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or most students, internship is one of the best ways to gain entry into the corporate world. As an MBA intern, you put into practice theoretical knowledge acquired in previous courses, developing competencies and contacts. In addition, an internship in the field where you study can bring out that practical side that will make the ‘theory’ you learn in class more relevant and easy to understand. Indeed, internships can lead to full-time employment upon graduation and ease the transition into the workforce.

Internships are important sources of learning and experience for full-time MBA students.

Further, networking within an organisation can lead you to a much wider range of job prospects. More often than not the bigger players in the company have connections with clients and colleagues in a variety of companies and cities around the world. Moreover, internship helps you in crystallising your career interests and moving ahead with a focus. A research study on B-School interns conducted in the US by Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) found that MBA internships are important sources of learning and experience for full-time MBA students. The survey titled, ‘Exploring MBA Internship Effectiveness: Intern Goals and Outcomes’ has indicated that during internships, students experience distinct learning outcomes corresponding to three key learning goals: competency, company, and career. So, it’s about time you used your internship as a stepping stone for your next career move. The Cover Story in this issue offers an in-depth insight. Also, we bring you the latest trends in on-campus recruitment that have been released by a few Indian B-schools. Read the ‘Placement Report’, which signals an important shift where companies are once again looking to hire young employees at significantly higher salaries and across sectors. One such sector that is gaining considerable prominence is biotechnology. It is believed to generate numerous employment opportunities in the near future. This field is no more just an innovative academic activity but rather an intense commercial and capital intensive business. The Special Report delves deeper into this expanding sector, as it has been creating a demand for the development of scientists at postgraduate level skilled in biotechnology and business, to counter the shortage of scientists with business management expertise, both in India and abroad. Besides, while on a study abroad mission, it is essential to consider certain aspects in order to avoid visa reject. To know more, turn the pages to “Avoid visa woes”. So, rather than merely acknowledging their existing, capitalise on the trends and there should be no looking back!

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04 April 2011

The new middle manager

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Internships: Stepping stones to success

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Placement Trends 2011



Australian Education Excellence Showcase 2011


ICICI Bank and Praxis Business School sign MoU

Success Street


Escaping Stuckness: The fine art of creativity

Biotechnology weds management Avoid visa woes Communication careers in the 21st century

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Time to set your goals


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“Ambiguity helps students in

learning how to do business” - Charmaine Courtis, ED - Student Services & International Relations, & Minoo Bhutani is the Director of the Career Development Centre, and India Country Advisor, Schulich School of Business, York University


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Advanc’edge MBA April 2011



The new middle manager Studies, both international and national, highlight the ability to be a successful team player, the capacity to be relentlessly focused on the customer, preaching and practicing empowerment as some of the new roles that have been added to the repertoire of successful middle managers. Read on.. Prof S Raghu Raman


n a classic article, written almost three



was often pointed out as one of the reasons for inefficient organisational


Mintzberg set out to document what

processes and declining organisational

No manager is an island

managers really do in organisations.

The first, and the most significant,

productivity. But today’s manager

He, after patiently sitting with five


talks a new language of teams or

managers for weeks, found that they

seem to perform is what Tom Peters refers to as a ‘functional-boundary smasher’. Functional allegiance or ‘silo’ mind-set had been considered


as one of the characteristics of middle

together to chalk a way forward. And

performed 10 roles ranging from being a figurehead to being a disturbance handler capable of corrective action during times of crisis. While most of these roles are still performed by middle managers across different organisations,



in the last decade like international competition,



advances in both information and





managers. They had to represent their departments and ‘fight’ for its fair share. The production managers produced and it was the problem of Marketing or Sales department to sell! This not-my-problem mind-set




Teams (CFTs). Be it a cost reduction exercise or design of new products, managers from different functions get this teamwork has not been confined to the boundaries of the organisation, but has gone beyond to rope in other stakeholders like suppliers. Apart from the standard benefits of working as a team - decreased costs, a sense


of participation and

technologies have also

better quality solutions












both international and





departments also

changed perception


managers have on

the ability to be a

other functions. They



have come to realise

player, the capacity

the entire gamut of

















some of the new roles that have been added to the repertoire of


successful middle managers.

Advanc’edge MBA April 2011

and its criticality to the performance of the organisation. In a way it has aided the individual manager in



the larger picture or how the various


aptly illustrated by a sales manager

pieces of the puzzle fit together. In other

The other important change that

when he commented on the discount

words, such cross-functional working

one notices in the middle manager

he gives his customers ‘You don’t

has aided managers in developing a

is the emphasis he or she places on

give away that much when you are

more strategic rientation.

empowerment. It has almost become

the decision maker!’ These roles, though they sound

a necessity given the complexities of Customer focus


Customers, for many non-marketing

not without its share of problems.





hovering somewhere at the end of the value chain. Most of them would not have felt the need to either interact or understand the customer. Probably, this was not necessary in the past when customers kept chasing the few producers. But there is a seachange today. Walk into any lecture or a workshop on ‘Customer value creation’ or ‘Customer Relationship

An empowered manager empowers his subordinates. Secondly, an empowered manager today and recognises the responsibility that empowerment brings along.


offs. Team goals often subsume individual’s goals. This is often not a very comfortable proposition for a manager who so far had relied solely on independent decision-making. Empowerment is about trusting that the subordinate would act in the interests of the organisation. That does not come easy for a manager


the market and the compulsion to take an almost instantaneous decision.

bicycles to software, managers from

Empowerment not only means a wider-

different functions have understood

band for decision making – you can

the importance of being customer-

offer a discount anywhere between 5

centric. Not only are they grappling

and 15 percent – but also a sign of trust

with the issues of how their functional

the top is willing to confer on the lower



levels. This has a lot of implications.

value, but are also actively involved

Firstly, it seems to be percolating to

in interacting directly with the end

all levels. An empowered manager

customer. A junior executive from

empowers his subordinates. Secondly,

Finance working along with the sales

an empowered manager today and

manager and talking to the customer


is no longer a strange sight!

empowerment brings along. It was so




Marketing! In industries ranging from





involves compromises and trade-

at least half the participants would to


Being a successful team member

Management’ and you can bet that belong





believes would






and status. The new roles are certainly not easy to perform but the


management without






of that


the middle level runs the risk of obsolescence. And when they become obsolete nothing can stop the organisation from being obsolete. Prof S Raghu Raman teaches management of People and Organizations at IFMR, Chennai. Email: Advanc’edge MBA April 2011


Cover Story

Internship strategy Stepping stones to success Recruitments for the MBA summer internships are completed in the month of November/ December across most management institutes who offer a two-year PGDM/MBA programme. Serena Kallian gives an insight to various internship strategies and how one can capitalise on the experience and make the most of the internship.


ow important is the



a winter internship. The winter



internships during the summer

internship for the second year

for a B-school? The

vacations (for 2-3 months) but

students usually happens after

performance of a B-school

there are a few institutes, which

the completion of the final



offer internships in the winter/

placements in January.

for instance is said to be a

autumn. In some institutes

Some of the promising

reflection of how the institute

students get an opportunity

sectors for this season have

is faring, the reputation it holds

to have their internships in


with companies and also how

the second year. S P Jain


the final placements for the

Management Research is one

healthcare. Functions such as

following year would look like.

such institute, which offers an

marketing, sales, consulting

One can also take the internship

internship in autumn ie, in the

and finance have been the

process as a yardstick for the

month of October-November.

hottest picks for many MBA

prevailing trends in the industry

While in the summer, students

interns this time.

and preferences among MBA

at SPJIMR are expected to

At FMS, Delhi this year,





infrastructure, pharma


do a compulsory project with

41 percent of the offers were


an NGO. At NITIE, Mumbai,

made in sales and marketing


apart from the regular process

roles, half of which were in

been promising. The summer



internship is taken up at the end

students spend the last four

33 percent students chose to

of the first year. Traditionally

months of their course doing

intern in Finance roles. Of this,

This Pallavi Banerjee, Student at Loyola Institute of Business Administration, Chennai












Theory learnt in a classroom has no standing unless it is connected with proper experience at a work place dealing with real business issues. Internships help you connect theory with the real world. I have been placed with PepsiCo for my internship and I hope to gather a lot of insight into the strategies of marketing as my end goal is marketing.



Advanc’edge MBA April 2011

Cover Story manager-HR & Admin with a



Management firm,





across premier management institutes




process can be divided into three phases, namely Preinternship, internship and post internship, and knowing what to do in each of these stages can help a student make the internship



useful and successful. Pre internship process Locating



opportunity It would be good to understand that the internship process across management institutes in India follow similar formats. Recruiters visit the campus and have pre placement talks just like in the final placements; here students are given to understand the company, the way the organisation functions, what students can gain from the company, the role on offer etc. They hold presentations and open question and answer one-thirds were interested in


Investment Banking, Venture

and experience related directly


to your career goal.




companies. At IIM-A, Finance


Getting an internship is

roles were taken up by 39


percent of the batch of 378

B-schools since the institute’s

students. At IIM-K, 25 percent


of the batch opted for sales and


marketing roles while finance

entire process until they secure

was at 22 percent.

their coveted role.

Internships are a vital part






Indian usually






of any management degree

important that students take

especially for students who


come without any kind of

since this would be their only



valid industry exposure apart

can be extremely beneficial to

from their other industry related

students, graduates, or anyone


looking for hands on expertise.

competitions and seminars.

As an intern, you can develop




like Bhatia,


workshops, Assistant

session, which is to be fully

Dr C Manohar, Executive Director & Dean-Institute of Business Management and Research-IBS, Bangalore

A majority of students in most of the management institutes in India doing an MBA are freshers. Therefore an MBA internship be it summer/winter/ autumn is of vital importance for them. Keeping this in mind most institutes make it compulsory for a participant to have an internship project. The drawback of making it a mandate is that many students do not use the opportunity to actually gain exposure and experience, it becomes merely a project report for good grades.

utilised by the student. The





early phase of the internship decision is to identify the area




plans post MBA. Based on all these factors one can arrive at




Internship opportunities many a time are taken care of by the management institutes through their recruitment programmes. However there are institutes which inform candidates upfront that only minor assistance is provided when it comes to internships. While planning an MBA it is important to have all the information that Advanc’edge MBA April 2011


Cover Story is needed to understand the

Management of the PGDM

case with many graduates today

recruitment processes followed


until the completion of the MBA

at the shortlisted institute.

For most companies the brand and name of the institute is important so being in the right school can make a difference to what you do during your internship as well as post the MBA. Recruiters expect a greater level of commitment from the students since at a post graduate level they expect them to be clear about their goals and focus areas. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Be prepared with answers to questions like what you wish to do in the organisation, which industry are you essentially focussing on, which area within the industry of your choice etc.


programme applied on her own


to procure a winter internship

remain unaware of the area they

understand the intricacies and

project as she was not happy

want to work in, their strengths

processes followed at a school

with the profiles offered by some

and weaknesses. So a thorough

is through interactions with

of the visiting companies. Neha

self-evaluation can be of great

senior students and alumni

who was keen on marketing

help if the internship experience

feels Anuradha Tadepalli a

as a career found herself an

is to be made useful for

second year student at IIM K.

internship project at a leading

one’s career. The internship

“Always check whether the

FMCG company in a marketing


institute provides placement

role due to a rare opportunity

comes at an early stage of










made available at a case study

the programme and so the

entirely or partially. Some times

contest. “I had participated in a

decision about the major and

the profiles offered by recruiters

contest at IIM K, there one of the

the minor subject specialisation

do not suit a participant in terms

jury members was the product

in the second year should also

of his/her plans or goals, so

manager of a leading FMCG

be made early. For students

one may be required to take up

company. After the contest as

who are still confused regarding

external live projects in order

part of our networking session,

their interest areas help should

to gain a good footing in the

I approached this jury member



and during the course of our


conversation he informed me

students etc.


N e h a

sought the





Talking about what most

K u m a r

about a requirement at the

( n a m e

company and I on the other



hand expressed a strong wish

interns Ashish Bhatia says,

and interest in the profile. The

“An important attribute that is


Advanc’edge MBA April 2011



result was a great internship

considered by most recruiters is the attitude of the candidate.

not count for any marks as part


of my PGDM course work. But

someone with a clear goal. Also

in order to gain more industry

have good reasons to justify all

experience I feel doing as

past decisions including the

many live projects as possible

one to do an MBA, the choice

will increase my marketability

of specialisation in the second

and also will help me reach my

year etc. Since most students



that the


opportunity. The project does






Ashish Bhatia, Assistant Manager - HR & Admin at Business Management Consulting Group























programme they are still fresh


and lack expertise so recruiters

seminars, industry conferences,




B-school competitions etc can




be often counted among good


pools for future projects. But

same time recruiters do check

before one actually locates an

your conceptual knowledge at a

opportunity one must know

basic level especially if you are

what skills are needed.

keen on roles like Finance, HR,


Evaluating your interests,

Supply chain etc.”



strengths, skills

Internship applications






participants with


expert at



As mentioned before most




Indian B-schools provide a


admissions. But as is the

sure platform for internship




Cover Story

Advanc’edge MBA April 2011


Cover Story Internship

followed involves placement



work may be of help to you or

talks, presentations, selection

can about the industry or

sometimes it may seem a waste

tests, interviews and then short


of time. However do whatever

listing of interns by a company.

you’re working















is expected of you diligently and start



also show your interest in areas


internship, it is important not

apart from the one assigned to

not recruited any interns from

to take the opportunity at hand

you. Companies appreciate

a certain campus because

lightly. It is a good chance


candidates could not meet

to understand the workings


required expectations.






of the organisation from the

problems you might be facing


inside and also understand

at work but do try to come up

International B-schools do not

the various pros and cons

with solutions as well. Mentors

provide placement assistance

of working in the area one

can be really encouraging

for internships. They do have a

wishes to make a career in.

in such cases,” says Ashish.

career services department but

While still in the organisation,


the assistance given is only at

maintain good relations with

and helps you gain exposure.

an initial level. The participants

everyone around because a

On the other hand do not









good network is an important

expect to receive instructions


gain from an internship. It

from your mentor and co-


also helps to understand the

workers all the time since they


different profiles available at

may not have the time; it is


the organisation and the kind of

better to observe and relate.














Anuradha Tadepalli

According to me the basic preparation required at the pre-internship stage would involve knowing about the company, the role/ profiles on offer and also keeping yourself updated with the current affairs. Most of the selection rounds involve aptitude tests, group discussions and personal interviews. The process differs with each organisation.

to the organisation so the

work done at different levels.

groundwork must begin early

Always do your best work

Post internship



Interns are not expected to do

Anuradha Tadepalli did her


a spectacular job because it is

internship at J P Morgan and


only an initial experience and

feels that post her internship


interns lack expertise. Doing


transcripts etc. Preparing the

honest and sincere work is

technical knowledge in the

Neha Kumar

application should be preceded

what the organisation expects.

finance domain, which has

by the initial steps of self

Ashish Bhatia opines that many

helped in the MBA coursework

evaluation and identifying the

interns focus a lot on the project

in the second year. Other than

area you want to work in. This

report that has to be submitted

the academic understanding

would make the application

at the end of the internship and

the internship has enabled

more convincing. The cover

miss out on the actual take

her to perceive her area of

letter should not be a long

away from the experience.

interest with additional clarity.

epistle but short and concise

Apart from what they can

stating your purpose of doing an

gain they also jeopardise their

internship a student is ready

internship with the organisation

chances when it comes to

to turn the experience gained

concerned, further how you

the final placements. “Many

into a catalyst for a future

can make a unique contribution

recruiters tend to quiz you

career. Many companies look

to the profile offered based

about the kind of work done

towards their intern talent pool

on your previous experience,

during the internship so if you

to recruit for entry-level roles.

academic history etc. Every

have done an honest and good

An internship is also a good

statement must be duly justified.

job then you will be able to

chance for a pre-placement

Be honest because every word

convince anybody about your


used in the cover letter can be

competency,” says Ashish.

requirement is to capitalise

People do internships for hands on learning, good networks and in some cases to get good pre placement offers. Many a time in colleges the companies visiting may be good but the profiles offered may not be suited for the individual. I personally want to have more options in terms of job profiles on my resume´ and also a wide range of experiences and so I prefer doing a lot of live projects.

a point of reference during the

Take initiative

on this trend by doing an

personal interview after being

Organisations take in interns

outstanding job throughout the

short listed.

at a time when they have an

internship period.


application a


an would




overload of work so the given

recruitments so the process

Advanc’edge MBA April 2011














” “

Cover Story

Advanc’edge MBA April 2011



Advanc’edge MBA April 2011

No. of Students


Name of the Institute

Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), Delhi


Participating companies


No of offers/ company


Overall Aver- Rs 26 lakh age: Rs 15.4 p.a. lakh p.a. Average for Lateral Placements: Rs 16.5 lakh p.a.

P r e - Salary Offered (Domestic) Placement Offers U S D 1,50,000 p . a . A r t h u r D.Little, Olam International and Citibank. Most roles were for Middle East and Singapore.

International Placements

Finance: Avigo Capital, Avendus Capital, JP Morgan Chase, Nomura, Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank, ICICI Securities, American Express, Tata Capital, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, IFCI, HDFC and CRISIL, Essar, Hindustan Unilever, Nestle, Kraft-Cadbury, L&T, RBI Marketing: Procter & Gamble, Hindustan Unilever, KraftCadbury, Nestle, ITC, Asian Paints, Godrej Consumer, AzkoNobel, Madura, Tata Motors, Tata Steel, Cummins Consulting: Deloitte, Accenture, KPMG, Ernst & Young, PWC, Hewitt, Avalon Consulting, Cognizant, Mindtree, Capgemini, Wipro General Management: TAS, Olam International, Essar Group, Times Group, RPG Group, Jindal group, Allianz and UB Group Enterpreneurship: The “placement-holiday” policy was introduced for the first time.

Top Recruiters

Finance: 33%, Marketing: 33%, Consulting: 18%, General Management: 10%, Others: 6%

Sectoral Breakup

Many students rejected higher paying jobs to accept offers from the Reserve Bank of India. Incidentally, RBI also made the highest number of offers at FMS. Johnson & Johnson Consumer, Godfrey Philips and AzkoNobel recruited from campus for the first time. One student availed the policy to kick start his own venture.

Key Observations

Similarly, some companies that have aggressive expansion plans in the coming fiscal hire in large numbers from the institutes.

Experts also feel that it’s not only that jobs have increased in huge numbers across the industry, but within the industry, some sectors are doing better than others. Sectors that expect to grow faster in the coming years are hiring more people.

As a reflection of the improving market situation, there were a greater number of international offers as well. Institutes say it’s the overall buoyancy in the Indian economic scenario that has pushed up the number of offers this year.

