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Form some solid stone from York. Earthy with a twist

Very Unique Performer from Canada

Shows us a series of acoustic music genres through make-up starting with all that jazz. See pages 10/11

Nigel takes a look at the Mahogany Dreadnought

● Scott Cook Carrivick Sisters Look Out For…… Acoustic Featured And Lots, Lots More

Cover and article images taken with kind permission at York Castle Museum. See rear cover

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e u s s i s i h t In Hi All! Welcome to the second issue of Acoustic Monthly! It's been a fantastic month! Our team had a lot of fun in The Castle Museum and Gardens in York with Holly Taymar and Chis Bilton, be sure to check out their interview on Pages 6 and 7. We have got some fantastic write-ups on artists this month, (Really enjoying The Mandolinquents at the moment!) but we would so love to hear from you! We would like articles, write-ups, gig listings and more from all over each and every country! We are looking for journalistic teams who want to get involved with interviews and reviews, do you think you have what it takes to join the team? Please get in touch with We would also love to receive your albums! Email us for the forwarding address and YOU could be reviewed next month! Finally, have a great month everyone, there's some fantastic gigs lined up so do tell us where you've been!

Get some punch into your act Our cover this month Goes Celtic Scott Cook’s moonlite rambles Very unique performer The Carrivick Sisters Singer/Songwriter November/December tour Celtic rock! We take a look at the Baden D Style A little help for those newbies just setting out A look at new performers on the scene A riot of music, song, and humour Avalon is upon us !! Brazilian Beauty

If you didn’t advertise in this month, it’s because you didn’t contact Shelley.

Talking to the dead an Acoustic Percussionist Train ride changed my life What’s coming up soon. (More on the web-site later) Our version of the Classifieds



Bob Spencer Talks about

Dynamics looking through the scores of performers out there on the world wide web, we come across many artists of varied talent and perception. One thing we come across far to often though are artists who sound the same from track to track to track. It’s one thing to develop your own unique sound, but uniqueness dose not mean you have to sound the same through one endless song to the next. If your putting songs on your MySpace and your Websites to get noticed, the last thing you want is for club owners and potential gig givers to notice how boring you can be. Show them your uniqueness with the quality that says “I WILL NOT LET THE AUDIENCE GO IF YOU GIVE ME THE CHANCE AND BOOK ME” . Keeping a level of entertainment and individuality is a lot to do with this thing called dynamics. 4

The Wikipedia says this about Dynamics (Music) “In music, dynamics normally refers to the volume of a sound or note, but can also refer to every aspect of the execution of a given piece, either stylistic (staccato, legato etc.) or functional (velocity). The term is also applied to the written or printed musical notation used to indicate dynamics. Dynamics are relative and do not indicate specific volume levels.” So what exactly does it mean. Yes every one who has looked at putting any kind of dynamics into their performance knows only to well to lift the evening with a fast song, something with a little rhythm to it that stops your audience dropping off to sleep, bring it down a little with something sad or melodic but remembering to bring them back up. Look at the sentence from Wikipedia again though and notice “execution” & “stylistic”. There’s more mentioned here. I was a very fortunate guy and was taught this as a young boy by my farther who was a great singer and musician. PHRASING; yeah I know the subject was “Dynamics” but these two are intrinsically linked because phrasing gives each line of a song dynamics and keeps audience attention even when you sing the same verse twice for emphasis . Phrasing is therefore important to get dynamics into your performance

some years later. Bassey was their before I played any instrument and I was looking at both singing and performance. Over her time as one of the great performers Bassey has worked incredibly hard to entertain, she uniquely makes each song her own. The song becomes Bassey and Bassey the song. It really does not matter if you have heard the song sung or perform by someone else because when she sings it, she

owns it. There is an acting ability in her performance, but you would never think of it has acting because of the sincerity in the delivery. I was just starting to sing folk music at that time, very different to the genre but I knew that the same would apply. There are many greats like Shirley I’ve been asked over the years Bassey who have both dynamics “who are your influences” and since and phrasing. Have a listen to FamiI do Blues, Folk and a little of my ly from the late 1960’s, early 70’s. ¾ own songs, people look at me a time and 4/4 time in the same song little sideways when I say Shirley one moment you are waltzing an Bassey. Well yes “Leadbelly” (Hud- then, almost rocking, all with great die William Ledbetter) was later to lyrics to make it all worth listening become a great influence but it was to. There are far to many to list and

come right through to the present day. Just to get back to a few who are acoustic music though, try the obvious Simon & Garfunkel, Maddy Prior, June Tabor,Richard Thompson etc etc.

Dynamics should also be present in everything you do on stage. Looking dynamic and even your speech in between your songs etc. should have an edge that keeps your audience interested. Tell them a little about your song, tell them a funny story, live the story to give it dynamics. When ever you are to go out on stage remember that the Olympian runner does not just go out with the power in their legs but also with power in their mind. If you want a compelling performance you must feel compelling. This does not happen by accident or is it always a gift and some of the best have got there through years of hard work and and treading the boards.

The Acoustic Knights Club web-site had been waiting from April for a write-up and photograph from a band who was headlining the Club. With a week to go we had still not received anything. I asked a young lady (last Min) if she would like to do the gig after listening to her recordings on her web-site. The return email nailed it in one . She said yes please, what time would you like me there, put the write-up in the email along with a correct photograph. A big thank you to Kim Lowings & the Greenwood

Guitar Repairs Leicester Bob Dayfield Proprietor

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York Minstrels

Mike Tupp Introduces Holly Taymar & Chris Bilton

Recently a small task force from Acoustic-Monthly breached the ancient city walls of Eboracum to meet up with two of its current inhabitants. We were welcomed warmly by the management and extremely helpful staff of the York Castle Museum who had kindly granted us permission to conduct a photo shoot there. 6

In between locations and whilst passing (amongst other things) the cell where Dick Turpin spent the last two nights of his life, I was able to chat with Holly Taymar and Christopher Bilton to find out a little about them and their music. York Castle is sited between two rivers, where the Fosse flows into the River Ouse. Very apt, I thought, as it transpired that the duo’s music sits very much between the confluence of their two very different music backgrounds.

Holly’s music loves as a youngster were from the pop world of The Spice Girls and Take That. She loved singing along with them.

