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Ian Tostenson

a message from the president Hit with triple force


s if the HST and economic slowdown weren’t enough, industry has been dealt another blow with the introduction of the .05 drinking law. The uncertainty of what this means to the average consumer has created yet another gap in sales that operators are scrambling to try and fill. So what can we do? As your association there is a number of issues we are working on to benefit the industry and our membership. Currently we are engaged in discussions with government, and expect an announcement shortly on how they can assist our industry. Government is keenly aware of the current state of health of industry and is eager to help (to the extent that is possible). I will update as soon as we receive further information. What can you do? We are encouraging our operators to challenge themselves and their staff to come up with creative solutions for their business Innovation is needed to drive the guest back out to our dining establishments. Some of the creative campaigns we are currently seeing include: reduced alcohol drinks, designated driver programs and courtesy transportation home for its patrons. While looking for resources to help further guide your business. I came across the following advice from noted restaurant speaker and trainer Jim Sullivan. It is worth a read‌‌.

October 2010


The ABCs of Succeeding in a Downturn Economy A is for Action. Address changes in the marketplace with appropriate activity and adjustments in your marketplace. If you’re standing still you’re walking backwards.

B is for Basics. Get brilliant at them now while your competitors are distracted.

C is for Cash. It’s hard to make and easy to spend so make what you can and hang on to it in these challenging times. D is for Developing your people. None of us is smart as all of us.

E is for Execution. What we know means little. What we do with what we know means everything. Teach your team not only what to know but why it’s important. Measure how well they use the training, not how they did on a test. F is for Focus. To paraphrase an ad I recently saw: “There was a time when focusing on the fundamentals really mattered. That time is called now.” G is for Gross Margin. Measuring success via top line sales alone is misguided. You don’t take “top line sales” to the bank.

H is for Habitual Consistency. Success in our business is predicated on doing a thousand little things right every day. Things so small that the guest may not even notice them. Until we don’t do them. I is for Innovation. Know this about innovation: it’s easier to get new ideas into our head than it is to get old and irrelevant ones out. New ideas must be balanced with a purge of something that no longer works.

J is for Junior Managers. At least sixty-percent of all shifts are run by assistant managers. Make certain they understand how


BC Restaurant News

Jim Sullivan Copyright 2008

to lead, develop and inspire your T is for Talent Scaffold. If you’re hourly teams as well as the GM does. good at finding the right investors, K is for Key Result Areas. Mea- but stink at finding leaders, your sure what matters (marketing, labor, concept is doomed to shrink as service, sales, retention, quality, cul- small as the period that ends this ture and financial results) and stop sentence. Successful companies focusing on the extraneous things. have infrastructures that continually find, groom and replicate talL is for Leadership. In good ented teams across both regions times or bad the formula goes and franchisees. thusly: Leadership, first. Team U is for Upturn. “Manage in good second. Customer third. times as if you were operating in M is for Monitoring performance. bad times,” my Dad used to say, Assess unit performance, issues “because eventually bad times and corrections every 30 days will come.” Good advice, but at the same time you assess the remember that the opposite is not physical inventory in each store. true. Take time now to do the things N is for If you’re not that will make you stronger when using this comprehensive online the upturn comes: improve yields, resource every day to research training, service, throughput, labor the industry’s evolution, best costs, and leadership. practices, and solutions you’re V is for Video games. Running not operating at full capacity. a restaurant is like playing a video O is for Overhead. The lower you game. Fun to do but boring to watch. keep it, coupled with higher sales, the W is for Worrying about the better your gross margin. (See “G”) things you can control, not the P is for Please. Always say things you can’t. You can’t conplease when asking for payment. trol the economy, Wall Street, or Make eye contact. Don’t thank the oil, gas, and commodity prices. You can control who you hire, cash register. what you stand for and how you Q is for Quality. Every shift, a treat the guest. pristine application of standards, processes and values is necessary X and Y are for the chromoto deliver on the brand promise. somes that define gender. This extends to who and how you Studies indicate that over 55% of our front-of-the-house hourly hire and train. teams are female. Here’s hoping R is for Reality. Face it. Stop the that the industry will aggressively “woe-is-me” mentality and get seek similar parity in our execufocused on what you need to do tive leadership ranks as well. today to make the future a success. Z is for Zodiac. Defined as “a S is for Silos. Destroy anything set of things or a sequence of that prevents departments and events that repeats itself cycliteams from interacting, celebrating cally,” the Zodiac astrological and collaborating together on the chart is an appropriate metaphor greater good. Blow up silos the min- for these challenging times. In a ute they appear and 86 the people “downward cycle”, if you MUST who insist on building new ones. obsess, choose the word cycle.


