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| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013




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LETTER TO YOU This is probably one of my favorite issues for many reasons. Firstly, it’s gorgeous as our brilliant editorial team has knocked it out of the ballpark, and visually it is more stunning than ever. As well as being relevant in its subject matter, it is also really fun, fresh and positive; the perfect start to spring. I also love this issue because it is dedicated in its entirety to our planet in celebration of Earth Day/Month, inspiring the title LOVE YOUR MOTHER! If you’re lucky you have a Mom like mine, who literally is the glue that keeps it all together. Everything springs from and revolves around her, because she is the nucleus who always provides, nourishes and nurtures. It’s the same with Earth. Everything springs from and revolves around it, and it takes care of us. It is the most important thing in our existence, because without clean air to breath, water to drink or food to eat, we cease. Stands to reason we need to look after it then. LOVE YOUR MOTHER! Is also a cheeky nod to Mother’s Day, which is right around the corner, and we couldn’t have found a better cover girl than Kristin Cavallari. Kristin, herself a new mom, is on an exciting journey discovering the joys of motherhood whilst also balancing a career and impending wedding. This change in life has led her to start an inquiry into toxins in our health and beauty products, and is inspiring her on a course to live an organic lifestyle.

Our fashion story “Young Hollywood,” celebrates a new Angeleno, who is infusing a fresh eco-awareness with a hip urban edge, shot by uber photographer, Gitte Meldgaard. It was an amazing day with the best crew and some of our favorite brands, spent running around in the foothills of Hollywood, and we’ll be releasing a behind-the-scenes video in the next couple of days so keep an eye out. Not to be missed! Our beauty story, “Flower Bursts,” is a stunning guide to spring’s key looks and the products we all need in our make-up bag this season, and our Eco Chic Guide offers two distinct destinations: the hustle and bustle of Mexico City vs. the tranquility of S.E. Asia’s top eco resorts. There’s a lot more, of course, and when you turn this page, you’ll find out... We also hope you like our new look, courtesy of our brilliant Fashion Editor, Johanna Bjork who is also Guest Creative Editor on this issue, and another reason why I am loving this new edition. In closing this letter, I am dedicating this issue to my Mom. For many reasons, it wouldn’t have been possible without her, and without her, I would be half the woman I endeavor to be. Thank you, Patience. Enjoy this issue and don’t forget to LOVE YOUR MOTHER!

Anna Griffin Editor In Chief, Coco Eco Magazine


| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013






Contributing Photographer

Guest Creative Director

Men We Love Editor

London Editor

Gitte Meldgaard was born and raised in Denmark, moving to London in the ‘90s to become Fashion Director for Attitude Magazine, and then to LA to launch Tank Magazine styling pop stars such as Christina Aguilera, Pink, Usher and Aerosmith. Going to Milan, she became Fashion Editor for Sports Wear International, before returning to LA to shoot for publications such as FHM Collections, Vogue, Black Book and Surface, as well as celebrities including Jessica Alba, Dita Von Teese and Usher. Gitte is currently finishing her first documentary scheduled to show at the fashion museum of Antwerp, featuring legendary British milliner, Stephen Jones OBE.

Coco Eco has an updated look this issue, courtesy of Guest Creative Director Johanna Björk. A freelance designer and writer, she works in the intersection of design, fashion and sustainability, and is also partner in creative agency MOJO Projects. Born and raised in Sweden, she’s lived and worked in Miami, NYC and, currently, Southern California. Five years ago, she founded online magazine Goodlifer, where she shares good news and inspirational stories that help you live the Good Life, in every sense. As Fashion Editor of Coco Eco, she reports on the best of sustainable fashion, from all across the world.

Nikki Lin is a Los Angelesbased writer who has worked with Coco Eco Magazine as Men We Love Editor for the last two years. When she’s not finding interest with the fine gentlemen of the green space, she currently enjoys blogging about progressive lifestyle, indie music and tech advances. Nikki started her writing career working with the Burelle’s Press Clipping Bureau, her local indie news station and went on to write for automotive industry trade publications. She is a lover of both print and online media.

Gary Kingsnorth is the former Fashion Director of men’s magazine FHM UK and Editor of bi-annual style magazine FHM Collections. After 14 years he launched, an online fashion destination for men, which is growing into one of the leading men’s online style sites. Having also contributed to BA Highlife, The Telegraph and Men’s Health, Gary also edits a journal for French label, agnes b. He also thinks Debbie Harry (Blondie) is the coolest person ever...





| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013





Celebrity Stylist

Asst. Men We Love Editor

Australian Editor

Wardrobe Director

Jacqueline has coined the title ‘Street Stylist’ to the stars because of her unique approach to daytime attire. That’s not all, she is also a well known stylist in the music industry as she has styled many music videos, international tours, and live performances. She is the founder of the online boutique, Rad and Refined, and has dressed countless celebrities for their everyday wardrobes, ready carpet events, and more. The ‘effortless’ airport paparazzi shots and shopping shots are carefully styled by Jacqueline. Some celebrities include Tegan and Sara, Kristin Cavallari, Aly & AJ Michalka and Brandi Cyrus (yes Miley’s hip older sister), Tristan Prettyman and more!

Born and raised in the DC Metropolitan Area, Erica grew up with creativity as her best friend. She enjoyed making up stories to share with her younger brother, and expressed herself through the arts in high school and college. Now a resident of Los Angeles, Erica continues her creative exploration in her writing. Along with contributing to CocoEco and developing scripts, she writes daily for her two blogs, The Talking Reel and The F Word. Committed to service, Erica currently works at City Year, a nonprofit committed to reducing the nationwide high school dropout rate. She believes in the ripple effect, and the power of humanity.

Nichola Zed is an art consultant who lives in Australia after studying and working in Paris, Florence, Brussels and the UK at some of the most respected contemporary art galleries, including Haunch of Vension in London. Nichola has an abundance of experience in art and sustainable design. Her previous career was in architecture and where her passion for protecting the environment started. She is thrilled to be educating the world by writing for Coco Eco Magazine.

Patricia Trinidad is a Los Angeles-based fashion stylist with a keen eye for edgy and innovative design. As a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising’s Merchandise Marketing program, she began to explore her talent for wardrobe styling as a creative alternative to the business side of the fashion industry and quickly gained traction in the profession. With a broad range of experience including commercial, music video, and TV shows, Patricia’s true passion lies in the creative and collaborative process of editorial fashion. Her directional vision, which is inspired by music, art and her surrounding environment, is evidenced in all aspects of her work.






KRISTINIT GRACE JUMPSUIT The Grace Jumpsuit in 100% organic linen features sculpted neckline and deep pockets. Dress it up or down, this is a perfect piece for your summer wardrobe, from day to night, whether in NY, Hong Kong or London. $265,

beautiful PLANET beautiful YOU

ANTIPODES KIWI SEED OIL EYE CREAM A luscious yet light eye cream for a cooling, soothing sensory experience. Ultra-rich Vitamin C from the seed of the New Zealand Kiwi fruit works superbly to help repair damaged tissue. Containing carrot seed oil, aloe gel and 100% pure avocado oil, this is a fragrance-free product your skin will love. $46,

PUR ATTITUDE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH SERUM This power-packed serum combines proprietary Hyaluronix, with advanced peptide science to increase the production of collagen and elastin to create firmer skin and less visible wrinkles. Boosts collagen up to 128%, and is free of parabens, PEG’s, glycols, sulfates, petro-chemicals, synthetic fragrances and artificial dyes. $90,

PĂœR MINERALS BIG BLINK MASCARA Take lashes to extreme with this newest mascara miracle. This gamechanging formula envelops lashes in nourishing, knockout color with endless build and dewy sheen, for a complete set of luscious lashes. $20,


| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013

coco eco

EDITOR LOVES CURATED BY: Anna Griffin, Editor in Chief

LURK PRJ V1 PERFUME OIL Lurk Perfume Oils are hand blended and poured, using pure essential oils in a base of organic jojoba. With no alcohol, chemical preservatives, stabilizers or additives, PRJ V1’s expansive layers of jasmine and rose intertwine with fresh petitgrain, for a beautiful scent that is raw, unrefined, possibly debaucherous, but definitely pleasing. $55,

HOVEY LEE SNAKE RING Dramatic in its dark reclaimed brass, rhinestone sparkles and eye-catching size, this stretch ring is edgy, ethical and bold. $75,

ORGANIC GLAM NAIL POLISH IN NY Inspired by favorite fashion cities. New York, Paris, London & Milan, we’re feeling NY’s vibrant blue hue this summer. Free from DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde, yet intense, vibrant and long lasting. $16.95,

GIOVANNI 2 CHIC ULTRA MOIST DUAL ACTION PROTECTIVE LEAVE-IN SPRAY Avocado and olive oil restore suppleness, hydration and flexibility, whilst building elasticity and strength, and restoring bounce and shine. $8.99,



A new breed of Angeleno emerges, who embraces the rugged Hollywood landscape that sits atop this sprawling metropolis. On foot, skateboard or in a chic EV, each day is a new adventure, infusing a fresh eco-awareness with a hip urban edge. PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Gitte Meldgaard ASSISTED BY: Jeremy Oversier STORY BY: Micah Dix STYLED BY: Patricia Trinidad and Sarah Griffin Berns MAKE UP BY: Donald Simrock ASSISTED BY: Genesis HAIR BY: Jonathan Mason MODELS: Boom Nuanual and Mark G at Vision LA; Tyler Van Roden at Click LA; Zane Peck at Wilhelmina LA; Olivia Zoe at Industry Model Group; Jenny Ishammar With thanks to Timberland, Patagonia, Arbor, H&M Conscious Collection, Nudie Jeans, General Motors and La Poubelle, Franklin Village.





Tee: Arbor Collective Jeans: Nudie Bracelet: Nissa Belt: Pop Molly Watch: Sprout Skateboard: Arbor

Boom Tee: Arbor Collective Zane Tee: Arbor Collective Jacket: Patagonia


| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013




| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013

Tee: Patagonia Jeans: Nudie Bracelets: Nissa, Model’s Own Skateboard: Arbor




| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013

Boom Shirt: Patagonia Jeans: Nudie Shoes: Civic Duty Bracelet: Nissa Watch: Sprout Olivia Tank: H&M Conscious Collection Shorts: Burning Torch Shoes: Civic Duty Bracelet: Haati Chai Headband: Deepa Gurnani Ring: Vanessa Mooney Sweatshirt (around waist): Patagonia Mark Shirt: Patagonia Jeans: Nudie Jewelry: Model’s own Belt: Pop Molly Sunglasses: Colin Leslie Eyewear Jenny Dress: H&M Conscious Collection Hat: Yellow108 Bracelets: Nissa Boots: Stylist’s Own Tyler Shirt & Tee: Arbor Collective Jeans: Nudie Shoes: Civic Duty Jewelry & Sunglasses: Model’s Own Skateboards: Arbor



Olivia Tank: American Apparel Jacket: Gypsy Junkies Pants: H&M Conscious Collection Necklace: Haati Chai Ring: Haati Chai Shoes: Milk & Honey Jenny Top: Burning Torch Jacket: Burning Torch Pants: Gypsy Junkies Earrings: Vanessa Mooney Bracelets: Vanessa Mooney Hat: Yellow108 Shoes: Milk & Honey


| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013

Scarf: Late Sunday Afternoon




| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013




| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013




| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013

Boom Shirt: Patagonia Jacket: Nudie Jeans: Nudie Boots: Timberland Zane Shirt: Arbor Collective Jacket: Patagonia Jeans: Model’s Own Boots: Timberland Scarf: Late Sunday Afternoon Tyler Shirt: Arbor Collective Jeans: Nudie Shoes: Civic Duty Scarf: Late Sunday Afternoon Mark Sweater: Arbor Collective Jacket: Arbor Collective Jeans: Nudie Boots: Timberland Skateboards: Arbor FASHION | 31


Boom Shirt: Patagonia Jacket: Nudie Jeans: Nudie Boots: Timberland


| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013

Zane Shirt: Arbor Collective Jacket: Patagonia Jeans: Model’s Own Boots: Timberland Scarf: Late Sunday Afternoon

Tyler Shirt: Arbor Collective Jeans: Nudie Shoes: Civic Duty Scarf: Late Sunday Afternoon

Mark Sweater: Arbor Collective Jacket: Arbor Collective Jeans: Nudie Boots: Timberland

Skateboards: Arbor



Tee: Nudie Jacket: Patagonia


| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013

Mark Tee: Nudie Olivia Jacket: Burning Torch Top: Burning Torch Skirt: Gypsy Junkies Necklace: Haati Chai



Shirt: Nudie


| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013

Top: Burning Torch Dress (worn as skirt): Gypsy Junkies Belt: Johnny Was Bracelets: Nissa, Haati Chai Earrings & Handpiece: Haati Chai


REUSE JEANS MID RISE TROUSER I love that flares are back in style big time. Besides having a great casual 70s vibe, they are totally flattering too. This pair, by Reuse jeans are ethically made in China (in an effort to boost sustainable manufacturing there) from 80% recycled denim. $95,

SPRING is in the AIR

NEUAURA ESPADRILLES You know it’s summer when the espadrilles come out of the closet! This vegan pair by Neuaura are made from washed cotton canvas in an ethical factory in China. Love the color and the eco-friendly faux nubuck trim. $78,

DIAMOND STYLE RING BY PONTUS & HAWKE Skip those unethical, expensive diamonds and check out this awesome ring by Pontus & Hawke instead. Made from recycled precious metal, it’s made in the style of a traditional trillium cut gem — a cool, unexpected piece of bling for your finger. $325,