Final Placements 2011

Salaries have become more realistic and a number of business schools are not talking about pay any more but an wholesome experience. The number of offers has gone up from last year with an increase in average salary. IIM-Kozhikode saw the total number of offers go up to 305 from 265 last year (the number of offers per

It is clear that recruitment patterns have not changed much and as in the case last year, finance profiles were in demand. Investment Banks played a large role in the recruitment process by hiring from top schools. Marketing not far behind was the next favourite followed by consulting, general management, enterpreneurship, HR and IT. There were also many students who rejected high paying jobs to accept offers from public sector companies.


company rose to 3.37 from 2.66 in 2010) IIM-Calcutta saw slot zero offers going up to 139 from last year’s 90. Similarly, IIM Indore, which wrapped up its placements last month, saw number of offers increase to 241 this year, from 235 in the previous year. IIM Ahmedabad began its cluster-based process, which was successfully pioneered last year, and was followed this year, for graduating PGP students. This Cluster had companies across various cohorts.

Placement Trends 2011

iring is picking up again at India’s business schools. Keeping in sync with the excellent summer placements, this season started off on a very positive note. This is evident from the Pre-Placement Offers received by the students in most of the schools. The list of recruiters both in terms of number and diversity, is in continuation with the trend of last year.

Special Report



IIM Indore

IIM Kozhikode

S. P. Jain 178 Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR), Mumbai


GITAM Institute of Management (GIM), Visakhapatnam













Rs 8.3 lakh p.a.

Average: Rs.14.07 lakh p.a. Median: Rs 14 lakh p.a.

Consulting: Rs. 14.42 p.a., FMCG: Rs. 12.26 p.a, Foreign Financial Institution: Rs. 19.43 p.a , General Mgmt: Rs.13.57 p.a, HR: Rs.10.75 p.a., Indian Financial Institution: Rs.12.52 p.a., IT: Rs.11.14 p.a., Operations: Rs. 13.62 p.a



Rs 23 lakh p.a.

U S D 39,400 p.a.

Consulting: U S D Rs. 17.36 1,50,000 p.a, FMCG: Rs.22 p.a., Foreign Financial Institution: Rs. 32 p.a., General Mgmt: Rs.15.5 p.a, HR: Rs.11.5 p.a., Indian Financial Institution: Rs.18 p.a, IT: Rs.14.5 p.a

Overall Aver- Rs 32 lakh age: Rs 14.06 p.a. lakh p.a., Finance Average Salary: Rs 15.94 lakh p.a., Sales & Marketing Average Salary: Rs 14 lakh p.a.

Rs 4 lakh p.a.





Finance: JP Morgan, IIFL, Standard Chartered, Citi Bank, Deutsche Bank, ICICI Bank, Edelweiss, ICRA, Avista Advisory , SBI Caps, HSBC , Yes Bank, Axis Bank Marketing & Operations: Procter & Gamble, Hindustan Unilever Ltd, Johnson & Johnson, Dabur, Asian Paints, Nestle, Marico, Britannia, Nivea, Wipro Consumer, Bharti Airtel, Philips, Novartis, CEAT and Titan, 3M, Cummins

Finance: Nomura, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, J P Morgan Chase, Standard Chartered, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Citi, Arvin Meritor, Altisource, ICICI Bank, Indus Valley Partners, Bajaj Allianz, SBI Capital, Airtel, CRISIL, ICRA, NCDEX Marketing & Operations: HUL, P&G, ITC, Reckitt Benckiser, Marico, Kellogg’s, Colgate Palmolive Airtel, Asian Paints, 3M, Glenmark, Panasonic, Tata Motors, Zee Learn Consulting: Deloitte, Cognizant Business Consulting. Mckinsey & Co, Capgemini, AON Hewitt, Wipro Consulting, MXV General Management: RIL, ADAG, Mahindra & Mahindra, Cargo, Dolcera, L&T, Jindal, Olam International, Thomas Cook, Manipal Group Human Resouce: Infosys, AON Hewitt Consulting, Apollo Hospitals Information Technology: TCS, Wipro, IBM, Mindtree, Aricent, Capgemini, iGate, Fujitsu NGOs and Entrepreneurship: Two students have opted for the placement holiday facility to pursue entreprenurial stints. An MBBS student has decided to join an NGO, Healing Fields Foundation that works in the area of MicroHealth Insurance.

Finance: Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, HSBC-GR, Standard Chartered, Bank of America-Merrill Lynch, J P Morgan, Nomura, SBI Caps, Edelweiss, ICICI, Yes Bank, Axis Bank and HDFC, Larsen & Turbo, Genpact and Suzlon Energy Sales & Marketing: HLL, Procter & Gamble, Colgate-Palmolive, ITC, Pepsi, Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages, Marico, Reckitt-Benckiser, Dabur, Britannia, Tata Motors, Airtel, Vodafone, GSK, Pfizer, Raymond. Consulting: BCG, Ernst and Young, Deloitte, PWC, Aon Hewitt, Cognizant Business Consulting, Wipro Consulting Services Corporate Strategy and General Management: Reliance Industries, Mahindra & Mahindra, Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group, Adani Group, Bharti Group, Manipal Group, L&T Information Technology: Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Cognizant, Infosys, HCL Technologies and Wipro. Human Resource : Aon Hewitt, Infosys Operations: Procter and Gamble, L&T, Cummins, Tata Steel, Bharti Realty, Reliance Power, Gati

Finance: 21.35%, Marketing & Operations: 23%, Consulting/ IT

Finance: 33%, Marketing & Operations: 26%, Consulting: 24%, General Management: 8% , HR: 3%, IT: 7%

Finance: 28%, Marketing: 22%, Consulting: 23%, General Management: 10%, IT & HR: 7%, Operations: 10%

Colgate Palmolive, Idea Cellular, Zeta interactive, Water Health, SBI NA Life, Kotak Securities, Vimta labs, Factset, Netelixir, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, Vijaya Bank, Aspinwall, Taj Hotels, HSBC Invest Direct, DSP Blackrock, Vodafone.

MNC Thomson Reuters made exclusive offers for their Global Business Graduate Program.

ICICI Bank recruited a record 16 students. IIM Kozhikode concluded 100% placement record

Executive Assistant to MD/CEO remained one of the most sought after profiles on campus giving students an opportunity to work closely with the CEO and then moving to the top echelons of management.

More than 5 Public Sector companies had taken part in placement process.

Special Report

Advanc’edge MBA April 2011





XLRI Jamshedpur

Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar (XIMB) PGDM Programme

Advanc’edge MBA April 2011





Over 1 8 % students r e ceived preplacement offers

19.5% i n crease in preplacement offers over t h e l a s t year

Average Sal- Rs 15 lakh ary: Rs 10.76 p.a. lakh p.a. Median Salary: Rs 10.30 lakh p.a.

Overall Aver- Rs 23 lakh age: Rs 15.8 p.a. lakh p.a. Overall Median: Rs 14.7 lakh p.a. Lateral placements Average: Rs 16.5 lakh p.a.

Highest International Package: U S D 32,650 p.a.

Highest international offer: USD 120,000

Kadence International and AATCO offered excellent profiles and lucrative pay packages

Novartis AG offered its prestigious HR Leadership Development Role at Basel, Switzerland exclusively to XLRI. Also a leading player in the financial space offered its coveted wealth management role at New York exclusively to XLRI. Finance: J P Morgan Chase, Citibank, Fidelity, SBI Caps, SBI, Religare, CRISIL, ICRA, ICICI Bank, L&T, HDFC Bank Marketing: Procter & Gamble, Reckitt Benckiser, HCCBPL, Kadence International, Cavinkare, Akzonobel, WCCL, Tata Motors, Panasonic, Idea, IMRB, Tata Steel Consulting: Cognizant, Deloitte, Capgemini PWC Information Technology: Cognizant, TCS, Wipro, HCL Technologies, HP, Mindtree, Polaris and Ramco Systems Operation, Human Resource: Tata Corp HR, Dell, Renault Nissan India, Godrej & Boyce, Glenmark, Novartis, L&T, Religare, PWC, Deloitte

Finance: ICICI Bank, Goldman Sachs, Nomura Holdings, BNP Paribas, ICICI Securities, India Infoline, Citibank, Standard Chartered, ICICI, Axis Bank, DBS, YES Bank, Hindustan Unilever, Cadbury, L&T and Reliance Industries Ltd. Marketing: P & G, HLL Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, ITC, Asian Paints, Nestle, Cadbury, Marico, PepsiCo, Castrol, Biocon, BhartiAirtel, Lenovo, Cummins, Akzonobel. Consulting: BCG, Mckinsey & Co. Accenture Business Consulting, Tata Strategic Management Group, Ernst & Young, Mercer Consulting, Hewitt Associates, KPMG, Deloitte Consulting, Cognizant Business Consulting, Capgemini, Wipro General Management: TAS, Aditya Birla Group, Mahindra & Mahindra, Hinduja Group, Reliance Industries LTD, Lodha Group, Manipal Group, RPG Group and Murugappa Enterpreneurship: One student signed out with deferred placements and many others capitalized on the start-ups established as a part of Summer Projects.

Finance: 19%, Marketing: 25%, Consulting: 14%, IT: 24% HR: 18%

Finance: 25%, Marketing: 25%, Consutling: 25%, General Management: 13%

Consulting / IT Consulting: McKinsey and Co., Arthur D’Little, Accen- C o n s u l t i n g : ture Business Consulting (ABC), Deloitte, Ernst and Young, KPMG, 19% PwC, CEB and TSMG. Deloitte, Accenture, Cognizant Business Consulting (CBC) and Capgemini. IT / ITES: Microsoft, HCL Technologies, IBM, General Electric, Proctor and Gamble and Citibank, TCS General Management: Tata Administrative Services, Adani Leadership Program, Mahindra & Mahindra, Reli ance Industries Limited and RPG Group

20% of the participating companies were first time recruiters

KPMG for the first time opened its treasured Financial Risk Management role at XLRI for the class of 2011. Firms such as Google, Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages Pvt ltd, BNP Paribas, ICICI Securities, India Infoline, Akzonobel,, Lodha Group, Medtronic, Glenmark Pharma, HPCL-Arcelor Mittal Energy Ltd and AC Nielsen recruited for several prized positions in their respective organizations.

3M, Cummins also visited the campus for the first time offering roles for the students with operation majors.

Special Report




T. A. Pai Management Institute (TAPMI), Manipal








Rs 13.1 lakh p.a.

Median Salary: Rs 8 lakh p.a.

Average Salary: Rs 6.57 lakh p.a. Median Salary: Rs 6.25 lakh.


Rs 13.5 lakh p.a.

Rs 10 lakh p.a.



Givaudan, a Swiss manufacturer of flavorings and fragrances recruited for its international marketing profile



Banking & Financial Services: ICICI Bank, JP Morgan Chase, Nomura Holdings, Royal Bank of Scotland, Citibank, Barclays Bank, SBI Capital Markets, India Infoline, Tata Capital, Angel Broking, HDFC, CRISIL, ICRA. FMCG/Consumer Durables: HCCB, ITC, L’Oreal, Marico, Wipro CCL, Dabur, UB Group, Reckitt Benckiser, VVF Ltd, Consulting: KPMG, PWC, Deloitte, Avalon Consulting, Capgemini, Cognizant Business Consulting, i3 Consulting. Information Technology: Infosys, Wipro, HCL Technologies, IBM, Mphasis, Accenture, KPIT Cummins and Genpact, Birlasoft, Mindtree, Conglomerates: Reliance Industries Limited, GE Adani Group, Larsen & Toubro, Triton Group, Manipal Group, Welspun

Banking: 17% Financial Services: 19%, FMCG: 9%, Consumer Durables: 2%, Consulting: 9%, IT: 23%, Conglomerate: 9%, Others: 12%

Avalon Consulting, IMRB, J.P. Morgan, ACG Worldwide, Crisil, Ver- IT/ITES: 44%, ity, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Infosys, Deloitte, Wipro Group, B a n k i n g / KPMG, Manipal Group, UB Group, Citi Group, and Titan Industries Financial Services: 20%, Consulting: 13%, Manufacturing: 9%, FMCG: 6%, Services: 4%, Heal thc a re/ Pharma: 4%

H i g h e s t Kadence In- ITC, Amul, Monsanto, DSCL, FINO, Microsave, ICICI Bank, SBI Life, F o r e i g n ternational, AXIS Bank S a l a r y Indonesia - Rs 14 lakh p.a.

Avalon Consulting, IMRB, J.P. Morgan, ACG Worldwide, Crisil, Verity were some of the first time recruiters

Percentage increase in average salary over last year is 24%.

Disclaimer: While no effort has been spared in ensuring the accuracy of the information published herein, readers are advised to reconfirm and make appropriate enquiries from concerned institutes. Source: B-school websites Compiled by: Priya Gokani

For detailed placement report log on to

Information Technology: IT Sales, Corporate IT

Consulting: Strategic Consulting, Operations consulting and Financial Advisory, M&A

Operations: Supply chain management, infrastructure development and management, logistics, Procurement and Production Management.

Human Resource: Corporate HR, HR Consulting

Marketing/ Sales: Sales, Corporate Strategy, Business Development,Branding, Product Management, Distribution, Pre-sales and Business Analysis.

Finance: Investment Banking, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Equity Research, Corporate Finance, Project Finance,Buy and Sell side Analyst, Fund Management, Tax consulting, Risk Management, Equity Research and Wholesale, Commercial and Retail Banking, Credit Rating, Credit Risk, Treasury,Insurance, International Banking

Roles offered in different sectors were as follows:



Xavier Insti- 60 tute of Management, Bhubaneswar (XIMB) PGDM (Rural Management) Programme

Special Report

Advanc’edge MBA April 2011


Special Report

Biotechnology weds management Recent advances in life sciences have brought about a revolution and transformation; promising to be building blocks of the global economy. The degree, which a few universities quietly pioneered in the mid-1990s, combines studies in science or engineering and business management and is fast emerging from the shadows at a number of college campuses. Radhika Arunkumar probes this unique combination called biotechnology management.


he biotechnology sector is

to HR, finance, quality control, IPR

cost effectiveness, the biotechnology

showing growth and it is

and bioinformatics.





expected that this trend will

On the whole it intends to give

continue in the future. There are many

value addition to marketing and

biotech and pharma companies in India

market research so that it can meet

The Indian biotech industry grew

that have entered foreign markets, and

the rising demand for technology

threefold in just five years to report

this is expected to generate numerous

managers who will market technologies

revenues of $ 3 billion in 2009-

employment opportunities. MBA in

and products from laboratories to

10, a rise of 17 percent over the

biotechnology is a specialised MBA

the market.

previous year, according to the eighth


annual survey conducted by the

programme that has been designed to provide one with the skills

Association of Biotechnology-

and techniques necessary to

Led Enterprises (ABLE) and a

face the challenges and seek

monthly journal, BioSpectrum,

business opportunities. It aims

based on inputs from over 150

to combine general business

biotech companies. Biopharma







industry knowledge that will

contributed 63 percent and

help one to excel in any position

33 percent, respectively, to


the total biotech exports. The






To fulfill the rising demand for





bioinformatics focussed

sectors on

institutes in India and abroad

domestic operations, bringing

offer MBA in biotechnology,

in nearly 90 percent of their

which is open to graduate

revenues from India.




potential to emerge as a global key







sciences) and engineering. Admission

Market size and key segments

Mazumdar-Shaw who is also the

is offered on the basis of management

The Indian biotechnology sector is

Chairman and Managing Director



one of the fastest growing knowledge

of Biocon, which has topped the list

discussion, and personal interviews.

based sectors in India and is expected

of biotech companies in India in the

It provides great scope for placement

to play a key role in shaping India’s

ABLE survey, India is looking forward




rapidly developing economy. With

to achieve $ 5 billion in revenue this

companies, medical instrumentation,

numerous comparative advantages

fiscal (2010-11) and at the same time

IT companies with Life Science

in terms of research and development

gaining importance as a clinical trial

Division and other companies related

(R&D) facilities, knowledge, skills, and




Advanc’edge MBA April 2011

Special Report

Advanc’edge MBA April 2011


Special Report Careers and opportunities According





Professor and Head, Biotechnology Management, MITCON Institute of Management (MIMA), Pune, there is a great demand for professionals who will accelerate the innovation processes from discovery to market as the bio-industry is influenced by scientific and business development abilities,






environment, and technology transfer knowledge with legal support. The key to a career in biotechnology, regardless of educational background or expertise, is to appreciate the unique challenges faced by the biotechnology companies. By understanding the factors influencing the business of biotechnology companies it is possible to select opportunities and a rewarding career. Although, the biotechnology companies




and developing new drugs, there is a relatively greater involvement in other areas like marketing and licensing that require managers with business expertise in addition to those with scientific backgrounds. The scope for an MBA Biotech graduate is unparalled. Today, a management degree has become a striking proposition, as one gets attractive entry-level salaries and a managerial role to make effective and efficient commercial utilisation of the biotechnology research products.

core industrial issues in both technical






and non technical areas like biotech,






biochemical, pharmaceutical, clinical

founding team from science-oriented

research, hospital, environment, IT


with life sciences and academics.”

and action. The central role of




of Biotechnology; “A management graduate company








placement programme of the institute. The MBA Programme offers a lucrative career option to both experienced professionals





graduates. Biotech companies alone offer more than 100,000 jobs, hence professionals with post graduation in MBA in biotechnology management


Advanc’edge MBA April 2011



funding and financial management in





Biotechnology is no more just an

demand for individuals with proven



academic activity, but



rather an intense commercial and

the potential for substantial financial



returns has attracted great interest

students either pursuing or aspiring for

for biotechnology in public markets,

an MBA find it difficult to differentiate

creating a demand for analysts,

between the specialised management

venture capitalists, and investment

and the usual business administration.

bankers with an understanding of

However, a real barrier is the lack of

biotechnology related financial issues.

entrepreneurial management skills.