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November 22 & 23

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Vancouver Convention Centre—West

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There was a red carpet leading to a theatre that has seen it’s share of stars On September 26 2010 the River Rock Casino saw eleven stars that have impacted the restaurant industry in a huge way. Congratulations to all the inductees!

active restaurateur category Celebrating exceptional restaurateurs currently active in the BC restaurant industry

Warren Erhart

White Spot President & CEO

From an early age, Warren Erhart knew that hospitality would be his vocation. McDonald’s, the Banff Springs Hotel, Nanaimo’s Grotto, Malaspina College, it all flowed along. After graduating from Malaspina, Warren spent 14 years with Keg Restaurants, and like many others, credits the positive influence of George Tidball for his ongoing success. Warren was a Keg General Manager and Joint Venture Partner in Victoria and Saanich, and a Keg franchisee in Nanaimo. After a stint in Ontario, Warren left The Keg in 1990 to become Division General Manager for White Spot, and in 1994 he was promoted to President and CEO. Under Warren’s leadership, White Spot has evolved its full service concept from “coffee shop” to “family/casual”, while retaining the chain’s unique appeal and unparalleled market awareness. When Warren joined the company, there were 27 White Spot restaurants. Today there are 64 full serve locations and 55 Triple O’s, including six in Asia. A major factor in Warren’s success has been his ability to build relationships with employees, guests, and business partners, and his passion for giving back to the community. Warren is first vice chairman of the Canadian Restaurant & Foodservices Association and Chair of its national Government Affairs Committee. Please welcome Warren Erhart to the BC Restaurant Hall of Fame.

October 2010


active restaurateur category

Celebrating exceptional restaurateurs currently active in the BC restaurant industry

Harry Kambolis

Raincity Grill, C Restaurant, Nu Restaurant Proprietor

You really have to admire a guy who opens a restaurant and calls it C. Not A or B, but C. But that’s what our next honoree did. Harry Kambolis opened C on False Creek in 1997, following on the heels of Raincity Grill in 1992 and later, Nu in 2005. Each demonstrates Harry’s commitment to the bounty of our region, the relationships he built with local farmers, winemakers and fishermen. The mandate of C was to look beyond the typically homogenized selection of seafood available on menus around the world, and iIn tandem with chefs Soren Fakstorp and Robert Clark, C sourced and introduced about 60 local varieties of the highest quality seafoods, all of which were locally harvested. C is credited with introducing and popularizing several B.C. seafoods, including geoduck, sablefish, pink salmon, and B.C. abalone. Nu also embraces the sustainable, “farm to table” philosophies of both Raincity Grill and C. Enroute magazine voted it the Best New Restaurant in Canada. With Chef Robert Clark, Harry produced the cookbook “C Food”. He also publishes an e-newsletter titled Ethical Luxury, featuring people, fashion, food and lifestyles that are committed to quality, luxury, and sustainability. Please welcome Harry Kambolis to the BC Restaurant Hall of Fame.

