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SifKty November 14,1976


25 Cents

Construction strike nearsend Carter,aides PASCO, Wash. (AP) - Members of Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 598 planned to consider a wage increase proposal today which, if accepted, could mean resumption of work at two Hanford Nuclear Reservation reactor projects. The proposal is part of tentative agreement reached last week in Washington, DC., by the local's parent union—the United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters—and the national Contractors Association (NCA), an industry group The proposed pay raise would boost journeymen plumbers' pay by $1 25 an hour to $1185 per hour, effective Monday, with another 60 cents raise Jan. 1 The pay package is similar to a

wage increase agreement reached in September between members of the Mechanical Contractors Association (MCA) and Seattle Plumbers Local 32, an NCA spokesman said More than 1,300 members of Local 598 went on strike June 2 against MCA members in Eastern Washington and northeastern Oregon Two major Hanford contractors, Bovee and Crail Construction Co and Bechtel Power Corp, later locked out the strikers even though the two contractors aren't MCA members. The two contractors have not announced whether they have approved the pay raise offer Claude Turnbow, Bechtel Power Corp manager of the FFTF, said his company would an-

nounce its position on Monday D R McSparnn, Bovee and Crail operations manager on the Hanford No 2 project, said his firm is "more than willing to accept the wage package," but the Washington Public Power Supply System must first lift its suspension of the project before work can resume WPPSS information officer R F Nowakowski said Friday that the WPPSS executive committee could consider lifting the suspension at its meeting next Thursday Meanwhile, Nowakowski said, the supply system can begin scheduling the return to work Several projects in the Walla Walla area have been slowed by the strike,

including construction of a new high school at Burbank and a math-socialscience building at Whitman College MCA members met Saturday in Richland to discuss the tentative agreement, but association members declined to comment after the meeting "We still have a lot of negotiating to do with the plumbers," said Tom Pagan, a labor relations executive for MCA member J A Jones Construction Ray McKnight, Local 598 business agent, was unavailable Saturday to comment on whether the local would consider an offer from the MCA if it was similar to national and Local 32 agreements

working to get 'team' in shape ATLANTA (AP) - Now that Jimmy Carter has sorted out his personal staff, his next big step is to pick Cabinet officers to help him with the bigger problems ahead Carter already has indicated that he expects to face major decisions as soon as he takes the oath of office in January, principally at first on the economy and whether it needs boosting But before he can approach Congress with any substantive programs, he has to have his own team in shape to back him up And that is what is foremost on the minds of the Carter organization A first step toward lining things up was the meeting in Plains, Ga , over the weekend between Carter, Iran sition chief Jack Watson and cam paign manager Hamilton Jordan One of their leading objectives was to sort out responsibilities "There is too much crossover right now," one veteran Carter staffer said "The only delineation so far is that Hamilton is clearly in charge of White House staff and Jack is clearly in charge of the Cabinet " Watson's talent bank has been screening names and outlining job requirements for some time with a view to selection of Cabinet members and government agency officials after a series of interviews Jordan's assignment to oversee creation of Carter's personal White House staff is new and reaffirms his standing in light of reports of a mild rivalry between him and Watson for influence in the administration It also became clear Jordan * as reasserting his influence when it was announced over the weekend he will will shift his base from Atlanta to Washington to work with Watson's transition group Before the election, Watson prepared preliminary lists of potential appointees for every department except the White House staff, saying that would be left up to Carter personally Carter's delegation of it to Jordan reflects the role Jordan played in his administration as governor of Georgia Watson, a young Atlanta lawyer is the technician who put together the voluminous and detailed transition studies for Carter Jordan's strong

point is considered to be his political sav\\ A major attribute when it comes to filling sensitive positions w h i c h must be confirmed b> Congress Working with both sides of the appointments effort is P rank Moore the Carter veteran who is heading the President-elect s congressional liaison office in Wdsh'ngton During the campaign Moore worked to coordinate w i t h Democratic congressional races but also to line up cooperation for the future He has mapped out the Senate committees which must confirm no less than 878 Carter appointments as well as the corresponding House com mitteesthev must work with Following up Moore s own advance efforts Carter has personal!} contacted the top congressional leader ship and the committee chairmen and is now down to the subcommittee level and ranking minontv members The object of all this carp Jordan and Moore point out is that finding the ideal man for the job does no good if he can't be confirmed without ruffling a lot of feathers or if he can t get along with Congress later And getting along with Congress is going to be one of the biggest problems facing Carter despite the overwhelming Democratic majorities in both houses The reason is that the major objectives Carter has announced — government reorganization and tax reform — fall squarel} across the most jealousH guarded prerogatives of Congress Meanwhile Carter is movng on other fronts so his administration can act swifth when it is completed and in office The transition team he appointed this past week v ill be looking at more than the exchange of reins The members are specialists m their areas of government and want to put Carter's stamp on it as quickl> as possible This includes pav ing the wa v for an ticipated Carter administration legislative programs which will emanate from the various departments This includes planning identifying problems, suggesting changes and lining up support (Related stones, page 28 )

