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twenty fifteen STUDIO + associate ARTISTS’ review

DIVAcontemporar ySTUDIO Crepe Farm Business Park • Bridport • Dorset DT6 6EX UK • +44(0)1308 459071 •

sonic coast :: workshop with Beaminster School Students

link :: asynchronous workshop documentation

As part of the sonic coast Live series, associate artist Marc Yeats led an asynchronous composition voice workshop with Students from Beaminster School, Dorset on Thursday 15th January 2015.

sonic coast [5] :: zero theorum at Beaminster School The final concert in the sonic coast LIVE series was performed on Saturday 17th January at Beaminster School, Dorset.

zero theorum :: Aisha Orazbayeva [violin] Minsi Yang [violin] Patrick Tapio Johnson [cello] Stephen Upshaw [viola] link :: Spreaker, Soundcloud and Youtube


zero theorum performed music composed by Simon Cummings, John Strieder, Stephen Kilpatrick, Aaron HollowayNahum, Benjamin Graves, Darren Bloom, Mic Spencer and Marc Yeats.

‘coast to coast :: Dorset to Whitstable′ download on Studio bandcamp label Saturday 31st May 11am – 4pm [on the beach, Whitstable]. Associate artists Marcus Leadley and David Rogers were ‘on the beach’ as part of The Whitstable Biennale Satellite 2014 programme with their headphone installation. Online album released 21st February 2015 produced by David Rogers at DIVAcontemporary Studio. link to download :: ‘coast to coast :: Dorset to Whitstable’.

The Observatory

Simon Ryder, Sean Harris, Isabella Martin, Marc Yeats - artists in residence at Winchester Science Centre. The Observatory, a sculpture, a workspace, a shelter and a look-out, for artist residencies over 2 years in 4 locations. The first residencies began in Winchester in January 2015 for six months. link :: The Observatory


STRANGELOVE artists moving image festival

Associate artist Nigel Slight screening of ANTHEM at STRANGELOVE [Noise Level - Friday 12.00 - 14.00] artists moving image festival 16th-20th March 2015. Granary Square, Kings Cross, London. STRANGELOVE is the first edition of an annual artist time based media festival devised by David Gryn and Terry Smith in collaboration with Central Saint Martins. link :: festival website.

associate artist Gabrielle Fry :: sounds of Australia “My inspiration for teaching kids about sound recording came from a Ridgeway Seasonal Sound Walk that I went on last summer, organised by Mandy and David at DIVAcontemporary.” links :: Morning sounds in the garden [5:18min] Sounds of the night [3:55min]


releasing the frozen music 2 download on Studio bandcamp label These works engage with landscape and sound in different ways. They take the exploration of soundscape and place into the realms of musical composition and site specific intervention. Download includes a 7 page full colour pdf booklet. produced by David Rogers at DIVAcontemporary Studio. link to download :: ‘releasing the frozen music 2’

sounds of the Neolithic with students from Weymouth College

Kingston Russell Stone Circle, Tuesday 14th – Thursday 16th April 2015 Victoria Pirie, Mandy Rathbone and David Rogers led a participatory ‘soundwalk’ to Kingston Russell Stone Circle followed by an audio editing workshop at Weymouth College link :: project documentation

cities and memory :: Oblique Strategies Associate artist David Rogers ‘Dungeness Tower’ included in Cities and Memory Oblique Strategies project

april link :: cities and memory: oblique strategies

International Dawn Chorus Day

Associate artists David Rogers and Mandy Rathbone joined the International Dawn Chorus Day network and recorded the Dawn Chorus in the centre of Bridport, Dorset, on the weekend of 3rd/4th May 2015. link :: spreaker radio podcast.

‘endangered trio1’ at next Kinokophonography Night Associate artist David Rogers sound piece ‘endangered trio1’ at Kinokophonography Night, The British Library. Kinokophonography is a curated sound cinema event that features audio works from around the world. link :: Kinokophonography


LISTEN 2 download on Studio bandcamp label With tracks by Ralph Hoyte, Alex McKechnie, Sadaharu Horio et le collectif KUK and Adrian Newton. Download includes a 12 page full colour pdf booklet. produced by David Rogers at DIVAcontemporary Studio. link to download :: ‘LISTEN 2’

sonic coast :: on film

Saturday 27th June 2015. An evening of sound, music and video, included work by ivon oates, David Rogers and Marc Yeats. link :: sonic coast on film programme Syzygy Ensemble at Melbourne Metropolitan Festival, Australia 6th May 2015.

sounds of the Neolithic with students from Beaminster School

Monday 29th - Tuesday 30th June, associate artists Mandy Rathbone and David Rogers and Victoria Pirie, led a participatory ‘soundwalk’ to Bronkham Barrow.

Followed by a sound editing and recording workshop. link :: project documentation


regularJOE :: open studio - 11th and 12th July Saturday - Screenings of a selection of audio video works and web based projects from Joe Stevens’ archive. Sunday - Fish & chip lunch with friends and family, met at ‘Joe’s bench’ opposite Bennett’s fish & chip restaurant on the Waterfront, Weymouth Harbour. link :: regularJOE

sonic coast :: sound week 18th – 25th July 2015


Following on from the Sonic Coast Live series of concerts the studio is planning a ‘new music and experimental sound festival’ in 2016. As a taster to the festval a number of ‘supporting’ events during 2015 and early 2016 are being programmed. The first was ‘sonic coast :: sound week’, sound and listening walks, audio editing workshops, a talk, podcasts and live broadcasts link to sonic coast :: sound week documentation.