Richard Jaffray

Cactus Club Founder, President, & CEO

You never know when the lightbulb moment for a career change is going to happen. For Richard Jaffray it was on a surfboard in Hawaii that he decided he would not be returning to the University of Calgary to become an engineer. He would move to Vancouver and begin a new life in the hospitality industry. Two years later, Richard opened Café Cucamongas, selling cappuccinos and ice cream, and In 1988, after successfully building the business, Richard sold Cucamongas and opened the first Cactus Club Cafe in North Vancouver. Fast forward to today and Cactus Restaurants now has 21 locations in British Columbia and Alberta, employing over 2000 people, with sales in excess of $115 million. Each location has its own spectacular artistic personality, and led by Chef Rob Feenie, Cactus Club’s globally inspired menu has been a consistent winner. Recent corporate accolades include: “Best Casual Chain” in Vancouver Magazine’s Annual Restaurant Awards 2008 – 2010; one of the 50 Best Managed Companies in Canada 2007 – 2009; multiple honors in the Georgia Straight’s Best of Vancouver; and one of the Top 10 Companies to Work for in B.C. by BC Business Magazine, five years in a row. Please welcome Founder and President Richard Jaffray to the BC Restaurant Hall of Fame.


BC Restaurant News

pioneer category

Pioneers of the BC restaurant industry either retired or deceased

Peter Bonner

Co-Founder, Spectra Foods

From hamburgers, to prime steaks, to more hamburgers, to pasta, fine dining, and more, our next honoree has really done it all. A UBC Bachelor of Commerce graduate, Peter Bonner’s restaurant life began with George Tidball when George opened Canada’s first McDonald’s and Pete was on board for the Seventies growth of the Golden Arches in Western Canada, Ottawa and Quebec. Peter ran the original Keg n’ Cleaver in North Vancouver in 1971 and was VP Operations for 25 Kegs by the end of ’75. He left the Keg to open the English Bay Café, and then PJ Burger and Sons. In 89, he partnered up with friend Wayne Holm to create what would become the Spectra Group of Great Restaurants—with a portfolio that included such great names as Milestones, the Boathouse, Bread Garden, Macaroni Grill and more. In 1994 Peter and Wayne were named BC Entrepreneurs of the Year. In 2007, The Boathouse and Bread Garden businesses were sold to separate strategic buyers who continue to capitalize on the strengths of both of these “born in BC” brands. Spectra’s brands today include the Kingston Taphouse and Grille, Red Door Pan Asian Grill and the Macaroni Grill in Victoria. Please welcome Peter Bonner to the BC Restaurant Hall of Fame.

Wayne Holm

Co-Founder, Spectra Foods

Wayne Holm may be known as a restaurateur, but the hospitality industry was a long way from his first career as a star football player. In 1969 he was Simon Fraser Athlete of the year, and in 1970 was first selection in the CFL’s Canadian Draft by the Calgary Stampeders. He played for four years before suffering a career ending knee injury. Wayne was off the field, but into a new career. George Tidball brought him into the Keg, where in the next fifteen years, he was everything from manager, to part owner. In 1989 Wayne sold his interest in the Keg to join with friend Peter Bonner to form The Spectra Group of Great Restaurants which included bringing the Boathouse Restaurants and Bread Garden concepts with him. The two also collaborated to create Milestones.

In 2001 Wayne and Peter agreed to dissolve the company and Wayne partnered with Cara Operations to acquire Milestones. Wayne remained with Cara for the next three years as president of the Cara’s restaurant Group, leading a portfolio of brands with $700 million in sales. Wayne continues to be active in the business through his ongoing relationship with Cara and a new start up restaurant, Romer’s Burger Bar, with Jim Romer and Scott Ward. Life for Wayne is all about family—wife Erin and his four sons Stefan, Erik, Nathan and James. Please welcome Wayne Holm to the BC Restaurant Hall of Fame.

October 2010


pioneer category

Pioneers of the BC restaurant industry either retired or deceased

Xavier Hertzman

Former Executive Chef, Westin Bayshore (deceased)

Before all of the new stars started shining in the Vancouver culinary sky, there was one top-hatted chef who started it all—the late, great Xavier Hetzman, best remembered as the formidable giant of the kitchens of the Bayshore Inn. Born in France and trained in Europe, Xavier was Executive Chef of both the Hotel Georgia and the Westin Bayshore for a total of forty four years. It was he who co-founded the BC Chefs’ Association in 1958, an organization that began with a meeting of just eight guys in white jackets in Port Coquitlam, and one that has proudly grown ever since— one of the oldest, volunteer-run professional associations for chefs and cooks in Canada. During his tenure at the Bayshore, Xavier initiated an apprenticeship program, the first of its kind in British Columbia; cooked for Queen Elizabeth, Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, and Prime Minister Trudeau. Among his many honors, Chef Xavier was presented with the Chevalier de L’Orde National de Merit, the profession’s most prestigious award. He retired in 1987, and died in 2007. We welcome the late, great Xavier Hetzman to the British Columbia Restaurant Hall of Fame.

