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WHAT IS DUOPACK ?! DUOPACK - is an innovative double flexible packaging patented in many countries of the world. This package is based on widely distributed flexible stand-up pouch with one feature - in the middle there is a partition that divides the inside products into two isolated parts. In this way, the consumer can use this package to extract alternately or jointly-internally the foods according to his taste and discretion.

DUOPACK - is the continuation of the duality trend of packaging and the next step in the development of flexible packaging doy-pack pouch.

DUOPACK - in contrast to the plastic and glass packaging, has additional advantages for both the manufacturer and the consumer.

The essence of the patent for a double flexible packaging Purpose and scope of industrial design The essence of the industrial design is characterized by the decision on the original form and construction of the invention "Pouches for packaging, storage, transportation, distribution and use of liquid, gel, paste and other viscous products," which allows simultaneous or successive withdrawal of products from two different hermetically sealed tanks through two separate holes by mechanical action on the industrial design itself. This construction allows the consumer to use this industrial design in a combined form instead of several separate products in different pouches. Connection between the appearance of an industrial design or DUOPACK and its construction gives it an individual character when compared with other existing industrial designs.

DUOPACK is the continuation of the duality trend of packaging

Benefits of DUOPACK The unusual and creative form of Duopack instantly allows you to stand out among competitors on supermarket shelves in standard doypack, as well as other types of packaging!

The latest developments in the field of biodegradable films allow the creation of environmentally friendly double packaging!

The ability to combine in one package Duopack not only two different products with the same volume of 50/50, but also with different volumes: 30/70; 40/60, as well as different consistency!

The packaging is indestructible, it is very light, completely covered with a multi-color image, and also takes shape when filling!

DUOPACK is the packaging that gives you the power to choose! PRODUCT


Buying a double package, the buyer immediately receives three products, namely product A, product B and a combination of different proportions of products A and B. We can say that such packaging involves a kind of “game of tastes� in which the process of combining different proportions within two products get exciting!



Considering all the functional and cost advantages of Duopack compared to glass, plastic and other types of solid packaging, we can say that Duopack is the future driver in the field of further development of flexible packaging, as this innovative format corresponds to the current areas of functionality, healthy lifestyle, and e-commerce format!



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