The major challenge for the biotech

Aside from research and development,

manager is the timely acquisition


of funding to picking up a financial





many of the same operations as other

partner in the strategic business. Likewise, the primary resource


Says Prof (Dr) A K Srivastava, Director

The manager of a biotechnology

will be on high demand to manage

The recruiters usually hire students with MBA (Biotech Management) for the positions of Management Trainees/Marketing Research or Trainees in Biotech Companies.










and retaining these highly trained individuals are the key concerns of the human resource manager. However, keeping those hearts and minds loyal to the cause is no easy feat. Today’s biopharmaceutical projects have a high degree of complexity. In order to properly utilise staff and other resources like suppliers and internal groups, a manager must be able to clearly visualise the desired goal. Human resources constitute

Special Report to meet the trends and needs of both

an increasingly critical function in any biotechnology company, and experts are always needed for their specialised abilities. Further, Dr Viren Konde feels some





MBA or PGDM in Biotechnology or Pharmacy in India are with insufficient forethought, leading to confusion among students, and faculty, as well as



Management education in India needs

Management programmes are offered in different universities to facilitate accelerated learning in emerging areas of biotechnology and business management

the faculty. Most of these science and business faculty are from two different streams and often fail to address the issues of combined biotechnology management



recent survey of the universities and management institutes offering such degree courses reveal that the supply of both scientific and managerial talent is not meeting the demand despite the fact that many universities are churning out the life sciences’

academia and trains the manpower in



sciences and the related companies. The students can expect career opportunities in pharma and biotech industry, IT/life sciences, bioinformatics industry, research institutes, KPOs, service industry, market research organisations, consulting firms etc, with average salaries ranging from Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 6 lakh.

assessment in terms of programme structure, training and development of

the general and biotech industry and

55, 000 per month to an entry-level postgraduate. The recruiters usually

Student perspective According to students of Biotechnology

hire students with MBA (Biotech


Management) for the positions of

Tulaskar, Bhumika Relia and Priyanka






Buddiraja, an MBA specialisation will

Research or Trainees in Biotech

keep the student abreast of the current

Companies. The highest package

status of the market and also help if he/

given to MBA Biotech Management at

she wants to become an entrepreneur

Amity Institute of Biotechnology is Rs

in the future. They also feel an MBA

7.20 lakh per annum and the average

in biotechnology is useful as a career

package is around Rs 4.50 lakh per

option as biotechnology companies


focus on research and development

Dr P S Janaki Krishna, Associate

of new drugs; there is a relatively

Professor & Coordinator (PGDM-

greater involvement in other areas




like marketing & licensing that require

Enterprise, Hyderabad, says the two-

managers with business expertise

Recruiters and salary

year full-time programme comprising

along with a science background.

four semesters of study including

Moreover, they can also look at

project work is designed and adapted


graduates with Master’s and PhD Degrees with only techno-scientific




companies generally offer Rs 30, 000-





resource management in the biotech companies as potential careers. Conclusion Biotechnology industry is witnessing a boom and needs professionals and








offered in different universities to facilitate




emerging areas of biotechnology and business management; to integrate the principles of management in the science of biotechnology and to provide trained post graduates to meet the needs of the industry in general and biotechnology industry in particular.

Advanc’edge MBA April 2011



Advanc’edge MBA April 2011



Percentage Intake

Fees for Open N.A. category Candidates - Rs 65,000/- per year Fees for Other Backward Class category (OBC) - Candidates Rs 32,500/- per year

Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Science or appeared at the final year examination (Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Botany, Chemistry, Life Sciences, Marine Biology, Microbiology, Zoology), Agriculture, Ayurved, Medicine, Engineering, Pharmacy, Technology, Veterinary Sciences from a statutory university/ ATMA test, Group Discussion and Personal Interview

Department of Management Sciences, University of Pune - http:// pumba_html_files/ MBA_Biotech.htm MBA - Biotechnology - Two years - Full time Rs 950/- (for open category) and Rs. 750/- (for reserved category of State of Maharashtra only)

Programme Fees - Rs 1,25,000 p.a., Hostel Fees Rs 56,000 p.a.

A candidate who has passed Bachelor’s Degree or Rs 600 Master’s Degree from any recognised University with minimum 50% marks in aggregate (45% in case of SC / ST candidate) OR The candidate in their final admission degree (Bachelor or Master) are also eligible to apply provided they complete their graduation requirement including practical Examination, Viva / assignments on or before a day of admission, Candidates should be an Indian National, A candidate who has passed Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree in Science with Microbiology, Genetics, Biochemistry, Environmental Science, Botany, Biology, Zoology, Chemistry and other life sciences from any recognised University with minimum 45% marks in aggregate (40% in case of SC / ST candidate) /All India entrance test (B-MAT), GD & PI


Bharati Vidyapeeth, Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship Development, Pune, AICTE Approved - http://www. bharatividyapeeth. edu/Programsand-Courses/ Post-Graduate/ Management/ MBA-Bio-Tech/ default.aspx MBA Biotech - Two years - Full time

Application Fees

Total fees for two years - Rs 6,50,000

Eligibility/ Selection Process

Graduation in life sciences with minimum 50% CAT/ Rs 1,100 Amity Institute of Biotechnology, MAT/GMAT and/or GD and/or Interview Noida, Amity University - http:// MBA - Biotechnology Management Two years - Full time

Name of the Institute/Affiliation/ Website/ Name of the Programme/ Duration


Average Salary Details

Fees for one year to Salary per annum

Rs 2.50 Rs. 1,81,000 lakh p.a. /2,50,000 = 0.724

Eli Lily, Pfizer, Emcure, Zydus Cadilla, Rs 4.50 Open CategoIntas Pharmaceuticals lakh p.a. ry - Rs. 65,000 /4,50,000= 0.144, Backward Category - Rs. 32,500/ 4,50,000 = 0.072

Emcure Pharma

Biocon, Biodigital, Biogenuix, Rs 4.5 Rs. 3,25,000/ Bioxcel, Eli-Lilly, Genetix Biotech Asia, l a k h s 4,50,000= 0.722 Genotech, 29. Hashbiotech, Jubilant p.a. Biosys, Jubilant Clinsys, Lupin Pharma, Mankind Pharma, Panacea Biotech, Piramal Diagnostic, Premas Biotech, Ranbaxy (RFCL), Reliance Life Sciences, Wockhardt, Zydus

Biotechnology MBA at a glance

Core faculty 14, visiting faculty 18

Faculty members 55

Faculty members 133 / guest lecturers 29


Special Report

Total fees for two years - Rs 6,50,000 which covers tuition fees, reading material, computer lab and library facilities.

Total fees for two years is Rs 4,50,000/Hostel Fee Cost of Lodging - Rs 36,000/p.a.

Rs 1,50,000 lakh p.a.

Application forms can be obtained from office by paying Rs 750/in cash or Rs 800 in DD. Application forms can be downloaded from the website and sent along with DD of Rs 500/-

Bachelor’s Degree, with at least 50% marks or equivalent CGPA (45% in case of SC/ST/ PH candidates), of any of the universities or declared to be deemed as a university or possess an equivalent qualification recognized by the Ministry of HRD, Government of India. Candidates appearing for the final year degree can also apply/ Scores in MAT/CAT/XAT/ATMA/ GMAT/ICET/Any common Management Entrance Examination Tests conducted by various states and GD and PI

Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Rs 1,000 by cash Botany, Chemistry, Zoology, Marine Biology, or DD Microbiology, Biotech Engineering, Pharmacy Technology, Veterinary Sciences. Minimum percentage in Graduation is 50%. Candidates appearing for the final year degree examination can also apply, 50% percentile in CAT / MH-CET / ATMA / MAT / SNAP / MANAGE/ ENAT/ NMAT / XAT / SPJIMR / TISS / JMET / FMS / IRMA / MDI, Those who have not appeared for any of the above mentioned national exams need to appear for MIMA Entrance Test (MET) followed by GD and PI

Graduates in any discipline with minimum 50% Rs 700 marks or equivalent./ Institute accepts CAT, MHCET, MAT, XAT, ATMA, PAT scores and GD/PI

Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad, AICTE Approved - http:// www.ipeindia. org/KenticoCMS/ Business-School/ PG-Programmes(Full-time)/ PGDM-BT.aspx Post Graduate Diploma in Management Biotechnology (PGDM - BT) - Two years - Full time

MITCON Institute of Management, Pune, AICTE Approved http://www.mima. PGDM Biotechnology Management - Two years - Full time

Mahatma Education Society’s Pillai’s Institute of Management Studies & Research (PIMSR), Navi Mumbai, AICTE Approved - http:// Courses.htm Post Graduate Diploma in Management - BioTech Management (PGDM-BtM) - Two years - Full time

Permanent faculty 8

Eli Lilly & Co., Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Rs 3 lakh Rs.1,50,000/ Piramal Diagnostics, Agio p.a. 3,00,000= 0.5 Pharmaceuticals, Ranbaxy, Roche Diagnostics,Merck, Zuventus 21.51%

Faculty members 34

Astrazenca, Biocon, Lupin Pharma, Rs 3.25 Rs.2,61,000/ SRL Ranbaxy, Novartis, Spinco lakh p.a. 3,25,000= 0.803 Biotech, Sanofi Aventis, Pfizer

Core faculty 53, guest faculty 11


Average N.A. Salary ranges from Rs 2.50 lakh to Rs 6 lakh

Astra Zenca Pharma India Ltd, Aurobinda Pharma Ltd, Bharat Biotech, Dr.Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd., Eli Lilly Company India Pvt.Ltd., HyGro Chemicals Pharmtek Pvt. Ltd.


Special Report

Advanc’edge MBA April 2011



Advanc’edge MBA April 2011

Bachelor’s degree in pharmacy / Life Science / Micro- Rs 1,400 Biology / Bio-Chemistry from a recognized university with minimum of 50 per cent mark throughout the academic career. The students who are appearing for final year examination/ awaiting final year results may also apply. / Aptitude Test, Group Discussions, Two rounds of Personal Interviews

Bachelor's Degree in Biological Sciences i.e. Rs 2,000 (Rs Biology, Botany, Microbiology, Zoology, Bichemistry, 1,000 for SC/ST) Biophysics, Genetics, Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Veterinary Sciences, B.E/ (Biotechonolgy), B.Sc.(Bio-Informatics), B.E. (Informatics), MBBS or BDS of a University recognized by Association of Indian Universities, with not less than 50% marks in the aggregate / CAT (Minimum 10% score (5% score for SC/ST/BC Category) in each section of CAT, GD/PI

SIES College of Management Studies, Mumbai, AICTE Approved - http://www. programmes/ pgdbbm.html Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) - Biotech Management - Two years - Full time

University Business School (UBS), Panjab University, Chandigarh - http://ubs. (Biotechnology) Two years - Full time Rs 8,407 part payment towards tuition fees and other university charges, Rs 12,000 payablw towards Summer placement, teaching materials, business club and computer charges. Final Fee structure will be available on the website

Total Fee charged is Rs. 3,65,000/-

1st Year - Rs 1,72,000 (General), 2nd Year - Rs 1,60,000 (General). 1st Year - Rs 3,22,000 (Mgmt Seats), 2nd Year - Rs 3,10,000 (Mgmt Seats)







Biocon, Eli Lilly, Torrent Rs 3.50 Rs. 1,82,500 / Pharmaceuticals, Zydus Cadila, lakh p.a. 3,50,000 =0.521 Applied Biosciences, Dr. Reddys, Cipla, Esko Biotech, Flamingo Pharmaceuticals,Glenmark, Green Room, IPCA Labs, Jyoti Laboratories, Nicholas Piramal, Novartis, Wockhardt, Zuventus

Biocon, Cipla, Merck pharmaceuticals Rs 3.50 General Category Ltd, Lupin, Pyramid Healthcare lakh p.a. - Rs.1,72,000/ 3,50,000 = 0.491, Mgmt Seats Rs. 3,22,000/ 3,50,000 = 0.92

Disclaimer: While no effort has been spared in ensuring the accuracy of the information published herein, readers are advised to reconfirm and make appropriate enquiries from concerned institutes. Source: B-school websites Compiled by: Priya Gokani

Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline with minimum Rs 1,200 50% marks, special preference to B.Sc / B.E / B.Tech / B.Pharm / MBBS / BAMS / BHMS / BDS / B.Nursing OR Equivalent. Marks obtained in the All India Qualifying Exam or Marks obtained in DYPCET, GD/PI, Work Experience and past academic record

Padmashree Dr.D.Y.Patil University’s Department of Business Management, Navi Mumbai - http:// collegehome. asp?colid=17 MBA in Biotechnology Management -Two years - Full time

Faculty members 21, guest lectures 23

Faculty members 3 and visiting faculty 7

Full time faculty 50 and visiting faculty 30

Special Report

Special Report

Advanc’edge MBA April 2011


Special Report

Avoid visa woes This article does not talk about the statistics of visa rejection. Nor will it draw a trend of the nature of visa rejects. Each individual’s visa interview is unique and the result of the interview is a product of the interaction between the student and the visa officer. In this special report, Gauri Puranik points out certain aspects that you should consider in order to avoid a visa reject. Unless otherwise mentioned, the article refers to US visa. The primary reasons for visa rejection are similar in case of other countries (like UK, Europe, Australia) as well.


mit Trivedi (name changed) was

to the satisfaction of Consulate Officer,

the purpose of her education in an US

an aspiring medical student

that she has strong ties to her home

educational institution.

who had secured admission

country and intends to leave the US

Under Section 221(g), an applicant

in a good US school for his Masters

after completing her studies. During

may be rejected because of a missing

in Pharmacology. All was well, till Amit

the visa interview, the visa officer

piece of document or some other

went for his US visa interview and

assesses a lot of aspects related to

crucial piece of information that the

was rejected. The reason given to him

the applicant: the applicant’s relative

visa officer may require to make a

was that ‘he is a possible immigrant’.

situation in India, her previous travel

final decision regarding the issuance

Reapplications also did not help and

history, her financial standing, her

of visa. In such a case an applicant

finally Amit gave up his ‘US dream’.

intent of visiting the US. Depending

is generally told what documents will

There are many like Amit, who in spite

on the applicant’s unique situation, the

benefit her case

of having adequate funds and decent

visa officer asks pertinent questions

Under Section 212(a)(6)(C), an

academic backgrounds get rejected

to the applicant to gauge whether she

applicant may be rejected if she has

at the last stage of their application

is a possible immigrant to the US.

not been truthful in all aspects of her

process: The Visa. It is important to

Depending on such an assessment,

visa application. This is a serious

note here that very few student visas

a visa officer may reject the student’s

consideration as any misrepresentation

get rejected and the reasons for the

visa if the student fails to build her


rejection are also justified in majority of

case and convince the visa officer that

application can permanently render

the cases. Even in Amit’s case it was

she plans to travel to the US purely for

you ineligible to enter the US. The





his inability to prove his

same applies for visas

‘intent of study’ that led to

in other countries as

his visa reject. Students

well. Considering the

who go well prepared

above, there are two

for their visa interviews

important facets to

always manage to get

the visa interview.

their visas. Your Profile: From There are only three


reasons for which a


US visa is rejected.








understand that the


Consulate offices and

Provision, student visas

the visa officers act

can be rejected if the

as a filter that allow


only the ‘refined’ to





unable to demonstrate



Advanc’edge MBA April 2011



Special Report Mehul Pathak is a Production Engineer from VJTI,

‘Ranking of School and Relevance of Course’ well, there

who is currently studying his MBA from Penn State

is hardly anything that a student can do to address this

University’s Smeal School of Management, USA. In a

point. But indeed, if you have an admission to institutes

short interview with Gauri Puranik, Mehul shares some

like MIT, Harvard or CMU, the visa process will be a

of the common mistakes that students make in their US

cakewalk. However, this doesn’t mean that you are

Student Visa process.

bound to face issues if you have admission in a low ranking school. The only precaution one needs take

How should students go about their financial

is to be confident and be clear about your study intent.


You need to convince the visa officer of your study and

Financial Documentation is essential for students whose

career plans. Even visa officers understand that not all

course is not funded by school. If you are in a category

the students can go to the top tier schools.

of Full Scholarship student, there is no need to worry about this aspect. Whether a student will be able to

How did you convince the visa officer about your

fund the course is the prime concern for visa officers.

intent of study?

I had one friend whose visa got rejected twice before

Firstly I had received a scholarship from Smeal,

stamping just for this reason. To avoid this, simply keep

so that took care of the finances. I also have a

your paperwork clear and understandable. I prepared

sabbatical leave from my office under which I can go

a spreadsheet as the first page which contained a

and pursue my MBA in US and then can come back

summary of all my financials and paper work with all the

and work in my office in India on a higher post. This

figures and numbers clearly stated as a ready reckoner.

convinced the visa officer of my intention to come back. Students should also be cautious of flaunting their

Does the school that you attend have any influence

cousins and other relatives residing in the US for a

on the visa process?

visa interview.

this, students from a good academic

Your Documents

loans etc. If a relative, parent, sibling

background or the ones admitted

Don’t just blindly go for the visa

or company is sponsoring you, make

to top schools seldom get rejected.

interview with a set of visa documents

sure that you have the sponsor’s letter

Secondly, the student needs to be

compiled by your visa consultant.

clearly indicating his intent to sponsor

very clear about her intention to



study in the country in question.

Ensure that you have answered all

Another important document is the



the questions in the visa form correctly

letter from the school or the university

answers which results in a visa reject.

and to the best of your knowledge.

that you intend to join. Ensure that you

While there are many others, who

The financial documents are very

have an ‘unconditional offer letter’ to

perhaps score well in a TOEFL or an

important. The visa officer definitely

join the school. This applies mostly to

IELTS but are not comfortable with

does not want a student who is

schools in UK and Australia. At times,

holding a conversation in English.

unable to pay her fees and add to the













country’s bad debts. Liquidity is a key

letters in which the student may be

at times, confuses the visa officer

and it is best if you show a majority

given admission subject to a condition

about the student’s intent to study

of your funding in the form of liquid

e.g. retaking the GMAT or IELTS for a

abroad and results in a visa reject.

funds like fixed deposits, cash, PPF

better score. In case of US schools, a

Students need to rehearse before

account balance, postal savings, bank

I20 contains information that supports


their visa interview, be composed and

the issuance of a student visa.

predict the questions that the visa

Students need to read this carefully

officer might ask considering their profile. Remember! The visa officer wants you to return to your country after you complete your studies. So you need to show strong links to your home country e.g. parents, spouse, job prospects etc.

