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Implenia Tunnelling The experts for tunnel and infrastructure projects – with a proven track record of success. Your project is our passion!





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Implenia opens up new vistas. The group in a nutshell.

Tunnelling. Any diameter – any method.

Infrastructure solutions from a single source. Special civil engineering services.

Guaranteed results. Three good reasons.

The world of Implenia at your service.


Implenia opens up new vistas. As Switzerland’s leading provider of construction, civil engineering and real estate services, Implenia prides itself on its ability to master every stage of the construction process. Listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange, the Group has all the necessary resources to implement large-scale, complex projects, both within Switzerland and abroad.

A tradition of strength. Implenia is Switzerland’s leading provider of construction services. It traces its roots to the merger of various Swiss companies with a long history of success stretching back more than a century. Our integrated business model allows us to competently and professionally manage projects though each individual stage, from vision to reality. Customers can request specific services or take advantage of our en­ tire portfolio, depending on their individual needs and preferences. Comprehensive resources. Our experience, know-how, size and financial strength enable us to compete for demanding real estate and infrastructure projects at an international level. Whatever we design, build and operate, it should serve the people for whom it’s built. Flawlessly and sustainably.

We plan and build what clients want and what is technically feasible: high up, deep down, through mountains and across water. We build new and renovate what is old. The scope of our activities is as varied as the sectors for which construction is intended: residentials, commercials, mobility, leisure and health. Whatever type of construction may be required – traditional or industrial – you choose the capacity, skills and services that we provide as a general contractor or specialist.


Smart. Sustainable. Cutting-edge.

Always one step ahead. All our efforts focus on the sustainability and commercial viability of the solutions that we devise for our customers in terms of costs, deadlines, quality and functionality. To this end, we combine proven expertise with an innovative spirit and cuttingedge processes and technologies. Implenia is committed to meeting the highest of Swiss quality standards. We develop comprehensive, integrated solutions for complex infrastructure projects by mobilising our entire expertise, competence and experience, thus enabling us to always be one step ahead. Implenia’s highly qualified specialists show exceptional commitment in their efforts to remain at the cutting edge of technology. Our core values – the cornerstone of our business. Our conduct and actions are guided by a clear set of values. Reliability is our overriding principle. Sustainability is an integral part of our corporate governance and strategy. Our entrepreneurial actions are based on a forward-looking appraisal of both opportunities and risks. Our behaviour towards all our stakeholders and partners is characterised by transparency. Implenia’s future – and the value-added that we offer our customers – hinges on its ability to continually embrace growth and renewal. Our core values are laid down in a Code of Conduct, which all Implenia employees confirm in writing to honour.

Implenia Tunnelling

World record – Breakthrough of the longest tunnel


Implenia is a highly acclaimed expert for all types of demanding tunnel projects. The expertise and experience we have acquired throughout our 100-year history are second to none. Testament to this are the numerous projects that have gone down in construction history.

in the world.

Implenia Tunnelling

Setting new standards in the name of mobility. Successful tunnelling construction is based on a winning combination of man and machine. Experience and expertise are just as essential as state-of-the-art technology. Over the decades, Implenia has repeatedly proven its ability to realise major achievements that set new international standards. A recent example of this is the construction of the longest rail tunnel in the world.

Extensive expertise. Outstanding engineering and architectural skills, coupled with far-reaching experience and respect for nature, are necessary to realise large-scale transport tunnels. Implenia has all the prerequisites for meeting the most demanding of challenges. We are well acquainted with all the latest tunnelling methods, as we apply them on a daily basis. Whether excavations with tunnel boring machines in hard rock, shield machines in soft ground or drilling and blasting, you can rely on us. Additional services such as pipe screen, diamond screen, jet grout arch, grouting, ground freezing and preventer-protected drilling are our stock-in-trade. It goes without saying that we also draw up and implement optimal supply management and logistics concepts. In keeping with our comprehensive service philosophy, we are also at your disposal for the demanding end stage of rail and road technology. The renovation of existing tunnels completes our range of services. We are open to all forms of cooperation – be it as general contractor, a total services contractor or a specialised sub-contractor.

Implenia Tunnelling

Building excellence despite the toughest conditions. In power plant construction, specialised services such as galleries, shafts and caverns come into play. As these building sites are often located in areas that are difficult to access, our experts are also faced with a challenging topography and climate. By offering the full spectrum of construction disciplines, Implenia is able to rise to this challenge.

Galleries, shafts and caverns. Implenia offers a broad array of services in the field of power plant construction. Our team of engineers and experts are entrusted with constructing galleries and shafts of challenging lengths and inclinations – be it using one of our many mechanical driving mechanisms, for which we have our own inventory and unrivalled experience at our disposal, or conventional drilling and blasting methods. For vertical and sloping shafts, we use the raise-boring methods, shaft drilling machines or blast excavation, whichever is best suited. Furthermore, we construct caverns of all sizes.

Successfully defying nature. Each project is unique – just like the topography. When it comes to constructing power plants, it is nature not man that sets the pace. Thanks to their extensive experience and high degree of flexibility, our team of experts continually succeed in defying even the toughest conditions, handing over the completed project on schedule and in a quality that Implenia customers are accustomed to expect.