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BC Restaurant News

604 669-2928

friend of the industry category

An individual who has provided exceptional support to the restaurant industry - either a supplier, restaurant reporter, or politician who has consistently supported BC’s restaurant industry

Rhonda May

Cityfood Magazine - Publisher

She was eating in three star Michelin restaurants in Europe before the age of ten, has cooked wildebeast in the bush of Africa, and with training in marine biology can identify the uro-genital parts of a clam in a bowl of chowder, but we know our next honoree as the founder, editor and publisher of CityFood, an independent print magazine dedicated to British Columbia’s restaurant, food and wine industries. Considered a ground-breaking format when it was established in 1992, CityFood has been on the forefront of B.C.’s organic and artisan food wave. It has reported on the growing pains of the young BC wine industry, as well as the emergence of Vancouver’s restaurant scene as an international food destination city. Over the years, the magazine has provided an entry point for some of the country’s most notable and well recognized food writers and new media publishers. It has also provided media support to over 150 local industry and charitable fundraising organizations. Before becoming an independent publisher, Rhonda was the Food Editor at Vancouver Magazine, Food Editor at Western Living Magazine, Vancouver Editor of the Northwest Best Places Book, a regular contributor to Food & Wine Magazine, as well as a freelance photojournalist, travel writer, media competition judge and food stylist. Rhonda is the recipient of the Restaurant Association of BC and the Yukon’s Media Person of the Year Award, the Burt Greene I.A.C.P award for Outstanding Print Journalism, as well as numerous Western Living Magazine awards including Magazine of the Year. Please welcome Rhonda May to the British Columbia Restaurant Hall of Fame

Barbara-Jo McIntosh

Barbara -Jo’s Books to Cooks - Proprietor

It doesn’t matter whether we’re running a restaurant kitchen or cooking for the folks at home, we love books about food. And no matter how many we have on our shelves, we’re always ready to pick up just one more. Which makes our next inductee very happy. Because Barbara-Jo McIntosh’s Books to Cooks bookstore at Second and Burrard in Vancouver has every food book you could ever want. And more. Barbara-Jo is an award-winning food professional with more than 25 years experience in the food and hospitality industry. Formerly the owner of the Barbara-Jo’s Elegant Home Cooking, she is now a passionate bookseller and supporter of the culinary arts. Author of the bestselling Tin Fish Gourmet, Barbara-Jo served on the prestigious James Beard Awards cookbook selection committee for six years. In 2003, Vancouver Magazine honoured her with a lifetime achievement award for her contributions to the local culinary scene. In 2004, she published Great Chefs Cook at Barbara-Jo’s. This fabulous book captures the ambience of forty culinary events featuring celebrated chefs and authors and their cookbooks. Autographed copies are available at Barbara-Jo’s bookstore. Check it out. Not just books, but a fully-appointed demonstration kitchen, where cooking classes and demonstrations feature recipes from new and notable books. A great place, and a great lady. Please welcome Barbara-Jo McIntosh to the BC Restaurant Hall of Fame.

October 2010


the industry award - back of house

Individual who is or has been a chef, server, manager, bartender and who has demonstrated exceptional professionalism working in the restaurant industry