Students who go well prepared for their visa interviews always manage to get their visas.

to ensure that all details are correct. In case a student is taking his family along, he needs to receive a separate I20 for his wife and children as well. Besides the above documents, ensure that you have your transcripts, degree certificates and education loan

Advanc’edge MBA April 2011


Special Report Consulate

papers in place. Carry only a sensible plastic bag for all your documents. Keep them in an order of priority so that it is easy for you to find the documents if asked for. Some myths about visas If you are refused a visa at one consulate, it is better to apply the

Ensure that you have an ‘unconditional offer letter’ to join the school. This applies mostly to schools in UK and Australia.

rejection is stored in a centralized database which is accessible across consulates. It is thus futile to apply from a different Consulate office other than the one that you have had a reject from. All visa officers are given the same training and the reason for rejection will be present in your case, rather than the visa officer. Visa consultants can get you the visa: There is only one word that needs to be corrected in the above caption.




assurances are of no consequence to the US Consulate and the applicant is only wasting her time by delving into them. No such system exits in the US consulate and is only a myth Exerting pressure: Some students get agitated over their rejection and

second time from another consulate: All your information regarding a visa


they fail to return. Such bonds and

Visa Consultants can advise you to get the Visa, but there is absolutely no visa consultant who can help you to secure the visa. And if someone makes such a claim, it is entirely fraudulent. Signing

the US Consulate General or higher authority within the US Consulate. Some people also believe that a letter from a politician helps their case. Students need to understand that the visa officer’s decision is final and



ask their visas to be processed by






can help the visa process: Some relatives in the US who sponsor Indian students send a letter to the consulate, giving an assurance that they shall ensure that the student relative returns to his country on completion of his course. There are still others who are



impression that they can keep some money deposits with


binding and nothing can be done to change it except by reapplying after having addressed the issues for the initial reject. Having my siblings settled in US will weaken my chances for the visa: Not necessarily, but there is no need to go all out and declare your connection if not asked for. Having siblings settled in the US does put the visa officer in doubt of your chances of returning back to India. But you need to convince the visa officer, you



definitely education


attend give than

university in

you any









available in India. To summarise… Do not be presurrised by the entire visa process. You are only going for the visa interview to ask for a valid legal document to gain entry into the country for purpose of pursuing quality education. In short, you are doing the right thing, the right way and if you have nothing to hide then there is nothing to be worried about. For detailed visa procedures for specific countries visit mcg


Advanc’edge MBA April 2011

Special Report

Communication Careers in the 21st century Dr Shubhra P Gaur

As today’s leading organisations pursue business opportunities and grapple with complex public policy issues, effective communication coupled with good public relations has never been more crucial. The development of new technology, the increasing needs and demands of informed consumers, the changing needs of diverse interest groups and a sophisticated public will add to the challenge of public relations today. The MBA in Communication & Public Relation meets that challenge, while anticipating the issue of tomorrow.


t would be apt to call this era

Technology. Many of these institutions


as the era of Communications.

have been subsequently renamed to

programmes of Communication



However, communications related

identify their affiliations and goals. The

Mass Media related communication

programmes can be classified into

IIITs were conceived to be forerunners


four types depending upon their

in the information technology education

for journalism in print, radio and


sector, at a time when India was going

television. The curriculum focuses

1. Technology related programmes

through a phase of unprecedented

on media institutions and processes

boom in the software industry (Years

such as diffusion of information, and

1998 - 2000). IIITs offer B.Tech

media effects such as persuasion or

degree in Information Technology

manipulation of public opinion and

and Electronics & Communications

graduates get trained in practical skills

Engineering. The course curriculum

of journalism in their chosen media.

at these institutes is at par with similar

Graduates of Mass Communication

offerings at the Computer Science

programmes work in a variety of fields


in traditional media, for example,

of Communication 2. Mass Media/Journalism related programmes of Communication 3. Advertising and Public Relations related



Communication and 4. Management related programmes of Communication




of Technology. IIIT Allahabad was


in the field of communications to

established in 1999, as a centre of

television. Indian Institute of Mass

distinguish among the four types,

excellence in computer science and

Communication - New Delhi (IIMC),

especially the second, third and the

allied areas by the Government of

AJK Mass Communications Research

fourth since the first is easily identified

India. The institute was conferred the


by its focus on technology.

“Deemed-to-be-University” status in

University - New Delhi (AJKMCRC),

the year 2000.At present there are

Xavier Institute of Communication-

Technology related programmes of

six IIITs-Allahabad, Gwalior, Jabalpur,

Mumbai (XIC), Symbiosis Institute


Kancheepuram ,Delhi and Hyderabad

of Media & Communications - Pune,

IIIT is the generic name for several

and twenty three more IIITs proposed

Manipal Institute of Communication


under the 11th Five year plan.

(MIC) and Indian Institute of Journalism






It is important for aspirants of a career









Advanc’edge MBA April 2011


Special Report and New Media - Bangalore are some

programme offered by the Indian


of the premier institutions which offer

Institutes of Management (IIMs) and


programmes in the field of mass

several other private management/


communication and journalism.

business schools approved by AICTE.

entertainment. SIMC-Pune offers an



communication, communication

Culture theories





MBA (communication management)

Advertising and Public Relations

awarded by private institutions like

degree with Advertising & Marketing




Mudra Institute of Communications,

Communications (Client Servicing /


Ahmedabad (MICA) and is approved



With the boom in advertising and

by AICTE. The key difference between





Relations, Event Management and








Agency and

and Public

business management programmes


remodeled into schools or colleges of


specialisations. Manipal Institute of

mass communication or “journalism

management roles in communications




industry-namely advertising, media

two-year post-graduate programme

Symbiosis Institute of Journalism &

planning, market research agencies


Communication (SIJC) was renamed

and brand manager’s role in diverse

focus in slightly different, for example,

twice – first as Symbiosis Institute of

types of companies whereas the latter

graduates specialise in print and new











Communications (MIC)









as offers the






and then as Symbiosis

communication (corporate


communication, advertising


etc) or film studies in the




last two semesters.








Delhi Importance of careers in






There is a growing demand



of regional media in terms of

programme in crafting

content and advertisement

creative communications

spend and to top it foreign

course also prepares professionals for

prepares for managing Finance, HR

investment in India is a visible trend.

art-direction and copy writing in ad

and Marketing roles. The graduates

However, the career opportunity for

agencies. The placement for graduates

have bright future in advertising,

communication professionals is not

of these programmes is primarily in the

media planning and buying, and

limited to the media and entertainment

creative roles in PR and advertising

market research agencies. Besides

industry. All the sectors ranging from


these, there are opportunities for

telecom to FMCG, manufacturing

roles as brand managers, corporate


Management related programmes



professionals to expand their reach

in Communication

FMCG, IT and social sector. There

and to communicate effectively with

There is an increasing demand of

is an increasing realisation about the


trained communications management

critical requirement of communication


professionals. It is however, pertinent



increase the mind share etc. These are

for aspirants to understand the key

focus in almost all sectors including

the job of brand managers, corporate




communication professionals, media










consumers from






Business Administration (MBA), Post



planners and marketers. They work in

graduate Diploma in Management

management subjects like Finance,

tandem with the media and advertising





Economics, Organisational behaviour,

agencies where typical jobs include


Quantitative Techniques and Strategic

account planning, media planning,

MBA is a two-year master’s degree

Management along with those in the

copy writing etc. Those who aspire to

programme offered by universities

areas of marketing like consumer

work from agency side generally go

while PGDM is a master’s equivalent

behaviour and brand management

to advertising agencies, portals and






Advanc’edge MBA April 2011

Special Report organisations like O&M, JWT, Bates, Lowe, Leo Burnett, Draft-FCB-Ulka, Mudra Advertising, Ambience Publicis, Wizcraft etc. In turbulent business environment and against the backdrop of diverse consumer





increasing realisation of the importance of research in communication planning and




allocating sizable portions of budget on research. Hence, people with analytical bent of mind and passion for communication are now being attracted towards media and communication research profession. The











consumer insights, brand research, content research etc. These trained professionals




only in research agencies like AC Nielsen, TNS, IMRB, Millward Brown, Synovate,






(TAM) but also big companies like HUL, Britannia have their in-house researchers.





media companies have their own researche(r)s who works/work with TAM data. The TAM data analysis is used for media space selling, distribution research, content research etc. Not only commercial industry but also NGOs and development agencies like UNCIEF, World Bank, NACO etc are heavily focusing on the




their service. The




already brought a paradigm shift in the communication industry. From marketing to content production new rules are being formulated due to the new technology. Digital cinema and Three Dimensional films have made inroads in India. Increasing penetration of internet and greater time spent on social networking sites are changing the way people interact

with media and brands. Their attitudes,

However, it has two programmes,

thoughts, lifestyles and world-view

one for journalism and another for

are being significantly modified by

advertising and public relations. Both

their interface with the emerging

are one year programmes and the



graduates of former are likely to get

is all set to exponentially impact the

placed in journalism roles while the

growth in communication industry. In a

latter in advertising or public relations

nutshell, communication management

companies in creative roles. MICA,

professionals have all the sectors open

Ahmedabad for example has two

for them and undoubtedly this field is

very distinct programmes. One is

set to lead all the professions in the

a certificate programme in Crafting

future decades.






prepares for the role of a copyrighter Important



and art director in advertising agencies.


The other one is the two year Post

A very important point that the

graduate diploma in management

aspirants ought to consider is the

(communications) which prepares for

kind of roles the programme prepares

four kinds of roles: account planner

for. They should not assume that

, media planner, market researcher

an institute will prepare for only one

and brand manager in diverse kinds

kind of roles. It is possible for one

of organisations ranging from FMCG

leading institute to offer two types of

to consumer durables and even in the

programmes which prepare them for

social and development sector, for

two completely different roles in the

instance with Government of Gujarat,

same organisation. On the other hand,


it is possible for two leading institutes


to offer similar type of programmes

will require different skill sets and

(not necessarily with the same name)

orientation although across all the

and provide job opportunities in the

programmes the common factor is

Let us take a few examples. university






creative potential of the students.

same kind of roles. Most


departments have



advertising and public relations along with journalism in either the same or two different programmes. The name of IIMC, New Delhi suggests that it will train its graduates in Journalism.

(The analysis has been done by the author while information has been taken from websites of different institutes) Dr Shubhra P Gaur has a D.Phil in Psychology from the University of Allahabad and has nineteen years of research and teaching experience. She is a Professor at Mudra Institute of Communications Ahmedabad (MICA). Advanc’edge MBA April 2011


School Speak

“Ambiguity helps students in learning how to do business” Charmaine Courtis is the Executive Director, Student Services & International Relations at York University’s Schulich School of Business. A senior member of the Schulich International Team, Charmaine brings over thirty years of development, and leadership in the Student Service/ Student Affairs roles of the university. She provides both broad based and in-depth experience in management, restructuring, organisational design, team building, employee development, strategic planning, developing and direction new program initiatives, international / exchange development, financial aid/scholarship management, admissions/ recruitment, management and policy development. As a member of the York University, Charmaine has been actively involved in the Community, serving for several years as a Senior Mentor in the Mentorship program for Management, and working as a team member in the Job Evaluations Process for Management. She continues to serve as, a Schulich Representative on many task forces and university wide initiatives. In 2007, she was awarded the Bryden Alumni Award ‘Local Hero’ Category. Charmaine has an Honours BA from York University and has completed the Senior University Administrators program from the University of Western Ontario. Minoo Bhutani is the Director of the Career Development Centre, and India Country Advisor at the Schulich School of Business, York University. Prior to joining Schulich in 2001, Minoo worked 12 years in Wholesale Banking and Accounting, having worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers, TD Securities and Scotia Capital in Canada, and a leading securities firm in India. He has an MBA in International Finance and is currently on the board of Panorama India. He has been a board member of the Indo Canada Chamber of Commerce and an Executive Board Member and Treasurer of the Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers (CACEE). In this exclusive interview with Gauri Puranik, both discuss about Schulich Business School, the India MBA Programme and the future of Schulich in India. 30

Advanc’edge MBA April 2011

School Speak What sets Schulich apart from other Business

We did that a long time ago (bringing ethics in curriculum).


And we see a lot of people going down the same road as us.


harmaine Courtis: Schulich is a global business

In North America for example, globalisation was something

school and is looking at a diversified world. It is

that was unheard of until about 3-4 years ago and now you

teaching students from a global perspective. The way we

are starting to see top schools in the US trying to pick up on

have organised ourselves and why it’s so exciting that we

those same things because they recognise maybe that they

are here in India is that we are able to bring the ‘outside in’

were looking ‘inwardly’ when they should have been looking

and get the ‘inside out’ so that the students who are here will


learn a local perspective in their first year with international standards in their education. And in the second year we take

Canada has the best of the educational institutions.

them to Canada to interact with a much diversified student

The Canadian Government has also encouraged

body for an even broader perspective.

international students by keeping the work permits

Also, no matter how you slice it, Schulich is one of the

and visa rules relaxed and flexible. Why then are so few

top business schools ranked globally in multiple surveys,

Indian students coming to Canada rather than to other

and the students benefit from that. To be a top school you

countries like US, UK, Australia or New Zealand?

not only have to have a good curriculum, you also need to have outstanding faculty, very innovative programmes, you


harmaine: Over the years a shift has taken place from the primary market which has been the US (because

have to be on the leading edge of research…you have to be

the US has branded itself very well here in India) to more

where its ‘happening’ and Schulich is really a place where

local markets like Australia /New Zealand. Canada is a

it’s ‘happening’ – not only

new market for India

in Toronto but around

and we have seen our

the world. The faculty

application levels go up

we recruit come with

for the last 4 years. In

tremendous perspective

fact, we don’t even have

because they come form

to be here to recruit



students. They are so well

world, different types of

hooked in electronically,

education and are doing


leading edge research.

and networks and so



on. I think all Canadian

business schools that are

schools are seeing an






just now considering ‘Do



increased interest from

we add this to the curriculum or not?” - Things like business

Indian students. The Canadian Government in this case has

ethics which are very important, things like business and

actually helped us because when the UK has limited visas

sustainability, the triple bottom-line or Corporate Social

and the US too has limited visas post 9/11, the Canadian

Responsibility(CSR) are not typical in graduate education

Government has initiated a 3 years work opportunity. We

and business. They are typical in the Schulich business

know from the GMAT data that the number of students

programme and no matter who the students are – here in

going form here, to Canada is improving. And that is one

India or in Toronto, they are getting that perspective when

of the reasons why we chose India to come and teach our

they start the programme. And they carry it throughout their

programme, because we think Indians can benefit from this


kind of opportunity in their own backyard and that is why we have led the march for the top schools.

You spoke about concepts like Ethics, CSR and responsible management. Are these concepts stressed

Schulich takes in a small number of students without

on post-recession or have they always been part of the

an undergraduate degree. How are such applicants

Schulich curriculum?



harmaine: No! These concepts are not brand new for Schulich. We have had a chair in Business and


harmaine: They are non-baccalaureate students and need to have a minimum of 8 to 10 years of management

Sustainability for the past fifteen years and it was a Chair

level work exp erience on a growth curve. They are leaders

that was set up by a company from Germany. So that’s what

who have done successfully what somebody else takes

I mean about bringing the ‘outside in’ and the ‘inside out’.

a long time to do. They are super stars in their industry.

Advanc’edge MBA April 2011


School Speak These applicants have to write the GMAT and they have

So women who have been successful and have struck a

to score an exceptional level and that combined with their

good work-life balance share their experiences. Companies

experience is what we (along with interviews) use to make

also work closely with women to encourage them to get

a judgment of their application. We take a small percentage

into careers which are not typical to women like real estate,

of such applicants every year. What our research shows is

investment banking, sales and marketing.

that these students do exceptionally well in the programme. It has really nothing to do with their previous academic study

Schulich has no fixed teaching format? Are students

because they have gone beyond it and are far ahead in their

comfortable with such an arrangement?

work experience. However, it is unlikely that we will take international


harmaine: Yes, they are! Many students come with a fixed mindset where there is a very rigid structure in

students in this category but there are a lot of people who

the education. What we are try to do is break the mould from

immigrate to Canada – so we may have ’Indians’ who are

which our students are coming which leads to ambiguity. And

non–baccalaureates but they probably came from the

ambiguity helps students in learning how to do business. So

domestic market.

if you can’t handle ambiguity, you don’t belong here. It’s a self selector!

What steps does York Schulich take to encourage women applicants?


harmaine: Schulich is the largest graduate business school in Canada and is in a very interesting position.

The School founded their programmes on 3 different types of business – Public Sector, Private Sector and Non-Profit Sector. And if you look at where women are working, they are mostly in the Service industries. So, we have niches like Arts


inoo: Ambiguity is important because business is not always structured; business is not always black and

white; and I think students enjoy dealing with ambiguity. Also, it is better to understand dealing with ambiguity and uncertainty in the programme rather than in the corporate environment.


harmaine: It’s actually interesting to watch these students come into this environment with their background

and after a couple of days,they are so excited because the

and Media Administration,

programme is not that

Public Management, Not-




constantly challenged and

Healthcare Management,

are asked to be creative


in their thinking. We are



attract women.



loading them out of their

We thus appeal to all

comfort zone – that is

women to choose options


that they might not be

learns. In business, you

able to get in many of the

always have to adjust

other business schools.

to address a change in

Our general percentage of




the market. The multiple

women in the MBA programme is about 36 percent, which is

methods of teaching are really just another way to get them

high compared to American schools or anything you’ve got

to think outside their own historical frame and to shake them

going here. Our January entry class has 46 percent women.

up a little bit. It works very well! Coming back to the question,

I believe that we need to train more women in management

there is a basic course outline, but how the course is delivered

and I have spent my career with that as a thrust so it is

is up to the faculty.

paying off for us. We have our Women in Leadership Club that unites women students with women alumni to build bridges. We bring in all kinds of speakers for them and give them opportunity to talk about women in business and prepare them to be successful.



Could you point one aspect of the application that gains precedence over the others?


harmaine: It is a holistic approach. There is a basic who you are and what you did with your life. There are

essay questions in which we are looking for specific things –

inoo Bhutani: To add to this, there is a corporate side

Good communication skills, critical thinking, and ability to be

to this issue. One of the corporate concerns has been

creative. Then we look at Letters of Recommendation. LORs

the lack of women participating in the corporate community.

that are recent are much more important than something that

The corporate sector works closely with my office to get

is 10 years old because an individual grows in those 10 years

women to understand the career options available to them.

or 5 years.

Advanc’edge MBA April 2011

School Speak We also look at the GMAT score, the grades and the schools that the student has come from. But the interview is really the grill breaker. If the candidate can handle that interview to the satisfaction of the interviewer then we will offer the seat to the student. In the interview, we not only challenge them a bit intellectually but also try to see if they actually will be a good fit with the class. Do you have any fresh graduates in the programme?


harmaine: From the international pool they must have a minimum of 2 years of work experience. The current

class has an average of 5 years. So, students are typically older than 22. You can’t have someone who is 34 or 28 with 22 year olds. At 22, you really have nothing to contribute except your brains. MBA is an applied degree. It really requires people to be able to go back to their experience and apply it in their classroom What is the partnership between Schulich and S.P. Jain?


harmaine: SP Jain is not just providing the physical space for the Schulich India programme. SPJIMR is

a very good school, highly ranked and respected B-school in India. There are many synergies between the two schools that make us good partners. (SPJIMR) are very entrepreneurial. Our faculty have interest in talking to each other and meeting down the line and working with each other. Those courses that have a specific Schulich branded overtone are taught by Schulich professors and other core courses are taught by S.P Jain faculty. We try and get our students together for Speaker series, and competitions. We have case study competitions and soccer meets between the two schools. In short, we are trying to build bridges between the students. .


inoo: Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability are also big parts of SPJIMR’s programme. As a

part of their programme you are required to work with an NGO and that’s a mindset that we are looking at. We also have academic exchange and partnerships. We also hope to make them a part of our exchange network for one of the programmes. We have partnerships with 70 schools globally. We would like to add S.P Jain to that. Were the placements hit due to recession at Schulich Business School?


inoo: The number of students employed, in most North American Schools for the last two years was

between 78 to 85 percent range. We have always been on the upper side of that so this year we have around 80 to 85 percent placements, which is the norm for the market in North America.

