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WHERE DESERT AND WATER MEET IN HARMONY’ .................................... is proud to introduce our top-class fishing safari trip on giant Lake Nasser in historical Egypt. Welcome to the best fishing destination for big Nile Perch in Africa. Besides fishing, this paradise of beautiful desert landscapes and fresh Nile water is a fantastic place to spend some time, enjoy the remoteness and the real tranquillity. If you’re looking to cut yourself off from the world and the daily stress for a while, then Lake Nasser will give you what you are looking for. The enormous size of the lake and its endless shore line made us develop a fishing trip with mobile floating accommodations and a food and beverage facility. This is why it’s called a fishing safari. It allows us to move day by day further into the remote areas of the biggest dam on the African continent. We have various options to suit every angler’s budget. Option 1: LIVE-ON FISHING BOATS - This is the most common way of fishing on Lake Nasser. This safari concept is ideal for 1-3 anglers who wish to have their privacy and take a fully equipped 9m fishing boat for themselves. It allows you to be on your own with your guide and your private cook for as long as you wish on the lake. It has full autonomy because it doesn’t depend on a supply or mother ship and doesn’t follow a fixed fishing itinerary. This option is also suited for single fishermen. Option 2: Live-On Mother Ship and Centre Console Fast Fishing Boats - This safari option has revolutionised fishing on Lake Nasser offering centre console fast boats with 85 & 115 HP for fishing and a spacious mother ship for accommodation and meals. Group of 4 - 8 anglers. Option 3: In this top-class fishing concept, your accommodation and well-being will be on the live-aboard “Nubiana”. Groups of 4 - 8 anglers or family group up to 10 people. This category is run privately. Definitely the best you can get on Lake Nasser!

THE FISHING We fish in many different ways for the huge Nile Perch in Lake Nasser. Fishing can be by casting from the shore with lures that will get down to the caves and deep rocks below the islands and cliffs, drift casting from the boat casting to the shore and boulders, fissures etc., fly fishing (with large streamers) from the shore and also to the shore from the boat, vertical jigging with live/dead baits, soft lures and metal jigs and the more often used method, trolling. We use hard and soft lures, usually big size (no surface lures!), trolling lures and live/dead bait mountings with treble hooks and lead. There are other cool species to catch in Lake Nasser and the versatile angler will hook up many of these beautiful fish. Tiger fish,puffer fish, vundu and even tilapia (Nile perch’s main baitfish!), can all be caught here. Tigers especially like small spinners, jigs, spoons, minnowbaits and smaller flies and will jump all over the lake when hooked. Great adversaries on lighter gear. Vundu cats can also be caught on cutbait at night from the back of the boat, but sometimes they will take small lures meant for tigers and perch. All boats have fishfinders so adapt your methods and lures to the depth the fish are showing at.

TACKLE TALK We suggest the following gear for Ichingo and Ichobezi Houseboat Fishing/Safari trips: RODS AND REELS An up-tide rod or similar heavy action rod matched with either a large capacity Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 7000 or a large capacity baitrunner reel with minimum 250m of 100lb braid can be used when trolling for Nile Perch. A heavy 6’6”–7’6” baitcasting or spinning rod should be matched with a baitcasting or spinning reel with capacity of min. 120m of 80lb braid. This heavier outfit is needed to handle deep diving lures and larger baits and heavy jigs; 65lb braid is used to handle runs from Nile Perch. This same outfit can also be used for vundu cats in Lake Nasser with cut baits. A Medium-heavy 6’6”–7’6” baitcasting or spinning rod should be matched with a baitcasting or spinning reel with capacity of min. 120m of 45-50lb braid. This slightly lighter outfit will handle casting and using smaller minnow baits, jigs and surface lures. It will handle medium-sized perch and the smaller tiger fish. A Medium-light 6’6”–7’6” spinning rod spinning reel with capacity for min.120m of 20-30lb braid. This much lighter outfit will give your arms and wrists a rest from bigger baits and will allow you to easily use jigs and smaller minnowbaits when casting from the rocks. 9-12 Wt fly rods should be matched with fly reels with good, smooth drag systems, loaded with fast-sinking 300-500 grain flyline and intermediate flyline; 30-50lb straight mono can be used for leaders 1.5m–2m attached to large streamer flies. Medium and long length streamer flies are generally great fish producers on Lake Nasser. *Always bring spare line and a multi-tool.

LURES FOR NILE PERCH AND TIGER FISH NILE PERCH/TROLLING: Best producing lures for trolling on Lake Nasser are straight and jointed Depth Raiders (both sinking and floating); Rapala Super Shad Rap 14 floating and sinking; Rapala X Rap deep divers, and Count Down 14; Storm Deep Thunder 15 cm; Mann’s Heavy Duty Stretch 25+ and 30, Musky Mania Ernie 23 cm and Russelures 6.5 inch. NILE PERCH/ROLLING AND CASTING: For both trolling and casting, anglers can use Rapala Super Shad Rap 14 floating and sinking and Count Down 14; Bucher straight and jointed Baby Depth Raider 6, Sinking and floating; Rapala Deep Tail Dancer 11-15cm; Musky Mania Tackles Ernie, 23 cm; llex DD Arnaud 100, Lucky Craft Flat CB DR, 7.5cm; Rapala Magnum 14; Halco Sorcerer 150 with two depth positions, 15cm; Original Storm Big Mac; Rapala X-Rap 14; Storm lead-inhead jigs. TIGER FISH/CASTING: Smaller spinners, spoons, smaller X Raps and Shad Raps etc. and jigs will all catch Tigers on the hunt. FLIES: Big streamer flies from 6-9” fished deep against the rocks and boulders can result in some reel-screaming runs and well into the backing. We advise a good pair of stripping gloves unless you want another lifeline burnt into your palm!!