Frank Pabst

Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar - Executive Chef

There’s no doubt about it. Our next Hall of Fame honoree is indeed a blue ribbon chef. Think Vancouver’s Yaletown, and out of the neighbourhood’s rich history were born some of North America’s very best restaurants. Think Yaletown restaurants, and right at the top is the incomparable Blue Water Café. And who guides its award-winning ways. Trained in Europe’s finest kitchens, totally disciplined in the way he does things, a creative leader in responsible seafood practice, our honouree is Blue Water Executive Chef Frank Pabst. Frank has been directing the kitchens of Blue Water since 2003, demonstrating consistent excellence in the procurement of impeccably fresh, sustainable seafood—Blue Water is a founding member of Ocean Wise—and in the execution of his trademark complexity-without-complication menus. Frank was Chef of the Year in the Georgia Straight’s 2008 Golden Plate Awards; Vancouver Culinary Champion, Olympic Gold Medal Plates in 2008; Silver Medalist in the Canadian Culinary Championships in 09, and Chef of the Year in the 2010 Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards. Making the very best happen at Yaletown’s Blue Water Café, Executive Chef Frank Pabst. Please welcome him to the British Columbia Restaurant Hall of Fame.

Pino Posteraro

Cioppino’s Mediterranean Grill & Enoteca Executive Chef/Owner


His real name is Giuseppe, but we know our next honoree as Pino ... Pino Posteraro, the founder proprietor of Cioppino’s Mediterranean Grill and Enoteca in Yaletown. Born in Lago, Pino came to Canada at the age of twelve to visit his brother, never realizing that one day he would be making Canada his permanent home. Training to become a doctor, there was a change in career direction, and he decided to work for his brother in his restaurant in Toronto. Pino then returned to Europe to study with Armando Zanetti, who became his mentor. In 1999 Pino decided it was time to open his own place, and Cioppino’s Mediterranean Grill in Yaletown opened in September of that year. Cioppino’s has been honored with many awards— including winner of the 2007 Vancouver Gold Medal Plates, 2008 Vancouver Magazine’s “Chef of the Year” and 2009 “Restaurant of the Year”. Pino has also been inducted into the Italian Cultural Centre’s “Hall of Fame” and the Gold Medal Plates “Hall of Fame”. Most recently? To join the Distinguished Restaurants of North America Hall of Fame. Tonight we add one more... and welcome Pino Posteraro to the BC Restaurant Hall of Fame.

BC Restaurant News

the industry award - front of house

Individual who is or has been a chef, server, manager, bartender and who has demonstrated exceptional professionalism working in the restaurant industry.

Brian Hopkins

West - Restaurant Director

What makes a great restaurant? The way it looks is certainly important. So is the food. But as important as everything else are the people who make great restaurants happen. Having launched Granville Street’s West Restaurant in December 2000 to much media fanfare, Brian Hopkins led his brigade to win a steady stream of accolades before transferring to head up operations at sister property, CinCin on Robson in 2002. Resuming his position at West in June 2004 he says: “I always took a great deal of pride in everything we had accomplished, but I believed West hadn’t reached its full potential. I’m very proud to be back and thrilled to have a hand in shaping the restaurant’s future and continued growth.” With a wealth of valuable industry experience from high profile establishments – Black & Blue in Toronto, 72 Market Street in LA, and Top Table’s acclaimed Araxi in Whistler, Brian is also an accredited sommelier, keeping his knowledge and palate primed to present the best to his West guests. Says Brian: “Ensuring the absolute satisfaction of all who come through our doors is my number one priority.” Please welcome Brian Hopkins of West to the BC Restaurant Hall of Fame.

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a glimpse into the glamor

September 27, 2010


BC Restaurant News

October 2010


a glimpse into the glamor


BC Restaurant News

October 2010


letters to the editor

the industry’s thoughts on HST Rather than throw statistics at you about how the HST has affected restaurants around the Province we have compiled a few letters out of the literally hundreds that we have received leading up to and post implementation of the HST. It comes as no surprise to us that with one or two exceptions all of the letters reflect disappointment, a sense of frustration and a growing sense of fear for what the future might hold. We have included not only letters and comments from restaurant owners and mangers, but also from the general public, who for the most part are confirming what we feared would be the consequence of this tax.