What does Schulich Business School do to help students in their placement process?


inoo: At York Schulich, we follow a Career Development Model. The Career Development Model

is life long unlike the Placement Model which is a one time model, where the relationship between a student and the school ends when the student gets a job.

The Career

Center at Schulich works closely with students to develop their soft skills. We empower students with tools that help them in their placements and also provide them advice from industry experts. For example, I am an ex-banker, and have worked in the banking sector for 10-12 years. I provide students advice on careers in finance. Another colleague has been in retail and provides advice on those lines. So, we share our expertise from industry with the students. Our role is to help students network with employers. And we also focus a lot on soft skills and networking skills. We have cocktail dinners in which we make students understand how to interact with the CEO. There is also a lot of interview preparation from our end. We get the alumni and corporate on campus to share their wisdom with the students. Also our advice to the students is that Career Planning is not a one- time activity.


harmaine: Also, we have a global reach. So we have people here in India, China, Mexico and Brazil that

support Career Services office. We recognise that our placement market is not local rather global and we try to build network with alumni across the world. We just need to make a call saying someone wants to work in this country and the person can help our student. We tap all our resources so that the Career Center is a visible unit. What is your vision for the Schulich Hyderabad Campus?


harmaine: (Laughs) We have to get it built first! I really hope what happens is that the Government passes the

legislation and we have the opportunity to bring that school into full plan. It is an exciting option for us. We are hoping that the HRD Minister of India, Kapil Sibal, will be successful with moving things through. Advanc’edge MBA April 2011


School Speak

Scaling the ITM learning curve

You have been in several senior level leadership positions prior to teaching; why did you feel that you needed to shift to the education sector? The education sector is emerging from its chrysalis, and offers significant opportunities for personal growth and

Dr Ganesh Raja is a Doctorate in Management from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai and has over 21 years of experience in the Service industry. He has anchored programmes on services management & strategy as a visiting faculty in leading business schools across the country. Since November 2009, he is the Director of ITM Business School, Navi Mumbai. In an interview with Radhika Arunkumar, he talks of the development of the education sector in India and the role played by ITM in mapping a student’s life.

development. I see it at an interesting juncture - where on the one hand, there is a clear demand supply gap, with demand for quality education far outstripping supply. There is also strong competition among educational institutions. I feel that this is the ideal time when professionals interested in the space can step in with the differentiator of quality, this brings not only job satisfaction from dealing with tough challenges and competition, but also immense satisfaction in having contributed to the moulding of minds and personalities. What are your views on the state of management education in the country? Liberalisation



have brought with them different challenges. managers

They to






managers with global and holistic qualities and competencies. Again, quality is the only denominator, which is globally acceptable, and this is even more critical when the product is education. Although the aim of management education is to build qualitative and technical business acumen in students, it is far tougher to develop in them the right attitude and perspective than it is to provide them with technical competencies. Management education in India is largely in the development stage, and









and absence or lack of creativity. Management succeeded

education in


has the

imagination of the people, especially


Advanc’edge MBA April 2011

School Speak during the last few years, but it needs to change if it

ITM has sought partnership with premier Universities

is to sustain this momentum. Quality of management

and schools from around the world. How does this

education is often under the scanner due to the poor

help the students?

employability of management graduates. Closer interface,

Partnership with the premier universities and schools



abroad help students to cope with cultural diversity and

increased reengineering of the content and pedagogy to

exposure and learn something different and widen their

meet the needs of the industry; and adoption of global best

vision. Importantly, such partnerships are anchored on

practices is the ideal solution to this problem.

the fundamental idea to collaborate in mutually beneficial





areas that add value to overall learning. Be it in the domain What is the vision of ITM in mapping a student’s life?

of faculty exchanges or student exchanges, joint research

The avowed objective of ITM is to develop the overall

and publications or curriculum design and development,

personality comprising of IQ, EQ, PQ (Physical quotient)

partnerships help ITM scale up the learning curve

and SQ (Spiritual quotient) of its students and mould them

substantially and deliver significant value to students

into responsible, hardworking, self-driven and emotionally

through such interfaces.

strong corporate citizens. Tell us about the full time, two year MBA programme Which are the sectors that you foresee as the hotbeds

offered by ITM, the course curriculum and the

for MBA recruitment in the coming years?


Retail, Information Technology, BFSI Sector including

ITM offers PG programmes in General Management

Banking and Micro Finance, Consulting, Real Estate &

(PGDM), International Business (PGDM-IB), Human

Infrastructure, Renewable Energy and the growing Services

Resource Management (PGDM-HR), Retail Management

sector comprising Hotels, Hospitals etc. are going to be key

& Marketing (PGDM – RMM) & Financial Markets (PGDM-FM).

recruiters in the future.


All programmes

Tell us about the traits


that a manager should


inherently possess to

Management programme

be successful in the

offers major specialisation



Confidence astute of


















are a must in a good



manager. In terms of









leadership abilities,

qualities, thorough

decision-making knowledge


expertise in his domain, effective strategic planning skills and foresight. With the focus on managing large work forces and ensuring a healthy work-life balance for everyone, the manager’s interpersonal and empathetic skills gain importance. An ideal manager possesses a combination of




that enable him to manage multiple challenges and demonstrate strength of character. He must have the capacit for hard work along with unparalleled soft skills.

The objective of ITM is to develop the overall personality of its students and mould them into responsible, hardworking, self-driven and emotionally strong corporate citizens.

PGDM (RMM) & PGDM (FM) is sectoral focused programmes. Executive PGDM is offered to the corporate executives having considerable work experience. All the programmes are full time programmes and offer a bouquet of courses (in the range of 35-40) including summer internship and NGO internships. The courses are selected depending upon the requirement and nature of the programme offered. The pedagogies include classroom teaching, assignments, quiz, surprise test, field based studies, group projects, computer based exercises, event management, Uttkarsh committee performance, etc. Advanc’edge MBA April 2011


School Speak selection

network. The placement process includes Summer

process. How many seats do you offer for the MBA

Internship, Final Placements, Lateral Placements and


Live Projects.







The student and number of applications received ratio over the years vary between 1:10 and 1:15. We select

How has campus placement been in the last two

the students based on their performance in CAT, XAT,

years with minimum salary, maximum salary and

MAT, ATMA and JET. In addition to the aptitude test,

average salary?

academic achievements, performance in the GD/Micro

ITM achieved 100 percent placement in 2010 and

presentation; Personal Interview and post graduate

85 percent in 2009, which was a bad year due to the

qualifications and national level achievements in sports

global recession and economic slow-down in India. The

and other activities are also given certain weightages

maximum, minimum and average salary for the year

while selecting the students. Students carrying work

2009 stood at Rs. 6.70 Lacs per annum, Rs 3.50 Lacs per

experience are accorded additional weightage in the

annum and Rs 4.0 Lacs per annum respectively. In 2010,

selection process. We offer 120 seats to the PGDM

the maximum, minimum and average salary stood at Rs

General Management programme and 60 seats each to

9.81 Lacs per annum, Rs 3.50 Lacs per annum and Rs

the sectoral programmes.

4.35 Lacs per annum respectively.

Could you elaborate on the placement activities of

From which sector do you see maximum recruitment

the MBA department?

in your campus?

ITM’s approach to placements is clinical and proactive.

Placement is dominated by BFSI sector, IT and Retail. We

Given our national footprint, with campuses in Chennai,

also saw several new and first time recruiters representing

Bengaluru, Warangal and Hyderabad, ITM leverages on

verticals such as Advertising, Media and Consulting.

sectoral dominance that these regions offer. This combined with a very strong Alumni base built over two decades


offers us recognition across sectors where ITMites

themselves during their academic years so that they







can be an asset

mettle and risen to

and make a true

leadership positions.

impact in whatever

ITM records in excess

organisation they




that visit campuses


every year to select


students with a range

the drive to excel

of profiles. We have a

are traits students

dedicated Corporate


Relations and Alumni

themselves – these







Office by


Cell by






are clichés because


they work. Additional










will in are

the ability to work





collaboratively and


students under the leadership of the Director and the

in teams rather than competitively and as individuals.


The ability to translate theoretical learning into practical

In addition, there is a Placement Committee comprising

solutions and the ability to develop contextual thinking

faculty and students who also assist the placement

and strategy is also important. These qualities can

process. The placement process is set in motion from the

be developed over time by reading and engaging

beginning of the academic year in the month of July with

in discussions on case studies, being informed on

invitations to corporate, personal interfaces, participation

current local and global developments in business and

in various conferences and leveraging on the alumni

undertaking research projects.

Advanc’edge MBA April 2011

Executive Suite

Advanc’edge MBA April 2011


Executive Suite

Revolutionising beauty products the Shahnaz way The Shahnaz Husain Group is India’s leading company in the field of natural beauty and antiaging treatments. Started in the 1970s by Shahnaz Husain in New Delhi, the group has over time vertically integrated to encompass every aspect of Ayurvedic care and cure. In 1996, Success magazine named Shahnaz Husain the Woman of the Year and estimated the brand’s worth at over $ 100 million. This number has grown many times since then. In an e-interview with Radhika Arunkumar, Shahnaz Husain, Founder, Chairperson & Managing Director of The Shahnaz Husain Group of Companies says she has managed to take India’s Ayurvedic tradition to every corner of the globe.


Advanc’edge MBA April 2011

Executive Suite without risks. I was determined to

Journey to the position that you hold today… My journey, from one herbal salon to a worldwide chain of ventures, is phenomenal. I started in a small way, in my own home, but I always thought ‘big’. We extended our salons through a unique franchise system. In fact, the rapid extension of our salons, shops and beauty training academies is due to our franchise system. My effort was to put India on the world beauty map. In 1979, my first franchise clinic opened in Kolkata, which received a





“I definitely feel that a professional qualification is extremely necessary in today’s business world. It gives a great deal of confidence if one has professional training or knowledge in one’s field.”

media coverage. Soon there was a clamour for franchises. This led to

find a natural alternative. My study of Ayurveda convinced me that it could provide the ideal alternative to the demands of beauty care. So, I returned to India and started my first herbal salon in my own home in 1971, in a small way, based on the Ayurvedic system and adopted the principle of “Care and Cure.”




beauty care, with a personalised style, based on individual needs and problems. It was a totally unique, path-breaking concept. I rejected the existing treatments and devised my own. I also began to formulate my

the setting up of my school, because

own products, based on herb, flower

the franchisees had to be trained in

and fruit extracts, essential oils and

beauty and in specialised treatments,

natural substances. Today, they have

before becoming a Shahnaz Herbal

become breakthroughs in Ayurvedic

franchisee. I also began to encourage

beauty care. My products have grown

housewives to open salons in their

out of clinical usage and massive client

own homes, so that they could achieve


financial independence and yet, be

We pay a great deal of attention to

close at hand to attend to their home

R&D and innovations. In fact, we have

and family. Today, our beauty training academy has branches all over India and abroad.

become known for our innovations and our therapeutic products. Our premium ranges like Gold,

I started spreading my concept, my vision and

Pearl, Diamond, Plant Stem Cells, etc., have stormed the

treatments throughout India. It was all based on a personal

international markets. We have recently introduced our

interaction, where I would meet people, listen to their

revolutionary Platinum Range.

problems and provide the solutions. Thus, I was answering

In 1980, we entered the international market during the

a human need. My method proved to be so successful that

Festival of India. We were given a counter in the Perfumery

later I adopted it for the openings of my franchise clinics

Section of Selfridges, the famous London department store.

and other ventures. Today, the Shahnaz Husain franchise

I stood alone and sold India’s civilisation in a jar. We sold

has become a successful business model, with tremendous

out our consignment within 3 days and broke the Sefridges

international goodwill and demand. Currently, the Shahnaz

cosmetic sales record. It was not easy to enter the cosmetic

Husain Group operates in more than 100 countries.

markets of the West, where billions of dollars are spent on packaging and advertising, selling youth and dreams in

Achieving your ideals and dreams…

bottled jars. In the face of such fierce competition, I have

Once I decided on beauty as a career, I was determined

been marketing our 5000-year old ancient civilisation and

to get the best training available. So, I worked my way to

the concept of “herbal healing” in a jar.

the best beauty schools of the West. I believed that if I

Today, the world is looking towards India and Ayurveda

were professionally qualified, I would have the world at my

with enlightened eyes, knowing that we hold the answers,

feet. In fact, today, professional qualification is the order

in the form of our Ayurvedic healing tradition.

of the day. During my training in London in cosmetology and

Your role as an entrepreneur…

cosmetic therapy, I came across instances of severe

An entrepreneur always needs a vision, in order to make

damage caused by chemical treatments. In a way, these

dreams a reality. The vision provides the direction and

tragic incidents changed the course of my life and career.

the path one must follow. My effort has always been

I thought I would evolve treatments that are safe and

to promote the Indian herbal heritage and Ayurvedic

Advanc’edge MBA April 2011


Executive Suite products. I have done so with a crusader’s zeal. I have

example, they can learn about the market and how to make

succeeded in putting India on the world beauty map.

use of changing conditions, like the Internet, commercial

I consider that one of my greatest achievements

advertising methods, different business models, etc.

was attending President Barack Obama’s Summit for

One important change is that various institutions in the

entrepreneurs twice in one year. In April 2010, I attended

financial sector have been offering incentives to women

President Obama’s summit in Washington DC and then

entrepreneurs, in terms of loans and other schemes.

again in Mumbai, in November, when he visisted India. I

But, there is still the question of making women aware

was one among 8 entrepreneurs to attend a closed-door

of these incentives. In the rural and backward areas,

meeting in Mumbai. It was not only a great honour for me,

due to lack of education, the awareness is low. I know

but also recognition of my relentless effort to spread Brand

that for small-scale industries, the government provides

India and Ayurveda worldwide.

support by identifying markets, trade and promotions. With globalisation, products and services are needed for

Biggest challenge faced by women entrepreneurs…

the global market and this requires effort at various levels,

The last two decades have seen the woman stepping out of

from the Government, research institutions, vocational

her home, to make a career, gain financial independence,

training institutions, export development and trade


agencies, etc. Markets need to be

and fulfill her ambitions and

explored. Presenting the products

dreams. Indeed, women have

in a globally attractive manner

made a mark in every field,

is also essential, along with


knowledge of the demands of the







global market.

in governance, politics and the corporate world. Women have proved that they can

Attributes that bring success to


women in business…




managers. What is remarkable

I definitely feel that a professional

about Indian women is not just


their achievements in different

necessary in today’s business

fields, but the fact that they

world. It gives a great deal of

have been able to surmount

confidence if one has professional

prejudices and barriers.

training or knowledge in one’s



A woman may also find

field. Knowledge of the market,

it difficult to get out of family

the demand and trends is also important. Innovativeness and

responsibilities and overcome feelings of guilt in following her own dreams and career

creativity are always helpful. Translating them in practical

ambitions. The fear is also always there about how to

terms is necessary for success in business. The relentless

manage both home and career. However, in all these

determination to succeed, courage and ability for hard

aspects, there is change for the better. Issues like

work are some of the other ingredients for success.

management of home and career are still at the core of the problems, but today’s woman is better equipped to cope

Important lessons that you gained on the way…

with such issues.

One of the main insights I have gained is that innovation

Women have shown that given the same opportunities,

is extremely important. In fact, the basis of our enterprise

they can be equally successful. Yet, it is still a man’s

is innovation. There is no doubt that beauty care in India

world out there. The glass ceiling does exist. A woman

is fashioned after the Shahnaz Husain innovations. We

has to work much harder than her male counterpart to

have drawn upon the therapeutic values of plants and

prove herself. Despite the necessary qualifications and

used them in innovative ways to formulate revolutionary

capability, the way to the top for a woman is much more


difficult than it is for a man.


I have also learnt that one should never stop trying.

Marketing is an important issue in entrepreneurship.

If you never stop trying, you cannot fail. I also learnt

Women find it difficult to know the market and to face the

never to fear deterrents. In fact, I look on deterrents as

competition. They have to depend on middlemen. This is

challenges. In fact, turning challenges into opportunities is

one area where they need help and encouragement. For

the key to success.

Advanc’edge MBA April 2011

Student Silhouette

“Think deep why you want to do an MBA”

Tell us about yourself. I was born and brought up in Delhi. My father is a Sr. Psychiatrist and mother is a Sr. Tech Director at National Informatics Centre, Delhi. Fascinated by computers, I came to Manipal to pursue engineering in computer science. There, I came out of protective environment and learnt to live independently. I met students from diverse backgrounds and made friends from all over the country. There I discovered my interests and took part in various coding competitions, design competitions involving making structures out of straws, designed some computer games and even acted in a short play. Then I came to Bangalore in my last semester to do my internship in EMC2. I accepted the job offer and worked with them for more than two years. In the two years, I matured from an intern to a junior programmer to a team lead. I led a three member team and we were responsible for handling customer cases and developing new features for our product. I like listening to Hindi film music and go out for movies with friends. I used to play a lot of cricket, but these days I play lawn tennis and table tennis. What motivated you to do an MBA? I did my engineering and was a part of the IT industry for two years. Being a team lead at EMC2, I discovered that I enjoyed leading the team. At that time, I was confronted with decisions like whether the new project should be done in .Net or java? Whether the new feature should be incorporated in a particular release or not, etc. But instead of making project level decisions, I want to jump one level up. I want to make company level decisions. Apart from technical aspects of my product, I want to know how my product is sold to customers, how the new customers are attracted; how it is decided when to have end-of-life for a particular

…says Siddharth Jindal, IIM Lucknow, class of 2011. A very active person who likes to involve himself in various businessbased competitions, it is listening to music, watching movies and playing lawn tennis that enthralls him. And, it is his passion and goal to be in the top rung that motivated him to do an MBA. Siddharth speaks to Suman Priya Mendonca about his decision, preparation and goals.

product and how it is decided that a new product should come into the market. I felt that an MBA would give me the knowledge and the skills required to be successful at that level. Has your work experience proved to be an advantage or disadvantage in terms of pursuing an MBA? I have worked as an Associate Software Engineer for a couple of years. The prior work experience has worked to my advantage. Being a part of an organization for two years, I can easily relate to the corporate case studies that are discussed in the class rooms. Even during lectures on topics such as employee appraisal, I was easily able to grasp the concepts as I had

Advanc’edge MBA April 2011


Student Silhouette and

personally experienced it previously in my organization. When did you start preparing for the entrance test? What would you consider as your weakest area and how did you work it out? I started preparing a year in advance for the test. I had joined coaching classes and took mock tests regularly. My weakest area was getting a consistent score in all three sections of the test. I was usually unable to clear the cut-offs in one section. Taking more and more mock tests was the only option for me. I did that and could see an improvement in performance. Also, a thorough analysis of the mock tests proved really beneficial. Tell us about your GD experience. Further,





experience? My panel was given an abstract topic to discuss. There were 10 participants and we were given around 20 minutes to discuss. We had a decent GD and were able to bring in three to four new points at the table. There were only three to four participants who were actually contributing, and I guessed that helped my chances. PI was a memorable experience and









Apart from learning various aspects of business and gaining a cross-functional knowledge, it is the self conviction which is the biggest intake for me. I have gained the confidence to tackle complex business situations that lead diverse teams to success.

knowledge, it is the self conviction

premier institutes. IIM-L’s USP lies in

aspiring to become one, even before

its rigorous academic curriculum. Add

completing their graduation. There is

to it, the various business competitions

no harm in that, but I would request

and student committee related work,

all aspirants to think deeply why they

which keeps me engaged throughout

want to do an MBA. Only after finding

the day.

a satisfying answer should they aim

which is the biggest intake for me. I have gained the confidence to tackle complex business situations that lead diverse teams to success. What




placement are you looking at after completion of the course? I am targeting the FMCG sector and looking forward to work as a sales & marketing manager. Message for MBA aspirants… Today, acquiring an MBA degree has become a trend in India. I see everyone

at the qualification. Apart from CAT did you appear for






any other entrance exams?

cleared CAT, they should enroll for

Besides CAT, I took XAT as well.