However, she has never really wanted to be in a band. She much prefers the simplicity and natural purity of acoustic instrumentation. One of her favourite gigs is the voluntary work she does at York Hospital; “Just 5 or 6 patients (not all of whom want to listen!) beautiful acoustics and me playing with nothing in between us”. In contrast Chris comes from a band background, having cut his musical teeth on drums and bass. He has a wide taste in music and will “listen to anything. Good music is good music”. He likes more than one genre and plays more than one, being an ardent fan in particular of ‘classic’ Hip-Hop. The in-car entertainment on the way to a gig, though varied, fea-

tures Iron and Wine quite predominantly and normal routine is to get into the zone as the gig gets nearer with a few blasts from 50 Cent

Holly describes her songs as ‘biographical’ although she likes listeners to interpret them in their own way. One song, The Bush Song’, for example, is literally about cutting down a bush but she tells me that many fans have commented on it believing it to be an allegory about the breakup of a relationship. Holly writes and records her songs as demos. Chris then goes into hiding while he adds his input to the number which he then presents to Holly for the final ‘shaping’. Oh to be a fly on the wall at some of those sessions!

formed at a ‘house concert’ which they enjoyed and bookings this year have included the High Barn in Essex last spring, the Stainsby Folk Festival in Derbyshire and the Musicport Festival in Bridlington. See their website for gigs coming up. Thanks to our two York Minstrels who were a pleasure to meet, the staff of the York Castle Museum and the two grey wagtails which were a delight to watch as they danced along the banks of the Fosse.

Go to

The final results are very much based on Holly’s vocals. She has a gorgeous soft tone combined with a strong delivery. With Holly’s guitar and Chris’s varied instrumental accompaniment their songs are very approachable, easy and delightful to listen to. Part two of their double EP, ‘Never Winter Mind’ is now available. I particularly like the treatment of the backing vocals in ‘The French One’ and the harmony work in ‘At All’. Check them out.

Gigs It’s no wonder then, that they don’t seem to struggle for gigs, especially as they manage themselves and fit everything in between their part time jobs. Holly prefers smaller gigs but Chris doesn’t mind the size of audience provided they are there to listen. . They have recently per7


The Acoustic Festival of Britain 2013 music at its very best. The Acoustic Festival of Britain is a 3 Day music festival with camping and an eclectic programme of Unplugged and Acoustic music from the genres of Folk, Roots, Celtic, Blues, Pop, Rock, Ska, Burlesque and much more. A great family event, with 4 stages, Craft Stalls & Displays, Juggling Schools & Soccer Workshops, Yoga Classes, Belly Dancing, Morris Dancing, Story Telling & Comedy Real Ale Beer Tent, & Exotic Foods.

Uttoxeter Racecourse May 31 - June 1 - June 2, 2013 A limited supply of Weekend and Camping tickets are now On Sale.

The Acoustic Monthly journalistic team will be there, will you? 9

Maryna Samokhina


Celtic Motives Creative Stage Makeup: Celtic Motives A very charismatic acoustic performer, Steve Cartwright once said that he uses creative makeup to keep his audience guessing. Indeed, many musicians have used makeup to draw attention to themselves and create an appropriate mood for their songs. David Bowie, with a light bolt across his face representing glam rock; Kiss, and their Iconic makeup designs, mimicking their favorite comic cartoons; Bob Dylan, with a white powdered face and many other artists have turned to this creative tool. In this issue, we present the reader with an idea of creative makeup inspired by the Celtic Warrior Women and Celtic art. The Celts were an ancient group of Indo – European people who occupied the most of Europe between 700BC and 100AD. They shared the common language and exquisite culture, rich in the use of symbolism. Despite being in the early days of human history, The Celts dedicated an important place in society to women. They could own property, had a right to divorce their husbands and took an active part in the political, spiritual and judicial aspects of the society. Moreover, Celts were a warrior culture and it was common for women to become warriors and even lead armies. Women of those times decorated their bodies and armors with beautiful ornaments, which would lack straight lines and symmetry. These ornaments acted not as a pure decoration but rather as protectors. The most common symbols included crosses, swirls, spirals and rays. Face For a more authentic “warrior princess” look cover your face and body in a light blue paint, which you can get from a Fancy Dress Store. Apply the second layer of the same colour with a makeup-up sponge as a contour onto your cheekbones. Eyes and lips Fill in your eyebrows with a pencil or eye shadow to avoid the Avatar ‘no-eyebrows’ look. Use the same blue colour into the crease of your eye to create a more dimensional eye. Apply black gel eyeliner along the upper lashes to define your eyes. For your lips, use a peachy nude lipstick or leave them bare. Patterns This is the most important part of the look, which depends entirely on your creativity. You can find many resources on Internet with the meanings and designs of Celtic Symbols. Choose the ones you like and use a white eye-liner to draw a sketch on your skin. After that, use a blue or black eye shadow/eye-liner to go over an already defined shape. 11

Prairie Balladeer

Canada's own prairie balladeer is a tirelessly travelling songwriter with heart forever on his sleeve. He brings honesty, humour, years of roads and a deep love of humanity to his songcraft and storytelling. His straight-talking tunes weave together folk, roots, blues, soul and country influences, with spacious fingerpicked arrangements. Cook is a fixture on the Canadian circuit, averaging a dozen summer festivals and 150 club shows a year for the last five years, and in 2012 he was awarded the for for his hard work. He has been making a full-time living at music since 2007, touring

extensively across Canada, the US and Asia, and is currently touring in support of his third album, , a collection of road stories, existential musings, and social commentary which hometown reviewer likened to

Three-time Juno winner summed it up thus:

Groove Revival GRP005 September 24 2012

Thursday 4

The King Arthur

Friday 5

The Full Moon Club

Saturday 6


King’s Cliffe Community Centre

Sunday 7

The Windmill,

Monday 8

Woodburner - location TBA

Wednesday 10

Magic Garden Pub, For musical instruments and recording equipment

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We are now BIGGER & BETTER since we moved to our new Home

Awna Teixira


Tel: 01570480099 We make fine custom quality, hand wound replacement pickups for most types of guitars. Providing the UK’s leading pickup, repair, restoration and potting services.

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Awna Teixira Very Unique Performer. Great Album When Awna realized the world wasn't what it seemed from an early age, she packed her suitcase with her comics and a bowl of rice. By the age of six, she left home to circle the streets until night fall. She would only return home to play her garage sale organ and spit spaddadle her trumpet to songs she learned off the radio. After leaving her young life of music, Awna wound up pursuing a life of crime. Hanging with the Robin Hood sort, she honed her driving skills as a getaway driver and perfected the image of innocence it took to walk away unscathed. Just over a decade later, Awna found her way back to a world of songs and stories. In 2001, she joined the West Coasts' favourite street singers "The Derby," and they went on to release their Indie record "Cyborg Love Songs." 'The Derby' toured throughout Canada

playing clubs and the streets. This is where Awna first learned to play the Gutbucket Bass. They spent their days bedazzling tourists and nights singing for the bar crowds. After a year, Awna and some of the members from the Derby, started the Alt-country band "The Red Eyed Rounders." They premiered on the streets during the Calgary Stampede and due to a huge response, they recorded their Indie release, "Milk River Breakdown." In a short time, they toured Canada and The Western States. It was during a preposterous adventure through the back hills of Montana, that they decided to take a long winded break and part ways. Heading back to the good ol' upstairs, Awna teamed up some friends and started the CountryFolk band "Barley Wik." They released two full length albums and toured nationally for three years. During this time they received great