Dear BCRFA, I just met one of my kids for lunch at The Dunbar, a nice enough pub at Dunbar and 29th. We each had Ok Springs pale ale, he had a clubhouse and I had a fancy salad. Clubhouse ($12) was a clubhouse and the salad ($9) was good. Ale ($5.75ea) was the usual.

meal or the service, but a 30% markup is just too much. Restaurant Patron (July 2010) Dear BCRFA,

“we have never marketed so aggressively in our company history to put people in our chairs”

I was thrilled to participate in your survey a few weeks back Cost of the meal? An even $32.50. regarding my opinion on how the HST has affected my busiFinal bill? $42.95 ness. I heard a radio show on That my friends is a 30% markup. CBC report on that survey and The hand held debit device showed a hotel/restaurant/pub owner the meal was $32.50 and said “Tip, speak to it. Needless to say I could hardly believe my ears 18% ok?” as he touted how his and other So HST 12% and then an 18% businesses around him were tip. Only realized after that the “UP” and that he had not experi18% was charged on the HST enced any negative effects from as well which made it an effec- the HST. Perhaps his location tive tip on the meal of 20.46%. is unique, but the rest of us are That’s it for me, no more tips. suffering through what should be our Prime Time. I greatly fear None, zero, zip, nada. the coming fall/winter. I have There was nothing wrong with the no money to put away for the


BC Restaurant News

low time. Every cent that does not have to go to paying the bills, is being put away to pay the HST. Of my 10 employees, 4 are now on workshare. Normally this time of year I have a staff of 16 to 18. Every business and resort in the region is stating they are down drastically. Thank you for listening, Owner/Operator, BCRFA member Dear BCRFA, We are getting hammered by the HST. Are sales are off by 20% and we have never marketed so aggressively in our company history to put people in our chairs. Is there any indication that the government is going to give us some kind of break? Your response will help me to

determine whether or not I have community and am appalled at families are against it. It makes to start considering laying people this government. it difficult because we have off. These are words I have never now had to change some of our Restaurant Patron said and never wanted to say as favorite places to eat because (August 2010) we are a people first company. they are members. Best regards,


Owner/Operator, BCRFA member

I heard on a radio station this morning that you folks did a survey regarding the effect of HST on folks like me with respect to “eating out”...


I am opposed to the HST that was rammed into legislation by I wanted to let you know that in the past month since the HST came the current B.C. government. out we have not eaten out once Ours is a province that predicates (as a family ) in a restaurant. We a huge portion of its business on used to be a family that ate out the food and lodging industry, fairly regularly. and this tax serves to put your industry in peril, especially when Every time the “idea” presented your association was promised itself, we chose not to do it this that a harmonized sales tax month. In the past we likely would was not being considered by the have gone out. I look at it like with Liberals during their last election HST plus TIP I can add a minimum of 25% to whatever my bill would campaign. be... it’s too much. I understand that they even put Restaurant forward that position to your Patron association in writing. (August 2010) As a senior on a fixed income, I personally have to limit the Dear BCRFA, amount of dining out I do now. I took a guest to a restaurant last I understand week and the extra tax is very your association is against the noticeable and most irritating. HST. I also know a lot of your members are also part of the A local Victoria radio station, Chamber of Commerce. At my CFAX, is presently doing an office we have 23 employees on-line poll on their website and 20 are refusing to go to any asking people to register their company that is a member of votes as to whether or not the the chamber. My wife works at HST is affecting their restauanother company with 100 full rant spending. As of this eveand part time employees and ning, 70% of those polled are they are in a majority against the limiting trips to your establishmember of the Chamber. Her ments directly because of the work has all the members of the extra tax. chamber in the lunch room for I feel that your industry is people to see. We figure probimportant to the economy of this ably close to 75 people and their

I understand HST doesn’t make things easy for you and your members but why are they member of an association that is for the HST. Some of us eat out less but the majority just leaves a smaller tip to make up the difference with the HST. My family and friends all now only leave 10% before taxes and nothing more, I used to leave 20% but at the end why should I eat out less? I know servers don’t like that but would the owner prefer that I eat out less or leave less of a tip? Regards and good luck, Restaurant Patron (August 2010)

“since the HST came out we have not eaten out once as a family”


It is with regret to inform you that Robbie’s Pancake House is closed and will not reopen. The cause is that the HST was responsible for a 26% drop in volumes. 11 people are now out of work. The only reason I send you this message is in the hope you are following closures among your members and will add us to that list. Regards, Longtime member of the BCRFA