THU THU SAPA BIKER JACKET This great jacket combines a classic biker shape with handembroidered fabric from the Sapa region of Vietnam. Made by the H’mong women to celebrate the birth of a newborn, it can take up to three months to produce. It’s the perfect way to adapt this spring’s folklore trend in a modern way. $872, 38

| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013



MILTON SATCHEL BY HAYDEN-HARNETT This satchel by Brooklyn-based Hayden-Harnett may just be the perfect handbag. Made in the US from locally sourced material it has an organic cotton canvas linen, a padded laptop compartment(!) and plenty of pockets to safely store anything you may want to carry around. $958,

WESTWARD LEANING N°1.1. CHILDREN OF CALIFORNIA SUNGLASSES Celebrating the achievements and resilience of Californians, these sunglasses features a piece of sustainably harvested California redwood by the temples. To foster a new generation of greatness, Westward Leaning donated $10 for every pair sold to Teach for America. $180,

PEACEBOMB SILVER NECKLACE Each of these hand cast necklaces is made from actual war-remnant bomb shard and cast in sterling silver in NYC. Each necklace helps clear 30 metres of bomb-littered land and comes with an artisan woven organic cotton drawstring pouch and story card. $400,

WILDLIFE WORKS RHINO TANK The rhino has reached a point of critical endangerment due to poaching. Wear this cute organic cotton tank by Wildlife Works to show your support for these ancient creates. Wildlife Works’ carbon neutral factory employs over 50 people in Kenya to make their organic cotton collection. $38,



The Marks and Spencers Shwop wool Peacoat made entirely from unwanted clothing donated by customers.


| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013

eco fashion

HIGHLIGHTS from 2012 WRITTEN BY: Sass Brown,

It’s a long-standing personal tradition for me to review each year as it comes to a close, acknowledge my achievements, give thanks for the good that has come my way, and set challenges for the year to come. Not so different than your more common-or-garden New Years resolution, combined perhaps with a bit of Thanks Giving thrown in for good measure. As someone who makes sense of their world through the written word, it seems like a natural extension of that process, to subject eco fashion to the same annual review, evaluation and challenges for the future, so here goes... The first eco fashion person and event that I give thanks for this year is Livia Firth, and the Green Carpet Challenge. I am not generally a fan of celebrity culture, which I generally see is as symbolic of the loss of substantive value in our society. But Livia Firth is one instance where my values are proven wrong. Livia Firth, wife of Oscar wining best actor Colin Firth, shot to fame as she accompanied her much lauded husband during red carpet season. The dozen or so high profile events, the Oscars alone garnering a viewing audience of 43.5 million people around the globe, and the focus on who’s wearing what, serves as a major promotional opportunity for designer brands, who court celebrities and their high profile, red carpet endorsement. Since 2009 Livia Firth has showcased ethical designers on the red carpet, through her Green Carpet Challenge. The undertaking started as a challenge by Lucy Siegle to Livia Firth, right after her husband won the Venice



Film Festivals Best Actor Award for his performance in A Single Man. Initially sourcing outfits from London’s extensive range of upcycling designers, such as From Somewhere and Junky Styling, the Green Carpet Challenge started to generate serious media coverage, and moved from local to international designers, after husband Colin won the Oscar for the Kings Speech. Jeff Garner’s vegetable dyed gowns and Gary Harvey’s post consumer waste designs were replaced by international luxury designer labels such as Stella McCartney, Lanvin and Giorgio Armani, all clamoring for more real estate on the red carpet. Now a popular, high profile staple during red carpet season, Livia has cultivated relationships with luxury designers, challenging them to create one off exclusive designs in ecological fabrications. Luminaries such as Sir Paul Smith, Lanvin, Georgio Armani, and Valentino have undertaken to produce a single gown from recycled PET fiber and the like, while simultaneously attracting other celebrities to take up the challenge, including Colin himself, Viola Davis and Meryl Streep. All of that to say, kudos to Ms. Firth for raising the profile of eco fashion, and challenging some of the most important names in luxury design, to think more sustainably, even if it is just one dress at a time for now.

Missi Pyle on the red carpet wearing the Red Carpet Green dress winning design


| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013

Red Carpet Green Dress has not yet achieved such a significant impact as the Green Carpet Challenge, but as an international dress design contest founded by Suzy Amis Cameron, environmental advocate and wife of Director James Cameron, it is en route to do so. Now going into its fourth year, the contest sets the challenge of creating an Oscar worthy dress made from sustainable materials, working in conjunction with Cradle-toCradle Products to source suitable materials for an otherwise unknown designer. The winner of the contest has their creation worn on the red carpet at the Academy Awards by a surprise Hollywood actress; this years winning design graced the red carpet on Missi Pyle of ‘The Artist’ fame. With the intent to use fashion as the means to inspire change, and create sustainability, Red Carpet Green Dress is about being part of the solution to climate change, by bringing attention to the beauty and practicality of sustainable design, so that more people will consider sustainable alternatives and practices in their own lives and, ultimately, become part of the solution too. Each year see’s the development of the challenge, with this coming year no exception, and the addition of a high profile industry mentor, in the shape of fashion royalty, Vivienne Westwood. According to Westwood, “We are at war with our environment and our future is unsteady, in order for a shift to occur we must make informed decisions to live more harmoniously with our planet, and I’ve joined Red Carpet Green Dress because its message aligns with this idea.”

I believe in celebrating victories, small and large, and in our imperfect world, congratulating those that make a difference, even when they fall short in other arenas, such is the case with H&M. It goes against the grain to celebrate the initiatives of mass-market retailers, yet they have the power to reach millions, and thereby effect substantive change. At once a contradiction, fast fashion and sustainability, H&M have never the less made significant strides in supporting eco fashion through their Conscious Collection. One of the first high street brands to produce an annual sustainability report, this multi billion dollar company, is now the worlds single largest user of organic cotton, with an aim to produce all their cotton garments from sustainable resources by 2020. Working with the Better Cotton Initiative, H&M utilize cotton from growers working with good farm practices, who reduce water and chemical use; they also use organic cotton, and invest in farmer training around the world. H&M have been working with organic cotton since 2004, reaching their current status as the worlds single largest user in 2010, and now using it across multiple product categories, including men’s, women’s and children’s wear, as well as home wear. H&M also work with recycled cotton made from textile remnants, re-spun into new yarn and woven into new fabrics. Defining seven ambitious commitments on sustainability, which include reduce, reuse and recycle, as well as using natural resources responsibly and strengthening communities. The Conscious collection has also garnered press from the red carpet, with celebrities Michelle Williams and Viola Davis wearing pieces from the collection on various red carpets, and as a result of the current collection including dramatic floor length gowns as well as their usual on trend silhouettes, some produced in recycled polyester, recycled wool and organic hemp.

Kudos to Ms. Firth for raising the profile of eco fashion, and challenging some of the most important names in luxury design, to think more sustainably, even if it is just one dress at a time for now. Finally, I wouldn’t be a good Brit, if I didn’t celebrate the strides of British high street brand Marks and Spencer, or as we Anglophiles affectionately refer to it, Marks and Sparks. Marks and Sparks, famous for its “Plan A, because there isn’t a Plan B”, launched in 2007, sets out 180 sustainable commitments for

Livia Firth wearing an Armani designed gown made from recycled PET fiber for the Golden Globe Awards



Samata Angel and Suzy Amis, the founder of the Red Carpet Green Dress Challenge

them to achieve by 2015, with the ultimate goal of becoming the world’s most sustainable major retailer. Marks and Sparks are a high street staple in the UK, and this year launched the worlds most sustainable men’s suit, as well as a women’s pea coat produced entirely from recycled wool, and christened the “Shwop Coat”. This, their first “shwopped” produced design, was entirely made from customers donated woolens,, which were shredded, re-spun and finally re-woven into new fabric. Intended to encourage customers to drop off an old item in their “Shwop Drop” every time they purchased a new one, it allowed them to see the direct result of their actions, thereby encouraging recycling. A single garment may not seem like such a huge undertaking, but when you are one of the UK’s leading retailers, with around 21 million customers each week, then a single coat can have significant impact. M&S also committed this year to Greenpeace’s “Detox” challenge, alongside the likes of Puma and H&M, pledging to eliminate all hazardous chemicals from their clothing supply chain by 2020, thereby putting the onus on other brands to take up the challenge. So many strides were made in 2012, its hard to pick out just a few to be grateful for, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to Labour Behind the Label and the Clean Clothes Campaign’s internet blitz that forced global denim manufacturers


| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013

to stop the destructive and fatal practice of sandblasting in denim jean production. Proving that social networking and the Internet can be used to put pressure on major brands and ‘out’ their destructive practices to their buying public. The two partnered in a joint atavistic campaign waged through Facebook and Twitter, that resulted in the agreement of major denim producing giants to stop the cancer causing practice of sand blasting, as a means to deconstruct their denim jeans. So my challenge for the coming year, is to the luxury designers that Livia Firth has enticed to make a single gown for her to wear on the red carpet, to expand upon their first venture into eco fashion, by developing an entire collection, not just a single dress. To those and other designers, I challenge them to partner with global artisans and crafts people to honor traditional skill sets in the developing and developed world, and encourage their participation as co-creators in luxury fashion. Finally, I challenge Dolce and Gabbana, the last big name denim producer that refuses to ban sandblasting in the production of their denim jeans, to listen to their conscience and ban this destructive practice. I raise my glass to all those that made a difference in the world of fashion this year, and challenge them all to make an even greater one in 2013!


| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013

agnes b: STYLE WITH A CAUSE...

WRITTEN BY: Gary Kingsnorth,

agnes b. is a name renowned throughout the world for her understated and chic fashion that evokes the style the French are famous for. Agnes is also famous for her work with film, as a humanitarian, philanthropist and her role in helping to raise awareness of climate change. Her relationship with fashion and film, culture, art and the environment go hand in hand from the movie posters that adorn the walls of her shops to her support for young film directors such as Harmony Korine whom she owns a film company with and is best known for the film Kids. She was responsible for Harvey Keitel’s suit in Reservoir Dogs and John Travolta and Uma Thurman’s outfits in Pulp Fiction and her clothes have appeared in numerous other films including Mulholland Drive. Agnes is also currently directory her first movie at age 70.

As well as fashion, art and cinema, Agnes has used her name to help many good causes around the world including Les Restos du Coeur, Handicap Sans Frontiers, Act Up (condoms are freely available from her stores) and Medicins du Monde. On the subject of her philanthropy, Agnes sees it as the duty of private initiatives (for the environment) to increase in order to move things on and prevent ecological catastrophes and Agnes would rather donate than spend money on advertising.


For the past nine years she has been supporting her environmental research ship, Tara. The director of the schooner is her son Etienne Bourgois and their goal is to learn more about the impact of climate change on ecosystems. One of their main objectives is to increase environmental awareness among the general public and the young through their Tara Junior Outreach programme. “We know more about the moon than the oceans. Despite their enormous capacity to absorb CO2, we know that the chemical parameters of the ocean are in the process of changing: the impact of local and global pollution, over fishing, and the rise in surface water temperatures are all real,” says Etienne Bourgois.


| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013

Tara has accomplished eight successful expeditions – to Greenland, Antarctica, Patagonia, Southern Georgia, the Arctic and all over the world and made stops in London and New York in 2012. For her latest expedition, Tara Oceans is making her first attempt to make a global study of marine plankton and because marine plankton is such as complex subject and largely unknown some results may take up to ten years to study. Agnes Trouble was born in Versailles and studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. Married at 17 and divorced by 20, Agnes soon embarked on a career in fashion and design at Elle Magazine. After one of the fashion editors was impressed by her style, Agnes started freelancing for other designers

which led to her hanging out with the cool art and design crowd in Paris of the late sixties and early seventies which led to her creating her own designs. agnes b., no capital letters and a dot after the b was soon adopted as the company name, b standing for Bourgois the name of her first husband. When asked why, Agnes replies, ‘because I didn’t want to use my husband’s name and I prefer the minor, the minor is simpler than the major.’ And so, in 1970s Paris, a small design house was born, and she set up shop in an old butcher’s store. The clothes were minimalist, based on workmen’s uniforms, and were so popular that people would still buy them wet from being dyed rather than risk missing out.

Today, agnes b. has over 200 international stores in London, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong and more to open in Beijing and Shanghai, to name a few. There are also 48 stores in her native France. Her success has relied on the fact that she has exported the minimalist and sophisticated version of French style to the world. ‘ We are always looking for new stores and especially in Asia where we are rapidly expanding all the time’ Agnes says. In Paris, the Rue du Jour store first opened in 1975 and has since taken over the entire street with Homme, Femme, Layette and an art gallery. A New York store was opened in 2011 at 50 Howard Street and a new retail gallery was born in Soho, an ideology that has been rolled out to her new store on trendy Marylebone High Street in London.



“I am not influenced by other fashion designers. I don’t go to the fashion shows. I never look at any fashion magazines. I don’t even go into the fashionable shops. Ever.” agnes b

The agnes b. collections are made in France and her ‘b forever’ signature pieces last from season to season and have proved to be so popular they are now synonymous in people’s minds with the designer. Much attention is paid to the fabrics and it’s the fit and touch of the clothes as much as the style and look that keeps the customers coming back for repeats over the years. Agnes has always been inspired by the people on the street, Moroccan cities, Marseille, Paris, London and New York are all reflected in her minimalist designs which also mix, prints, colour and photography to create timeless collections.


| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013

agnes b. is now a worldwide successful fashion company, a fascinating, interesting and inspiring story which is rare in the world of fashion. If you would like to donate to Tara


Sustainable style by Kristinit

LA made in

WRITTEN BY: Johanna Bjรถrk,

In the past few years, the fashion industry in Los Angeles has experienced somewhat of a renaissance. Big-name designers like Rodarte, Juan Carlos Obando, Trina Turk, Jenni Kayne and Monique Lhuillier have proven that, in order to make it in the fashion world, aspiring designers no longer have to move to the East Coast.