recognition and support from the Vancouver Island Music Awards. Barley Wik was addressed as the "Album of the Year", Most Listenable CD, and Best Acoustic Act. Their songs also appeared on three different music compilations nation wide. In 2004, Awna decided to branch out and start her solo career. That venture was cut short when she ran into Allison Russell of Po'girl. The two hit it off right away, and made instant plans to collaborate. Po'girl originally formed in Vancouver B.C. in 2003, at a time when Vancouver's roots music community was really thriving. When Awna met up with the band, they had started touring more internationally and needed a bass player that was able to live out of a suitcase. Feeling really comfortable with the idea, she joined them and hit the road the following week. Now seven years later, they have seen a bit of the world together. Po'girl has travelled 15 different countries on 4 continents. They have played everywhere from the streets in Australia to festival stages in front of 20,000 people in Cameroon, Africa. Since Po'girl tours mostly ten to eleven months out of the year, there has been little time for other things. Po'girl has released five albums since Awna joined the band and she has moved far and beyond just playing bass. Awna has recorded many of her own compositions, has been an active arranger of all Po'girl material and has greatly participated in album production. Artistically, she has honed her skills as a photographer, painted album covers and worked on art design for the band. Awna plays and records with guitar, banjo, electric bass, gutbucket bass, ukulele, keys, accordion, glockenspiel, harmonica and percussion.

Northworthy Musical Instruments

Since Po'Girl is slowing down their touring until 2014, there will be more time for Awna to pursue her planned solo projects which have been on hiatus for these past few years. She has been working on writing some children's stories and her 'How to Guide' for the Gutbucket Bass is now for sale! She has just recorded and released her debut solo album called "Where The Darkness Goes"! A mixture of all her musical influences and instruments she plays, the album will take you from old time mountain music to Accordion driven European folk. It is currently available for download at

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Based in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, we are a small company who make some of the finest quality acoustic guitars available on the market today. We specialise in Steel Stringed Western style and folk instruments handmade to order, as well as the production of a range of electric guitars and basses.

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The Carrivick Sisters


Carrivick Sisters are one of the UK's top young bluegrass and folk acts. Twins Laura and Charlotte perform their original songs and instrumentals along with a few carefully chosen covers on guitar, mandolin, fiddle, dobro, and clawhammer banjo. Their busy touring schedule is rapidly building them a reputation for engaging and entertaining live performances with tight sibling vocal harmonies and multiinstrumental virtuosity. Having grown up in South Devon, an area rich in folk lore and legends, much of their original material is inspired by their local surroundings and history. As well as touring all over the UK, the Carrivick Sisters have performed at major festivals in Canada and mainland Europe. They have released four CDs ("My Own Two Feet" - 2006, "Better Than 6 Cakes"


- 2007, "Jupiter's Corner" - 2009, and "From the Fields" - 2011) to much critical acclaim, with "From the Fields" having been played on national radio. The Carrivick Sisters first started performing as a duo in 2006, originally as buskers before starting to play more and more proper gigs, turning professional when they left school in 2007. In 2007 they won the South West Busker’s and Street Entertainer’s Competition, gaining themselves their first spot at Glastonbury Festival. In 2008 Laura achieved 2nd place at the RockyGrass Fiddle Contest in America. The Carrivick Sisters were finalists in the prestigious BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Awards 2010 and were named Band/Duo of the Year in the 2011 FATEA Awards. Most recently Charlotte won first place in both Old-time banjo and fiddle at FOAOTMAD's festival in Gainsborough 2012.

Clyde Street, Leicester

:Tickets: 0116 251 0080

Bingham, Nottinghamshire

:Tickets: 01949 875685

York, North Yorkshire

:Tickets: 01904 632922

Having wanted to play violin since she was about 4, Laura finally got her first fiddle at 9 or 10. Starting out with strict classical training, she soon tired of this and started learning folk fiddle by playing along to Chieftains CDs. Several years later however, she found bluegrass which seemed even more fun! Bluegrass led both the twins to Sore Fingers Summer Schools in 2003 where they heard the dobro for the first time when Sally Van Meter was teaching there. Laura was hooked and decided to take it up about a year later. In the duo Laura also plays guitar, as well playing some mandolin and cello at home and attempting to learn the pedal steel. In 2008 she achieved 2nd place at the RockyGrass Fiddle Contest in Colorado, America. Stuart Duncan, Jerry Douglas, Rob Ickes, Ben Sollee, Brad Paisley, James Taylor, Alison Krauss. a Custom made Rayco resophonic guitar, a Sonic violin and a Guild GAD-30 guitar.

Charlotte started out on classical guitar when she was 9, partly self taught and partly taught by her Dad. When Laura joined the school folk group, Charlotte followed and picked up the mandolin, also self taught until she attended Matt Flinner’s mandolin course at Sore Fingers and realised she had it all wrong! Soon after, with her mandolin playing back on the right track, she started to flatpick the guitar. In the summer of 2008, she took up clawhammer banjo. In February 2012 Charlotte was awarded first place in the FOAOTMAD Old-Time Banjo and Old-Time Fiddle contests after having only taken up the fiddle seriously in September 2010. Matt Flinner, Adam Steffey, Mike Marshall, Chris Thile, David Grier, Kenny Smith, Bryan Sutton, Adam Hurt, Tim O’Brien and Clyde Davenport. a custom Fylde Falstaff Guitar, a Krishot Telluride model mandolin, an unknown banjo which says "TR" on the headstock and endorses BlueChip Picks.

Tucked away in a quiet back street in the heart of Leicester, The Musician is the Midlands premier independent music venue. With live music at least six nights a week, it holds 220 people and features comfortable seating, full disabled access, easy parking and a selection of real ales. Since opening in 2000, The Musician's reputation has been built on presenting the very best home grown and international performers in a relaxed and friendly environment. With a supremely eclectic booking policy the venue regularly features everything from contemporary singer-songwriters to rock, blues, folk, ska, punk, world, bluegrass, reggae, metal, soul, indie, avant-garde and Americana. THE MUSICIAN VENUE & BAR Clyde Street Leicester LE1 2DE Tel: 0116 251 0080



Alexi Murdoch

the United States in North Carolina, where he had heard there was good mountain countryside. He currently lives between New York and a small house on the remote west coast of Scotland where he spends his days writing and working on a small wooden sailing boat.

