipyards Group, DDE is a professional, specialised supplier catering for all contractors’ dredging needs and with a solid tradition of standardising a major part of the product range. That means: A standard cutter suction dredger can be delivered from stock Delivery of a complete trailing pipe installation for new or converted trailing suction hopper dredgers DOP pumps for all types of application, and Related equipment such as booster stations, pipe lines, etc are always available. In addition, all our equipment can be fitted with dedicated dredging instrumentation and automation, the extensive range running from a simple vacuum indicator to production monitors and fully

automated unmanned dredgers controlled from a nearby sand classification plant. Damen is also sole supplier of the Navguard survey and positioning system. Dedication to customer satisfaction is the Damen Groups’ philosophy and our imposing

arsenal of first class, post-delivery support facilities has been developed to epitomise that. We pride ourselves that an extensive range of parts for replacement, repairs or vessel upgrades can be delivered from stock or at short lead times. And our experienced field service engineers can assist with repairs on site and give training or instruction to crews. In short, the Damen approach to dredging equipment combines competitive pricing with an innovation-driven customer focus. The result? A large range of state-of-theart dredging tools suitable for any specialised or routine task. Damen Dredging Equipment will be present at WODCON on stand no. 314. And in November you’ll find us at Europort Maritime in Rotterdam on the Damen Shipyard Group stand. Please visit us at either or both shows – and also visit our website to learn more about our products and to read the latest news.

Edisonstra at 32, 386 3860 BA NIJKERK, 1 NE P.O. Box 102 1, The Neth Tel: +31 (0 erlands ) Fax: +31 (0 33 247 40 40 ) 33 247 4 0 65 Web: ww w.damen dredging Email: info .com @damend redging.c Contact om person is David Te nwolde



cutting edge: Kongsberg Maritime


erg Mar itime AS PO Box 1 11, N-3191 H orten, No rway Tel: +47 3 30 34100 Fax: +47 330 4475 3 Web: ww w.kongsb Email: su bsea@kon m

expansion, A-scope and digital depth. You can even control all the EA 400’s functions with just a click on the screen – functions that include comprehensive and context-sensitive online help. Simply save your favourite settings and call them back when you need them.

Need multiple channels? Up to four high-power transceivers can operate simultaneously from the EA 400. For improved performance, they’re installed close to the transducers and linked to the combined display and processor with a single data cable. The 38 available frequencies span from 33kHz to 710kHz, while a variety of highly efficient transducers is available to suit all your operational needs – from extremely shallow coastal areas to 3,000m water depths.

Invisible Sound Makes Everything Visible Precision hydrographic echo sounding at your fingertips with the EA 400 single beam echo sounder Though acoustic sound transmission is the basic technique for underwater navigation, telemetry, echo sounder and sonar technology, the sea is far from an ideal transmission medium. Acoustic noise and multi-path interference are some of the major concerns, but with over fifty years in the business, we’ve learned to master sound in water and the dark secrets of the deep blue – our EA 400 single beam echo sounder is state-of-the-art.

How it works



Common for all is the use of underwater pressure wave signals that propagate with a speed of 1,500m/s through the water. When the pressure wave hits the sea bottom, or another object, a reflected signal is transmitted back and detected. The reflected signal contains information characterising the reflected object. The EA 400, however, can be used for more than one purpose. By connecting a wide range of Kongsberg Maritime or third party

Replay and storage There’s internal storage of all sample data, including all input signals, for replay or export. The replay file can be divided into ‘n’ new files by using the replay dialogue box. Other types of data can also be stored, such as xyz, text and history data.

Easy to install

With the EA 400, you only need a standard transducers, data cable between accurate depth the transceiver unit(s) reading, bottom and the combined penetration, display and processor. detection of The transceiver(s) second bottom can either be layers, dual located close to frequency and the transducers, or d n a ll o nal in H from a ca side views are in the vicinity of m m ea ra b g z o kH ch E e 33 er view, th r while available. And the display. And ye la In the upp m o tt o e e second b th th ts ts ec the images can despite the EA et ec d et d m 210kHz bea yer below, the la be displayed on 400’s powerful t en im upper sed our integrated processing, extra operator station. physical space is not needed as the hydrographic operator Easy to operate station has been fully integrated with For maximum flexibility and the LCD unit. ease of operation, the EA 400 Series hydrographic single beam System software echo sounders use Windows XP®Further, the hydrographic operator based software. You can operate station has a USB port in front the complete echo sounder using a where a read/write CD-ROM or standard optical mouse and set up the DVD can be connected. System display picture in a variety of ways to software is supplied on a CD ready suit your special needs. for installation, as are subsequent You can choose different windows software releases. Data storage may on the screen for echogram, bottom also be performed via this interface.

