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White Plaza, Basle

Editorial The Implenia Real Estate division is the all-in-one service provider within the Implenia group. It incorporates a multitude of service packages, using specialists who perform all tasks in the life cycle of a real estate property with utmost professionalism. From promotion through to management. Each business unit operates independently and in a self-contained manner while customers are offered the possibility to individually request the services they need. However, when it comes to complex interdisciplinary projects, we are able to provide comprehensive integrated services and solutions on all levels.

In everything we do, our focus is on customer needs. Our activities are based on partnership-like customer relations – as symbolized by the Implenia ower on our logo. We construct for individuals and respond to their needs. This is why we have chosen to be a service provider and place great importance on accompanying and supporting customers in all phases of the real estate life cycle. This awareness is the core of our philosophy and the basis of our range of services. We are convinced that we, as Switzerland‘s leading construction services company, are also unique in this respect. We think and build for life. With pleasure.


Puls 5, Zurich

Implenia Real Estate As an all-in-one service provider, Implenia Real Estate covers all aspects of the real estate cycle. Its four business units add, multiply and exponentiate their knowledge for the benefit of the customer. Independent as business units, associated as an all-in-one service offering.

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Implenia General Contractor Ltd.


Real Estate Management

The Implenia group’s leading position in the Swiss market allows us to cover the various facets of modern construction. By combining all services, we create synergies which add value for customers. Our know-how enables us to identify market developments in all fields early and to put them into practice professionally. In so doing, we use state-of-the-art technologies and resources. Our potential for innovation continually sets new trends.

Lancy Office Center, Geneva

We deliver specialized and qualified solutions for all problems that may occur in the life cycle of a real estate property. As for the different aspects of a construction project, we are competent, reliable and cost-conscious. And we consider cost-effectiveness, social responsibility and ecology as values of equal importance, in every sense. We treat our customers as partners with whom we maintain lasting, intercommunicative, close relationships, be it from an individual or a global perspective.

Helvetia Patria, Saint Gall

Implenia Real Estate • Procurement of capital • Development of investment goods • Integral planning • Management and coordination of planning resources • General and total contractor for new constructions, conversions and renovations • Comfort and security in buildings • Planning of technical installations in buildings • Technical optimization of building operation • Energy, environmental and security concepts • Strategic and technical facility management • Purchase and sale of properties 5

Businesspark, Wallisellen

Implenia Investment Management Ltd. Implenia Investment Management Ltd. develops and implements financing and investor concepts for real estate projects. The company manages its own real estate portfolios as well as those of external parties.

Value creation – a term often used but rarely implemented. In the real estate industry, the definition of sustainable value begins with the development of a suitable investment concept. This is why our services are implemented at this early stage. We have a comprehensive network and excellent relationships with banks and investors who are continually looking for interesting investment opportunities. We develop risk/return profiles according to requirements to serve as a basis for financing and by means of co-investments, we align interests.


The optimization of returns on investment significantly contributes to the value of a real estate property. Therefore, Implenia focuses on the valueadded network rather than on the value-added chain. Supported by standardized tracking records we promptly identify any need for action to ensure adequate response in critical situations.

Falken, Baden

Implenia Investment Management Ltd. combines real estate know-how with financial know-how, allowing us to reposition or to revitalize distressed real estate portfolios with the help of appropriately staffed task force teams. With the long-term security offered by Implenia, a listed company, as a basis, we are the perfect partner for creating value through creative, alternative and individual real estate investments.

Implenia Investment Management Ltd. • Portfolio management • Procurement of capital • Investor and financing concepts • Development of investment goods • Asset management


Marina Port-Valais, Le Bouveret

Implenia Development Ltd. Implenia Development Ltd. is an objective partner for private and institutional customers. Together with planners and architects, we transform visions into inspirational ideas and lasting real estate projects, making modern, functional architecture a very high priority.

Project development focuses on combining the most important factors – location, project idea and capital – to develop real estates that are in line with the market and have a high value of beneďŹ t. We consider real estates in their global life cycle which emphasizes our integral approach. However, because of our regionalized establishments throughout Switzerland, we also know the local market trends and requirements. Those of today and those of tomorrow. This explains why creative, innovative and customer-oriented projects are our strength.


At the beginning of each project, we use comprehensive risk management procedures to assess feasibility and cost-effectiveness. We evaluate the market considering all factors impacting project success. Based on strength/weakness analyses we identify opportunities and localize possible hazards. Upon consultation with the customer, we promptly make any necessary adjustments.