Alexi Murdoch Singer/Songwriter Alexi Murdoch is a singer-songwriter. He was born in London and raised in Scotland, Greece and France then attended university in

To date, Murdoch has released two proper recordings and one soundtrack. All his music has been selfreleased--on his own Zero Summer Records--with various partners. (2002) was a four song EP released on the site CD Baby where it was, for a bit of time, the site's all-time number-one selling record. , a traditional eleven song record, was released in 2006. It was one of the most licensed albums of the decade, receiving placements on dozens of films and television shows, making Murdoch that rare artist who is known almost entirely

for how his music actually sounds. A number of new songs are previewed in the 2009 movie , a film created by director Sam Mendes and written by husband-and-wife team of Dave Eggers and Vendela Vida. The soundtrack featured nine of his songs in total. In 2011 Murdoch released his third recording, . Alexi's European tour is well underway and so far Alexi has played to fans in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, and Belgium. This week marks the start of the UK dates which will be followed by December shows in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy. UK folks, please note! Last we heard, the second Glasgow show was almost sold out, and London was not far off. We strongly suggest you secure tickets for all shows in advance...

Thursday, Nov 24 - Brighton, UNITED KINGDOM @ The Haunt... Friday, Nov 25 - London, UNITED KINGDOM @ Union Chapel... Saturday, Nov 26 - Glasgow, SCOTLAND @ Captains Rest‌ Sunday, Nov 27 - Glasgow, SCOTLAND @ Captains Rest...

Monday, Dec 5 - Dublin, IRELAND @ Crawdaddy... Wednesday, Dec 7 - Berlin, GERMANY @ Heimathafen... Thursday, Dec 8 - Cologne, GERMANY @ Kulturkirche... Friday, Dec 9 - Stuttgart, GERMANY @ Cann... Saturday, Dec 10 - Zurich, SWITZERLAND @ Kaufleuten... Sunday, Dec 11 - Munich, GERMANY (Private)... Monday, Dec 12 - Salzburg, AUSTRIA @ Rockhouse... Wednesday, Dec 14 - Vienna, AUSTRIA @ WUK... Friday, Dec 16 - Rome, ITALY @ Auditorium Parco della Musica, Sala Studio. 19

Gaelic Storm

Gaelic Storm Biography Through the course of nine albums, the core of Celtic-rock group Gaelic Storm—frontman Patrick Murphy and guitarist-vocalist Steve Twigger—have lived, written and recorded in the United States, far from the overseas environs of Patrick’s native Ireland and Steve’s birthplace of England. So when it came time to find inspiration for Gaelic Storm’s new album, the group’s chief songwriters decided a trip back across the pond was in order. The result is the dazzling , a heavyweight record that comes out swinging with a mix of empowering anthems and tradi20

“Twigger and I returned to Ireland, driving around the entire coastline in search of Irish music,” says Patrick. “Going back was great and we got some good stories and ideas for songs.”

earned a reputation as one of the world-music scene’s preeminent Celtic bands. With catalog sales of more than 1 million, the group has had two albums debut at No. 1 on the Billboard World Albums Chart, 2008’s and 2010’s . The latter remained parked in the top slot for three consecutive weeks.

“That was a really important trip to us,” agrees Steve, who produced the album with help from Patrick and drummer Ryan Lacey. Steve says the journey back to their musical home informs the new album. “The idea of home is all over . Whether home is where you were born or where you make your living, that theme runs throughout the album.”

The group’s ability to deftly incorporate a rock sensibility into their sound affords them rare crossover appeal. In recent years, they’ve performed on the same bill with acts ranging from Zac Brown Band and the Goo Goo Dolls to Emmylou Harris and Lyle Lovett, at events as varied as the Telluride Bluegrass Festival and Milwaukee’s Summerfest.

Rounded out by drummer Ryan, piper Pete Purvis and fiddle player Jessie Burns, Gaelic Storm has

“At the end of those shows, I was like, ‘Lads, that was unbelievable!’” Patrick says. “We fit in very well

tional ballads, and the fifth to be released on the band’s own label, Lost Again Records.

with those other artists and we’re definitely moving more into the mainstream. Our music is Celtic and Irish, yes, but on this album, we see just how far we can take it.”

That sense of musical adventure is well represented in ’s lead-off track, the live-everymoment rocker “One More Day Above the Roses.” Hammered out by Steve and Ryan during a particularly rewarding jam session at The Zone studio in Austin, Texas, where the band records, the song is a defiant boot-stomper, with Patrick announcing:

The lyrics are a tribute of sorts to legendary Irish folksinger Paddy Reilly, who gave the group some invaluable advice when Gaelic Storm was adapting to the instant fame brought on by their cameo in the 1997 blockbuster “Titanic.”

Guitar Repairs Leicester Bob Dayfield Proprietor

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The Guitar Review

Baden Guitars Baden D-Style Mahogany Guitar Welcome, this month we look at a quality Baden with thanks to The Guitar Workshop Ibstock Leicestershire for lending us this guitar for review. Baden D-Style Mahogany Guitar Welcome to this month’s guitar review with thanks again to The Guitar Workshop Ibstock Leicestershire for lending us this guitar for review TJ Baden is inspiration behind Baden guitars and is the former vice president of sales and marketing of Taylor Guitars. This month’s guitar is the very different looking Baden D Style Mahogany dreadnought acoustic-electric guitar featuring solid one piece mahogany neck and body and a solid Sitka spruce top, with a rosewood fingerboard and Fishman electrics hidden in the soundhole. It has a natural gloss top and body finish with satin finish neck, which has a lovely low action, according the information in the case Baden make the bone nut low to give easy playability which it certainly doe's.


The finish is excellent, very plain with little decoration (no fretboard markers with simple binding and purfling around the soundhole) the neck is a little chunky but comfortable with a nut width of 42mm, nice low action very easy to play with low frets and no sharp edges. I like the strap button at body end of the neck for me that makes it easier to stand up and play, I don't like laces round the nut end.

Sounds The guitar has a very responsive lively open and precise sound with natural sustain and reverb, both acoustically and plugged in. Acoustically it's quite load with wonderful bass response and great string separation which is well balanced, great for finger picking and strumming I also tried a bottleneck on it, even with the low action it sounded great. Plugged in

the Fishman produces a great sound, as you'd expect very even and the natural sounding very good for either finger picking or plectrum work. Finally This is an excellent guitar with a different look, so if you're looking for

Factfile Baden Guitars Style D Mahogany TOP- Solid Sitka BACK & SIDES Mahogany NECK-Mahogany, 648mm scale, bone 42mm nut

The Guitar Workshop are proud sponsors of

The Guitar Review Bringing you guitars and musical equipment for all levels and best prices

FINGERBOARD-20 fret, Rosewood BRIDGE/SPACING-Rosewood, bone 55mm HARDWARE-Ping Chrome tuners Two strap buttons ELECTRICS-Fishman hidden in soundhole

a guitar that sounds and plays great but is not the norm check Baden out they also do a style A which is a cut away guitar built to the same specs, which I've also played recently and was just as impressed. See you next month when maybe we'll try an entry level guitar Nigel

12 Chapel Street Ibstock, Leicestershire LE67 6HE 01530 260 984

FINISH-Gloss top, back and sides, satin neck

FINAL SCORE Build Quality Playability Sound Value for money Looks

19/20 18/20 18/20 16/20 16/20


Hints & Tips Just a few little pointers to help the Newbies get underway We are now well into our second year of Folk music every Thursday at the Lyceum Tavern in Malpas Road Newport. The Function Room that we use was refurbished late last year and the atmosphere at the club is terrific. Come along and see for yourself!