“This is such an amazing place to live and it only makes sense to support local industry. It’s better for the environment and it’s better for the community. Los Angeles has some of the finest apparel manufactures in the world and I feel honored to support them in any way possible.” KRISTINA LENSS, Kristinit

Besides a budding creative industry, Los Angeles is the largest garment manufacturing hub in the country. There are over 100,000 workers and 5,000 contractors here. However, many of these garment workers still work in sweatshop-like conditions, and less than 1% of them are unionized.

Penelope and Coco

The Garment Worker Center ( was started by a coalition of immigrant rights groups who had been helping workers on an individual level for year. Entirely funded by grants from non-profit foundations and run by volunteers, the center holds workshops, functions as an information resource, helps garment workers organize, and provides support for workers who want to take actions against unfair labor conditions.

LA, it turns out, is becoming a breeding ground for locally made, considered fashion. The most important agents of change in this field, however, are the designers who choose to make their pieces in Los Angeles, according to fair, ethical standards. “I was born and raised in California and have a deep affinity for both the natural beauty and cultural diversity of Southern California,” says Kristina Lenss, founder of ethical fashion label Kristinit. “This is such an amazing place to live and it only makes sense to support local industry. It’s better for the environment and it’s better for the community. Los Angeles has some of the finest apparel manufactures in the world and I feel honored to support them in any way possible.” LA, it turns out, is becoming a breeding ground for locally made, considered fashion. These are some of the great brands that can proudly label themselves “made in LA.”



Conscious couture by Deborah Lindquist

Clover Canyon Summer/Pre-fall 2013


Elegant, ethically made dress by Kristinit

CLOVER CANYON Clover Canyon aims to reflect “the eclectic, joyful spirit of California through vivid prints and streamlined silhouettes.” The label, founded by veteran designer Rozae Nichols, does that quite well. The design team works collaboratively and draws on a shared passion for travel and art. This is conveyed through original prints, hand-engineered to frame and enhance the body, in a perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and traditional craftsmanship. The collections are designed, patterned, cut and sewn in the label’s LA atelier.

KRISTINIT Before launching her sustainably made line in 2006, Kristina Lenss worked as a costume designer for theater, films, and TV. “I love producing the line locally because you get to develop real relationships with everyone involved in the process,” she says. “It’s very fulfilling to work with the pattern maker, cutter, and sample sewer on a one on one basis. We develop friendships in addition to great working relationships and it just makes the whole process more fun. I don’t think you would get that same sense of community by manufacturing overseas.”

JILL AIKO YEE Jill Aiko Yee studied at Otis College and trained with LAdesigners Rozae Nichols (of Clover Canyon, above) and Gregory Parkinson before starting her own line. Feminine and sensual yet bold and colorful, Yee’s designs often incorporate sheer fabrics and ombre dyes. She says more designers are starting to look toward manufacturing in LA because of the quality, something that is apparent in her own detail-rich pieces.

WREN Born in Illinois, Melissa Coker landed an internship at Helmut Lang and worked in the editorial offices of Vogue, W and Details before launching her line, Wren, in 2007. Named after Jenny Wren, a dress-making character in a Dickens novel, the label is now based in Los Angeles. Coker says that one of the reasons she has chosen to manufacture in LA is the slower pace, which allows more time for creativity and reflection.

| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013

Eco couture by Linda Loudermilk

Hand dip dyed silk piece by Jill Aiko Yee

ASHTON MICHAEL A Los Angeles native, Ashton Hirota caters to rock stars who are looking for one-of-a-kind custom pieces — designed and made in LA. In addition to creating capsule collections, his label, Ashton Michael, is known for being able to turn custom designs around quickly for impatient celebs, so having centralized production is key to the business. Hirota’s clients include artists like, Usher, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown and Pitbull — chances are you’ve seen his work on stage or on TV.

Designer and stylist Ashton Hirota, of Ashton Michael

DEBORAH LINDQUIST As one of LA’s most sought after environmentally conscious designers, Deborah Lindquist makes couture-inspired creations from a mix of upcycled, sustainable and organic fabrics. Fans include Hollywood stars like Sharon Stone, Pink, Jessica Alba, Christina Aguilera and the Pussycat Dolls, for which she designed stage costumes. Trained at Parsons School of Design in NYC, Lindquist moved to Los Angeles in 1989 and launched her eponymous line. An early pioneer of the eco-fashion movement, she has continued to make impact in the fashion world without compromising her environmental values. LINDA LOUDERMILK Dubbed the “Vivienne Westwood of eco” by ELLE, Linda Loudermilk wants to redefine sustainability as something alluringly sexy, fun and edgy. Early on, she saw where the industry was headed trademarked the term “luxury eco” and has used it as both an umbrella for her lifestyle brand as well as a stamp of approval. Loudermilk views nature as the original punk and often incorporates fabrics made from bamboo, seaweed and corn into her designs, along with upcycled scraps of lace and other fine fabric remnants. Her clients range “from celebrities and socialites to biker chicks and boxers” and most of the designs are made in the US.

Left: Gold Sequined Open Back Kimono Dress by Wren. Right: Ethically made basics by KCA by Fashioning Change

KCA BY FASHIONING CHANGE Fashioning Change is a startup that helps online shoppers make more conscious purchases by showing customers ethical alternatives to mainstream designer looks. Recently, the site launched their first collection, KCA by Fashioning Change, a line of basics, sustainably made in Downtown LA. FASHION | 55


FROCK LOS ANGELES Founded in 2009 by Victoria Tik, FROCK creates fair-trade, ecofriendly collections using a unique blend of sustainable jerseys. There are no zippers or buttons, as everything is meticulously shaped around the body. The sexy, flattering garments have been worn by celebrities such as Britney Spears, Leighton Meester and Patricia Field. The entire line is ethically made in the US, using sustainable and organic fabrics, vegetable dyes and low-waste cutting techniques. STEWART+BROWN Husband-and-wife team Karen Stewart and Howard Brown launched their ethical fashion label in 2002. Since then, Stewart+Brown has gained a loyal following of fans who appreciate the pair’s unique and personal aesthetic and timeless, considered basics inspired by a love and respect for nature. Although the design office is based in Ventura, CA, garments are ethically produced in Los Angeles.

POPOMOMO The daughter of architects, Liz Wasserman had design in her blood from the start. After working at Free People, she launched Popomomo, which stands for post-postmodern movement, in Brooklyn in 2009. Now based in Los Angeles, the line has become popular with LA’s artsier, gallery-hopping crowd. Wasserman uses sustainable, organic and recycled fabrics and keeps a studio within walking distance of where her clothing is made, making it easy to oversee the production of her pieces. LAVUK Fall 2012


Stewart+Brown early spring 2013

56 | COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013

LAVUK Inspired by the heart of a traveler, designer Natasha Gindin — who was born in the former Yugoslavia — creates pieces that are multifunctional, practical and stylish. Classic silhouettes blend with unexpected details for a look that is decidedly urban. All pieces are made in Los Angeles from sustainable materials like organic cotton, tencel, hemp and dead stock silks. For every garment you purchase, LAVUK plants a tree is planted through the California Wildfire ReLeaf program. Angie, Draped Reversible Dress by Frock Los Angeles

shoes Sandals by NewbarK

CALLEEN CORDERO In the 1970s, Los Angeles was famous for hand sculpted wood shoes. This practice has virtually disappeared when Cordero opened her shop in ‘99, intent of resurrect the art of shoe making. Since then, her ruggedly glamorous line of metalembellished wood and leather shoes have put LA back on the map as a shoe manufacturing district. NEWBARK Stylist sisters Maryam and Marjan Malakpour launched NewbarK in 2009, making soft, foldable slippers designed to be carried around for when your feet needed a break from the heels. Since then, their collection has evolved into a bohemian luxe line of shoes and handbags — all handmade in Los Angeles. PENELOPE AND COCO Founded in 2010 by designer Marisa Spinella and publicist Arielle Vavasseur, Penelope and Coco is inspired by the designer’s two style personas — Penelope, a classic, traditional beauty and Coco, an eccentric wild child. Working with shoe cobblers all over Los Angeles, Spinella learned the importance of true craftsmanship and attention to detail, values that continue to inform the brand’s aesthetic, which is one part glamour, one part rock and roll — just like LA itself. Shoes by Penelope and Coco

Shoes by Calleen Cordero




ALKEMIE Alkemie’s designs have a rugged California-cool vibe and are made by hand in downtown Los Angeles, from 100% reclaimed metal. When leather is used it is sourced from sustainable cattle farmers and dyed with earth-friendly dye. Each month the designers behind Alkemie, Dara Gerson and Ashley Lowengrub, selects a charity to which they donate 5% of the retail profits. “At Alkemie we believe an integral part of being a sustainable company is supporting practices and causes you believe in,” the pair says. TIFFANY KUNZ Tiffany Kunz’s hammered, hand-forged jewelry is simple, wearable and distinct. Her signature line is entirely made in LA, using rough stones, reclaimed metals, hand-cast shapes and textures inspired by nature. The pieces are delicate, timeless and elegant.

Sea Urchin Ring by Alkemie

KYYOTE Amanda Loos’ playful, geometric designs inspire visions of endless summers, clear blue skies and technicolor sunsets. Inspired by ancient, primitive and tribal art and adornment as well as modernist art and architecture, KYYOTE jewelry is handcrafted in Loos’ LA studio using certified recycled sterling silver and other materials sourced from small, domestic, independently owned companies who supply the gorgeous bits and pieces that construct the line. Since each component is hand selected for its individual characteristics, no two pieces are alike.

Handmade jewelry by Tiffany Kunz

58 | COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013


CLARE VIVIER Just five years ago, Clare Vivier started making laptop cases, after noticing a lack of stylish, functional ones in the market. They were an instant success, and her company quickly grew into a line of handbags, clutches and other accessories that mixes classic French glamour with minimalist Los Angeles cool. From sketch to finished product, Vivier’s bags are made in Los Angeles, creating local jobs and a sense of community.

Marie Turnor Picnic Bag

MARIE TURNOR Created by Beth Goodman, a former lingerie designer, Marie Turnor is a line of luxurious leather bags with a modern bohemian edge. Moving to California, Goodman started incorporating color into her designs and has not yet gone back to black. Her bags are inspired by everyday objects like envelopes, origami and paper bags and made in Southern California.

Left: Ceramic Beaded Necklace #4 by KYYOTE Right: Clare Vivier Re Bonjour Clutch



flower BURST Spring awakens with floral hues and the chicest of neutrals, showing a soft, yet powerful side, like that of flowers themselves. Soft, but not without classic shapes and clean lines, these looks reveal the ever present strength and sense of the modern woman. WRITTEN BY: Leilah Mundt PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Logan Cole HAIR AND MAKEUP BY: Amy Clarke ARTWORK BY: Arika Sanders JEWELRY BY: Lili Claspe MODEL: Marga Esquival, Photogenics LA


petal PUSHER

Glowing skin sets the perfect foundation for soft petal tones of rose, peony and fruit blossoms. For day or night, this fresh face needs nothing more that a sheer sweep of color on eyes, lips and cheeks to achieve a youthful confidence.

OM AROMA DÉLICES SUCRÉS ORGANIC SUGAR SCRUB Skin is in! Use this scrumptious scrub on shoulders, neck and back for gorgeous skin ready to show off. $45,

PHOENIX WILD ROSE BALM Made with handpicked wild roses, this romantic balm lets your natural lip shade shine through. $8,

CHRISTOPHER DRUMMOND VELUDO VELVET FOUNDATION KIT This spring, there is no place for heavy foundations that distract from beautiful skin. Veludo Velvet Foundation is light as a feather, with a glowing coverage that looks airbrushed. $65,

VERED BOTANICALS SIGNATURE SCENT BODY OIL Get the glow with this sensual body oil. A few drops will have your skin gleaming and your senses reeling. $90,


| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013




| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013

in full BLOOM

A pop of flirty, soft hibiscus on the lips and cheeks feels fresh and fun. This is the shade you will turn to all spring and deep into the summer.

CHRISTOPHER DRUMMOND CHARISMA LIP GLOSS This shade flatters and charms with a pop of melon blended into beige cream. $17.50, PREVISE HYDROBALM Serious hydration in a lovely, whipped balm, this product takes you skin’s health to the next level. Use it daily for unbelievably glowing skin. $65,

VMV HYPOALLERGENICS ARMADA FACE AND BODY SHIELD 60 This spring, there is no place for heavy foundations that distract from beautiful skin. Veludo Velvet Foundation is light as a feather, with a glowing coverage that looks airbrushed. $49,

LOTUS WEI INFINITE LOVE PERFUME A sweet, rosy fragrance is spring’s perfect companion. Spritzed on throughout the day, this one will inspire a sweet romance.



flower CHILD

Natural goes glam with a thick, inky sweep of black liner and lots of mascara. Let those doe-eyes be the focus by keeping lips and cheeks a subtle, light pink carnation.