October 2010



restaurant regulations

t’s happened to everyone at one time or another. Whether you are opening your first restaurant, or are a seasoned veteran, there comes a time when you need answers about regulations that pertain to your business. A few years back the BCRFA embarked on creating the website Restaurant Regulations Made Easy to help our members when these types of situations arose. And while the website continues to be a great success, we have also been asked by our membership to create a hard copy of this manual and incorporate Municipal by-laws and regulations as they pertain to different municipalities. We are happy to report that this critical piece is now in production and you will be receiving it soon just for being a BCRFA member. This manual will cover the requirements to be met at every phase of operating a food service enterprise, starting with purchasing an operating restaurant or building a new restaurant, and covers the codes and standards to be complied with through acquiring licences and permits, employing workers and complying with Provincial health standards. It will also deal with building codes, Liquor licensing requirements, human rights, labour relations, record keeping requirements, WorkSafe, employment standards, and royalties for using music. It provides links to online applications and to the web site of the regulatory agencies. It will also contain practical advice, quick tips and


BC Restaurant News

made easy

warnings about common mistakes that can cause difficulties for restaurant operators. All the basic Provincial standards that a food service operation must meet are described in detail. This manual will be maintained as a living entity. It can be updated as needed and new sections will be added when they become issues for industry. Notice will be sent out and updates will be available for download from our website. This new manual is meant to compliment the information on web sites created by government. Many government web sites contain valuable informa-

tion that is important to the restaurant industry. In particular, the Ministry of Small Business and Revenue has done an excellent job of compiling information for small business. However, no government agency provides, nor can be expected to provide, industry specific compilations of statutory requirements. Restaurant Regulations Made Easy in BC is a compilation of the Provincial and civic statutory and regulatory requirements that govern the restaurant industry; translated from statutory to plain language and provides practical examples and explanations.

Some of the topics that will be covered

Before You Open

Public Health

Forms You Need

Worksafe BC

Zoning Requirements Heritage Zoning Building Code Building Permit Kitchen Construction Business Registration Restaurant Names Taxes Records & Audits Authorization to Deduct Authorization to Pay Vacation Pay Authorization to Direct Deposit Authorization to Deduct Vacation Overpayment


Applying for a Liquor License Serving It Right License Conditions Renewing a License License Transfer Changing Your License Inspection & Enforcement Buying & Selling Liquor Pricing Guide Liquor Service Policy

Health Inspections Foodsafe Food Handling Self Serve Food Food Storage Waste Disposal Grease Traps Septic Tank Systems

Workplace safety Enrollment and Premiums Safety Tips Safety Committees Hazardous Materials Injured Workers Worker’s Advisers Employers’ Advisers

Music in the Restaurant SOCAN NRCC


Recycling Garbage Disposal Power Smart


Freedom of Information Wages  Do You Know Where Your Records Are? Is This Employee Really a Manager Statutory Holidays –Who is Entitled and Their Pay The Truth About Overtime Breaks and Mealtimes Tips and Taxes Volunteers are Really Employees Overtime Annual Vacation Statutory Holidays Uniforms Termination Leaves of Absence Creating and Keeping Records Tattoos & Piercings Making a Job Offer

Street Vendors


Trans Fats


October 2010


upcoming events

for more information on any of these events, or to register, visit Dish & Dazzle

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October 31

November 14

Power Smart Excellence Awards 6th Annual Taste of Yaletown Whistler Cornucopia

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BC Restaurant News is the official publication of the British Columbia Restaurant & Foodservices Association. Published eight times a year. No part of this magazine may be reproduced without the written permission of the publisher. The views of this publication are not necessarily the views of the Association. The BCRFA reserves the right to refuse any advertising or part thereof. Subscription is included with membership. Contact 1 877 669 2239 to become a member. BCRN is an online magazine.

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BC Restaurant News  

BC Restaurant News (BCRN) online is directly distributed to over 3,000 industry businesses in British Columbia, and is also accessible to th...

BC Restaurant News  

BC Restaurant News (BCRN) online is directly distributed to over 3,000 industry businesses in British Columbia, and is also accessible to th...