Many young budding singers, guitarists or performers of all kinds often ask me “could you give me some pointers to get me started?”. I’m sure that all performers would answer this in their own way but here are some of my simple guidelines. As with all guidelines based on rules some can be broken, but first learn the rules and you will know how to break them later.

Nerves make natural adrenalin When you first enter the spot light it can be very daunting and we all get nerves at this point, but I would actually say that if you are not nervous then you lose the edge to your performance. Top performers of all genres have nerves as they enter their performance if they are not nervous it’s probable that they do not care any more. Natural adrenalin is a good aid to a good performance. Note that I say “natural” because any other kind of aid catches up with you sooner or later. All you need to do is to keep the nerves under control and learn to use them to your advantage by directing the energy into your performance. One way is to look direct at your audience even if you cannot see them fully through the lights. Make contact with them, this will cause your thinking process to concentrate on the very cause of your nervousness. While your eyes 24

(Beginners) and brain are busy doing this, your energy will be flowing in their direction.

Do not keep apologising to your Audience When you are nervous, one of the common faults is to keep apologising to your audience e.g. “I’ve not been playing for long” or “I’ve got a bad cold this week”. If the audience were mean enough they could say “well why are you here then?”. It does not matter that you are new to this, your audience will probably know that and will not mind. Visualise your performance and see yourself for Focus on this thought “ ”, just be you. If you keep apologising to your audience you will make them nervous and focus on your mistakes. With all their energy directed into your problem, they will lose the focus of the music or song that you wish to share with them.

Take Care of the Little things Simple rules may seem a little silly to mention here but, how many times do you see people getting up on stage and then starting to tune their instrument. You may say that many seasoned performers do this, however their confidence will allow them to do this easily while they tell a joke or funny story. If you’re not ready to do this then make sure your instrument is ready before you go on. If time is short, it is even more important. Guitarists can always purchase a clip-on electronic tuner for about £15 that will let them silently tune up at the back of the room without disturbing anyone.

Do not give yourself Distractions One of the most common distractions is to have your words on a music stand in front of you. Some performers fall out with me over this one, but going back to what I suggest in the first paragraph, your energy is now focused on a piece of paper in front of you and you have lost all contact with your audience. If like me you forget the first line of a song, do a song list with just the first line, by the time you have told your audience what song you are about to do, you are already making contact. Imagine being on another planet saying halo to an alien while you’re looking at your rocket ship, Alienate him is what you’ve just done.

Know your Music and Songs The line of a Bob Dylan song reads “But I'll know my songs well before I start singing” (hard Rains A-gonna fall) and it is the best way. Yes! We all forget lyrics even seasoned performers forget lines of a song. Keep going, hum, do anything, make it into a joke but learn your songs well before you get out there and you will have less problems. I see many new performers singing four or five songs from bundles of music by which time their audience is half asleep. A very seasoned performer (Sam Spencer my farther) once said to me “Always leave them wanting more”. Go for quality not quantity! My advice is get out there and let your audience know . Keep it live Pen Pusher contact:

Telephone 01638-603986

UK Acoustic Clubs Open Mics. Acoustic-Knights

Grayshott Folk Club

An Acoustic Music Evening every

1st Tuesday of the Month Starting at 8-30pm at the

Royal Arms Main Street, Sutton Cheney, Nr Market Bosworth. See web-site for full details and map Floor singers/musicians from all genre Plus Guest Artist/s


Check out the web-site for more information

every 3rd Wed of the month ÂŁ 2 Admission

Main St Newbold Verdon 8 PM Tel: 01455 891333 (day) 01455 290758 (evening)

The Great kNight Folk Club meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday evenings of the month at The Old White Hart, Far Cotton, Northampton, NN4 8BS. Doors open round about 8pm and we kick off at 8.30pm Floor singers are always welcome. If you would like a spot just turn up and we will try to fit you in. Alternatively, drop us an email and we may be able to reserve a spot for you.

This Month: 02/10/12 Dave Jolly 16/10/12 John Connolly

Acoustic Newcomers Newcomers to the acoustic Music scene We are sure that all over the world we have real talent that is just starting to reach out to thier audiences. We want to know who they are so contact us by our web-site .

Although she only started learning to play the guitar a couple of years ago Kaitlyn performs with a confidence and vocal delivery that belies her years. Early favourite bands were Pink and Within Temptation and she found a like for Country and Americana through listening to Taylor Swift. The first song she learnt to play was Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ and her repertoire now includes her own compositions and songs from Perry and Miranda Lambert amongst others. With a clear and sweet toned voice is she one to watch out for over the next few years?

Ruthie sings and has played guitar for about 20 yrs. Amongst her influences are Dylan, Nick Cave and early Springsteen. She now also plays ukulele and mandolin in July 2012 and teamed up Art Pridmore (Cahon, vocals) and Les Eastham (Guitar, harmonica and vocals. A Leonard Cohen song featured in the spot I listened to recently along with two self penned numbers (which held up very well against the maestro’s, I might say) ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ and ‘White Horses’. Ruthie can be found on facebook and you can listen on reverbnation.

This Page should be many Pages but we are not getting the response from our readers. There are many new artists out there around the world and we want to know who you are! So come on give our office a bad time and send in your 90 word article and a pic. Details on our web-site. It would be great to see you all next month!

Many thanks to for the page header clipart

Our current shop stock includes LarrivÊe, Martin, Taylor, Gibson, Tanglewood, Yamaha, Takamine and many more. Should you not find the guitar you are looking for then simply get in touch with us at our Bristol store and we will do our best to help. We have access to many guitars both new and used across the world and regularly import guitars from the USA Here at Treblerock we do not just sell guitars and amplifiers, we listen to you, talk over your requirements and work with you to provide you a guitar, amplifier or both that is exactly what you want. Using our vast knowledge of guitars, amplifiers and effects we will help you choose the equipment that is right for you and will provide you many years of pleasure. We will even help match amplifiers and effects to your new guitar or existing guitar. Our service extends to aftercare of instruments and equipment, servicing and repair along with tuition and consultancy‌....