CHRISTOPHER DRUMMOND BLUSH IN PINK PLUSH Look pretty with a healthy flush in this universally flattering pink blush. $28,

JANE IREDALE POWDER-ME SPF IN TANNED Spring is when we bring out the bronzer to give that winter skin a sun-kissed look. Dust this one all over face and body for a bronze glow that doubles as a your sun protection. $45.50,

AMA LA REJUVENATING HAND CREAM Cocoa bean is a powerful antioxidant and makes this hand cream a must have. Keep it with you so your hands stay happy all day. $18,

RARE ELEMENTS EL’TREATMENT Your new best friend, this treatment deeply hydrates every strand with exotic oils and extracts for silky, bouncy hair without a hint of frizz. $44,


| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013


21 DROPS PASSION 06 I am officially addicted to spritzing aromatherapy in my workspace everyday. I close my eyes, focus on an intention and breathe in nature’s finest. This blend is sure to inspire you to release inhibitions and let your power shine through. It couldn’t hurt to keep an extra one on your bedside table. $29,

AQUIESSE PINK PEONY Like rose’s hipster little sister, peony is a youthful, playful floral with a touch of romance. This candle adds in cherry blossom and green ivy, making it irresistibly fresh. It has a permanent home in my office. $36,

BRANCHE, BELLE DE NUIT EYE MASK Beauty sleep takes on a whole new meaning with this 100% silk eye mask. It is truly a luxury to slip this over sleepy eyes and drift off to sleep, while silk’s anti aging properties do their work. $42,

DAILY luxuries ONE LOVE ORGANICS ROSE AROMATIC BODY SERUM A fragrant, lovely mist of this body oil makes skin hydrated and soft. Kept in a desk drawer or day bag, it provides a perfect excuse to stop and smell the roses during a super busy day. $39,


| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013


DIRECTOR LOVES Work, work, work. Even though I adore what I do from 8-5, it sometimes feels as though my work never ends. My secret to staying sane? Luxurious presents to myself, placed around strategically so that a relaxing escape is never far away. Even if it is for just a few seconds enjoyment, these little indulgences help me reset and live my own version of la dolce vida.

CURATED BY: Leilah Mundt

PUKKA HERBS ORGANIC HERBAL LOVE TEA A tea ritual brings me much needed peace to my day. My favorite blend, with rose, chamomile and lavender, is pleasing to the palette and the heart. $6.95,

WEI OF CHOCOLATE, 16 PIECE GIFT BOX I am really into chocolate, and really not into guilt. These little babies are infused with powerful flower and gem essences for wellness and are fair trade, vegan, gluten and soy free. $36,

MAY LINDSTROM SKIN, THE PROBLEM SOLVER I am always up for an exotic spa escape, although I rarely (never) get one. Fortunately, I have a jar of this unbelievable treatment in my bathroom. On days when my morning isn’t so rushed, I luxuriate in my robe while an intoxicating concoction of cacao, clays, and spices take my complexion from blah to OMG in 30 minutes flat. $90,

TURKISH-T, SOFT SPA BATH TOWEL Turkish_T create the softest, most luxurious towels, making just drying off after the shower a time for luxury and ritual. $45,



spotlight on beauty

DNA WRITTEN BY: Leilah Mundt


| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013

It is a windy Saturday afternoon in Ventura, California. I don’t know it yet, but I am about to have the best facial of my life. Marie Lynne, aesthetician at DNA Health Institute, greets me in the parking lot and begins happily chattering away as she leads me into her treatment room. Two hours later I emerge, skin glowing. I have been rubbed, scrubbed, micro-currented, and infused with stem cells. And I look amazing. Marie Lynne performed the signature treatment from DNA Skincare, a cosmeceutical product lineup created by Dr. Noel Santana Aguilar, a homeopathic doctor specializing in biological medicine. Dr. Aquilar created the DNA CryoStem Technology and Skin Therapy Systems as a way to get seriously effective, clinical results using completely natural ingredients for true skin health. I don’t know about you, but I have used hundreds of supposed skinchanging products from countless doctors. Some are great, some are not, but ALL of them are loaded with chemicals that can do damage to skin as you try to fix a problem. This has never, ever made sense to me. For instance, a medical grade acne solution my have acne fighting Benzoyl Peroxide, clinically proven to kill acne causing bacteria. However, this same product can include dozens of other ingredients, including petrochemicals, synthetic fragrance, harsh chemical preservatives and sulfates, all of which irritate the skin and cause acne and other chronic skin disorders. Dr. Aguilar’s formulations are clean, allowing the super healing, anti-aging qualities to shine through, without any of the common side effects.

“After using a customized regimen for just a few weeks and receiving a DNA CryoStem Treatment, I had achieved a few of my ultimate skin goals; fewer breakouts, tight and smooth complexion and lighter pigment. A miracle? No, science.”

I was really surprised and impressed by DNA’s ingredient deck and commitment to a clean, effective skincare program. And oh, the results! After using a customized regimen for just a few weeks and receiving a DNA CryoStem Treatment, I had achieved a few of my ultimate skin goals; fewer breakouts, tight and smooth complexion and lighter pigment. A miracle? No, science. DNA Skincare advocate, Nia Peeples, puts it this way, “DNA skin care is formulated using technology that is virtually unrivaled In the world for it’s ability to transform, rejuvenate and enhance the face and body. The biotech science and ionic chemistry they use to insure maximum results is known to less than 8 scientists and biochemists across the globe.” Well said, Nia. And well done, Dr. Aguilar.



Photo: Diana King


KRISTIN WRITTEN BY: Anna Griffin, Editor in Chief

On Marriage, Motherhood and Making It All Work! We all came to know Kristin Cavallari as the bad girl on Laguna Beach and its spin-off show The Hills. To some she might seem like an interesting cover choice for Coco Eco as she is not naturally associated with any eco-conscious initiatives, as well as being somewhat out of the public eye of late. On the rare time she is seen, she is immaculately put together either jetting in or out of an airport, on a rare red carpet appearance, or out promoting one of her latest ventures, and the press can’t get enough of her when she does show up. But who is she, and is there anything beneath the polished veneer?



She may strike you as just a pretty Cali girl who landed two hit reality shows, a fiancé star-player for the Chicago Bears (Jay Cutler), a beautiful baby, homes in both Chicago and Nashville, and the picture-perfect life. However from the moment our paths cross, I am refreshingly surprised at how genuinely nice and down to earth she is. Kristin really is sweet and grounded in a way you wouldn’t expect, resembling nothing of the villainous TV persona we are all familiar with, and very much a hands-on Mom who is really in love with her baby. There’s no entourage or even a nanny as she chooses to travel with her mother when working, and if the saying “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” is true, then we’re in for a great shoot. It is her son Camden who is the inspiration for today’s interview, as it was Kristin’s journey into pregnancy and recent motherhood that alerted her attention to chemicals in our home and beauty routines, and the need to go organic. For one new to the eco-convo, she’s well versed and authentic in both her interest and learning. She is already naturally heath-conscious, and this new chapter in her life seems to bring her to an organic evolution on her pathway to a greener lifestyle, and cleaner world. As the day progresses, her ease and professionalism is apparent. This is one of our quickest and most effortless shoots on record, such is the energy and focus Kristin brings to set, and by the time we sit down to chat it’s as comfortable as sitting down with an old friend. Coco Eco Magazine: You had a baby last year and I hear it’s changed your approach to your lifestyle choices, and products you’re using? Kristin Cavallari: Absolutely. I don’t want to put anything on him which has chemicals, and so everything is organic. It also makes you think about what you’re putting on your own body. It’s made me look at my cosmetics and face products, because if you don’t want it on your baby, why would you want it on yourself? It’s definitely steering me to all natural and organic.

CEM: Is this something you became more aware of when you were pregnant? KC: Definitely, but it was more towards the end of my pregnancy that I started thinking about the products I would be buying and using, and started reading labels. You have to read the ingredients of food and beauty products, because it’s shocking to find what’s in them. There are so many chemicals that we’re not aware of. CEM: Where did you get your information from because for a lot of women, they don’t know the names of the chemicals and there are a lot of them to decipher?

“You have to read the ingredients of food and beauty products, because it’s shocking to find what’s in them. There are so many chemicals that we’re not aware of.” KC: Well if you don’t recognize the name do your research, and particularly with food. If you cannot pronounce the name, you should not be eating it. And it’s the same for beauty products as well. It’s a good rule of thumb. CEM: How are some of the other ways it has impacted your lifestyle choices?



| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013




| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013

“If you cannot pronounce the name, you should not be eating it. And it’s the same for beauty products as well. It’s a good rule of thumb.”

KC: I’ve always been a pretty healthy eater. My dad is a big health-nut so I’ve always tried to be as organic as possible, but when I became pregnant I took it to a whole new level, and was even more conscious of what I was putting in my body. I cut back on meat, not only because it was bad for the environment but also because it felt healthier for me. I think that’s why I didn’t gain much baby weight. I gained 25lbs, which is what I was supposed to gain, and since then I have been choosing more of a plant-based diet. I work out four times a week and just try to live healthy. CEM: Some exciting news in your career. You have two new product lines out. KC: Yes. I have a jewelry line that launched just before Valentines Day with Pascal Mouawad and, and it’s great for everyday. I love just layering pieces and stackable things, and it’s all very affordable, and easy because that’s what I like to wear. My shoe line is with Chinese Laundry, and again all the things that I love like a great bootie or flats or pumps.

CEM: I am really happy that although not made of eco-friendly materials, your jewelry line is made locally here in LA? KC: Yes it was important for us to do that, and it also keeps work here in the USA. CEM: Do you think that as you continue your journey into a more eco-friendly lifestyle it might start to impact some of your collaborations and partnerships? KC: Yes I would love it to. Like with the jewelry, the fact that everything is made locally is great so I already feel like I am naturally heading in that direction. CEM: Are you doing anything with your acting career? KC: No. I’ve passed on a couple of things that would have kept me here in LA because my fiancé Jay has to be in Chicago, so if I was here we would never see each other. The sacrifices we make for love... CEM: So whilst you could be pursuing a TV career, you’re actually choosing to focus on more entrepreneurial aspects, and on being a full-time Mom.




| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013

“It’s easy to get wrapped up in your career and have that be your only focus, and I want my marriage (when we do get married) to work and last, and family comes first.”

KC: Exactly. I think you have to have a good balance. It’s easy to get wrapped up in your career and have that be your only focus, and I want my marriage (when we do get married) to work and last, and family comes first. The design work is great because I can do most of it from Chicago, and I have so much fun with it. I love it and it all works out. CEM: So before we run, I have to ask that dreaded question that everybody asks you, because everybody wants to know? KC: The old marriage question! All I’ll say is we’re planning a big summer wedding, but I’m keeping it a secret!

Kristin is a sweet girl with a sound head on her shoulders, and despite what looks like having an enviable life, faces the same challenges as the rest of us when it comes to her new role as a mom and soon-to-be wife. Without hesitation family comes first, and she is making important choices including prioritizing motherhood over career, and educating herself on living an organic and non-toxic lifestyle. How refreshing in a world where one would be forgiven for thinking that career and celebrity count for more, to see this young woman embrace family over fame, balancing the demanding aspects of being an entrepreneur whilst raising a family, and making it all effortlessly work. Whatever comes next, a new Kristin is emerging and as she effortlessly glides into this next sphere in life, one that will take her far beyond her villainous caricature of the past, we can’t help but think she fits this new reality a whole lot more.




WOMEN Photo: Diana King

TIA MOWRY Tia Mowry is more than just one half of the famous twin duo Tia and Tamera (of Sister, Sister fame and their eponymous show on the Style Network), she’s an entrepreneur, author, and mother. As her more than 1.4 million Twitter followers will attest, she is also a farmer’s market fan, a green juice proselytizer, and a superpositive force.

WRITTEN BY: Nicole Landers


While her (gorgeous!) son, Cree, has grown up eating—and wearing—organic, Tia has taken her passion for health to the next level, conceiving and recently launching need, a line of products for expectant mothers that grew from Tia’s (and Tamera’s) first-hand experience. They knew what ingredients they didn’t want to see on product labels for babies or moms-to-be. “If you really look into it, you can find some very scary things included in baby products,” says Tia. First up from need: an herbal lactation tea, MILKY!, available online and in stores later this spring. Tia’s book Oh Baby! Pregnancy Advice from One Hot Mama to Another (available now) focuses on a positive, realistic, “tell it like it is” attitude to the process of pregnancy. “I wanted to write a guide about not only what was going on with the baby, but with the mom as well. I wanted to approach the situation from a realistic perspective and talk about the embarrassing things that happen during pregnancy,” says Tia. That kind of advice and information, as any new parent can tell you, isn’t so easy to find, so this book is filling a void. From supporting the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, to launching need, to television and film projects, (and her book!) Tia is positively impacting fans old and new. “If people see me as a role model, I am truly honored, she says. “I try the best I can at everything I do, and I think that’s what a lot of people admire.” How can we not?


From celebrities to mothers, advocates to entrepreneurs, these women are all about creating the change they want to see out in the world.



JESSICA ALBA Possessing an inner beauty that easy rivals her outer, this superstar actress also boasts activist, entrepreneur, and a mother of two beautiful girls to her credentials. Inspired by her two children, Jessica launched The Honest Company in January 2012. “Being a mom is the most profound experience I’ve ever had,” she states. The Honest Company provides families with eco-friendly, education and essentials to keep families and homes healthy, safe and happy. Through, families are able to purchase the highest quality/performance, beautifully designed and affordable eco-products on the market. Living up to their namesake, The Honest Company invested in the development and use of all plant based non-toxic ingredients that will never harm the planet. Additionally, their packaging is made from 100% renewable or recycled materials. Honest is committed to creating a safer and more sustainable future for generations to come. THC has been recognized by winning top Parenting and EcoFriendly Awards, including the National Parenting Publication Awards and the Natural Child World Eco-Excellence Awards. Alba has ensured that with every purchase, The Honest Company gives time, money and product to, which supplies families in need with essential, eco-friendly baby gear and clothing for their children up to the age 12. distributes new and gently used items to over 40 non-profit organizations. “As a mother, I cannot imagine what it must be like for parents who cannot afford the most basic necessities for their babies. No child, regardless of his/her family’s socio-economic status, should ever be without diapers, food, clothing or hygiene items. Our goal is to help alleviate some of the burden on these families by providing them with these essentials.” Recently Alba launched her first book, THE HONEST LIFE: Living Naturally and True to You (Rodale Books; March 12, 2013) takes you through her own personal journey of discovery, and shares insights and strategies that’s she has gathered along the way. The Honest Company also recently introduced its brand new app, HonestBaby, available now from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, allowing parents the ability to instantly and easily monitor their child’s development, growth and activity.


| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013

JENNIFER SIEBEL NEWSOM You may have seen her in the hit musical Rent, or hit television series Mad Men, alongside Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom of California, or perhaps you have attended one of her inspirational live talks. Stanford graduate, Jennifer Siebel Newsom is not just an accomplished actress, iconic speaker, and mother of two gorgeous children, she is also an award winning filmmaker, and named “Most Influential Women in Business” by the San Francisco Business Times and one of “150 Fearless Women Who Shake The World” by Newsweek Daily. “We are thrilled to have so many outreach opportunities for Miss Representation. This film was made to be a change agent in our culture, to inspire both women and men to recognize women’s collective voice, leadership capacity and equal rights,” says Jennifer. And that it did. Jennifer’s award winning Sundance documentary, in which she wrote, directed, and produced, explores how the media’s inaccurate portrayals of women have led to the under-representation of women in positions of power and influence. Miss Representation features provocative interviews with politicians, journalists, entertainers, activists, and academics like Lisa Ling, Katie Couric, Rosario Dawson, and Gloria Steinem. Following the success of Newsom’s documentary will be her upcoming movie The Invisible War, exposing the rape epidemic within the U.S military. As if that wasn’t enough reason for

us to feature Jennifer as one of the Women We Admire, her involvement with Conservation International, a global environmental organization where the primary focus was providing micro-enterprise opportunities to women, has gained her international recognition in Africa, Latin America, and Europe.



