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Walla Walla Union-Bulletin Thursday, January 13.1977


Prisoners make pointed presentation By DICK COCKLE Uftlii-UlmniflllllHin

When members of the Washington State Penitentiary's notorious motorcycle club make a presentation, they don't give away plaques and trophies. They give away handmade knives. Prison Supt. B.J. Rhay was the recipient of that kind of "award" this week. "They invited me down to the club room and made the presentation," Rhay said, examining a group of 10 deadly knives, known as "shanks" in the convict lexicon. Made from files and iron bars, they range in length from about six to 18 inches, with handles of wood, tape, string and glue. "They wanted to prove to me they're cleaning up their hand," Rhay said. "They've got a school started, a motorcycle

school. That's their interest and they want that to be their image." Rhay said he rolled the knives in a towel and brought them out of the prison. The 50-member club's "school" is held in the club room in the old prison powerhouse building. Members learn to strip and repair two- and fourcycle engines. The bikers' membership is among the toughest in the prison, and they have a reputation as enforcers. Rhay admitted they probably have not changed rnrnnlptplv "There's been some rumors from time to time about activities, and I'm sure people from the bike shop were involved," he said. Rhay said the bikers' newfound concern with their image and attempt at a new direction is the work of the club's chief, Mike Abrams. Abrams, 36, is a former member of the outlaw

Cold contributes to M-F fires MILTON-FREEWATER - Freezing weather contributed to two fires in Milton-Freewater Wednesday. According to fire officials, a 12:45 p.m. fire at a mobile home at 422 NW Eiehth Ave.. did about $500 damage. The fire erupted when someone was thawing frozen pipes underneath the home with a propane-gas torch. Officials said the fire was limited to underneath the home. Owner of the home was not identified. A wall at the Clifton Motel, 1221 S. Mam St., caught fire about 4:26 p.m. when someone attempted to thaw out frozen downspouts with a propane-gas torch. That fire caused between $300 and $400 damage, fire officials said. Both fires required two units and 20 men who spent about one hour at each fire.

Blood donors give 136 pints Despite snowbound and icy roads, the January quota of 140 pints of blood was nearly reached Wednesday in the monthly drawing held by the American Red Cross. "We had a real good drawing, considering the weather, with 136 pints donated," said Mary Christiansen, executive secretary for the Red Cross. Next drawing is Feb. 9 at the Masonic Temple, 607 E. Main St. Donors included the following galloneers: Dr. Phillip Siegel, nine gallons; Charles Tompkins, Ralph Brandon and Sylvia Graham, eight gallons; Alma Graham, six gallons; Robert W. Gyllings. four gallons; Jean Hayes and Robert Kibler, three gallons; Joan Hodgson, Scott Esary and Arthur Bishchoff Jr., one gallon. The Sudbury and Intercity Homemakers furnished the canteen.

Gypsy Jokers motorcycle club. He is servinj; time on a July 1976 conviction for grand larceny and auto theft from King County. "I think he is probably one of the driving forces in the new image . . . He is furnishing strong leadership for the club, strong positive leadership," Rhay said. Most motorcycle club members, "aren't really bikers, free world bikers," according to the superintendent. "Most of them haven't ever been on a motorcycle, let alone know anything about it." Rhay said former biker chief John Thomas Music, 27, is still a member of the club. Music, a convicted murderer and the last inmate taken off the penitentiary's death row, touched off a statewide manhunt last April when he walked away from his minimum security job as a bee keeper. He was recaptured May 21.

