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Robur, while distracted, understood, perhaps captures his breath, and first drew his sword, backwards, ready to parry the blow. In that melee, without words and where only lame dialogue, Robur prevailed. Not for the man, did escape, saw him running toward the river, bleeding, but fast. At the foot dell'intrepido knight there appears a stone, glistened as the moon, was pure silver. On horseback like the wind, Robur fantasized, could not wait to melt metal. Celestina, synchrony as a magical and special already waiting for him on the balcony, spying on the horizon, the most beautiful golden hair of ripe wheat.

Roberto Pinna


Song of songs in Burcei  
Song of songs in Burcei  

The knight, after that night in the moonlight, spent a whole dawn to modulate songs remember poems.