GD/PI sessions. Having two to three

What has been your best learning

mock interviews before the real one,

experience at IIM-L so far?

helps them to frame answers to

The greatest learning for me has been

commonly asked questions in a better

the confidence that I have gained

way. Participating in mock GDs raises

in the past two years. Apart from

self-confidence which the aspirants

learning various aspects of business

carry forward in the actual GDs.

topics. I was asked questions about my work experience and family. Then on



started theory

and his energy mass

grilling of




relationship. After that it went on to economics, and I was asked to explain interest rates, repo rates, reverse repo rates, CRR ratio and bank rates. But I felt confident after leaving the room as I was able to answer all questions with finesse. Did you apply in other institutes? What would you say is the unique feature of IIML? Yes I applied to all IIMs and other


Advanc’edge MBA April 2011


Australian Education Excellence Showcase 2011 The Australian Government organised Education Fair across eight cities in India to showcase a wide range of academic programmes, scholarships & career opportunities. A report…



Trade and Investment Commissioner,


education and the opportunity

Austrade; Peter Mackey, Education

is a least-crime prone country and




it is one of the safest countries for

through an Australian education was

Nolan, Education Counsellor, AEI;

foreign students. He added that more

showcased recently at the ‘Australian

and Geoffrey Conaghan, Victorian

than 80,000 students from India


Government Commissioner to India

have enrolled in Australia in 2010.

and Sri Lanka.

Academic programmes on business

ustralian build

excellence a





2011’ comprising education fairs &




information sessions organised across

Speaking on the occasion, Peter

management, information technology,

India in New Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad,

Linford said that Australian education

engineering, science and hospitality

Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Kochi &

has a strong international reputation

are preferred coursework by Indian

Chennai. Organised by the Australian

for excellence and quality education

students in the higher education

government, the education fair in India


sector in Australia.”

showcased the quality, innovation and

vocational institutions. Students can be

leadership of Australian education

assured that their Australian education

Why Australia?

and also drove away the fears about

experience will give them a sound

At the event, the Australian authorities

security, which was a major issue for

foundation and competitive edge to

were equally interested in stressing

Indian students.

be successful in the modern world.


“More than half a million international

students. David Holly, Consul General

The head start

students choose to study in Australia

of Australia for South India, said that

The event was inaugurated on 16

every year. Widely recognised across

students from 190 countries belonging

February 2011 in New Delhi by Peter

the world, an Australian qualification

to 214 nationalities were studying

N Varghese AO, Australian High

is a significant step towards a global

in their nation and their safety was

Commissioner to India. It was also

career, recognised in more than

paramount. Several steps had been

attended by Peter Linford, Senior

21 countries, including in India,” he

initiated for the students’ welfare,






There has also

the government of Victoria, the State

been a growing trend

which witnessed a few incidents. He

of Indian students

spoke of the high quality education on

involved in research

offer, how well regarded his country’s






reflecting the culture





phenomenal performance in research and development.

of innovation and

“The next step would be ‘twinning’

the high standards

and the final one would be to set



up Australian educational units in


India. South India was in the radar




of Australian Trade Mission and it


was trying to enhance its strength in


this part of the country, especially in



and strong action has been taken by


L-R: Peter Varghese AO, Australian High Commissioner to India; Peter Linford, Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner; and Dhiraj Mathur, Executive Director, PwC.



Advanc’edge MBA April 2011


Report vocational







training system. He also spoke of

sectors in 2010 found that 84 percent

Carter added that Australia had

the ‘international student strategy’,

of all respondents were satisfied with

five universities among the top 50 in

a landmark initiative to improve the

their study experience in the country.

the world. As many as 43 per cent of

wellbeing of international students, the

Playing host to about 6,00,000 students

Australian universities were among

quality of their educational experience

from 190 countries, authorities noted

the top 500 in the world, as against

and their rights as consumers.

that India is the second-largest source

the United States, which had just 22 per cent in that list. It had world


of foreign students. AEI statistics

Education International (AEI) of 50,000

show that overall enrolment of Indian




A lot of research is going on in the area of biomolecular science for the development of drugs for certain diseases, better drugs for some other diseases, development of vaccines, insect resistant plants etc. For research to be translated into useful products or procedures, enormous interdisciplinary work, time and funding are necessary. It is to address this issue that the La Trobe Institute of Molecular Sciences (LIMS) was started in 2009 and is part of La Trobe University, Australia. Professor Michael Ryan who heads the Biochemistry department at La Trobe University and is on the LIMS advisory board said that they are exploring possibilities of collaborative research and to attract students for the various academic and research programmes at his institute. While talking about LIMS, this Roche Medal recipient from the Australian Society for Biochemistry and Microbiology, shares his insights on the course curriculum and innovative teaching methods with Sarita Kutty …… Could you tell us a little about LIMS? La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science (LIMS) is positioning La Trobe University as an international research leader in molecular science and biotechnology. LIMS is dedicated to the study of the molecular structures and processes fundamental to life on earth – underpinning environmental, biochemical and biomedical issues; and to inspiring and training the next generation of Australian scientists. The new LIMS complex, which is being set up will be a state-of-the-art research hub designed to facilitate collaboration between leading scientists. Researchers from different disciplines including biochemistry, chemistry, genetics, and molecular archaeology will have the opportunity to work together in well-equipped, shared work spaces to achieve research outcomes that would not be possible in traditional academic settings. The complex will also be an important training centre, providing students and early career researchers with access to the latest research equipment and exposure to high impact research projects. At a time when insufficient opportunities are driving early career researchers abroad, LIMS will provide the capacity for up to 220 additional research positions and significantly expand the University’s early and mid-career training program. To be operational in 2013, the LIMS complex is La Trobe University’s largest investment in research and academic infrastructure to date. It represents a 30




Hyderabad, Kochi and Chennai,” Holly

Advanc’edge MBA April 2011


percent expansion of our current facilities and will offer 15,000 sq m of usable space including 34 research and support laboratories and 3000 sq m of teaching facilities for undergraduate science students. LIMS will make a significant contribution to the development of a robust biotechnology industry in Australia. Our aim is to conduct research for widespread and ongoing benefit, and to inspire and train future generations of Australian scientists. Please brief us about your Research degrees. A Masters by Research degree usually takes between one and two years and requires students to competently undertake a supervised research project. Candidates for a Masters degree by Research must submit a thesis that makes a contribution to knowledge in an approved area. Professional Doctorates are programs which involve both coursework and research components. They enable students to develop their professional practice skills to a high level. Candidates for a Professional Doctorate by Research submit a major thesis which is a substantial and original contribution to knowledge of direct relevance to the profession, in addition to completing coursework subjects. Candidates for a Professional Doctorate by Coursework submit a smaller thesis which is either an original or substantial contribution to knowledge of direct relevance to the profession, in addition to completing coursework subjects. A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is a research degree. It normally takes three to four years. A thesis based on original investigations is presented to external examiners and must be considered a substantial and original contribution to knowledge and understanding in the relevant field of study. How innovative is your teaching and learning method? La Trobe is a leading member of the International Network of Universities and is dedicated to serving the global community through internationalisation, innovative teaching and learning methods, and research. This includes encouraging our students and staff to gain international experience, development of an internationalised curriculum and research programmes, and the diversification of our student community.

Report students in higher education dropped

l Australian innovations

from 1,20,913 in 2009 to 1,00,236 in

l Australia

November, 2010.



and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) education

partnerships and collaboration in

However, university representatives, who had set up stalls at the


l Australian education scholarships




Australia Awards program.

world - leading research

event, also said they were seeing a turnaround in the number of enquiries





available under the Australia Awards, the Endeavour Awards, Australian

for Indian students

Leadership Awards and Australian

l Student life & living in Australia

An exclusive session on global

Development Scholarships. Only the

“There has been a decrease

careers and the role of an Australian

Endeavour Awards are open to Indian

in the last 12 to 18 months but the

education towards building a global


major thing for Australian education

career was also organised as part of

is that the visa policy will change from

the information sessions.

for higher education in Australia.

Endeavour the








April 4, 2011. They will become more

The education fair presented a

relaxed which is a positive step for

unique opportunity for prospective

based scholarship program providing

students looking to study in Australia,”

students to interact directly with


said Darren Turner, senior manager of



Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Europe

global recruitment, Carnegie Mellon

alumni and scholarship recipients from

and the America’s to undertake

University, Australia.

Australian Universities & educational



development in Australia. Awards are









also available for Australians to do

Information sessions Leading




the same abroad

Scholarships the

Table 1 sets out the numbers


of scholarships awarded since the

institutions and a number of other

program’s inception in 2007 to Indian

educational institutions participated at


the ‘Australian Education Excellence


Showcase 2011’ and disseminated contemporary

organisations. They cover various

nationals to study in Australia and


the number of Australians awarded

Australian on



education, academic










vocational education and training,

scholarships, student experience and

student exchanges, undergraduate

safety measures, the global career

and postgraduate study and research.

opportunities an Australian education

Australian Government scholarships

offers to prospective students from

scholarships to study in India. Table - 1 Award Year

Incoming (Indian)

Outgoing (Australian)


are not available for international





India etc. The event featured senior

students undertaking English language





representatives and faculties from







over 25 leading educational institutions

However, there are several English





from Australia, including the University

language training scholarships offered

of Melbourne, University of New South

by Australian institutions.









Wales, Curtin University, RMIT, Bond University and La Trobe University.



The Australia Awards comprise two




Emerging global careers

stream that targets the best and



brightest students, researchers and

careers and the role of an Australian

conducted by experts and sessions

professionals to come to Australia and

education towards building a global

conducted by DIAC and alumni. The

for Australians to do the same offshore;

career was organised as part of the

event received a positive response

and a development stream that builds


from a cross-section of prospective

capacity in developing countries. The

alumni & senior academicians from

students, parents, local institutions,

Australia Awards initiative will, over


governments, corporates, partners

time, build a new generation of global

provided a comprehensive overview

and media.

leaders with strong links to Australia.


Highlights sessions





The information sessions during the

The Australia Awards brings the





sessions. education required






Successful institutions a




fair focussed on:

Australian Agency for International

opportunities, with specific focus on

l International students experience


careers in engineering, ICT, design

in Australia




Department of Education, Employment

and health. Advanc’edge MBA April 2011



ICICI Bank and Praxis Business School sign MoU



collaboration could offer direction to

approached academics - with the

relentless pursuit of creating

the industry to cope with a dynamic

same objective - to create value for


our stakeholders.”




and complex business environment. It

reached another milestone when ICICI

would also address the need to create

Praxis is a comparatively new

Bank selected Praxis as its academic

a local body of knowledge relevant to

but significant name in the business

partner and endowed the Dean’s

the Indian situation which was unique

school fraternity. It offers a residential

Chair with the purpose of promoting

in many respects. He added that after

two-year post graduate programme

‘Banking and Financial Services’. The

having worked closely with Praxis,

in business management in Kolkata

MoU was recently signed between

he was convinced that Praxis had

and aims to produce industry-ready

Saurabh Singh, GM, HRM, ICICI

the credentials to make a compelling

global professionals. Every activity

Bank and Prof Charanpreet Singh,

contribution in this regard.

at Praxis is aligned to this mission. and

The differentiators of Praxis include a

ICICI Bank Chair, Praxis Business

distinguished faculty team that blends


School said, “For a fledgling Institution

academic excellence with industry

develop curriculum and case studies,

stubborn in its determination to make

experience, pedagogy that encourages



a difference, this is a wonderful

the students to think rather than

undertake research in the area of

opportunity – and we would like

learn by rote and an intense industry

banking and financial services industry,

to assure ICICI Bank that we will

interface that goes well beyond guest

in partnership with ICICI Bank.

approach these areas with the same

lectures to actually co-designing and


co-delivering programmes.

Associate Dean, Praxis Business School at the Praxis campus. The


















Signing of MoU: Dignitaries from ICICI Bank and Praxis Business School


Advanc’edge MBA April 2011

Success Street

ESCAPING ‘STUCKNESS’ The fine art of creativity

‘Stuckness’ means being trapped in a certain way of thinking and unable to see things differently. The way in which we think is called a paradigm. All of us work within the parameters of a paradigm. Although, a paradigm gives you focus and an objective to achieve, it has the negative impact of trapping you in a fixed mode of thinking and unable to look at things from different perspective. This article focuses on the four strategies you need to apply… Dr Daniel Theyagu


he one key difference between

might have found yourself in a similar


being successful and a failure

predicament where you are unable to

In any situation there will be negative

is that successful people have

find an effective solution to what looks

consequences as well as positive

like a seemingly difficult situation.

results. Question: which one do you

one common trait. They have refined the art of being resourceful. Many

If you are ‘stuck’ in such a situation

focus on? There are times when you

organisations always seem to look for

it is not going to help by drowning

should not focus on the problem at all

the incumbent who is self-driven and

within the depth of your paradigm.

because when you focus only on the

has the ability to work independently.

What you need to do is to escape from

problem you might not be able to see

Simply put employers want their

the paradigm trap and try something

the solution that you want.

employees to be well equipped to








automobile industry, the original car

‘respond’ effectively to situations that arise in their course of work rather

To do this there are four strategies you

tyres came with two tubes. An inner

than ‘react’ to the situations.

need to apply:

tube where air is pumped and an

The difference between having the

Strategy 1: Learn to eliminate the

outer thicker layer that gives the car

ability to ‘respond’ rather than ‘react’ to

negative and accentuate the

contact with the road. The

any given situation is that when

problem was that when a

you react you are just doing

nail punches through, the

what you may be expected

inner tube deflates and the

to do and you may solve the

tyre needs to be changed.

problem but it would probably


be a short term solution without

find a way to overcome this

the guarantee that the problem

dilemma. They made harder

would not surface again.

rubber tyres and put steel

you may see the situation from an entirely different perspective and be able to escape from what is called ‘stuckness’. It is like the proverbial story of the carpenter who went to the forest but could not find the wood because he was surrounded by trees. You



wire meshing within the tyre.

However, if you master the art of responding to situations


Employers want their employees to be well equipped to ‘respond’ effectively to situations that arise in their course of work rather than ‘react’ to the situations.

However nothing seemed to work. The issue was that they were focusing on the problem. The problem was the tyre. A shift in the paradigm by focusing on the nail gave a workable answer. By eliminating the negatives – that is the tyre was being deflated by a nail and accentuating the positive which is to see whether the nail can Advanc’edge MBA April 2011


Success Street in fact serve other purpose a solution was found. One tyre manufacturer realised that instead of having two tubes why not just have one tube and the tubeless tyre was born. Now even if a nail punches the tyre it acts like a stopper giving enough time for the driver to drive to the nearest garage to get the tyre repaired. Strategy 2: Adopt an “It is never over until it is over” attitude.

Problems have a way of solving themselves if you consistently attack them from a different focus point. The trouble is that many of us do not have the energy or the gumption to do this.






transmission! These were crazy ideas during their time but we can’t seem to live without them today. Strategy





Principle The Pareto principle is also called the 80/20 rule or the rule of thumb or the law of the vital few. It was coined by a 1940s Business Management

Problems have a way of solving

there is no such thing as a bad idea.

Thinker, Joseph M Juran and named

themselves if you consistently attack

If you are in a leadership position

after an Italian economist Vilfredo

them from a different focus point. The

you should create an environment

Pareto. Although there are different

trouble is that many of us do not have

whereby your subordinates are not

interpretations as to what exactly the

the energy or the gumption to do this.

fearful to voice their ideas because

Pareto principle means; it is a very

If there is a problem that persists and

they will be criticised and ridiculed.

good guideline to allow you to escape

simply does not go away keep trying

Look around you and see how many

‘stuckness’. The 20 percent refers to

to solve it. It might also help if you put

so called ‘crazy’ ideas have become

the vital solutions that we want and

aside the problem and focus on other

realities. A device that can tell you

the 80 percent refers to the many and

things and come back later to see how

your location; a heavier than air

trivial things that surrounds our lives. If

you might overcome it. What you need

you want to be resourceful you need to

to do is to have a clear definition of the

learn to look at the big picture and try

problem so that you know what your

to resolve those issues or problems

intended outcome is. Then start gathering the relevant data and facts so that you can see how

that will make a difference rather than chase after the trivial matters. As aptly put by Dr

best to resolve the problem.

Richard Carlson – “don’t fret

Take the cue from Thomas

the small stuff”.

Edison who said: “I have not


failed. I’ve just found 10,000





ways that won’t work.”







could climb out of your Strategy 3: There is no

paradigm trap and escape

such thing as bad ideas

your ‘stuckness’.

only untested ones Arthur Conan Doyle’s super sleuth Sherlock Holmes always tells his sidekick Dr. Watson: “when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever



improbable must be the truth”. This statement is a useful guide to allow you to escape from ‘stuckness’ in what you intend to do. There is a tendency for many of us to brush off an idea as a bad one or an impossible one. Sometimes it is the most ludicrous idea that helps to solve the problem. Therefore to be a resourceful person you need to develop the attitude that


Advanc’edge MBA April 2011

Daniel Theyagu has been a training consultant and performance evaluator for 22 years and has designed and conducted training for more than 300 companies in different industries in Singapore and internationally. He runs his own consultancy firm Lateral Solutions Consultancy and is an adjunct trainer with Nanyang Technological University – Centre for Continuing Education and Management Development Institute of Singapore [MDIS]. To engage his services, he can be contacted via email at: daniel. lateralsolutions@ or visit his webpage at: www.