Computer slows issuance of auto

blue mountain briefing

|icense renewals

If you haven't yet received the form to renew your 1977 Washington State MILTON-FREEWATER — An arbitration hearing will auto license, the chances .are you be held in Milton-Freewater Saturday in an effort to settle won't before the Feb. 4 deadline. a wage dispute between the city and its police departA computer overload in Olympia ment. has resulted in many Walla Walla The hearing will begin at 10 a.m. at city hall, according area motorists not receiving their to City Manager Steve Loveland. prebilling renewal form, according to Lafayette G. Harter, a professor at Oregon State Elaine Damm, auto licensing University, will act as the arbitrator. supervisor at the Walla Walla County Loveland will represent the city, and Grant Elliott of auditor's office. Pendleton, an agent for the Teamster's Union, will "By the number of calls we're represent the police. Other issues in the 1976-77 fiscal year contract have getting, if they've got five vehicles, they're only getting one or two been settled. The fiscal year began last July 1. prebills," she said.

M-F wage hearing set

Chess club to reactivate The Walla Walla Valley Chess Club will move out of a stalemate in activity Friday. The club, inactive for about a year, will recommence holding meetings, starting Friday at 7:15 p.m. at the First Federal Savings basement, S. First Avenue and E. Alder St. The club will meet Jan. 21 at the same time and location. Agenda at the first meeting will include organizing a county tournament and the election of a club president. No membership is required to play chess with the club. Beginners are welcome. Advanced players will be available to explain the rules of chess.

"Some people are getting all of them." Car owners who haven't gotten the form should take their car's license number and registration to the auditor's office, she said. The computer overload occurred while state officials were changing to the new staggered licensing system. "This is the reason the > 're changing the system anyway. The computer can't keep up with everything," Mrs. Damm said.

Railroad to close M-F, Weston agencies UBphoiub, DickC •

Sharp award

James Cummins, associate superintendent of treatment at the Washington State Penitentiary, inspects the knives that members of the prison's motorcycle club "awarded" to warden B.J. Rhay this week.

MILTON-FREEWATER - The improve service to shippers in the Oregon Public Utility Commissioner Milton-Freewater-Weston areas. Public Utility Commissioner has granted Union Pacific Railroad authority to close its Milton- Charles Davis said the move is in the public interest because service to Freewater and Weston agencies. The action means the railroad will shippers will be improved. Under the new system, the agent conduct its business by vehicle in the area and the railroad's agent for the will drive to the shippers' places of business to sign bills of lading and area will work out of Walla Walla. The railroad savs the move will perform other duties instead of

requiring shippers to come to the railroad office. Toll-free telephone service will be provided from the Milton-FreewaterWeston areas so customers can call for rates, routes and other information, according to Davis. Most of the railroad's customers in those areas are grain and vegetable shippers, according to Davis.




County health department closes Wallula restaurant The glow from two candles lit the women's restroom in a Walla Walla County restaurant, but candlelight didn't hide the filth in its kitchen. The Walla Walla City-County Health Department recently suspended the food-service permit of the Trade Winds Cafe near Wallula to safeguard public health. If the establishment is brought up to code, it will be allowed to reopen.

"Basically, the lack of cleanliness was unacceptable," sajs David Eaton, director of environmental health. "Bad water was the real clincher." Demerits stemmed from rodent droppings on shelves, storage which enticed mice to set up housekeeping, a filthy men's restroom and more, according to Eaton. "Bins of flour and sugar weren't

covered." Eaton says. "There was no soap for workers to wash their hands in the kitchen and the \vattemperature in the dishwasher didn't sanitize dishes." The restaurant has a seating capacity of about 25. Inspection re\ ealed 64 demerits, or violations of state health codes. A restaurant can be closed for 40 demerits.

Eaton says the health department found 40 demerits on two previous inspections Glen Sherman, a TriCities businessman who leases the restaurant, was warned twice, according to Eaton. For example, he told Sherman to chlorinate well water to purify the water. It wasn't done, according to Eaton. Tests proved fecal contamination in two water samples, which were taken a week apart, according to Eaton.


all of Walla Walla'. Ernie Garza. Don Lepper, Lowell L. Jones, Oscar G. Nygren, all of Milton-Freewater; James E. Brown, Adams. St. Mary Community Hospital Admitted: Beverly J. Rahn, Cecil L. Waddell, Debra Wood, Donald E. Amery, Dora E. Hoshaw. Gerald D. Schuster, Glenna L. Mulhair, Gordon Taylor, Roy S. Snell, all of Walla Walla; Susan G. Burwell. MiltonFreewater; Marilyn L. Schuening, Pendleton; Mary E. Sargent. Enterprise; Sharon L. Fisher, Helix; Clara M. Courtney, Irrigon.