Real estate development involves specialists from a wide range of domains. For this reason, an experienced project manager who acts as the customer contact and coordinates all processes is appointed for each project team. This is how Implenia Development Ltd. provides a single-source project management approach, taking on the total responsibility for the entire project, right through to the point of readiness for operation or occupancy, depending on the initial situation. For investors and private owners.

Implenia Development Ltd. • Project development • Development and integral property management throughout the entire life cycle • Investment goods • Professional turnkey solutions • Value-adding real estate development


D4 Business Center Luzern, Root

Reuss Engineering Ltd. In order to achieve integral planning, our specialists cover all services, from the idea to cost-effective operation of buildings. Precise analysis of customer processes forms the basis of our concepts. We strive to understand customer needs to deliver individual, efficient and creative solutions.

Our services are as diverse as our references. We develop and implement future-oriented, ecological and sustainable technologies and concepts for technical installations and identify cost savings – often significant – in the areas of energy, security and maintenance. We define the optimal investment cost and perform technical management activities. This guarantees the operation of buildings with optimized operating costs. Here, we draw on the full spectrum of modern technologies and offer innovative solutions for all industries.


The consistent focus on customer needs is critical to our success. We discuss customer processes, gain an understanding of the companyspecific values and compile data and facts from the respective industries. We then use this to develop tailored solutions.

Rosenberg Migros, Winterthur

This unique combination of trusted values coupled with an enormous amount of experience and comprehensive know-how enables us to face new challenges every day. We plan and develop concepts for important companies in the retail, the industry and the healthcare sectors, for banks and insurance companies, for companies in all service sector segments as well as for administrative bodies and public authorities. We are not only generalists and thus your contact for any planning task but also competent specialists for individual, customized solutions in all domains.

Reuss Engineering Ltd. • Facility management concepts • Energy and environmental concepts • General planning • Industrial and logistical planning • Security planning • Planning of technical installations in buildings • Technical facility management • Optimization of building operation


Talwiesen, Zurich

Implenia General Contractor Ltd. As the leading general contractor in the construction services sector, we are the ideal partner for your construction project. Our comprehensive range of services is oriented towards customer benefit. With 17 branches throughout Switzerland, we are always in your vicinity and know about local requirements.

„More ideas. More value.“ This philosophy is our guiding motto, as it focuses on customers and their needs. Our goal is to create added value for customers through customized solutions and individual support, customer orientation being a central factor of our success. This concept allows us to meet the needs of all types of customers: private investors and owner-occupiers, construction cooperatives, public authorities and institutional investors.


With Implenia, you are on the safe side. As a general and total contractor, we are your perfect partner for turnkey constructions. Professional project management routines enable us to guarantee quality, costs and deadlines while responsibilities – both on the large and on the small scale – are always clearly defined. For each project, we appoint a project manager who is your competent contact in all regards and coordinates the parties involved, both from inside and outside the Implenia group.

Montreux Palace

Security is a major concern when it comes to constructing. Implenia General Contractor Ltd. is certified according to ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environment and ecology). Our future-oriented risk management procedures ensure consistent high service quality and set standards for the continual adjustment of innovative processes.

Implenia General Contractor Ltd. General and total contractor for new constructions, conversions and renovations: • Residential buildings • Office and administration buildings • Industrial and commercial buildings • Sports and leisure facilities • Research, education and culture facilities • Shopping centers • Hospital buildings • Senior residences • Hotel buildings • Car parks and infrastructure buildings 13

Elsässertor, Basle

Real Estate Management Professional management of a real estate property optimizes returns and maintains or increases its value. In Real Estate Management, we provide all services necessary to assure the profitability of your real estate.

Experience, trust, connections and, above all, professional know-how are the foundations of success in real estate management. Every property is unique. It is important to have a reliable and competent partner who knows the industry and the market. In our role as a partner to customers, we develop effective, creative and sustainable global strategies which we implement in the most cost-effective manner. This optimizes returns in terms of marketability and operational reliability and through utilization management.


In this context, we benefit from the experience, the competence and the Switzerland-wide network of connections provided by our affiliate Privera AG, which has been a leader in facility management and the real estate business for decades.


Implenia Real Estate Industriestrasse 24 CH-8305 Dietlikon Phone +41 44 805 44 11 Fax +41 44 805 45 78

16 Implenia Investment Management Ltd.

Implenia Development Ltd.

Reuss Engineering Ltd.

Implenia General Contractor Ltd.


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