Success Street


Advanc’edge MBA April 2011



Time to set your goals “Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?’ ‘That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,’ said the Cat. ‘I don’t much care where...’ said Alice. ‘Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,’ said the Cat.” - Alice in Wonderland. Suman Kher


ll of us aspire to accomplish

Why goal setting?

a lot of goals in life. Read a



book, lose weight, write a




One of the most important things important

to remember is that the goals you set



should motivate you. Goals that are



just nice-to-have will never sustain



book, take up a course, spend more



time with grandparents, learn a new



themselves. A great way to motivate

skill or contribute to the society. We

towards achieving those goals. The

self is to ask, “Why do I want to

often think - I will do it when college

‘planning to do’ is taken over by action,

accomplish this goal?” The ‘why’

gets over or I get a good job or when

which spurs you on closer to your goal.

helps you make it worthwhile. This

there is enough money or when the

Goals help you aim at what you want

is an important motivating factor. For

kids grow up or when the festive

to achieve. Setting goals and putting a

instance, you might be a working

season is over or when the economy

time limit on them keeps you focussed in

professional and wish to enhance

is better or sometime later as a New

the direction you wish to head for. It also

a set of skills. The answer to ‘why

Year resolution. And more often than

makes your efforts more concentrated

add to your skills’ could be improved

not we get very busy around the same

on the task at hand because your

performance in the workplace, better

time we hope to work on those goals.

plan of action guides you towards

chances of promotion to higher

Some of these goals mean a lot to us

your target.

positions, boost in self-confidence



etc. When you make a list like this,

but somehow we are going to do a lot of things someday in our lives.


Setting goals

you have reasons to keep you going.

The only formula to accomplish

There are so many goals - personal,

them is - DO IT NOW. The formula

financial, health, educational, holiday

Smart goals

that Zig Ziglar, the famous motivational

or goals for the family or society. They

A powerful way to form your goals

speaker puts forth: Write it down, put

can be long term with a horizon of 10


a date on it, identify the obstacles you

years or more or short-term goals for

SMART, which stands for Specific,

will have to overcome, identify the

5 years, 1 year, or a few months or

Measurable, Attainable, Relevant,

people, groups, organisations you


and Time-bound. The pioneering





need to work with, develop a

research into goal setting by

plan of action, spell out what all

Dr. Edwin Locke, an American

you need to know to get there,


write all the benefits of achieving

chances of achieving them.

the goal. You will find these steps


discussed as you read along.

specific and significant. Vague






Goal setting is not just

goals like “I want to lose some

thinking, “I want all this to happen

weight” or “I want to have a

in my life.” It involves a lot of hard

lot of money” do not provide

work and patience to break your

sufficient direction. The problem

goals down and devise an action

with such rough goals is that

plan to achieve them within a

they remain indefinite ideas in

time frame.

the head never translating into

Advanc’edge MBA April 2011

Skillz specific, doable goals. For “Going

instance, around


world when I have enough








it. Rather, a goal like “saving up percent of my salary every month for the next 5 years for my world trip” sounds more action-oriented. Now you know exactly how much to save for a known duration of time and you can work towards it. Measurable:


should be measurable to know the extent of your progress. There should be answers to how many, how much and to what extent. “Read


Do it yourself Brainstorm: Brainstorm and identify the most important goals you wish to achieve in your personal or professional life. Write them down in a notebook. Prioritise: Choose the ones that are most relevant from the list. You may want to begin by working on just two of them at one time. Set goals: Write down your goals with a time frame to them. Make sure the time limit is realistic enough. Devise your plan of action: Break your goals into manageable steps. Set deadlines on these steps too. Determine how you would overcome obstacles, if any. Think of resources you will need to achieve your goal. Review: As you work your way towards your goal, review it from time to time to make sure you are on track and will arrive at your goal within the time frame.

books” doesn’t specify

Time -bound:

you will be certified.







have a date by

statements: Writing your goal as



positive statements is one of the


most effective ways to make your


goal tangible. Avoid using words like

you set a date

might, would or would like to. Frame

to a goal, you

affirmative sentences like “I will make

know the time

customer service more responsive



in a month’s time by responding to

the urgency of

complaints within 24 hours”. Put

achieving by the

them up at prominent places around

deadline keeps

you or read them often to keep you




have them.



“Learn to play

Make a plan of action: It is not

the guitar” is a

enough to know what exactly you



want to achieve within a time frame.

take forever to

It is equally important to know how




to achieve it. Make an action plan

to play 2 tunes of

with individual steps that lead to

medium difficulty

the goal. Identify obstacles and

by the end of 3

ways to overcome them. Determine

months” informs

people you might need to work with



or additional knowledge required to

within which you

arrive at your final destination in the

should be able to

stipulated time.

play the guitar.

Stick to it: Setting goals are not the


when and how do you intend to achieve

The following points are also

end of your task. You need to stick

it. “Read 4 motivational books by the

crucial to effective goal setting:

to the action plan. Put up reminders

end of this month” is measurable and

Prioritise goals: The motivation is

where you can see them often.

the deadline will prod you to go on.

likely to be high for goals that are

Give yourself little treats as you

Quantifiable goals easily tell you it

on priority in your life. List all your

accomplish each step towards your

is time to celebrate when you finally

important goals and assign A for

goal. Review your goals regularly

achieve them.

high, B for medium and C for low

and update your plan of action, if


priority. This will help you identify

needed, to suit changes that happen

obtainable with some effort. Goals

important goals and focus on them

in your life.

that are beyond reach will only

since they mean the most to you at

Setting up goals keeping the

demotivate you and you will never

the moment and have immediate

above points in mind assures you

reach them. Trying to lose 10 kilos in

implications in your life.

success to a large extent. But there

a month by working out 4 hours a day

Set small and incremental goals:

might be times when things do not

is not a realistic goal. At the same

Once you shortlist the goals, it is

work out the way you planned. Do

time, a goal shouldn’t be too easy to

time to begin working on them.

not let such failures bother you as

achieve lest it makes you complacent.

Break them down into smaller steps

long as you learn lessons from your

The key is to have a balance between

that will gradually take you to the

mistakes and use them to set goals

attainability and sufficient challenge.

final goal. For instance, if your goal is

afresh. Your regular review of goals

Relevant: Goals should be relevant

to “get certified in a particular skill”,

should help you check any obstacles






break it down into identifying the best

you are likely to come across. Having

inconsistent with your life plan are

colleges and getting into it, studying

goals to achieve gives a purpose

of no use. Scattered and irrelevant

for the qualifying exam and writing

and a sense of fulfilment to our lives;

goals will only add clutter to your

the actual exam. Set deadlines to

the only way to truly accomplish our

scheme of things.

each one so that you know by when

goals is to - do it now!





Advanc’edge MBA April 2011



RIL – BP collaboration BP has agreed to acquire 30 percent shares in 23 oil and gas blocks owned by Reliance Industries for around $ 7 billion (equivalent to Rs 32,000 crore). The two companies would also form an equal joint venture that would focus on deep-water oil exploration, sourcing and marketing oil and gas. This deal is being touted as one of the largest foreign direct investments into India. What is this deal likely to achieve for Reliance and BP? What are the implications of this deal on the Indian oil and gas scenario? These are some of the issues that this article focuses on. Dr Suresh Srinivasan


he international oil market is

four-fold from 433 Million Tonne of Oil



Equivalent (MTOE) to around 1,856

with crude oil prices continuing

MTOE by 2032. Globally, natural gas

within the country and intensifying

to set new highs at breathtaking

constitutes 24 percent of the energy


frequency, and exhibiting high volatility.

basket while in India it accounts for

With more than 75 percent of India’s

a mere 9 percent. Gas accounts for

oil and gas needs being met through

35 percent of the energy mix in the

market with focus on enabling

imports, it remains highly vulnerable to

former Soviet Union (US 26 percent,


global price fluctuations. Not that India

Japan 17 percent, Korea 15 percent).

has no reserves of oil and gas; it has

India’s share of gas in the energy mix

immense reserves, but it has not been

is expected to increase to nearly 23


able to explore and produce, due to

percent by 2030 as gas is considered

storage, pipelines, etc

technological constraints!

to be a ‘cleaner’ form of energy. With



Encouraging new oil & gas finds for



sources l







storage facilities) l


Attracting investments in energy such



Lack of clarity on petroleum

India ranks as the world’s seventh

India relying largely on imports with

largest energy producer (2.5 percent)

over 75 percent of oil and 16 percent

and the fifth largest consumer (3.5

of gas consumption being imported,

conservation and strong research

percent). India is a least explored

it is inevitable that Indian companies

in alternative fuels

region and has a huge potential for

need to build competencies.

The government does not have

products pricing policy l




oil and gas exploration.



achieve all of the above by


investments technology




itself; strong private sector

required to exploit this


o p p o r t u n i t y. I n d i a ’ s

required, both in terms of


technology and financing.








With this objective, the

kg of Oil Equivalent



liberalised its FDI policy





the world average of


1,737 KGOE, indicating




100 percent. Further, gas


discovery in the KG Basin


has also raised hopes of

are expected to grow

increase in domestic natural





Key challenges and opportunities:


Advanc’edge MBA April 2011


refining activities

and to

Bizness gas production in the future, provided

hence the rated value of Reliance has

with Brazil’s Petrobras and Norway’s

Indian companies build competencies

also been downgraded. For the Indian

StatOil to access technology, it has

to exploit this opportunity.

government too, this is a matter of


great concern. Industry




It is also widely believed that this deal will not only impact upstream



Why the deal is a ‘Win Win’ for both

dynamics and position Reliance ahead

The oil and gas industry ‘value chain’

Reliance and BP?

of the competition, but also is likely to

and key players are shown in

Reliance has been extremely slow in

throw open opportunities for Reliance

Figure 1. As seen, companies like Oil

exploration and production; lack of

in the areas of LNG imports into

and Natural Gas Commission (ONGC)

aggressiveness is being attributed

India. As far as midstream operations

and Cairn are upstream players; Bharat

to its limited technological capability,

are concerned, Reliance-BP could

Petroleum, Hindustan Petroleum and

which is now expected to be enhanced

focus on creation of infrastructure for

Shell are downstream players, while

by BP’s involvement with Reliance. BP

receiving, transporting and marketing

companies like Reliance, and Indian

brings along considerable expertise

of natural gas in India. This would

Oil Corporation (IOC) are present

in deep water exploration, which can






processed gas seamlessly to end users. In addition to the upstream and midstream operations, exploiting downstream opportunities is also a possibility; especially in automobile fuel retail. Reliance and BP have also indicated that they are intending to set up an equal joint venture company that would source gas from around the world (with BP having large sources of oil and gas around the world) and marketing gas in India. Reliance




retail fuel outlets is now a small player as compared to IOC, BP and HP who operate close to 29,000 outlets. It would be a good challenge for the Figure 1

BP-Reliance to scale up and create a retail business of significant scale and

across the value chain. Gas Authority

help Reliance exploit full potential of

size that would give the public sector

of India (GAIL) is predominantly a

its blocks. Since BP is active across

undertaking a run for their money.

midstream player.

the entire oil and gas value chain

From a BP perspective, with

Reliance operates in the complete

and has access to ‘state-of-the-

serious catastrophe of oil leakage

value chain. It operates a 62 million

art’ technologies in oil exploration

from its Macondo wells in the Gulf of



and production, the current deal

Mexico where millions of barrels of oil

Gujarat. In 2002, partnering with Niko

with BP will definitely give Reliance

are being discharged into the ocean,

Resources, it struck a major find on

the required edge in technology

the value of BP has halved to around

India’s eastern coast in the KG basin.

and financial support, to venture

$ 100 billion. In such a situation, this

Gas production from this find started in

into gas exploration production and

deal provides BP access to India,

2009 and currently gas production is

transportation projects, in a big way.

which is the fastest growing emerging

50 to 60 Million Metric Standard Cubic

This deal is also likely to put Reliance

market in the world, thereby providing

Meters per Day (MMSCMD). This is

ahead of ONGC which currently

immense opportunities for further

much lower than the 80 MMSCMD

accounts for 74 percent and 49

growth and consolidates its past

of gas it had earlier committed to

percent of the domestic production of

losses. In conclusion, this deal seems

the government, due to sub optimal

crude oil and natural gas, respectively.

to be a ‘win-win’ situation for Reliance,

technology it has been deploying;

While ONGC has attempted to tie up

BP and the government of India.




Advanc’edge MBA April 2011



Budget 2011-12 An analysis The Union Budget for the year 2011-12 was tabled in the Parliament by the Finance Minister last month. This article will help understand the nuances of the Budget and also appreciate the impact of key proposals. Dr Suresh Srinivasan


he Budget is a document

become a burden on the government.

identified Expenditure to the tune of

that forecasts as to where

This is an extraordinarily challenging

Rs 12.58 lakh crore; this comprises



task, and this is where the experience

subsidies provided to various sections

its streams of revenues, generally

and innovativeness of the Finance

of the society including subsidies

denoted as receipts, where such

Minister comes in handy.

on food, fertilisers, petroleum and





Given the above, let us review

denoted as expenditure, and what

the receipts, expenditure and deficit

towards infrastructure, defence, rural

would be the surplus or deficit. It is

proposed by the Finance Minister

development, social welfare schemes

generally a deficit, as expenditure

in the 2011-12 Budget. The Finance

and elevation of the poor to bring

always exceeds the receipts. The

Minister has proposed a total receipt


deficit, known as fiscal deficit, is

of Rs 8.5 lakh crore (Figure 1). This

schemes, educational proposals, and



largely comprises areas where the

expenditure towards agriculture.

government’s Budget as it has to be

government is expected to raise

This throws up a deficit of Rs

eventually financed, generally through

revenues from, and includes receipts

4.13 lakh crore (difference between

market borrowings, and hence should

from personal and corporate taxes,

receipts of Rs 8.45 lakh crore and

not cross acceptable limits.

service tax, receipts from indirect

expenditure of Rs 12.58 lakh crore)











which is known as fiscal


deficit. A key indicator that





the government identifies



the appropriate heads from


where such receipts would


be raised, the appropriate


heads of expenditure and


the extent of deficit. The

in the present case India is

challenge any government

expected to achieve a GDP


of around Rs 90 lakh crore,








expenditure as



receipts is








which means fiscal deficit

and expenditure in such

as a percentage of GDP

a way that the corporate

translates to 4.6 percent.



and individuals are not taxed excessively. At the



receipts would be spent, generally

Figure 1

This is within acceptable limits and the government is

same time, enough funds are raised

taxes like customs duties, and various

further targeting to decrease this over

in order to spend on developmental

other non-tax revenue like telecom

the next two years.

programmes for the economy to grow

auction fees, disinvestment proceeds

In order to qualitatively judge the

at a targeted rate. Besides, the overall

from public sector undertakings, etc.

Budget and rate the performance of the

deficit should not be too large, such

Given the target to raise Rs 8.45 lakh

Finance Minister, we need to assess

that financing the deficit should not

crore as receipts, the government has

if the receipts raised and expenditure

Advanc’edge MBA April 2011

Bizness Key Budget 2010-11 Provisions

Intended Impact on the Indian Economy

Balancing the Receipts, Expenditure & deficit - Targeted GDP Growth 9% for 2011-12 - Fiscal deficit for 2011-12 targeted at 4.6% (2010-11: 5.1%) - Total Govt. Debt at 44% of GDP; within acceptable limits - Food inflation a key concern - International Crude Prices a major concern - Governments Delivery Mechanism to be improved through better management of the system through fighting corruption

The government has successfully contained the Fiscal deficit for 2010-11 at 5.1% of GDP against an earlier target of 5.5%. This is positive and was possible due to a 'windfall' 3G auction receipt of around Rs.1 Lakh crore. The government is now targeting Fiscal Deficit at 4.6% of GDP for 2011-12. The Receipts and Expenditure proposed will allow the economy to grow at 9% during 2011-12. Adequate Provisions are made to ease supply side constraints on Food inflation through enhancing Food Storage Capacity.

Receipts and Taxes - Min.exemption raised from 1.6 to Rs1.8 lakh - Above 80 years, exemption at Rs.5 lakh - Senior Citizen age decreased from 65 to 60 - Rs.30,000 crore tax free bonds; individual exemption - Corporate tax: Surcharge down to 5% from 7.5% - Minimum Alternate Tax (MAT) up from 18% to 18.5% - MAT imposed on SEZ units - Tax benefits for the IT industry not extended beyond Mar'11 - Air Travel, hotels, restaurants, legal services, Service Taxed - No reduction in Excise Duty, Customs Duty (peak), CENVAT - Customs duty eliminated on food items - GST to be introduced in 2011-12 - Direct Taxes Code to be introduced on 01 April 2012

Overall the priority has been to make taxes moderate, and keep the tax collection process simple and manageable. The proposals which the FM has made towards this objective has been positive. Minimum Exemption limits for Direct Personal Taxes have been enhanced, which will have a positive impact on the individuals. Although, the basic Corporate Tax rate has not been reduced, Surcharge has been reduced, which is in the right direction. But the concerns arise with the Finance Minister (FM) increasing the MAT and also bringing in SEZ's into the MAT purview. Also not extending the IT benefits for Software Technology Parks (STP) has been a major let down for the companies in the IT sector. For example, China still exempts business tax on outsourcing companies. No major changes in Indirect taxes. It is positive that the Government has committed to implement GST from 2011-12 and will pass the required constitutional amendment in the parliament. Direct taxes Code implementation by 04/2012 is positive.

Expenditure salients - 2010-11 saw agriculture growing at 5.4% - Credit flows to farmers raised - Funds allocated for improving Technology in farming - Rebate/ Interest subsidization for farmers to continue - Fund allocations to strengthen NABARD - Infrastructure spending to be raised by more than 20% - Tax free bonds for Rs.30,000 crore for infra. Development - Education sector allocation increased by close to 25% - Health sector allocation increased by more than 20% - Rs.500 crore allocated for Women self help group - Social sector allocation increase by more than 15% - Old age pensions raised from Rs.200 pm to Rs.500 pm - More than Rs.1.5 lakh core for defense allocations

The intelligence and appropriateness of choice in allocating valuable resources to various heads of Expenditure is evident in the current Budget 2011-12 proposal. Balanced allocations have been made to Agriculture (as Indian Economy is basically Agriculture based), Infra-structure, Defense, Social and Rural Sector, Healthcare & Education. Overall, with the given constraints of Receipts, the government has wisely allocated funds to those areas which will drive the country's growth; as achieving a 10% plus GDP growth for the next twenty years would be the top most priority of the government. For example, India cannot achieve the 'double digit' growth unless adequate physical infrastructure in terms of power, roads, ports and railways are created; the government has increased the infrastructure allocations by around 20% as compared to the last budget.