Memo says Oswald told Cubans of plot

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Two contrasting views of Walla Walla Community College's new athletic complex dome show its top from the tower supporting the 56-foot-high structure during construction and the bottom as workmen for Temcor Inc added the final

today's U-B Agriculture 3334 Aits 14-15 Business 25 Classified 34-90 Crossword 16 OearAbby 11 Ot Thosteson 11 Editorials 4 ErmaBombeck 11

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the weather Forecast for Walla Wall* Valley: Low clouds and fog throughout fee day; partial afternoon clearing; Hghs today near Si; lows tonight In the upper Ms and lower fta; chance of rain II percent (Weather report page 5)

pieces Friday The dome, which contains 960 separate root panels and is held together by about 50,000 bolts, is scheduled to be raised into position Monday morning

photo milks Stabbed prisoner's Cow WSU hassle condition stabilizes A Washington State Penitentiary inmate who was stabbed 31 tunes Wednesday was reported still in serious condition Saturday But, according to a spokesman at the prison, Curtis Lee Johnson, 31, had stabilized since Friday and his condition appeared to be improving The spokesman said a second guard was stationed at Johnson's hospital room Friday because of anticipated respiratory problems "But the problems failed to materialize," the spokesman said He said Johnson is in excellent physical condition and this is helping him "He's a big, strong man and keeps himself in good physical shape," he said Two inmates, ages 24 and 21 were placed in isolation units after the at-

tack, but no charges have been filed Johnson's alleged attackers were among a number of inmates who testified on his behalf in connection with the Jan 7 stabbing death of inmate Stephen James McCoy Johnson was convicted Aug 18 of first-degree murder in McCoy's killing, following two trials in the Walla Walla County Superior Court case Johnson and the two other prisoners had been assigned to the prison segregation unit, but were not supposed to be together, according to prison officials Johnson was stabbed nine tunes in the stomach, and had wounds to the chest, arm, face and buttock Johnson has had one operation as a result of the stabbing

PULLMAN, Wash (AP)-A photo of a cow is causing a ruckus at a school famed for its agricultural acumen The picture of a slightly leenng, floppy eared cow appears on the cover of the new Washington State University campus directory, a telephone and address publication distributed by the local Young Men's Christian Association The cover caused outrage in some quarters, especiall) within the Athletic Department, where track coach John Chaplin considers it an insult It unfairlv projects a cow college" image for the university, he argues He tore off the cover of his director} and had it and 19 others from the department and elsewhere delivered totheYMCA Then he advertised in the Daily Evergreen, the student newspaper, urging others to send their covers to the YMCA in protest

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Justice Department reportedly has un covered a 1964 memo in which late FBI Director J Edgar Hoover said he was told Lee Harvey Oswald discussed in advance with Cuban officials his plan to kill President John F Kennedy The FBI and the Justice Department refused to discuss the report, which was earned in Saturday's editions of the Washington Post The newspaper quoted informed sources as saying that Hoover wrote in the memo that he was told of the discussions between Oswald and the Cubans by a highly reliable informant who learned about them personallv from Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro It has been disclosed in documents recently released by the CIA under the f reedom of Information Act that Oswald visited the Cuban Embassy in Mexico City less than two months before Kennedy was killed in Dallas on Nov 22,1963 Oswald was arrested shortly after the assassination and was himself

killed bv Jack Rubv two davs later There has been speculation that if Cuba was involved in the Kennedv assassination it was to retaliate for CI \ attempts on Castro s life Castro has denied that Cuba pla\ ed anv part in Kenned\ s death The Post quoted sources as sa\mg the Hoover memo was addressed to the Warren Commission which in vestigated the assassnation But the sources were not certain if the memo e\ er reached the commission The Post reported tnat source^ said the memo came to hgnt onh recenth as the result of mfornidtion brought to the attention of the Justice Depart ment that prompted Attv Gen Ed ward H Lev i to order a search of FBI files The Po^ also »aid its sources speculated that the informant referred to in the Hoover memo was Rolando Cubela Cubela a former high Cuban official has been identified as a 1961 CIA recruit who figured in the agency's plots on Castro s life


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