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BINSA Executive Officer Key Performance indicators – Annual Business Plan 2012-13 Designed to be read in conjunction with the Brain Injury Network of SA Strategic Plan 2010 – 2014 Strategic Directions Key Result Area (from Strategic Plan)


Representation Identify and represent needs and issues relevant to individuals with an ABI, their families, significant others , to service providers, government and broader community


Advocacy Advocate for change and action on issues that disadvantage people with an ABI


Information Be well informed and actively share current information related to ABI

Service Development and Improvement Identify opportunities for service development and improvement to meet the needs of people with ABI, their families and significant others



Key Performance Indicator (Goals) Improvement of effective and transparent communication with clients and their families to identify and understand their needs. Develop communication strategy to ensure regular effective communications targeted at service providers, government and broader community Clearly articulate the Advocacy role for BINSA following implementation of NDIS

Measurement of Achievement of KPI Implementation of feedback system so that level & effectiveness of communications can be measured, compared over time and monitored Implementation of systematic, targeted communication strategy

Development of revised BINSA Mission statement in relation to Advocacy

Development of communication network to ensure communication of systemic issues from broad community Development of personal development plans to ensure all employees including EO receive regular updates and share information related to best practice around treatment, services and advocacy of ABI

Active communication through community network

Develop best practice information systems to allow sharing of information Conduct quarterly review/workshop with service providers to understand need for services and identify new or additional services that may be required

Release of Website Newsletter relaunch Development of quarterly workshop Development of business case for new services identified

Development of personal development plans Regular staff meetings

Launch of database on intra-website Establish database of services available in SA


Key Result Area (from Strategic Plan) Governance COM conduct is fully in accordance with the statutory, fiduciary and legal requirements as per the SA Legislation under the Associations Incorporation Act Strategic Partners and Collaboration Maintain and build key alliances to strengthen our peak body status

Service Delivery Where appropriate, deliver services to people with ABI or other significant persons


Communication Have a strong public profile and with sound public relations strategies

Measurement of Achievement of KPI

Board/COM Chair

Transition of Governance structure from COM to Board structure supported by Advisory Committees

Implementation of skill based Board and amended Constitution


Development of communication strategy to promote BINSA in broader community

Develop communication strategy and establish ongoing media campaign

Actively seek involvement with key advisory groups Continue to deliver specialised rehabilitation and support services

Establish regular program of activities/focus groups with key advisory groups Maintain or increase enrolment numbers in programs and services

Develop program evaluation cycle to ensure current programs remain relevant and best practice

Development of evaluation program and cycle and terms of review

Investigate additional service and program options and business models Achieve appropriate recruitment and retention strategies to stabilise the organisation

Development of business cases for new service identified Benchmark and achieve best practice retention rates for industry. Implement and monitor staff satisfaction survey Review infrastructure needs and make recommendations for rolling improvement plan Retain current funding and source additional funding sources Survey members and stakeholders to determine communication preferences. Development and implementation of agreed communications strategy.


(see also Service development under strategic directions)

Capabilities Have adequate resources including finances to fulfil the key roles of the organisation

Key Performance Indicator


Improve internal infrastructure


Ensure sound financial management strategies implemented to secure future financial stability Development of communications/public relations strategy including identification of alternate communications options across all stakeholders and across all forms of media

BINSA Annual Business Plan 2012-13  
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