WILDLIFE In Egypt in the bleak, empty-looking desert surrounding Lake Nasser, there appears to be no life anywhere. But there are more than 100 species of birds here, including wild duck, Egyptian geese, pelicans, herons, egrets and various species of hawks, kites, falcons and eagles. In most areas there are big Nile crocodile, monitor lizards, as well as Dorcas gazelle, jackals, desert fox and various smaller desert mammals.

CLOTHES We recommend clients follow the list of items below to keep it simple and as lightweight as possible, so only one or two changes of clothes are needed. Clothes here in general are shorts or long pants, a shirt, a fleece for windy, cooler weather and a hat!! One change of clothes can be used for travelling. For travelling: 1 x pair lightweight shoes, socks, underwear, light jacket, 1 x light shirt and long cargo pants with pockets for documents, money, passport etc. This outfit can also serve as fishing clothes to save on additional weight.

For fishing and safari: 1 x wide brimmed hat or fishing cap with neck cape, 2 x lightweight shorts or long pants (zip-off’s are a good idea and can also be used as travel pants), 2 x lightweight, long or short-sleeved shirts with pockets (can also be used as travel shirt), 1 x pair of either CROCS, sandals or similar comfortable boat shoes, 1 x fleece, 1 x lightweight rain suit/jacket and 2 x pairs of polarised sunglasses (in case you lose one pair), 1 x pair light safari/trekking shoes for fishing off the rocks.

OTHER RECOMMENDED GEAR It gets hot out there in the full sun, often over 90ᾒC, so come well protected with good-quality sun-block with at least 50-75 SPF. Lip cream is essential. We fish in areas that have little mosquito or other insect activity, but bring a high DEET content insect repellent just in case. Bring any personal medications and allow for headaches, stomach upsets, fevers, infections, allergies etc. And also personal toiletries, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, shaving gear etc. A small amount of talcum powder is a good asset in the jungle for those hidden, sweaty areas! Reading books/magazines/Kindle, pen and paper for notes. Small torch/headlight and spare batteries Camera(s), interchangeable lenses, batteries etc. Multi-tool Boga Grip or similar fish holding/weighing device. Remember, they’ve all got teeth!!!!

TRANSFERS, SCHEDULES AND COSTS Day 1: Welcome and airport assistance in Cairo, Luxor or Aswan. Full service from the moment you land in Egypt. Spend night in Aswan. Days 2-7: 6 days fishing and last night spend in Aswan. Days 8: Return home. OPTION 1 - Live-On Fishing Boats: Cost per angler: 1,440€ with 1 angler per boat, no sharing, private, Extra day 200€. Cost per angler with 2 anglers per boat: 950€. Extra day 135€ pp. Cost per angler with 3 anglers per boat: 820€. Extra day 120€ pp. OPTION 2 - Live-On Mother Ship and Centre Console Fast Fishing Boats: Cost per angler: 1,470€, with 2 anglers per boat. Extra day 200€ pp. OPTION 3 - Live-On ‘Nubiana’ Motherboat: Cost per angler: 1,750€ with 2 anglers per boat. Extra day 200€ pp. * All above costs are in Euros and at time of payments, the daily Euro rate will apply to any currency. Included: 2 nights in a 4**** hotel in Aswan (1st and last night), arrival and departure package, fishing licence worth € 50, all government taxes. Not included: International and domestic flights, meals in Aswan and other personal expenses, beverages and drinks on board (we carry wine and beer, coke etc., and will be charged at European prices), single room supplement € 30 pp, tips for your guide and boat staff (+/- € 30/angler/week). Price for hiring fishing equipment is € 180/pp/week (included 2 fishing rods with reels, tackle box and all materials). Transfers by private car from Luxor or the Red Sea to Aswan and back can be arranged on request, but it is better if guests can organise their flights to arrive directly into Aswan. A 50% deposit is required to reserve places when booking. The remaining payment is due 90 days before arrival in Aswan. * All prices are based on an itinerary from Aswan to Aswan. On request we will organise an itinerary from Aswan – Garf Hussein (southern part of the lake, you will fish 2/3 of the total lake) or Garf Hussein - Abu Simbel (you will fish the second half of the lake up to famous temples of Abu Simbel and there is the possibility of visiting the famous monuments: Supplement for the itinerary Aswan - Garf Hussein: 100€ pp. Supplement for the itinerary Garf Hussein - Abu Simbel: 200€ pp. USA toll free (9am – 5pm) ET 1 866 920 2814 Europe +44 1832 275 995

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