Implenia Tunnelling

Big in little things, too. Service tunnels are particularly challenging. Supply and disposal lines form the main arteries of populated areas. The constant growth in urban centres and agglomerations calls for new construction methods that will cause the least disturbance to people and traffic. Implenia draws on its experience in this sphere to propose innovative solutions.

Ensuring continued supplies. Without supply lines for electricity, water, oil and gas, the fabric of city life would collapse within a short space of time. Implenia does not just focus on major tunnels, but is also an expert in small-scale service tunnels. We offer advanced, comprehensive construction solutions that require no excavation work. Minor operation, major impact. Thanks to micro-tunnelling, pipe driving and horizontal drilling, Implenia is able to construct service tunnels and pipelines requiring just an above-ground start and exit shaft. We have all the equipment necessary to carry out processes of this kind – allowing us to provide everything from a single source and to complete your project swiftly and flexibly.

Implenia Tunnelling

Infrastructure solutions from a single source.


Due to the acute shortage of space, these days many infrastructures are being built underground. Such complex projects require a whole host of tunnelling and special civil engineering services. As a total services contractor, our port­ folio of services enables us to realise entire underground infrastructure projects from a single source.

Implenia Tunnelling

Implenia – no matter what. Our wide range of special civil engineering services is something we take great pride in – and the reason why we are the Swiss market leader and thus the partner of choice in this sector. Our comprehensive service portfolio covers everything that is necessary to complete complex underground infrastructures efficiently and in the highest quality.

Wide-ranging spectrum of services. We are your partner of choice for foundations, excavations, wells, soil improvements and geothermal drilling. At the same time, you can benefit from our wealth of experience in the many different methods and techniques that are employed. Whether large-diameter drilling for bored piles and filter wells or small-diameter drilling for ground anchors, micro-piles, soil nailing and jet grouting, we are the right partner. Implenia will also create displacement as well as bored piles. We are wellversed in all the latest excavation methods, too – be it bored pile retaining walls, diaphragm walls, soldier pile walls or soil nailing. Dewatering, horizontal filter wells and small filter wells are also included in our areas of expertise. Deep drilling, exploration drilling and vibroflotation round off our service range.


Implenia Tunnelling

Combined know-how is key to success. In view of the great diversity of the challenges presented by infrastructure projects, having a partner by your side who can draw on decades of experience in tunnelling and special civil engineering is a valuable asset. Thanks to Implenia’s integrated business model, our customers benefit from the combined know-how of the entire Group. It is precisely when they are faced with such challenging tasks that our team of engineers and experts perform best. They

expedite your project professionally with the help of modern and efficient machinery, which meets the stringent requirements of modern day environmental regulations – ensuring that your underground infrastructure project is on course for success right from the outset.


Implenia Tunnelling

Guaranteed results.

Three good reasons for making Implenia your partner of choice: 1. As an accomplished partner, we guarantee a final product that is both impeccable in quality and flawless in design. 2. We guarantee compliance with budgets, costs and deadlines. 3. We have the capacity and financial resources required for the major investments and risks associated with such building projects.

Implenia Tunnelling

The success of a project lies in sound planning. That is why we recommend that you pay particular attention to this stage of the process. As a tunnel builder and total services contractor with over 100 years of experience, we are able to advise our customers right from the planning phase.

Think before you act. From planning to implementation – the life cycle of a project is a lengthy one and entails many challenges. Especially if the project in question is a complex building project that requires various discip­ lines and aspects to be taken into account. Based on our extensive experience and proven track record in all stages of the project, we are able to assist you right from the planning phase – thus ensuring that your project is right on track from the very beginning. For experience clearly shows that as sooner changes are made to a project, as less costly it is to implement.

Value-added right from the start. The advice we offer at the beginning of a project ranges from technical feasibility and cost analysis to sustainability – an aspect that is becoming increasingly important for the market success of a project. As more and more users and companies are insisting on ecological and social responsibility, it pays to consult Implenia right from the very start – ensuring that all your expectations are met not only at the outset, but also on completion of the project. Being well-versed in the planning phase means that we are able to fulfil our role as a total services contractor and thus realise your project from a single source.

Implenia Tunnelling

The world of Implenia at your service.

Tradition and innovation make us the partner of choice. Our roots lie in Switzerland, where we have established ourselves as market leader in the construction services sector. The vast experience and proven expertise acqui足red over the past century allow us to bring the most challenging tunnel and infrastructure projects to successful completion. This has only been possible by constantly adapting to market changes and thus gaining a competitive edge. The entire expertise and capacities of the group are placed at the disposal of our customers. In addition, our size and financial resources make us a reliable and long-term partner. We are represented in our target markets by local subsidiaries and seek long-lasting business partnerships. We are open to promising new challenges that are congruent with our corporate strategy and that offer attractive opportunities to create valueadded for our customers.


Implenia Tunnelling Husacherstrasse 3 CH-8304 Wallisellen/Switzerland Phone +41 43 233 39 90 Fax +41 43 233 39 91


The experts for tunnel and infrastructure projects – with a proven track record of success. Your project is our passion!

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