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The Army Challenge Coins are the great pride for the wearers which not only specify that identification of the army soldier, but emphasise the importance of the difficulties that undergone by them during the wars or the struggles. One can find a different set of challenge coins available and they are awarded to the soldiers for diverse purpose. The soldiers who are awarded with the challenge coins really feel proud of it and make sure that they work towards their goal. Many think that presenting and appreciating a good performance with the military challenge coins or any other specific challenge coins are present generation trends, but it is not so. It was followed decades ago and has a great historical story. The military challenge coins are usually engraved with the slogan, motto, date and the name of the event organized in which the coins are distributed. At times the reason for which the coin is presented is also engraved on the coin. The other names of these coins are the honour coins, unit coins and collector coins. The soldiers who possess a coin are given due respect and treating the coin casually is not allowed. Proper respect and value must be given to these coins. The coins presented to the soldiers in the present generation are collected and passed on to the future generation which makes them still proud. The army challenge coins show the rank of the army officers and it can be noted on seeing the coins. The units to which the soldiers belong are also engraved on it. The soldiers are awarded with these medallions on successfully completing the training programs. Air force coins are given for a specific operation and also for those who have completed a mission with flying colours. These coins come in different shapes, sizes and the modern coins are added with the colours. The coin is worn on the shoulder to mark the symbol of the pride. The military challenge coins have a unique and specific shape; the reason is that these coins are made for a special purpose and thus the difference in the shapes and sizes. Some have the habit of collecting these coins; it can be collected and showed to the public. One can easily get a simple challenge coin, but it is really tough or difficult to get the rare one. Family members safeguard those coins safely and they feel proud of it. The challenge coins make proud of the person who hold it and also the family members even after their life time.

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