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Reconnect Transition Program (RTP) Brain Injury Network of South Australia Inc.

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If you would like more information, or if you are interested in being part of the Reconnect Transition Program RTP) please contact the Brain Injury Network of South Australia Inc. (BINSA) on 08 8217 7600 CC 1300 733 049 email check the BINSA website

70 Light Square Adelaide SA 5000 T 08 8217 7600 F 08 8211 8164 CC 1300 733 049 E W Office Hours 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday

Reconnect Transition Program (RTP) the Brain Injury Network of South Australia Inc. (BINSA) gratefully acknowledges the funidng received from the Motor Accident commisison (MAC) for the Reconnect transition Program (RTP)

Why has the nsition Reconnect Tra been Program (RTP) developed?

The Brain Injury Network of South Australia Inc. (BINSA) recognises that people recovering from acquired brain injury (ABI) often report a number of challenges once the intensive phase of their rehabilitation is complete. •

Many people report feeling uncertain about how to continue their recovery into day-to-day life without the structure and support provided by their previous rehabilitation program. Most people find they experience differences they had not expected. Changes in physical abilities, energy level, mood, concentration and relationships with family and friends can be frustrating. Even simple decision making can feel overwhelming. People may find that it takes a lot of time and effort to reconnect socially and emotionally.

The Reconnect Transition Program (RTP) aims to further your well-being, help you cope with dayto-day life, and assist you to reconnect to the wider community.

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Who can jo in the Reconnec t Transition Program? If you are recovering from an acquired brain injury (ABI) suffeed as a result of a road trauma injury •

have recently completed the intensive phase of your rehabilitation

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the RTP may be for you.

in a small group with others who are in, or have been in a similar situation , the RTP provides you with the opportunity to •

share experiences

problem solve your concerns.

Each group includes a number of trained mentors, people who have themselves made a successful transition from intensive rehabilitation into day-today life. These mentors attend each session and are available to share their perspectives with the rest of the group. Each session provides an opportunity to get information about things that make the transition to day-to-day life a little easier. Skills are developed in a welcoming environment and participants’ experiences and learning needs are respected.

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The program is facilitated by professionals who have extensive experience in the brain injury field.

People who register to participate in the program attend weekly group sessions over 8 - 9 consecutive weeks. Each session runs from 10am to 12noon with a half hour break. The program is run at various locations depending on the needs of the group.

ch How mu st? will it co The Reconnect Transition Program is free for all participants.

BINSA now runs a yRTP especially aimed at the younger person who has suffered an ABI as a result of a road trauma injury - check it out on