Discharged: Danny J. Myers, Elmer M. McCIenny, Joey H. Merrill, Linda M. Whitney. Nancy A. Soto and son, Pamela Leiper, Wilhelmine Whitney, all of Walla Walla; Lynette A. Johnson, Milton-Freewater.


Patients (Wednesday) Walla Walla

General Hospital Admitted: Dale G. Thiessen, Judy A. Downing, Lance C. Stoddard, Maudine Richardson, all of Walla Walla: Sally Reynolds, College Place; Alton Sircin, Rose Marie Whinery, both of Milton-Freewater; Leslie P. Wright, Weston. Discharged: Doris M. Myrick, John W. Partridge. Kelly A. Peters, Millerd Van Donge, Vera J. Austin,

emergency services report Traffic accidents From S a m Wcdncsda\ to 8 a.m toda* WALLA WALLA POLICE 9 OS a m Wednesday — .Spokane and Main streets DTIVCT- Claborn James Dull, 37. Mollala. Ore . struck awning at Sassoon's Merchandise. 128 K Main Si No injuries 11 4!i am Wedncsda} - Spokane and Main streets Drivers William B Fallen. 21. 1410 rieasant St. and Jonathon D Nichols. 2.1 135 Thome SI No injuries 12 45 p m Wednesday — S Second Avenue arid Alder Street timers Jay Michael Gehrett. 24. .16 I <-nore St . Susan Kathleen Severs. 21.35* Chaw Avc and Herbert Alfred Cole. 22. .130 S Fourth A\( '•:< f. Noiniunes i 4 4 p m Wcdncsda}—13 N Clinton St Driver Herlvrl N Bnrnorofi no ace Itsted, S22 Sumach SI, struck parked, unoccupied vrhicle No inlunes

5 58 p m. Wcdncsda> - Colviile and Poplar streets Dmcrs Gcorcc Darns Turner, fin. 325 E Alder St. and William Ernest l^nR. 64. Walla Walla Veterans Administration Hospital No inWASHINGTON STATE PATROL 12.(6 p.m Wednesdav — One-tenth mile east of Walla Walla on E Alder Street Drivers John Kramer. IS. 153 School A\ e . and John Trapp. 26. 513 S Third Ate No injuries

Thefts, burglaries FromP-a m Wednesday loSa m toda> WAUJt WALL.* POLICE Frtim Outraceous Taco Factory. 9 IVncr \\f . Wcdncsdaj Taken Currency Value I2B8 From Apartment 6 at 105 N Spokane SI Taken Two electric heaters, curtams. furniture Value More than $1(10 From The !>iamond Shop. '7 E Main St.

Waitsburg kindergarten bell to ring next week WAITSBURG - A small rue for nap-time, a toothbrush and toothpaste-, a regulation-size shoe box and an old shirt or apron. That's what the younger set will be parting when they begin kindergarten here next week. Prercfiistration notices have been sent out to the families of 18 children eligible for kindergarten, according to Glynn Davis, principal. Children must have reached the age of five by last Sept 10toqualify,hesaid. Prcregistration dates have been scheduled next Monday and Tuesday, Davis said. Any parent of an eligible


child who did not receive a preregistration notice should contact Davis Kindergarten, whirh will run for the remainder of the school \car. will begin next Wednesday. Teacher will be Pam Conovcr. Route 1, special math teacher at Dayton last year She is a VXi'.i graduate of Centra] Washington Slatr College in special c-ducalmn for grades kindergarten th'ough 12 Shf was a resource-room teacher a1 KiUilas before coming U> Daytnn. The school day will run from 8-45 a.m. to 3pm.