SHERYL GREENTREE Being a single mother and having to provide is hard enough but not for Sheryl Greentree as she has built a 20 year reputation as a woman of great leadership not only to her family but to her philanthropic work. She has been a longtime advocate for health and has worked in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry, wholesale/distribution, laboratory, diagnostics, retail and the insurance industry. Sheryl founded the Non-Governmental Organization Water for Africa. The idea for WFA came out of a chance meeting and a dream to make a difference for communities in Africa in providing safe, and sustainable water supply. Donors and NGO’s over the past 30 years have built over 800,000 hand-pump wells in the Sub-Saharan region of Africa only to still see a 40-60% decline in water points due to shallow drilling and poor or non- existent maintenance.


| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013

Water for Africa challenges this past problem by being the only company in the United Kingdom to date that has a drilling base in Africa which enables them to be a continuous and steady resource to the communities. The company prides itself on bringing sustainable solutions and educating local men and women in healthy water supply installations, technical repairs, as well as proper monitoring. Water for Africa drills boreholes instead of open wells providing a safer source of water that reduces cross contamination and reaches deeper aquifers to outlast the dry seasons. Their goal is to provide 350,000 people of Gambia and Uganda with a clean sustainable water supply. Water for Africa is also a part of the Clinton Global Initiative dedicated to providing innovative and clear solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.

energy. Smitely founded the Barley and Birch Foundation while she was still enrolled as a full time law student at age 24. This dedicated organization has devoted their time and energy to providing housing and education for 30 children in Port au Prince, Haiti. The organization also joined with many others to deworm 3.2 million children in Haiti in 2012.

KYLE SMITLEY Featured in Fortune Magazine, The Huffington Post and Inc. Magazine, and repeatedly invited by President Obama to speak at the White House about her vision of philanthropy and her endeavors as a young entrepreneur, Kyle Smitely can only be described as an eco-power player. Smitely has focused her time and energy into providing structures of sustainable and lasting use to the world creatively branching out into education, community gardening, environmentally sustainable clothing while making use of renewable

Out of her frustrations in searching for truly environmentally sustainable clothing, she also founded a Barley and Birch clothing line based in Ohio, which uses organic cotton, water based environmentally safe dye, and boasts a carbon neutral footprint. As if that wasn’t enough to be proud of, she is currently also currently working to create a new kind of school: The Detroit Achievement Academy. It’s an environmentally and community conscience school that is scheduled to open in the fall of 2013. This school will incorporate a project-based learning system with foundations and topics including the history and current community issues in Detroit. It will also feature an “edible schoolyard” providing nutritional education and teamwork building. A full time social worker and strong afterschool programs will also be provided to support and engage parents in creating a school that works with the community needs.



ANOESJA FÜRST & MARJA BAAS The use of every day material has been a re-occurring discussion for Anoesja Fürst and Marja Baas, both concerned about its impact on our health and the environment. Excited by the latest technology to create eco-friendly materials and the possibility of creating a positive change in all areas of our lives: from the environment, to education, healthcare, and even food supply for families, Maria and Anoesja sold their companies and quit their jobs to embrace this new eco-friendly technology and do something good in the world. Their goal was to create a business of designing classically beautiful products with a story made of only earth friendly materials. This has turned into Goodforall in 2007, a company standing transparently behind a 100% fair-trade and environmentally friendly ethos. “With the UN’s Millennium Development Goals as the target, Goodforall has set about the underprivileged. They have created jobs in places where they are needed most. “Our goal is to create 2000 new jobs by 2020.”


| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013

states Anoesja and Marja. “This means food, education and a new chance for 2000 families in India, providing self-earned dignity, pride and a tangible long term result.” Today Goodforall has three labels: My Paper Bag, My Saddle Bag, and Patch8. Despite the challenge of the years it took to bridge the gap between Indian and western cultures with regards to production and coinciding it with market desires, we knew Good For All was destined for success when they sold 1000 My Paper Bags after only one publication in a newspaper! “Follow your dream and make beautiful designs by using sustainable materials that don’t harm the environment....” This is only the beginning of many good things to come for Good For All.

ELOISE LAPIDUS This talented and rising designer combines her passion for fashion with eco-conscious practices due to her concerns about the impact on our planet. The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world, and Lapidus had a growing concern about the impact it was having on our planet. Bringing her experience, innovative style, and Parisian charisma to her line of apparel at BoBo House she is the daughter of world-renowned French designer Ted Lapidus. Eloise’s keen fashion sense has been instilled in her since childhood. Early exposure to the world of fashion has allowed Eloise to harvest her designs and concentrate her passion within the industry. Eloise is greatly inspired by 1960s and 1970s Paris and St. Tropez. “Growing up in Paris I was mesmerized by the sophistication and beauty of French women and the streets of the city they called home.” Merging the lifestyles of both Paris and L.A. is a unique concept Eloise infuses into her collections, which are comprised of classic pieces that are romantic while discreet and have the ability to transcend the confines of conventional apparel. Even though it unfortunately costs more Eloise still made a conscious decision to produce, resource fabric and materials as sustainable as possible. She did not consciously have this in mind when she started in fashion. Choosing products that are making a difference or choosing traditional fabrics that are made in a way that’s much more sustainable or eco-conscious is taking the first step. Hopefully consumers will look more closely at labels to see what the product is made of, such as the fibers that are being used and where it is made. Furthermore, when clothes are made well and last longer one will be making small strides to minimize consumption: “Buy less, buy better.” as Eloise states.

BoBo House just launched an online store and look out for the men’s collection coming soon.



SUKI KRAMER With an extremely flooded beauty industry, it is almost impossible to find products that actually work. Suki Kramer has first-hand experience. Growing up with allergies, sensitivities, and eczema, Suki had predominantly negative experiences with the beauty and skincare products she used. She started out trying to heal herself by developing basic herbal formulas in her 20s, along with changing her lifestyle and exploring holistic products and diet. Long before the rest of the industry went green Suki founded Suki Inc and began dedicating herself to health and wellness from her Massachusetts kitchen. Suki experimented day and night to create this new formulation technology and in the process created her original high potency botanical concentrate which is still handmade today. Her personal philosophy, Know Your Beauty has been a mission statement that has guided the company since the inception. “My philosophy, Know Your Beauty, is all about being as informed as we can, taking charge of our own health and well-being, to, as much as possible, avoid harmful ingredients/toxins (keeping in mind no one is perfect!), which can cause a multitude of long and short term concerns and diseases.” suki® clinically proven natural solutions skincare consistently wins industry award. It was created as a problem solving skincare line largely to serve those with sensitive skin and other common skin concerns. The company partners with several organizations that matter including; The Farber Center for Radiation Oncology, whose philosophy follows “we believe that caring for a patient is caring for a person.” On the same note, each year suki® skincare partners with Breast Cancer Action (BCA) for BCA month as well, donating 100% of proceeds of our best-selling Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser to Breast Cancer Action (BCA). Breast Cancer Action (BCA) is all about education and uncovering the truth — in their case, behind campaigns like pink ribbon marches and “pink” products. They really inform women about the toxic effects of some


| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013

medicines, about prevention and new treatments for breast cancer. 100% of the profits from the sale of suki® exfoliate are donated to Breast Cancer Action during October every year. As well as, Girls Inc. which embodies the foundation of suki®, Know Your Beauty, and teaches young women and girls how to be self-reliant, independent, to love themselves in their entirety, flaws and all. “This is a charity I believe in because it inspires all girls to be strong, smart, and bold through programs that help girls navigate gender, economic, and social barriers. They know (as well as I do) that girls get a lot of negative messages telling them they “can’t do things” or should look and act certain ways just because they’re girls and they are there to remind girls that this is just nonsense”. Suki, as a woman entrepreneur really “beat the odds” herself. “I think it’s important that we let girls know they can do anything and become anything they try.” Suki states. Know Your Beauty is of course also about embracing ourselves as the amazing individuals we are, accepting ourselves in our entirety — “flaws” and all.




pioneers for the planet WRITTEN BY: Erica J. Eddings & Nikki Lin

From devleoping new techniques for filmmaking to rebuilding entire communities, creating market-changing products to educating our children; these gentlemen have all worked towards protecting our Mother Earth and all who rely on her. Join us as we applaud their remarkable efforts in this very special Earth Day Edition



Photo: Courtney Beckett

Partnering with college friend from UCLA Jordan Kitaen, Quixote started in 1995 as simply a production vehicle rental company. Within a few years, it grew, and grew, and later merged with Smashbox Studios. The company now has locations nationwide, in New York, Boston, New Orleans, and Los Angeles. Elliott envisions, “from biodegradable containers at our coffee bar to solar powered vehicles, we try to find a ‘green’ solution for just about anything production related.” Quixote’s green initiatives include vehicles and generators fueled by biodiesel; and their LEED certified Verde units have zero emissions, thanks to solar power from the top of the motorhomes. The interior of these vehicles were also designed and created with recycled materials. In the offices, staff are encouraged to use mugs and glasses for water, as no bottled water is kept on stock. And, once a week the “Clean Team,” a few staff members from each office, makes way into the community, to clean up trash and talk to the neighbors about how to protect the environment.

MIKEL ELLIOTT A true knight in shining armor, Mikel Elliott is the CEO of Quixote and Smashbox Studios. Elliott is leading this powerhouse production equipment and transportation company with state of the art green technology and best practices. 94

| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013

Pushing green practices for the last eight years, Elliott explains that Quixote plans to “teach and encourage the production community on the importance of our efforts.” Hosting community events such as the EcoFair, industry professionals participate in panels like “How Green is My Production,” focusing on better practices and resources. Quixote is also participating in the AICP food drive, providing drop off locations for the AICPGives Initiative. As this company continues to grow, including upcoming renovations in Los Angeles and expanding services in New Orleans, its impact to the arts and entertainment industry is invaluable. Dutifully forging forward, that truly is the story of Quixote.

Photo: James Kyson

JAMES KYSON Although Ando was a sidekick on NBC’s supernatural hit show Heroes, in real life, James Kyson is a leading man in the green energy movement. Working with I’ll Be the One Organization (IBT1org), formerly known as the Veggie Van Organization, Kyson hopes to “change the way we use our energy, and that every car in the future will run on something other than oil and gas.” IBT1org works to educate and inspire leaders in the community through media on the importance of sustainable energy practices. Attending a private screening of their film FUEL, Kyson met the founders of IBT1org, Josh and Rebecca Tickell. Fans of Heroes, the group instantly hit it off, and Kyson joined in on the movement and serves on the Advisory Board. The group traveled across the country together, where Kyson was able to gain a better understanding of their mission and how hard Josh and Rebecca work for this organization and cause. Stopping in D.C., they unveiled to congress the Algeus, a converted Prius that runs on algae. They also drove up north to a bio-diesel plant in Lake Erie. Visiting the plant allowed Kyson to “better understand the process and the technology of renewable fuels... It was the best smelling power plant I have ever visited... and reaffirmed my beliefs of how important development of new energies are for our future.” We can catch Kyson this year in the films Plush, Criticsized, and Born to Race 2, or currently on television’s Chasing the Hill. He also plays for the Hollywood Knights basketball team in Los Angeles, and travels on USO tours for the troops overseas. Originally aspiring to work for the NBA, Kyson has made a lasting impression on Hollywood.