cutting edge: QPS

Efficiency Improvement… QINSy Dredging Want to improve efficiency aboard your vessels? Then 3D visualization of dredging operations is vital – and QINSy, the world’s leading hydrographic data acquisition and navigation package, will meet the high expectations of the dredging industry and its clients QINSy Dredging provides a seamless combination of navigation, profile, 3D and alphanumerical displays to monitor dredging works and ensure that operations are carried out in an effective and efficient manner. Real time updating of the bathymetric survey information with the actual dredge depth, or dumping action, ensures that the dredge crew can optimise their activities, based on the latest seafloor projections. QINSy Dredging supports: Trailer suction hopper dredgers Cutter suction dredgers Hydraulic backhoe dredgers Grab dredgers / wire cranes Side-dumping pontoons and vessels Spreader pontoons Environmental dredgers. In the dredging industry, on-line 3D

applications are not yet widely used and the value is still underestimated. Yet without the use of 3D presentation, dredgemasters have to combine 2D chart information (X,Y and coloured depth information) with 2D (Y,Z) depth information of the dredge tool. Sensors on the dredge head indicate if you hit a high spot.


Position ing Serv Huis ter H ices eideweg 16 3705 LZ Z eist, The Netherlan Tel: +31 (0 ds )30 69 41 200 Fax: +31 (0)30 69 2 3 663 Web: ww Email: sale

Imagine what can be done! With the improvements in computer presentation power over the past years, reliable and accurate 3D presentation of dredge tools relative to the seafloor is no longer something for the future. High update rates and almost unlimited DTM sizes, together with highly detailed ship and dredge tools, are feasible with off-the-shelf computer hardware. Visualizing the dredge operation

from the perspective of the draghead showing shallow areas ahead in real time means immediate action be taken and efficiency increased. With the release of QINSy 8, QPS has upgraded 3D visualization to a high performance tool, bringing the seafloor and the dredge tool inside the control room!



cutting edge: Strainstall

Sensible software

pcX-3D – Depth of Vision in Dredging 3D dredge monitoring and machine control systems are not uncommon, but the pedigree and versatility of Prolec’s pcX-3D ensures it stands out from the crowd UK-based Prolec Ltd manufactures a range of machine monitoring products designed for safety, on board weighing and machine control. With 25 years of experience – and well over 5,000 installations – the 3D real time machine control system pcX3D probably represents the pinnacle of our technological achievement to date. That said, interested parties should also look out for the new Digmaster Pro product.

Diverse applications



The advantages of 3D machine control are numerous and pcX-3D has been successfully deployed at major projects worldwide for a wide variety of applications, including: Dredging, drilling and piling

pcX-3D comprises three core technological elements: 1). Angle Sensors – drawn from our proprietary range, these include accelerometerbased devices, pendulum encoder magnetically damped sensors and direct drive variants. Prolec sensors are also offered in a number of application-specific variants, including standard land based, long reach and marine grade, which can all be configured for optimum performance 2). Software – Prolec’s engineers have developed a powerful engine that offers maximum versatility, whilst seamlessly integrating all other system components 3). Positioning System – is configured to be cost-effective for each intended application and includes a number of GPS variants and electronic compasses. In its optimum configuration, pcX-3D can deliver unsurpassed precision, with the GPS providing 10mm accuracy and angle sensors offering 0.09° precision.

Worthwhile investment

pcX-3D’s features are far too operations in several countries numerous to detail here, but with Canal restoration projects obvious productivity benefits in Germany and such a diverse range of Coastal dredging in Africa applications, when thinking about And even aboard an underwater 3D machine control or dredge excavator carrying out oil platform monitoring, pcX-3D is a system well and pipeline maintenance in the worth considering. North Sea. Many of the most recent installations have been in the Prolec L td Middle East at major projects in 25 Benso n Road Dubai and Qatar. Nuffield Industria By enabling complex ground l Estate Poole BH 17 0GB works and subsea excavations Tel: +44 (0 to be completed without )1202 681 190 Fax: +44 (0)1202 6 manual surveying, stakes, lasers 77909 E m ail: sales@ or guesswork, pcX-3D offers Web: ww .uk improved productivity at all levels, w.prolec. from machine operator to project manager and financial controller.

Dedicated to Efficient Dredging

3D view Bottom Structure

DPM with Simulator Functions


Simulator Control Desk

Industrieweg 30 P.O. Box 41 3360 AA Sliedrecht The Netherlands T +31 (0)184 43 19 22 F +31 (0)184 43 15 05 E W

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