Opening Hours: Monday: 12pm - 6pm Tuesday: 10:30am - 6:30pm Wednesday: 10:30am - 6:00pm Thursday: 10:30am - 6:30pm Friday: 10:30am - 6:30pm Saturday: 10am - 6pm Sunday: CLOSED

call us on 0117 973 7666

The Mandoliquents

Britain’s First Modern Mandolin Quartet The Mandoliquents The Mandolinquents feature everything from hot swing and ragtime instrumentals from the mandolin orchestras of the 1930s: Irving Berlin, Mozart, Ravel and Tchaikovsky to lively reels and beautiful traditional Irish airs to Chinese and Brazilian folk tunes. All this played with infectious fun, off-beat humour and stunning virtuosity on mandolin, mandola, mandocello, mandobass and classical guitar, with the occasional burst of song or fiddle.

In the 1930s mandolin orchestras were all the rage - every selfrespecting town had one. Today

the mandolin is undergoing a revival in folk and indie bands as well as in classical circles, with Captain Corelli's Mandolin adding to the interest. In the USA it ranks alongside pizza and Frank Sinatra as one of Italy's greatest exports, while back in Europe, despite Hitler's attempt to ban it (he considered the tiny instrument a threat to Third Reich!!!) there are now 476 German mandolin orchestras. The UK has been a bit slow on the uptake, but years of confinement to back bedrooms, where legions of

A riot of Music, song,and humour. 29


Acoustic Featured When the music press describes someone as an 'Incredible acoustic talent' and 'Peerless - no other word for it...' and when people like Jean-Christophe Novelli and Madonna are booking that same someone for their private parties then you know that something pretty special is going on. Welcome to the world of UK acoustic guitar phenomenon Clive Carroll... Clive has a vast musical palette and a sweeping creative vision. Adept at banjo, flattop, and nylon-string guitar, and equally at home playing fingerstyle or wielding a flatpick, Carroll creates music that defies categorization.

Jon Gomm is a singer-songwriter and acoustic solo performer, with an incredible virtuoso guitar style, where he uses one acoustic guitar to create drum sounds, basslines and sparkling melodies all at the same time. The emphasis is still on the songwriting and soulful vocals however, and his original material is influenced by everything from Robert Johnson to Radiohead, Roni Size to Prince.

'Chris Woods is one of the UK's most exciting instrumentalists. His performances are a blend of endearing stories with ear bending drop tuned grooves. Displaying dazzling creativity and skill, by mixing emotive and imaginative sounds with stunning technique. You wont forget what you hear.' Chris Woods has taken 'string slapping' into another dimension of percussive effects on acoustic guitar by combining elements of finger tapping, rapid drumming on the belly and lower bout of the guitar with 'normal' finger picking resulting in a tour de force of original technique' :Acoustic Guitar Mag. Book your tickets now!!

Award Winning Celtic Music Band Govannen are one of the greatest Celtic music bands in the UK, blending jigs & reels with traditional & contemporary Irish songs. Ranging from live pub recordings to atmospheric Celtic chillout music have sold over 10,000 copies worldwide. Their album Celtic Fire won a COVR Award in Denver Colorado for best world music album. "


Ana Cañas

São Paulo Brazil

Ana Cañas Brazilian Beauty It

is common to see an artist saying they learnt to sing or play an instrument from an early age. Or even became involved with music since five, six years of age because of their parents or relatives. It's so unusual to hear a story like when an artist says it was only after discovering their vocation twenty years of age! And that's exactly what happened to Ana Cañas.


actually started doing theater at a young age and attended scenic Performing Arts in ECA-USP. It was there that she came into contact with music, to audition for a musical, 32

the first she had heard of jazz played by Ella Fitzgerald. Ana said when she heard the American singing, it was deeply moving, and felt that “Everything is clear in my heart, in my soul."

After that, Ana began singing jazz by night in São Paulo. She performed in bars and hotels and was hired by the renowned Baretto (Hotel Fasano), in the heart of the exclusive Jardins neighborhood, among its resident artists, Chico Buarque and Paulinho da Viola. "Amor e caos" (“Love and Chaos”) was released in 2007. The album featured Ana as a songwriter and has clear influences from jazz and MPB (Música Popular Brasileira - It is not a distinct genre but rather a combination of original songwriting and udated versions

of traditional Brazilian urban music styles like samba and Samba-canção with contemporary influences, like folk, rock, pop and jazz.) following this, the singer was nominated as a great promise of Brazilian popular music by many critics.

Brazilian Beauty with a gentle but powerful Voice In 2009, the second disc of the singer went on sale, titled "Hein?" (“Huh?”)Which made it clear that Ana Cañas can not simply be labeled 'this' or 'that.' The album, produced by Liminha, has influences from Rock and Reggae, as well as the

collaberation with Gilberto Gil Arnaldo Antunes in five of the 12 songs on the album. The album also introduced Ana's biggest success so far, the ballad "Esconderijo" (“Cache”). Written by Ana, the song was part of the soundtrack to the global novel “Viver aVida” ("Living Life") and achieved national prominence.

Aside from critics and fans, who were also charmed by Ana, Nando Reis, who wanted to contribute to her 2009 album, 'Drês '. The song “Pra Você Guardei o Amor” ("To Love You I put") was the theme of the novel and played on radio stations across the country. In 2010, the singer released the song “Luz Antiga” ("Ancient Light"), Nando had written especially for Ana.

Ana released her third and long awaited album, Titled "Volta" (“Back”), in June on her new label Guella Records. The work was recorded entirely live and features some unreleased songs and covers of music classics ("La Vie En Rose," "Stormy Weather," "My Baby Just Cares For Me" and "Rock and Roll "Led Zeppelin).