SEAN PATRICK HARRINGTON Natural beauty in our society is available in various cosmetic remedies, but Sean Patrick Harrington and Previse Skin Care provide natural solutions to beauty, through healthy skin. Harrington is the Chief Oracle and Enthusiast of Previse. The eco-sensitive company specializes in cruelty-free, environmentally friendly, quality products, for the individual. “Designed by nature, customized by skin type, our mission is skin fitness,” says Harrington. Previse personal consultations identify client needs, for the best products to help improve the condition and health of their specific skin type. Clients see a difference in their skin’s health within the first three weeks, with fewer lines and even tone. They will launch a new sunscreen this year, Previse SunSheer SPF 25, featuring micronized zinc and titanium in their original natural recipes. Product recipes consist of ZeroSilicone™, are free of harsh chemicals, petroleum and other pore-clogging oils, artificial fragrances, and are not tested on animals - unlike other products used in mass-market production. Using natural ingredients such as proteins from soya beans, honey, resveratrol, and green tea extract, these products prevent cell death while firming up the cells. Previse “scientists borrow the best of nature to improve skin fitness,” explains Harrington, “we insist that all our ingredients be harvested from sustainable crops or sources.” This conscience effort extends beyond the products. Investing in recycling, most of the product packaging is recyclable. Previse also monitors their carbon footprint by fewer shipments of raw materials, minimizing the use of fossil fuels. Previse is only available online, through licensed aestheticians, and through dermatologists. Thanks to Harrington and Previse, beauty is naturally skin deep and healthy. Photo: Sean Patrick Harrington


| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013

Photo: DJ Struntz

JON ROSE Thirsty? Well, it used to be as simple as fetching water from a well. Jon Rose, surfer and philanthropist, created Waves for Water (W4W) to help countries with great waves, but who are without the necessary resources and technology to provide clean water. W4W has programs in 13 countries; with their main focal points in Haiti, Brazil, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Peru, and Liberia. W4W has used the same filtration technology for a few years, and “once we do a demo in the field, we are the first to drink a glass,” states Rose. Each project requires an implementing and a financial partner to design the best program for that region. Working with these partners, W4W is able to “develop a strong, clear cut program,” Rose explains, “and can make bigger moves to get people clean water.” Sometimes there are cultural, political, and environmental challenges. For example in Peru, it takes three days on horseback to get to villages; and in Afghanistan they partner with the U.S. military, but have to wear protective gear to deliver clean water. Back in October, Rose immediately responded and flew to the east coast, to help with Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

Pulling 20+ hour days removing rubble and boarding up buildings, Rose says he “gets a little juice from the universe from doing the right thing, like natural order, that extra charge needed to get through it.” Partnering with Hurley, W4W has a do-it-yourself volunteer program called Clean Water Couriers. People can get involved by donating online; hosting fundraisers, and if traveling to these areas, buy the filters online and deliver them. Each filter provides clean water for 100 people. “People don’t think about water, and it’s not their fault,” Rose enlightens, “once you are informed of how easy it is to change someone’s life, you are responsible, and it becomes an obsession.” W4W is making waves, and changing lives. Surf’s up!



BARRY FRANKS & JULIAN PETERSON Once just a color, green is now a lifestyle and important effort to teach our children. Eco Universal Productions is emerging in the forefront of this movement under the concept of “edutainment,” founded by entrepreneur and CEO Barry Franks, and former NFL star and Ambassador Julian Peterson. Becoming a parent, Peterson started “worrying about what the world would look like for my children, their health, and the environment if we continue in our current practices.” With that idea, and working with several great designers, they created the character and brand, Eco Enrico. “We wanted to bring to life an ecological product as a tool for k-12 education, finding a medium of their learning in gaming,” explains Franks. Eco Enrico is an eight-year old Hispanic American character, on a mission to fight and reduce the ecological threats globally alongside a team of friends called the Extreme Green Team. As Eco Enrico represents the U.S.A., each character is associated with a different continent, and has the superpowers to address the ecological issues of that region. When dealing with the idea of a green future, Franks believes “it is an extreme situation. These characters are extreme green activists and athletes, in action and in messaging. It takes an extreme team, to deal with extreme problems.” Under the idealism that children will lead the way, Peterson believes “kids will bring this to their parents, raising awareness, and now the whole family and community will come together to change the world.” Franks and Peterson worked with executive coach and former k-12 educator, Charlie Flood, to design and develop the educational learning brand of Eco Enrico.


| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013

Photo: Eco Universal Productions

Out of the development phase and officially launched, Eco Universal Productions is raising awareness globally through their online educational games, apps, eBooks, participating in events like the X-Games, and forming partnerships with other environmental organizations. Franks hopes to see “the generation of tomorrow comprehend and continue to deliver Eco’s message: every ONE can make a difference.”

Photo: LA Times

WOODY HARRELSON Earlier this year, Woody Harrelson joined with the Humane Society of the United States to directly address the fur fashion industry in calling for a Fur-Free 2013. The two-time Academy Award-nominated actor is known for his support of animal protection and environmental causes. In a request to “Make Compassion Your Fashion”, Harrelson narrates a thought-provoking video to raise awareness of the cruelties of the fur-trade, and provide an account of what takes place to bring the supposedly lavish apparel to market. “It’s always difficult for people to deal with images of animal cruelty head-on; no one wants to look at what really goes into the making of fur. This video is so impactful because it lets you know without having to see,” says Harrelson. “I really hope it makes fashion designers and consumers think twice about using and wearing animal fur, when so many great alternatives are available and just as stylish.”

Foxes, raccoon dogs, bobcats, and even domestic dogs and cats are among the millions of animals killed every year by the fur trade industry. Raccoon dogs are cage-raised in China, where live skinning has been documented. Anal electrocution is a common method of killing factory farmed foxes. These harsh methods are taken to ensure that none of the fur is damaged in the process, with no regard for the life that is being taken. The HSUS’s fur-free campaign works with designers and retailers, fashion students, and consumers to move away from animal fur. To support these efforts, Harrelson reminds viewers that although fashion trends are important, so too are the fashion faux pas and impropriety (or moral faux pas) that the fur fashion industries perpetuate with false notions of what elegance truly is to the fashionista.




“What we’re doing in response to Sandy is trying to get solar systems integrated into the neighborhoods, so that we demonstrate how we need to rebuild our electricity grid; not just the same old way but with robust solar back-up systems that aren’t grid tied to save people who are the recipients of those systems money.”

During a TedxTalk, Matt Petersen imagined what the result would be if Forbes released a list of the ‘Top 40 Citizen Entrepreneurs’, featuring undertakers of efficient and healthier ways of coexisting.

He asked another very important question: “Can we lead, or is it going to take disaster to wake us up?” How long will it take our communities, our governments and our leaders to accept that our way of living is actually an endangerment? So, he keeps the dialogue moving because even if nothing happens, movement forward can still occur.

As President and CEO of Global Green USA, Petersen works towards this brand of social entrepreneurship every day. For almost two decades, Global Green USA (the American affiliate of Green Cross International) has sought to establish a global value shift toward a sustainable and secure future. Petersen has been a driving force for sustainable design, solar power, and green communities while improving the lives of those in need.

“It’s all the convergence of all this awareness raising, the need to take action, the building of solutions, the building of the solar marketplace, the closing a tax loophole to fund energy efficiency which will hopefully be focused on schools... All of these things start to add up so when disaster hits, we are not still flat footed and we’re actually more prepared.”

Roughly one year before Hurricane Sandy struck, Petersen worked with actor Mark Ruffalo to make the public aware of the sea level rise and its threat to lower Manhattan. When no one listened and the inevitable occurred, he simply went to work.


Photo: Global Green USA

| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013


TOP 10

ECO CHIC RESORTS South East Asia and Australasia WRITTEN BY: Nichola Zed

Injidup Spa Retreat, Australia

| COCO | April/May | April/May 102 | COCO ECO ECO MAGAZINE MAGAZINE 2013 2013

Now that we are full steam ahead into 2013 and contemplating our next holiday, one of these amazing eco resorts should be on the top of the list! ECO BEACH RESORT - BROOME, AUSTRALIA Eco Beach is a multi award-winning eco resort set amongst a pristine and untouched environment. The core business philosophy is to provide guests and visitors with unsurpassed wilderness and memorable cultural experiences whilst having minimal impact on the unique natural surrounds. They are passionate in their belief that Eco Beach stands at the very forefront of global ecotourism. Accommodation at the retreat includes 25 superbly appointed Eco Villas interlinked by over 1km of elevated wooden boardwalks, and 30 luxurious safari style Eco Tents. Each solar powered Eco Villa has been interior designed and comes complete with air conditioning and luxury furnishings. They have won a plethora of awards since opening at the end of May 2009, including the Gold Medal for Unique Accommodation and the Silver Medal for Ecotourism at the Western Australian Tourism Awards in 2012. Virgin Australia flies directly to Broome from Perth in less than 2 hours. 16 Carnarvon Street Broome, Western Australia, 6725 Phone: +61 8 9193 8015 Injidup Spa Retreat, Australia

Eco Beach Resort, Broome, Australia

INJIDUP SPA RETREAT - AUSTRALIA For the pampering of a lifetime, head to the southern cape of Western Australia to the heart of the Margaret River wine and surfing region and the Injidup Spa Retreat. Injidup Spa Retreat deftly combines sophistication and luxury with casual comfort, while paying homage to the surrounding national parkland and some of the best coastal views in the country. This retreat is nestled inconspicuously on the edge of national parkland and has majestic views to the Indian Ocean, the environmental and visual impact of the building design is discreet and there is a seamless interaction between each of the ten villas and the private day spa. The build had minimal impact on the existing landscape and all of the materials were sourced locally. Privacy and tranquility are paramount; the retreat is managed by the myhotel group, and has global prestige being a member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World. 32 Cape Clairault Road Yallingup, Western Australia, 6282 Phone: +61 8 9750 1300    GO | 103


Saffire Freycinet and Freycinet Lodge Tasmania, Australia

SAFFIRE FREYCINET AND FREYCINET LODGE TASMANIA - AUSTRALIA The Freycinet Peninsula is surrounded by some of the most pristine waters in the world, with ancient granite mountains rising from the sea, sprinkled with native bushland and home to a variety of wildlife, and ringed by vast stretches of sandy beaches relatively untouched by man. Saffire Freycinet overlooks the Hazard Mountains and the Freycinet National Park. The luxury resort has 20 suites. From each of the rooms guests have an enviable view across Great Oyster Bay to the Freycinet Peninsula and beyond. Freycinet Lodge features 60 cabins nestled in bushland, within the National Park. These eco-accredited cabins have one or two rooms and there are also exclusive couples’ retreats. The Lodge provides an opportunity to learn about the local environment, how to conserve by using resources wisely and help local communities.  There is also a range of tours for guests to book through the Lodge, from sea kayaking, offshore cruises, scenic flights, quad bike adventure rides and local food and wine tasting. Freycinet Lodge has been recognised as one of Australia’s leading and most innovative ecotourism projects, with Advanced Eco Certification from Ecotourism Australia.    2352 Coles Bay Road Coles Bay, Tasmania 7215 National: 1 800 723 347 / International: +61 3 6256 7888   104

| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013

ALILA VILLAS SOORI - BALI This charming resort is located along the southwest coast of Bali and was designed with an overt principle of sustainability in mind. The resort perfectly combines natural and locally sourced elements into its architecture to create a luxurious yet energy efficient and socially responsible resort living experience. Each of the buildings has been designed to take full advantage of filtered natural light. A combination of indigenous volcanic rock and abundant plants organically cool each of the villas. Furthermore, open courtyards provide natural ventilation and lighting. Recognising the importance of sustaining local biodiversity, Alila Villas Soori has set aside large designated areas for biodiversity protection. The resort caters for single villas to ten bedroom residences, making it the perfect retreat for any agenda. Designed by award-winning teams of architects, interior designers and artisans, an Alila Villas project is the only brand that is designed, built and operated to Earth Check standards.    Banjar Dukuh, Desa Kelating, Kerambitan, Tabanan, Bali 82161 Indonesia Phone: +62 361 894 6388

ALILA UBUD - BALI This stunning hillside resort is set in the foothills of Bali’s Ayung River valley, in the traditional hill village of Payangan. The resort is just minutes from the centre of Bali’s spiritual and cultural heart of Ubud. Alila Ubud uses traditional Balinese architecture with a touch of contemporary design. With secluded courtyards, spacious terraces and private gardens it creates an intimate oasis for the perfect getaway. Most of the walls are constructed with rock from the Ayung River and pillars of local coconut wood support the roofs. The terraces benefit from the breeze created by the hillsides of alang-alang grass. Alila Ubud’s philosophy has always been one of environmental and social sustainability. The resort has 56 rooms with 12 villas, ranging from charming rooms to pool villas. Alila Ubud is one of the first hotels in Bali to seek international certification for environmental sustainability, were one of the pioneers to adapt the GreenGlobe 21 program and certification in 2007 and continues to be an industry leader in responsible tourism. Desa Melinggih Kelod, Payangan Gianyar, Bali 80572 Indonesia Phone: +62 361 975 963

Alila Ubud, Bali

Alila Villas Soori, Bali

GO | 105


GOLDEN BUDDHA BEACH RESORT - THAILAND Golden Buddha Beach Resort is located in one of the last unspoiled coastal areas in Thailand. On the island of Koh Phra Thong, the resort is the only built structure located on the 10km long private beach. The unique 26 houses are set in a tropical setting designed to maintain harmony between our human visitors and the surrounding nature. At Golden Buddha Beach Resort they have lived and breathed eco tourism for over 17 years, with less than 10% of the island actually developed. The island has wide-open savannahs rich in flora and fauna with over 100 different species of birds. Guests can participate in sustainable tours, beach visits, treks for nature lovers, yoga, spas and massages, meditation, reiki therapy, snorkeling, diving and thai cooking classes. With no other tourist developments and a private beach facing the Andaman Sea all to oneself, supernatural sunsets, hammocks and nothing but the sound of rustling bird song this resort is pure bliss. P.O. Box 4 131 Moo 2 T.Koh Phra Thong, A. Kuraburi, Phang-nga 82150 Thailand Phone: +66 8108 09849 Golden Buddha Beach Resort, Thailand

SABINBUANA ECO LODGE - BALI A retreat for lovers of nature and those who need to escape, Sarinduana Eco Lodge lays on the slopes of Mount Batukaru in central Bali. It is a short walk from the beautiful Batukaru rainforest and has stunning views from each of the bungalows. Sabinbuana Eco Lodge employs land management strategies and systems to protect the environment, uses sustainable waste management systems, saves water, serves organic food to guests, supports biodiversity and protects native fauna and flora. Each of the beautiful bungalows have been handcrafted to complement the tropical organic gardens. A highlight to your stay there is to taste “real” Balinese food made from traditional spices grown in the lodges’ gardens. Guests can choose to engage in workshops, guided trekking and walks, mountain biking, motorbike tours, massage and yoga, enjoy traditional Balinese cultures, birdwatering, animal feeding and meeting monkeys. Sarinbuana Eco Lodge offers an experience in nature immersed in an alive and inspiring culture, which gives an unrivaled understanding of Balinese life. Sabrinbuana Eco Lodge has become a leading example of Eco Tourism in Bali.