General Hospital Admitted: Esther DeFord. Joseph Oliver, both of Dayton. Discharged: Warren James, Ben Thonney, Grace Crewse, Gladys Dunlap. Wesley Calkins, all of Dayton. Garfield County Memorial Hospital Discharged: Virginia Beckwith. WedncMi?\ Taken by unlawful issuam c of Kink check Ont'walch Value SlOj WAI.I.A WALLA COUNTY SHERIFF From caraize "wned by Man. Ix>nneker. lioJte-i. Mill Creek K",i(l. Wednesd.ij Taken »ni teli-% ision sel Valut Not indicated

Fires, ambulance runs From 8 a.m Wedncsdat to 8 a m toda> WALI.A » ALt-A FIRE DEPARTMENT 10 51 a m Wrdnfsdaj — 17 N Second A%c . Walla Walla Book Store, fire in Iichl fitlure rau'-nl 05 malfunctiomnc balla«t Damace e<3imaled $140 One unit, lour nen in ««mce 20 minutes 11 U) a m Wedneidai - <30 Bridge SI. ricnro Junior Hich School, false alarm, no damace C*n'' unit, two men in service lOrrunutes 1 1 S.i a m W<-dnesdjj 16 W Mam St. Hraltri Hut. fire in hcht future causedfo%malfum boninc ballast No damaee One unit, four men in service 23 minutes 2 (IB p m Wednesdaj - Tarkmc lot at 22tKi E Isaac*. A-v. car fire cirtineuisned -m arrival of equipment NO damac*" estimate One uml, thm

Utofta UtaOo Union luflrtiii OFFlClAt CITY NfWSPAPER published doily e*cept Saturday f**vcnmq*. and Sun day morning) at Fuj.1 & Poplar Streets Wollo Walla" Wa«.h 99362 Ph 509 525 3300 Second clo<.«. pp-Ooqe paid at Walla Wollo Wcnh 99363 MtWIBFR A S S O C I A T E D The ASSOC lolc-cl Pre« i«. entitled e» clus-'ve-ly to the use 'o' republtcotion o' otl local newt, pnnled in this newspaper o«. well a*, oil AP newt, dispatcher SUBSCRIPTION PATES Evening onrf Sun day issues Wnthina,t<-o arid Orfpc-n Per ye-nr (mail) $45 00 si* mc*n1h<. 'mail $2* VI Ihir-t- rnoMhi 'moil) $12 75 Out t,(^f. Wo*.hir Qlrri Ond Orf-pr>n one* yfor (mail) $4800 si» months Imoil) S25 50 thr^e months mail i 5-13 50 Si-pcy-ste-d I it lie Merchant Corner home- delivery rat** $3 50 monthly

Births ' Walla Walla General Hospital To Lawrence and Rose Marie Whinery, 322 NW Eighth St., MiltonFreewater, a girl. Holly Marie, 6 pounds, G1: ounces. Jan. 12,1977. St. Mary Community Hospital To Matt and Debra Wood. 1231A Boyer Ave.. a girl. Brandi I-ee. 9 pounds, 14'^ ounces. Jan. 12.1977. To Charles and Sharon Fisher. Box 332, Helix, a boy, Christopher Ryan, 7 pounds. 9 ounces, Jan. 12.1977.



Reduced men in ser\ ice 25 minutes WA1.LA WALLA AMBULANCE 2SS p m Wedncsdai - 119 W Walnut St to Walla Walla General Hospital, one person, sickness. In sen ice 32 minutes MILTON-FREEW ATER FIRE DEPARTMENT 12 45 p m Wednesday — 422 NW Eighth Avc . mobile-home fire, caused b> att*implinc to thaw frozen pipes with a propanc-cas torch. $500 damage Tw o units. 20 men in service one hour 4 26 p m Wedncsdaj - 1221 S Main St. wall fire, caused b> attempting to thaw dowTispouts with a propane-Has torch. J300 to WOO damsee Two units. 20 men in service one hour

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