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PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Section 4 – Procedure 5 Date of Issue: January 2013 Date of Review: January 2015

Education, training and development programs will be based on meeting the requirements of both BINSA and the individual employee and to also provide opportunities for employees to develop their personal career goals through: 

The identification of requirements and opportunities during the annual performance assessment

Structured career development planning

A training needs analysis

Management succession planning

Organisational strategic planning.

The EO determines the request, based on: 

Availability of funds

Merit (is the course in line with BINSA’s purpose, beliefs or values)

The identified professional development needs of the employee

Equity (employees having equal access to courses and professional development)

If the employee leaves within a specific time the fee is to be redeemed.

If the decision is not approved the EO will provide relevant reasons to the employee, but will also be open to exploring other alternatives or be prepared to reconsider at a future time, subject to available resources and the specific operational priorities identified by BINSA as being applicable for both the employee and BINSA.

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5. Professional Development Procedure  
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