Sabinbuana Eco Lodge, Bali

Mount Batukaru Tabanan, Bali, Indonesia


| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013

Chiva-Som, Thailand

CHIVA-SOM - THAILAND Chiva-Som is located in the Royal city of Hua Hin on the Gulf of Thailand, 185 kilometres south of Bangkok. It is a secluded world of beauty and serenity, named the ‘Haven of Life’, dedicated to revitalising the mind, body and spirit. The luxury accommodation suites range in size; all with views of either the Gulf of Thailand or the resorts beautiful landscape gardens and lake. Chive-Som offers physiotherapy, Tai Chi, Pilates, personal training, spa and holistic health. Personalised programs and treatments are designed for everyone, blending Eastern philosophies with Western diagnosis skills. Chiva-Som had received numerous accolades and awards, including the prestigious Green Globe certification recognizing its commitment to operating at the world’s highest environmental standards. The resort practices energy efficiency and conservation, wastewater treatment and reuse, fresh water conservation, waste minimization and recycling, air-quality management, environmentally friends product-use and community well-being. ChivaSom also produces a collection of products that utilize the best natural ingredients to help clients achieve radiant healthy skin. 73/4 Petchkasem Road, Hua Hin Prachuab Khirikhan 77110, Thailand Phone: +66 3253 6536 Chiva-Som, Thailand

GO | 107


Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort & Spa, Philippines

SHANGRI-LA’S BORACAY RESORT & SPA - PHILIPPINES This resort is sprawled over 12-hectares of land, and is the first and only five-star international resort on the island of Boracay. The resort includes 219 rooms with 36 villas and suites, leisure facilities, 350 metres of secluded beachfront, an infinity pool, a spa, multiple dining options and a thriving ecosystem of diversity with rare flora and fauna. The resort villas house some of the countries most indulgent and stylish accommodation. The Treehouse villas sit atop the resort’s highest grounds, with spectacular views of the sea. Feasts of local materials were used in the design, including the island’s coral stone on the exterior architecture. CHI, The Spa at Shangri-La, embraces a holistic approach to physical and spiritual well-being, inspired by Asian healing philosophies. Shangri-La serves guests with water that is produced by its own water bottling plant. The resort also practices solid waste management and all food waste from the various kitchens are collected and brought to the resort’s backyard. Surrounded by an eco-reserve, Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort and Spa is truly the perfect paradise destination. Barangay Yapak, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, 5608, Philippines Phone: +63 36 288 4988 108

| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013

SIX SENSES NINH VAN BAY - VIETNAM This stunning resort sits on the rock foundations of Ninh Van Bay on the East Vietnam Sea. Six Senses Ninh Van Bay’s untouched secluded setting was built with traditional Vietnamese architecture and designed to blend in with the natural surrounds. The different villas include Hill Top Villas, Rock Villas and the 58 Beachfront Pool and Water Villas. Clients can also participate in water-sports, safaris, motorbike tours, scuba diving and plenty of recreational activities. Of course for those there to unwind the Six Sense Spa offers something for everyone. Six Sense Ninh Van Bay endeavour to utilise natural resources, improve the lives of the local community, and are committed to monitoring and improving sustainability. Rainwater is collected and used at the resort, and each month the hosts gather and clean the semiprivate beach. The resort also uses its own herb and vegetable garden in the restaurant. Six Senses Ninh Van Bay is committed to improving the ecological and carbon footprint through improving overall energy usage, consumption and operating efficiency the use of Clean Technology. Ninh Van bay, Ninh Hoa, Khanh Hoa, Vietnam Phone: +84 58 372 8222

Six Senses Ninh Van Bay, Vietnam

Six Sense Ninh Van Bay endeavour to utilise natural resources, improve the lives of the local community, and are committed to monitoring and improving sustainability.

Six Senses Ninh Van Bay, Vietnam

GO | 109



Mexico City WRITTEN BY: Starre Vartan

Polanco Neighborhood. Photo: Newlink PR

Mexico City is almost none of what you expect, and much more of what you don’t. Simply put, this is an urban city and capital whose reputation seems to have almost nothing to do with what it actually is, which in these days of online tours, virtual guidebooks, and overwhelming information seems strange, but it’s true. Mexico City is jam-packed with modern art and design, ancient archeology, world-class food, people from all walks of life (though overwhelmingly youthful) and some of the prettiest, most livable—and fun to eat, shop and explore—urban neighborhoods on the planet. GO | 111


stay THE HOTEL CONDESA is a former convent which fits beautifully into the quiet upscale neighborhood of Condesa, but don’t let its historic and demure exterior fool you; at night the gorgeous rooftop bar is hopping while the lights of the surrounding buildings twinkle through the trees. The modern rooms are comfortable yet relaxed and reasonably priced. Av. Veracruz #102, Col. Condesa Phone: 52 41 26 00

Rooftop Bar at The Hotel Condesa. Photo: Starre Vartan

shop TANE is worth a visit even if you aren’t necessarily in the market for jewelry or home décor, simply because it showcases the new, fascinating side of Mexican design. Featuring mostly sterling silver pieces, all metal comes from Mexican mines. Originally opened in 1942, the store features everything from silver jugs and animals to designer necklaces and earrings, some incorporating rare minerals and unique materials along with silver. Av. Presidente Masarik #430, Col. Polanco Phone: 52 82 62 00

Shopping in Mexico City. Photo: Starre Vartan

The Roma neighborhood is host to many independent, Mexicanowned shops and boutiques, including Sicario, Guru and Destructible, all of which feature youthful, very fashion-forward and cool clothing and accessories. Goodbye Folk has a fantastic selection of vintage shoes. Start at the Plaza Rio de Janiero and walk down Colima Street. SICARIO Colima #124, Col. Roma DESTRUCTIBLE Colima #244, Col. Roma GURU Colima #143, Col. Roma

Tane Store. Photo: Starre Vartan


| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013

GOODBYE FOLK Colima #198, Col. Roma

eat AZUL HISTORICO is the place to eat if you want to try some truly traditional Mexican food in a gorgeous setting. Situated in the center of a lovely, high-end shopping center, the restaurant feels alfresco, but is located beneath a green canopy of real trees with a large atrium high above. Start with the guacamole topped with crickets (con chipolino), a crunchy, salty, slightly smoky, altogether delicious, though unusual addition to the creamy dish (which is made to order). The dark brown mole sauce, a Oaxacan specialty, drenches several dishes, including the delectable enchiladas de mole negro. Some organic and vegetarian dishes, all-local produce. Isabela Catolica #30, Col. Centro Phone: 55 10 85 59 LA NICOLASA is a local, organic, gourmet grocery store that offers only made-in-Mexico items, and is located just north of the Polanco neighborhood (where many of the galleries and shops are). ClaverĂ­a 235, at the corner of Avenida Cuitlahuac Phone: 53 42 00 99

Guacamole and Chipolines Crickets. Photo: Starre Vartan

get around MEXICO CITY’S METRO is a clean, relatively safe and inexpensive option to the congestion problems inherent to a city as sprawling as it is. With over 160 stops and 12 lines crisscrossing the city, it is the second largest in North America after the NYC subway. For women concerned about using public transit alone, the first three cars on a subway are for women and children only (during peak hours) and there are also buses for women only, designated by pink placards.

Azul Historico Restaurant. Photo: Newlink PR

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explore Museo de Arte Popular. Photo: Starre Vartan

THE FRIDA KAHLO HOUSE AND MUSEUM is a not-miss attraction that’s a beautiful, fascinating look into the artist ‘s (along with her partner, Diego Rivera’s) work. Suitable for mature, polite kids age 8 and up, the museum lets you step inside the artist’s life, with a look at her bright yellow kitchen, beautiful living area, Diego’s bedroom and the glassed-in artists studio, complete with paints and easel set up just as Frida used them. Due to Frida and Diego’s love for traditional Mexican color and style, the home is a joyful celebration of historical decorative motifs and style. The gardens outside are a lovely spot to relax and soak in the vibe (there’s also a café), and don’t forget to stop by the gift shop, which has some truly cool Frida-related gifts, including tote bags and locally-made ceramics adorned with the artist’s likeness. Londres 247, Col. del Carmen, Coyoacán Phone: 55 54 59 99 MUSEO DE ARTE POPULAR This comfortable, bright and airy museum features folk art from all over Mexico, and from various time periods, lovingly curated and well-organized. There’s an incredible gift shop that is an ideal place to stock up on hand-crafted linens, paintings, masks and sculptures, and children’s toys.

Templo Mayor. Photo: Newlink PR

Templo Mayor. Photo: Starre Vartan


| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013

Revillagigedo #11, esq. Independencia, Col. Centro Phone: 55 10 22 01

The Frieda Kahlo House and Museum. Photo: Patricia Cordero

The Frieda Kahlo House and Museum. Photo: Patricia Cordero

THE PALACIO DE BELLAS ARTES was built over several eras of architectural history, but features mostly Art Deco and and Art Nouveau elements (including incredible detail no matter where you look). While the building itself is an incredible work of art, the Diego Rivera and Rufino Tamayo murals are the focus for many visitors.

Palacio de Bellas Artes. Photo: Newlink PR

Av. Juarez esq. Eje Central, Col. Centro Historico Phone: 51 30 09 99 TEMPLO MAYOR This archeological site and museum will recalibrate how you think of human history. Standing on the patio outside, you can actually look across the digs below, (there’s a great self-guided tour through them if you have the time), which reveals the preHispanic architecture of the Aztecs’ Pyramid of Tenochtitlan which once stood there; behind the dig are the circa-1400’s Catholic churches, and next to those the modern architecture of Mexico. Inside the museum, original artifacts show how complex and advanced (and brutal) civilization in the very spot you are standing was. Seminario #8, Col Centro Phone: 40 40 56 01

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day trip TEOTIHUACAN is the home of the Temple of the Sun and the Temple of the Moon, the largest pyramids in the world after those found in Egypt. It is a large site that requires quite a bit of walking, but is an intense and spiritual experience (for those who are looking for that) or just a great chance to take some incredible photos. Arriving when the park opens gives an excellent opportunity to have one of the pyramids entirely to yourself; later in the day the park fills up with both tourists and Mexican schoolchildren learning about their own history. Simple and easy public transportation (buses or semi-private vans) is available from Mexico City with regular departures. Stay overnight in the quiet and eco-conscious VILLAS ARQUEOLOGICAS, which provides great food and extremely reasonable rates just across from the ring road from the UNESCO site (free WiFi). Phone: 1 800 557 7755

Palacio Nacional. Photo: Newlink PR

get there Aeromexico offers nonstop flights to Mexico City from many American cities on their new, fuel-efficient jets (more coming in 2013). In addition to their new fleet additions, the airline has been a leader in replacing traditional fuels with biofuels (it was one of the first to do so) and adding fuel-saving devices (like winglets) as well as reducing waste. Pyramid of the Moon, Teotihuacan. Photo: Starre Vartan


| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013

You are invited... to Thula Thula for our spectacular Eco Safari. www.

EcoSafariAfrica .com

WATER FILTER Hydration is key to looking and feeling amazing and this premium made in the USA water filter connects to your faucet in just minutes to maximize contaminant reduction while allowing beneficial minerals, such as Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium, to remain in your water. $239.99,

WHITE LOTUS KAPOK PILLOW This luxurious pillow features a100% organic casing filled with kapok fiber that is harvested sustainably from rainforests while protecting the ecosystems of indigenous people. Kapok is a natural and cruelty free alternative to down that provides the same baby soft touch and comfort. $53, PURE MARULA OIL This exotic African treasure is rich in healing vitamins that will leave your skin looking incredible. The 100% natural and cold pressed oil is easily absorbed and harvested by women in South African village collectives. $80,

LOVE from


ADVANCED MINERAL FOUNDATION A Hollywood favorite, this lightweight, 100% natural foundation is suitable for all skin types, ages, and skin tones. The line is vegan and contains no talc, perfumes, parabens, dyes or preservatives. $44,


| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013



The sweetest things from around the world to share, gift, and enjoy throughout the month of loving our planet.

FLOWER MUSE FAIR TRADE ROSES These exquisite two dozen long stemmed rose bouquets from Ecuador are Fair Trade certified and shipped directly from the farm so you will receive the freshest and highest quality flowers in the world.

EYE GLOSS Jane Iredale Eye Gloss is a crease-free long-lasting liquid eye shadow. This smooth and shimmery formula is available in ten shades, is ideal for all skin types, and perfect for day or night.  $15.50,

PATYKA BODY WASH Straight from the city of love, Iris Wood is the latest scent from Parisian brand, Patyka. This luxurious Body Wash can be used in the shower or bath. $45, NATURAL WOODEN WATCH Hypoallergenic and chemicalfree, this natural wood watch is lightweight and stylish. With Miyota Japanese precision movement it ensures accuracy and for each timepiece sold, the manufacturer plants a tree. $119.95,

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WINNING THE SUSTAINABLE RACE WRITTEN BY: Nichola Zed IMAGES BY: LOCOG London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games

It is hard to believe that with all of the planning for the London 2012 Olympics, the Olympic Village would become one of the western world’s most successful sustainable building and urban regeneration outcomes. The 2012 Olympic Village was so successful in fact that the rest of the developing world is using its strategic masterplan as a benchmark for new developments, both larger and smaller. Â

LIFE | 121


Sustainability was at the heart of the London 2012 Bid and Masterplan, which draws upon the Mayor of London’s strategic vision to make London an Exemplar World Sustainable City.