Compre No

(Available On)


A different angle – sparkling live music for weddings, events and occasions across the South West The Acoustic Music Company specialises in:● toe-tapping, stylish traditional acoustic folk music. ● classical ensembles from soloists to string quartets and beyond. ● folk bands, ceilidh bands, covers bands, soul bands & blues bands. ● blistering jazz combos

Catch your guests' attention with music that's unique, entertaining and memorable. Whether you're planning a wedding, party, function or any other event, We can find you the perfect musical accompaniment. The Acoustic Music Company provides musicians who can:● play acoustically (no PA) for unobtrusive background music, indoors or outdoors. ● play amplified (with PA) for something a little louder, without blowing the roof off! ● learn any piece of music you'd specifically like to hear ● be flexible and adaptable, friendly and professional

If you are a passionate artist and have. ●

Current good quality demos and/or videos

Up-to-date Public Liability Insurance

Fully PAT-tested equipment

Contact Olivia Dunn 07748 166943

Then we would love to hear from you to join the Team


fan, Abbey Linfert, and joined . His influences range from Miles Davis to the Monkees. He has played in various projects from Heavy Metal to Surf to traditional Jazz and was the drummer for the San Francisco production of Hedwig and The Angry Inch. Abbey Linfert is a singer, songwriter and mandolin player. With a passion for acoustic music & harmonies, Ms. Linfert's roots are in old-time country, folk and rock-n-roll. KUSP DJ Tom McCarter compares Abbey's sound to that of singing great Emmylou Harris. Her songwriting style has been described as a melodic storyteller's voice filled with the emotions of everyday living and honesty.

draw upon sounds from traditional & contemporary folk to California pop, integrating a wide range of styles to create their own unique brand of Americana that emphasizes harmonies. A native of southern California, Christian Devin Amsler has been a composer and multi-instrumentalist for over 20 years. Early in 2001, Chris met fellow Gram Parsons

Talking with the dead is the Rusticators’ most recent release. An eclectic mix of all-original tracks, this album highlights exceptional song-writing skills that span several genres and include folk, rock, pop and country. Produced by Amsler, the presentation ranges from scaled down acoustic songs to full band productions. ’ self titled debut CD was released in the fall of 2002. Since its release, the album has received critical acclaim and radio play in the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. have had the honour of sharing billing with some notable acts, including Box Set, Shana Morrison, Austin Willacy (of

the House Jacks) and The Tubes. They gig regularly throughout the United States. ’ current schedule is posted at For bookings, call (540) 885-8241 or email The entire album is a joy to hear. The lyrics, production and performances are top class and deserve to be heard by a wide audience. ,, Ireland. The combination of beautiful harmonies, intelligent lyrics and peaceful grooves makes “Talking With The Dead” a winner. , The Buzz, Australia It’s not often that independent music by a duo gets you thinking about all sorts of things so when it comes around you’ve got to really hang on and pay full attention.” – ,, Virginia, USA This is stirring, melodic music that's a great soundtrack for a summer day, and I recommend this to anyone who likes good music of any genre. , Utter Trash, Ohio, USA The instrumentation was great. The harmonies were perfect, and the lyrics were some of the most poetic I've ever heard ,, Texas, USA ~ 540-885-8241 ~


wedding reception – time to introduce the cajon

and today favoured by many acoustic drummers for its space saving versatility in live gigs) … and of course, a mouthwateringly delicious hot and cold wedding buffet ...

Sunday … A most unusual booking – off to Ketton Burial Ground to provide a drumming and percussion soundscape for a traditional Nigerian burial service, devised by the family who live in England, based on rituals that their tribe would have followed in Africa … a vibrant and touching celebration of life, and a symbolic start for the soul to continue its journey onwards ...

Saturday … The sun's shining, the car's loaded, off I drive for today's first gig at in Sileby, for a day of Music in the Garden, showcasing musicians from the Midlands. – my community drumming group – is opening the event at midday. We unload djembes (goatskin hand drums) and doun douns (bass drums played with sticks) into the shady glade in front of the main stage, where I'm due to lead the group and entertain the crowds with traditional tunes from the West African diaspora – we have a great relaxed gig, plenty of banter, with the bonus of after36

noon tea and homemade cake to follow ... … sometime later I return to the car and retrieve my Roland electric piano, to play a mellow set with singer/songwriter in the yurt – the bougarabou (African cowskin hand drum) will also feature … the bougarabou is said to be the precursor of the conga drum, with a much more mellow sound than the djembe … … at the end of a warm and lazy day of music in one of Leicestershire's finest countryside locations, the car is reloaded and I travel to Lutterworth to play some rousing pop covers with at a

… after a selection of traditional homemade African and German delicacies prepared by the family, I'm back in the car and on another journey, this time to Swithland Woods near Loughborough, to play with a 12 piece band for a Circle

Dance Picnic – dances and music from around the world, rhythms and people swirling to waltzes and polkas and eastern european 7/8s … keeping 2 guitars, 3 fiddles, cello, banjo, flute, 2 recorders, harmonium and 2 itinerant hand drummers plus 40 dancers in time was an interestingly provocative challenge! My reward was to graze at the table of the “bring and share” picnic, having more than my fair share of the most yummy chilli and chickpea salad and gooey homemade flapjack I've ever tasted ...

Monday … Not far to drive to for some peripatetic djembe lessons, then on to record piano and percussion for an upcoming cd with Phil. Time then for a short meeting with Dave Ledsam at to discuss a recent project and photo shoot at and buy a few Talking Drums, before rushing home to a bowl of pumpkin soup (courtesy of Phil's allotment) accompanied by my home baked seeded bread. On to open mic night – the opportunity to socialise and jam with some local musicians, and hopefully win the chocolate prize in the raffle.

Tuesday … More teaching, today at and primary schools, then home to plan a project working with puppeteers in Yorkshire, catch up on the week's emails, planning, invoicing and accounts and update my blog, throw together a quick stir fry then head off to for the first Tuesday of the month – Tuesday is usu-

ally rehearsal night for , so Bob's signed us up to play, which is good practice in a great venue with proper stage, ing and excellent sound system. ways a good night out, great audiences, wide variety of music and always a headline act worth watching. I've been privileged to be tional drums, balafons and assorted invited to play a couple of songs hand made percussion from Africa, with (we go back a creating a noisy soundscape to aclong way!) and with company traditional chants, with (who I'd never much fun and laughter along the met before), as well as with some way! Oh – and who would turn of the regular floor spot musicians down the opportunity of a 21st it's always a great challenge to be century school dinner – sweet poput on the spot, sometimes a little tato and legume curry followed by scary, but always fun!! sticky toffee pudding and custard …

Wednesday … Off to near Stamford, Rutland, for their annual music festival – a great outdoor venue and well organised by , where local primary schools come to watch local young musicians perform on the main stage, and take part in a variety of music workshops throughout the day – I run West African drumming with groups of about 25 children, the tantalising aroma of organic burgers and the thought of ice cream from the local farm distracting me ... Cheque in pocket and car loaded by 4pm, I head for the A1M for the next leg of my week's journey ...

Friday … Drive home exhausted after a long and varied week, wondering when on earth I'm going to have time to refuel and do my makeup, hair and nails – let alone write an article about a snapshot of a week in the life of an acoustic percussionist … I just hope nobody asks me to keep a food diary!

Thursday ... … a day of workshops for infants at in Golders Green – exploring tradi37

Telephone 01530 260984

Turner Guitars 42CE Grand Concert TOP- Solid Spruce BACK & SIDES-Ovangkol NECK-Mahogany, 648mm scale,bone 45mm nut FINGERBOARD-20fret, Rosewood with offset pearl dots BRIDGE/SPACING-Rosewood, bone 55mm HARDWARE-Die-cast “Grover� style tuners Two strap buttons ELECTRICS-Fishman Isys+ preamp with volume, treble, bass, phase reversal, tuner and battery check.

