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e = MC 2?

Quantum physics - in Burcei After Einstein with his theories of relativity and the restricted the theory that energy equals mass to the speed of light squared, other scientists have to evolve and disrupt these assumptions. Quantum physics with Scrodinger and Bohm says different things and shocking. There is no longer an objective reality, the speed of light can be overcome (Tachyons are particles faster than light, but the same thought is much faster than light) all phenomena are influenced by the observer and Subjectivism. There are a thousand parallel realities everything depends on the observer's interaction with the observed reality. All stories Robur: the dancing goat, Cherry more 'largest in the world, the adventures of Beetoven and Leopa, the strange case of alchemy, Genis's magic mountain, they are made really happened. There is a parallel universe where things happen, and where Burcei is cloaked in an indescribable magic. The engine is at the heart of all this, innermost feelings, the imagination of Burceresi, Robur is only a catalyst. Published on

In the morning, often covered in mist, silent, hiding this secret; and the night dark, mysterious, adds all the dreams, all fears, all the hopes in a heap on fire the "Burcei parallel�. In parallel Burcei golden mullet jump on the mountain SerpeddÏ, donkeys know Latin, the hens lay every day, golden eggs, the weave Janas, near the river Ollastru, carpet speckled with gold and silver threads, love makes every heart so big it can not contain the world. Just look, with eyes closed, listening heart: feel? ....... Let yourself be soothed ... .... The wind of imagination, the fire of passion, and here comes two a new theory: B = f * h (Burcei = fantasy x heart squared) Roberto Pinna Burcei and quantum physics

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Quantum Physics  

The new theory from Physic study in the world