I had the pleasure of learning about the Olympic Village Masterplan in detail with Tim Urquhart, the Development Director at Lead Lease. Lead lease is one of the world’s leading fully integrated property solutions providers. Urquhart captivated me with the sustainability outcomes that were achieved not only for the Olympic Games but also the long term future of the Village that will be a vibrant new mixed use urban development and home for over 7,000 people in 2013. The Lend Lease program was guided by the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) and BioRegional concept of ‘One Planet Living’. The One Planet Living ‘Towards a One Planet 2012’ program saw all involved stakeholders commit to reduce the use of the planet’s resources. The WWF is the catalyst behind the global efforts to solve the world’s environmental challenges and BioRegional is an award-winning sustainability charity, advocating


| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013

sustainability as attractive and affordable. Together they aim to change the future of global sports events by using a sustainable guide set by London 2012. In the WWF’s recent Living Planet Report it was revealed that our global society is living beyond capacity and that the Olympic Movement of 2012 was the perfect place to promote sustainable development worldwide.  One Planet Living has ten guiding principals; zero carbon, zero waste, sustainable transport, local and sustainable materials, local and sustainable food, sustainable water, land use and wildlife, culture and community, equity and local economy and health and happiness.   The aim of the Olympic Village environmental sustainability program was to demonstrate long-term solutions for energy consumption control, water resource management, infrastructure development, transport, minimising the environmental footprint and carbon offsetting. The achievements of the Olympic Village are endless and include; management of temporary lightweight and efficient structural materials within all designs, use of low impact materials, freighting of bulk material was delivered by rail, a 44 percent reduction in carbon emissions and a carbon saving of 40 per cent in the concrete mix. All residential buildings within the

Village achieved the Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4 criteria, an incredible success. The Olympic Village was also designed to be highly water efficient through use of water saving devices and appliances; water consumption per day is some 105 litres / person against the standard 160 litres. Over 95 per cent of demolition waste by weight was reused or recycled, and 20 percent of construction materials were from reused or recycled sources.    The Olympic Village includes 63 individual buildings across 11 residential plots, each of these are made up of five to seven buildings built around private communal squares and courtyards, with water features accentuating the closeness of the River Lea. There is some 2,818 new homes built, 1,379 of these are affordable - either for rent or sale. The designs include onebedroom apartments, to four and five bedroom townhouses. Lend Lease as Executive Sponsor also lead the development of Chobham Academy, a new educational campus for 3-19 year olds with over 1,800 student places. Community sustainability and place creation was at the foreground of the planning stage with a focus on the social outcome. This result was to make sure that the Village was not exclusive and that it created jobs, education and avenues of community engagement.  

“Our global society is living beyond capacity and the Olympic Movement of 2012 was the perfect place to promote sustainable development worldwide.”

Within the designs of the buildings LED lighting was used throughout to boost efficiency and lower energy consumption. The designs also provide internal heating and passive cooling, including under-floor heating. Urquhart explains that the success of the design was due to the multiple architects used; this allowed for creativity and mixed experience, while also ensuring a design ‘calmness’ and common architectural language via urban design guidelines.  

LIFE | 123


The Olympic Village used offsite fabrication, even down to the cupboards Urquhart explains. Noise efficiency was achieved by using an innovative approach to combine whole house ventilation and extract via a new colt ventilation kitchen extract system. There was also a large amount of space saving measures taken in the internal structures. The environmental impact was monitored through construction. The timber for the construction was sourced with accreditation from the FSC, the international non-government organisation dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests and the Village achieved 100% certification for all timber used, and were sourced locally in Europe.    Sustainability was at the fore of every stage of the London 2012 program. According to the WWF website London 2012 succeeded in being the most sustainable Games yet. The use of ‘carbon footprinting’ as a strategic toll was exemplary. National Geographic is also running a film on the sustainability at the Olympic Village. On a cultural level the Olympic Village paid respect to the diverse nationalities involved and incorporated those into the design. The Olympic Village looks set to become a very welcoming neighbourhood, and a catalyst for sustainable development for the rest of the world. 


| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013



WRITTEN BY: Anna Griffin, Editor in Chief PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Lexus

THE 2013 LEXUS ES 300H I’m a guy’s girl in the sense of driving. There is nothing more exhilarating than cruising down Mulholland Drive with an open roof and stunning view, precisely negotiating hairpin bends and sweeping curves, then powering up onto the open road, with a couple of hundred horsepower at my feet. However I’m an eco girl, so the thrill-of-the-drive-for-the-sake-of-the-thrill is now longgone, which puts me on a search for a dream ride that can deliver not only in performance, but also in its carbon output.


| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013

Enter the Lexus ES 300h, and a car that averages 40 miles per gallon in mixed driving (according to the EPA), can pull a cool zero to 60 miles per hour in around eight seconds, and has approximately the same fuel economy as a Ford Fiesta. If that weren’t enough the 300h is a sleek vessel with long clean lines and a luxurious and spacious interior. The tester we drove came with all the bells and whistles including navigation package with Mark Levinson premium audio, leather cabin trim, bamboo-wood steering wheel, ambient lighting and power rear sunshades. I didn’t want to get out. The ES 300h is an incredibly quiet ride (more like a glide than a drive), with an impressively seamless transition between its split electric and gas personality, thanks to the ES hybrid’s sophisticated powertrain integration. There are four modes — Eco, Normal, Sport and EV. Eco maximizes fuel saving and was great for running around town, particularly with the number of stop signs LA drivers encounter in a day. Normal mode took it up a notch providing a consistently comfortable and smooth drive, and when an extra bit of oomph was wanted, Sport gave an exhilarating rush and could definitely get us out of a pinch if needed. Brakes were responsive, and did get us out of a spot of bother when a vehicle in front suddenly braked on the freeway, bringing us safely to a stop and out of danger. Like the Lexus 2013 ES marketing campaign, Split World, the 300h gives us “a reason to look twice.” It is indeed a “stunning work of technology,” but beyond that also reaches the mark in fuel efficiency. Unlike most hybrids, nothing about the 300h says “hybrid,” and so Lexus gives us another reason to look again, effortlessly merging luxury and design with an eco-minded driving experience. With an accessible sticker price of $45k +, the ES 300h raises the bar in the current hybrid race and with all things considered, might just lure some conventional gasauto purchasers to switch to the other side. For the time being however, this Editor has found her dream ride, in a car that appeals to her eco-conscious desires, but does it with a side of style and a dash of a thrill!

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WRITTEN BY: Heather Carter PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Global Green USA


| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013

Rebuilding homes in New Orleans

Solar Initaitive

WRITTEN BY: Heather Carter PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Global Green USA

Every day for the last twenty years Global Green USA has advocated for solutions to climate change protecting our mother earth. Founded in 1993, Global Green USA (GGUSA) is the American affiliate of Green Cross International (GCI) founded by President Mikhail Gorbachev, the non-profit organization’s aim is to foster a global value shift toward a sustainable and secure future. One of the ways GGUSA strives to achieve this is by rebuilding areas sustainably that are destroyed by natural disasters through the Coalition for Resource Recovery (CoRR). The work CoRR does is integral in reforming the infrastructure of cities like New Orleans in the wake of Katrina, and many parts of the east coast post Sandy. The Coalition’s vision is to eliminate the concept of waste so that the waste from one activity is food for another, benefitting the economy, people, and the environment. Closing the loop on materials reduces resource loss, energy consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions which cause climate change. Lily Kelly, Director of Global Green USA spoke of the issues that face these communities after such devastation, and what solutions to the mountainous challenges CoRR proposes “As we’ve all seen, when storms like Sandy hit, neighborhoods are faced with overwhelming amounts of yard waste generated over a very short period of time. According to NYC Parks and



Rebuilt home in New Orleans

Recreation, Sandy took down over 20,000 trees. We recognize the need to manage this waste in a timely manner for public health and safety reasons and to prevent combustion risks from stockpiling, and we would like to support efforts to have this material also processed into useful products as part of future recovery efforts... There are several examples of outlets for yard waste that could potentially be expanded. Wood chips are also frequently used on construction sites to prevent soil compaction, and yard waste collected after storm events could offset material that is currently brought in from out of state for that purpose. Another major outlet for recovering more of this organic material could be in-city Department of Transportation landscapes. According to staff at Arterial Roadway Repair and Maintenance, much of the 1700 acres of in-city DOT land could Post-Sandy cleanup


| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013

benefit from absorbing large amounts of compost as a means of improving the long-term health of the landscapes.” CoRR’s goals for the next three years is to divert 580,000 tons of New York City waste per year from landfills — saving businesses $70 million in disposal costs. They aim to reduce greenhouse gases by 1.7 million tons per year, the equivalent of taking 300,000 cars off the road and to develop effective waste diversion technologies and programs transforming New York City and other major markets worldwide.

The Coalition’s vision is to eliminate the concept of waste so that the waste from one activity is food for another, benefitting the economy, people, and the environment.


PATAGONIA STORE OPENING Santa Monica, CA January 24th 2013

WRITTEN BY: Nicole Landers PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Jeff Johnson

An opening celebration took place at the new Santa Monica store that holds LA’s largest assortment of Fletcher Chouinard Designs surfboards and Patagonia wetsuits. Located less than a mile away from the beautiful Pacific coastline, Patagonia Santa Monica offers surfboards, wetsuits and gear for locals and Santa Monica visitors alike. Similar to all Patagonia locations, the Santa Monica store strives to sell the best, high-quality products, cause no unnecessary harm to the environment and use its business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis. To celebrate the opening Patagonia had a benefit for the Surfrider Foundation’s West LA/Malibu chapter and the Rise Above Plastics Program. Live music performed by Ray Barbee and The Mattson Two, guest appearances by Patagonia surf ambassadors, including Keith Malloy, as well as founder Yvon Chouinard. A Patagonia wetsuit and surfboard by Fletcher Chouinard Designs were raffled off for the cause. Patagonia Santa Monica is located at 1344 4th St in Santa Monica, California.

Patagonia Store, Santa Monica Patagonia Store, Santa Monica

Patagonia Founder Yvon Chouinard


| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013

Ray Barbee and The Mattson Two

Jessica Alba

Randy Jackson and Alba Lauren Bush and Alba

Denise Albert, Alba and Melissa Muen Gerstein Alba with guests


Mondrian Hotel West Hollywood, CA March 15, 2013

WRITTEN BY: Nicole Landers PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Jason Merritt Getty Images for The Honest Company

The Honest Company hosted an intimate book party for Jessica Alba’s THE HONEST LIFE at the Mondrian Los Angeles. Invited attendees were treated to lunch, mini manicures and mingled with author and The Honest Company co-founder Jessica as she shared stories from her book and chatted about her role as author, entrepreneur and mom. Top guests included Lauren Bush, Randy Jackson and The Moms-Denise Albert & Melissa Musen Gerstein. Attendees left the event with a copy of the new book, along with some of Jessica’s favorite goodies included in THE HONEST LIFE: Living Naturally and True to You published by Rodale. For Jessica, becoming a mom was the most profound, life-changing and eye-opening experience of her life. Upon becoming pregnant with her daughter Honor (now four), Alba set out to create a healthy environment for her family and herself. However, what she found was a marketplace filled with products that worked well but were filled with toxic chemicals OR a not-so-cute, pricier ecoalternative that didn’t actually get the job done. Convinced that we could “have it all,” Jessica created The Honest Company—a nontoxic, eco-friendly, beautifully stylish family products brand that offers effective essentials for every member of the household.

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GLOBAL GREEN USA’s 10th ANNUAL PRE-OSCAR® PARTY Avalon, Hollywood, CA February 20, 2013

WRITTEN BY: Nicole Landers PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Chris Weeks / Getty Images for GLOBAL GREEN USA

GLOBAL GREEN USA’s 10th ANNUAL PRE-OSCAR® Party was a star studded turn out. Hollywood’s elite activists and green-minded celebrities such as; Miranda Kerr, Helen Hunt, Emmy Rossum, Ed O’Neill, Dylan McDermott, Sophia Bush, Ed Begley Jr., Michelle Branch, Josh Radnor, Catt Sadler, D.W. Moffett, Luke Perry, Senator Barbara Boxer (California Democrat), Johnny Knoxville & Angela Lindvall were joined by Event Co-Founders Global Green CEO Matt Petersen & Sebastian Copeland. They enjoyed a night of eco-friendly entertainment, including a VIP cocktail reception, and Patron dinner & program – which included a special musical performance by Warner Bros. recording artist LP – followed by KCRW’s DJ

(L-R) Musicians Jacob Micah Nelson, Willie Nelson and Lukas Nelson and actor Johnny Knoxville


| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013

Garth Trinidad, and culminated with a headline performance by seven-time Grammy Award winner Willie Nelson and his sons Lukas and Micah. This year featured automotive sponsor Chevy Volt electric vehicle, which chauffeured many of the attendees to the green carpet. H&M another top sponsor is also proud to have chosen Global Green USA to be the U.S. beneficiary and partner for the H&M global garment recycling program. Proceeds from the evening will benefit Global Green USA’s work to build greener, more resilient homes, schools, and communities in areas devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

CEO Matt Petersen (L) and Global Green Co-Founder Sebastian Copeland

Jacob Moore and Emmy Rossum

Angela Lindvall

Sophia Bush

Sharon Lawrence

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| COCO ECO MAGAZINE | April/May 2013

Profile for Coco Eco Magazine

Coco Eco Magazine, Issue 25, April/May 2013 - LOVE YOUR MOTHER!  

The glam go-to magazine for those in the know.

Coco Eco Magazine, Issue 25, April/May 2013 - LOVE YOUR MOTHER!  

The glam go-to magazine for those in the know.


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