While travelling in Peru at age 32, took a train ride

FINISH-Gloss natural top, satin back, sides, and neck

Phone for Price


Train Ride

that would change his life. On a clear cool morning in Cuzco in the summer of 1986, Sam boarded a passenger train that was blown up minutes later by terrorists. Initially, seven died. The dead included a German boy and his parents who were sitting with Baker in the car. Baker survived, but with lasting damage - deafness, a mangled hand, a mangled leg, and brain damage affecting speech and memory. At 58, words are still occasionally unremembered, requiring extensive search. However, during these searches, he finds other words. From these other words, he finds other stories. And with these stories come characters from other places and times.



The trilogy is its own making.

(2004) attempts to come to terms with the flash of impact - the quick violence and the eerie post-blast quiet. It was written as a single piece of art attempting to make sense of sudden death and the lottery quality of shrapnel: the death of some and the survival of others. In the interim, while sorting out life and death on the train, other characters appeared- an ironworker,

Changed My Life kids playing baseball, an old widower on a beach. Beauty appears and prevails.

(2007) explores gratitude, obligation, and again, beauty. It forms itself as a bookend to . Other characters debut: the son of an oil baron, a man in a blue suede cowboy hat, a woman at a swimming pool.

(2009) is the last (and perhaps most difficult) piece of the trilogy. The cost of forgiveness is weighed against the cost of not forgiving. Other characters walk onto the stage: a field hand, a pulp wood logger, a serving girl, a young Mennonite. Once again beauty is a constant.

Baker’s music is authenticated by experience. Seldom in modern music is the listener able to hear a unique voice with an uncommon story. As told through Sam’s voice himself: “

took a train ride that would change his life Image by Donna Meier


What’s On The Bruff Bluegrass Music Festival Main St, Bruff, Co. Limerick


What’s On

Whispering Voices * Kolin Durier * The Delta Beltas * Pepper & Shepherd



***ALSO*** ACOUSTIC SESSIONS Jurnet's Bar, Wensum Lodge, King Street, Norwich 41

What’s On

Acoustic-Knights An Acoustic Music Evening every

1st Tuesday of the Month Starting at 8-30pm at the

Royal Arms Main Street, Sutton Cheney, Nr Market Bosworth. See web-site for full details and map Floor singers/musicians from all genre Plus Guest Artist/s Also Open Mic every Wednesday: 8pm 1am, food served until 10pm


O'Neills, Town Centre, Peterborough, PE1 1SQ

Tel: 01733 553 142 42

What’s On This year's event will be on the 2Oth and 21st October. Many acoustic acts from all over Scotland taking part. Saturday and Sunday afternoon will be held in the:Aroma Coffee House 44 Stewarton street, ML2 8AN Saturday night will be held at The Rat Pack, 57-59 Kirk Road, ML2 7BL

Both Gigs are in the town centre

Migrations Global Gathering Sun 14 Oct 2012

The Global Gathering is a celebration – through music – of the exhilarating cosmopolitan diversity of Bristol and the South West. Packed full of music, St George’s comes alive with the most eclectic line-up of top-class world musicians, drawn from many of the great migrant cultural traditions. All for free! Tel: 0845 40 24 001 43


(Classifieds) For musical instruments and recording equipment

Tel: 01925 582 420 44



The Music Shop The Musicians No.1 Superstore

Order by phone 7 days a week 58 & 59 Woodbridge Road, Guildford, Surrey GU1 4RF Tel: 01483 456733 Fax: 01483 456722 Email:

New & Used Group Equipment Tel:02380 437 937

The leading specialist Musical Instrument Insurer Whether your instrument is stringed, woodwind, electronic or digital, check out our specially designed policies, created with the music world in mind and find the right policy for you.




Opening Hours: Sales Monday - Friday 9.00am - 5.30pm Saturday 9.00am - 5.00pm Support Monday - Friday 9.00am - 5.30pm By Telephone: Freephone - 08000 281415 By Email: Sales Team - Support Team -

Originally established in 1959 Normans has grown to become the UK's pre-eminent specialist supplier of musical Instruments. We supply Pupils, Schools, Local Education Authorities and Professional Players all over the UK, and across the world.

Top Musical Instrument Specialists based in Burton On Trent - From Brass, Music Tech, Woodwind, Guitars, Drums, Keyboards to Repairs, Lessons, Education and percussion we supply it all. Originally established in 1959 Normans has grown to become the UK's pre-eminent specialist supplier of musical Instruments. We supply Pupils, Schools, Local Education Authorities and Professional Players all over the UK, and across the world.



We have Music Stores in



8 & 9 Westgate Grantham Lincs NG31 6LT

Tel: 01476 570 700

The independent music store Established 1982, 8 fully-stocked departments, 15,000 sq ft showroom space. 82 Copley Road, Doncaster, South Yorkshire DN1 2QW Call us on 01302 369 999

Massive Selection of Instruments and Accessories.

Fast UK Delivery

Sales: 0845 458 4583

Epiphone Hummingbird Cherry Sunburst Finish

3 Finkle Street Carslisle CA3 8UU

Phone for details 01228 537469 47

York Castle Museum is one of Britain's leading museums of everyday life. It shows how people used to live by displaying thousands of household objects and by recreating rooms, shops, streets - and even prison cells. The new chemists' shop on Kirkgate It is best known for its recreated Victorian street, Kirkgate, which has been made bigger during 2012 with new backstreets to explore, more goods on display and real stories of York people and businesses to discover. The museum's room settings include a Victorian parlour, an 1850s Moorland cottage, Jacobean and Georgian dining rooms, a 1940s kitchen and a 1950s front room. The museum, which opened in 1938, was named after the former York Castle, which stood on the site. Raindale Mill and the riverside area Remains of the former Castle walls can be seen outside the museum next to the River Foss and our Victorian watermill, Raindale Mill. , Eye of York, York YO1 9RY

+44 (0) 1904 687687

, but we could not let this issue go by without mentioning the “The York Castle Museum� and its personnel. The museum is a tribute to their hard work and dedication. The Staff are incredibly friendly and will welcome all into the solid York Stone domain. One of their latest additions to the grounds is a wonderful wild life garden next to the river where we were privileged to shoot this months cover article. We give our whole appreciation to the staff and hope one day they may find a small bit of garden where Acoustic-Monthly could maybe hold an acoustic festival. We would truly love this., Where better to revive the traditions of the troubadours, the folk singers or telling the news in music. York Museums Trust can be truly proud of this outstanding facility. Many thanks from all the staff at

Acoustic Monthly Oct 12  

Acoustic Music Monthly Magazine

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