World Listening Day [H2O] Sound Walk – 18th July As part of World Listening Day 2015, Mandy Rathbone and David Rogers led a sound walk from Bridport to West Bay. link :: collected sounds

material sounds :: H20 sound experiments – 20th July ivon oates, David Worthington and David Rogers, in the field at Eype Beach and in the studio experimenting with the sounds of water. link :: recordings

MP3 Listening Walk :: The Grey Mare and Her Colts and Kingston Russell Stone Circle – 23rd July Mandy Rathbone and David Rogers led a listening walk to The Grey Mare and Her Colts and Kingston Russell Stone Circle. Listening to two ‘new’ writings by Bristol poet Ralph Hoyte, with sonic soundscapes recorded by Colfox School and Weymouth College students. link to RIDGEWAYsounds

in conversation :: Live Broadcast – 25th July ivon – I wish to open a space between definitions of music/soundwork, art-object. Marc – experimental ‘sound’ making is inspiring as a composer. link to download podcast of ivon oates and Marc Yeats in conversation.

coast to coast :: Bristol to Japan [Hana No Kage Shadow of a Flower] download on Studio bandcamp label HANA NO KAGE is a ‘two part’ Zenpoetic travelogue describing Ralph Hoyte’s travels in Japan in the autumn of 2005 in the footsteps of 17th century Haiku Master Matsuo Basho. Download includes bonus tracks and HANA NO KAGE pdf booklet [extract with introduction by Mike Eido Luetchford] and a 15 page full colour pdf liner note booklet. produced by David Rogers at DIVAcontemporary Studio link to download :: coast to coast Bristol to Japan

associate artist Gabrielle Fry :: Sounds in Nature Workshops

Gabrielle Fry worked with young students from Dorset Beach School and Dorset Forest School, field recording on the Dorset Coast. link :: recordings


associate artist Eva Fahle-Clouts :: ‘transient’ Associate artist Eva Fahle-Clouts exhibited work in ‘transient’ devon ART storm’s autumn exhibition at the Centre for the Creative Industries, Victoria Yard, Exeter, Supported by Exeter College.

associate artist Nigel Slight :: ‘run rabbit’ Associate artist Nigel Slight’s video ‘run rabbit’ was selected for screening at the Bideodromo Festival 2015. link :: Bideodromo programme

Oral History Training Session at DIVAcontemporary Studio Board members attended a fascinating oral history training session on Wednesday 9th September, given by Maria Gayton from the Dorset History Centre.


Sounds of the Neolithic with students from Dorset Studio School Thursday 1st October, associate artists Mandy Rathbone and David Rogers, assisted by Victoria Pirie and Mark Hewitt, led the fourth ‘Sounds of the Neolithic’ sound walk with a group of students from Dorset Studio School at Culliford Tree Barrows, Dorset. Followed by a sound editing and recording workshop back in the Studio School on Friday 2nd October. link :: project documentation

Associate artist Nigel Slight featured in Unshelfmarked Unshelfmarked [reconceiving the artists’ book] by Michael Hampton, published by Uniformbooks 176pp £12. link :: Unselfmarked


Beyond The Surface :: The Boiler Room, Jam Factory, Oxford Associate artist Eva Fahle-Clouts was in a group show with Megan Dunford, Rachel Dunford and Marjory Mulrooney – BEYOND THE SURFACE in Oxford. The work looked at the ‘surface’ in all its interpretations as an object, idea, illusion and space. link :: Eva Fahle-Clouts

PNEM Sound Art Festival 2015 Associate artist David Rogers sound piece ‘Dungeness Tower’ featured in PNEM Sound Art Festival 2015, ‘The Wood Walk Experience’. Saturday 14th + Sunday 15th November. The festival is located in Uden in the south of The Netherlands, close to the borders of Belgium and Germany

Ralph Hoyte at SANCTUM – Theaster Gates – Bristol Associate artist Ralph Hoyte, was at Sanctum, with his epic work of Coleridges ‘Christabel’ CHRISTABEL-RELEASED, over 4 days.

link :: Ralph Hoyte


Beyond The Surface :: open discussion

Associate artist Eva Fahle-Clouts was in an open discussion with Marjory Mulrooney as part of ‘Beyond the Surface’ exhibition. Discussing the works on display and other matters such as materials, visual interpretation and collaborative practice. The Jam Factory, Oxford, Sunday 6th December.

Associate Artist and co-director Marc Yeats appointed Composer-In-Residence to Yeovil District and Dorchester County Hospitals’. DIVAcontemporary co-director and Chair, Marc Yeats was appointed as Composer-In-Residence to Yeovil District and Dorchester County Hospitals' Re-found Sound: music, memory and place. Re-found Sound is a new live music collaboration between Yeovil District Hospital Charity (YDHC) and Arts in Hospital at Dorset County Hospital (AiH), supported by Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra & the Wigmore Hall. The Composer-In-Residence project runs from December 2015 to July 2016 link :: Marc Yeats


Associate Artist and co-director Mandy Rathbone :: My Sunrise Project January to December 2015

20th December 2015 – Kingston Russell Stone Circle – Sunrise – 8.10 a.m. The Sun and my project have come full circle. “This was my final sunrise visit of 2015 to this amazing site, which seems to have become embedded in my soul now. I wanted to make this finale special and truly memorable and I have hopefully achieved this with the fantastic help of two old (long term) friends, Jemima and Eva, and new friend, enthusiastic incredible young musician, Tholi”. link :: project documentation

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DIVA contemporary Ltd is an artist-led organisation based in Dorset. The studio works with artists and young people to develop projects engaging with audio, visual and performance media. The studio can also provide creative and technical support on a short or long term basis with hourly or daily rates applicable. If you have any questions or would like to come in, please email or telephone.

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