Administrative/ Institutional Reforms - Finance sector reforms to be expedited - Insurance bill to be passed in 2011-12 - Banking sector reforms also committed in 2011-12 - Further liberalization in FDI limits has been promised

These reforms are extremely critical for opening up the economy. The government has committed to open up the Finance Sector further, pass the insurance bill, further liberalize the country's Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) laws such that more 'long term' foreign investment flows into the country; all of these are very positive

proposed will maintain the growth of

Figure 2 targeted level of receipts during

which can have a ‘spill over’ impact on

the Indian economy and whether the

2011-12, whether it is able to contain

the Indian economy, the government

deficit levels are appropriate, given

expenditure in line with the above

would have to proactively manage

the current economic situation of

forecast and whether it is able

these issues as they develop in order

the country? Figure 2 analyses key

to contain the deficit at the level

to achieve the forecasted figures in

proposals of the Budget 2011-12 and

targeted in the Budget are all real

the Budget 2011-12.

the impact of these proposals on the


Indian economy.

face. Where can this go wrong?





proposals in the Budget 2011-12



documents is only a forecast, ie,

where the government does not

proposed plan of implementation in


terms of receipts and expenditure.



But, in reality how the government



is actually able to generate this

commodity price increase, etc all of

All said, the above mentioned






will are

developments the


crude of




Dr Suresh Srinivasan is a Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant, MBA (Bradford Business School, UK) and PhD (in Corporate Strategy from IIT Madras). He has held senior positions in leading multinational corporations both in India and abroad for over 20 years. As a management consultant, he currently works closely with a number of domestic and multinational corporations in the areas of Strategy and Finance.

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Economic Indicators

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Advanc’edge MBA April 2011


WORD DOSE Reshma Majithia


The city of dreams There is no contention that the ‘city of dreams - Mumbai’ exudes certain magic that leaves its inhabitants and visitors spellbound with others waiting to be cast under its magical spell. What is this charm and magic? What is the mystic of Mumbai? Formerly known as Bombay, Mumbai is the most suave city with a melange of cultures and glamour. Mumbai’s spirit is infectious and the city is always bustling with activity. Local trains of Mumbai, considered the lifeline of the city, have stupendous connectivity. If you were not commuting by train, you would be missing on all the latest tittle-tattle. The bourgeois of Mumbai city are the real protagonists. The nightlife in Mumbai is a major part of entertainment in this vivacious city. It is often known as the ‘city that never sleeps’. Further, roadside eateries and food stalls of Mumbai that line the street beckon those with adventurous taste buds. Mumbai is also known for its unending resilience and unprecedented spirit! What sets the city apart from other cities is its ‘never say die’ spirit. It has the zeal and dynamism that keeps things going. Perhaps, it is this intriguing complexity of Mumbai’s smells, sounds, sights and its experience in entirety, which awakens human senses with such vigour and style that it instantly hits that chord and you fall in love with the city. People find this kind of life extremely addictive and love residing in Mumbai. If they are forced into a change they get aggravated. This great sense of belonging, attachment and warmth of the city keeps them going even under tremendous hardship exhaustion and anxiety.The city provides an amazing life force that only the Mumbaiites can understand. If ever you were to be a part of the magic called Mumbai, life would never ever be the same for you.

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Word Dose

WORD MEANINGS Contention (N): (kuhn-ten-shuhn) strife

Exudes (V):

Spellbound (Adj):

Suave (Adj):

(ig-zood) to project or



display conspicuously or

enchanted, entranced,



or fascinated


Mélange (N):

Bustling (V):

Stupendous (Adj):

Tittle-tattle (V):





a mixture; medley

to move or act with

causing amazement;

gossip or

a great show of energy

astounding; marvelous

foolish chatter

in debate; dispute; controversy

Bourgeois (N):

Protagonist (N):

Vivacious (Adj):

Beckon (V):



(vahy- vey-shuhs)


a member

the leading character,

lively; animated

to lure; entice

of the middle class

hero, or heroine of a drama or other literary work

Resilience (N):

Unprecedented (Adj):

Zeal (N): (zeel)

Entirety (N):




(en-tahy-uhr-tee -tahy-ri-)

the ability of an

without previous instance;


the state of being entire;

ecosystem to return to

never before known or


its original state after



being disturbed

Awakens (V):

Addictive (Adj):

Aggravated (Adj):

Anxiety (N):





to awake; waken

of, relating to,

to cause to become

fear, foreboding;

or causing addiction

irritated or upset

worry, disquiet

something you can’t give up


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Mind Sharpener

Reshma Majithia 1. Which of the following countries has broken a record for the longest time without a government? a. Bahrain b. Belgium c. Bulgaria d. Belarus 2. Which of the following countries signed a comprehensive economic cooperation agreement (CECA) with Malaysia, which gives doctors, accountants, two-wheelers, cotton garments and basmati rice manufacturers greater access to the Malaysian market? a. Bhutan b. Cambodia c. Denmark d. India 3. A leading Indian group providing consumer products and services in the areas of Health and Beauty has entered Vietnam through an investment in International Consumer Products Corporation (ICP), an FMCG company in Vietnam and has picked up 85 percent equity in ICP for an undisclosed consideration. a. Marico b. HUL c. ITC d. Nestlé India 4. Which of the following Indian firms has figured in the annual list of the World’s Most Ethical Companies? a. HSBC b. IDBI c. HDFC d. ICICI 5. Which media has announced the formation of a joint venture with Yogesh Radhakrishnan, a veteran professional in the Indian Cable

and Satellite industry? a. Business Standard b. Bennett Coleman & Co Ltd c. DNA d. HT Media

6. Which of the following FM channels has become the firstever Indian radio station to enter Bhutan? a. 98.3 Radio Mirchi b. 92.7 BIG FM c. Oye 104.8 d. 107.1 FM Rainbow 7.

The earthquake measuring _________on the Richter scale and tsunami that has struck Japan has left a trial of devastation with losses worth up to $184 billion and sparked fears of a nuclear disaster. a. 8.9 b. 7.8 c. 6.0 d. 7.2

8. Global oil major ________ has bought a 30 percent stake in Reliance Industries’ oil and gas blocks, including its trophy asset—the D-6 block—for $7.2 billion as part of a long-term deal that involves a total investment of $20 billion, making it the biggestever foreign investment in India. a. IOC b. RIL c. ONGC d. BP 9. The government is committed to set up India’s largest nuclear power project despite apprehensions after the aftermath of the tsunami in Japan that has endangered the atomic power plants there. The site is located in a seismically sensitive area, and the danger of

an accident has been foremost on the minds of people. Where is the proposed plant located? a. Kaiga b. Jaitapur c. Haripur d. Kundankulam

10. He was an Indian educationalist and creator of Indian comics, in particular the Amar Chitra Katha series in 1967, along with the India Book House publishers, which retold traditional Indian folk tales, mythological stories, and biographies of historical characters. In 1980, he launched Tinkle. He passed away on February 24, 2011. Name him. a. Anil Wilson b. Yogendra Yadav c. Anant Pai d. Ganesh Dutt 11. Which of the following states approved a bill to establish a tribunal to realise damages from soft drink maker Coca-Cola for alleged losses and environmental damage caused by the operation of its now defunct plant in Plachimada in Palakkad district? a. Andhra Pradesh b. Tamilnadu c. Karnataka d. Kerala 12. Which of the following TV channels has roped in Euro RSCG as creative partner? a. NDTV Profit b. Times Now c. Zee business d. Bloomberg UTV 13. Who is the new Prime minister of Tunisia? a. Mohammed Ghannouchi b. Hamed Karoui Advanc’edge MBA April 2011


Mind Sharpener

c. Beji Caid Essebsi d. Hédi Baccouche

14. Which of the following countries has taken over as a co-chair of Asia Pacific Regional Review Group of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), which sets international standards to combat money laundering and terrorist financing? a. India b. Fiji c. Scotland d. Switzerland 15. Which of the following countries objects to the logo for the 2012 London Olympics, contending it is racist because it resembles the word “Zion” and warning of a possible boycott of the games? a. India b. Iraq c. Indonesia d. Iran 16. He has been named director at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, the first foreign citizen to hold a seat on the board of the US’s largest bank. His appointment also marks BofA’s latest effort to extend its push outside the US. Name the person. a. Mukesh Ambani b. Anil Jain c. Eddie Stobart d. Naveen Jindal 17. India and the 10-nation ASEAN bloc have stated their aim to increase bilateral trade to a whopping __________, a boost of 40 per cent, by 2012. a. $ 75 billion b. $ 54 billion c. $ 45 billion d. $70 billion 18. A state-owned engineering and manufacturing enterprise in India has been awarded N and NPT certificates of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), a professional body and an engineering society. Name it. a. Jasubhai Engineering Pvt Ltd b. L&T c. BHEL d. Aero Engineers 19. An eminent astrophysicist, he was an internationally renowned space scientist and member of the Royal


Advanc’edge MBA April 2011

Swedish Academy of Sciences. He was Professor Emeritus of the Raman Research Institute in Bangalore, India, where he had been Director from 1972 to 1994. He was known for his work on pulsars. He passed away on March 3, 2011. Name him. a. Sumit Lokhande b. Dr. Jayant Narlikar c. V Radhakrishnan d. Subramanyan Chandrasekhar

20. Fortis Global Healthcare Holdings has forayed into Sri Lankan market by acquiring 28.6 per cent stake in Lanka Hospitals Corporation Plc for __________ a. $ 40.5 million b. $ 36.3 million c. $ 32.5 million d. $35.5 million 21. A beverage retailer, manufacturer and marketer of non-alcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups has launched a new global campaign ‘Brrr’ in India to to drive up its sales this summer. Name the beverage retailer. a. The Juice Station b. Limtex c. Pepsi d. Coca Cola 22. Who has been appointed to the prestigious position of Assistant Secretary-General for Intergovernmental Support and Strategic Partnerships for UN Women? a. Margot Wallström b. Sahle-Work Zewde c. Michelle Bachelet d. Lakshmi Puri 23. An American actor, director, playwright, screenwriter, producer, author and songwriter; he was the big winner at this year’s National Association for the Advancement of Colored People’s Image Awards (NAACP) Name him. (NAACP Image Award is an accolade presented by the American National Association for the Advancement of Colored People to honor outstanding people of color in film, television, music, and literature) a. Vin Diesel b. Denzel Washington c. David Mamet d. Tyler Perry 24. Who received the prestigious Special Award at the Laurence Olivier Awards in recognition of his contribution to London theatre?

Mind Sharpener


a. Henry Goodman b. Paul Clarkson c. Michael Crawford d. Stephen Sondheim Which of the following business tycoons has clinched the title of the world’s richest Indian from Reliance Industries’ chief Mukesh Ambani? a. Ratan Tata b. Lakshmi Mittal c. Sunil Mittal d. Azim Premji

26. Who is the new MD and Head Commercial Banking of HSBC India? a. Puneet Chaddha b. Satish Janardhanan c. Ravininder Singh d. Sandeep Uppal 27. The 2010 Chameli Devi Jain award for “Outstanding Woman Media Person” was presented to a former Tehelka correspondent for her “demonstrated ability to focus on issues that have deep social consequences impacting lives and concerns of ordinary people.” Name her. a. Shireen Bhan b. Barkha Dutt c. Shahina K.K d. Sunanda K. Datta-Ray 28. On March 19th 2011, the moon was closest to Earth in almost 20 years, the phenomenon, called __________happens when the moon reaches its absolute closest point to Earth. a. Supermoon b. Catatumbo lightning c. Pororoca d. Black Sun 29. Who has won Romantic Novel of the Year 2011 for her book The Last Letter from Your Lover? a. Peter Scott b. Julia Gregson

c. Jan Jones d. Jojo Moyes

30. The Isher Judge Ahluwalia committee, which recently submitted its report, is related to which of the following? a. Rural Development b. Urban Infrastructure c. Corporate Affairs d. Parliamentary affairs 31. US President Barack Obama has appointed ___________ CEO of Adobe Systems, as a member of his Management Advisory Board. a. Subash Iyer b. Shantanu Narayen c. Ro Khanna d. Aneesh Chopra 32. He was an Indian politician from the Indian National Congress party and also the Union Minister of Human Resource Development in the Manmohan Singh cabinet from 2004 to 2009. He belonged to the Churhat Jagir under exPrincely State of Rewa, Madhya Pradesh and had served in various capacities including as Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister. He died on March 4, 2011. a. Nareshchandra Singh b. Prakash Chandra Sethi c. K Karunakaran d. Arjun Singh 33. Berkshire Hathaway, a conglomerate holding company headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, United States that oversees and manages a number of subsidiary companies has agreed to buy the chemical company Lubrizol for $ 9.7 million. Which American industrialist does Berkshire Hathaway belong to? a. Warren Buffet b. Richard Branson c. Bill Gates d. Teresa Heinz

34. Which among the following sectors has got the maximum share in the central Plan expenditures as per the Union Budget 2011-12? a. Social Services b. Rural Development and Housing c. Energy d. Transport 35. He was a former United States Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs and resigned on March 13, 2011 only two days after he was reported to have called the treatment of alleged Wikileaks source Private Bradley Manning “ridiculous and counterproductive and stupid.” Name him. a. Reuben Jeffery III b. Robert D. Hormats c. Philip J. Crowley d. James Morris 36. Which of the following countries has overtaken the UK as a global art market for the first time as a global market for antiques and arts according to The European Fine Art Foundation? a. Chile b. China c. Denmark d. Fiji 37. Who has been named as the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) chairman for the second term? a. Murli Manohar Joshi b. Murli Deora c. Sushilkumar Shinde d. Kamal Nath

Answers 1.b 7.a 13.c 19.c 25.b 31.b 37.a

2.d 8.d 14.a 20.b 26.d 32.d

3.a 9.b 15.d 21.d 27.c 33.a

4.c 10.c 16.a 22.d 28.a 34.c

5.b 11.d 17.d 23.d 29.d 35.c

6.b 12.c 18.c 24.d 30.b 36.b

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Event Calendar


required in every stratum. It is next to impossible to provide one code of conduct for all professionals. Looking at the diversity of the fields, professionals are required to suit the respective areas. Since there is a huge variation in their working areas and the risks associated with it, the level of performance is sure to vary depending on efforts and the triggers of motivation. Perhaps, the time is ripe to think and give a shape to Ethics through a series of code of conduct. The Conference aims at providing a platform for researchers, policy makers and practitioners to National Conference on Management of Sustainable Development discuss on different aspects of ethical dimensions of human behavior, which would largely benefit individuals in particular and the institutions in in India – New Delhi Institute of Management general in the context of modern industrialized multicultural society. Date: April 1 and 2, 2011 Website: Venue: New Delhi Objective of the Conference The broad aim of this Conference is to create dialogue between National Conference on Challenges & Opportunities in Services professionals, academia and research scholars on major issues related Sector – Department of Management Studies, M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore to Sustainable Development in order to carry out common research. Website: Date: April 20-21, 2011 Venue: M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore ment%20of%20SustainableDevelopmentinIndiaApril2011.pdf Objective of the Conference The contribution of service industries towards GDP has increased from 16 Parakram 2k11 – The Annual Sports Meet of ISM Dhanbad percent in 1990 to 60 percent in 2010. Everyone knows the liberalization Date: April 6-10, 2011 of telecommunication sector and its impact on society. Even though our Venue: ISM Dhanbad services are globally competitive many of our service industries ar e not Objective of the Conference Parakram offers a common platform for the students of numerous world class. This conference aims at addressing the above issues from educational institutions from all over the country to exhibit and hone their scholarly viewpoints. skills in the sports arena. Parakram provides a platform for students Website: all over India to compete with the best upcoming sport persons in enceMBA.pdf the country in a highly charged and competitive ambience with highly equipped sports facilities. The festival comprises of various sports Green Flare - 2011 – A National Level Green Summit - Shashwat Prayas events like Cricket, Football, Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, (Environmental society currently running under the aegis of Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation, Modinagar (Ghaziabad). Tennis, Table and Tennis Events. Date: April 22-24, 2011 Website: Venue: Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation, Modinagar, Ghaziabad Responsible Global Leadership - Center for Global Management and Objective of the Conference Responsible Leadership (CGMRL) of Loyola University Chicago, School The theme of the summit is Climate Change & the Usage of Renewable of Business Administration (SBA), Loyola University, Chicago and XLRI, Energy Products for Sustainable Development. It aims to provide a perfect platform for the India promotion of usage of Renewable Energy & Eco-friendly products. Date: April 7, 2011 Around 25,000 students are expected to take part in various activities Venue: Delhi to be organised during the summit. Eminent speakers from different Objective of the Conference Last few decades have witnessed a more globalised economy, free fields will enlighten the participants and discuss the various problems trade, investment and public information access, which have brought being faced by our environment and their counter-measures. A healthy about more intensified restructuring of world economy. This has created discussion about the present condition of our climate, the threats posed unprecedented wealth that contributed to human well being. However, to it and their solutions, the limitations of conventional energy and the these new trends have also given rise to many prominent and much essential role played by the renewable energy products for a sustainable concerned problems around the world - development gap between development will be the agenda of the talks. the north and the south, marginal disparity between the rich and the Website: poor, unemployment, excessive exploitation of natural resources, global warming, ecological and environmental deterioration, to name a few. 20th National Competition for Business Management Simulations With this philosophy CGMRL proposes a two and a half day conference (NMG – 2011) – AIMA (All India Management Association) in Mumbai, India to share practitioner and academician’s perspectives Date: Prelim – 26-27, April 2011 and Final – 28 April 2011 Venue: Kolkata towards enhancing International Harmony through business. Objective of the Competition Website: Management Simulation is an exercise, which enables participants to manage a real business in simulated environment where they go National Conference on ‘Ethics & Beyond’ – NSB School of Business, through the pains and gains of running a company in a competitive New Delhi under its Institution-Academia-Industry interface wing NICME- environment. National Management Games (NMG) is a unique platform for Corporate Managers to experience the thrill of managing business NSB International Centre for Management Excellence in a competitive mode where they compete to win. AIMA recognizes Date: April 15-16, 2011 the power of management simulation and brought it to India in 1992. Venue: NSB School of Business, New Delhi Conducted annually by AIMA it is most awaited and prestigious National Objective of the Conference One of the major problems that the contemporary society faces is that Championship. of Ethics. Keeping in mind the level of expansion, professionals are Website:



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